Does your home need a security system?


One recent analysis estimates 1.6 burglaries occur every minute

More than a half-million Americans are victims of burglaries each year, according to the latest FBI statistics. The FBI received 583,178 reports of burglaries from various police departments in 2021. An analysis by Insurify estimates nearly 1.6 burglaries occur every minute in the U.S.

Do victims get their belongings back? In most cases, they don’t. The FBI puts the burglary arrest rate at a little over 11%.

Meanwhile, “porch piracy” ran rampant during the last holiday season as thieves made off with package deliveries. Can a home security system help? In most cases, it can, but there are many options to consider.

At the low end of the scale are do-it-yourself things like exterior motion-sensing lights. Burglars tend to avoid well-lit dwellings.

Doorbell cameras are another inexpensive security device and might help identify porch pirates. Some are available for less than $100.

There are security devices that can be applied to doors and windows, sounding an alarm when they are open. In many cases, a loud noise will be enough to send a burglar running. 

These simple security systems can be purchased online and are also sold at retails like The Home Depot, which offers devices from several different manufacturers.

Monitored systems

Professionally monitored security systems might cost more but offer a higher level of protection. In many instances, professional security companies will bundle the cost of equipment and installation with a multi-year monitoring contract. 

Nationwide Insurance suggests that if you go that route, make sure you understand what happens when the alarm alerts the monitoring company. Will the company call you to make sure everything is okay or will it call the local police department?

According to security expert and retired Navy Seal Mark Cochiolo, home security isn’t just one item but should be layers of protection. He explains it in the video below.

A recent ConsumerAffairs analysis shows a significant increase in spending on home security. Of the 107.9 million households in the U.S. that have internet access, about 28% of those households (approximately 30.2 million) pay for a security service, and 10% (approximately 10.8 million) have a DIY security system.

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