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Radius Moving and Storage

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Based in New Jersey, Radius Moving and Storage provides relocation services all around the United States. The company works on a 4-step process of estimating, packing, transporting and unpacking. Radius Moving’s services include full service moving, long distance, packing supplies, packing service, secure storage and commercial relocation.


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Last updated: Sept. 25, 2017

9 Radius Moving and Storage Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

This was my very first long distance move, I did quite a lot of research with the pricing, how to pack to for space management and I thought I was prepared. Radius company does have a very convincing sale representative team and will tell what you want to hear. I provided them a complete inventory, and the list they sent you as a copy would have incomplete description, lot of acronyms. As a sale representative, every time a customer updates something on the list, they are bound to sent you a new inventory and contract, which did not happen. They would ask you security deposit, (which every movers do) but that is how they could hold you ransom when they go up on the price when they show up for the actual move.

When the movers arrived for the move, they stated the move would require a lot more space than listed. The reason they state was the descriptions were inaccurate, (eg: I have a mirror dresser which I specifically mentioned as a double dresser with 3 draws on each side with a mirror in the middle.) On the inventory it was listed as DRESSER, MIRROR, the mover at the time of pick up stated this means only the mirror, and the dresser was not included). If I list each and every one, this complaint would go pages. I took the bold move to cancel the move on the day of the pick up, as my price went from 2400 $ to 4600 $ on the day of pickup. There were a lot of discrepancies in the inventory the movers had compared to what I provided as the inventory.

By this time I had lost the mutual trust and I was not willing to trust their movers with my household. In retrospect I thought they were dishonest and inaccurate all starting from the unprofessional sales representative. I would highly discourage you from this movers and if you plan to do it (which was the mistake I did as this movers provided the best quote and I fell into the trap), be very very thorough with the size of each item, create a list of inventory to the minute details and get every single thing in writing (which is what I did, still not the best experience).

I filed a complaint to reimburse my deposit first to the company with no response and further through BBB, and this was the response – “Your BBB has closed this case and noted that the business did not respond to the complaint. This complaint will be reflected on the company's BBB Business Review with the following language: "BBB did not receive a response from business." Hope this review saves someone falling into this trap.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2017

DO NOT USE RADIUS MOVING COMPANY FROM NJ - I contacted Radius moving company several weeks before our move. I went over every detail of every piece of furniture that was to be moved in our home. The day they showed up in the moving truck, I questioned the size of the truck. I knew it was too small. Justin jumped out of the truck and said, "Oh no everything will fit." After loading a few pieces of our furniture and boxes, he decided to tell me, "No everything won't fit and now I'm going to double the price on you!!!" I asked to call the office, he said he would from his phone, but I went inside the house and called from my phone. Nothing was resolved, they upped the charges on us. I felt like we were being extorted.

Not only that, Justin thought he could move a huge armoire down our steps all by himself and he let it go and it crumbled to the bottom of the steps and broke apart. It was ruined. And he just stood there and said, "Oh well." It's pressed board and it's not covered! After that he left so quickly that he forgot some of his expensive tools. Justin was rude as he looked over my shoulder at my computer screen and asked if I was going to write a bad review. I was actually reading a bad review that was posted that very day!!! Radius did the same thing to another client - showed up at their house and changed the quote to much more!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, they are scammers!!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

I read some reviews online. Radius Moving had the best reviews and they gave me the lowest quote out of everybody. So the move was from Connecticut to Virginia. It’s a 7-hour drive from one house to the other. I have a one bedroom apartment. I didn’t have a ton of furniture. But it was standard furnished one bedroom apartment. When the guy gave me the quote, he quoted me $1050. We went through an itemized list of my stuff. He emailed it to me. I corrected it. And then, I called them to check in to see if there was anything that I needed to do, make sure we’re still on track. They said yes.

They called me the week of it, a few days before the move. They told me to expect a call from the driver within this time window which was nice. When they arrived, it was three guys. And before they even started packing up anything or put anything on the truck, the guys told me that my quote was completely off and that I would be charged. He wanted to reassess because I already have all my stuff boxed up.

This is the day of my move. My lease was ending the following day. So I didn’t really have time to argue or choose another moving company. The guy that came, Kevin, said he didn’t do the quote. He just comes to do the move. But these things do happen. I was quoted far less than the size of my apartment. And I did tell them what the size of my apartment. I went through all the pieces of furniture. I was told on the phone by the rep that the boxes would be free, but then they were not. Thankfully, I had my own boxes. The guy that came was really nice. He apologized quite a few times.

He went through everything that would be going on the truck with me, did the math, gave me a new estimate which was $600 more than I have been quoted. I couldn’t say no. I’m not going to find a moving company that day. So once I said yes, he was like, “Okay. We’ll get this packed up for you.” And then they packed my stuff really well. And then he packed up the truck, explained how the payment would go and walked me through all the paperwork. The guys that came and setup were very upfront and honest. I felt very comfortable with them taking my things. They took really good care of my stuff packing up the truck. So that was nice. They were doing it very carefully, made sure things were like super tightly wrapped especially my furniture.

So that was Thursday. They told me it would take four days to get my stuff, my new apartment on Sunday. So on Sunday when they came to drop off my stuff, several of my boxes had holes in them like they were ripped. My mattress is damaged. All my other furniture was fine because they wrapped the furniture really well. They said they would try to get it to me as quickly as possible. And they did. Everything that they put back together was put back together correctly.

Thankfully, I wrote fragile on the boxes that have my dishes. So nothing was really broken. It was just the boxes with my clothes were damaged. They dropped everything off. Put everything back together which was nice. I spoke to Michelle about my mattress being damaged. I’m currently fighting with the mattress company to get my mattress repaired. Basically, there are some holes at the bottom of my queen mattress. I did put it in a mattress cover bag thing to protect it. But that was almost completely shredded. I should have used those heavy duty boxes from Home Depot.

Now still, to get that fixed, Michelle said once I have that sorted out or once I figured that out, to just give her a callback. And then we’ll talk about some sort of compensation. What I didn’t know, because this is my first time doing a move this large, is that they can send someone out to do an import and estimate. If I ever have to do this, I’ll have them come out and do an actual estimate. So I can budget accordingly.

The negative aspects of the move could have been avoided if I prepared and took precautions against those things. Overall, I wouldn’t say that they were awesome but I wouldn’t say that they were horrible. They were okay. They weren’t bad but they weren’t amazing. They’re above average in terms of other horror stories that I’ve heard and they’re very good at communicating with you a lot when your things are going to get there, which is really nice.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 7, 2017
We choose Radius Moving because of all the great reviews we seen online. Not only were the reviews great but the cost of the move was even better. Our sales rep "Tom" was awesome. From pickup to delivery everything was great. If you are looking for a professional company with honest prices choose Radius Moving.

Great job guys!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2017

For someone that is big on reviews, it’s a pleasure to write a review for Radius Moving. To begin this was my first time ever hiring a professional company to relocate me from one state to another. Usually I would just rent a UHAUL and ask a few of my friends to help me move. In this case my job relocated me to FL. Once I received the great news I immediately began looking for someone to help me move. I received dozens of phone calls from different companies selling the same pitch. This one particular gentlemen Donavan stood out the most. He wasn’t just trying to sell me a pitch but rather made me feel as if I am investing. Donavan made me feel comfortable with him as well as the company. I then knew that hiring Radius Moving was the right decision.

On the day of the move I was greeted by Terry and his crew of men. They handled my items with care, there were no issues or complaints. No additional cost or no hidden fees just as Donavan said. When it was time to deliver my items, it was a different set of men than at pick up. I dont remember the gentlemen’s name but they as well did an excellent job. I received all my items in one piece and no damages or missing items. I heard so many horrible stories about moving companies so it was a pleasure to not have a bad experience. My overall experience was great and I would recommend that everyone hire them. I really hope this review helps.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2017

I had a wonderful experience. The company keep all my furniture for 9 months, in their storage then finally it was given to me in excellent condition in Orlando Florida. The owner is a excellent person, very pleasant to work with! Very caring and most of all kept everything in excellent condition when my furniture was delivered to me! I give them a 10 for the best moving company I have ever worked with.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

We moved from Florida to Wayne, New Jersey. When Radius Moving packed, I was there, but then I traveled overseas. So, my husband got it. Nothing broke and they double packed things without charging me extra money for it. My husband had the major things to talk about with the moving consultant, especially about money but I told her that I have a lot of crystals and fragile things that need extra care. I asked if they were going to charge me more because maybe it needed extra insurance on it. She said no and guaranteed the guys are very professional. They pack each thing by itself. And so, they did. They were very polite. They took their shoes off and worked silently. Also, movers usually smell bad, but they smell good.

The consultant was very nice. As a woman, she understood how we like our stuff to arrive in one piece and not cracked. She explained things more than I did. I told her I have different boxes for different seasons, like for summer and for winter. And she goes, "Yes, we're going to mark that." Overall, I'll recommend her for people that I know with no doubt. I'll get them with my eyes closed. They helped me and got my furniture and other things, in the same way, they took them. Plus, they were professional. Money wise, it was fair enough and wasn't expensive.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 16, 2017

Our move was a thousand miles from Pennsylvania to Kansas. We're looking for a company that was going to do a full service pack and move for a long distance because I had to relocate for a job before our home was sold. So, I had to get out of town and the house had to go on the market. I did a little online search when I was looking for a moving company and I was contacted by a representative from Radius who from the beginning provided me with excellent information and customer service. That was why we ended up going with them. Also, initially, the quote was excellent and was below what I was receiving from other companies.

Bob was the customer service representative that I worked with before I worked with Michele, the owner. He definitely knew his stuff and said he had been in the moving business for nearly 20 years. Michelle really took care of me throughout the final stages of the process when things got really down to the nitty-gritty and all the details. It was almost like a shock and surprise that I was dealing with the owner and I thought that was pretty cool. I had been talking to another larger national chain and I wasn't going to get anybody from the top to deal with. She really did a good job. She had a good grasp of what we needed not being able to be present and made sure that I was completely taken care of.

We were in Pennsylvania and their company is in New Jersey so, I wasn't able to receive like an on-site quote. Everything we were doing was via description over the phone. Even for our initial estimates was me walking through the home, room-to-room on the phone with Bob telling him what I have. So it was a little bit more complicated. With that being said, there was a little bit of difference in how many and how much stuff we had with our initial estimate. But that's because I have two small children and they have way too many boxes of toys.

I left our home and I wasn't even present for the pack in Pennsylvania. My husband was there with the crew and he said they did an excellent job. Michele sent six guys and they did the whole thing in one day from start to finish and didn't stop until they were done. They asked him questions if certain things are coming or going and kept him. He said he had a great experience there. She then stored our items for a little over a month.

Then, when they delivered our items, the driver and another employee came in the truck from New Jersey. We had four gentlemen unpacking and unloading our items and they did a great job. We really had a great experience and with a long distance, from out of area move, I couldn't have received a more hands-on and better service than I did. I felt completely satisfied, especially with a complicated situation.

I would recommend Radius Moving. In fact, Michele had a gentleman who was considering their company for a long distance move from their area out to somewhere across the country. She called me and asked me if she could give my number as a referral and he gave me a ring. I called back and told him all about my experience. It would be harder to do it from here in Kansas since they're not local but in his situation, he was going from Connecticut to Wyoming. He was pretty satisfied with the customer service he was receiving from the get-go and with my recommendation as well. I hope that gave them the business.

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