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It's a tourist trap and not the history of the Indian culture they describe!!! It's overpriced and if it rains you only get back the skywalk fee!! First of all you just cannot go to the skywalk! They make you pay for two other sites which comes to 87.00 and more if you wish to have lunch! And oh they have about 4 package deals to chose from but we chose the cheapest! We were so excited to go see this attraction but Mother Nature rained us out of the entire trip! We did not know that they would only return to you $26.00 of the 80.00 we paid! I'm sure it's beautiful but read the fine print because it's on there about not getting reimbursed for other attractions you have to pay for to go to the skywalk. Also you cannot take your cell or cameras on the skywalk but they will take pics for you and charge you for them!

Believe me you can go to the National Park of the Grand Canyon and see just as much if more and be in control of what, where, and when you want to go!! It rained and flooded the entire time we were there! We sat under anything we could to keep out of the rain and lighting. At one time some of us found shelter and was going to just sit it out until rain and lightning passed but they forced us to get out in the rain while it was lightning and try to find a safe place to sit until we could get to a tour bus! There were no one to help us or try to get you to a tour bus! We are in our late 60s and we could not run as fast everyone else so we got soaked and we were a good 3-4 hundred yards from the little restaurant at the 3rd site. We were trying to get back to the main bldg from the skywalk but the bus driver never said where we were when the bus stopped!

We saw we had gotten out at the third site instead! The bus left us and it started flooding rain before we could wait for a bus! When we finally ran through heavy rain and lightning we got back on tour bus that went back to main bldg. The tellers were rude with us about the return! We finally waded to our car after we got our small reimbursement where it took us 2 hours to drive on a washed out flooded road that was just so dangerous!!! The entire highway was completely destroyed!

I won't be going back to this location!! We love the Indian heritage and history but we were also disappointed at the attitude we receive from the younger Indian heritage that was employed! They were plain old snooty and unfriendly!! It's sad because what they had done to this part of the Grand Canyon was awesome! But it's all tourism. No history! They all are selling their jewelry and pottery and if you wish to eat you will pay $5 for a hotdog! They will not allow you to take anything, not even water! You have to buy whatever they are selling at triple prices!

This is tourist trap and NOT a place you can actually learn anything from as far as their heritage!! The scenery is beautiful but you can see the same beauty from the other side where you only pay for the National Park fees which senior citizens can get exempt and take your own food and drink and you can hike and see the beauty of the canyon and all its history. Also they have park rangers that will help you in case of what we faced with this storm! They knew it was going to rain and one official even told us we probably would not get to walk out on skywalk because it was going to rain after we had bought our tickets!!! We were so so disappointed with every detail!!! Save your time and money. Go to the National Park. It's safer and just as beautiful!

The grand canyon skywalk is absolutely beautiful but it quite pricey. I am so disappointed that the Hualapai tribe allows visitors to make a wish by tossing a coin over the skywalk. This practice is not only desecration of the land but also is killing the California Condors as well as other animals. Coins are getting lodged in the throats and guts of the and they are dying a slow painful death. X-rays have confirmed this.

I planned two years for the time and trip 'out west'. I saw a lot of good things and enjoyed the trip. The Grand Canyon Skywalk was like going to the county fair. You know that everything is just a way of taking your money. The long 'gravel road' was terrible. I had driven a new Corvette out there as part of the enjoyment. I don't believe a Dune Buggy could have taken the beating this road gave out. This was unexpected. And I would never have dreamed of visiting under these circumstances. I would advise anyone to go to the National Park and forget about this terrible place.

So my wife and I decided to take the 2-hour detour required to get to the "Grand Canyon West Airport," which is the staging area for the Grand Canyon Skywalk. To get here, you have to take a 25-minute long drive on an unpaved dirt road with rocks, pot holes, etc., horrible road, hardly maintained. Most like ATV trails, than a road for cars and buses. We thought it was rather tacky. Spend the money for the attraction, without making the proper infrastructure first?

Once you get there, you find out that you can't actually drive to the Skywalk, you'll have to take a shuttle bus. Okay, I can handle that. Once you get inside, we find out there are no cameras allowed, no cell phones allowed. If you want your picture, you'll have to pay $30 just to download it online! Not even a hard printed copy! Okay, so we can skip the picture.

Then, we get to the ticket counter. So, you have to take this "bus tour" to get out to the Skywalk, and you can't drive yourself. This "tour" is a guided drive to the Skywalk which tells you the history of the Hualapai Indians (if you care). So, now, the cost is $45 for the ride. I thought it was only $30 to walk on the glass, now, I think it's $45! Okay, I can deal with this.

Surprise! You still have to pay $30 on top of the $45 bus ride if you want to do the Skywalk, and then pay $30 to get a picture you download. For my wife and I, this would have been almost $200, which would require waiting in this long line for the bus as well! We left, bitter and disappointed. We have plenty of money, but it wasn't about the money. The dishonesty and cheapness of these people is just incredible. We hear a family of 6 in front of us, and it was going to cost them over $500 total for the attraction. I was blown away. You can spend 16 hours at Disneyland with your family for that same price, and I'm sure you'll have much more fun and don't have to drive to the middle of nowhere to do it!

We drove 14 or 15 miles up a rock road with lots of ruts in it. We got there and they weren't charging the price on the internet to see the Skywalk. They were very rude also as well as charging over $70 a piece to ride a bus and see the Skywalk. We left and drove back down to the rocky rutty road and proceeded to enjoy the Grand Canyon, another way than using the Skywalk.

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