How to prepare your home for the spring selling season

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What you can do now to make a quick sale come spring

It may still be winter, but it’s not too soon to begin the process of preparing your home for the spring selling season. In fact, winter is the ideal time for sellers to start preparing their home for the parade of prospective buyers that will come through in the spring.

Tackling home projects during the winter months can boost your chances of making a quick, turnkey sale come spring, says Greg Sexton, chief operating officer at Century 21 Real Estate. To get your home ready for spring showings and open houses, he recommends striking now while the weather is cold.

Today’s market is rich with opportunity for home sellers, says Sexton. Increased wages, rising home prices, and low inventory are among the factors that could work to a seller's advantage when spring rolls around.

But don’t wait until the last minute to make sure your home is ready for its close-up.

Preparing your home

Here are a few things sellers can do now to get their home ready for the spring selling season, according to Sexton.

  • Get your home inspected. Getting your home inspected prior to the spring selling season can give you more time to make repairs. Additionally, you might find it easier to find a contractor since many are looking for work during the less busy winter months.
  • Give your home a once-over. Take a look at your home with a critical eye and eliminate any issues a home inspector may discover. Make sure all items are up to code, seal any cracks, fix a leaky roof, etc.
  • Landscape. It may be a while before the trees fill out and gardens repopulate, but sellers don’t have to put their landscaping plans on hold. Winter is a great time to spruce up landscaping by trimming hedges and cleaning up flowerbeds.
  • Declutter. Cold winter days are perfect for taking on indoor projects, such as cleaning closets. Decluttering can make a house look more spacious -- and, as a bonus, it might even help clear your mind.
  • Change paint colors. Certain paint colors may not appeal to a wide range of buyers. Consult a realtor for helpful tips on choosing paint colors that will show off your home.  
  • Consider financial obstacles. Think about how much money you’ll need to make off the sale to ensure financial stability. Liens and second mortgages should also be considered.
  • Be an early bird. To increase your chances of getting your home sold first, be the first to the market before it is flooded with competition.

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