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Colonial Van Lines is a family owned and operated long distance moving company providing full-service professional moving services. With over 50 years of experience in the moving and storage industry, they have the knowledge and resources to handle your move. Each year Colonial proudly services over 19,000 moves across the country. The friendly professionals at Colonial are ready to assist you with all of your long distance moving needs.

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Colonial Van Lines provides long-distance moving services across the continental U.S. Movers specialize in quick, efficient corporate and residential relocations. They offer competitive pricing and require a deposit.


  • Easy booking process
  • Nationwide services
  • Free, instant quotes


  • Deposit required

Top Colonial Van Lines Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

...They did a really good job in handling my items and I was impressed. Overall, it was an excellent experience with Colonial. They made a tense moment for me very comfortable. I already recommended them to family and friends.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer

Colonial Van Lines did a great job. Everyone I worked with was helpful and did what they said they would do. Dixie Movers were the subcontractors that did the move. They were professional and courteous. All my belongings were handled with care... Highly recommend. Would definitely use again.

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About Colonial Van Lines moving and storage

Colonial Van Lines moving company provides comprehensive support during your move with teams of professional movers equipped to safely and securely disassemble, pack, load, transport, unload and reassemble items at your new residence. Special requests can usually be accommodated if a Colonial Van Lines customer service representative is notified in advance.

  • Long-distance moving: Since Colonial Van Lines is a leading cross-country and interstate moving company, they have the resources and equipment to provide customized moving services across the United States.
  • Packing services: On moving day, Colonial Van Lines sends professional movers with top-quality packing materials to your door. With several flexible packing options, you can pack as little or as much as you want.
  • Storage services: Colonial Van Lines storage facilities are climate-controlled and spacious enough to house large items like trampolines and commercial equipment. Full-service storage, storage-in-transit and commercial storage services are available and can accommodate both short- and long-term needs.
  • Corporate relocation: A custom corporate relocation plan is first created to make the move as seamless as possible. A trained moving specialist will pack your inventory or equipment safely and quickly, and then a dedicated Colonial Van Lines customer service representative will keep you up-to-date throughout the whole moving process.

Colonial Van Lines packing options

Colonial Van Lines relocation services include full and partial packing options. Pricing varies depending on several factors, including your location and the weight and density of items you’re moving.

Packing optionBest for
Single-item packThose who can do most of the packing but need help packing an especially heavy or awkward item.
Kitchen packThose who want to pack everything but their kitchen. Colonial Van Lines’ moving team will safely pack all kitchen-related items.
Full packThose who don’t want to do any heavy lifting at all. Colonial Van Lines’ moving team will bring all their own supplies to arrange, wrap and pack everything securely.

Colonial Van Lines FAQ

How do I book a move with Colonial Van Lines?

You should contact Colonial Van Lines at least two months before you move, even if you don’t know the exact date, in order for the process to go smoothly. Colonial Van Lines suggests finding at least two other quotes from different movers before you book a move with them to be sure you’re getting the best price. Once you decide to move with Colonial Van Lines, the booking process is straight-forward and simple:

  1. Request cross-country moving services by filling out Colonial Van Lines’ online contact form.
  2. Describe the details of your move, such as origin and destination ZIP codes, date of relocation and whether or not you require packing services, to a Colonial Van Lines customer service representative.
  3. Schedule an in-house move estimate or use the Colonial Van Lines app to get a quote. Through the mobiles app, you can create a visual inventory of your property and get an accurate estimate.
  4. Contact a customer service representative if you have any follow-up questions or need to adjust some aspect of your upcoming move. If you have a special request for the movers, be sure to inform a customer service representative before your moving day.
What is the Colonial Van Lines app?
Colonial Van Lines’ free in-home moving services app makes it easy to get accurate moving cost estimates. You simply upload videos and pictures of your household goods through your phone, and then a Colonial Van Lines moving coordinator provides your personalized moving consultation. You can also order packing materials and access educational resources about moving through the app.
Can Colonial Van Lines move on the weekends?
It’s possible to relocate on the weekends, but it could be more expensive. Colonial Van Lines suggests planning at least two months in advance to avoid scheduling issues. It’s more difficult to move during certain times of the year in some locations, so this can increase your overall moving price too.
Will Colonial Van Lines movers load boxes that I pack myself?
Movers will pack any item that they consider safe for transport, regardless of who packed it. However, Colonial Van Lines will not be liable for items that you pack yourself. If you choose to pack valuable items yourself, you might consider extra insurance for those belongings.
Why do quoted prices from Colonial Van Lines sometimes change?
Some Colonial Van Lines complaints reflect discrepancies between price estimates and total charges. All moving brokers and carriers pricing can fluctuate from the original quote or estimate to final delivery for a variety of reasons:
  • Weight estimation inaccuracy: Initial price estimates are based on individual customers’ descriptions. An inaccuracy in weight density estimation could also account for a discrepancy.
  • Weight changes: The total cost will increase if additional items need to be moved or if packing instructions change. For example, acquiring an additional piece of furniture after the in-home estimate will increase the weight of your inventory and therefore the cost of moving.
  • Packing: If the movers arrive and have to do more packing than initially planned for, there will be an additional charge for their labor.
  • Long-carry: Colonial Van Lines’ policy is to upcharge when the distance from the doorway to the truck is more than 75 feet. If this charge is factored into the in-house estimate and the movers later determine that they can shorten this distance, your overall price will decrease.

Do we recommend Colonial Van Lines?

Because of Colonial Van Lines’ large network, they can coordinate moving services all over the nation, even on a quick deadline. Most Colonial Van Lines moving reviews are positive. Over 70 percent of verified customers within the last year said they were happy or satisfied with their experience or would recommend Colonial Van Lines to a friend.

Colonial Van Lines Reviews

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2020

We were in St. Cloud, Minnesota and I tried to go through 2 big companies for this move. Mayflower said they won't be able to do it. The other company, Allied, has a quotation that was a little bit higher and they had little bit more delayed time as they wouldn't be available for another 5 or 6 days. So, I ended with Colonial and the coordinator did a good job doing the over the phone quotation. We talked about what's in every room and he asked about furniture, bookcases, and all those things. However, we had only 4,200 or 4,300 pounds but they estimated 5,300. Then he asked us to wait a little bit more for the packaging cost. Also, compared with Allied, they were able to send representatives in person who took a look at the house. And based on his actual visit, he estimated a different quote but the weight was similar in both quotations.

This was our first experience moving this big so we had some learning curve to go through. Also, it was over the Christmas break and we were in a rush to see how soon they can pick it up. Everything went well at first but I did not know first hand that there is another third party company involved. I thought Colonial is the main company who's more like the big moving companies but then they recommended me to Mover Dudes, which handles everything. And until I got the Mover Dudes' number from Colonial, I did not know when exactly they were gonna pick it up or any ETA, so I had a little bit of a hard couple of days dealing with the customer service.

There were some times I was frustrated I couldn't get any information from them, because they do not know anything until I kept calling them and try to find out. But at the same time, I was able to talk to Mover Dudes and then got more information than the Colonial representative about this move. In a way, it was a customer rapport deal with my issue and later on they had to switch to someone else. So, they assigned my move to another customer representative.

The other thing is they had to refund us some balance since we were under 5,000. For that balance check, I was supposed to directly call to the Colonial accounts department. I left a couple of messages to the accounts representative who's handling the accounts but because they had different branches, they kept sending me emails like, "Oh, I'm from this department. I'm handling this, I'm handling that." They take the full responsibility and the first two days, I was bombarded with all these department emails. I had to go through it so many times and tried to figure out, "Okay, where is the balance check coming from, refund comes from?"

Then again, I called the Mover Dudes and they said, "It's gonna be written from them but they don't know whether they're supposed to send it to Colonial or they're supposed to send direct to me." It took a few days to figure that out, but after that, the Mover Dudes sent it to me directly. But since then, Colonial did not call me to finalize the move or anything like that. They just disappeared from the picture.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 2, 2020

    I needed to move one piece of antique furniture from Florida to Pennsylvania. I contacted one moving company that was a whole lot less expensive and then I thought that it was not a good way to go about it. I can't just look at it from how much it's gonna cost. I looked up the company online and they broke everything in the truck. And the timing was all bad and they didn't do things right. And then, I went online and searched what would be the highest recommended company and it came up with Colonial Van Lines. Nicolas, my contact person, was very confident and was very easy to understand. I was just moving one piece of furniture and he had to read through a lot of different things about packing up a whole house. It was a little bit amusing because this was a very different situation than what they would normally do.

    The delivery went very well. One of the problems that I noticed when I looked at different things about the company online was that all the people that I talked with within the company were very specific about what customer expectation should be, and it seemed to me that a lot of the negative comments about the company were people who were given the same information, but they chose not to accept it. I was very clearly given a pick-up date range of 7 to 10 days, with notification, 24 to 48 hours prior to the actual pick-up. And there were some people that wrote things like, "I had to move on October 14, and they didn't show up." But that was not how they explained things to me.

    For the delivery time, they took the dates of the actual pick-up, plus about 7 business days. So, it was a big time span that we had. I was impressed because they came and picked up as scheduled. And that was when there was a big snowstorm coming through in the northeast area and they missed their first delivery day. But the second one, they called and made contact with the people, and they were able to comply with that. They were very consistent about staying in touch with me and with the people who were receiving the desk in Pittsburgh. Everything was fine.

    It was surprising to see that people were saying things like they had to have a pick-up on a specific date and a delivery on a specific date. And then, they were all mad and upset because their expectations weren't met, when the company didn't give them false expectations to begin with. People get something in their minds that they are determined that things are gonna happen exactly the way they want them to. And even as the company explained things to people in detail, they didn't know because their preconceived notions were already set that they were not able to accept this other thing is right.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 6, 2019

    Colonial Van Lines' sales rep was informative and responsive. The one who assisted me through the move walked me through pretty clearly how they would charge me and the differences of how they charge versus other movers. The rate they charged me was accurate. The guy was also easy to talk with. We had to go back and forth but he was responsive. Also, Colonial fit into my schedule. The time schedule got a little tight though. He had to get some information to me and he did. There was one slight delay but it all worked out fine. I wound up moving when I needed to move. Overall, he did a good job.

    There were a couple of minor issues but nothing to the extent that I would not use Colonial again. With the hiccups we encountered, some were handled better than others. Aside from the sales rep, I also talked with two other people throughout the process. They were trying to get me into a timeslot that was kind of near date. Based on what I told them that we were moving and all the packages, we went through that several times. The guy was very patient with me in doing that.

    They charged me a little bit extra - the minimum weight. I was just under that weight though. But they said they would charge me 4,000 pounds because to get onto the truck at this date, that was kinda what they needed to do. I said it was fine. It wasn't a big deal. But they couldn't make the date and they pushed it back two days. At the end of the day, it didn't make a difference. But I was looking for a little recovery on that cost. They doubled the price but they didn't come in on the date they said. I asked that they charge me for what I have but they didn't do that. The sales rep couldn't get that accomplished. I talked to somebody in customer service and that conversation started off a little cranky because they were confirming if the movers came and if I was talking about a different date. I was like, "What are you talking about? We had this date."

    It was a little bit of a date issue. Everybody I dealt with was trying to be helpful. My big thing was they charged me for 4,000 pounds when I had 3,000 something pounds. They charged me for a very particular date range and it was two days past that when the movers came. But they explained to me that it was near a holiday and it was the same truck. It was just delayed. I went with it. The movers came within the ultimate window I needed them to come. They also did a really good job so it wasn't a bad experience.

    The only person that didn't really do a great job was the woman who had the title of account manager. I was not quite sure when the movers were coming. The logistics person who I was talking to left off saying he would do his best and promised that they would be there by Sunday even though I requested Friday. That was when we last talked. I was supposed to get a call from the account manager 48 hours before the truck came. I never got that call. Process-wise, that's where the improvement should be.

    This account manager was a little MIA at times. After the move, she called me about the move as if it didn't happen yet. She didn't have an update or she didn't have the right paperwork. Maybe she was new and she was just making mistakes. But she called me twice after my move to ask me about the prep for the anticipated move. I told her that it's been almost a week later. I had already moved. They came and I was done. That part was the weakest link.

    Those two little hiccups aside, I would recommend Colonial. Overall, it was a positive experience. Moving is really difficult, emotional and physically draining. But everything came. Different moving teams came to my home because they do a little handoff. It was a different team that delivered my stuff and when I arrived at my new location. But both teams were super fantastic, especially the guy that came and picked my stuff up. They did a tremendous job. They marked everything and numbered everything. They wrapped things that needed to be wrapped. They really took care of what needed to be taken care of that I didn't have ready. And they didn't charge me a lot. There were no extra charges too.

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    Colonial Van Lines response

    Hi Richard, Thank you for the positive feedback.

    2 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 16, 2019

    I was moving from Illinois to Arizona and I received three bids from three different moving companies. One came out and did a walk-through, but I didn't like the way they acted and their price was twice as much as Colonial Van Lines. I even thought that they were just trying to price it out too high but they really didn’t want the job. The other company that I talked to didn’t follow up on any questions and they offered half the price of what Colonial did. But I figured since they really weren’t giving me much attention, they didn’t want my business either. On the other hand, Colonial, they made several attempts to get in touch with me by email and by calling, so I knew that there was interest there. I also checked with the Better Business Bureau and they had an A+ rating. So, that made me decide to go with Colonial.

    The rep I dealt with was very good then there was a lady who took over after the initial scheduling and she walked me through all of the moving transactions. But I was concerned about the day before the move. I was told that I would have a 48-hour call but I only had a 12-hour call as to when they were gonna pick up. And it was after hours of the company so I couldn’t call them to verify. When they came the next morning at 8 o’clock my time, I tried to contact the moving company but they were in Florida and nobody was at their desk until 10 o’clock. I could not verify that this person was actually my mover because he didn’t have a truck that said the van line’s name on it.

    Finally, I got a hold of somebody who told them his name and they said that was him. I asked him for his driver’s license but it did not match the name he gave them and I was a little bit concerned about this. So, I spoke to an associate at Colonial Van Lines and they said that the name that he gave was his nickname. Still, I was very leery to let him go ahead, so I called another representative to verify his employment because you could have picked up this paper at any truck stop where my stuff was.

    In the end, the guy did the move and he was really good. I packed everything and he wrapped the furniture that I brought. I had some furniture that was handcrafted by my grandfather and I requested it to be double-wrapped and made sure that it maintained the integrity in which it left the facility. They were fine when they arrived and there were no scratch marks whatsoever. I also gave the guy a large tip when he got to Arizona. I told him I would if everything came in right and everything came in on time, and they did.

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    9 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 15, 2019

    I was in Florida trying to get moved from Alabama. I wanted to just make one trip and not have to go up and meet someone that didn’t even give me an estimate. I went with Colonial Van Lines and my experience with them was excellent from start to finish. Their rep, Anthony, walked me through the process and made something that I was dreading easy. He was really responsive to where he didn’t get agitated with me when I had some anxiety going on. He let me know that they were very common concerns. He also answered every question I had or emails and followed up the email.

    We were able to handle everything on the phone and he really made me comfortable because I was a little leery doing it over the phone. I called him at least four times and he gave me answers, so I was able to go ahead and lock in the moving date, set my flight, and make things work for me. I was also able, just by phone, to plan my flight there as well as the packing, pickup and delivery, and everything was right on schedule. Then, I was able to meet the movers there.

    Everyone was telling me that I needed to go there and they would give me a quote. But that wasn’t gonna work for me at the time, so I had a company meet me there. But Anthony was able to, over the phone and by getting a list, give me pretty much the same quote within $100 or $200. And the quote was good. It came in under what they initially told me and Anthony told me to probably expect that. I was ready based on the information Anthony gave me in what I needed to do, so everything was there. I felt really great about their ability to do the quote over the phone and for it be as accurate as it was. It helped me with scheduling and it saved me flight money as well as time off of work.

    When the movers came in, they introduced themselves and in a matter of hours, they had me packed and ready. The guys were great and they took very good care of packing my dishes and furniture. I watched them pretty much the entire time, in and out, and I didn’t have any issues with them. They also didn’t track dirt or mud in. I was a little concerned with that.

    All in all, my experience was awesome. I hope I don’t have to do it again, but I would refer Colonial Van Lines to someone if they were moving. And people were surprised as they said that my furniture was moved twice and it still looks brand new. I expected something to possibly break but not one single item was broken. As I unpacked my boxes, everything was in place. I also had some scratches on there prior but one of the movers brought out his marker and used it on them. Then, he handed it to me and told me to keep it in case I scratch something. And I did make a couple of scratches trying fix some stuff up.

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    6 people found this review helpful
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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 14, 2020

    We were moving to a new house in another state about 500 miles. Colonial Van Lines helped pack some things but most of what we've had was box still packed already except for some furniture. The quote was fairly accurate. We came in a little under, which was nice, which meant we didn't have quite as much to pay at the delivery. Everyone involved did a decent job. The men who loaded were subcontractors, and they worked hard, got it done quickly and followed directions well. I would recommend them to someone else. The communication with the manager who was running it was a little spotty. The company switched managers in midstream and all of sudden, we had to talk to someone different. But other than that, everything got there just fine without any damage. So, I'm quite pleased with the result.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 13, 2020

    I didn’t have the best experience with the logistics company. I was making sure that someone could pay for their transportation with all certified funds and that they never have to show up somewhere with cash. When my car did arrive, I was told that I had to get half of my money in cash. It couldn't be in certified funds. I had to send the remaining portion of that money via Venmo. It didn’t seem like the best option because I was meeting them on a street where I had cash on me that I had to be giving directly in public. It was creating a number of safety issues. Also, the timing was off by several hours. I was told my car could be picked up that Friday night, and then it was changed to Saturday morning. Had I known that ahead of time, it would have been easier for me because I was coordinating from across the country.

    I was relocating for a job. I went online and searched logistics stuff and transfers. I work for an experience management company and so, I'm all about really great experiences. I did a lot of research on the reviews and the processes that were in place. The young lady from Colonial Van Lines and who I was working with was Sade. She did amazing with following up with me, ensuring that I had all the resources that I needed and making sure the pickup and drop-off times were more accurate. She called me every other day just to make sure the process was going smoothly. When there was a challenge in picking up my car, she reached out to the logistics company, got back to me and at least let me know what the status of my move.

    When my logistics company told me that I owe $50 more than what I was quoted, Sade ensured that I got my refund in an adequate amount of time. She immediately pulled up my account and was able to see the amount that I was quoted and she reached out to someone in the finance department so I did receive a call from someone in finance telling me that the money would be refunded.

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    Rated with 3 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 12, 2020

    Colonial Van Lines are very nice people. I had to go to Florida. It was 1,200 miles. I had the option with Colonial to do this long drive. Some local transportation companies didn’t do that. But something was wrong because when the truck was in my home, the guy came with a little truck and they were supposed to have a little bigger sized truck. The guy had to rent a U-Haul to pick my stuff from my home. Then he was starting to complain to me that I had more things than he expected because the volume here was this one and the volume would be more than that. So I had to pay more But other than that, it was okay. Colonial outsource their service and they don’t have people that speak English that much. It was difficult to communicate with them.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 12, 2020

    This was the worst experience ever. I had 3 movers that didn't speak English, they damaged both the house I was moving from and to. Many missing parts - mover showed up without any calls or prewarnings (Colonial promised 48hrs in advance). My account manager went on vacation and no one took over so we were left in the dark. Still trying to find missing items and recover damages.

    Colonial Van Lines response


    I apologize that your experience was so poor, we in the Resolutions Department attempted to reach you this morning. We would like to try and resolve these issues and come to a positive outcome. Please reach back out to our Resolutions Manager Donna at her direct phone number 954.958.2253.

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    Rated with 3 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 11, 2020

    I used Colonial based on their reviews, and they were always on top of things, like calling me and putting me on the notice. However, I’m not happy about a few things. One is that the movers wouldn’t move one particular furniture because they needed to take it out from my window. I had to bring somebody else to remove the window so they can remove the actual furniture. That really took a lot of my time for that day. So, that’s awful. The second one is that, when I received the quote, they told me that the quote was a little bit higher just in case I needed more boxes. But at the end, I paid a couple of hundred more. And I didn’t bring all my stuff. There were some stuff that I gave away, and still, my payment was higher. Finally, the timing - they arrived really late. They gave me a window, but although they called me and told me where they were, they came one week after. I had to buy some stuff, like clothes.

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