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I have replaced 4 Genie Garage Door lifters in less than 1 year. They are junk. I replaced the Genies with a LiftMaster and it works great. Stay away from Genie garage door lifters. They are not worth the trouble. Go with a LiftMaster. They are great.

Silent max 1000 - I have more calls to Genie than all other products I own combined. If you read the reviews you will notice a common thread from support. It's your door causing the problem not their hunk of ** opener. The remotes have very poor range. The response time is so slow you end up pushing the button multiple times. If you text a lot this may be a good feature. Push the button, send a few text then look at the door to see if it is moving. I will never buy another Genie product!!!

I have had at least a dozen garage door openers, mostly Chamberlain's but one very old Electro lift, all were superior to the current Genie Powermax 1500 I have now!!! I have had to replace the control board twice once when new and again when it stopped working and I called the company for assistance and was told "we will not help you until you replace the control board which is under a recall." So I had to wait until the parts arrived and repaired it myself, worst customer support and a terrible product, it will on occasions forget all of the settings and then it won't open, close or do anything until you go through the setup process again. Don't buy a Genie - find anything else!!!

The opener unit has always had trouble communicating with the outside keypad. Today the entire system failed including the inside opener. We followed the instructions for resetting and testing the opener, nothing worked. Buy a Chamberlain instead.

Just got off the phone with Genie Garage Doors openers for the second time. Both times a 20 minute wait, just to talk to an aggressive obnoxious rep. They insisted that my door was causing the problem. They had a rep come by and tested the door. Said it was fine, then demanded $94 for stopping by. Meanwhile, they had to give me a new control board and sensor on warranty. People, find a better brand than Genie. I won't use them again.

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I purchased a Genie Garage door opener in March 2016 from Lowe's and after installation it worked about a month and then the belt broke. When I called Genie customer service they told me that it was under warranty and I just needed to answer a few questions before they could send me my part. Sounds easy enough? Not so. After being on hold forever, I get this technician who basically tries to tell me that my garage door is the problem because their belt wouldn't just break. Well that's funny because I'm sure reading a lot about belt problems on this site. And the old garage door opener had been on the house for over 20 years with no problems so it's not the door. Genie should stand behind their products and follow-up with the warranty. I paid $250 for this opener which can't even be used. Poor customer service, poor quality, poor company.

I bought a Genie 1000 garage door opener and installed it 6 months ago and I have had the belt to break 3 times. And this morning as I was going to work I opened the door and it broke again. I have tried to contact them and can't get any attention. This is a very bad product and I would not advise anyone to buy it. I wish this company would stand behind their product and send someone out to fix my problem but I highly doubt it will happen. I will not be buying any more of their products ever again, unless they resolve mine. This is a headache to deal with because when you buy something like this you expect more than 6 months of service out of it. Just my thoughts!!!

I normally don't write bad reviews to hurt people's business if I find it's not necessary. But I will be doing this for the sake of people who want to buy Genie's Garage Opener. I purchased Genie's opener without searching for reviews about this company and within less than 6 weeks the unit stopped working. I spent hours back and forth to get a final chance to talk a Rep, who told me that I should find and pay a technician to fix my door because she is not able to help me to troubleshoot. She said she normally spends 5' with CS to troubleshoot but it's been 25' already and we could not fix it so I'd better find someone to help me.

I can't imagine what type of a business like that with such a rude and irresponsible service. I think Genie would not stay long in the market with this type of poor behavior. In fact, Consumer Reports or Consumer Affairs should check the company out to better protect consumers after so many bad reviews about this company. I would be happy to replace my opener than to ever deal with this company again. Apparently, Lowes will hurt its business by carrying Genie's products. Bottom line: Don't buy Genie's products. It's not worth your money, your time, and your trust.

We built a home in 1999. Had a GENIE screwdrive Intellicode installed. NEVER had an issue with it... until now... May 2016. We did the research, started trouble shooting, contacted CS and that started the revelation of Genie's horrid customer service. We discovered the motor is failing after EVERY trouble shooting scenario and even a coupler (that we ordered & didn't need)... The hours my husband was on the phone, sending numerous sized photos that CS insisted they were 'too large'.They insisted every # we sent them (in photos) was not the 'number' they needed. We even sent a copy of the county recorder's info of ownership-- because they said they couldn't send our replacement (as per Lifetime warranty) unless they had valid home ownership.

Must have spent 10 hours going back & forth, a few days on and off trying to get answers. It was so ridiculous. We are totally happy to PURCHASE the motor, yet they still refused to assist... Giving us line after line "it's policy, we can't do that", "we don't make those any more''. Then we got a tech to speak with my husband and go through all the motions- disconnecting the unit, running the motor, taking more pictures. The tech says, "That's not our motor"!!! Well it has red & white GENIE plastic cowl w/ Genie intellicode on it... And all the docs that came w/ it say 'Genie'... Are they NOW trying to say it's a knock off? Is Home Depot involved in this?? OMG! As of this writing, my husband is still on the phone with the tech(?)... UN freakin believable! If they stand by their Company name, one would think they would 'right' the situation and send us a replacement motor that is intended for our model & be done. Good deed, happy customer. How hard is that?

I bought this opener from Lowe's about one year ago. Yesterday I junked it for a Sommer made in Germany opener. I am not the type to call the MFG and complain about a $250 dollar opener when I know what the problem is and it cannot be fixed to last any longer than it did already. This opener is not engineered correctly, made with cheap plastic parts that wear out fast, and cheap clips that break easy.

Now to explain what went wrong. The opener just quit working and I noticed the screw drive rod had come apart and was hanging over my truck. I checked and the clip that hold them together had broke in two pieces. The plastic clips that hold the rod in place were wearing and had allowed the rod to drop out putting pressure on the clip. In order to install new rod holders the unit would have to be removed and the unit taken apart in order to install new clips that would just wear out again. My choice was to just junk the item and go with a direct drive unit with no screw drive rod. My advice to anyone wanting to have a garage door opener that last is do not buy the Genie powermax 1200.

I purchased a Genie Silentmax 1000 garage door opener from Home Depot on 12/05/2014. Just slightly over one year later (12/15/2015) the unit stopped working, the door would move about one inch up or down then it would stop. I called technical support and worked with them to try to resolve the problem. Nothing worked so they sent me a new part for the unit. I was frustrated because I had paid to purchase this unit, I paid to have it professionally installed and now just 12 months later was expected either repair this defective Genie unit myself or pay a professional to repair it.

When I called technical support for further assistance after receiving the new part they told me that there was nothing more that they could do because it was no longer under warranty. I posted a review on the Genie website and noticed that the only reviews posted were those praising their products. My review is nowhere to be found on the site. Needless to say after have spent my hard earned money on a Genie Garage door opener I am in the position of having to stop my car, get out to open the garage door by hand, get back into the car to pull into the garage then stand on a chair to close the garage door again. It is frustrating to do this as I look up at my relatively new, completely useless Genie product hanging from the ceiling.

I bought a garage door opener from Walmart in May of 2015. The garage door opener was from the Genie brand and was $157. The garage door opener was working fine till December of 2015. The garage door opener stopped working as the door would not open or close. When I called for assistance in January of 2016 the customer service representative asked me to troubleshoot. I did this by reprogramming the garage door opener and unhooking and hooking cables as they had instructed me to do. The garage door opener still did not work and they told me that it needs a new motherboard. I got the part in the mail and installed it, but the garage door opener still did not work.

When I called customer assistance again in February of 2016 they asked me to troubleshoot again. I requested a new garage door opener or a refund and stated I could bring the garage door opener back to the store. At that time the customer service representative said there was nothing he could do anymore even though the garage door opener is still under warranty.

Our garage door opener broke after only 1 year of use. The opener would not retain programming the up or down travel limits. Because I felt it was a safety issue (going down on a car or going up when I was not home) I took it down and purchased a new one (different brand). The old Genie opener is on the garage floor. I called Genie company. The customer service rep didn't listen carefully as he kept telling me to get on the ladder to trouble-shoot, etc. Bottom line? The old unit has to be reassembled and then I have to call back for trouble shooting. "Allow an hour or more", he said. He was provocative and argumentative with comments like, "Do you want help or not?" and "Maybe your garage door itself is out of alignment. Who installed this? Was it installed correctly? How can we be sure? Where did you buy this? We can't help you if we don't know the issues." Blah, blah, blah.

To be sure I understood him, I said, "I actually have to reassemble it for warranty coverage?" He replies, "Well, not on the ceiling, ma'am, I mean what do you want? If you want help then you have to reassemble, otherwise I don't know what you want." The Genie customer service was DISCOURTEOUS and unprofessional to say the least. Not looking forward to the return call IF I decide to reassemble this. I will never again purchase another Genie item. (Note: Paid $228.00 on 01/02/2015 and broke on 01/04/2016).

Recently I drove off before my garage door had completely closed. It reversed on a broom handle and left my garage door open and the entrance to my house exposed. I found out that the Genie Company makes a closed confirm remote. I purchased it for my Genie Trilog 1500 garage door opener. It works with the Network Adapter that I plugged into the back of the motor. Now, after I push the button on my remote, and I back my car out, the remote beeps and a light flashes, confirming that my door has closed all the way.

As a side note... I've had no problems with my Genie Trilog opener since it was installed 5 years ago. My previous opener, a Genie Belt Drive Stealth, worked great for 15 years and never broke. I upgraded to the Genie Trilog because I wanted one that opened my door fast. I never have to wait to pull in my garage anymore. As a precaution, I installed a computer battery backup above the motor. These motors have circuit boards like a computer and I don't want to take any chances on lightning or power surges burning something out. Also, my wireless keypad quit working. I went online and found instructions to reset it and now it works great again.

I just wanted to post another review to second the motion of all the others that I have read. I am actually in a situation that the Genie 2026 was installed through a home warranty plan (Old Republic) and the motherboard has already gone out after just a few years. Which is shocking to me because I have been in my home for 11 years and my other garage opener still runs perfectly (and I'm suspecting it was originally installed when the home was built so add another 14 years to that). Of course the home warranty company only wants to replace the motherboard and since it has been such a short time period since it was installed, I'm going to chalk it up as a loss and install a completely different opener.

Reading these reviews made me realize that it doesn't matter which brand of Genie you purchased, the underlying theme is the circuit board will go out sooner rather than later. The technician actually stated that their company no longer installs any brand of Genie because of the motherboard issue. I'm staying clear of them and from all these reviews. I would suggest you do the same.

After experiencing a electrical problem with our fairly new garage door opener (garage unit sparked & smoked), was asked by service rep to fiddle with the unit to troubleshoot. The Genie Company has had fire hazard issues & recalls. Not a safe situation to put a consumer in. I will never buy a Genie company product again.

I purchased a Genie Opener SilentMax1000. It broke two months after installation. Broke again last week and customer service is giving me run around about honoring the warranty. This business is a joke. I should of went with a Chamberlain! I asked to speak with a supervisor - they have not called back yet. I called today again to speak with one and got another excuse. They have horrible customer service and products. Word of mouth goes a long way and I will make sure everyone I knows, hears about this until I get this resolved from the company. Looking at other reviews, I see this isn't a freak incident. This co needs to honor their warranty.

My husband and I bought the Genie SilentMax 1000 garage door opener 14 months ago to replace our quickly dying 15-year old dinosaur opener. At first we were impressed. The install was fairly easy to do on our own and we did it rather quickly. Once the opener was hung we were impressed with how quiet the opener was as it opened and closed the door. After about 6 months of use the opener became louder and louder and after 14 months of use the opener quit working. Each time the button was pushed it would raise to the point that the arm was jamming itself into the motor housing and then stopping 2 feet from the ground when lowered.

After several attempts of reprogramming the opener we called a garage door repairman and Genie. We were told by Genie that the motherboard in the opener went out, and because we did not pay someone to hang it they would not honor the warranty. They offered to send a new motherboard for the cost of shipping, however to have the part installed was almost the same cost of another opener. When the garage door repairman came a few days later he told us that any brand other than Genie would have been a better use of our money. For what we paid I would have expected much more than 14 months of use. We are very disappointed.

We bought a genie 1500 power max from Home Depot 3 years ago and after a power outage the circuit board was toasted. Thought it will last after paying almost $300 for it. It's very disappointing and money wasting product. Never again genie. You are a waste of money.

I purchased this to replace a 40-year-old Genie garage door that was still working but was extremely loud. The 1200 was easy enough to install and worked great for the first 6 months. Then it went through a 2 month period of having to be reprogrammed every other day or so. As soon as that problem decided to fix itself, the door started jamming. I lubed all the rollers and the track and adjusted the spring to the point that I could basically open the door with one hand. I reconnected the opener just to have it do the same thing.

Apparently the whole cause of the problem was that the jackscrew and the cheap aluminum engagement teeth have worn to the point that the entire jackscrew will need to be replaced along with the engagement piece...that is if I can even find the parts. I contacted Genie but they were absolutely no help. Of course I guess that is what you get when you're forced to speak to some woman who couldn't identify a hammer let alone understand what a garage door opener does. I am having my garage door replaced and I plan on going with a different brand of opener.

Back in 2000, I purchased a Genie Excelerator Garage Door Opener, model # ISD1000. It came with a "Lifetime Warranty". The manual states that the ISD1000 has a "Lifetime motor, parts and service" limited warranty. I had a problem with it about eight years ago and called their Help Line. I was told to get a ladder and a screwdriver so we could troubleshoot the problem. After about 20 minutes on the phone with them, I was told the unit needed new sensors. They said they would send me the sensors and wire for me to install. I told them my warranty includes "service" but they said they don't do that for this type of issue. About three years ago, I had another problem with the unit. Again, after about 20 minutes on the phone, I told them to just send someone out to fix it because I didn't have the time to deal with the troubleshooting. They sent someone out and they replaced the unit. Finally, someone dealt with the issue.

I am now experiencing yet another problem. I called and told them I was not interested in troubleshooting but she said troubleshooting was not part of the warranty. She then asked me for the model # of the unit. I gave her the model # which I wrote on the manual. She asked if there were any characters after the ISD1000 and I said I didn't write any down but I can double check the unit. When I looked at the unit, it said ISD900!! I still had the receipt from Home Depot with ISD1000 on it. At this point I knew it was pointless to go on. I wrote them telling them about my newly found problem. I even gave them the original serial number which I assumed they had in their records as well. After waiting for a week I went out and purchased a new opener from a different maker. I guess this poorly written joke was on me. Never again Genie!!

I have three Genie Garage Door openers model 2024, we purchased the house, new, in 2010. Last year, 2014, the first garage door opener started to open at a snail's pace and the people at Genie sold me a new unwarranted motherboard for $96. A year later same problem different opener, another $96 gone. I'm saving up now for the 3rd to need replaced.

I have 2 Genie 1000 IntelliG door openers in my garage. The GFIC popped after I plugged in Christmas lights on the same circuit. I reset the GFIC, but both door openers were dead. The lights and the freezer on that circuit were fine after the reset. I called Genie and went through the troubleshooting steps with the customer service rep. She declared the circuit boards in both units dead and said they would not be covered by warranty due to the "power outage". She offered to send me circuit board replacement kits at $110 each. I'm not satisfied with the product quality, and I'm disappointed that Genie declined to stand behind the product.

I waited on the phone 46 minutes before someone came on. The person who answered had little knowledge of his product other than to describe how to program the remote. After many tries he decided that the remote was defective. They not only demanded shipping costs (under warranty) but also wanted tax on the shipping charges. The entire phone call was 1 hr 16 minutes - a total waste of time.

Evidently defective logic board, company didn't tell me about. The consequences are that I was foolish enough to buy a Genie PowerMax 1200, Model 3062 which worked for 2 years.

Purchased a Genie Powerlift 900/Model 2562 garage door opener in May 2013 but I did not have it installed until the fall of 2014. This thing was always a piece of garbage... You had to practically be on top of the thing for the remote opener to work, then we had a storm this past spring that totally fried it. The door started going up and down at some point during the night while I was sleeping. In the morning, I went out to shut it down, and the whole mechanism was beat to hell. The door arm is bent beyond repair, which busted the shuttle. I had someone come to look at it, hoping it could be repaired with winter coming, but the board is toast.

So much for that safety mechanism that is supposed to shut the device down in this time of circumstance. Of course, I can't find the receipt, only the manual. My bad. However, I will never, ever, ever purchase a Genie product again and I will make sure that I tell anyone who is thinking of buying a garage door opener not to buy a Genie!!! I am also going to file a consumer complaint, since the "safety mechanism" apparently did not work, which resulted in the door continually opening and closing with no shut off occurring. I paid over $200 for this thing to be operational from the fall of 2014 through the spring of 2015!! Unbelievable.

Purchased Genie garage door opener in May of this year and it failed by August. My original Genie lasted over 15 years based on my experience. I purchased the newer model PowerMax 1200. What a mistake this was. After 73 reviews I would not even waste my time calling the Tech help. I will cut my losses put

this total crap product down and find something with a better reputation and service than Genie.

I bought this Genie Power Max 1200 garage door opener on 8/8/2015. Installed it on 8/9/2015 on a 9x8 garage door. Installed it with the extension kit for this unit as the instructions drew out. After 6 or 7 time of opening and closing the door, I noticed that the door was still open about 1 1/2 inches after I closed it in the morning when I left for work. After I got home, I reprogrammed the travel settings and ran it up and down to make sure it was operating properly. After 6 or 7 cycles, same thing. Called Genie and was told I had the "old" installation instructions. Downloaded "new" instructions, reinstalled it and the same thing happened. (Starting to see a pattern.) After talking to "customer service" several times, got fed up and took it back to Lowe’s and returned it on 9/21/2015. Went to Menards and bought a Chamberlain. Genie product are junk.

Jan. 2015, I purchased the Genie 4062 garage door opener. I've had problems with it in the past. This time the carriage assembly has locked itself against the garage door tension spring. I can't remove the manual release spring and I'm locked in my home for the weekend. I called Genie and was told I had to pay for a service tech but they would send me the part for free. I'm not a garage door opener tech so how in the hell am I'm suppose to fix a major problem? I went through all their systems check and the garage door opener appears to be faulty. This unit is 8 months old. I also had a problem with the sensors a few months back. The customer service is ok but they really don't care about you. They just want to take the call and get you off the phone. This unit with professional installation cost me 388 dollars. I'm never buying a Genie product again, NEVER!

After a few thunder lightning. The circuit board is damaged. From all those negative feedback, seems this opener is sure to fail if there's lightning. Very bad circuit design. The company should recall all those faulty designed circuit.