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    198 United Van Lines Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 7, 2018

    United Van Lines and their local rep are incompetent. Aaction Movers out of Phoenix is their rep. We contracted with them to move from AZ to GA. All was good when signing up and getting estimate. Then they forgot to book a truck, we are in our home in GA with no goods. They are 2 weeks late and impossible to get responses from, inaccurate information AND contract we signed says COD, we pay upon delivery, cashiers check, certified or check. They are now saying pay before they deliver goods, breaking a contract. Our goods are late, been handled multiple times, we have 0 idea if all are there or how much broken and they want us to pre-pay which is not the contract signed by both. Stay away, buyer beware. This should not be allowed. We have another move ahead of us down the road, United Van Lines is out.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 25, 2018

    Do not use this company. I was quoted a price and when they came to pick up my items the price was higher, then when they delivered they also increased the price. When we received our item all the boxes that were brand new were crushed, broken dishes and personal item, missing items, they even tried to give us someone else's furniture. They broke our big TV that they boxed. I have filed a claim months ago and have tried to call and email and they will not return my calls.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 17, 2018

    I have never dealt with what we are dealing with right now. We were given a quote and the quote was great, which is why we chose them. When items were picked up, the form I signed still had the original quote. We were doing a move from TN to Hawaii. There was no communication in between the almost 7 weeks it took to get here. When finally told it was available, we were told we owed double. They had added on to a form after I signed and forged my signature on another form. The movers here they contracted were not happy and they went and got our items for us. United then used our credit info on file and withdrew the entire price (their doubled price) without our approval. We are now seeking a lawyer, especially since documents were forged. Please DO NOT give this company your business.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 15, 2018

    I wish I could give a zero. I do not know where to begin. I guess the positive is the sales associate, Scott was very nice, informative and seemed to genuinely care. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about the blunder that had unfolded. We had to store our belongings for 3 months, therefore, the move out of storage to our new location was where everything went wrong. Let's start with the fact we moved during the slowest moving season and yet our load was divided into two loads. I am not sure how they thought over 9500 pounds was going to fit into 12 feet left on a truck. The agent called and told me that they were going to ship the 2nd load and have it there the same day.

    Then the day before arrival they informed me that they changed the plans and my second load would not arrive until over a week later (was not even given an exact date at this time and it was going to be way out of their contracted delivery window). Since I was out of town for work at the time this meant I needed to buy another flight and rent another car to be there for the second move because if I wasn't then I was informed they would charge me over $4000/day for storage. When my first delivery came there was 21 pieces damaged, most were unrepairable. It was obviously negligence that led to this as they tried to cram as much stuff as they could in the 12 feet of the truck. As an example, they snapped a metal coffee table and a solid wood leaf to a dining table. Of course there was no way of knowing what was here and what was not since half my stuff was still to be delivered.

    Once the second load arrived it was also noted that two high valued items were missing and supposedly on the first load. It took 2 weeks and a lot of stress to track them down. They were delivered to the wrong people. While they were willing to compensate for the exact value of the damage (not replacement value), there was no reimbursement offered for the delay or the extra costs I had to incur to be there for the second delivery. Not only that, but the aloof attitude of "Sorry, these things happen" was extremely frustrating. When my claim was escalated to United Van Lines the customer service rep there (Diane) was downright rude. Telling me that if I thought for a minute they were going to pay for my flight and rental I was mistaken.

    They finally, after many weeks of frustration, agreed as a "Good Will Gesture" to add an additional $400 onto my reimbursement. Mind you this was a very expensive, cross country move. The attitude I was given was not acceptable. These were my possessions that I have worked hard for and the attitude was "Oh Well, it happens". I asked to know that the responsible parties, such as the operations manager that originally okay'd my load to go onto the first truck, were disciplined. I was told by one of their own employees that all this was avoidable, that my stuff should have never went on that first truck in the first place.

    How do you damage 21 pieces of furniture and it not be considered grossly negligent. United Van Lines of course is a huge company and obviously protects the individual companies so the individual customer doesn't have a chance to fight them. You are just expected to accept whatever happens and also pay in full for it. They should be ashamed to even call themselves a customer service department. They do not serve the customer. They serve the big company that is untouchable.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 1, 2018

    NEVER USE THIS MOVING COMPANY!! They are horrible!! From the sales people, to the managers, to their “Customer Service”!! I had Ana as a salesperson, and I told her I was in a tight budget so she gave me a low ball quote with a “300” discount. Little did I know, two days before the move I was told that I need a shuttle on both sides as well as pay for an elevator fee and additional fuel charges that were not charged up front. I never signed my contract, and when I tried to cancel to get my deposit back I was not given my deposit back! They steal your money. Their managers, Kim, Jennifer and Tammy was worst of all, did nothing to help. Someone from their customer service department called me and hung up on me!! Why is that person on your customer service team!!? BEWARE OF THEIR ADDITIONAL COSTS AND RIDICULOUS FEES!! They’re all LIARS AND TAKE YOUR MONEY!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 11, 2018

    I feel compelled to share my experience with United Van Lines in hopes that it may serve as a warning to others about using this company. I was making a move with the military and decided to use United Van Lines because they initially offered me a good price of $2980 to move my household goods from Tucson to Colorado Springs. Their initial estimate for my move was for 900Cf at 3.08$ per cubic foot, which seemed reasonable given the amount of furniture I had, which was all in storage and pretty much packed. I emailed their agent (Dominick **) and said I wanted to accept their estimate and move forward with the move. At this point the agent generated a completely new estimate for the move, quoting the same price as before, but estimating the CF as 500 instead of 925, at a price of 3.75$/CF plus a 800$ destination charge.

    I quickly emailed him back and told him I was uncomfortable moving forward at that rate because I would certainly have more than 500cf and would likely have closer to the 900CF originally estimated. He assured me it would not be a problem and that the 500cf number was just based on their estimate based on my furniture description in their computer. He told me that it since it was their estimate, the listed price would be the most I would pay, which was still the same as my original quote. Needing to get my moving arrangements in order, I went ahead based on his assurances. This was a big mistake. When moving day came and I had the original 900CF, the movers all of a sudden wanted an extra 1200 in order to do the move, almost 50% more than the original quote!!! This was exactly what I was worried about, and exactly what United Van Line's agent Dominick ** told me I should not be worried about.

    Additionally, the movers were unaware that it was a military move, and had failed to get weight tickets for the truck, this being despite my specific request for empty and full weight tickets, and Dominick's assurances that all of their movers would provide me with empty and full weight tickets from the move. If I had not been there personally, I would never have gotten the weight tickets and I would have been out 4000$ in reimbursements from the Army. Overall the whole experience was a disaster. United Van Lines was deceptive, made false assurances to pressure me to make a quick decision in order to lock in their quote price, and seemed very careless regarding the requirements I had for the military move. I would not recommend this company to anyone, especially anyone making a military move.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

    I'm unhappy with this moving company. They are the most unprofessional people I have dealt with! Everything is unorganized and clearly the coworkers don't speak with one another. Therefore everything just gets confusing and messed up. Also this company fails to apologize for mistakes they have made. They try to make it seem like you are at fault or they try to make excuses! So we found this moving company and the reason we went with them is because they said our total would be 1400. We gave them the measurements and all the items over the phone prior to knowing the price, but I understand it wasn't the exact price and it can fluctuate. The movers were a day late so we had to miss work once again, they came in the apartment and looked at the stuff and said "nope this is going to cost you a lot more."

    I thought maybe a couple hundred dollars more, but no they tried charging us 2500! I told them this is not what we discussed on the phone we told you the exact measurements and what we had, the guy kept calling his boss. After them telling us that's the price that they are able to do it for, I told them they can leave because I felt scammed and they were just raising the price on purpose because they think that we are young, stupid and desperate for a moving company. They kept insisting that everywhere else is the same price and kept forcing us to go with them. I'm clearly insulted at this point, I don't like being scammed nor taken as someone who is stupid. Around 30 minutes later they called and said, "Okay we will do it for 2,000". I said, "No I'm not bargaining with you people. I know you are trying to get money out of me." Then they finally went down to around 1600, so I told them, "Okay come back and let's begin this move."

    Those movers packed everything very good no complaints there. We even tipped them towards the end. They told us our stuff will be held in storage for a few days and then we will be getting our stuff around November 18th when we as well will be arriving to Las Vegas. We told them the day we needed the stuff there so then when I was in Colorado on November 14th we called to see where the driver was with our stuff. They said our stuff was still in the warehouse! This guy on the phone was trying to blame us and tell us that they are driving we don't have an exact date, whatever he was saying did not make any sense. We said we told them to bring it by the 18th so as a worker shouldn't you and your company figure that out as when to take it out of the warehouse and start driving?

    At this point I knew it was going to be a couple days late because it was the 14th. They were at fault on their end and they failed to apologize. If we never called then they most likely would have had our stuff in storage for even longer, this is so unprofessional that they forgot! We finally arrived to our new apartment. The next day we called the driver and asked when will he be here. He told us Tuesday November 21st which means we missed work waiting for them, then they told us Wed November 22, once again we missed work! Now I'm angry because we had people flying in for Thanksgiving and NONE OF OUR THINGS ARE HERE! We had no couches, no bed, and no pots and pans to make any type of food! They ended up coming November 25th! They ruined our Thanksgiving and my family all had to go stay in a hotel because we did not have our blowup beds nor couches for them!

    We had to rebuy our expensive pans we already had! Just because they were late, this is not fair we wasted so much money and time, we also had to buy folding chairs for our family to sit on! I want my money back. This is a disgrace. I cannot believe people operate a moving company this way. If I don't get compensation I will contact a lawyer and start a riot against both companies I dealt with. So the reason why this guy was late with our Items was because, he said he was in Texas and will be arriving to Las Vegas on Wed November 22, he never showed because he went to California to drop things off to come to us last! I don't care what route they have to take. EWe said we need our stuff NOVEMBER 18TH and it failed to arrive that day. When we called and complained the guy told us it's not their company's fault, and that we never guarantee a date... Are you kidding me?

    Because on our paper it said November 18th. Now I understand a few days late but not a whole week, and I don't accept what he said because the driver passed Las Vegas to go to California first. I don't care if he passed Arizona to go to California we should have been first end of story! So now the movers came, they arrived November 25th. It was just two guys only, and they were angry and trying to charge us more because of the steps, when we SPOKE ON THE PHONE AND CLEARLY SAID WE live on the 3rd floor and we were already charged. His helper was non stop complaining and crying. They both kept taking smoke breaks as well. Why work for this company if you can't finish the job you start? The two were here for over 2 hours! And all I heard from them was non stop complaining and roughly throwing our things in the house!

    They damaged our flooring, and the one guy kept yelling in his language to himself. The one guy put the bed together wrong and was angry that he did it wrong, I was scared for my life. I was in the closet cleaning and I hear this guy yelling and throwing stuff around. And kept telling us that is the right way when he clearly knew it was wrong! Then they never screwed on my vanity and they chipped the vanity and chipped the vanity holder. They damaged our bed. It was stained with black lines as well as sticky tape marks that wouldn't come out and also had a little tint of yellow. My little dresser that holds my vanity up was damaged and had some black lining on it as well. My vanity table was completely scraped and scratched.

    Also our living room table is for the garbage. It's completely destroyed, the dark-brown wood, the corners are completely destroyed and are peeled and looked tan, and the table has scratches on it, along with my vanity dresser and bed. One more thing that I thought was terrible was that they bring someone else's furniture in our house and we told them it was not ours, and they told us to keep it! I told them, "No you better bring that back to the person that it belongs to." I couldn't believe my ears when they told me to keep it. Also they kept trying to leave. They left without redoing the bed and putting my vanity together and they left without opening my huge mirror! I'm so angry they never completed their job.

    We told them to redo the bed from the beginning, and the guy said "yes I will go back to it after." I'm literally so mad because this was not worth 1600, they did a half-ass job! So the one guy went back to the car and my husband told the other guy, "Excuse me you still need to put the vanity together, and redo the bed before you leave, because you drilled it on wrong, and it was upside down, and also take the mirror out of the packaging." The guy said, "Okay I will grab my drill from the truck, my partner did the vanity already." So then the guy left and we were waiting a good 5 minutes. I see my vanity and it is not fixed I go to my husband and ask where are they because they never drilled my vanity back on. COME to realize the workers actually left and are not coming back.

    I don't care that we signed saying everything was here. They still had a lot to finish and they kept trying to distract us! We ran outside but their truck was not in sight. They never finished. They lied and said they were going to get the drill from the truck and never came back, as well as never answered his cell phone! This is completely illegal. I asked and paid for certain services to be done and they were not completed! Now me and my husband are driving around the neighborhood trying to find them.

    The funny part is they most likely had this planned! They knew very well what was not completed and what needed to be redone, because he told my husband he was coming back, and clearly left on purpose! So the best part of all was not only did we waste money for our items that we needed and our pots and pans for Thanksgiving we had to go spend money on a drill! If this was you, you would want your money back as well. This is unfair and unprofessional. This is the worst moving company ever existed and I suggest you shut it down.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

    I was warned by another moving company about United Van Lines. I was thinking it was just a scare tactic to get me to go through them instead. BOY was I wrong. I should have listened. Before packing things I felt it odd that he was saying it's going to cost little more but then when he saw I was getting upset that they already gave me a price. He just said, "Oh no. Everything okay." Then after packing my household goods he sat me down to go over the inventory, then "BAM." He explained that it's going to be double the amount I was told from the company. I was a mess. I wanted my stuff unpacked from their truck! I felt like it was a scam like the other company warned me about.

    They offered 10% off and have me some line about hassle to load truck, find new movers etc. NOW we sit here at our delivery destination on the right date waiting. We were told if any delays because of weather or delivery they would call. At 1 pm I'm calling wondering where my household good are just to be told it won't be here for another 5 days!!! This company is a scam, I tried asking for the boss or owner and he kept saying he is the boss and there is nothing I can do about it!!! I'm sitting in here with my family in an empty home for another 5 days!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

    The first email they sent said they would refund. The driver left because he could not get ahold of the owner to get a final price. Since he left Wednesday night without taking our stuff and we had to be in NC by Sunday we called and had a pod delivered Thursday morning. I mentioned the binding because it says that if the inventory changes then the prize could change. The inventory was actually less than the binding contract. The booking agent guy Luke said that the prize would only change if we added more items. We didn't add more items.

    I recorded the customer service guy Chuck from United saying that for that inventory Luke should have not gave such a low binding estimate. He said since the driver left I would get my money back. I have all that recorded. This was sent on Sept 25th. I have the email where it states the money would be refunded. Then said it would not be refunded because I had to end up using another company because they left me stranded.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

    These movers were hired through a broker to move my mother's belongings from her storage and her house after she died. I was quoted $2700.00 for the move by Giselle of Coastal Moving Group. Upon first meeting the movers (Driver and Loader) on 9/30/2017 at the storage location I was leery because of how rude the driver was. Then after partially loading my mother's things the driver said that I was under quoted and it would cost me over $5000.00. I asked him was he trying to scam me at which point he had his partner start to remove the boxes while yelling at me.

    In the process the driver dropped a box containing my mother's record collection. I was enraged. My mother had just died and now I am dealing with scam artist at the 13 hour to move her stuff because I needed to get home to my children. So I was forced to agree with the new cost. When they finished loading the storage they went to my mother's house. At her house they hired two guys off the street. One of which you could smell the liquor coming off of him and another that seemed to be high on something. The two newly hired street movers had asked me did I need help and I told them "No I don't. I want the movers that I hired to move the stuff because they are insured". The Driver still hired them and let them move the belongings even though I expressed my concerns.

    I emailed the broker twice with pictures of this incident including the original movers picking up the record collection and of the street movers. The street movers dropped boxes as well and the driver told them to be careful. I was livid! I was told that they would escalate the issue to the management team. Never heard from them. I called back on 10/3/2017 and spoke with a gentleman who said he was aware of the situation and the management would reach out to both myself and the movers. STILL NOTHING.

    Today 10/8/2017 I got a call from the movers to find out if I was ready for my things to be delivered and that they are still charging me the full balance and that they stand being their drivers and the decisions they make. I was even told that I was lying because the driver said he knew the two guys he hired. But he offered me a $175.00 discount and I was told that in order to get my belongings I needed to give them the full balance prior to the stuff being brought in the house.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

    I used United Van Lines/Armstrong for a cross country move. My biggest issue was the weight estimate. The weight was taken after the truck was loaded and it was almost 20% overestimated. United refused to refund any money because it was a binding contract. However, this is apparently how they jack the price up, by overestimating. Best if you do not show all items to be boxed to the estimator, if you add furniture they can catch you on that, but the number of boxes is only an estimate anyway. Also, move was sloppy, stickers were falling off so the inventory was not accurate. We still do not know if we got everything. Damage was done to our dining room table when it was put back together. We got a check for that but it won't cover replacing it (and is not replaceable). Damage to our oil paintings, we were told by damage estimator it was from the heat of the moving truck, but United refused to reimburse since they did not pack the paintings.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

    I thought everything went well for my move from Kansas City to Mesa Az until I had bed beds and bed bugs in my other furniture and boxes since they supplied boxes with handles. Please do not use them as they don't care that I had to pay to have my house exterminate and pay for hotel expensive.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

    DO NOT use these movers. They managed to somehow 'lose' a 5,000$ king headboard so I now have to sleep on the floor for who knows how long. They put deep gouges in a 10.000$ Stickley dining table and one of the chairs. When moving me to PA., I clearly listed which pieces would fit into small apt and which would need storage. They forced me to take delivery of every piece I cannot use and refused to take out of their truck the pieces I requested.

    The driver was very obnoxious, yelled at me, refused to come back to my home with appropriate furniture. He also ruined a great deal of community property here by driving truck over it. I paid over 15,000$ for this move and now have to hire another moving company to make this right. They stored remaining things so that there is no way for me to see them and file claim in 90 days against what I am certain I will find as future damage. This company absolutely ruined what I had spent 100's of thousands of dollars collecting. And only cared about getting to next job. The driver was a guy named Jim **, Make sure never ever to use him. I have NEVER had a worse experience.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

    Contracted with Armstrong/United Van Lines out of Chicago suburb of Glendale Heights, IL in Oct./Nov 2015. All went great with agent & acct. rep. Until moving day arrived. Mover started another labeling system other than the one provided. These labels were falling off when he stuck them on. That should have been my first clue of impending calamity. Note to others; Write the # of the computer generated labels on the box "and" your packing/carton list!

    Office staff did a fine job for us, but upon arrival day, lo & behold, a Mayflower truck pulls up. Nice! What a nightmare! Our items were co-mingled with another family's & at least 15 cartons & plastic totes were not to be found! Most of our furniture was dinged & dented not to mention the ceilings & walls. And I was most generous with a tip in Chicago but not in Nevada. Took us months to finally figure out the contents missing. I lost some antiques & tools. My wife lost fine clothes & family heirlooms, among other things. Merry Christmas for the lucky "finders"!!! Well, one item of note, the claim settlement was quickly settled. They must ** all the time, this seems to be their MO! Can't fault the Front end, only the storage to transfer to others to Nevada leg. That's why only two stars! Go with another company. This shouldn't have to happen in this day & age!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

    This company is by far the worst moving service of all time, DO NOT USE THEM!!! We're moving from Rochester, NY to Charlotte NC, & it's been miserable working with these people. They don't come to your house & give you a quote, they do it over the phone & have you list EVERYTHING in each room. Then they have you pick a moving pick up window, for which they extend every day. They were supposed to pick us up on Sat July 29th, and it's now Tuesday 8/1 & they called to cancel AGAIN! First the truck broke down, & then they said they had delivery delays, etc. Not my problem, they should have had a backup plan, now all my travel plans are screwed-up!

    I have flights booked, family & friends inconvenienced, and United could care less. I asked to speak with a manager, & they wouldn't let me, said ALL the managers were in a meeting?! Still haven't received a call back from one yet. They'd better plan on giving me a huge refund, because I'm letting every person/social media site know how they operate.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 13, 2017

    So far more than 10k in items were stolen from me. Still finding more. United Van Lines car hauler took my 50th year anniversary Mustang out for an 18 mile joy ride and while doing so left my tires bald. Delivered it with the front end messed up. Fought with them for over 2 months to get the front end fixed and had to threaten a lawyer. "Can't" prove tires I am told and I can't prove anything has been stolen from my home. I would never in my life recommend this company or Chipman Relocation specialists ever. They steal, lie and laugh at you the whole time. Stay away and never look back.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 6, 2017

    My parents unfortunately chose The Liberty Group/United Van Lines for their move from NJ to SC. The move consisted of the movers packing all their items, labeling the boxes, delivering it and setting up the items to their new home in South Carolina. When the truck arrived the movers unloaded the front of the truck but could not understand where the rest of my parents stuff was because things like the kitchen and dining room tables where nowhere to be found. The driver made a call and was told that my parents stuff was split, most in the front of the truck and some in the back. Upon opening the back truck doors the driver said "this ain't going to be good".

    The movers had to keep asking me if the items belonged to my parents since stuff was mixed up. They had put a treadmill on top of a handmade dining room table to hold in place with a clay pot below, making the table look like someone took sandpaper to it and of course the clay pot was shattered. They did not wrap the antique chandeliers (which we were told were going to be crated), 2 out of 3 broken. Dining room chairs broken. Crystal broken. Antique snuff jars broken. Not to mention a number of other items broken. They mismarked boxes. Boxes said a room and contained items from another floor or said specific items where were not in the box. Items were taken apart so a top was in one box and the bottom in another. You had no clue where anything was. All the boxes have been emptied and stuff is still missing.

    Did they steal it or just lose it? All the boxes according to the sheet made it but all of the items. I called the owner of Liberty Group and he has yet to return the call. I emailed the president of United Van Lines but he has yet to respond. I will NEVER use United again - sad that Dad paid extra to get the worst service possible.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 9, 2017

    I set my move up the first of May for June 19th and told her I'd prefer furniture delivery on the 20th. Vanessa was very nice & said it would be easy to change the move date by just calling in. It's one week away and nobody has called. I'm getting concerned and need to make sure it's confirmed for that date. I have to fly in just for the move, then fly out. Plane reservations have been made already.

    Yesterday I called & got hung up on because the recording said all reps were busy. When I called back, this girl told me United wouldn't call till 1 to 2 days prior to the move! That's unacceptable. Someone can't plan their whole move not knowing if it's set in motion & what time they'll be there. Next, she said the movers may not come till the 20th! As I reread the contract, it shows the "requested move date of June 19-20th". I understood it to say that the 19th is when they're picking up the furniture and the 20th would be when the furniture would be delivered. The first girl said originally told me the furniture could be delivered as early as Tuesday (20th) or as late as Thurs or Fri., which I was ok with.

    I nicely explained to the 2nd girl that we originally set it up for the 19th and I had to be out that day, that I couldn't do it the 20th. She got very short with me & said she can't change anything once I signed the paper. Then she hung up on me! Then, I emailed Vanessa who I first talked to and gave her a full explanation. She gave me a short, terse reply "You will hear from the movers 48 hours prior to the move". We are repeat customers. We used United a couple years ago with no problems. I don't know what's going on now, but I'm really not happy at all with their customer service. I am very disappointed in their customer service and haven't even gotten the move yet. I would not recommend them for their lack of customer service.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 12, 2017

    Boy do I have a lot to say here. I scheduled these movers for Wednesday, May 10th, at 1 pm. They understandably gave me a window of between 1-2 pm. I arrived at the storage unit a little before 1 pm. At 1:30 pm, I called the company to find out approximately when they would arrive. They told me there was a truck breakdown, and they were delayed, and would not be there until 3:15. So I ran some errands, and came back at 3:10. At 3:30, I called, and they said the truck had left about 10 minutes prior and should arrive at any time. At 4:08, the driver called me to say he was 20 minutes out. At 4:45, I called the company back and was informed they were a half hour out. Huh? Well, they finally arrived and started the job at 5:30 pm. At 6:08 pm, they took their first of many smoke breaks (15 minutes). At 6:45 pm, one of the movers took a phone call, and held the phone in one hand while loading up with the other hand, for about 30 minutes.

    We finally got the storage unit loaded up, went to the next stop, loaded up there, and then they were following me to my apartment. They took the wrong exit, so I called them, and they said GPS told them to go that way. They then got lost, and proceeded to take another half hour to arrive at the apartment. After all that, they asked for the money, cash only, so I had to go to the ATM. One of the movers had the nerve to say, "Don't forget our tip." Anyway, I brought back the cash, put it on the counter. At 11 pm, they came to me and said they would need more money. I told them I was not paying them more, as they had wasted well over an hour's time so far. So they proceeded to tell me that they were going to stop. I told them if they didn't get the couches up, I was not paying them a penny. So they brought the couches up, and then they left.

    There were still about 30 items downstairs in the middle of the complex parking lot that I had to move on my own. Fortunately, they left their dollies there, so I proceeded to use one to get the heavy boxes up the stairs. They then came back for the dollies and I said I was going to use one to finish loading the heavy stuff and bringing it up the stairs. The mover proceeded to yank the dolly from my hand, went outside the apartment, and threw it down the stairs. Mind you, this was after 11:30 pm, with a metal dolly and concrete stairs. They then left, and I had to bring the rest of the items up on my own.

    I called the company the next day and they assured me these men would no longer be working for them and I hope that's true. However, this was my experience, and I would not recommend using this company, despite any "deals" they may offer. They will for sure add that discount back on in the time they take to get the stuff moved. I will NEVER use these people again.

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    Original review: March 16, 2017

    We chose United for our move from Florida to Arizona. They were a bit higher than the other companies we interviewed, but their reviews were positive, so we chose them. The drivers were great but they damaged two expensive pieces which were insured as expensive and now they say they didn't damage them in spite of the pictures showing otherwise. What a complete rip off this company is! Do NOT choose them. Find another somewhat smaller company who really value their product!

    10 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 10, 2017

    We ended up being the last move out of Columbia Missouri, for Fry Wagner, United, when they closed their location there. We got the bottom of the barrel service, if you can even call it service, they don't deserve any stars. We have used their service before with a corporate move and had no problem. Moving and paying for our own expenses this time I feel we totally got scammed... Nothing they said was true. A two day move they called Friday saying they would not be there Monday but came late Tuesday and did not have any items they needed to finish the packing I paid for. They did not have enough people with driver. We were suppose to close on our house. Needless to say the other people showed up with their truck and six people to unpack the next day but the driver had to come back and this time with only one worker (20ish and not experienced) and his brother who did not work for the company!!!

    The people buying the home were furious and seriously angry! It caused complications all down the real estate line! The "brother" ended up stealing my garage sale money!!! Yes he did!!! The trucker was packing so furiously he slip big mirrors in between mattresses with no packing, so I called right that minute and said... "just go on notice the mirrors are going to break!!!"

    My son and I ended up packing things in boxes that we had paid to be done... but the things we packed did not break. The other items... lots of items broken. Missing items, I have pictures!!! They don't want to pay for anything but two items on my list... Then why did I buy insurance... Now, after three months of trying to get a settlement, they are not returning calls. It's been since November and they just are ignoring me. I'm not going away. I'm going to seek outside counsel. There were so many more problems. I can't list them all... but lack of any kind of customer service. It's like they take the money and run!!!

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    17 people found this review helpful
    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 25, 2017

    This is very hard to write. I used United Van Lines for my move from Toronto to Newfoundland. From the time they showed up at my door to my delivery, nothing went right. Movers showed up and while loading the truck, they took more smoke breaks and smoking around my things. The movers told me that my belongings would be on one truck however it was placed on several trucks before getting to me. When they delivered my things my mattress was wet, TV cracked on top in two places, bed frame scratched, lamps broke, coffee table and end take dented, sofa, love seat, and chair had all the arms damaged and the frame broke inside. They broke my TV stand in front of me and said make a claim.

    I made a claim and they sent a repairman to assess the damages. He canceled the first two days because of bad weather and the third day he showed up. I had to take three days off for the repairman. When he sent in his assessment into United Van Lines they said his assessment was of no use because he does leather. I took three days off for this. Then United Vans said they would have their expert assess the damaged by pictures I sent to them in Toronto. Seriously by pictures. They also wanted my invoices of how much I paid for my things and I sent it to them. The amount they want to give me nowhere comes to what I paid for my brand new furniture.

    They want me now to find someone to come and assess my broken furniture. I paid them to move my things and now I have to do the work. My things were moved here November and it's now almost March and nothing is done.They want to get off with this, poor customer service and customer satisfaction. I will never use them again... nor should you.

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    18 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 28, 2017

    This is heart wrenching. I just saw Lindsey from AZ. Dated 1/4/17. I had the same experience. All my boxes crushed 90% of my belongings broken and they lost a piece of memorabilia valued at 15k. I'm so upset and even more so now after reading your complaint. When I went to file my complaint and filled out the claim forms they gave me the run around. They changed insurance companies 4 times. From Trilogy to Suddath to United now to Unigroup. Each time they said they can't find my claims. I'm NOT allowing them to repair anything after reading this complaint from AZ. It's my choice. I bought 36k in insurance. I gave them 7 months to get this resolved. I'm not trusting them to touch my belongings anymore.

    Updated 05/19/2017: I gave this company the opportunity to rectify my situation instead they decided to send me an 1,800 ck and get my case off their desk. I will be sending you pictures of my damaged belongings (90%) and of the missing items. They said I packed my things? I have photos of the cartons that are still here at my home that they claim I have disposed them. A million dollar lawsuit will now be filed due to them not sending a qualified individual here to review my broken items. You as the Consumer Affairs have more than enough complaints and evidence from many clients that moved from March 2016 all the way to now May 2017.

    We are not all making this up. I'm about to dig into how you actually handle these cases as well. I paid a lot of money, paid extra insurance only to find my instruments are broken, one stolen and I'm living in an empty house for over a year. It's time to file the lawsuit. Please look at my last complaint. I'm not going thru arbitration with this company. They are at fault and need to take full responsibility for their abuse with my personal belongings. I think Consumer Affairs should place a phone call to me. I'd like to know what you have done so far. Thank you.

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    15 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 20, 2017

    It's not just the fault of United Van Lines, but all the people they subcontract to. This is a pass-the-buck environment because you realize at some point that half the people work for someone else. Moving blankets covered in gas put on my furniture, sloppy packing, the labels fell off many items, and now we find missing items that are irreplaceable. The drive down, we found out the driver went home for a few days and then his truck broke down. By the time he got to us he was so far behind schedule and rushed he treated me like I was the problem and rushed off without unpacking anything, which was part of the contract. Don't use them, they do not care.

    8 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

    This is a very hard review to write because I am still fighting with a company that I really trusted. This all started about 18 months ago. I was moving from Fresno CA to Folsom CA to live with my fiance. We decided that I would keep my things in storage until we bought a house together. My fiance had over 15 years of moving with his company so he recommended United Van Lines. They came out and gave me a fair estimate. I decided to go with them because they had a storage facility in which they would store my furniture. The pickup went smooth, they packaged up all my artwork etc., and I was on my way to Folsom. I paid the storage fees each month for about a year, when my fiance took another job within his company that brought him to Chandler, AZ. We used United for his move, and we arrived in Chandler. We bought a house and decided it was time to have my furniture delivered.

    I called United Van Lines to schedule the move, and then they informed me that they had severed ties with the storage company and my furniture had been moved to a city about 45 miles from Fresno without my permission. They said they would still honor the contract, and I was set up with a moving coordinator. Got the time and place all set up, and was asked to travel to Fresno to "inspect" my furniture. I flew up and got a hotel, and then traveled to the "new" storage facility about 45 miles away. I was shocked as my GPS took me to a dingy place on the outskirts of this little town. When I pulled up I could see the wooden lockers which contained the stored furniture just placed randomly in fields. United Van Lines showed up, and the owners of this "storage" facility and they were shocked that I was there for my furniture. Apparently even though the coordinator scheduled the pickup, she had failed to inform the facility.

    Needless to say after a heated discussion with the facility and United, the facility called the owner who threatened to have us arrested for being on private property and United called back in the drivers. I did not get my furniture and was asked to leave the property. I returned to Az, and after daily phone calls with United they found a new driver. The old driver was not allowed back on the storage property, and my move was scheduled. A local moving company picked up my belongings and they were taken to a United holding area, awaiting transportation to AZ. 6 weeks later I got my stuff, and I couldn't believe the condition of many of the boxes. Boxes were missing, but they claimed it was because of the move the storage company made, and items were damaged.

    In July of 2016 I was assigned the claim adjuster Lindsey **, once I filed my claim. Talk about a nightmare... She sent out a restorer who colored in all the scratches on my damaged furniture, then scheduled a pickup of a formal dining room table that was too damaged to be touched up. 2 months later I got the table back with more damage to it than when it was sent to them, so I called her and she told me it was the responsibility of the restorer not United (there is a giant number 5 etched deeply into the center of my beautiful table now).

    Finally got the letter back about the rest of the settlement, for damaged and broken items. I got no compensation. She claimed that the artwork that was damaged was packed by me (wrong, I paid extra for it to be packed), she claimed I packed the boxes and didn't provide proof of the damaged boxes (wrong, I told her I had them and she never wanted to see them), and finally to get her to return a phone call is a joke... I'm still waiting. A $6000.00 move ended up costing me over $10,000 and I am about ready to call it a wash... Please take great care if you choose to use this company... and as an afterthought, anything sentimental you do not want this company to handle, they do not put a value on that.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

    I didn't really appreciate them at the time, but they did a great job (albeit in 2014). Initially the inspector showed up and gave me an estimate. On moving day, three people showed up and did a full service move. Everything was packed and they packed my flat screen TV, which the inspector had missed, at no extra charge. They weren't especially sociable but that's fine. I got storage through the end of the month for free, without redelivery fees, and three people showed up to deliver my stuff into my new apartment. I was not charged a stair fee despite two flights of stairs and nothing broke; I was also not charged a massive insurance fee for full valuation protection. All in all, 5 stars.

    9 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 30, 2016

    My family recently relocated from NY to FL and finding a mover was a long and involved task. We did our research and after several in-home estimates we decided upon Liberty Movers, a United Van Lines (UV) company. The initial in-home estimate was excellent. The representative was professional, courteous and friendly; he gave us a binding estimate which is something we learned to look for. He gave us literature and promised us that we'd be in "regular contact" with a move coordinator during the move who, using UV's technology, could track our shipment as it made its way from NY to FL. He explained the UV inventory process and we agreed to use them. We packed our own items.

    The movers arrived as agreed upon with respect to date and time. When the two guys arrived we were immediately informed that "they're one man short" but that they'd get the job done. They seemed to be professional and efficient; in retrospect now we're not so certain. They loaded their smaller truck which they told us "would be reloaded into a larger, 18-wheeler that afternoon". We went over the inventory which involves the driver affixing numbered stickers to each and every box and item we shipped and logging the item based upon the number. They drove away with the contents of our NY home and we hoped for the best.

    The first sign of trouble occurred when we did not hear from our move coordinator. We were told that he'd follow-up with us the same afternoon that the movers arrived to take our shipment. He did not. In fact we did not hear from him for several days; I reached out via email and received an "out of office" automated response. So much for the promised communication and truck tracking. We did eventually hear from the coordinator, only after I contacted him (never pro-actively on his part) and he was "unable to provide us with a delivery date" until shortly before the delivery. So much for tracking the truck and "Regular updates".

    When our shipment arrived at our new FL address, within the agreed-upon time frame, we experienced the major issue with UV. The driver of the 18-wheeler informed us that "many of our boxes had been repackaged to save space". I'm no legal expert but I would venture to say that repacking pre-inventoried boxes completely invalidates the entire inventory process: we were short boxes, we couldn't find items that we packed and found them in other boxes, etc. Additionally, we received several of our items with no inventory stickers affixed to them. So much for accurate inventory. We shipped very little furniture. The pieces that we did ship were in new to good condition when they left our NY home. After they were unpacked in our FL home we discovered that a new, undamaged desk had suffered chips and rather significant scratches to all its legs; a baby crib had suffered significant nicks and scratches as well.

    When we brought the damage to the driver’s attention he had us indicate it on one of the many UV inventory forms; he then showed us that "the guys in NY" had indicated that the items were "Damaged all over" when they loaded them. Outright lies. So much for trust; when we reviewed the UV inventory sheet the guys in NY had indicated that every piece of furniture was "scratched " and "badly worn all over". The forms use abbreviated codes, "SC" for scratched and "W" for badly worn with location symbols indicating where. It's extremely easy for UV to get away with this practice; unless a customer carefully examines pages upon pages of shipping manifest, line by line, as the items are loaded on the truck this will go undetected until it's too late. DO SO!

    As we checked-off the items on our copies of the inventory sheets there were several items missing. We were assured by the driver that the discrepancies were due to the repackaging. At this point we were stuck, the inventory list was worthless, and we needed to move forward. The truck left and then we began to discover that many items that we shipped were outright missing. Whether this was due to inept employees using a clearly flawed inventory system or outright thievery we will never know. We are in the process of filing a claim with UV to recoup some of our losses. Be VERY careful when selecting Liberty Movers and/or United Van Lines as your mover. Do your research, ask lots of questions, and be diligent when your items are being shipped and received.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 23, 2016

    Whatever you do... don't use this company. I move about every 3 years for my job and so have had about 14 moves in my lifetime. This move by far was the worst I have experienced. I could write a book about this experience but to summarize THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR THINGS!! Where do I start? The packing was appalling. I packed some of my own boxes and they lost all of them. They paid me 300 dollars to replace about 8,000 dollars worth of clothing and jewelry and other items. They did not crate my big screen TV and wanted me to pay extra to do so even that was supposed to be part of the estimate. They packed my gardening and dog walking shoes in with my dishes. They lost the parts of a bed so I had no bed to sleep in at the other end.

    They arrived 3 weeks late at the destination so I was doing 24 hours hospital shifts in a house with no furniture, that's right slept on the floor for almost 3 weeks. They had an ongoing commentary during the move that my neighbor overheard and filed a complaint with the company as they were so vile she did not want her grandchildren to hear. If you call customer service it is a complete joke. They are already angry with you that you are taking up their time by calling. The items broken were numerous. They packed a ceramic lamp upside down in a box and wondered why it arrived shattered. I had all my jewelry in baggies taped inside a cabinet so it would not get lost. They opened the baggies and through the jewelry in the bottom of a big box with a bunch of linen. Just loose in a box. So my earrings and all else were gone. I could go on but you get the idea. Use ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT UNITED VAN LINES.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 20, 2016

    We recently moved 2 households from Texas to SC. The person who came to give the quote had items to be moved (some were staying for estate sale) in wrong locations which needed to be corrected so the moving team would take the correct items and leave the correct items. This was never fixed. Then the team that came was late, rushed the job and never asked me to do a walkthrough to make sure all was correct. They left the mirror that hung directly over the chest! A walkthrough should be standard.

    Now it gets better. We get a call that the 'driver' fell through and could they ship the items via cargo in large crates. I was assured that this method would get the contents to SC quickly. It took them 3 weeks to get my 91 year old mother's furniture. When they finally arrived (late) the first thing the driver asked me was if there was a place his guys could walk to as they had no lunch yet!!

    Then they wanted me to stand in the 98 degree sun to check the upside down boxes as they pulled off truck. But the inside man also kept calling me in to ask what room they should go into. They rushed through the load, had me sign that I received all boxes and in good condition before I could even unpack or inspect. They left the shrink wrap around the couch and recliner and tried to leave before placing heavy furniture in correct spot. They also left two items that I told them did not belong to me. Needless to say that there was damaged and missing items. I filed claim and they sent an inspector. They paid out for damaged items but not for missing boxes or a lamp that broke that was very carefully packed and marked fragile. It was one of the upside down boxes mentioned above.

    They had absolutely no concern for the customer who is missing their two items that I got even though I gave the tracking numbers on the items. Their response was 'no one filed a claim for said items'. Perhaps they will as they are Christmas treasures and it was only September!! All around very unprofessional service from a company that was hired because of their good name. As for the other household, they met our expectations by taking only 12 days to deliver and damaging some of our things minimally.

    So if you are thinking of making one of the most stressful decisions of a lifetime, BEWARE!!! You will be required to oversee their job from beginning to end. You will need your own team to check in boxes and another inside to direct where items go. Another should unwrap and inspect. Do this before signing that you have all boxes. UVL does not hire enough people to do the job effectively which leaves you with a job to do that you thought you hired and paid them to do.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

    United Van Lines recently moved us from Helena MT to Tucson. In Tucson, they had to subcontract with Suddath Movers to transfer our goods from a tractor/trailer into a 22' van in order to unload into a 10'x30' storage shed. Because we are living in an apartment for the next 3-4 months while our house is being built, my wife had clearly marked certain boxes with bright colored packing tape to indicate that they were to be placed in the immediate front of the storage unit. These boxes contained clothes, medicine, food, personal records, etc that we needed to take to the apartment with us. When unloading, Suddath was repeatedly (at least 5-6 times) reminded of this fact by both my wife and I. She also reminded the driver from Mergenthaler's about this fact and he admitted that they were all aware of the colored boxes purpose.

    When we got the boxes to the apartment, we found that a large moving box containing our clothes had not been provided to us. As a result, all we had to use for the next few months were the clothes we packed for our 4 day trip to AZ. We immediately contacted Suddath about this problem, as well as the fact that they were in a hurry and very careless with our items and had actually damaged a lamp, and they accepted no responsibility, saying that we should contact our move United coordinator, Nikki **, at Mergenthaler Transfer in Helena to report the problem. We did that immediately and also filed a claim. Despite calls to Mergenthaler to check on the status of these problems, they have not gotten back to us. We also have contacted the United Van Lines customer service center to report the problem. The first agent (Bob) said he'd check on it and get back to us and didn't.

    I called again this morning and they said that they are not responsible at all for the problems. Since the location of the subject box is unknown and could potentially be buried up to 20-25' deep, we offered what I considered to be a fair deal. They could either pay Suddath to unpack our goods in search of the clothes box, or we would accept a reasonable payment ($300) for the lost box of clothes which would allow us to buy enough clothes to get by until our house is completed.

    They claim no responsibility for their blunder or any damages that may have occurred (which we won't know until we unload the shed) and said it was our responsibility to again contact Mergenthaler regarding the damage claim. United personnel are exceptionally rude, uncaring, unresponsive, and unwilling to accept any type of responsibility for their actions. Too bad we had to pay the entire cost upfront, but then thinking about it, there's method to their madness.

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