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    With Atlas, you get an experienced Atlas team of movers and packers to help make your transition easier. We bring the technology, equipment, and expertise to get the job done. Atlas is one of the world’s best known and most trusted names in moving. Every U.S. Atlas Agent is certified as a ProMover and is part of a vast network of professional movers. Your local Atlas Agent can be trusted to take you to new places easily and securely near or far.

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    Last updated: Jan. 17, 2018

    123 Atlas Van Lines Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 17, 2018

    ALL the bad reviews are true. We relocated from Denver so beware of that location in particular. Packers look and act like they were all paroled the day before they start. Thousands stolen. Lots ends up broken, bent, damaged. They underestimate during quote and cause further delays and costs. They do EVERYTHING possible to escape responsibility of any issue. Claim for damage and missing items took three months to get response. They have insurance in place to where the company blames the movers and the movers blame the company and you lose as customer.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

    I've never been more unsatisfied than I am with Atlas. Moved as part of relocation package. Boxes packed a dolly and haphazardly. Expensive items broken. Jewelry stolen. And takes no responsibility for any of it. Don't ever use Atlas or let a relocation company use them on your behalf. Criminals hiring criminals. What a joke.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

    These people are unresponsive, untrained, crooks. The only thing they are good at is taking your money and destroying your belongings. Is there any reason why some agency like Consumer Affairs hasn't put them out of business? There certainly are enough complaints. They charged me $7000.00 for my move and did over $30,000.00 in damage. No joke!!! Didn't think it was possible. Tried to cover up the damage which is deceitful and want me to claim it on the insurance which they obviously don't pay. Can you say... LAWSUIT?

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

    Our first customer service representative under estimated the size of our load so when the movers came the truck already had 3 other families packed. The mover packed what he could, most of our household items, but garage items were left for a second pick up. We were told this would arrive about 10 days after our first load. It ended up taking one month for the second load to make it to our new home. The 2nd load had all of our camping gear, bikes, summer fun gear, which we were in need of in order to take our summer vacation. As a result of the inconvenience and having to go out and purchase new items, Atlas offered us a whopping $100. Once items arrived, they were broken (both first and second drop) plus my husband's entire tool kit was missing.

    We filed a claim for the missing tool kit and were DENIED any compensation. We are still waiting to receive a joke of compensation for the antique stereo speakers they dropped (not sure how $140 will replace this vintage set...). I am not sure how a company can stay in business with such horrible customer service and clear lack of concern for broken, missing items and inconvenience for the customer. I would NEVER recommend this company, although our truck driver was very nice!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

    Atlas moved me from South Carolina to Colorado. The delivery was 10 days late. Over 20 items were damaged. They hired local kids to pack and load. One man put his shoulder through a china hutch, breaking the mirror and the glass, and packed the broken glass and all. The driver reported the damage; however, they will not pay for the damage. I had to fix it so I could put things away, and that is their reason for not paying. A wine rack had a missing foot, and kept falling over, I put a piece of metal under the leg to hold it up. They claimed I fixed it and will not pay for a proper fix.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

    They were late showing up. But the big thing was we had a, lot of furniture damage and a lot of objects broken and things were stolen. After 4 months of fighting we got just a small token of money not nearly enough to cover everything.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

    My husband's company hired Atlas to move us from Pennsylvania to Texas in May 2017. I was excited to have someone do all the work, however upon receiving our furnishing I was very upset. Not only are many things broken but they have things all mixed together. Decorations mixed with everyday things. Very many pieces of things missing. Plugs for computer and printers are not even in the box with them, still haven't found them. I would NEVER recommend this company. I will do the work myself next time. They are for sure not worth the headaches.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 21, 2017

    I hired the company to move my personal belongings on July 17, 2017 from Georgia to Arkansas. 25 pieces of furniture/items sustained damage (broken floor lamps, dropped a brand new chaise lounge on the concrete, torn the fabric on a sofa, dented a refrigerator, scratched table tops, 9 wooden legs with screws to screw into the sofa and 2 chairs were dumped into a box without wrapping individually and subsequently all were scratched during the move, and brand new kitchen floor was scratched when taking refrigerator off of the dolly). I submitted a damage claim for the property and personal items on August 18 and the customer service to resolve or communicate the status of the claim process has been extremely poor.

    I was contacted by Southwest Resources to assess the damaged furniture. I needed to change the appointment due to a work meeting conflict and reached out to Stephanie ** to assist me with this because when I called the phone number listed on my phone, the call did not go to a voicemail. Her only response to me was, "That's the same number that I have." Needless to say, Southwest Resources called me on the morning that they were coming, and I had to explain to them that I attempted to change the appointment due to the conflict but was not able to get a hold of anyone. They said they would reschedule. The initial appointment was 8/29 and I had to send Stephanie and email on 9/5 to ask her when the appointment would be rescheduled.

    She sent me back an email - "Did you contact the repair firm"? Her response was not appreciated as Philpot and continue to feel as though they could care less that they damaged my personal belongings. The appointment was rescheduled for September 12. When the Southwest Resources technicians came to the home, they did not have the furniture legs nor the floor damages on the list of items to inspect. I sent Stephanie an email about the floor and was told they had not received the claim. I have the email with the claim submittal. I contacted Philpot the week of September 18 and spoke with Mark - Claims General Manager and expressed my frustration about the handling of the claim and significant damage to the personal property. He told me that the claim resolution would be expedited and said Stephanie would be calling me. To this day she has never called me.

    Southwest Resources came yesterday 10/18/17 to start repairs on furniture and look at that damaged flooring. I asked them about the tear in the sofa fabric and furniture legs. They told me they were not authorized to repair. To this day, I have never been told what is being repaired or replaced by anyone at Philpot. These are my belongings and they were damaged, yet there has been no communication from the company when I attempt to get answers. I called Philpot on 10/18/17 - spoke with a lady by the name of Mahogany and she told me she would contact Mark and asked that I give her until the end of the day yesterday to get me a response. I had asked that Mark call me back. As of 10/21/17, they have never called me back.

    I would like to know what is being fixed and status of the other items. These are my personal items that I entrusted with Philpot. This has been the worst moving experience ever and the claims process has been handled very poorly. They got their money for moving my undamaged belongings and now all I would like is for my belongings to be fixed to what they were before the move. The driver prior to leaving the home in GA marked that everything was damaged, scratched, dented, torn, or gouged and did not disclose that with me prior to me signing on his tablet. He even marked that a piece of patio furniture that was in an unopened box was dented, scratched, and gouged.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

    ​I have made multiple, interstate moves. I have even used Atlas in the past, which was why I reached out to them for this move. Given my previous experiences, I have a good benchmark for what is a good or bad move experience. From beginning to end, this experience was the worst move I have ever experienced and the net result was completely unacceptable.

    From the beginning, the communication was with my coordinator was slow - I had to reach out multiple times with emails and phone calls to drive the process. When it was time for me to sign the good faith estimate, the coordinator called me and told me that they used the wrong rates and they were increasing the charge by $770, +12%. Nothing in the scope changed, just the cost. If Atlas will not stand behind the estimate, this completely defeats the purpose of the good faith estimate. Unfortunately, by then it was too close to the move date for me to select another company, so I was stuck with Atlas.

    When the packers arrived, they were completely unprepared for the move. They arrived without acceptable tools to disassemble my furniture. They used a pair of pliers instead of a socket set, which would have been the correct and standard tools, to removed the recessed bolts from my bed. As a result of using the wrong tools, they gouged the wood. They then used a wood marker to "repair" the damage without asking me if that was acceptable. They did not have enough blankets to wrap and pad my furniture. They plastic wrapped my mattresses in lieu of boxing them, which was called out in the contract. They were showing off by carrying large, heavy items down the stairs and to the truck by themselves (i.e., one person carried the item vs. them pairing up). They did not bring any food or drink with them.

    The delivery of my goods was late. I had to call multiple times to check on the status. During the last call, I was told, "You did not receive your goods yet? We thought they were delivered 3 days ago." When my goods did arrive, my furniture was not padded or boxed. As a result, much of my wood furniture and mattresses were ruined/destroyed. They are large gouges, dents, crushed in padding, and stains. Also, they breached the contract by shoving my goods into containers as opposed to a full move in a tractor trailer as contracted and paid for.

    The two men who unloaded my furniture told me, "I did not get what I paid for." and "The people who packed the crates should be fired." An example of how bad of a job they did packing, they stacked my sofa on top of my dishes then put golf clubs and a mountain bike on top of the sofa. When the unloading movers saw it, they were so stunned they switched to a different container, because they did not want to deal with the mess. With all the damage to my furniture, I had to file a claim. It has been 2.5 months, and I still have not received a resolution. When I email my coordinator, I receive no reply. When I call, I am sent to voicemail. Not only did Atlas do a terrible job, they are not fixing the issue.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

    First, the movers showed up in a beat-up, old, junky, unmarked semi tractor trailer, not a well-marked moving van. They refused to move several pieces of furniture. We actually had to bribe 2 of the workers with additional cash in hand to get these items moved. They knocked numerous of our containers off their ramp and just let them lie in the street. We purchased pizza for the workers. The next morning I discovered one of them had thrown pizza against my house, leaving a nasty stain.

    The moving company forgot to schedule the third party pool table disassembling crew. This resulted in an extra day delay of getting their truck on the road. They then took all our items to a warehouse in St. Louis where they were left for a number of days. The driver who picked up our belongings from the St. Louis warehouse told me he had never seen things placed so negligently on the loading dock as ours were. The St. Louis crew could not give us a date when we could expect to receive our belongings in South Carolina. Speaking with a supervisor was useless.

    When our stuff finally arrived in South Carolina, many, many items are severely damaged or completely missing. Day by day, we are still discovering damaged and missing items that we didn't originally know about. We were not provided with any paperwork. They forgot to include copies with the driver. A ceramic bird bath was shattered. A silk lamp shade was torn to shreds. An antique wrought iron settee is busted. Ceramic wall lights are broken. Large dresser completely scratched and gouged. Walls and ceilings had large chunks of plaster knocked out. Missing some jewelry pieces. Broke the legs off an armoire. Boots are missing. Mats are missing. Various kitchen items are missing or broken. A laundry rack is missing.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

    DON'T use Atlas. They recently moved me about 2,000 miles and damaged MANY items, several of which were family heirlooms. My parents and I have both moved these items many times without breaking them in a Uhaul. While they sent someone to fix most of the broken items, there were items that couldn't be fixed or replaced. There were a couple of items that just didn't show up, but they won't reimburse me fully for them. They gave me a "good faith" $75, but because they don't have "proof" of anything, they won't fully reimburse me. I heard a crash in my kitchen when they were packing, but I assumed everything was OK because they didn't say anything to me.

    Meanwhile, when I start unpacking my kitchen, I notice there are items missing. They told me I would have seen evidence at my old home. BS. Those guys would have hidden that because they were liable for the damage themselves, and while they were nice, they definitely didn't want to pay for anything they broke. Their new iPad system they use to sign for things on both ends is a joke and makes it very difficult on the homeowner to understand what the movers are claiming because you have to click on hundreds of lines, not to mention they claim that everything is in bad shape - of course. DON'T USE ATLAS if you want all of your stuff to arrive in one piece. I would never recommend them to anyone.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

    Moved some personal belongings from Breckenridge Colorado to Houston Texas. Would normally drive and do this myself, but was busy and needed help. Chose Atlas Van Lines, they seemed to be very good at getting the pre-move information set up very quickly, said they have many drivers doing this route. Their prices were similar to everyone else. They had a full inventory of items, including a Cervello tri bike and a Kawasaki motorbike. They told me my items would be picked up then delivered by 4-5 days, they had instructions on collection of my items. That the items need to be in a smaller truck due to a narrow street on my end. This was where the deceptions started.

    Get a call the day of pickup and they are telling me they have loaded the motorbike and needed another $1,500 wired to them because it was considered a "bulky" item. Explained that this was on the original inventory, and it is not a surprised item, this was always accounted for. So a week goes by, then 2, I call. They said they are waiting for someone to be driving that direction, there is such a small amount of items that they will put it on the next truck. Then 3, and week 4, I call, still waiting.

    Week 6 my items are loaded. 5 days later the driver shows up at the end of my street and tells me he was another $800, because my street is too narrow, so he will need to rent a truck to deliver my stuff. By this point, decided this is a well funded racket, that so many people had forked out cash because their stuff was being held hostage and they wanted it. Told the driver I owned a trailer and I would meet him and we can transfer my stuff, he suddenly shows up with my stuff.

    Unpacking I noticed every single box had been opened then the items crushed down and the box squashed down to make it less bulky, inquired as to how it seemed that my amount of gear had reduced in size. One box was completely missing, which assume, since they thieved so much they just didn't have enough to pack into it. I had sealed all the boxes and signed the tape. Upon unpacking the boxes, discovered that they had taken all the small items with big dollar value.

    So what did they take? Ski boots with custom heat warmers, a brand new ski jacket, motorbike riding boots - knee high, never worn. Apres ski boots, hiking boots, motorbike riding helmet, 2 Bike riding helmets, Kevlar motorbike riding pants, never worn. Hiking boots, Ski goggles, Biking goggles, Biking gloves, Various other "label" clothing items. The items they took, several were brand new, and the others had barely seen 10 wears, so they looked brand new.

    Considering I didn't sign a lading contract (I was in Houston, they were in Breckenridge), they wiggled out of the insurance. They gave me the lowest amount they could come up with. After stealing thousands of dollars of stuff, they offered me $71. And they are able to do this, because they put their insurance through another third party company that just "assesses the claim". When your stuff is taken into their custody, your stuff is worth zero, because that is how much they care. Here is my answer to them. Visiting every single website and writing about their deceptive practices, in hopes that enough people will read about the scam, and pass the word around. Atlas Van Lines... beware.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

    Cliff ** ask what's in all rooms they got a list. Then we discussed how many boxes then the total price 5530.53. A white truck shows up and they are trying to get paid again for boxes. Then Justin says he's General Manager then says to me I'm stupid if I think they are stupid giving out 2 thousands dollars in boxes. I told him have nice day, then Justin the General Manager started Harassing me by sending me a text message from his phone # ** saying, "Nice try" which I Immediately reported to the answering service since they won't let you talk to anyone in the office. So even after I could pack everything myself they wanted to come give me a higher price extra to pay when I would have done it myself. WTF. Who's ripping off who? Your numbers are 18006975791 and 14045966166 and all you get is answering service who say we will pass it on. Yeah right. No one has called back.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

    Moved from Ohio to AZ. Still no stuff. They are telling us now they are having a hard time serving the south west. My husband took a job here. I have to go back to OH to finish a commitment for 18 months. He will be alone at 64 to unpack and work a new job. We've been here for two weeks and our stuff was promised Aug 31. My body hurts from having NO bed or a nice chair to relax in. All we eat is fast food. Our dog is almost out of food. This is ridiculous. Atlas needs to be held accountable. They need to be upfront and tell people they can't service the southwest. We are two families coming together so in 18 months Atlas will not be moving my things. Unreliable, disconcerting, unprofessional!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

    We used this company to move from Wisconsin to South Carolina. A mini fridge was noted on the inventory as moved from Milwaukee but it never arrived to South Carolina. We had hundreds of items at the time of delivery and noted that our mini fridge was missing. The movers told us to wait 30 days to file a claim after we've unpacked all of our goods because 'you can only make a claim once'. We unpacked all of our boxes and made the claim for the mini-fridge. The claim was denied because 'all missing items must be noted at the time of delivery'. They are taking no responsibility for this missing fridge because we didn't note it at the time of delivery. I'm not sure where this is written, I'm not provided with any type of documentation to support this.

    I also find it unreasonable that we're expected to unpack ALL of our items to note missing ones at the time of delivery - how is this possible? A mini fridge isn't a huge financial burden, however I fear that this type of policy could really leave homeowners at a loss for substantial items - i.e. smaller items such as jewelry that could be missed at the time of delivery.

    We also found the movers very unprofessional. One mover showed up 3 hours later so they couldn't begin moving in our furniture. The mover that came on time noted that 'we're used to this because they get a little money and they go spend it on drugs and don't show up to work'. The second mover that showed up late then proceeded to hit on my sister and said 'I could show you around Greenville' 'Don't tell anyone, I could get fired'. This company has a major contract with my employer and I'd like to see to it that we reconsider this relationship.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

    Broken contract. Much damage to furniture. I contacted Atlas Van Lines to move my furniture from WI to KS. They initially claimed that a short move would only take about 2 days after the pickup. They picked it up on the 5th of Aug. The contract said that the arrival should be anywhere from the 8th to the 15th. We heard nothing from them so I called on the 8th and they didn't have any information for us. I called on the 9th and again on the 10th. At that point we found out our furniture was only 15 minutes from our new residence in KS.

    They then said it would not be delivered until the 16th (a day over their contract date). If we were to go to pick it up ourselves, they would have to charge us an additional $500 because they would have to hire men to unload the truck. They however could not have men who could unload it here. To get any updates we had to call as they wouldn't bother to call us. A contract doesn't mean anything to them after we signed. We were forced to buy chairs to sit on and kitchen utensils to cook and eat as we had a home with nothing in it. When the furniture arrived there was considerable damage. I would never call Atlas Van Lines again!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

    Two missing boxes and a damaged sofa that they are not taking responsibility for. I've talked to two customer service reps who are clearly not there for the customer. This was after they delayed my move date without actually communicating this to me until I called the day off.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 11, 2017

    To be brief: This company promises everything and delivers nothing... pun intended. The window of delivery of 10 days from pick-up was exceeded by 4 more days. NO COMMUNICATION from Assured Relocation Services in DeBary, Florida and NO COMMUNICATION from Atlas or their dispatch. An antique mahogany roll top desk was damaged in three areas: the main desktop was broken in two, the plate glass covering the desktop was shattered and a drawer was crushed. A Tiffany type lamp base was broken and the lamp base now needs repair.

    This was not an antique, but was part of a pair of matching lamps used in a bedroom. I was offered $84 as a settlement for over $500 worth of damage. Yup... cut and dry... payment only offered on weight. Robotic formula workers would not consider the age or replacement costs of an antique desk. Four days late. Damage without fair value settlement. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. BEWARE.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 28, 2017

    My neighbor used Assured Relocation Services to hire Atlas Van Lines (truck #**) to move into an apartment at Sands Parc Apartments in Daytona Beach, FL. The driver completely blocked my car and driveway with the huge truck. The truck was parked one foot from my car. I told the driver he had to move and he and the other men started yelling at me that I did not say it "nice enough". I told them to move 10 feet and all would be fine but they refused to move the van and the really old crew guy started cursing at me and cursing my children's existence.

    I immediately went to get the property manager who told them that they could not block someone's driveway. The driver told her that they would have moved the van if I had asked "nicely". They were rude to the property manager and said that they would move the van to let me out but would put the van right back in my driveway. The one old man even yelled at the property manager that if the elevator had been working they would have parked elsewhere. I had to block my driveway sideways to prevent them from backing back in to my driveway. My husband came down to photograph all the truck numbers and other information to report the crew and he got yelled at. These 2 companies are a disgrace to the moving industry. Never use either of the 2 companies Atlas Van Lines or Assured Relocation Services of Orlando.

    When I called to report this incident, I was told that it is difficult not to block driveways and there was no apology for the disgusting crew. I was also told that when I moved in, my truck probably blocked someone. What kind of an excuse is that from a supervisor? Thank goodness I used PODS and did not have to deal with such low-class, crude, rude, disgusting, moving men.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 16, 2017

    We hired Atlas Van Lines for a move from Ohio to California, when we asked about any discount they told us "We give the largest one without using military or AAA" so we got a couple more quotes and they all said the same so we went with Atlas, they told us our stuff would be in California 5 to 15 days so we came on to California. When we checked on the status we were to could be 19 or more, then later we were informed that after they loaded the truck at our house which truck was empty they took it back to warehouse and unloaded part of it.

    They called yesterday and told us part would arrive today but we need to pay in full which is not right. Driver calls today and said his help has car problems, don't know if he can make it. We have been very patient with this company and not getting any satisfaction whatsoever. When we inquired about rest of our things we were told maybe sometime next week. I can't even do much of anything here without my things, had to buy mattress to get sleep after staying in hotels. We wouldn't have left Ohio so soon if we were given a better time frame but even so they only seem to care about the money. Very very dissatisfied.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 16, 2017

    I am not a customer (from now on never will be), but an unfortunate neighbor, who needed to get into the house at the time of unloading stuff for my new tenants of the rental house next door. To make long story short, the truck 99020 completely blocked my driveway, refused to move, swearing, using inappropriate language in front of my 6 years daughter, who I picked up after school. He moved a little to let us drive into the garage, only after I called the police. There is no apology was made. I called to the Corporate Office and report inappropriate workplace behavior of his driver.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 10, 2017

    This is one of the most unethical companies I have seen. I have relocated with them prior on a company paid move, but this was not and they did a good job selling us on the low cost, until they had our goods. Once they drove away, they claimed a weight error and they were off by "7000" pounds. Then they claimed they could not honor any quotes and are billing us an additional 3000.00 dollars. The bad part is, I had a quote with the correct weight from Bekins that was only 700.00 more than the Atlas quote, but I believed I was dealing with an ethical company from my past dealings, but I was wrong. I highly recommend to anyone considering a move to avoid Atlas relocation. I have called their management and asked for call backs, but to date have not received any.

    Their driver also cost us an additional 250.00 when he failed to clean up after himself and left trash/tools on our front porch for the new owners to walk around on their final walk thru the next morning. I wish I went with Bekins, at least their quote was accurate. Atlas feels like they do the mover equivalent of bait with a low quote and switch, once they have your goods. I hope all the social media posts will get the word out and cost them much more than the 3000.00 they intend to extort from me in this move.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 10, 2017

    These are the highlights of my experience thus far. Called "darling" numerous times by estimator. (Offensive) Was assured 3 times that "drunk or hungover Mexicans from Home Depot" would not be moving my household goods. (This was highly offensive to me.) Was given an estimate that has almost doubled on the day of pick up. Was charged $350 in additional charges, but the packing team would "help me out" by offering to waive it for $150 in cash. However, this isn't noted in costs paid. Extra charges added to pack large pieces of furniture that the estimator was aware of.

    I was charged extra for two flights of stairs... again this info passed to estimator. Now I'm stuck with nothing on the day of delivery... and my stuff hasn't even been loaded on a truck yet. Every time I have called (4) to try and speak to a manager, I get put on hold in excess of 15 minutes, or given a number to call (which I call and leave a message... no returned call). And this morning I was told it takes 24-48 to register a complaint and get a return call. I was in a situation that I could not send them away as I had to be out of my apartment and had no other option. I would have happily taken the $585 loss if I'd have had ANY other option. My initial estimate was $2900, followup estimate $3100. On the day of pickup: $5831.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 25, 2017

    We had a rep for Atlas come out and give us an estimate on our move from Winnipeg MB Canada to Tucson AZ. He gave us a line about how long he had been doing his job, how good of an estimator he was, and that he was rarely off on his estimates. We toured our house and looked at all the things that we were moving. We pointed out things and showed him what we were planning to take with us. His estimate was so good that we went with it. When the moving day came, the movers arrived and started loading up our belongings. Halfway through, they told us that we were more than double our estimated weight. We are not sure how we would've had more than double of what we originally showed him.

    Also we were supposed to have crating of our valuable antiques done, which was included in our estimate. No one showed up to crate our antiques. When we called and complained, our representative said, "oh don't worry they'll be fine". We are talking about two hundred year old pieces that belonged to my grandparents. The moving truck driver refused to move the antiques unless they were crated. Finally someone was sent out who strapped pieces of wood around them and put them in the truck. A service we paid $700 for!! Our complaints to Atlas fell on deaf ears. Our move was estimated at $7000 and costed us $11,000.

    In our opinion this is a scam... they send someone out and give you an estimate that is way below what you should be paying. What were you to do on moving day? They had all of our belongings loaded onto a truck and were now telling us it was gonna cost us double. They have you between a rock and a hard place! Atlas Vans lines is running a SCAM!!! Stay clear of them... their offering to us for the $4000 difference was $250!!! Steer clear of them!!!

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 20, 2017

    We hired Atlas to move our daughter from Austin, Tx to Madison, WI. They gave us a quote of 3002.00 with a window of dates for her furniture to be delivered. These dates did not work and we gave the salesman (Eric) the absolute last date she could receive her furniture. He then said they could make that date but it would cost an extra 750.00 which we agreed to. They called us the week of the furniture delivery to say it would be there on the very last day we put on the agreement so we started driving to Madison to meet them. We got a call on the road that the furniture would not be delivered until a day late with no explanation. When I said that I would not pay the extra 750.00 they charged me since they didn't hold up their end of the contract they said that I had to pay the full amount to get my furniture and then take it up with the complaint department.

    They emailed me a few days later before I even had a chance to write a request for refund and said they would give me back 200.00 since they were only a day late. I told them this was not acceptable and only an idiot would agree to pay 750.00 for a guaranteed delivery deadline and agree that they could only pay back a few hundred for each day late. (I checked my contract and it says nothing about this new policy they are talking about). Now no one will talk to me or return my calls. This went down Dec 3, 2016 and it's now Feb 20, 2017 and I don't see me ever getting my money back. RUN LIKE THE WIND FROM THIS COMPANY!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 15, 2016

    I had them move me from MN to Texas and they gave me 90 days to make any claims. After I found things missing and broken I filled out my claim. OF COURSE THEY WON'T HONOR ANY CLAIMS. They broke things and stole things and said that I should have found it the day they moved me in!!! WHAT!! Why do you give us 90 days to submit a claim if your are going to just screw me. They also lied about what service I was getting. They were more than the other movers and the worst ones I have ever used!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

    Moved from Colorado Springs to Kansas City. This was my 7th long distance move, and by far the very worst experience of my life! Didn’t get a confirmation call the day before about what time movers would arrive next day. I had to make several calls that evening and all I could get was they are working on the schedule; it will be between 8-12. Around 10:30am on moving day, someone pounded on my garage door. It was the movers. They did not have my correct phone number. They also showed up in a small truck – not a moving van as was promised – and the van had a broken lift and was not large enough to hold all my belongings.

    Movers spent from 10:30am to 5:30pm loading; some of my things were loaded into a private car; the van doors wouldn’t close because the van was packed too full; they put a mattress at the back and a strap across it to hold everything. And I was told my things would be unloaded and stored at their warehouse until a van was ready to come my way. That was not what I was promised when I signed the paperwork more than a month earlier – it would have been a deal breaker. I was told the actual van would pick up my things and that I would be given a definite date of delivery on moving day. I called the sales rep that “sold” the move to me to discuss these issues – and she would never return my calls!

    My things were picked up on a Wednesday; it was the following week on Thursday that the van driver called me to say he would deliver the following day. Numerous calls to the Atlas office during the next 8 days got me nowhere; I was transferred and no one answered; they said they were waiting for the driver to call them — all kinds of excuses. Lots of promises to call me back – which never happened. During this time, I also learned that the phone number they had on my paperwork for the driver was the incorrect phone number – it took 4 requests to get it corrected! One excuse given was that there are 2 systems and they don’t talk to each other. Well, DUH, if you know that, change it in both systems!

    The local movers that showed up to assist were given a partially incorrect address, and, of course, wrong phone number. The van driver had a wrong ZIP code so was having trouble finding my house; I tried to get this changed during the 8 days I was calling in to the office, but the coordinator told me their system wouldn’t accept the correct ZIP code. I live in an area of older homes that have been here for 30-35 years??

    The van driver was never told by Colorado Springs Atlas how I would pay or how much to collect from me. Numerous calls by the van driver to Atlas that day and he could not reach the coordinator assigned to my account. So, he had to assume the check I gave him was correct. So when I checked with the third party company to hook up my washer and dryer, of course, they had no information from Atlas about it. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO USE ATLAS?

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2016

    We used Atlas as we were moving Mom across several states. She's 90 years old and just needed as smooth a move as we could give her. She has now been in her retirement community room with a roll away bed and a card table for 14 days. Her things are still not here and now they tell us there's another delay and it's going to be another 3 days. They picked up August 29th and today is September 20th. She has 6 pieces of furniture and maybe 10 boxes. Pitiful. Maybe they just shouldn't do small shipments. Maybe you such only use them if you take the whole truck. My heart is broken. She's so lost. I would have never done this had I known. Use U-Haul or such. Do it yourself.

    Original review: Aug. 26, 2016

    Atlas Van Lines moved our entire home contents from Texas to Florida this summer. The workers were courteous, professional and I can truly tell you that they are very underpaid for the work that is required. We had a few items that arrived damaged but nothing significant that would cost over $100. HOWEVER, our refrigerator arrived with multiple dents and it began leaking as soon as we plugged it in. We shut off the water/ice maker and contacted the company. They sent out an adjuster who agreed with our claim.

    The process took over 3 weeks while I informed Atlas that our fridge was leaking onto our floors, ice sheets were forming in the bottom of our freezer and the temperature in the fridge area was erratic. We had no plans on replacing this item as it was working perfectly well in Texas and had our cabinets custom made to the dimensions in Florida. After 3 weeks I finally gave up and accepted their monetary offer which did not cover the cost of a new one.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 13, 2016

    Earlier this year, I had requested a moving estimate from Atlas Van Lines, in particular, Mr. Johnny ** with Atlantic Relocation-Dallas. First and foremost, this company, particularly Atlantic Relocation is full of crooks! Every time, I requested a revised estimate, and Mr. ** stated the price will be lower given the adjustment, he actually gouged the price/rate.

    When I caught him committing this fraud, Mr. ** denied me the moving service! I was shocked and called his supervisor, who was another peon, and also acted like he was getting a few bucks on the side from Mr. **, so told me the same thing. Apparently, they were committing fraud, when caught, they decided to turn their fat asses in the opposite direction. SHAME ON YOU, ATLANTIC RELOCATION--MR. ** & TEAM. Please stay away from these crooks, and instead take your business to their competitor! By the way, they have tons of negative reviews, buyer beware!

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