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OMG, Nationwide Relocation Services is terrible! Totally bait-and-switch! Grrr! NEVER EVER use them for interstate moving, such a sham!! They arrived 3 days later than they originally said they would, 6.5 hours late on the day they finally arrived (which screwed over everyone on our end for timing), they came with a box truck, not a Nationwide moving truck (in fact, hardly anything that had the logo on it... Suspicious), to take our stuff to their WAREHOUSE where, after a week, it's STILL in the warehouse in New York after they told us it would be coming to Florida within a week - the most recent phone call says it won't be here for another 3 weeks.

And worst of all, they DOUBLED the price of the whole move when they arrived to load our things!!! NEVER, I repeat NEVER use this company. They are the worst!!! Waiting here in Florida with an empty house waiting and hoping we ever get our stuff. Terrible terrible terrible. If we had known they would be even half this terrible, we would never have chosen them. Be warned.

My husband was employed with them for a week and half. They told him they would mail him his check. Days later, no check. Called and getting the runaround. All this company does is lie to its customers and bribes them with 4 star ratings in order to resolve their issues. They are upset because my husband wants to get paid for his time? Really? I mean he did take the job because we need the income and to hold his check hostage is BAD KARMA!

This is the worst moving company I have ever dealt with!! I second every horrific review with Consumer Affairs. I moved from GA to TX. These people (if you can call them that) are evil at its best. They lied about their prices and charged me double when they arrived. They lied about the delivery date when I called to find out when my things would be delivered. I was told in another week. When I didn't receive my things on the 2nd scheduled delivery I called and was a bit agitated. I was told at that time they would throw my things out into the streets in Atlanta and I could come and retrieve them. Needless to say I calmed down. They hold you hostage and everything in on THEIR terms not yours.

Finally 36 days later my stuff was delivered. Now for more fun they broke two corners completely off of my triple dresser. They broke my grill lid, and the attached side table. I had very deep scratches in my safe. They scratched my formal dining room table. One of the dining room chairs was ripped. My boxes looked as if they were dropped kicked off of a tall building. When I called to file my claim they gave me the runaround for so long that I finally just gave up. I can't understand how these people are still in business. Also, the comments about the bad employees "being fired" is a common reply from these thieves. Do yourself a favor and find someone else.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The good reviews were probably written by employees because there is NOTHING good about this company. They lie about their estimate. They lie by telling you that your possessions will be in a climate controlled facility. They lie about how easy it is to get your goods delivered. They charge extra for everything and re-tape everything you had already taped at $18 a roll. They demand cash before they will deliver anything to you. This shows they know they have damaged everything and know you wouldn't pay if you saw what they did to your possessions.

All of the above is the good news about the company. The rest is, they ruin EVERYTHING and the delivery people are rude and strong arm you into giving tips. ALL dealings with this company have been a nightmare. If I could give minus 1,000,000 stars it would not be enough. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I filed a claim and they lost it so I had to refile. Learned my lesson and sent registered mail the second time. I was promised Climate Controlled storage prior to my move from Delaware to Florida. I suppose if a swamp is Climate Controlled they were telling the truth.

My precious one-of- a-kind wooden hand made furniture I acquired while working overseas was either broken, sustained extensive water damage or both. EVERYTHING they packed was ruined. Every box and tote was smashed. The whole process for some sort of reimbursement for damage is unbelievable. They make you jump through hoops and lose your claim and after hours of filling out forms and taking photos they offered me $68 for thousands of dollars of water damage to my precious possessions. I will spend the rest of my life telling everyone about my experience with this company so they can avoid the same heartache. AGAIN: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

I am appalled by the recent reviews, I can't believe this company is still in business! I submitted a review on this site in 2011, and figured the feds would have shut this company down by now. In 2011 my employer retained them for an interstate move from WA to AL. After paying via credit card online, two Russian guys picked up household goods in Camano Island, WA for a haul to Birmingham, AL. They later demanded an additional ransom (triple the original price) to return my property or threatened to throw the shipment out on the side of the road, and I later learned they had forged my signature on a revised estimate & bill of lading.

I contacted the police, FBI, FMCA, Move Rescue, State Police, Margate Police, etc. Finally the head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Household Goods Special Enforcement Team lent me a hand- and a federal stop-shipment was ordered, the company dissented. Eventually one day I got a call out of the blue and I finally received most of my household goods back months later. It was completely obvious that everyone involved from the drivers to the call center employees knew full well that these guys are running a criminal enterprise.

Why on god's earth the feds haven't hauled this guy to jail yet and prohibited him from shipping anything is beyond me. Too little backbone when dealing with inter-state shipping companies like this. The only place this guy deserves is the inside of a jail cell. Please contact the FMCA and demand they shut these guys down as I am sick of hearing the horror stories on the web! Law enforcement or other victims are welcome to contact me as well, I have full records available for my case.

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They are con artists. They quoted us a price and then charged double when they picked up our things and then when they delivered they made us pay CASH – $5000!!! AND WOULD NOT GIVE US OUR FURNITURE UNTIL WE PAID THEM FIRST!!! We were afraid of the movers and thought they would take our money and furniture. They didn't but it was an awful experience and you know they are avoiding taxes because they require cash – not a cashier’s check – only cash. They are crooks! And they say they are the movers but they're not. They subcontract it out and once it left our home we had no idea where it was or when it would be delivered. We left 20 messages and they never called us back.

I WAS MOVING FROM FL TO NC WITH A SMALL LOAD. I spoke to Angela--no problem, even over Labor Day--three days!! They picked up as promised, last time they ever called me. I rushed to NC, called the co.-- will be there, pick the day of the week--they won't show. After that call, they didn't answer, had to use other people's phones to get someone to answer. It didn't matter anyway, I either got a date where they didn't show or "I'll call you right back". Yeah!!

A month later, after I bought furniture etc, on Sunday at noon I received a call that was so scrambled that I hung up. Driver called back and said he would be there at 6pm. Pick up and delivery people were nice young men so I didn't blame them. Actually the load was in decent condition--TV and some other damage but I felt lucky to get it at all. Was to get a refund for the delay and aggravation but another one of their jokes. I would carry my stuff on my back before I dealt with them again.

Just had my stuff dropped off on a move from NC to IN. Let me first say that I was excited to not have to deal with the stress of moving but now I feel like I would have carried less stress if I walked my items from NC to IN. The price was right after the initial consultation and Carmen seemed to have our back. Then the movers Andre and Mario show up and start bossing us around. We were told that it would be as simple as "open the door and pour yourself a cup of coffee"... sounds nice, right? I proceeded to help them pack up most of my things and make sure that I wrote down what was in each box.

We lived in a non-smoking facility and Mario decided to light up a cig on our patio... NICE!!! THANKS BUD! Andre could not give less of a ** about what was going to happen to our stuff. He just proceeded to share that he used to be in a ballet... again... NICE!!! We were charged for shipping materials after they had said that they were provided (contract contradicted itself by the way, very clever Nationwide you sly rascals). They then proceeded to charge us over $500 for boxes. That was strike one and why Nationwide seemed a little scammy.

To continue my review on Nationwide, my Nationwide Movers review is going to continue to be a negative Nationwide Movers review. I was originally quoted a 3 day window and I was extremely excited about that. The projected day comes and I don't hear anything so I call from a different number because the number that I previously used was undoubtedly screened. I get in touch with Carmen and she is unable to access my order. Hmmmmm, ok! So she puts me on hold and transfers me to customer service. They can't do anything about my account either.

So, I am transferred yet again to good ole David. David proceeds to tell me that my stuff won't arrive for another 10-14 days. Then he says that he can't expedite it. He comes back and says that for $1500 on top of our already inflated total will get it to us the next day. So if you don't expedite yet I can pay $1500 for the stuff that I have already paid to ship... that sounds like extortion! Congratulations David, you've just broken the law. I respectfully declined and waited it out.

Finally, the arrival. I will say that the delivery man Ernest was very kind although I don't think that the recently extinguished cigar needed to stay in his mouth while he came in to handle some paperwork. The stuff is now unloaded and I have a dresser and bookshelf that are ruined, and a coffee table that is scratched to hell. Now I am going through my stuff and I can tell that it is damp and smells like mold... GRRREEEAAATTT! Just what I need after dealing with this **.

Moral of the story is that Nationwide Movers is not very good at what they do but they are great at covering their ass. All of our money that we pay is going straight to their legal advisor to make sure that the contract is air-tight. DO NOT USE their services. Nationwide Movers scam, nationwide movers negative reviews, and nationwide movers reviews are all terms and keywords that I would use in your reviews even if it doesn't make sense. Make sure that you are finding a trusted moving company that you can use even if it costs more money.

First let me say that I have moved many times in my life, cross country once before as well, and this was the worst experience I have ever had. Not only was there horrifically poor communication on Nationwide's part, but the movers, when they finally arrived a day later and an hour after saying it would be 30 minutes, took 9 hours to load a small apartment into the truck -- the inconvenience of this cost us hundreds of dollars in lost travel, etc. Additionally, even after throwing away large furniture items that were on my quote the movers still claimed we doubled our contents and wanted to charge us as such. I had told them that we did add additional boxes and expected it to cost a bit more but a $3,200 move turned into a $6,500 move? They use a square footage measurement for cost and this allows them to make it all very vague.

Better to go by weight -- you know what to expect, as a friend of mine moved the same distance just weeks before me and used United, her move (similar quantity) cost her $3,400. Shame on me for not following her lead and using United. I am now stuck without our belongings across the country with no idea when or where our stuff is. I did contact them about the above issues and received an email back saying it is in review a week ago -- I have since sent two more emails and have heard nothing. I so wish I had been more calculated when I was choosing my mover -- as I said I've never had a problem with any of the other moving companies I've used.

This company is the worst. If I could give them 0 stars I would. After I had carefully given them the dimensions of my storage unit from which my goods were to be moved, they gave me an estimate. After loading the truck; it suddenly changed (increased by $800.00). They missed the scheduled delivery date by three weeks. They never delivered numerous items. Their response "File a claim". They broke numerous items. Their response "File a claim". The claim reimbursement was $69.00. They offered me $200.00 to cover my additional flight to receive the goods. This was confirmed by their customer service department. Following up with them; I was told that they were not going to reimburse me the $200.00. Don't trust them. Don't use them.

If there was a way to give a negative rating, I WOULD. Carmen contacted me when I was looking for quotes online to move from MO to SC and was very genuinely concerned and seemed like she wanted to help me. I guess that's how anyone would act when they want your business. I initially called her to cancel service because another company had called me to get business and asked whom I chose and I told them... He proceeded to tell me about all the bad reviews but I heeded no warning because I know they bash each other to get business. I WISH I'D LISTENED, IT WOULD HAVE SAVED ME MANY HEADACHES!

On 1/14, I was given a pickup time of around 3pm, they showed up a little after noon and I was still packing?! Once all was said and done, I was given a delivery date of 1/17, which I thought was great, being that Carmen promised me a 3 to 5 day delivery window... LIE! Needless to say, I didn't get my things until 1/25 and to my horror, 4 wooden chairs to my kitchen table were badly chipped, scratched and scuffed... not even covered like the driver told me they would be once he got them to the warehouse.

Many boxes were damaged as if they'd been thrown around, which the driver's helper informed me that my things were just thrown around when they went to pick them up and he also informed me that the warehouse worker told him that 5 or 6 boxes were missing????? The driver didn't even mention this and seemed very nonchalant and told me to file a claim. By the end of the move, I asked where my vacuum cleaner was and no one knew or even said they saw it?! I found the hose but no vacuum and I'd just bought it about 4 months ago! It's amazing how tentative Carmen was to get my business but once issues arise, her response to me became more and more infrequent.

January 26th, she did reply to my complaint about the chairs and that she was sorry and they'd take full responsibility... LIE! Recently, I had my husband call and ask for her, pretending to want a quote and once she got on the phone, I took over and discussed my issues, which she put me on hold and transferred me????? From the very first day of delivery 1/25, I'd been emailing this company with issues and missing items as I was gradually unpacking over 50 boxes and was told my claim would be processed.

When I didn't hear from anyone, verbally after a week, I called to discuss and was transferred to a very rude manager named Ron... he really could care less and was more upset about the discounts given for the move than he was about being humane about my missing items and even stated that I was going to inflate my damages just like everyone else??? I could not believe the way I was talked to by a company that was supposed to be professional and seemed like they cared to get my business.

My life's worth was in that truck and being a first time mover to another state, this has been horrific! I wouldn't care if the move was $1, it does not excuse losing my irreplaceable items that I worked so hard for. He actually had the audacity to have an attitude because I was very upset. I then talked to Dave who seemed equally nonchalant and told me that since I was harassing them that if they found my stuff, it would be discarded??? WTF????

But, in the same breath, told me he found 2 boxes and that they would be sent to me, but, anything after that would be destroyed?? I could not believe what I was hearing. Never in my life had I been treated so badly by a professional and I've dealt with lots of them. I was even willing to not file a claim just to get my stuff back, that's how important my things are to me... may not mean nothing to them, but, it does to me! How would they feel if they were in my shoes???? I've called everyday since delivery of my items on 1/25/2015 regarding filing a claim and after a couple responses, my calls were ignored and I'm either transferred to voicemail by a live person or I get a voicemail.

Dave is the person that needs to handle my claim and he's stopped communicating with me, even after I submitted pics and documentation of my damages. I regret the day I used this company and with all the complaints, absolutely cannot believe they are in business still. These people need to practice humanity and not worship the mighty dollar at the expense of consumers. I JUST WANT MY STUFF, BOTTOM LINE!

I needed to move out of state for money and medical reasons with no friends or family in the entire state, the I only had my empty apt. I was told it would be $800.00 cash. I was waiting for my things and kept calling, then the call came. My load was double and needed an additional $500.00 to have my things delivered. I borrowed the cash from family and I waited. Being disabled, I needed my memory foam bed. I was on the floor and I was in so much pain and stress I actually vomited so much, I lost count. I was in very bad shape and getting worse with each day passed. They were due to deliver my things on the 11th of the month and after all the nasty calls, no returned call and the lies started. The truck broke down twice and had to wait for special order parts. Finally on the 28th my things arrived broken, some missing I and with bed bugs. I had gone through so much over all this it almost killed me. I was blessed, my wonderful new medical team saved my life. I did not want to give them even 1 star because 1 was too high of a rating for them, they are so far in the negative - it is mind blowing. Nationwide Relocation should no longer be in business, they are evil period!!!

I was cheated by this company in 2010. Today, they posted a response that said, “Thanks for choosing us and hope to serve you in future.” I am really surprised that this company is still in business. Their response freshened the memory of that painful experience.

I have the exact same story as most people on here. The movers didn't show up for a week after the driver refused to come the appointed day as he said he didn't have time. The dispatchers had me on a three-way call with the driver so I heard the entire conversation. They send the fattest guy you have ever seen (the driver) to pack my items. It took all day. The driver then held my items hostage, and it took three weeks longer to deliver the goods.

They told me they would not deliver unless I paid the "new" balance due. It cost me $4,500 more than it was estimated to cost when it left its origin. The driver apparently "broke his leg" on the way which caused a delay. This is a scam. I have called and also had my lawyer call, and they refused to discuss the situation. Now, I’m deciding whether or not to sue. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it worth my time?

They were very nice and courteous in scheduling; however, they did not show up on the day scheduled. They changed the date at the last minute and then did not show up at even close to time scheduled (four hours late). They charged an enormous amount although they did not state that when scheduled. They just keep adding on to the price. When her house in New Jersey was sold, she needed to be out that day and she was relocating to Virginia Beach. Then one of their workers left a lamp on my mom's mattress which went on fire. They put the fire out, approximately 6-7" area. They moved the bed and told me to flip it over for my mom to use. It was burned almost through the other side and smelled terrible with pieces of burnt material all over her new home. They then offered her $68 for their negligence. Of course, I went out and bought my mother (86 years old) a new mattress for $500 and did not take their money. It has taken me almost 2 years to complain however, hoping I can save someone else from my misjudgment of such a well-known company.

We have been waiting two weeks for our stuff to arrive from Oregon to AZ. It was supposed to be 7-10 days. Every day there is a different excuse (problem with driver, etc.) They are supposed to be here in the morning. We have had our cashier's check waiting, but we were told at the last minute we needed cash. We had to drive to nearest bank to cash the cashier’s check, but our accounts are still out of state, so it was a big hassle to do that. We have nothing with us but a suitcase.

I booked a move through Collette at Nationwide; while she was nice enough, she failed to mention they were a moving brokerage and not a moving company. My move went from $2,000 to $3,500, plus I had to pay for the U-Haul and for boxes they never provided. This is not the first time I have ever moved, but it is the first time I've used Nationwide and it will be the last! I have called on numerous occasions to complain and ask for compensation and all you get is a runaround. Do not use this moving company if you value your money and your belongings!

I booked with Nationwide. It should be noted that they are a moving broker, not a company (so they have to find a company to move your stuff). I spoke to them 4 days prior to when they were to pick up my stuff and they stated they were all set and had a company. The day before they were supposed to arrive, I called and they informed me that the company they had booked had fallen through and they did not have anyone to move my stuff. I had to call them to learn this info. There was no communication on their part. I gave them as many days as I could to try and find someone but when you are to move out of an apartment by a certain date, the amount of time you can give them is limited.

They never found anyone to move my stuff nor did it seem like they had any prospects. They definitely did not tell me when I booked with them that they might be late or never find someone to move me. In fact, they guaranteed my stuff would be picked up on one of two days. I would never use this company again since the whole point of hiring a moving company is to get moved but when no one ever shows up, that is hard to accomplish.

Worst move ever. We agreed to have my furniture picked up on Monday and delivered on Wednesday. They said I would have to pay $50 to hold it in one day. I agreed. They showed up on Monday in a white unmarked van pulling an 18ft unmarked trailer, and wanted to deliver it on Monday. I said no way. I talked to my daughter and she said okay, I'm home all day. Okay, off they went. They got pulled over, broke down and wanted to deliver it at midnight. By then, all were exhausted. My daughter said they could deliver in the morning by 6:00AM. They showed up, would not put the furniture where requested and left.

I have a TV that does not work and chunks out of my bedroom dresser and bed. Again, I was not advised Nationwide is the broker. I'm still waiting for claims to reimburse me. The move took place on July 16, 2012. Today is August 27, 2012. I also requested reimbursement for the $50 and all the aggravation and breach of contract. Don't ever call Nationwide to move you. I'm not a happy person.

I went to Arizona and packed my house. I waited for the movers. They called and wanted to pick up six days later. The house was closing in five days. They never showed. Peter was running out of medication, so we left to drive back to FL. The movers still did not show up. We moved the closing to the next week. The movers still never showed up. I had to fly two guys to Arizona and rent a U-Haul, and they drove to FL, costing me $4800.00 instead of the $3000 to Nationwide. They took three weeks and one day to return my deposit. They lied the whole time. They do not tell you that they are a broker and not a moving company. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. It's very stressful!

I spoke with Howard **, customer service rep for Nationwide Relocation Services, on July 10 requesting info on a pending move and an estimate for services. At the end of the conversation, he said I needed to put a refundable deposit down to secure a move date and receive a contract for review. He also told me I could cancel at any time without penalty. He sexually harassed me during the discussion of the items to be moved in my bedroom. After reviewing the contract on July 11, we felt there was too much liability on our shoulders and immediately sent a cancellation notice via email (at midnight of July 11, 2012). He responded by email the morning of July 13 and refused to accept our written request. He demanded we call him for further discussion. I called and after a frustrating conversation where he wouldn't process the cancellation, I asked for a supervisor who finally agreed to cancel our reservation and refund our deposit. I had to ask for a cancellation number, she was not forthcoming. Finally, I received my confirmation number (cancellation no. **) and was told my refund was being processed (July 13).

I checked my bank account on the 13th and saw that they have drafted the deposit from my credit card and bank account on the 10th but no credit was issued. For the next week, I watched my account but did not see the funds credited back. I called my bank and Nationwide on July 25 having given them ample time. This time the customer service rep told me they processed the refund on the 13th and it would take 7-10 business days. I should see the funds in my account no later than Friday, July 27. If not I should call back on Monday, July 30. On the 30th, I called Nationwide again because the money had not been credited to my account. This time the customer service rep told me that the request for a refund was made on the 13th but the approval to issue the credit was not completed until the 19th and it takes 7-10 business days. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was denied.

I called Nationwide again today with the same results, a circular conversation, and no one who can remedy the situation. There is no supervisor, no CEO, no corporate representative, no one over the call center. There is no one who can help me. I am pretty good at not being pushed around but I have been pushed around by every customer service rep I have spoken to (it must be part of their training). I took the representative at his word. Howard said I could cancel my reservation and get a refund on my deposit at any time. Not so. I am left to believe this is a scam operation. On top of everything else, my bank informs me that once a merchant has my (your) credit card and authorization to charge, there is nothing I can do to prevent the vendor from submitting more charges, even if they are bogus. In this case, it would be the remaining funds on a move that I have cancelled. Consumers beware.

Where's my stuff? I think I packed up my stuff and paid the robbers to take it. It's been a month since pick up and no word on when I will get my stuff.

OMG, I could not believe they have 180 complaints on this company. The original contract was from May 30 and it's now July 6, 2012. Diego ** works for the company. At the beginning, they have promised and offered such a good deal. Boy it was a big mistake. When we requested to speak to a supervisor, we had to deal for like 5 of them and of course, none of them kept their word and their offered date to deliver. I could not believe how horrible the services and customer relations are. The supervisors are unreal. They expect to get paid in full with certified check or money order. And I am sure once they get paid, they won't give a **.

Regarding any breaks, damages or any compensation. Oh yeah, that is a full joke on that part. I spoke to Ms. Armania on July 2 ext **. After I had written a complaint to the company, she said "Oh, I was just informed that you can expect delivery on July 5." I said, yeah sure. Just like in the past. No wonder they got 180 reviews and I am sure they don't give a ** either.

I was on the phone trying to get a quote for my moving. Brandon was a sales rep. He was so rude and loud trying to argue over my quote and he cut off the phone in the middle of the conversation! Is this how you serve your customer? How do we trust your company to move our stuff? Being so rude is not going to cut it! He also bragged about the company rating compared to other companies. But with your rudeness, no one will go with you. You'll never get my business and anyone else I know. Everyone, please do not make this mistake by hiring this company! You'll waste your time!

I would like to inform Nationwide Relocation service that I was very disappointed in the moving experience. The original move date was to be June 16-17, 2012. I called Nationwide on the morning of June 16 and I was informed on June 16 that the truck was not arriving. I requested to speak to a supervisor, who called at 4:35. She explained what happened to the truck and assured me that she would contact me by 10:30am on June 18. I never heard from her. When I called her number, I was put directly on hold. I never heard from her again.

I spoke to the cancellation department the evening of June 20. Within 20 minutes, I received a call that a truck was scheduled. I'm not sure if this had anything to do with a truck becoming available. The truck finally was rescheduled for June 21 and actually arrived on June 22. On a good note, the two movers were very professional and did a great job in both packing and unpacking.

I scheduled and deposited 1 1/2 months before the moving date. They gave me a two-day window for pickup. Three days before the scheduled pickup, I got a phone call saying it was going to be another week. How can they get away with screwing people like that? Holding their money for that long, promising things and not following through! It doesn't work when people need to be out at a certain time. I would not recommend this company for moving. I was warned about them by a friend and should have listened!

I spoke with Tommy ** of Nationwide. He assured me they did not subcontract and used only Nationwide employees. During my move, I found I was subcontracted to Source One. They left several items behind that my fiancé and I asked them to take. Then Source One tried to charge us for a storage and redelivery fee because they wanted us in MS from WV in 24 hours and not on the settled contract date of 06-15-12. This extra charge was taken care of by Nationwide; however, at 7:42 pm, the day after the movers left (and my fiancé and I had driven 565 miles), I received a text message from Source One requiring cash, MO, or cashier's check upon delivery. This was not told to us or explicit in the contract.

We had made an original deposit which was debit/credit card from a small local WV bank. The following day, we were to meet the movers in MS. Because our home bank was a small local bank and we were 1000 miles from home, we did not have a bank available. We tried calling Nationwide and Source One. I was placed on mute when explaining the issue and hung up on when transferred (magically every time). My fiancé experienced the same. Being a doctor and a CPA, we remained professional. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they would call me back. I was not phoned back and after several times of calling and restating the situation, a supervisor called me, introduced himself and then the magic hang up occurred. I continued to call both companies and could speak with no one.

The Source One movers told me to go to multiple bank, ATMs or Wal-Mart cash loan. After driving 6 hours, we went to 4 banks and 3 Wal-Marts. No one could provide us with cash immediately. It would take 3 days for the small local bank in WV to clear in MS, and Wal-Mart's limit was $800. After getting no response from any supervisor and told cash or nothing, the movers left with all my furniture. They said they would not be back for a week and that we would be charged a storage and redelivery fee. The cost went from $2,556$ COD to $4,050! I have been sleeping on a hard wood floor without any furniture or clothes. (How am I to see my patients in a jogging suit and with the extra $2000 fee I do not have the money to purchase office attire?)

I believe both companies are unprofessional and extortionists. I was lied to by Nationwide and Source One did not tell us that it was COD. Why the change of payment? We paid originally in debit/credit card. Also the psychology of the Source One drivers texting me at 7:42pm after we had drove over 500 miles shows that they knew they did not inform us of this detail and were worried about acquiring proper payment. If I would have known, I would have gotten the funds cashier check from my WV local bank. I went above and beyond what was expected of a consumer. I feel I was treated without respect and deceived. I was told all employees are of Nationwide, so why am I making payments to two different companies?

The Source One movers also treated me as though I was a broke crook trying to get out of payment, asking me several times if I even had the money! I have the money, but they refused to take my form of payment, the same form that was made for the original deposit. I would like this $2000 storage and redelivery fee removed, as well as an apology from both businesses for treating me with such disrespect and disregard. Finally, as an update, Source One was to have an ETA of 12-5 on 6/22/2012, but I was just informed that they will not be here until 9pm or later. After calling Nationwide, they still have not had a supervisor contact me (even though they claim a Darnel I spoke to was a supervisor, and he never called me back!). I've had no furniture or clothing since my supposed delivery date of 6-15 and it's 6-22. How am I expected to live like this?

After their estimate, they asked for a rather large deposit. We were guaranteed pickup on Thursday or Friday. On Tuesday, they called and said it would have to be Friday or Saturday. We had already arranged to have our services cut off on Friday and had jobs waiting for us to start just after our guaranteed delivery date. We were supposed to get a call Wednesday night or Thursday morning with a definite time of our pickup. Wednesday came and went - nothing. Thursday morning came and went - nothing.

I called my service rep and was told they were "working on it" and we should call back soon or we would get a call back soon. I called them again an hour before closing. He (Jeffrey **) said he would call me back before he went home in an hour. Nothing. I left him a voicemail to call me ASAP in the morning, which he did and said, "The dispatcher is working on it.” I gave him 15 minutes to get it figured out. Twenty minutes later, a "supervisor" called me and asked for another day. I refused, fired them and demanded a refund. Now, three days later, I am getting emails returned as undeliverable. Are they out of business?

Where to start? Do not use Nationwide Relocation. Do not be fooled by the great customer service you receive when you book your move because it is no indicator of what's to come. This is where I made my mistake. First, the P/U was scheduled for Sunday, 4/22, at 8 am to 11 am. No one in this company works on Sunday. It’s impossible to reach someone. The driver never showed Sunday, so I changed my flight. The driver showed Monday, 4/23, and obviously tacked on some things to the original list (my fault) and the price went up. The driver bashed the company the entire time and he was sent by himself to do my move. One person - how is this possible? It is not. I also feel the need to add here that Nationwide does not move your stuff. They use another company whom they are not responsible for to move your belongings.

I called the driver to check on my belongings and he informed me that he had "personal issues" and no longer had my stuff. Where is my stuff? Who knows? I called and talked to my account manager: “We'll call you back. We'll call you back. We should be there middle next week. We should be there middle next week. We will call you 24-48 hours before it is due to arrive.” Yeah, right! At this point, I thought I was on one of those Dateline NBC shows where you get scammed. Well, my stuff may have showed, but not all of it. So maybe this is some sort of scam. On 5/20, I remind you that they picked up my stuff on 4/23. The delivery window was 4/25 to 5/8 and obviously the guy who sold me on the deal hinted that, yeah, it usually arrives on the front end. Ha-ha-ha, of course it does!

So the guy who is dropping off my stuff on Sunday, 5/20, calls me 30 minutes before he arrives. Ha-ha, yeah, it's been a month and you give me 30 minutes heads up? I do not want to knock this guy because he is the most respectable person in this company. He did everything possible to help me get my belongings, but there’s really nothing he could do. He's just the driver trying to piece together the **. So we (he and I) start unloading the truck because once again he is riding solo with no helper. The whole time he is extremely nice and I'm just happy to have all my stuff (ha-ha-ha, yeah right like after this whole deal all my stuff would be on the truck). The driver said, "Hey, man, is this yours?” Nope. “How about this?” Yeah. This happened so many times I just can't help but laugh.

So I'm missing a whole pallet of stuff: half of my sectional sofa and a 32" LCD TV. The driver said, "I'm so sorry, man, this is just a ** company. All they care about is the money.” I might add my sectional sofa is $2,000 and I don’t have half of it. So, essentially, it's worthless without the other piece. Now, I am in the claims process of 60 pounds. Ha-ha, 60 pounds? What the hell is that going to get me? A couple of throw pillows? Oh, the process takes 90-120 days. Yeah. I couldn't be anymore unhappy with my move. One nightmare after another. Please save yourself the time or the money. I chose this company because they had an “A” rating by the BBB! I paid more than other companies out there so I wouldn't have to deal with this sort of mess.

Do not use. Maybe I'll get on here in a couple days and let you guys know how great of a comeback the company made to save face. Ha-ha-ha, maybe this dream will never come true. Do not use nationwide relocation.

I hired Nationwide Relocation to handle my move from Austin, TX to Washington, DC. I was assured they would handle all details of my move. This was not meant to be an attempt to find a less expensive method of moving. I thought I was paying for the service of handling all aspects of my move.

The original movers were scheduled to arrive the afternoon of April 23 or the morning of April 24. After not hearing a single word, I sat on hold waiting for a customer service representative for 30 minutes. I was finally informed the movers would be there the evening of April 24. They arrived at 10:30 p.m. I had to oversee their packing until 1:30 a.m. when they had to stop. I was promised they would arrive by 7:00 a.m. the next morning to complete the job in time for my 10:30 a.m. flight to Washington, DC. They arrived at 8:30 a.m. I was forced to move my flight. The packing was completed at noon on April 25.

My scheduled arrival of all of my belongings was April 28-May 9 with an assurance from "Brandon" that my things would be there closer to April 28. I never heard anything from Nationwide Relocation. So I began a daily call to them. I never once spoke to "Julian" my "account manager." I would be told by an assortment of customer service representatives that my things would arrive before May 9 and I would receive a call from the movers 24 hours before. Finally, I was told my things would arrive May 14. Then I was told between May 18 - 19. Today is May 18. Yesterday, I was assured my things would be here by this weekend. I was just informed it would be mid-week next week.

I have been sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, with only half a week's worth of clothes. My dog has been in a kennel in Texas. These people should be ashamed of themselves to even consider calling themselves a business.

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