Complaints mount about Frigidaire oven doors

Frigidaire oven doors shatter unexpectedly, raising safety concerns but there has been no recall - Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on UnSplash

Consumers say the glass windows in the doors can shatter

Tempered glass is not supposed to shatter when heated. But apparently, it does.

WATE-TV in Knoxville, Tenn., reports the glass door of a Frigidaire oven shattered in the home of a local resident, Lisa Hutsell.

“We were just hanging out in the living room,” Hutsell told the station. “My oven had not been on. My stove had not been on since noon. All of a sudden we hear a great big bang.” 

Exploding glass, especially glass exposed to heat, is nothing new. Since 2003 ConsumerAffairs has received reports of Pyrex dishes exploding after being removed from an oven. Now, the problem appears to have spread to the glass windows in oven doors.

Kayla of Lebanon, Tenn., recently told ConsumerAffairs she had that experience with her six-year-old Frigidaire oven.

Flying glass

“As I was cooking dinner one night, and the oven was preheating to 350, the oven door exploded while I was standing right next to it,” she wrote in her post. “Glass shot 10 feet throughout my kitchen and sounded like a gun went off. Thankfully, my small children had just left the kitchen because 60 seconds before one of them was standing right in front of the range helping me cook.”

Matthew, or Rome, Ga., said his family moved into a new house with all Frigidaire products.

One night, after dinner, clean up, and then getting ready for bed, I walked back down to the kitchen for a glass of water only to find the entire front window of the oven shattered and lying all over the floor,” Matthew told us.

Jessica, of Chickasha, Okla., said she was cleaning her six-month-old Frigidaire oven and removed the door so she could get better access.

“When I went to remove the hook from the oven, the hinge was so tight that the pressure of it releasing from the oven, shattered the glass into a million pieces all over my kitchen,” Jessica wrote in a ConsumerAffairs review. “Customer service said the door was never to be removed so it's my fault.”

CPSC is getting complaints

WATE-TV reports the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received more than 900 reports of exploding glass oven doors since 2018 but there has been no recall.

“I called Frigidaire to report the incident and ask why there has not been a recall when I have read multiple reports of their oven glass exploding and they could not give me an answer,” Kayla told us. “Their only suggestion was that they would send out a tech, which would cost me $100, and the tech could tell me how much it would cost to repair.”

Oh yes, ConsumerAffairs is still getting reports from consumers about their Pyrex glass pans shattering. As of May 23, Pyrex has a 100% 1-Star rating from ConsumerAffairs reviewers.

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