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May, 2024

Planet Fitness raises its $10 membership plan price

Gas, propane stoves produce dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide, study finds

For many consumers, the cost of moving has reached a ‘tipping point’

April, 2024

The cost of mailing a letter is going up again in July

Thinking of moving? These are the best states for singles.

Here are the companies most favored by consumers in Q1

March, 2024

Upcoming solar eclipse may lead to an increase in traffic accidents

Landlords' profits rise as housing affordability declines

Looks like there’s even more dangers lurking inside your home

FDA puts an end to forever chemicals used in food packaging

February, 2024

Major appliances: They don’t make ‘em the way they used to.

Researching solar energy companies? Here's a good place to start.

Does your home need a security system?

Bed bugs are increasing. Where does your city rank?

January, 2024

Grieving families overcharged? FTC cracks down

Ever ask your utility company how you can lower your rate?

Putting off a home improvement project? This may be the time to get it done.

Who is the best judge of the best companies?

December, 2023

Your digital legacy could be exposed after you die

November, 2023

Do you live in one of the roachiest places in the U.S.?

Space heaters spark fires as cold weather arrives

October, 2023

Consumers express frustration with today’s appliances

Struggling with utility bills? Consumers offer some advice on how to rein that cost in.

Insurance claims and Halloween go hand in hand

USPS releases shipping deadlines for the holiday season

Is Airbnb really getting rid of cleaning fees? Sort of.

September, 2023

Solar energy expected to grow by 52% in 2023

USPS is preparing for an extra-busy 2023 holiday season

Solar costs rose in the first half of 2023, but are slowing

Home remodeling spending could plunge in 2024

August, 2023

You’re doing laundry wrong and it’s costing you money

Here’s the best way to help Maui fire victims

Here's what a shopping cart full of groceries cost last month

Move over ground beef, here comes birria

Kiss your old incandescent one goodbye. A new lightbulb rule is in effect.

July, 2023

Crime is both down and up in the post-pandemic era

Americans with Disabilities Act celebrates its 33rd anniversary

Riding with Uber with a baby? Now you can get a car seat.

National survey reveals 45% of U.S. tap water may contain 'forever chemicals'

Does that snack contain THC? Feds are cracking down on companies that are allegedly deceiving consumers.

June, 2023

Planning a fireworks display? Here's how to stay safe.

Would you eat chicken produced in a lab? You’ll get the chance.

Summer has arrived with opportunities for fun -- and danger

As water purity issues grow, water filters appear to be improving

Fire extinguisher balls sold on Amazon may cause serious injury or death, CPSC warns

May, 2023

USPS proposes new shipping option that would reduce costs, improve reliability

With the swimming season on the way, here are some tips for staying safe at the pool

Three combination smoke and CO detectors to avoid

April, 2023

CPSC adopts rules to prevent furniture tip-over deaths

CPSC identifies another faulty CO/smoke detector

The USPS plans to raise prices for mailing services again

Tupperware sends up a distress flare

Do you know what to do to stay safe during a dangerous storm?

March, 2023

Carbon monoxide fatalities are on the rise, CPSC says

Thinking about buying a Ring protection system? You’ll now be paying for a monthly plan, too.

Two brands of digital CO detectors may not do their job, report finds

USDA will test mobile contactless payments for SNAP in five states

Clocks ‘spring’ forward one hour on Sunday

February, 2023

Buying a home? Thinking about a home warranty? Do you know all the ins and outs?

Counterfeit postage stamps are becoming an issue across the country

Want to fix your broken appliance? Good luck in getting any help from the manufacturer

CPSC moves to make gas cans safer with new requirement

January, 2023

Is the government really coming for your gas stove?

Space heaters and generators can keep you warm, but they carry risks

Which subscription services are you most likely to get rid of this year?

This might be a good year to do that home remodeling project

Concerns about air fryer safety on the rise

December, 2022

ConsumerAffairs’ readers picked these stories as the top 10 of 2022

Your utility bill a little high this month? Here's how to tame heating costs.

Where does your favorite fast food restaurant stand with other consumers?

Getting married soon? You can have a beautiful wedding on a budget

November, 2022

What's the safest way to preserve Thanksgiving leftovers?

Five products in your home that may be about to fail

Shopping for a mattress? Consumers rank the best companies

Despite what you may have heard, clocks are turning back this weekend

Winter heating bills may not break the bank after all

October, 2022

Cuddle up or pay up, America. Your utility bill could bite you where it hurts this winter.

Here are the cities that Orkin says have the worst rodent problem

Safety regulators warn about one brand of carbon monoxide detector

September, 2022

Renters can build credit through new Fannie Mae rent reporting program

Average heating bills could rise 17.2% this winter

August, 2022

Fast food restaurants making changes to speed up drive-thru times

Consumers face much higher natural gas prices this winter

July, 2022

New USPS postage rates are now in effect

Discriminatory housing practices may increase risk of heart disease, study finds

June, 2022

Tropical storm to hit Florida over the weekend as hurricane season begins in earnest

May, 2022

Consumers report costly issues with Lennox air conditioners

Popeyes reveals new Buffalo Ranch Chicken sandwich

April, 2022

White House announces additional funding to help consumers pay energy bills

Postal delivery speeds to change May 1

Benjamin Moore ranks first with consumers doing interior paint jobs

Emissions from cooking may affect air quality, study finds

March, 2022

Home improvement spending likely to rise this year, study finds

Houseplants help improve indoor air quality, study finds

February, 2022

Most homeowners are postponing needed repairs, survey finds

Paint in short supply because of supply chain issues

Avoiding the color red can help you keep away mosquitoes, study finds

Consumers may not always want help sticking to New Year's resolutions, study finds

January, 2022

McDonald’s sales are up, but its costs will double this year

Gas stoves are bad for your health and the planet, study finds

December, 2021

How prepared are you if you suddenly become unemployed?

Devastating tornadoes in U.S. showcase the importance of disaster preparedness

Customer satisfaction with utility companies dipped in 2021, survey finds

October, 2021

Setting goals helps consumers maintain attention for longer periods of time

Chicago still has the worst rat problem, Orkin survey shows

Feds predict sharply higher heating bills this winter

September, 2021

Surging natural gas prices mean consumers could face an expensive winter

For fall painting chores, consumers find plenty to like about major brands

Amazon to hire 125,000 new workers in hundreds of places across the country

CFPB establishes mortgage servicing rule to prevent foreclosures as protections expire

August, 2021

U.S. airlines waive fees ahead of Tropical Storm Grace

Florida governor tells residents to prepare for Tropical Storm Fred

Window and patio door makers excel in J.D. Power’s home remodeling survey

Biden administration extends the eviction moratorium, but not for the entire country

House Democrats call for action to extend eviction moratorium

Mortgage servicers got high marks from consumers during the pandemic

July, 2021

Biden asks Congress to extend federal eviction ban

Moving homes to avoid natural disasters may be harder than you think

How safe is your condo?

As Tropical Storm Elsa storms up the East Coast, are you prepared?

Home pool sales surge, leading to chlorine shortages and installation delays

CFPB offers tips to renters who will be affected by the end of the CDC eviction moratorium

June, 2021

Nearly 60% of buildings in the U.S. are vulnerable to natural disasters, study finds

People who moved to another city last year paid less for housing

May, 2021

Federal judge overturns CDC eviction ban six weeks before its expiration

CPSC issues urgent warning about adult bed rails

April, 2021

CFPB issues new rule to strengthen eviction moratorium during COVID-19 pandemic

Consumer agency says consumers should stop using the Peloton Tread+ treadmill

Los Angeles to become largest U.S. city to offer guaranteed income for the poor

Eleven percent of Americans moved last year, survey finds

March, 2021

CDC extends halt on evictions through end of June

Miami takes dubious honor as city with most first-time termite treatments in 2020

Texas officials say high electric bills will be forgiven

Survey shows many consumer behaviors may have changed for good

Senators introduce bill aiming to make Daylight Saving Time permanent

Catnip could be used as insect repellent, study finds

February, 2021

Some Texas utility customers are getting bills for thousands of dollars

Frigid temperatures in Texas leave millions in the dark

States with stricter gun laws have fewer issues with youth gun violence, study finds

January, 2021

Biden extends eviction moratorium for renters

The pandemic brought a sharp increase in package theft

December, 2020

Consumers should focus on helping others for their New Year’s resolutions, study suggests

College towns and new tech hubs will lead the way in the post-pandemic world, new study suggests

Social holidays improve consumers' overall well-being, study finds

November, 2020

FTC outlines rules for temporary stop to evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hurricane Eta weakens to a tropical storm, but it could still impact the Southeastern U.S.

October, 2020

Don’t forget to set your clocks back this weekend

Home improvements have skyrocketed during the pandemic

September, 2020

Your goals align with your personality, study suggests

Officials extend moratorium on rental evictions through end of 2020

August, 2020

Moratorium on most foreclosures extended to end of 2020

Consumers are seeing higher residential electric bills during the pandemic

ADT will partner with Google to provide a new home security system

May, 2020

Home security systems undergo a shift due to COVID-19

Middle age is more stressful now than it was in the 90s, study suggests

January, 2020

Shorter, cooler wash cycles are better for the environment and make clothes last longer

Idaho was the top moving destination in 2019, survey finds

November, 2019

Realtors’ group tries to discourage ‘pocket listings’ with new policies

House plants don’t improve indoor air quality, experts find

Bereaved consumers blindsided by newspapers’ high obituary prices

October, 2019

Orkin ranks the top cities for rat and mouse infestations

Cleaning with bleach in your home can release harmful air pollutants

July, 2019

Renovation spending projected to rise as home sales slow

May, 2019

Many millennials home buyers are feeling buyer’s remorse

April, 2019

California requires new garage door openers to be equipped with battery backup

February, 2019

Setting realistic goals can lead to better quality of life

Toxins from furniture and flooring found to linger in children's systems

January, 2018

Tips for getting organized in the New Year

December, 2017

Study finds a majority of U.S. homes have multiple allergens

Tips to save energy in your home during winter

November, 2017

Tips for keeping holiday waste down

Preparing your home for holiday visitors

One in five renters struggle to pay the rent

What you can do to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner

October, 2017

Popular home improvement projects on a budget

Why first-time homebuyers should be shopping now

How to prepare your home for trick-or-treaters

The ZIP codes millennials are devouring

Orkin lists America's ‘rattiest’ cities

Wait times for home renovation projects are on the rise

Zillow plans to offer 3D tours of houses and apartments

How first-time homebuyers can protect their budget

How to boost your home's appeal to sell in the fall and winter

September, 2017

How to boost your indoor air quality this Fall

Five outdoor home maintenance tasks to complete this fall

Five household chores to tackle before fall arrives

Simple ways to give your bathroom a facelift

Quick and easy tricks for eliminating household grime

Blue paint can increase a home's selling price, study says

August, 2017

What to do now to prepare your home for winter

Tips on choosing a color palette for your kitchen

Interior water leaks can be a homeowner's nightmare

Federal government rethinks stance that a potent new class of herbicides is 'safe for everyone'

The top five regrets according to home sellers

Five ways to improve indoor air quality in your home

How to make your backyard more inviting

New app guides homeowners who are remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen for resale

July, 2017

Home improvement mistakes first-time homeowners should avoid

The hidden costs of homeownership

8 clever tips to help take the stress out of cleaning

Decorating around black appliances

Signs you might not be ready to buy a house

How to cut energy costs when the mercury rises

What's included in your home purchase closing costs?

Improving your home's outdoor entertainment spaces

Texas study finds 'green' homes are worth more

Electric appliances becoming the 'new frontier' in climate change battle

Why you should stage your home if you want to sell it

Solar awnings provide shade -- and a tax credit

Swimming pools are great fun but be careful!

June, 2017

Home improvement projects that can boost the value of your home

Whirlpool refrigerator blamed for London fire that killed 79

Cleaning and caring for your home’s deck

Taking a picture of sentimental items could help you de-clutter

Eight ways to make your home sell faster

5 natural ways to control pests in and around your home

Vacationing this summer? Here are a few ways to prepare your home

How to shop for a new air conditioner

May, 2017

Two ways awnings can add value to your home

How to trim summer energy costs

Everyone wants to be a pioneer in the fight for boxed mattress dominance

Tips for planning your next move

LG rolls out Google Home-enabled smart appliances

What consumers need to know about identity theft

Why your home warranty is another important home-buying decision

Why no one is buying your home

Simple, inexpensive upgrades to help sell your home

April, 2017

One key to identity theft is in your pocket or purse

How to find a dog-friendly neighborhood

The cost of moving to a larger home with an additional bedroom

Three ideas to brighten up your home on a budget

Safety tips to keep in mind during garage sale season

Home improvements that yield the biggest ROI

Home selling tips for pet owners

Flame retardants suspected in rising thyroid cancer rate

Five ways to invest your tax refund into home improvement

March, 2017

Spring cleaning outdoors – tips for waking up your garden

Making home safer for loved ones with dementia

EPA approves drift-prone, toxic industrial weed killer on basis that all farmers will follow instruction label

How a home energy audit can help you save money

Painting tips to help a home sell faster

What to do to protect your home from hail

Lowe's launches new VR experience to help DIYers

What to do to prevent a dryer fire

February, 2017

Man dies when garden stool collapses

How to prepare your home for the spring selling season

Australian boxing fans in trouble for Facebook livestreaming

Why it's so hard to buy a house

January, 2017

Trump cuts mortgage aid to home buyers

Millennials have modest goals for homeownership, survey finds

December, 2016

How to save on your electric bill if you're traveling for the holidays

Do your smoke detectors need to be replaced? Here's how to tell

November, 2016

Traveling this holiday season? Here's what to do to protect your home

October, 2016

Want to know if someone died in your house? This website can help you find out

Modsy lets you see furniture in your home before you buy it

See how your room would look painted in a different color with Prestige ColorPic

The first responder in a natural disaster is you

September, 2016

Feds warn of safety issues with Samsung washing machines

Samsung washers blamed in series of fires

What to do this fall to get your home ready for winter

July, 2016

Hurricane forecast up slightly for this year

Bancorp South to pay $7 million to redlining victims

June, 2016

Which garden hoses contain the highest levels of toxic chemicals?

Three outdoor patio trends to embrace

April, 2016

Allstate plans big car insurance rate hike in Georgia

Installing a metal roof qualifies homeowners for a $500 tax credit

March, 2016

iRobot introduces a tiny, floor-cleaning robot that loves small spaces

Best refrigerators for style and quality

February, 2016

ADT Security to merge with Protection 1

January, 2016

Can you create a reclaimed wood accent wall in under an hour?

December, 2015

What will kitchens of the future look like?

August, 2015

Microwaves: a fire hazard in your kitchen

Preparing for disaster on a tight budget

July, 2015

New USPS program lets you see your junk mail before you get it

Leaking water heaters can cause massive damage

University engineers develop way to tornado-proof any home

Sellers beware: eBay will give your identifying information to anyone who bids on your auctions

June, 2015

Air conditioner maintenance tips

Are Samsung washing machines prone to cause flooding?

May, 2015

Tennessee HOA pays $156,000 to settle disability-discrimination lawsuit

Lumber Liquidators pulls China flooring; Lowe's pulls Tecsun products

California HOA still requires lawns in the middle of a drought

April, 2015

Garage door remotes tops on a burglar's list

Carbon monoxide from electrical generator kills family of 8

February, 2015

Front-loader or top-loader -- which is better?

Things to consider when buying a lawn mower

Appliances really don't last as long as they used to

Are you ignoring your septic tank?

Here's a list of ways around Keurig 2.0 machine restrictions

January, 2015

Can fast food stores really pay their people $15 an hour?

How to deal with a hostile boss

What happens when the pipes freeze

Homeowners' association sues residents for parking their pickup in their driveway

December, 2014

Fireplaces are cozy but toxic

Too much stuff? The self-storage industry keeps on growing

November, 2014

50 shades of gray for 2015

Do seeds have an expiration date?

October, 2014

Detergent manufacturers wish you'd waste more detergent

Opossum may drive your dog to distraction but they're great for your garden

July, 2014

Residential elevators -- a convenience but also a hazard

June, 2014

Antibacterial soap makers lather up to fight regulations

Air-conditioning: necessity or expensive luxury?

Gas grills are feeling a little rusty after the long winter

May, 2014

Smoke alarms are getting longer-lived batteries

Third-party energy providers can be a poor choice

April, 2014

From religious discrimination to pointless paint jobs: it's HOA roundup time

Deregulated energy providers: are they a good deal?

Honda, Toro lead Consumer Reports' lawn mower tests

March, 2014

Who pays when a power surge ruins your appliances?

January, 2014

Home inspectors: who are they working for?

Home electrical generators: Which kind is right for you?

December, 2013

HOA laws make life easy for burglars

Six steps to preventing identity theft of the deceased

Consumer Reports picks the best LED bulbs

Holiday lights and parked cars: HOA battles of the week

November, 2013

Choosing a washer: front load or top load?

Consumers: KitchenAid dishwashers keep washing out

Buying into an HOA leads to buyer's remorse

Honoring the best of the worst: the greatest-hits list for bad HOAs

October, 2013

New refrigerators have more features and doors

Finally, a wifi-connected smoke alarm

September, 2013

Washout reviews for Whirlpool Cabrio washers and dryers

ADT Security loves customers too much to let them leave

"Flushable" wipes fouling up the waterworks

Home video cameras weren't secure, FTC charges

July, 2013

Samsung, LG, Sub-Zero do well in J.D. Power appliance ratings

Agitator-free LG, Kenmore washers shaking up consumers

Today's inkjet printers give new meaning to 'disappearing ink'

June, 2013

How to deal with a horrible neighbor

May, 2013

How to get the most out of your air conditioner this summer

Your old fridge may be worth more than you think

April, 2013

Toasters can be fire hazards

Microwaves can be a fire hazard

March, 2013

Replacing your home's heat pump

Web advertisers attack Mozilla for protecting consumers' privacy

When is it time to replace your roof?

February, 2013

Things that can go wrong with self-storage units

When shopping for a washing machine, cheaper may be better

January, 2013

Things to remember when using the microwave

Liberty Mutual loses aftermarket parts dispute with West Virginia

December, 2012

Samsung, LG "dumped" low-priced washing machines in U.S., Commerce Department finds

Danger: popping a Champagne cork is no joke

10 ways to lower your holiday electric bills

New security system uses smartphone to control doors and gates

Ashley Furniture isn't making consumers all that comfy

November, 2012

Pyrex dispute explodes into federal court

Black & Decker Coffee Makers Brew Up a Lot of Problems for Consumers

The Orgreenic Frying Pan: Does It Really Do That?

August, 2012

Bonded Leather Sofas vs. Genuine Leather - What's the Difference?

Power4Home: Is Building A Home Solar Power System This Easy?

July, 2012

Reports Of Microwave Oven Fires Persist

June, 2012

A Look at LG's Newest Washer and Dryer Combination

May, 2012

Wall Street Loves Facebook, But Do Users?

April, 2012

Beware Black Mold Hype

Why Both Spouses' Names Should Be on the Mortgage

February, 2012

Riddex Plus Pest Repeller -- The 21st Century Bug Zapper?

Cuisinart Coffeemaker Meltdowns Leave Consumers Steaming

September, 2011

Internet Marketer To Pay $800,000 To Settle Florida Charges

July, 2011

Repairing A Leaky Bunn Coffeemaker

January, 2011

Did You Know You Could Still Become a Landowner for Free?

Women With PCOS Have Higher BPA Levels

July, 2010

Suit: LG Refrigerator Lights Won't Turn Off

Rena Ware Agrees to Refund More Than $600,000 to California Consumers

April, 2010

Indoor Tanning May Be an Addictive Behavior

November, 2009

Report Warns Against Over-Use of Household Disinfectants

July, 2009

Haier America To Pay More Than $500,000 Civil Penalty

March, 2009

One Of Five U.S. Mortgages Under Water

December, 2008

Is It Safe to Buy a House?

November, 2008

Housing 2009 Forecasts Mixed, But Mostly Grim

October, 2008

'Hope for Homeowners' Program Offers Faster Relief than Wall Street Bailout

August, 2008

New Orleans: Three Years Later

April, 2008

Lawmakers Propose Bill To Prevent 'Stove Tipping'

March, 2008

'House Stealing' Scam Combines Identity Theft, Mortgage Fraud

January, 2008

Feds Offer Vouchers to Cover TV Conversion Cost

December, 2007

Winter Months Increase Radon Danger

Report: Some Home Prices Could Fall 30 Percent

November, 2007

New York Sues WaMu and its Appraisers

April, 2007

Buying a Home in Foreclosure: What You Need to Know

March, 2007

FHA Loan Makes Comeback as Sub-Primes Sink

February, 2007

Mortgage Crisis? Act Now to Avoid Foreclosure

October, 2006

Foreclosures on the Rise

Craftmatic Settles WV Fraud Charges

June, 2006

GE Ice Dispensers Serve Up More Than Ice

February, 2006

2006 Hurricane Forecast: More and Bigger

November, 2005

KitchenAid, Samsung Rank Highest in Home Appliance Study

September, 2005

Air Cleaners of Doubtful Value

August, 2005

KB Home Customers Find FTC Penalties Inadequate

July, 2005

Ohio Settles With Craftmatic For $425,000

They Sure Don't Make Things Like They Used To

June, 2005

High Foreclosure Rates the Dark Side of a Hot Real-Estate Market

May, 2005

New York Takes On Predatory Real Estate Scams

Consumer Reports Tests Mattresses, Results Inconclusive

April, 2005

Ionizing Air Cleaners Can Cause Problems

September, 2004

Storm Victims Can Turn to FEMA Grants, SBA Loans

August, 2004

Don't Mess with Texas Contractors

June, 2004

Arizona Sues Kirby Vacuum Distributors

May, 2004

How New is Your New Mattress?

April, 2004

Appeals Court Decision Protects Right to Air Gripes Online

January, 2004

Class Action Suit Names Home Depot, Lowe's, Monogram Credit Card Bank

January, 2002

A Statement from Hy Cite Corporation, Royal Prestige Cookware

August, 1998

Food Shelf Life Recs

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