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    Last updated: Dec. 24, 2017

    125 Mayflower Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 24, 2017

    I had very bad experience of Mayflower in long distance move from CA, in spite of having lower quotes from other vendors I trusted Mayflower just coz I thought quality comes with the price & sales guy really convinced me that my goods are absolutely in safe hands. But to my shock they are nowhere near quality when it comes to handling & delivering your important household items. Moreover the delivery guys were not having proper delivery address. They damaged my TV in the move & flatly denied the claim even after providing all the proofs. Moreover they don't even show any remorse & the numerous follow up calls goes in vain. I can write full 2/3 page review on my experience with Mayflower but don't want to give myself more headache by remembering & thinking about all the conversations with them. Just want to tell everyone to stay away as far as possible from this company.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

    I paid $8k for a cross country move. It took forever to get email responses to questions. The movers showed up almost 6 hours late to pack my stuff. Then it was delivered on the very last day of my delivery window. The movers on this end said it was the worst packed crates they’d ever seen. I experienced $2k in damages to an executive desk, lamps, and fire pit. I filed a claim form right away and had to follow up repeatedly to get resolution. Over a month later, after I sent four followup emails, my claim was finally assigned to Mayflower for someone local to come look at the damaged goods.

    Note - over 30 days after I first sent it in. Horrible service. Terrible followup. I don’t know if they’re too busy or it’s a cultural issue - but don’t use this company unless you want to add persistent followup and poor communication to your agenda to manage in addition to relocating across the country. Please note-I NEVER write bad reviews for companies. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt and hope they do their jobs. I’m also posting publicly but I’m tired of following up and have as much as written off my damaged goods. Book somewhere else. Don’t use them.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

    Had to file a damage claim with our most recent move using Mayflower-IMS Relocation in Carrollton, TX. Currently not able to resolve any issues with this company after repeatedly furnishing all of the information that they have requested.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

    On the day of my move, the team took 15 minute cigarette breaks every hour and 45 minutes. The move was taking longer than planned and the team leader threw a tantrum with me about the timing and how the salesperson screwed up. He said that if the move was completed before dark, he would drive away with my stuff still in the truck. I called to complain and the office assured me it would be taken care of by sending two more people to help unpack the truck. The team leader threw a tantrum again when a ladder was pointed out that needed to go on the truck.

    He again threatened me that my stuff was going to get broken and it wouldn't be his fault. We emptied our tractor of gas as we were told to prevent a fire hazard and they put gas back into it so they wouldn't have to push it onto the truck. They were suppose to cover my banister and wood floors but only protected some of the floors. Two scratches over 8" each were made in the wood floors and we had to settle with the buyers at closing.

    Once we got to the house to unpack the extra guys were there and it became a game of how fast they could get everything into my house. No care was given for my belongings. A leather loveseat that wasn't protected was pushed across a cement sidewalk and slate floor, a round outdoor table was rolled across the cement driveway, a container top popped off and photographs were on the ground, I found a dirty footprint on my wood furniture, boxes clearly marked fragile had heavy boxes put on top of them and someone ran something into my brand new dryer breaking the entire control panel. Many other things were broken or scratched.

    When my move coordinator contacted me the next day, I let her know what happened and how unhappy we were with our experience. We did not get what we paid for and I told her that I shouldn't have to pay any additional charges. No one from management ever called to get more information and try to settle with me. A month later they sent me a bill and I called and had to leave a message. Lina my coordinator sent me an email back instead of calling me back like I requested. Lina told me in the email to call Les. I sent an email saying that Les could call me. It's been another month and still no one has contacted me or will return my calls. Poor service from start to finish. You do not get what you pay for!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

    Reason: Possible fraud due to unlicensed claims adjuster in North Carolina. Stored my entire household furnishings for nearly 3 years while on mission trips to Central America. Many, many items not delivered and numerous valuable items damaged by Mayflower's moving team. I have gotten the runaround for nearly a year and have received miscommunications from Mayflower as well as misinterpretations of legal requests from my attorney and myself. My opinion, DO NOT USE MAYFLOWER RAY MOVING AND STORAGE in Greensboro, NC.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 25, 2017

    Regarding Moving - Had very very bad experience with this company at Quote level itself. They gave us appointment date for Quote and never showed up and when called they just say "we don't have any availability" and just say sorry after one week and we have been waiting for all one week and they don't even bother to apologize and just say ignored. Worst company ever seen.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 18, 2017

    We are a military family and it was time to move for us. The military chose this company. It started out great they did the walk through and scheduled a pack day (June 13th). The packers were very nice and got things done in a good amount of time. We were moving from Maryland to Washington state. We knew we would more than likely beat our stuff here. We arrived in Washington on June 21st so we contacted the company Mayflower/Freeway Van Lines. They told us they had it scheduled to arrive July 3rd. We thought that was kinda late but what could we do.

    So July 3rd rolls around and no delivery. So we call and after them trying to figure out where our stuff was located we find out that it's still on the East coast. They told us it was their busy season and they couldn't find a driver to bring our belongings to us. We have been contacting them every day since then and keep getting the same response. They have offered to pay up to 91 dollars a day but honestly I don't know if I can trust that. So we are still in an empty house with two children and a small dog. We have been told that a driver is scheduled to get it on July 24th but we have been told that before and that driver never showed up for that scheduled day (July 8th). We are at a loss. It's so incredibly frustrating.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 12, 2017

    So Far not So Good Moving experience with Mayflower. First the good: The local agent was responsive, came out and went through the house efficiently and provided a reasonable estimate on the spot. The packers were very nice and efficient. The loaders were there on time and seemed to do a good job. Now the bad: The furniture was due by today but has not arrived. Once we got through to them they said it was a busy time of year and they had to pay the local delivery agent extra overtime to get a crew together to deliver the furniture two days late. Customer Care: It turns out Mayflower/United Van Lines (they are the same company) is more like a confederation of independent contractors that provide the various services needed for a move but don't necessarily have seamless operating systems. So the local company handles their part but don't have much leverage to get the delivery end moving.

    The corporate office seems to function as a higher level escalation path to sort out problems. They are trying, but their explanation, that summer is their busy season and so they can't really predict their performance just doesn't hold water. It's a lot like the airlines. They overbook then are surprised when they have to kick someone off the flight, or in this case they move the furniture but then are surprised when they don't have the capacity to actually deliver it on the receiving end. I suggested that they handle it like the airlines (no, not knock my teeth out and drag me down my front walk) and offer incentives to customers who are earlier in line to see if they are willing to take their delivery a day or two later for a cash rebate in return for allowing us to get our delivery on time. They acted surprised at the suggestion and said they hadn't considered it before. Hummmmmm... 150 years in the moving business and they hadn't considered it???

    Makes me wonder about how motivated they really are. Their contract provides only $100/day performance penalty for missing their window, so not much downside liability on their part. Anyway, I rated them a three right now, but it will move down if they don't speed up the delivery or if there are any problems with missing or damaged items. Seems like the general consensus between reviews of the national movers is they are a second tier outfit, with Atlas Moving Systems and Bekins Moving Solutions being better but lots of others in the middle. At this point I'd have to agree that they seem to be tolerable but not great. More to come...

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 30, 2017

    We are extremely dissatisfied with Mayflower. They dropped our refrigerator off the truck and still haven't delivered our elephant sculpture. We keep getting the​ runaround, but no word as to when we'll get it. Naturally we've already paid in full. I REGRET EVER TRUSTING THEM WITH OUR MOVE.

    Original review: May 10, 2017

    I used Mayflower. They own a lot of subsidiaries and or are owned by other companies, but nevertheless, the forms I filled out said Mayflower on them. When they brought my stuff across country, I then unpacked my boxes and saw that not all the items were there. They told me I had to fill out some form online to submit a claim. Then they replied with a letter telling me that they refuse to pay for the items. They say that they did an investigation and could not find the items. Well why would they be able to find the items if one of their drivers left the door unlocked when they were at a rest stop and some boxes were stolen? Or if perhaps their own crew stole the items.

    I had valuable items and they would not pay for them. They insist that "Because they cannot find them" is a good enough reason. I even took it above their heads to their regional director and then finally I get a letter saying I can settle it through arbitration and I have to sign an agreement stating that if I sign the letter and go through arbitration that I will agree to have no recourse and I cannot take them to court. Well I refused to sign that. For all I know, the arbitrators are on their payroll. But anyway; they have insurance to cover losses like this and they refused to use it. I would not recommend Mayflower or any of their sub-contracted entities.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 10, 2017

    It was Sunday morning April 09, 2017 (Yesterday). It was 8:00 AM and my wife had asked the movers to clear our driveway so we could go to church. Our vehicle wasn't home because I was at my mom's home in route back to our home. I didn't realize my wife had already told them to clear the driveway. When I got home I saw the eighteen wheeler moving truck blocking my driveway and I asked them to move the vehicle from in front of my driveway. The driver told me that my wife had already told them they needed to clear the driveway so we could go to church in an unfriendly manner. The driver took his time to move the truck and then I pulled into my driveway went into my home to take my daughter to choir practice before service was to begin. We are usually running in and out of our home on Sundays because we all have to be at church at different times.

    I dropped my daughter at church and returned to my home and the truck was AGAIN parked in front of my driveway. I told the driver that I needed him to keep the truck from being parked in front of my driveway. He then told me that I could leave my vehicle parked in the street or drive through my yard to get in my driveway. I could not believe it!! I had a few choice words with him after that and he told me he wasn't going to move his truck from in front of the driveway. He told me he would call the police on me if I didn't leave him alone!!!! I was totally in disbelief! It seemed like some strange dream. He told me if I touched his truck he would hurt me. I hadn't mentioned anything about touching his truck before he said that.

    When the Tulsa police arrived they told him it was against the law to block someone's driveway and that he would have to move his truck. The police told me that if he parked in front of my driveway again, to call them back and they would have it towed. That day we were late for church and my daughter was sad that we didn't get to see her sing that morning. I truly believe that the driver for Mayflower thought that just because we were an ** family that he could do whatever he pleased to us. I would NEVER recommend this moving company to ANYONE! The driver should have knocked on our door and ASKED us if he could block our driveway. We would have told him to give us 30 minutes and he could park there until evening. I'm still shocked at it all. I can't believe a reputable moving company would EVER do something like this.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 6, 2017

    My experience was OK @ first. The problem came when I had to have my load stored for 4 days on the SD end. I was expecting a REASONABLE storage charge. IT WAS $700!!! My WNY contact told me SD had included a second delivery charge. Although both companies at both ends of my move are aware, no one is making an effort to fix this. Filing with the BBB soon.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 13, 2017

    We moved from PA to NC. We hired Mayflower moving to take care of our move. They did an ok packing job and were nice enough. They showed up to our new house 2 days early which created a great deal of stress on my wife who was meeting them there. Most of the boxes were labeled "miscellaneous" so my wife had no idea what was in each box. Once we got everything unpacked we realized there were missing items. I filed a claim with Mayflower. After several weeks, we received a letter in the mail stating they are denying the claim because we didn't inventory each item as it came off of the truck. In order to do that, my wife would have had to open each box and inventory it before allowing them to move onto the next item. NEVER HIRE THESE PEOPLE.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 4, 2017

    I moved to another state, and many items did not make it to my new home. Some could be replaced, although I had to pay for the new items, but some were irreplaceable. One item I am sad about losing is a hand-crafted sewing box that my mother-in-law said would be mine when she died. One mover made rude comments about my possessions. When I returned to my old home after I had moved, I found a large box of my items on my kitchen floor, and another large box in my office. How they could have forgotten to place those boxes in the truck is beyond comprehension. Unfortunately though, they did not contain the precious items I had lost. Incompetent!!!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 12, 2017

    My experience was horrendous, agonizing and still going on, after 14 months. The entire shipment was temporarily "lost" twice. Mayflower subcontracts but poses the artificial facade of being a full moving company. They take no responsibility for their subcontractors, even though the contracts are in the name of Mayflower United. Their insurance payments are ridiculous and you're forced in arbitration or lawsuits. Their arbitration is only on papers as they refuse a face to face hearing. Between missing items and broken items, life with them has been not only a horror but a heartbreaker. The locks bought from them for the pods, were able to be opened by other keys. This is criminal. It is ongoing. It appears to be Mayflower and their subcontractors conspiring and acting together in a blatantly fraudulent activity. All contracts were discussed on phone, fax, and mails. This spell RICO. Racketeering and corruption.

    I suggest anyone reading this and has been robbed and burnt by these people, call your local county, city, state and federal district attorney and federal attorney generals to complain. This is the only way to stop this arrogant, blatant and criminal activity. I packed in pods. The pods were moved several times, as the pod company went out of business within one month of taking possession. They were stored in extreme heat, bounced around, unpacked and repacked violently, from the appearance and damage. Not expecting the pods to be unpacked by anyone, but myself, I packed coins, collected over many years. All were missing. They take no responsibility for their actions. They don't offer fair reimbursement for proven damage. The only permanent recourse is to stop people from using this company.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2016

    DO NOT USE MAYFLOWER / UNITED VAN LINES! At best, these people are thieves. At best, they are totally incompetent and don't care about their customers. Too many issues to describe, but the main complaint is that they failed to deliver my brand new Honda lawn mower. Their agent in Columbus, GA (Livingston Transfer) confirmed that they had our mower in their warehouse, but refused to deliver it and our claim was denied by Mayflower because it wasn't lost, but being held hostage by Livingston.

    We received a check for other damaged items, but if we cashed it then that would satisfy the claim in total and we could kiss an expensive lawn mower goodbye. We are still struggling with them, but they have stopped responding to our requests for action. If you are in the military "DO NOT USE THESE CLOWNS." They will screw you and there is nothing you can do about it. If you are retired, rest assured that they will steal anything that is easily sold.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 2, 2016

    The sales staff that I interfaced with at Mayflower (Richard **) was a great experience. Unfortunately I did incur some damage during the move. I have a solid cherry armoire hand made by the Amish which I paid $12k. When the truck arrived here in FL, I observed that the home belongings were tightly stacked and there was a lot of weight on the top and side of the armoire which broke the door and side panel of the armoire. When I filed a claim with Mayflower (Andrea ** from the claim department) I was sent a check in the amount of $90.00 (this is based on the Mayflower contract that we agreed to that pays $0.60 per pound and the armoire was estimated by Mayflower to be 150 lbs). This contract essentially absolves Mayflower of careless behavior. The bottom line is that I should have paid much more attention to the Mayflower contract and I should have not been so quick to agree to their generic contract clauses. Buyer beware.

    Original review: Nov. 28, 2016

    I hired Premier Relocations whose Parent Company is Mayflower recently for a cross country move and I am unhappy with the service for a few reasons. If you choose to go with Mayflower know that your glass tables or anything that has a glass top WILL NOT be reassembled, even after they have disassembled them. This was not explained to me prior to the move.

    I have 12 glass tables/pieces of furniture including a large glass top entertainment center. Three in particular are glass tables that must be screwed together which the movers refused to reassemble. I hired Mayflower a few years ago and they re-assembled these exact SAME three glass tables with no problem. I cannot understand why this company thinks it is reasonable for a customer to lift very heavy glass, let alone re-assemble something that they did not disassemble in the first place!!

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    Original review: Oct. 31, 2016

    All of those below facts are the absolute, shocking truth about the service we received from Mayflower during our move in September, 2016. I never received a response from the company regarding the issues described below. They sent one email defending that they had delivered within the agreed delivery range. Mayflower has many small franchises throughout the country but try to make you believe that there is a bigger company behind the people doing the work, that there is an 800# with customer service representatives available 7 days a week. Hopefully, you are reading this, before you have signed any contract with one of the Mayflower franchisees. I highly recommend you find another company! If there were a negative rating available, Mayflower absolutely would receive it.

    No one contacted us regarding the continued delays in our delivery time. My husband and I took a day off work because no one updated us with the revised arrival time of our driver. Our mover asked us to help find another person to assist with the move because he could not find someone, and my husband had to assist with moving an extremely heavy piece of furniture. The only way we found out what was happening with the delivery was that we initiated the phone calls, and the company provided no customer care or service after 5:00 p.m. on a Friday, even though an 800 number is posted on Mayflower's web site for assistance 7 days a week. The Move Coordinator never responded to any calls/emails the day of the move.

    I was told by two company employees (the sales person and person answering the company phone number) that after hours, there is no company support or assistance if issues arise and the customer needs help, which was absolutely true. The only solution that I was given was to call back the following Monday morning (our delivery day was Friday) and to reschedule our move.

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    Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

    I have moved many times with many companies. I've moved across the nation and internationally, so when I say this was the worst moving experience I've ever had, it means something! We moved from South Carolina to Missouri in March of 2016. We needed to put our things in storage for a few weeks, so we thought we should go with a national company. We chose Mayflower/United, because the companies are well known. That was a mistake! We were told our property would be in a "state of the art" climate controlled facility until it was moved from South Carolina to Missouri. What we weren't told was that there was no guarantee our property would be moved directly from SC to MO. The company that moved us out of our home in SC did a nice job of wrapping our furniture, and were very careful with all of our things. We were feeling pretty good about the move then.

    The journey into "moving hell" started almost as soon as we called to request delivery. This is when we found out that Mayflower/United isn't really a moving company at all. They just kind of outsource moves to whatever company has a contract with them. Basically, they had to wait for a truck from some company that just happened to be coming by SC headed west to pick up our things. The company that picked up our things took our property to some place in Ohio and left it in a truck, not a climate controlled facility for three days and nights.

    When they finally did go back for the truck, they combined our property with another move, and didn't have room on the truck for all of our property. Since there was no room in the truck, they strapped eight boxes onto the back end of the truck, these are cardboard boxes, and drove from Ohio to the middle of Missouri through rain, snow and slush. When the truck finally arrived, three days late, the boxes were soaked and dripping water. In addition to the fiasco of storing boxes on the outside of the truck the boxes inside the truck were smashed together, turned upside down and generally in a complete mess. Also, the furniture that had been so carefully wrapped in SC had been unwrapped and was scratched, dented and torn.

    All of the damage was due to negligence on the part of the movers, but Mayflower said they were only responsible for sixty cents per pound, because we had not taken the overpriced moving insurance they offered. The really disappointing part of all this for us wasn't the paltry settlement check they sent. The most disappointing thing is the attitude of the company representatives. They don't return calls or answer emails, and if you "bother them" enough to get a response it so curt as to be considered rude. They simply don't care that they have destroyed your property!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 30, 2016

    I could write 20 pages of details - but will just say don't use this company. Moved from Minneapolis to Boulder - missing at least 5 boxes, damaged over 10,000 worth of furniture, boxes they packed were smashed, grossly underestimated cost to get job - tried charging 2x estimate - fraudulent claims department, I could go on and on. This business is corrupt! If I were doing it again would go with so many people's advice - hire a guy to load a pod and ship it - cheaper - less hassle and less damage. Or hire a local company that has good Yelp reviews. Don't trust the estimate and don't sign off on anything - they said because I signed, I was responsible for missing items.

    And if you pack you are screwed no matter what - they will claim you didn't pack it right even if it's furniture they wrapped! Crazy! Even pictures of damaged items coming off the truck weren't enough! The stress isn't worth it. If I would have known better my furniture wasn't worth the 6k I was charged - ended up having to buy new anyway due mostly to damage or it not fitting in new space - sell or get rid of all unwanted old items - it will make life much easier. And don't hire Mayflower/United!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2016

    I was given two separate phone numbers for the two most highly rated cross-country movers in the U.S.: Mayflower and United Van Lines. The phone numbers actually go to the same office (at least in our area), and I was told that there is ONE estimator for both companies. I'm not sure how that works, but okay so far. I got a voicemail for the estimator and left a message. It took them 3 days to return my call.

    When the estimator called, she set an appointment for a week away to come to the house and give me an estimate for packing and moving our entire household cross-country. She called on a Monday; I work Tuesday through Friday until 4, thus we made the appointment for the next Monday. She told me she could probably come out sooner on a late afternoon and would call me back as soon as she checked with her husband about their schedules. That was the last time I heard from anyone. She did not call me back, and she did not show for the appointment. If this is how the number one and number two-rated moving companies conduct their business, count me out.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 9, 2016

    FRANK IS THE ONLY REASON I AM GIVING THEM 1 STAR (and also because I can't give any less). Frank did a great job in being there when we needed him to answer questions and did an accurate move estimate and when problems occurred with the driver, he was on top of it. But, after Frank, it was downhill from there. The driver we got was garbage. He showed up 2 hours late when the rest of the crew showed up on time. (He also mentioned how he recently got out of the hospital for a concussion which is always reassuring when all of your life items are in his hands).

    We showed him EVERYTHING that was going, including a 6x12 foot dog kennel. Midway through, he said our estimator underestimated the load and we were going to be charged more and to work things out with him. Mind you, we were supposed to have a pool table and harley included but we ended up selling. It was around 7 pm when he loaded up pretty much everything except the 6x12 kennel and tried to get out of it and pawn it off to another driver because he wanted to pick up another load the next day (How? I don't know). he said another driver wouldn't be able to come the next day so we'd have to wait until the day after that which was a problem for us since the new owners would have the keys the next day- a problem not for us to solve.

    After arguing back and forth with our estimator for an hour, they had to unpack things just to try to fit the kennel in. At that point it was 8 pm and since they were finishing up, my husband, mom and I went to grab dinner. (Later on, we would find out we shouldn't have done that because it gave them an opportunity to steal all of the things they did.)

    Our things got "held up" in CA for a couple days so we had to camp out in our new home for an extra 2 days. Once again, the driver shows up 2 hours late. It was impossible to inventory things as they came in because they were bringing 4 boxes in at a time, one piece of furniture after the other. Oh and we had a box of somebody else's shoes which we told them about and was really concerning. It was already 4 pm and he hadn't fed the crew. We got charged for them unpacking 2 mattresses. We had to throw away a bedframe since they couldn't figure out how to put it back together. My husband quickly noticed a box of tools was missing- worth hundreds if not at least a thousand dollars so we called the driver and a week later he dropped it off, the box was in sad shape.

    Thank God we got full insurance BUT we did not get everything. Apparently since I signed a paper that the driver didn't explain, we signed off our rights to anything that was missing that they didn't believe. We lost: a poker table (got the chips but they stole the table), my husband's collection of 30 hats, tv-trays, severely dented my washing machine, didn't take the shipping bolts out. Our grill was bent out of shape, 4 BROKEN dining chairs!!!, broken china, broken treadmill, missing *new* luggage (so apparently they tagged all the other luggages except the newest one... hmm).

    There were more on the list too is the pathetic part. We did most of the packing so not all the boxes were... Moral of the story: If you are moving, don't go with one of these big companies, try a local mover (I used ML movers one time and they did AMAZING but they were only local. In retrospect, I would have done the move myself or paid ML extra to do my move).

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    Original review: May 31, 2016

    Very disappointed in Mayflower Movers. They damaged my furniture, which they gave us $279 check for... Lost a box that had my husband's gun scope in it but claim they did not lose it and will not find the box or give us the money to replace what was in the box... And we got a box that was not ours and they haven't even offered to get it so that the correct owner will have what they are missing!

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 5, 2016

    Called Lifetime Moving for a moving quote. What a great experience it was from that first call! Danielle was super knowledgeable and understanding of my needs. They sent me a written offer that was binding. Few days before my move, their operation department called me and asked to confirm all the detailed of my move and then again the day before, they called with my ETA. Amazing customer service! Delivery to Colorado was fast and everything was delivered just as they picked up. They packed my boxes and did a great job. They were not the cheapest offer I received, but they were honest and the services was amazing. Such great team and support. Moving is stressful, it helps to have a strong team helping you move. I would recommend Lifetime Moving to anyone needing moving services!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2016

    I contacted Mayflower to obtain a moving quote. The next day, I received a phone call from Ron. I thanked him for his prompt call and told him I needed to speak to my husband to schedule a time for an in-home estimate and I would call him back. After receiving two more calls from Ron in two days (and multiple emails), I asked him to please stop calling and that I will call him when I had a chance to coordinate schedules with my husband. His tone immediately changed and he snidely asked why I would fill out a form online if I don't want to schedule an in-home estimate. I responded that I do want an in-home estimate, but I haven't found a day that works yet and I don't want any further proactive calls from him. He again proceeded to rudely ask why I bothered to fill out the form online. Definitely won't be using this company.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 13, 2016

    We contacted Mayflower moving company in March 2016 to pack and transport our household goods from Arkansas to Florida. The partner company representative from Mayflower (Razorback Moving and Storage) quoted an extremely outrageous price ($16,943.69) for an 880-mile transport. While the price was extremely steep, we agreed to it because we were under a deadline to move out because we had sold the house. The representative stated we would have "exclusive use" of a 4,100 cubic foot capacity truck. On the date of pickup of good, the representative showed up 6 HOURS LATE with a much smaller truck than was agreed to (Freightliner brand).

    He then told us that we didn't basically have any choice other than to accept the smaller truck. He stated that he didn't have another truck anywhere in the state. He also virtually threatened that if we wanted the size truck we originally agreed to in the contract, we would have to schedule another transport date and the move couldn't take place for 1-2 weeks. After some heated negotiations, the Mayflower rep agreed to decrease the price by approximately $1,000 but it took the threat of legal action to do so. Mayflower movers CRAMMED all the furniture into the smaller truck and departed. I found out later that a Mayflower 18-wheeled tractor trailer rig was sitting at a local Walmart parking lot that same day. Yes, I have pictures of that truck that was at Walmart (see attached). I also took pictures of the truck Razorback Moving showed up with (see attached).

    To add further pain to the moving process, we found out after arrival in Florida that we would have to pay the mover an ADDITIONAL $171 to remove the used boxes. When I called the Mayflower company on 12 April to complain about the additional charge, I talked to a snotty, condescending "customer service" representative who continually talked over me during the conversation. She, like the Razorback moving company representative, treated me and my family like we were a bottomless pocketbook and something that should be scrapped off the bottom of their shoes. At no time during the initial contract negotiation process was a "removal fee" for the boxes ever discussed or even offered!!

    In short, buyer beware!! Mayflower, in my opinion, will nickel and dime every customer they can using every form of deceptive processes as possible to extract maximum monies. Mayflower failed to deliver the correct sized truck, overcrammed the truck they showed up with, failed to inform us of a box removal fee, and never asked us if we wanted the boxes removed at the end. We believe Mayflower misrepresented itself during the entire contract negotiation period, subsequent move, and ending period. They will NEVER get another dime of our money. DO NOT USE MAYFLOWER OR UNITED. Be warned!!

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    Original review: April 4, 2016

    I was moving from the Charlotte, NC area to a small town in the Texas Panhandle this past summer (June 2015). When packing day arrived, 3 nice young men showed up 10 minutes late and got 1/2 of the house packed and then announced they were leaving for the day (it was Friday & it was 2:30 pm). When I questioned them, they said they'd finish on Monday. Well, Monday was supposed to be loading day & I was leaving town on Monday at 1pm. So I called the local office, complained and said I needed to be gone on Monday by 1 pm. The lady there told me she'd send an extra person, I suggested at least 2 because they also needed to get me loaded up.

    Monday arrives, they come in, get busy and I kept after them and believe it or not, they got it done and were pulling out by 12:45 pm. The truck was due to deliver to Texas in 10 days, but when I arrived in Texas my housing had changed, so I put the move on hold. But within 3 days, I had new housing set up, called the company, gave them the date the house would be available and they gave me a load date and delivery date. On the date they were to load, I waited one full day following and contacted them. Oh, now there's a problem and it won't load until tomorrow... and on & on it went for days. I was told how sorry they were for the delay; how it was summer and their busiest time of the year; how many moves they were making a day, etc. I finally snapped at the person telling me and said all that was totally unacceptable - WHY had they given me a loading date and delivery date IF they couldn't fulfill it?

    I finally called corporate and was told the same thing and how hard they were working to get me moved. (I do wish you could hear the sarcasm in my tone) - then I asked about their logistics department... Why hadn't they figured this out? Another 2 weeks go by, back and forth - I finally get the call that they will be loading and moving on a certain day AND that it could take 10 days to get to Texas. WHAT??? - I drove here in 3, but could have made it in 2 IF I had needed to.

    However, once I got the call from the driver that all was well, loaded and they were making a stop in Oklahoma City and would be the day after. When those guys arrived, they were very professional, quick and did a thorough job cleaning up after themselves. The driver did tell me that while I had been told they were trying everything to get my stuff to me, that he had NEVER heard of the move until the day before he picked it up and that often that is the way some of the "problem" moves are handled - trafficked out to the drivers.

    At a time when I was already so emotional from relocating, exhausted from getting ready to move and then the constant runaround I could NEVER in my right mind use Mayflower or recommend them to anyone. Then once I totally unpacked, I found some damage... another long drawn out delay. OH and I still am getting the runaround in trying to even file my complaint with their company. I believe they owe me money because they so screwed this up and did not from the beginning stay true to their commitment. AND the cost of was extravagant - my company paid for it, but they deserve 1/2 of it back.

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    Original review: Feb. 25, 2016

    I used Mayflower on my recent move from Boynton Beach, Florida to Pompton Plains, New Jersey. The movers arrived at my previous home at the proper time. They carefully labeled, packed several items, Although I had to pay extra for crating a glass top coffee table and end table. (This was moved previously by United without crating with no problem) After everything was loaded into the truck, I was informed my furniture would go to a vault in the warehouse to await transfer to New Jersey. From this point it apparently went downhill.

    They apparently used a forklift to unload/reload onto the long distance trailer. Several cartons had puncture holes from one of the forks. The back of one of the wall units had a horizontal crack across the back, apparently from a fork-lift. An expensive Rosewood Buffet was dented and scratched. A coffee mill was broken, etc. All the wrapped furniture was unwrapped, and then re-wrapped with different blankets. When the mover finally arrived a day late, and in the afternoon (3:30 pm) instead of the morning as promised, I was informed that an 8 foot step-ladder was left in Ft. Lauderdale. It took until midnight until the move in was completed. It was not until the morning that I saw all the damages. Although I was promised the stepladder would arrive shortly, I am still waiting for it.

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    Original review: Feb. 13, 2016

    Our family had a bad time because of this horrible company. To get the contract they are soo nice. Said to us 6 business days to deliver the container to Florida. It takes 3 weeks. We been in our house without bed cloths, mattresses, nothing, and here in Florida was like winter. This was a horrible experience. We try to talk with the company. For our surprise they sad will delivered in two more weeks. Our container came with cracks because of freeze and everything was covered with dust. I recommend you to get a truck and do by yourself. Will be better for your family.

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