Riding with Uber with a baby? Now you can get a car seat.

Photo via Nuna Baby

The partnership between Uber and Nuna Baby will make it easier for families to get where they need to go

Uber’s latest partnership will change how parents and families use their services moving forward. 

The rideshare company has partnered with Nuna Baby to allow parents riding with infants and toddlers to request car seats for their rides

“Transporting a little one around town can be stressful, so we’re thrilled to team up with premiere car seat company, Nuna, to offer rides with their quality and stylish car seats,” Uber said in a statement. “Beginning in New York City and Los Angeles, Uber Car Seat allows parents and caregivers to request and reserve a ride with Nuna’s RAVA car seat that easily carries little ones from five to 65 pounds.” 

How does it work?

Requesting a car seat in your next Uber is as easy as ordering your next ride. For parents or caregivers who are traveling with little ones who need a car seat, you simply open up the Uber app, set your pickup and dropoff locations, and then when it comes time to select a car, select Car Seat. 

Travelers are likely to get many of the same vehicles that they’d get in a regular UberX ride. The car seat will also be adjustable to accommodate front- or rear-facing positions depending on the child’s height, and the RAVA seat is made with natural, flame-resistant material and an all-steel frame. 

Currently, Uber Car Seat is available in New York City and Los Angeles, and the company plans to roll it out in other locations soon. 

More new features from Uber

In addition to car seats, Uber is also adding a few other new features, two of which are family accounts and teen profiles. The goal of both new features is to get teens where they need to go as safely as possible while giving parents the opportunity to track them every step of the way. 

With family accounts, multiple Uber users can link their accounts together. This means that anytime a member of the family places an Uber Eats order or is taking a ride, every other family member can track it in real-time. There’s also the option to pay for all orders and rides from one account. 

When parents set up teen accounts for their kids, they also have the ability to contact the driver directly during a trip their teen is on, live trip tracking – to see exactly where teens are headed and who’s taking them there.

Other safety features include audio recording in the Uber app if your teen feels uncomfortable at any time. Verify My Ride is a two-step verification security check that requires a pin to make sure you’re getting in the right car. 

RideCheck is an in-app emergency button. Any time a teen account gets in an Uber, parents will get full access to all of these safety features. 

Another new feature is the ability to access Uber through a toll-free number – 1-833-USE-UBER. For those who may not have smartphones, but still want to get the benefits of reserving or requesting a ride, now anyone can use this number to do so. 

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