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We value the time and energy our visitors put into writing reviews, so this page houses any brand or company that has received enough reviews to be published but doesn't quite fit any of our existing categories. If you can't find what you need elsewhere on our site, use our guide to research the best miscellaneous company for you.

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Read 3,186 Reviews

JustAnswer connects you to the right type of specialist fast so that you can get the answers you need. Save time and money and talk 1-on-1 with and expert until you are satisfied.

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Life Line Screening
Read 185 Reviews

They are committed to being your trusted screening source for disease prevention through professional testing by highly skilled and certified staff.

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World Education Services
Read 1,212 Reviews

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Tristar Products
Read 1,018 Reviews

Manufactures and sells everyday home solution products. Selection varies from innovative air fryers to cutting-edge exercise equipment. Products available on brands’ sites and on Amazon.

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Read 220 Reviews

PeopleFinders offers users the ability to search for public records by name, email address or phone number. It also offers special services for businesspeople who want to do a large number of background checks.

Touch of Modern
Read 140 Reviews

A modern, members-only online store and app. Sells luxury fashion products and accessories for men. Based out of San Francisco. Sells tech gadgets, smart home appliances, clothing, watches and more.

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GBS Warranty Services
Read 339 Reviews

Provides healthy sleep products and mattress/furniture protection services. Offers an array of comprehensive protection plans. U.S.-based call centers and distribution centers. Plans backed by A-rated insurance carriers.

Read 1,056 Reviews
Read 722 Reviews

On-demand postage for packages shipped around the world. Free trial and discounts available. Monthly membership fee of $17.99 and shipping rate discounts of up to 40%. Shipping supplies for sale online.

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quip Toothbrush
Read 314 Reviews

This electric toothbrush is slim and battery-powered, making it easy to use and easy to travel with. Toothbrushes start at $25 for plastic and $40 for metal. Add a refill plan for $5 to receive a new brush head every three months.

Read 48 Reviews

Sonos is an American electronic company known for its speaker systems that use mesh networking via your wireless internet connection. This allows you to play music through multiple speakers in multiple rooms.

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Sony PlayStation
Read 655 Reviews

Read 1,596 Reviews

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Allen School
Read 522 Reviews

The Allen School has been offering courses in health care science since 1961. This institution offers nurse's assistant and medical assistant coursework in medical insurance and billing.

Apple Tech Support
Read 489 Reviews

Apple Tech Support provides consumers with workshops, support chat, repairs from a variety of means. Whether consumers need in-store consultations or online driver downloads, Apple Tech Support can help solve their problems.

Read 498 Reviews

SiriusXM Satellite Radio
Read 2,955 Reviews

Read 843 Reviews

Founded in 2002, Redbox is a DVD rental service company utilizing kiosks in retail locations to make video rental convenient. Customers choose a DVD from an automated kiosk dispenser using a credit card and pay per 24-hour rental.

Read 123 Reviews

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Masterbuilt Smokehouses
Read 434 Reviews

Masterbuilt Smokehouses got its start in 1973 and today makes a variety of products and accessories. It makes a variety of electric, propane and charcoal smokers and grills, as well as multiple fryers and cookers.

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    Life Line Screening

    Life Line’s mission is to promote your awareness of potential health threats through early screening, detection and diagnosis. Their highly trained staff and thoroughly vetted physicians work together in a cutting edge atmosphere to detect early disease and advocate working with your doctor to improve quality of life.

    • Board-certified physicians: All Life Line physicians reviewing test results are board-certified in their state of practice.
    • CLIA-certified laboratory: All testing performed in Life Line’s lab follows the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).
    • Screenings are independently verified: Life Line’s vascular screenings are all independently confirmed alongside studies from hospitals in both the United States and the UK.
    • Randomly audited results: Life Line performs random audits of patient results to confirm their accuracy.
    • Through reviews: A second technician verifies any abnormal results.
    Read 185 Reviews

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    Read 38 Reviews

    Provides access to new releases and classic games for rent or purchase for the most popular gaming consoles. Free rush shipping for rentals and no late fees. Members rent movies or new and used video games.

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    Read 19 Reviews

    Shops for and delivers groceries. Partners with many nationally recognized grocery stores. Provides consumers with a personal shopper. Allows you to customize grocery lists and schedule delivery times.

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    Dollar Shave Club
    Read 91 Reviews

    This shaving subscription service starts at $5 for a starter set and as low as $6 for a box after that. You can also order products for skin care, shower, hair and oral care. Gift a subscription for three, six or 12 months.

    Read 336 Reviews

    Read 273 Reviews

    Read 102 Reviews

    Manufacturers and sells razors and other grooming products. Offers subscription services to customers who order online. Available in several retail locations. Provides products at affordable costs.

    Circle K Gas Stations
    Read 127 Reviews

    Read 310 Reviews

    A&E Factory Service
    Read 1,008 Reviews

    Publishers Clearing House
    Read 1,907 Reviews

    Direct marketing company that offers some merchandise plus daily sweepstakes and casino-style games. Entry available online, by phone or by mail. Prizes include cash, cars and more. No cost to enter or to win.

    Massage Envy
    Read 412 Reviews

    Apple Music
    Read 475 Reviews

    Rodan + Fields
    Read 64 Reviews

    This skin care company was founded by two dermatologists and has regimens that address all major skin concerns. Become a preferred customer to save up to 10% on your order. You can also become a consultant and receive commission.

    Read 704 Reviews

    Global Tel*Link
    Read 613 Reviews
    Read 288 Reviews is a liquidity services website, partnering with retailers and others to liquidate surplus inventory or assets. They allow users to list and bid on items including apparel, jewelry, electronics, tools and more.

    Social Security Administration
    Read 459 Reviews

    Brother Printers
    Read 145 Reviews

    Known for their reliability, Brother Printers are designed to offer good print quality at an affordable price. They have integrated features that make them workable for small businesses, like BR-Script 3 compatibility.

    Apple Store
    Read 362 Reviews

    The Apple Store’s physical location is both a retailer of Apple products and a customer support hub. Consumers can visit the store to attend free workshops to get training for their devices or for consultations and repairs.

    Read 77 Reviews

    Spotify is a streaming service that lets you stream music, podcasts and video from mobile and desktop devices. You can use it for free with commercials, pay $9.99 per month for a Premium plan or $15 per month for a family plan.

    Read 70 Reviews

    Invisible Fence
    Read 47 Reviews

    Invisible Fence is a Radio Systems Corporation company. It manufactures, sells and installs in-ground fences and other wireless barriers. The company has been in business over 40 years and helped more than 3 million pets.
    Read 88 Reviews

    Established in 2002, is a self-publishing company that allows authors to create and sell printed or electronic books. Users can design their book jacket, format their manuscript, apply for an ISBN number and more.

    Vindale Research
    Read 228 Reviews

    Read 227 Reviews

    Honest Company
    Read 50 Reviews

    This wellness brand sells products in bundles, starting at $35.95. The products you’ll receive vary and can include diapers, wipes, health and wellness products, formula and cleaners. You can also buy products individually.

    Read 241 Reviews

    Read 56 Reviews
    Read 491 Reviews

    CarHistory was started to provide comprehensive vehicle history reports. With a VIN number, its database can pull information on vehicles around the world.

    Google Home
    Read 23 Reviews

    Google Home ($49-$399) is a smart speaker with Google Calendar, Photos, Play, Assistant, Spotify and Chromecast integration. The Home can be used to perform smart home tasks such as dimming lights or changing a thermostat.

    American Education Services
    Read 322 Reviews

    American Education Services offers government loans for education. Its loans are backed by the Department of Education; students often work with this service after filling out their FAFSA and being approved by their school.
    Read 2,290 Reviews

    Consumer Reports
    Read 314 Reviews

    Trex Composite Decking
    Read 121 Reviews

    Founded in 1996, Trex manufactures wood-alternative decking, railings and outdoor items using recycled materials. Its products include deck framing, outdoor furniture, lighting and storage.

    Read 58 Reviews

    Read 643 Reviews

    Ancestry offers a membership to search genealogy records for $99 for six months. DNA ancestry tests can be bought separately for $99. It provides raw DNA data and sends results in six to eight weeks.

    Better Homes & Gardens
    Read 56 Reviews

    Uber Eats
    Read 15 Reviews

    Food delivery service partnering with hundreds of restaurants across the country. Use the website or app to browse restaurants, order and pay online and track your order.

    American Mint
    Read 160 Reviews

    Located in Pennsylvania, American Mint began as a mail-order company in 1998, advertising in newspaper inserts and magazines. It now includes a website to sell items like collectible coins, replicas, knives and other memorabilia.

    Blue Mountain Cards
    Read 116 Reviews

    Read 1,426 Reviews

    Exxon/Mobil Gas Stations
    Read 94 Reviews

    Read 115 Reviews
    Read 75 Reviews

    Read 52 Reviews

    SentrySafe has been a trusted brand of security and storage solutions since 1930. SentrySafe specializes in fire-resistant safes, and its products are sold online and in retailers around the world.

    Social Security Disability
    Read 265 Reviews

    Social Security Disability is a government program that protects plan holders' income should they lose the ability to earn. The program is run by the Social Security Administration, which is now more than 80 years old.

    Read 147 Reviews

    Global Client Solutions
    Read 31 Reviews

    Third-party payment processor provides real-time access to account balances and a bank account to save, track and disperse funds for debt relief purposes.

    Judge Judy
    Read 94 Reviews

    Judge Judy is a syndicated television show airing on CBS. It features a real judge, Judy Sheindlin, who hears civil court cases as a mediator. Guests on the show agree to abide by her ruling and are paid an appearance fee.

    Read 62 Reviews

    Founded in 2006, Kabam is an online gaming company specializing in console-quality mobile games. Users can access games for free on their mobile devices and can also purchase premium content within the game platform.

    Genie Garage Doors
    Read 138 Reviews

    Riverside Military Academy
    Read 35 Reviews

    Royal Administration Services
    Read 81 Reviews

    PartyLite/Blyth Industries
    Read 135 Reviews

    NSI Protection Plus
    Read 78 Reviews

    Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco
    Read 43 Reviews

    Read 47 Reviews

    PaperBackSwap is an online book exchange community, where members exchange used books with other members for the cost of postage. It also offers members a discount on new books purchased through click-through links to

    Amazon Echo
    Read 59 Reviews

    Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that uses Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled system. Echo interfaces with several different programs to play your favorite music, make calls or interact with your smart home devices.

    Reader's Digest
    Read 628 Reviews

    Square One Resolutions
    Read 8 Reviews

    Offers graduates or former students of for-profit career colleges a way to reduce student loan debt. Files claims against collectors or schools with questionable reputations. Cost varies, and programs take around 120 payments.

    Bleacher Report
    Read 19 Reviews

    The Bleacher Report provides the latest sports news online and on their app. Their Media Lab provides thoughtful content related to the world of sports, including narratives, interactive stories, mixed media articles and more.
    Read 113 Reviews

    Walkfit LLC
    Read 155 Reviews

    Established in 2008, Walkfit LLC makes shoe insert orthotics called WalkFit Platinum, designed to correct the position of your foot to improve posture and reduce foot pain. These orthotics are a featured As Seen on TV brand.

    Read 107 Reviews

    Napster, formerly known as Rhapsody, is a music streaming service founded in 1999 in Seattle. Napster is a subscription service that allows members to download music, listen to radio stations and more on their PC or mobile device.

    Bottom Line Inc.
    Read 112 Reviews

    GE Light Bulbs
    Read 261 Reviews

    Read 51 Reviews

    HubPages is a website featuring user-generated content and revenue sharing amongst users and site owners. Founded in 2006, Hubpages recruits members to write informational articles, paying them a small incentive for each article.

    Winners International Sweepstakes
    Read 361 Reviews
    Read 51 Reviews

    CR England Trucking Company
    Read 59 Reviews

    Samsung Bluray
    Read 139 Reviews

    Government Grant Scams
    Read 1,923 Reviews

    Read 770 Reviews
    Read 228 Reviews

    DMV provides driving records, hit and run records, DUI records and more. You can also get a free vehicle history report from their website.

    ConsumerAffairs Accredited Partner Icon
    Accredited Partner
    US Search
    Read 143 Reviews

    Background check and person search generator. Accesses criminal records, social media accounts, property records and more. Free basic searches. Trial memberships. Membership provides unlimited reports and thorough searches.

    Novartis Rebates
    Read 112 Reviews

    Amish Miracle Fireplace
    Read 92 Reviews

    Read 57 Reviews

    For over 90 years, Caterpillar (or CAT) has been in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry. Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, CAT now has manufacturing and distribution centers in over 180 countries around the world.

    Grand Canyon Skywalk
    Read 7 Reviews

    The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass structure that allows visitors to stand over the Grand Canyon. The structure is approximately 4000 feet over the Colorado River. It opened in 2007.

    Grubhub Read Reviews

    Offers online and mobile food-ordering and delivery. Choose from national chains or local hot-spots. Ability to search by cuisine, restaurant name or menu item. Pricing varies based on order and location.

    Candu Read Reviews

    Provides access to HVAC, electrical, plumbing and appliance repair. Fixed-rate pricing and next-day services available on some repairs. Six-month guarantee on all work. Offers free DIY videos and tips for many quick repairs.


    Offers full-service junk removal. Convenient pickup and responsible disposal and recycling. Removes anything nonhazardous that can be lifted by two movers. No-contact services available upon request.

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    Modern Fertility

    Offers a comprehensive fertility hormone test that can be handled at home. test up to eight hormones to help understand individual fertile health. Physicians review tests, and the technology is backed by a clinical study.

    Shop Now

    Lets customers find child, pet and senior care on the website or app. Babysitters, nannies and specialty care available. Instant book and pay. Post for free. Screening tools, secure messaging and background check options.

    Learn More
    Used Cardboard Boxes

    Provides environmentally friendly moving boxes. Boxes are sourced from companies that would otherwise dispose of or recycle them. Has free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Other moving supplies are also available.

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    Kevin Trudeau
    Read 860 Reviews
    Out Of Business

    This company has gone out of business.

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