Thinking of moving? These are the best states for singles.

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The number of other singles in the population is a big factor

Single adults, especially recent college graduates, are among the most mobile Americans. Often unencumbered by families and home ownership, they can live just about anywhere they can find employment.

So, with such a blank canvas, the ConsumerAffairs Research Team ranked the best states for singles. Criteria included job opportunities but also other single people among the city’s population.

Ot her criteria included cost of living, housing indexes and opportunities for recreation and nightlife. With those guidelines, New York emerged as the best state for singles.

Yes, New York is a comparatively expensive state, but jobs tend to pay well. New York has the highest percentage of unmarried people 15 and over in the country and the highest number of theater and dinner theater companies per capita, making it exceptional for celebrating solitary life while still offering plenty of opportunities for connection.

Are you the outdoors type?

Alaska might appeal to the outdoors type, but the 50th state is also a great place for singles, checking enough boxes to make it second on the list. Alaska has more nature parks and recreational establishments per capita than any other state.

Although the cost of living and housing in Alaska can weigh heavily on a single budget, the higher median income in the state could offset some affordability concerns. The median income in Alaska is even higher than in New York – $88,121.

New Jersey is third on the list, with 34.8% never married and 8.4% divorced. The state has a lively restaurant scene and a diverse population, as well as highly walkable cities and an excellent transit system.

If you find the first three states surprising, you should check at the full list here. Spoiler alert: neither California, Texas nor Florida made the list.

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