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We recently moved 2 households from Texas to SC. The person who came to give the quote had items to be moved (some were staying for estate sale) in wrong locations which needed to be corrected so the moving team would take the correct items and leave the correct items. This was never fixed. Then the team that came was late, rushed the job and never asked me to do a walkthrough to make sure all was correct. They left the mirror that hung directly over the chest! A walkthrough should be standard.

Now it gets better. We get a call that the 'driver' fell through and could they ship the items via cargo in large crates. I was assured that this method would get the contents to SC quickly. It took them 3 weeks to get my 91 year old mother's furniture. When they finally arrived (late) the first thing the driver asked me was if there was a place his guys could walk to as they had no lunch yet!!

Then they wanted me to stand in the 98 degree sun to check the upside down boxes as they pulled off truck. But the inside man also kept calling me in to ask what room they should go into. They rushed through the load, had me sign that I received all boxes and in good condition before I could even unpack or inspect. They left the shrink wrap around the couch and recliner and tried to leave before placing heavy furniture in correct spot. They also left two items that I told them did not belong to me. Needless to say that there was damaged and missing items. I filed claim and they sent an inspector. They paid out for damaged items but not for missing boxes or a lamp that broke that was very carefully packed and marked fragile. It was one of the upside down boxes mentioned above.

They had absolutely no concern for the customer who is missing their two items that I got even though I gave the tracking numbers on the items. Their response was 'no one filed a claim for said items'. Perhaps they will as they are Christmas treasures and it was only September!! All around very unprofessional service from a company that was hired because of their good name. As for the other household, they met our expectations by taking only 12 days to deliver and damaging some of our things minimally.

So if you are thinking of making one of the most stressful decisions of a lifetime, BEWARE!!! You will be required to oversee their job from beginning to end. You will need your own team to check in boxes and another inside to direct where items go. Another should unwrap and inspect. Do this before signing that you have all boxes. UVL does not hire enough people to do the job effectively which leaves you with a job to do that you thought you hired and paid them to do.

United Van Lines recently moved us from Helena MT to Tucson. In Tucson, they had to subcontract with Suddath Movers to transfer our goods from a tractor/trailer into a 22' van in order to unload into a 10'x30' storage shed. Because we are living in an apartment for the next 3-4 months while our house is being built, my wife had clearly marked certain boxes with bright colored packing tape to indicate that they were to be placed in the immediate front of the storage unit. These boxes contained clothes, medicine, food, personal records, etc that we needed to take to the apartment with us. When unloading, Suddath was repeatedly (at least 5-6 times) reminded of this fact by both my wife and I. She also reminded the driver from Mergenthaler's about this fact and he admitted that they were all aware of the colored boxes purpose.

When we got the boxes to the apartment, we found that a large moving box containing our clothes had not been provided to us. As a result, all we had to use for the next few months were the clothes we packed for our 4 day trip to AZ. We immediately contacted Suddath about this problem, as well as the fact that they were in a hurry and very careless with our items and had actually damaged a lamp, and they accepted no responsibility, saying that we should contact our move United coordinator, Nikki **, at Mergenthaler Transfer in Helena to report the problem. We did that immediately and also filed a claim. Despite calls to Mergenthaler to check on the status of these problems, they have not gotten back to us. We also have contacted the United Van Lines customer service center to report the problem. The first agent (Bob) said he'd check on it and get back to us and didn't.

I called again this morning and they said that they are not responsible at all for the problems. Since the location of the subject box is unknown and could potentially be buried up to 20-25' deep, we offered what I considered to be a fair deal. They could either pay Suddath to unpack our goods in search of the clothes box, or we would accept a reasonable payment ($300) for the lost box of clothes which would allow us to buy enough clothes to get by until our house is completed.

They claim no responsibility for their blunder or any damages that may have occurred (which we won't know until we unload the shed) and said it was our responsibility to again contact Mergenthaler regarding the damage claim. United personnel are exceptionally rude, uncaring, unresponsive, and unwilling to accept any type of responsibility for their actions. Too bad we had to pay the entire cost upfront, but then thinking about it, there's method to their madness.

It wasn't as if goods were damaged. It's just that they lost 2 rear wheels for mountain bikes, various tools, levels, shovels, crowbars, fiberglass paint pole and so forth. When I called to see if they had a lost and found, I was greeted hostility by a person who tried to blame it all on me. This was United/MERIT out of Palm Springs. Run from these folks if you care about your belongings.

First, before giving this review (and having read hundreds of reviews of moving companies before I engaged one) I would like to repeat advice I have heard from others: IF at all possible - find a way to all, or at least a portion of your property items yourself. I did so myself up until the move I am writing this review about, and always had satisfactory results. Unfortunately, this move involved going to another state so doing the entire move myself or with friends/relatives would have been very difficult to organize.

I contracted with Bohren's / United Van Lines (Robinsville, NJ) after getting estimates from a couple of other major moving companies. One of these companies wanted to charge over $8,000 just for storage alone because our items would have to sit in storage (either in our old state, or in the state we were moving to) for somewhere between 10 days to 3 weeks. Bohren's gave a fairer estimate and the cost of storing our property was only about $2,000 for about 9 days of storage. The cost of the move (for approx. 10,000 lb) was approx. $5,000 - so the total move was about $7,000.

Overall, Bohren's service was very good but there were definitely things that the estimator overlooked (or, things he had no control over or could not correct in time). We had a contract (to save at least $2,000 to $3,000 additional cost) in which WE would pack all or most regular items (books, clothes, some electronics, etc.) and Bohren's / United Van Lines would pack all the large items and breakables (TVs, chairs, lamps, bedroom set, couches, etc.). Their packing was excellent, and so was the actual move onto the large truck for the day the items would be moved to storage at the United Van Lines warehouse. The following are the problems which occurred AFTER the items were in storage and nine (9) days later moved to the final destination:

1) The United Van Lines packer used a particular color sticker to mark all the boxes he had packed (and each had a specific number so that the box could be identified easily when it was later unpacked at our new house). Problem was that the moving company that United Van lines had in the new state we moved to had their OWN system of marking the boxes. They used three or four DIFFERENT colors than the packer had used AND a different numbering scheme.

On the day of moving into the new house this created a big problem because the lead supervisor did not know how to handle this disparity. So both the mover AND myself and my wife had to keep checking off a sheet with the color of the sticker AND its number - in order to put boxes in the proper rooms and make sure that nothing was lost in transit from the warehouse! This was very tedious and time consuming as both the movers and I were bringing these heavy boxes into the house from the truck. We had over 90 boxes of items!

2) We closed on our house on December 15 and planned things out to drive (8 - 9 hrs) to the new state, close in the afternoon and then stay overnight at a local hotel and go to the new house the next morning. Because of this planning we setup the delivery of our house items for December 16 - and we told the moving company this plan. From what we originally understood the date was set for December 16. But on that day the movers did not arrive and when we contacted Bohren's / United Van Lines they said something to the effect of the delivery date "not being set in stone". That is, the industry standard is a 1-2 "window" around the set date and that our items would be delivered the NEXT DAY, December 17.

So we had no furniture, pillows or other bedding items for that day / night. INSTEAD of having our items and starting to settle - we spent the day going to the store to purchase blankets and pillows so that we could sleep on the floor of our new house that night (we really did not want to return to the hotel for one more night...).

3) I listed the confusion that came from the company's box labeling issue (different system used by their packer at our old location versus the system used by the delivery group they contracted with at the destination location). This caused much extra work and probably added at least an hour to the overall delivery. Because of that it started to rain just as the final items were being moved in - but almost everything made it into the house without getting wet. Also there was some damage done to an expensive bedroom set. However, it was a medium size gouge on a leg that cannot be seen. The company definitely offered to have their professional services look at this and repair it, but we declined and repaired it ourselves.

The topper for me was that the estimator gave me a promise (their motto): "If we take something apart, then we put it back together at the destination" Period. The movers did put together most items (bedroom set, one of my stereo stands, etc.) but when it came to one particular stereo rack (wood, with 4 glass shelves which insert) the supervisor refused to put this item together - even though I told him what the estimator said and that THEIR movers took the item apart - I did not do it myself. They called the company but we could not get hold of an office admin or supervisor at that time - so I had to give in say I would take care of the stereo equipment myself. It was not the idea of doing it myself (I had originally assembled the unit myself when it was originally purchased) - BUT THE PRINCIPLE that either I was lied to or miscommunicated to by the estimator.

In the end all of our items were moved with reasonable organization and minimal damage. Moving out of the old house was definitely organized and the company made it less stressful than expected. But the move into the new house was not as organized as it could have been and was a bit stressful. I think many other moving companies I have read about can be outright deceitful, incompetent, or both. In this case, Bohren's / United Van Lines was above that level and has some decent personnel to work with - but they still have a ways to go for organization skills and A+ service. We only have a choice of whole stars to give as a rating, but my OVERALL rating of my moving experience and Bohren's at this time is 3.5 stars. Hopefully this will help some readers.

We decided to use United Van Lines because we were told they were a reliable company. The salesman was named Rich **. We loaded the moving van on 07/07/2016 in Apache Junction, AZ and the delivery was to be on 07/27/2016 to 07/30/2016 in Ravenel, SC. We found out our house was not ready for the C of O on 07/27/2016.

We talked to Tiffany ** and asked if the delivery could be postponed off the 27th. She told us no and that we would have to have it put in storage at $6500.00 per week because the driver had to be in Virginia for another delivery the next day. We rented a storage unit and had our belongings delivered there. The driver arrived in the morning and said that he couldn't deliver all our belongings because the front half of the trailer was loaded with another customer in Virginia. We were not told that our delivery was being split until the driver told us and then he told the workers he was due in Virginia the next day, but was going to take the next day off and then go to Virginia. We called Tiffany ** and she said the final delivery would be in the first week of August.

Well it did not happen and we called again and talked to Zahra because Tiffany had been promoted. She said the belongings would be delivered to SC on August 19, 2016. And delivered to our house on August 22, 2016. I called Kathleen ** who is Quality Assurance and told her what was happening and that we had a binding contract and also I quoted assorted parts of the AMA pamphlet.

Also on the contract it said it was a Guaranteed Pick-up and Delivery Dates - Daily Allowance (if applicable per tariff, 3500 pound minimum): $100.00 per day. Kathleen said it did not apply to us. I told her it was on the contract and that I wanted a copy of the tare ticket to build a case against the company. She said she couldn't do that because they did not know the weight of our second load. I told her that the Department of Transportation would be interested in the fact that they were shipping belongings across state lines without knowing what the weights were. That night she e-mailed the weight of our belongings to my wife and it was over 4,000 pounds.

I called Kathleen today August 19, 2016, and was told that the delivery to my house was postponed to August 25, 2016. I am going to take them to arbitration and ask for payment for broken items and the late delivery whenever we finally get it. This is the worst dealings with a company I have ever had. If we are not satisfied with the ruling we are going to civil court. I talked with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Customer Complaint Department and was told to continue through the process.

Updated on 9/7/2014: My wife received an e-mail last night saying that United Van Lines were denying our request for the late fees. The rest of our belonging were delivered 23 days late. They said the part of the contract which states that late delivery of $100.00 per day did not apply. The contract says that the minimum weight to qualify for the late fee is 3500 lbs. We took the shipping order off of the shipping crates which shows we were over 4000 lbs.

When they opened one of the crates there was a line of three boxes which were labeled (fragile and handle with care). They were split down the sides and smashed on the tops because I have a railroad scale which weighs over 200 lbs. and it was set on top of the boxes. My wife took a lot of pictures. We called United Van Lines today and was told that since the claim was denied, there was nothing more they could do. I called the American Movers and Storage Association and told them what was happening. They said the next step is to go to Federal Arbitration and he sent us the form to fill out today.

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Never pay in advance, not be CC or not by check. Never pay in full unless the full load has been delivered. These folks are the worst ever. Bohren's Moving & Storage, a United Van Lines agent, came in and did the estimate. We told them they did not estimate properly and that the load would be larger than they estimated. They increased the estimate ever so slightly. We again told them the estimate was too low but the estimator, Al **, said don't worry about it. Being the trusting souls we are, we trusted Bohren's and United Van Lines knew what they were doing. WRONG.

The driver came on the scheduled day and his truck was already half full. He immediately said he would not be able to pick up the entire load because he was told there was only 13,000 lbs. Turns out the load was 18,000 lbs.; as we originally thought. Bohren's moving and storage came the next day, in a Bohren's truck (not a United Van Lines truck), picked up our remaining belongings, took them to the Bohren's warehouse in Parsippany, NJ where, after 3 weeks, our remaining belongings continue to reside.

Our mistake was that we trusted Bohren's Moving & Storage, and United Van Lines. We paid in full after the driver said he would deliver the balance of our belongings the following Monday. The original load was delivered on 8/1/2016. It is now 3 weeks later and the only thing we can get out of anyone regarding delivering the balance of our belongings is "tentatively 3 or 4 weeks later". These folks are the worst movers ever. Don't do business with them.

We chose this company because they claim to be the best. We moved from New Mexico to Florida and this move should've taken no longer than a week. At least we thought. As a result of poor communication and a truck that broke down the day the driver picked up our furniture from the warehouse, it took 30 days to receive our furniture. Needless to say, we had to stay in hotels for over 3 weeks. Not until I contacted corporate office did they think to find another truck.

I am so frustrated and not to mention financially strapped because of the hotels. This company thinks that a family of 5 can eat and live in a decent hotel for 100.00 per day. To top things off, when we finally received our furniture, there were damages and the staff rushed to put things in the house. Beds were not set up properly and some things they just decided not to do. Granted it was a long day but the staff had a job to do. Now that I've filed a claim, I can't BUY A PHONE CALL FROM THIS COMPANY. I am tired and disgusted and will never use United again. I also plan to report this company to the BBB.

This company is the worst moving company I have ever encountered. I have moved an entire home on 3 different occasions and have never had such a terrible experience. Their employees made many promises and assertions regarding the move that simple were false. I was given a delivery timeframe and they will miss it by at least 5 days. They told me that the trailer would be driven by a truck and instead it was put on rails. They told me that the trailer would be temperature controlled and that was a lie.

If a guy named Ed ** tries to sell you on their service, run for the hills. Once he has his sale, he has no interest in helping if there are problems. He simply sends you to Celeste, who basically ignores you. Terrible service. If I could give it a -10 stars, I would. Oh, and corporate United Van Lines is no help either. Diane pretends she cares, but is only concerned about getting rid of you so she can go on vacation. Meanwhile, my family sleeps on a floor for a week.

Lied to about the delivery timeframe. Lied to about the truck being driven instead of put on a train, and lied to about the temperature control of the trailer. $30,000 spent for the move, and all they will offer is $100 per day they are late. Did I tell you my credit card has already been charged for the full amount? Of course it has. They will hold my belongings for ransom otherwise. United Van Lines and its affiliate Liberty Group is an example of what has gone wrong with business in America. Use them at your own peril.

This is the worst moving company I have ever dealt with. Curtis ** was our move coordinator and simply did not take care of us. He boosted our estimate up to 10638 pounds in weight when it was actually 7800 pounds. Charging us $6300 for the 10,638 pounds and then later thinking that he is making up the difference of 7800 pounds by refunding us $14.00 per 100 pounds difference. Only giving us back $400 dollars. Meanwhile they have damage EVERYTHING that they packed. DO NOT go with this company. There are FAR better companies than this one. Curtis ** is a joke. He blew up my phone so much to try and get my money and then once I told him that I would go with him, the phone calls to see if I am doing okay and have been taken care of stop. This company is very SAD and I finally see why their ratings are so low. This company needs a good reevaluation.

No surprise? Well it was to me because I trust people and had NO time to think about all the potential ways they could rip me off. I was busy running around, trying to get the move out done, not watching them like a hawk. If anyone reads this in my situation, just know. The packers WILL steal, no matter what the sales person says and no matter what the bonding situation is. They won't steal your silver but they will steal things they want or their family wants for Christmas. THEN, no way you can prove it. Next time, I will do pat downs as they leave or PACK MYSELF. Better yet! OMG, I will never do that again!!!

We moved my 91 year old mother in law from AR to CA. United Van Lines offered us a fair price so we choose them. Originally, all items that left ARKANSAS were in excellent condition including many antique pieces of furniture. By the time the items arrived in CA, every piece of furniture was either broken, damaged, scratched, destroyed. We filed a claim with U.V.L. They sent out an antique restorer...how ironic that they have this type of person on their payroll. They must destroy items all of the time. He is in the process of fixing over 8 pieces of antique furniture that were in pristine condition. The value of these antiques has gone down because of the damaged caused by the moving company.

Also, we had to contact UVL after the claim to even find out this contact that was going to review the damage of our items. Also, they said the items would be delivered on a certain date and never came. We had to keep calling to find out when the items would be delivered. Overall and double negative experience. Do not use United Van Lines if you value your belongings. The damage was so unnecessary and showed that they are unprofessional and do not care about personal property. Mr. Case P. Ellis, the Chief Operating Officer of United Van Lines, how is your company still in business. Please see my claim **. How do you sleep at night?

I moved from Oregon to Illinois. We had used United to move to Oregon 2 years ago so we used them again. This move was terrible from start to finish. On the day of the move the driver showed up at 830 am and he already had another load. The truck was half full. We were moving a 4-bed house with 4 car garage. I told the driver immediately that we moved two years prior and used 2/3 of the truck and we probably have more. He did not call in until 430 pm that he had about 1/3 of our goods would not fit on the truck.

The next morning we called our move coordinator at Suddath/United Van Lines and she said she would get back to us. We were renting back our house and were flying out the next morning at 5 am. After no response at 12:30 we called the general manager and was told someone would be there soon. They did not show up until 4:30 pm. They then took the rest of our good back to their warehouse. We were told that it would be crated and then shipped on to us and this would be faster than waiting for another driver. We went on to our new home and our first truck did arrive in a timely manner. For the second truck I had to call repeatedly to find out what was happening. They still did not have it crated or loaded. It arrived 10 day after the original window they provide on the bill,

I called United Van Lines to file a late claim, which is $100.

A day beyond the dates in the contract and after speaking to 2 people they said we had 3000 lbs coming and "you can only claim if it is 3500 lbs or more." They were extremely rude and tried to tell me I received what was most important. I did not receive any of my clothes until the second truck. That is important to me. Suddath never called me to update me on the second load. I initiated every call. When the second truck finally arrived I told the movers the item I cared the most about was an antique rocker my mother had given me. As they opened each bay on the truck it was not there. Finally the last bay had it. The movers moved some items and it toppled out of the truck and broke the runner of the rocker.

They gave me the name of someone to call for repairs. I called her and she said not to call her call Suddath. I did call them and they emailed me with a form for repairs. I was contacted by a claim person to come and inspect. I thought he was a repair person. He said he was coming to inspect alleged damages and to make sure I did not break it myself to collect on. They also broke part of our foosball table and a handle is missing from an antique buffet. Moving across country is full of stress and this company United Van Lines/Suddath made it 10 times worse.

I have been surprised in the past for lousy service, unfair business practices, terrible attitudes, and unethical behaviour; but Suddath (A subsidiary of United Van Lines), topped them all. I was moving to a new location and wanted to hire the most professional mover I could find. I called United Van Lines who referred me to Suddath, the company that provides moving services on their behalf in South Florida. The salesman came over, looked at everything in my apartment, armed with an electronic tablet, and issued an estimate far above my expectations, but I agreed. We signed all the paperwork, and set a moving date for 2 weeks later.

And here comes the surprise: Literally the day before moving, when everything was packed and ready to go, and the apartment keys were to be delivered to the owner, they called me to tell me They DIDN'T have a TRUCK for tomorrow!!! I thought it was a joke until it hit me. Had to believe this happens with a national company that charges so much. It turned into a complete nightmare. DO NOT USE UNITED VAN LINES NOR SUDDATH. Save yourself aggravation and money. They are the worse!!!

I moved from Michigan to Nevada in 2010. The man that came and gave an estimate was very good. The mover was excellent. There was supposed to be an extra truck ordered, which wasn't. That was the only problem. The move went smooth. Very organized and nothing was scratched or damaged. Very happy with the company and employees. Would definitely recommend United Van Lines.

We thought we were getting a good deal. Things were pretty smooth until we arrived at our destination. The unloading team moved our stuff into storage (our house wasn't built yet). What they didn't do was take the doors off of the freezer and refrigerator. We didn't know that you can't keep the doors on, but they should have. When we went to move into our house, we found both the freezer and refrigerator filled with mold. Not only did we have to buy new appliances, but we paid to have those heavy items moved. We talked to other people and movers since, and they all said the same thing - United should have taken the doors off. Since the items went into storage, their liability ended once placed in storage.

Another complaint is that when the unload was completed, there were 4 boxes that were unaccounted for and our dining room table was damaged. This was all noted on the paperwork. As they were leaving and giving me my copies of the paperwork, they sort of 'forgot' to give me my copy of the missing and damaged item report, so I had absolutely no proof. Shame on United for such irresponsible actions.

This is my 16th move, so obviously I am NOT A ROOKIE Johnson!!! I have NEVER experienced such horrible and unprofessional service from office personnel in my life, especially from the GM. Pompous, condescending, arrogant and another word I can't put here doesn't even describe it and yes I let him have it over the phone and when I saw I was getting nowhere with him, I let it rip and quite frankly don't care. By that point, I was already livid. I was forwarded to him because he "can make things happen."

Well, once they got their money and I realized I was bamboozled on how the insurance coverage was conveyed to me, the packers/loaders did not take the time and effort to somehow bundle or make it easier to unload garage and shed items (see before and after photos and that was only a small fraction.). Now I have to take everything shovel by shovel, broom by broom when I PAID FOR FULL PACKING on a $15,000 move and I'm treated like garbage, belittled by the pompous GM and put off by our "account rep". If that isn't bad enough, I was informed my cu/ft was around 2300. So I rented a 10x30 storage shed. Do the math. 3000 cu/ft.

Well, I had to rent another 10x15 unit because obviously the estimator had no clue what he was doing and/or rushed the process and now have a $340/month storage bill when I could have rented a 10x40 and saved a lot. I also didn't need the 10x15, only a 10x10, but when I asked the "PROFESSIONALS", they said "a 10x10 would be too small". Well, the 10x15 is about half full. So they have cost me even more money. At the end of the day, I am left holding nothing and now that my items are in storage, I was misinformed about insurance. Our HHG are now not insured and on top of it all, I had to ask for receipts on our payment.

Like most businesses, all they care about is getting their money (upfront, and I suggest you tell them to pound sand and not pay in full until you have received your goods in full and have inspected. I didn't bother inspecting because I am not insured and it would be a waste of time, so after the 4th time handling my goods, I'm sure there are broken items, missing hardware because I have no clue where that is and nobody really seems to care if we are able to put our kids' cribs back together, our dining room table and every other thing they decided they would take apart. Do you think this company cares? No. The only reason I am giving a one star is because of how the office staff treated me. I took care of the workers. Gave them lunch and a modest tip. I wouldn't even give office personnel a drink of water after the way they treated me.

FOR THOSE WHO CHOSE TO USE THIS PATHETIC COMPANY, make sure you fully understand their insurance requirements and watch them like a hawk, because I was also not informed I had to stand there and check off my inventory list one by one. Once I realized nobody was doing it, I asked and was told "everything was on the truck. It was locked and sealed." Well, that gives me a real warm and fuzzy!!! Again, I paid 15,000 to have a mover do the work, not me.

ALL PREVIOUS MOVES WITH OTHER MORE REPUTABLE COMPANIES, I stand there as they check the items off, tell me what's in them and I decide if I want to inspect for damage. Not the other way around, so be prepared to pay a lot of money and do a lot of work yourself. I was taping up loose items to make it easier on the guys unloading and for me when I have to load everything again. Also, I found it odd that a United Moving company would use a Mayflower trailer to load and deliver. Shady at best!!!

Bottom line, office management needs to change their attitude and improve communication because to sum it up. YOU SUCK! Look for another move. Not that you have any good choices... kind of like the upcoming election. The end result is the same, it just depends on how much pain you want to endure getting to the end. Field guys 5 stars, management gets the one star on their review simply because they are management and a reflection of the company and if I didn't make it clear before. YOU SUCK! *I have no receipts to add because I have not been provided any yet.

Contracted with Schroeder Moving Systems/United Van Lines requiring a household to relocate from Kenosha to Madison or one day of service. The "relocation specialist" or salesperson assured that we would be handled in a professional manner and despite the higher estimate they gave us compared to the competitive they would take care of us. After we contracted with them they checked in to see if they could move us on another date because they had to have all hands on deck for a bigger company (EPIC) that day. We could not accommodate Schroeder/United because that was our only day we could move.

It is our belief we got a sub-standard crew that were not properly trained and did not match up to the assurances we received from the relocation specialist on how the move would be handled. Bait and switch comes to mind. Movers acknowledged and we witnessed a framed print being damaged during the move in. Company refuses to pay for the damages. Slick sales presentation - poor customer service. I would recommend future consumers looking to secure services with this firm to record the sale on video to make sure you get what the Schroeder Movers/United deems as "professional" service.

United Van Lines moved me from N.C. to Florida. I submitted a letter to them with complaints about the move. Received a reply today and they stand by their opinion, they were correct. I still dispute their decision. I used United to move from N.J. about 10 years ago and it was a very good experience so when moving again used them for this move. Day and night difference. Was charged for a shuttle which wasn't really needed since a large van delivered my move before. They say its the drivers discretion but just something more to add to charges so anyone else please question this issue as I myself had wondered why a shuttle had to be used to load me only to un load and load again to a larger truck. This could be where damages and losses occurred, who knows as I only witnessed what and how things left my home.

Was charged for 3 flat screens to be packed and weren't when they left my home, just put on the truck. That fee was posted the day of the move and no packing fee on estimate when given to me. If the TV's were packed where were the cords when they arrived here in Florida, to me lets me think never packed, yet charged for packing. I am missing things and this issue is now in the hands of insurance. My dining room table was scraped as that too left the house not in blankets and not even taken apart. That I did question at the time and told it would be taken apart before it goes on the larger transport truck. There again just like my TV cords the parts to assemble the table didn't arrive with the table.

Will say the insurance to date has sent and repaired the damage done to my table as well as bed frame and headboard that was also scraped. Didn't hear yet on the loss of other items but know they are looking into it. It's just the actual move where I had charges that were questionable to me yet United says they were done. The discretion of a driver to use a smaller truck added $619.00 to my bill as well as $216.00 for TV packing. Really if packed where did the plug cords go?

The driver that delivered did in a few days did get new cords and parts to put the dining table together, appreciate that, but if packed and wrapped no damage would have been done and no parts lost and when I disputed at least these two charges they said they couldn't be disputed. I have sent the letter to United Van Lines 1 United Dr. Fenton, Missouri, 63026 and copies to BBB and Division of Consumer Affairs both in Charlotte, where my move started.. So putting this complaint here as well. Others planning to move choose carefully and know all your fees up front. On estimate never saw a packing fee. Thank you

United Van Lines is poor customer service group. They moved my home from Georgia to North Carolina. In the process, they broke many items and damaged many antiques. They have fought to not repair items and have even lied that we do not want repairs done. They are a poor group to work with and spent many hours and days fighting to get repairs to my stuff. Customers beware of them.

We were moving from New Mexico to Missouri in August 2015. We hired United Van Lines to do the move and paid full price for the insurance with no deductible so that all damage would be covered. The local contractor, Johnson Moving & Storage, came and loaded our boxes that we had already packed. They were supposed to box our mattresses and box springs. They took my sleep number bed to the truck in one piece and completely dismantled it in the truck behind our backs. There were two glass items, TV Stand and desk, that they said needed packed. They packed them but on delivery we noticed that the install parts were missing. The items cannot be put back together. They also didn't take any care in loading our household goods. Watch out also on what the loader notes as to the condition of the furniture at pickup. They will put everything as very bad to cover themselves and will not go over it with you.

At delivery, which was a week late, the sleep number bed was the first thing off the truck. The individual pieces of the mattress were stuffed in my mattress pad and carried in. All the tools were mis-packed and were all damaged. All the boxes we packed made it just fine. All the items they packed were all damaged. I am still fighting with the insurance company to get payment and they do not return calls or emails. We submitted a claim for $7,000 and they tried to pay $1,400. They said they couldn't prove the bed was damaged by them since it was put together by them so I could sleep. The damage was noted on their delivery forms when delivered. The bed leaks and the controls were broken. The bed was only two years old and cost close to $4,000. I was told by the insurance company that they do not see the delivery forms in order to make their decision.

We made a cross-country move from AZ to KS. There was not one thing about this experience that went as expected. Delivery fell beyond the promised timeline. Calls inquiring about when we may see our household goods were responded with they had not been "assigned" to a truck. Honestly no one knew what was going on, never got an explanation and the company made gave the impression that's just the way it is. Finally the goods minus a grandfather clock were "containerized" and delivered. Apparently the clock could not fit in the container. Keep in mind we had a complete survey of what would be moved and the value of the items. We suffered some significant damage to some antiques. The reimbursement amount did not equal actual cost to repair (this is not the part we are upset about).

Our family heirloom clock showed up eventually but was announced to us by the truck driver. He had no idea of the value. Be aware that United Fry-Wagner will try and recover charges that they incur along the way by sending you a bill for "unbinding" services even though you pay in full at delivery for the amount requested. The only individuals with common sense and courtesy were the packers and drivers we met. Upper management did not care about the underwhelming customer service. Their packaged response was "that is how we always do business."

Nearly lost my new job after multiple drop off reschedules. Very expensive and poorly executed. Find a different carrier.

My husband and I just relocated and my company provided me with household moving service, which is how I ended up with this company. Based on this experience I will never use "professional" movers again. They charged my company ~$18,000 to move my 2 person household. (No I didn't accidentally add a zero). Charged $200 to box my tv into its original packing, and then when the sub-contractors that packed my house came, they made us crate the tv. Household items were 2 days late on delivery after we made a special trip to our new state to meet the truck. We're told that we would be compensated $200 each day they were late (we weren't). The subcontractors delivering the household items stacked as many boxes as possible in the garage, rather than in the house locations indicated on the boxes, since the garage was easier to get to.

Many broken, scratched, and MISSING items. In one example we received half of the contents of one dresser drawer, but not the others. Still waiting for the claim to be reviewed on the household items. They moved 2 cars as part of the move. They had the cars for a month. Delayed delivery twice, no showed once, and eventually delivered the cars. Both cars are antiques and were covered in black, greasy handprints. As a result of being inside a carrier at high temps the older of the cars sustained significant damage. Claim denied because there was no evidence of denting or rubbing in the areas of paint/fiberglass cracking. To compare, I shipped a 3rd vehicle through a different carrier. United Van Lines charged $1800 per car and took 1 month to deliver (NY to FL). The other carrier charged $600 and delivered in 3 days.

REALLY BAD experience. I've got 1 damaged TV, 4 of my wooden furniture cracked, and 2 missing items. However, after long time back and forth evaluation, they only compensated $162, only $9 for the TV. If you don't care about your furniture missed/damaged, it is fine to go to them. However, you will never be compensated based on a reasonable price. And you have to spend all of your own time to handle this issue because the insurance company they include is not their business. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER!

I called United as they are a National Company and the quote they gave me was great... so I thought. United stated .42 per pound, they would pick up and deliver although no drop off date was given. I was moving from Brewton Al to Delray Beach Florida. To make a very long story short. A Budget truck pulls to my home. Guys were great, but the scam started right out the gate. They charged me .60 cents per pound, required 60% upfront... United told me 50%, anything over 12 stairs United charges... this other company charges over 8. Who the hell did I hire?

Oh then they take my things to Georgia where they will place on another truck for delivery. WHAT? I was 2 miles from Florida line and you're taking my things to Georgia. Now they're telling me I may see my things 10 or 11 days later and have the nerve to charge me over 5000.00... I have a job. I have to work... things being delivered Mon or Tues? What? You have had my things for over a week... I should get a discount for NOT having my property timely... I'm so upset and no one seems to give a crap about it. I will never use this company again nor will I suggest your company. At the very least, I would expect a call from a Manager who can fix this today!

I feel it is my duty to warn anyone who is thinking about using United Van lines. We called Geiger Transfer & Storage for United Van Lines in Evansville Indiana. They made many promises including insurance. We paid $750 for insurance. The driver, John, showed up with the truck and they started loading. I noticed that they were taking my fragile goods and putting them on dollies and slamming them down each tiled step outside. In a matter of minutes they had broken many tiles on the steps. I noticed this and stopped them immediately and told them "Please put a ramp to stop the tile breakage." The driver would barely talk and already had a terrible attitude. They covered the steps with cardboard and kept doing the same.

Part of the package was to pack some pictures which we paid over $500 to have done and the driver refused to do it. At the end of the day he shut the truck doors and said he is no longer taking any more items and left many things. I had to get on the road to drive across country and they left me high and dry. I had to leave behind many items sitting in my driveway. Geiger Moving & Storage (United) misquoted the size of the job and the driver took it out on us. United delivered our household items and furniture. There were many things that were broken. We put in a claim for the tile steps and broken items and they did not reimburse us one penny for the broken steps. United Van Lines and Geiger (United) said that the Driver said the steps were broken before they got there which was a complete lie. It cost us over $800 out of our pocket to repair those steps.

We had over $7000 damage to household items and furniture and were reimbursed $1800. They did deliver the rest of the items on a separate load. If you care at all about your personal items and furniture I would not recommend Geiger Moving & Storage and United Van Lines to be your moving specialists. We have moved over 20 times and never had a situation like this. Beware!

I had the worst experience of my life while dealing with United Van Lines. I moved my household stuff from Phoenix, AZ to New Jersey. The problems I faced; had to pay extra charges while people came to load my stuff to move. I had already packed half of my house so couldn't change the movers at last minute. My stuff was delivered 10 days late than the committed time. Though I booked a container which has a specific delivery date. I had to live in a new house with my kids without any mattress or kitchen stuff as I checked out of the hotel where I was staying as per committed date from United. Broken stuff. Delivery guys not ready to accommodate delivery time or date as per my availability. They gave a date and time of delivery without any flexibility. I asked for a difference of 3 hours from their given time.

Company saying they will take 30 days to provide me receipt of payment as they have to complete internal audit. Though they have taken payment from me. I fail to understand what kind of a company takes payment from customer and provide receipt to them after 30 days. I am chasing them every day for an invoice which they are just not ready to provide. Had to talk/coordinate with many number of people during this entire process.

I HAVE MOVED MY STUFF MANY TIMES BUT I HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH United Van Lines. I had to interact with various team members as if I am dealing with various companies and not one. When it comes to take payment, they suddenly become one company. I got late delivery of my stuff, my stuff was broken. It's been more than 10 days that they have delivered my stuff and taken payment but still they have not provided me with a simple invoice of the payment that they took. Getting tossed around and no one is solving my simple problem. NEVER EVER GO WITH THEM.

I have moved 8 times, several with united, and before this move, was happy with the service and the people. For the first time this was my move, not corporate, and apparently it makes a difference, especially as I was the ceo of the corporate account company. We had sold our home and had decided to split our time between Chicago, where we have family, and Florida, where there is no winter. We were to be packed and moved to Florida from Fairfield County, Ct. And granted this was not going to be an easy move due to selling our house much faster than expected and not yet having an address in Florida, but we were assured there would be no problem.

Our representative, Mark ** of on-points or capital moving, we received paperwork and emails under both names, of South Windsor, Ct, knew of our problem but insisted we make our reservation in order to secure a space or we would be "locked out" (Wise to lock in dates today if possible to stay within the current volume restrictions guidelines I am faced with - email dated 5/11/15). This pressure was applied for days until we DID an estimate based on where we thought we would be in Florida.

We wanted to wait until we knew exactly where we were going but could not do so per Capital's insistence and our closing precipitated being out of the house by a certain date. Capital's bid was by far the lowest of the four I got, including another united co, and they being a major brand was reassuring. We were moving because of my health. I had just come off a three-year illness, including multiple surgeries. It turned out, we would have been right to have waited because our plans changed causing us to move to Chicago first, where we had family and the medical care to assist with my problem.

On 6/2 I notified mark we would have to go into storage and hold the move. I do understand there were hitches in the planning of the haul but the problems we had were all concerning the packing and weight and how the billing was to be implemented. That didn't change regardless of what the destination was to be. I could not get any of my questions answered, most just for my education so that I might better understand and also to eliminate weight and reduce the bill. I have copies of every email and every response and "non-response" which included such challenging questions as "didn't we agree to 100% pack as you suggested", "Why DID the weight allowance change on the final binding estimate, and why weren't we told" and, "what is transportation cost based on?" These were just some typical questions we asked culminating in a threat.

The head of operations on the 1st day of packing screaming obscenities at me and threatening to cancel the move. She had already held up the trucks for two hours while we waited for them. Apparently, she thought I wanted something as I had not signed the final documents because I still had unanswered questions. There were several weeks in the process when our representative, Mark, had multiple deaths in his family and we were trying to be sensitive to his needs but apparently that meant very little when it came to ours. Lynn threatened us with a last minute cancellation unless we sign the documents leaving us no choice other than be severely penalized in the closing process.

I am not sure what kind of "scam" she thought I was running but apparently trust is a one way street at United Van Lines. This is the one email I received in answer to my innocent question that apparently riled senior management; (Mr. **, the weight credit is a tariff charge and is based on a zip to zip zone. "Since you changed your destination, which was less miles it reduced the weight credit. - Lynn g. **." Seems reasonable but this email came three days after the packing began and four days after I asked the question. This was the only response I received from management to any of a dozen or more emails.

The packing went horribly with the team manager insistent on squeezing a budgeted three days work into two. One worker staying in the basement for two days apparently doing pen and ink drawings from my wife's kit and one very solid fellow who DID the best he could knowing this was not going well. Toward the end of the second day which was the last, but should not have been, our possessions were just thrown into boxes, even those that were to be left behind. I had to send 14 cartons of our possessions FedEx that we found in cabinets and such after they had left. We DID inspect the house with the crew chief but we're so rushed and exhausted we just wanted them out of the house.

The rest of the story is a continuation of the horror; broken door frames, damages, a missing oriental rug and the list goes on. And I have never received a detailed invoice that I requested. At a very stressful time, this company made things even more stressful to the point of pure torture. They truly do not have an inkling of the definition of customer service. As an ex-ceo of several national retail chains I believe I do have an inkling.

The opposite side - the Chicago United crew was an absolute pleasure and the unpacking couldn't have gone more smoothly. The crew was professional, polite and went out of their way to accommodate any needs or questions we had. They were even surprised at the condition some of the items were in and other obvious missteps by capital. They should be commended for their work as in my opinion the capital group should lose their franchises.

We have been fighting to get our money back for months now. 1,888.00 to be exact. BE VERY CAREFUL AS THE FIVE DAY WINDOW, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE KEEPING UP THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN, SCREWS YOU OVER. In the beginning we were told by a male individual that HE would be handling our move, making things go as smooth as possible. We were not only passed down from this agent, we kept getting passed down to other agents and going over the details of our move with at least three agents. Once the window (five days) came into play there was no communication. This company didn't tell us we would be passed around to different agents, they (at the five-day window mark) still had no one out there willing to accept our load. Horrible business ethics, not recommend them to anyone ever! Drexel, Paul, Alisha, just to name a few. It was truly like a game of cat and mouse.

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