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by Greg Chick

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Updated on 03/19/2018

Water treatment systems are designed to solve different problems, so consumers need to determine their specific treatment needs before shopping for a water treatment system. Some common issues consumers have that require water treatment include: water hardness, chemical and/or virus removal, UV treatment, well water quality and other water contaminants or pollutants.

As important as determining the problem you are trying to solve with a water treatment system is finding a reliable, professional installer. Due diligence on the consumer’s part is the best way to assure the success of any trade person’s installation or product.

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    Compare Reviews for Top Water Treatment Systems

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems
    Read 1777 Reviews

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems offers clean water solutions with a lifetime guarantee on most products. Their in-home water test is completely free, and a professional will help you determine which system is best for your needs.

    Pelican Water
    Read 509 Reviews

    Pelican Water offers a range of water products, including their top-rated salt-free water softeners. Their factory-direct prices are nearly 50 percent off of retail, and they offer free shipping with no sales tax to most states.

    Read 350 Reviews

    Kinetico water systems offer smart solutions to remove impurities from your water. They offer a free water test so you can find the best system for your needs, and there's a quick quote option available through their website.

    Discount Water Softeners
    Read 87 Reviews

    Discount Water Softeners has over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential water treatment across the United States. It sells, services and installs water softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis systems and more.

    Quality Water Treatment
    Read 30 Reviews

    Quality Water Treatment has over 27 years of experience in residential and commercial water treatment. They sell, service and install water softeners, iron filters, Ph filters and reverse osmosis systems across the United States.

    Home Makeover Systems
    Read 297 Reviews

    Home Makeover Systems has been offering water purification solutions, bathroom remodeling, exterior painting and attic insulation services to homeowners in Central Florida since 1985.

    Pur Water Filters
    Read 493 Reviews

    Pur designs and sells multiple faucet and pitcher water filtration systems that are certified to reduce over 70 contaminants. Faucet filtration mounts range in price from $25 to $45. Pitchers range from $25 to $35.

    Read 142 Reviews

    Culligan offers water delivery and treatment plans for homes and offices. Delivery plans start at $9.99 and include cooler rental and three bottles of water for three months. You can customize the plan to meet your needs.

    Read 10 Reviews

    EasyWater offers America's No. 1 salt-free water treatment as well as other products. All of their products are chemical-free so your water is natural, has no harmful additives, is free of toxins and is safe for everyday use.

    Brita Water Filters
    Read 170 Reviews

    Brita designs and sells multiple water filtration products including pitchers, bottles and faucet systems. Faucet systems start at $18 and go up to $30. Pitchers range in price from $12 to around $50.

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    Profile picture of Greg Chick
    Greg Chick

    Water Treatment Systems Contributing Editor

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    Greg Chick has worked as an entrepreneur for over 40 years with a background in plumbing, irrigation, pools and water heating. He is a member of Green Plumbers USA, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials and American Society of Plumbing Engineers. Greg works to educate residential consumers about quality plumbing products.

    Considerations when choosing a water treatment system

    Contaminants targeted

    Water treatment system companies are used by customers to remove a variety of different contaminants from their water. Note that, while some brands may use the term purify in their marketing materials, it is an inaccurate term to describe water treatment. Pure water is H2O, nothing else, which is a rare substance to encounter in its pure state.

    • Bacteria: Some water treatment companies focus on removing bacteria from water; these companies specialize in UV and other disinfection methods to kill bacteria that infects water and might make drinkers sick.
    • Minerals: There are also companies that target excess minerals in water, which cause the water to be hard. Companies that specialize in removing minerals often use a water softener system that uses an ion-exchange resin.
    • Multi-contaminant removal: Many water treatment systems companies offer services to remove a wide variety of materials from water. Some of the contaminants removed by water treatment systems include heavy metals from construction projects or damaged pipes that cause water to taste metallic, sediment that has gotten into a water supply through construction work and makes water appear muddy and brown and chlorine added by public water companies to disinfect water sources, which gives water a strong chemical taste.

    Types of systems

    There are multiple systems by which water treatment systems companies can remove contaminants from water.

    • Point of entry systems: Point of entry water treatment systems are able to treat all of the water entering a home or business and are installed after a water meter or storage tank.
    • Point of use systems: Some water treatment systems are used where people directly access the water, like a kitchen sink or a showerhead.
    • Multi-system companies: Multi-system companies perform several different types of water treatment, such as treating hardness with water softeners and removing pollutants. They can also treat by ionic exchange and Granular Active Carbon (GAC).

    Source of water treatment

    Water treatment systems companies can treat drinking and usable water that comes from a range of different sources.

    • Groundwater: Companies that treat groundwater specialize in technology for treating traditional water from the ground, which is a common type of water used for drinking and bathing in homes and businesses in many parts of the United States.
    • Brackish water: Brackish water is water that is part saltwater and part freshwater, which is often collected in estuaries. Brackish water can be collected and treated by water treatment companies to desalinate (Reverse Osmosis), then be used for things like irrigation and watering gardens and lawns.
    • Surface water: There are water treatment systems companies that specialize in treating surface water, which is collected rainwater or water at the top of a natural body of water. These companies collect the fresh surface water and use treatment to remove algae, bacteria and solids from the water in order to make it safe to drink or bathe with.

    Technology utilized

    Water treatment system companies use a range of different technologies to treat and condition water for customers.

    • Filtration: Water filtration cleans water by trapping contaminants in a filter, which then absorbing or breaking the contaminants down.
    • Ultraviolet technology: Companies that use UV technology utilize UV rays to disinfect water and kill bacteria in it.
    • Reverse osmosis: There are some water treatment companies that use reverse osmosis, which is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from a solution (such as water). This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semipermeable membrane.


    In water treatment, eco-friendly means little or no effluent wastewater is required in treating the water. Water softeners are not eco-friendly even if they claim they are. Everything is relative, but all water softeners have wastewater that is hazardous to most anything, (salt).  Water filtration companies differ from one another based on how eco-friendly their filtration practices are.

    • Green filtration companies: There are some water filtration companies that filter water with the environment in mind, and they only use green materials and products.
    • Eco-friendly options: Some water treatment systems companies offer customers eco-friendly products and services, like salt-free treatments, which use significantly less water in order to get pure water than a traditional salt-based purification system.
    • Traditional water treatment systems companies: Many water treatment systems companies use traditional technology and products, and they are not particularly focused on environmental-friendliness.

    Customer maintenance requirements

    Water treatment systems differ from one another based on how much maintenance a customer must perform on the system. Performing proper maintenance on your water treatment system is a must if you want it to continue working.

    • No maintenance required: Some water treatment companies handle all maintenance for water treatment systems, including installation and regular check-ins and updates.
    • Minimal maintenance: There are some water treatment systems that require minimal maintenance from customers, like checking filters to see if they are clogged or dirty or watching monitors on filters that change color when they are ready to be replaced.
    • Customer maintained: Customers often have to have complete control over the maintenance of their water filtration system, like replacing filters regularly.

    Types of water treatment system companies

    Commercial water system companies

    Some water treatment system companies are completely devoted to treating water for large scale businesses, like hotels and office towers. These companies handle large projects for big facilities.

    Residential water treatment companies

    Residential water treatment companies specialize in treating water for customers that live in homes. They can set up systems for a whole home, for different faucets or water sources within a home.

    Water treatment product companies

    There are some water treatment companies that simply sell individual products for water treatment. Consumers can purchase these products, like drinking water filters that can be directly installed onto faucets and add-on showerhead softeners. They can use them as needed to filter and treat water.

    Water softening companies

    Water softening companies are fully focused on treating hard water, which is water that has a high mineral count, can taste odd and leave scale behind on shower walls, bathtubs and sinks. These companies can install water softeners for both residential and business customers.

    People who use a water treatment system

    Homeowners with hard water

    Homeowners with hard water have water with excess minerals and impurities in it. Water treatment systems help soften water to make it more palatable and better to use.

    Homeowners near a compromised water supply

    Sometimes a water supply can become compromised because of natural disasters or industrial accents. Water treatment systems companies can help clean potentially compromised water and ensure that it is safe and healthy to drink.

    Managers of large commercial properties

    Developers or managers have to manage the water supply of large business complexes. Water treatment systems on a commercial scale can help clean water for a large number of people.

    Rural customers using well water

    Rural customers often don't have access to fresh water lines. Customers who use well water can use water treatment systems companies to ensure their well water is safe and clean to drink.

    Expert reviews for water treatment system companies

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

    RainSoft Water Treatment Systems is a company that offers residential customers water and air purification services. The company is headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, and they serve customers throughout the world.

    Read More
    Pelican Water

    Pelican Water Systems is a salt free water treatment system company that was founded in 2007. The company, headquartered in Deland, Florida, specializes in filtration more than softening, although they do both. They are well known for creating drinking water that tastes fresh and clean.

    Read More
    Discount Water Softeners

    Discount Water Softeners has been offering commercial and residential water treatment solutions for over 25 years. It sells, services and installs water softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis systems, sulfur filters and more. Consumers can order products online with free shipping, as well as take advantage of multiple online sales and specials.

    Read More
    Quality Water Treatment

    Quality Water Treatment offers customers water treatment equipment and parts at discount prices. They also offer free lifetime technical support for all products purchased through their website. Choose from products like water filters, whole-house water treatment systems, water softeners and more.

    Read More

    Kinetico Water Systems offers water softeners and reverse osmosis systems for your home. Kinetico was among the first companies to offer nonelectric, fully automatic water treatment systems. Kinetico’s systems are powered by moving water, which keeps your cost down for operation and repairs.

    Read More

    Culligan got its start in 1936 and is now the leader in home water delivery as well as in-home, commercial and industrial water filtration and treatment services. It is different than most water delivery services because it doesn’t make or bottle the water it delivers; instead, Culligan specializes in water treatment systems and softeners. Water delivery services from Culligan start at $9.99 per month.

    Read More

    Easy Water has been treating water for homeowners for more than 25 years. The company has an environmentally-friendly focus, using natural products to treat water, and they are headquartered in Fishers, Indiana.

    Read More
    LifeSource Water System

    LifeSource Water has been treating water for customers across America since 1984. They use a healthy and natural process to get rid of hard water, remove bad taste or odors from water and eliminate scale left behind by water in showers, tubs and sinks.

    Read More
    Martin Water

    Martin Water Conditioning treats water in Pennsylvania and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic. The company has been in business for more than 40 years, and they are headquartered in Myerstown, PA.

    • Certified employees: The company has more than 40 employees who are certified with the Water Quality Association, so they are knowledgeable experts about water treatment.
    • Spot-free car rinse systems: In addition to treating drinking water, the company also has a system to treat water with which customers wash their cars, to ensure water does not leave spots on the car after the wash.
    • Environmentally informed: Martin has four water system operators that are certified with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which means they are informed about eco-friendly and sustainable water treatment practices.
    • Free water analysis: The company offers prospective customers a free water analysis test to see if their water needs conditioning, filtration or treatment.
    • Agricultural water treatment: Martin Water specializes in treating water near agricultural areas that might be affected by herd, livestock and poultry operations.
    • Best for: Homeowners with hard water, homeowners near a compromised water supply, developers or managers managing large commercial properties and rural customers using well water.

    Compare Reviews for Top Water Treatment Systems

    Read 11 Reviews

    Puronics manufactures residential and commercial water treatment systems that are sold through dealers across the United States. Founded in 1947, Puronics’ products include water softeners, no-salt filtration systems and more.

    Hague Quality Water
    Read 75 Reviews

    Founded in 1960, Hague Quality Water is one of the oldest family owned water treatment manufacturers. The company offers their WaterMax® water treatment system, which are each hand tested and given a 25 year warranty.

    LifeSource Water System
    Read Reviews

    LifeSource Water Systems, founded in 1984, provides a variety of different products, including a Whole House Water Filter. Their systems do not use salt or potassium, and their filtration systems are completely maintenance-free.

    Martin Water
    Read Expert Review

    Martin Water, which was founded in 1979, offers free quotes and analysis through their website. They offer both residential and commercial water systems, including a Spot Free Rinse System that installs within five minutes.

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