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Valspar Signature interior has been nothing but a nightmare. 4 coats and I still see my base color... White. The color I purchased was light raffia. Don't waste your money on this garbage. I unfortunately can't afford 35 dollars a gallon to paint a 10×2 patch over and over.

I purchased the Valspar ceiling paint for the ceilings in all the rooms of a 3 bedroom house about 1500 sq. ft. and also a semi gloss latex to paint over the walls which were neutral colored. The walls and ceilings were all washed down with the appropriate chemical as per directions on the box. I then painted and I have to say this is the worst paint I have ever used. The coverage of this paint is very poor, I tried to contact the residential customer service department there was no answer I left a message and after 2 weeks there's still no callback. I will never use Valspar nor would I allow any of my tenants to use it nor recommended it to friends, family, etc... Save yourself a lot of time and money and skip the Valspar products!

Purchased a gallon of Valspar sandstone paint. Salesperson said it goes on like any other paint and advised me that 1 gallon would be more than enough for an 11 by 10 room. After coat 1, it looked like the worse paint job I ever saw. Splotches and didn't cover. I have painted several rooms in my life and never had a problem. 3 gallon at $49 each later and a lot of hard work it took for a less than satisfactory job. I emailed the company to see what they could do for me and no response. Stick to Home Depot BEHR paints! You will be much happier.

We are a professional painting business that just finished using Valspar Pristine Satin and Reserve Eggshell to paint a very large area. 4 coats later, it still looks very bad. We used these paints at the customer's request. Utterly Beige is the color we are applying over a pale yellow and it looks awful. You can see everywhere we cut in, brush strokes are obvious and the sheen is splotchy. Worse yet - the longer the paint dries, the worse it gets! Now, after a week, you can see every drywall seam, ding, dent and previous repair. Even nail hole patches are obvious. Valspar has offered to refund us the purchase of all new Reserve, but I'm nervous... They also want us to sand the walls with 220 grit before painting a 5th coat. I'm thinking I should just cut my losses and switch to what I know works at this point.

Cannot put 2nd coat of spray lacquer without it wrinkling!!! Tried to put primer over it to change product line it crackled. I do not recommend Valspar paint!!! SHERWIN WILLIAMS paint owns Valspar. It is now tank wash!!!

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We bought Valspar signature semi-gloss. This says it has primer in it, it's one coat. After three coats rolled on, it still has some blue showing through. After 36 hours when we tried to take the edge tape off, the paint peeled like a bad plastic wrap. It even peeled the old paint and paper off the drywall. The valspar rep refunded us and bought us different paint (signature high-hiding paint and primer.) He also told us the walls had been wiped down with 409, that's why we had a problem. We bought this house from my brother and his wife and they never bought 409 or wiped down the walls! We are still working on getting this bad paint off and we may need to have drywall torn out and reinstalled. I'm not sure how to proceed with this new valspar, but if it gives us problems we may have to go after valspar in court.

I took all the numbers and information off the gallon of paint I had purchased at Lowe's only for the guy to say he had to have the label. I drove thirty miles for this guy to tell me this. Your representative was there and he done nothing. I then had to drive another thirty miles to take the entire can to them. At first he didn't even want to shake the paint that was in the can. I said, "You should shake that so the color matches." So finally he did but he never stirred it before taking the test so the paint did not match the color I was trying to cover therefore I had to repaint every room. Had it been color matched correctly I would not have had to buy 8 gallons of your paint. I will never shop at Lowe's or buy any Valspar paint again. I will go to Sherman Williams. I know nothing will be done about this but wanted to let you know my experience.

Have just struggled to use Valspar primer/undercoat and gloss which are the most appalling products but due to the cost have had to carry on and use them. Wanting to uncharacteristically make a complaint, the company website is unobtainable via Google but, being so incensed I've dug a bit deeper and found that B&Q seem to have some connection with the company. Funnily enough, the B&Q chap recommended this paint. We normally use Dulux - never a problem over 30+ years of decorating - but needed to paint factory-finished acrylic-primed windows and prepared old windows. 4 coats of each paint later and can still see through it. An absolute waste of money and hours of work and it just looks total rubbish. Have contacted B&Q but not hopeful of any contrition.

Used Valspar interior paint on an old cabinet that I sanded back to natural wood. Spent hours and hours doing this only to make the bad decision of using Valspar paint. Four coats later and it's still needs god knows how many more to cover the wood??? Wish I hadn't taken the advise of the hardware assistant and just stuck with my usual Dulux or Taubmans brand. Won't be doing that again!!! Whatever you do don't go with this brand!!!

I've painted many indoor and outdoor projects over the years but my indoor experience using Valspar Reserve paint in my kitchen was the absolute worst paint I ever used. The first problem is one can't roll it but once as the paint lifts off the wall otherwise. That means one swipe of the roller, which causes paint runs which can't be brushed or rolled out. As if that wasn't bad enough the "one coat coverage" was not accurate as two coats were required, and this was painting over a light pale yellow with a variation of white paint. To add insult to this the paint cost was in the $35 range. Stay away from this paint unless you like sanding runs and painting over and over once each coat is completely dry.

Valspar wood and metal paint - Bought the fluffy robe. Did all the prep ready to paint and it's just like water. Rang B and Q. Got told to take it back so they could have a look at it and see what they could do. Basically got told I should of bought the premier one and they can't do anything. I would have to take it up with Valspar. Absolute joke and waste of money. If I had all the time in the world to start writing complaints and answer stupid questions like what sort and make of brush did you use. Bloody toothbrush. Not a happy chappy.

I bought 10 liters of Valspar Trade matte emulsion in brilliant white last December and when my painter opened it last month he found it had separated. After 20 minutes of stirring it still hadn't mixed so he had to buy alternative paint to complete the job. I was astonished to be informed by the manager of B&Q Abbey Centre that after a few months the paint is likely to separate and may well require more than 20 minutes of stirring. He further recommended returning it to a B&Q store so they can put it in the paint shaker and then it would definitely be ok. I've never encountered this problem with other paints and since my nearest B&Q is 20 miles away I don't think I'll be buying Valspar paint again.

I've bought 5 litres of Valspar paint to paint my boat. I gave the boat 4 coats in dry conditions. I was told that the same paint is used to paint shipping containers. First time it rains my whole boat is left with water marks. I've had to sand it all down and now going with a different brand. £74 wasted + my time.

I bought the high-hiding paint + primer and it did not cover my trim work that was the same color, white. I thought it would be a one step process but after paying $36 for a gallon of paint that did not work and left my trim looking awful, I now have to buy more paint to redo the job. I got this paint from Lowe's so I will be sure not to buy this brand again.

We purchased Valspar paint 5 years ago and painted the exterior of our home. Then within a few months it was peeling off three of the porches, especially the floor. (Yes, we used porch floor paint for that!) By then it was in the fall and we could not do anything with the porches due to the weather. Then in the spring we went to speak to a Valspar representative. He told us we needed to scrape the floors, banisters, etc. and use the Valspar primer before we used new paint. So we scraped and primed everything and then used the primer and painted as directed. It is three years later and our house looks horrific. The paint is peeling everywhere and you can clearly see the primer (white) underneath. The paint did not last as the guarantee stated it would. Off to repainting the whole house again.

Both Lowe's and Valspar have exceeded expectations with my paint issue. They contacted me several times in an effort to resolve my complaint and treated me with respect and concern.

I appreciate the fact that they are in the process of determining if the batch of paint I got was defective, yet they refunded me the price of the paint at once along with an apology for my experience.

They even refunded me for the other paint I bought that was not defective,14 gallons of Valspar Reserve paint in all. Any product can be defective, but not all companies would take the measures these two did to make it right. I have been a life-long customer of Lowe's and Valspar and will continue to shop with them.

Thank you, Lowe's and Valspar for your excellent FIVE STAR customer service.

Original Review

I bought top of the line Valspar Reserve ONE coat paint. It was the worst and very expensive. Even with clean prepped walls and their suggested high-end rollers and paint brushes it didn't cover, smelled horrible and looks terrible. I should mention that I was going over a light yellow with their Mushroom Bisque, in the same color family. Something has changed with this paint in the last 2 years because my parents had their home painted with it with great results. One coat covered and there was no odor. I spent several hundred dollars on this paint to cover 1800 sq ft. FIND ANOTHER PAINT!

I've been using Valspar paint for several years now but recently I've noticed that the flat interior has an eggshell finish, and I'm not talking about when it's wet! It's been two days, the temps have been in the 80's and next to no humidity. This paint is dry dry dry and has an eggshell finish on a flat finished wall. I had to double check the can to make sure I wasn't given the wrong paint! SO SO SO disappointed. Went to Home Depot for a cheap cover paint to fix this mess. Thanks Valspar, won't be using you anymore.

We went to Lowe's and purchase paint for our new home bathroom. We bought a semi-gloss Valspar paint and I have to say this paint has been the worst paint I have ever purchased. This paint looks like you have oil paint on the walls and it dries up horrible. My walls in the bathroom looks horrible. Will never ever purchase this Valspar paint again. Stick to Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore paint. I do not recommend this paint. Stay away from this horrible paint.

I had to tell the world about the dreadful quality of Valspar paint - DO NOT buy it! It has taken 6 coats of both primer and paint to get an even coat of paint on 1 feature wall and in gloss on a wardrobe in Pretty Poppy red. We started using the Premium paint then found out about the "even better" Trade paint - both were a complete waste of money. This paint is not fit for sale - consumers are wasting their hard-earned cash on a product which apparently has not been quality inspected.

We purchased the paint for new plaster because we had just renovated our house and had a new ceiling downstairs and all newly plastered walls. We applied the Valspar paint and then applied Dulux colour on top. We have now found if you knock the paint, it peels off and the Valspar paint underneath just washes off. We have now had to remove all the paint back to bare plaster and start again. I therefore would not recommend Valspar paint to anyone. I have complained to them about this and all they have offered is a voucher for 5L of their paint. Why would I want to buy any more of their paint.

I am restoring an antique miniature Romany caravan, and needed to colour match existing paint work in a high quality gloss paint. The colour matching process was perfect, but the product: Valspar Gloss is the worst, so-called Gloss, that I have ever used!! Beware, this product is sold totally unfit for the purpose. Three 1Ltre Cans in 3 different colours at a cost of £81.00 (That in itself is a joke!!). It has a consistency of thinned custard, covers well, but shows every single brush mark (and I am using sable brushes). It dries in less than 15 minutes to a finish that looks like matt emulsion!! So, quickly removed from antique with WATER & WET CLOTH!! Nearly a disaster. Tomorrow this product will be on its way back to my local branch of B&Q, as a present on the Manager's desk, with a demand for a complete refund. A professional restorer's view on Valspar paint range: absolute rubbish - beware!

I bought Valspar wood and metal paint, it is a complete waste of time and money. I wish I had read the reviews. Horrible lumpy finish, cannot eliminate brush marks, cannot touch up without redoing whole job, dull finish not satin as stated on the tin, not fit for purpose. Whole job needs to be redone.

Please, please, please save your money and do not buy Valspar paint. 15L later and my 3 average sized bedrooms are only just covered. After the initial 5L of their hard wearing paint, the decorators went back and bought the trade stuff in the hope it was better. It wasn't!!! It's taken 4 coats to get a semi-decent finish on what were almost white walls to begin with (one had a baby pink hue, one lilac and the other limestone), yet after 2 coats of the Valspar scrub-able matt, we had to use another 2 coats of the Trade matt. Even now it's not fully covered. It will need one more coat!!!

Absolutely atrocious and the worst decision that B&Q could have made going to this and ditching Dulux. I will be finding a store that mix Dulux and I will happily pay the extra cost for the paint (even though the B&Q Valspar prices are not competitive with Dulux - they are about the same). I will even happily pay the added cost of travelling to a store that mixes Dulux paint as I will never buy Valspar again!

We went into B&Q to buy some Dulux special colour mix paint from their bespoke mixing system but found they have ditched Dulux in favour of Valspar. We have put four coats on the wall over a cream emulsion and the original colour is still showing through. The Valspar is patchy and looks terrible. This paint is crap! Won't be buying Valspar again.

Used Valspar Premium Satin paint for Wood and Metal. It is the worst paint I have ever used. NEVER, EVER buy it. Purchased B&Q and recommended "Premium" base for this personally mixed paint. Dries really quickly when applying but is thin and needed 3 coats to cover white paint (which had been undercoated). Feels really gritty to the touch when dried. Was told it would take a week to be fully dried, so was cautious with it. Now a month later it is chipping off and the white underneath is showing through our buff coloured woodwork. I could cry. Having painted 10 doors and all the associated woodwork for hall, staircase and landing. This is no joke. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

I have used this Valspar semi gloss paint twice now for woodwork. What a terrible paint. It doesn't go on smooth, it skins & clumps so quickly. It ruins brushes, you can't get them clean. I don't know if it's the primer they put in everything now or what but you cannot get a nice smooth finish or get it to spread evenly. Do they make a paint anymore without all this new crap in it? It seems like ever since they did that paint isn't as good as it used to be.

I bought a total of four different colors of Valspar paint, enough to paint our whole house. According to Lowe's, this was "the top of the line" and would satisfy my needs. However, it was BY FAR the worst paint I have ever handled & we repaint our house once a year to keep it different and fresh. Normally we purchase from Home Depot (which has the best paint EVER) but Lowe's was the only thing local to our new home.

We started in our Foyer and Hallway, which was originally an off white with a white trim. We were going a dark red. It took THREE COATS, and it was still peaking through. I returned the unopened gallons back to Lowe's, where they told me a representative could come out to refund the paint we used so far, but that it could take up to 14 days. We passed because by that time we would already have it covered up. This is the WORST PAINT and a complete waste of money.

I had exactly same issues as Sue of Lecanto, FL. Bought the paint at almost exactly the same time. It immediately started to chip after letting it dry a day or so. Put down another coat with same result and about a week later it too got all oily and gross. Very slippery. Called Valspar and they gave me two new cans of paint, this time the non-skid kind. So, now that the holidays are over I again cleaned my porch and put down a new coat of the non-skid. I've let it cure for three days this time, but this morning when I just moved a lightweight patio chair over it for the first time, it again chipped the paint off the surface.

I called Valspar and the customer relations person very nicely told me it might take up to another week to fully cure. That's not what I wanted to hear. Very disappointed with this product. When the porch was painted 12 years ago for the first time we had a friend do it who is in the business and maybe we had to wait a day or two for it to be ready. This is crazy and the weather here hasn't even been as humid as normal. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT. GO TO HOME DEPOT AND SEE IF THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT BRAND.

Went to Lowe's to get porch paint. Told the salesman I was repainting the porch which is cement and the deck that is wood both have been painted before and no peeling or damage just wanted to update color. He sold me 2 gallon of porch and floor and I went home and painted. He looked really nice and we stayed off for 2 days. Weather good 80's in the day, mid 50's at night. No rain but humidity at night. Live in Florida always moist at night. The 3 morning I was leaving for work. Had a good quality tennis shoes and went from porch to deck and down I went, injured knee and back. When I got home the paint had a few area wear it came up but when I touched it, it almost felt like an oil reside on the surface.

Stayed off another day and my husband slipped the next day and the paint is coming off surface. I called the company and they had the local rep call. I explain it felt like oil to touch even after I walked over the surface onto my tile floor, it left a slippery residue on my shoes. Rep assured me the only thing I need to do was get the paint that has a sand mixture in it. They did give me free paint and the sand paint has dried and doesn't have the residue but very dissatisfied with the product. I have always used porch and deck paint before and never had this problem and tomorrow I'm going to my doctor to see what can be done with my knee and back. I really hurt myself bad.

Tacky, tacky, tacky. A month later and it still hasn't dried. You can literally peel the paint off the wall. It's less a paint and more like a plastic wrap. And the customer service person at the store said it was 'the best of the best.'

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