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More than happy with the services of Paul Davis. They were very professional and really appreciate how friendly the customer service is. In addition, they are fast and flexible. The speed of service I was more than happy with. Liked that they are available 24 hours and willing to work with you around your schedule which makes them a place I would recommend them to anyone. The reliability of Paul Davis is more than exceptional. They are very fast with the process and also flexible with scheduling when you have a specific time and day in mind. I was happy with the value of the service. It is hard to find a company who are not only flexible and professional but also have friendly and great customer service and willing to work with you and answer all your questions.

Was on time. Spent the entire time working and being efficient and not spending time on the phone or sitting around eating lunch, etc. Thoughtful crew for sure. Finished the job ahead of schedule. Cleanup was outstanding. Efficient work crew. Finished a couple hours ahead of schedule and very well done. Have never had an issue since we had them over to work. Would definitely recommend to anyone who was interested in having this sort of work done. Cost was less that of similar businesses to do the same work. Was under budget in actuality. Would recommend for sure. A+++ service.

The service was great. You will feel that you get everything you pay for and you will love the job that get done. You will love how this company treats. The job was done in a flash but not too fast to where I feel they rushed thru it. I could see the quality of the work they did and was very happy with the time it took to do it. They were there when they said they would be. Actually got the job done early. Great. So I would say very reliable service with no complaints. You cannot beat the service you get for what you pay. There is nothing that matches how great of a job they do for the value that you pay.

Customer service is always very friendly and helpful. If I have any questions they can always directly answer me instead of switching me to another representative. The service is always fast and usually the job gets done very early in the schedule. There are ever any delays with this service, I am fully satisfied with the speed. This product is extremely reliable in that it always works and intends for what its purpose is for. There are never any unreliability to their services or products. The value for this product is high in that the price for the quality of this service is overwhelming. This service goes above and beyond in terms of its value.

The customer service of this company is one of its top aspects and they will help you for almost any problem you got to ask them. Always enjoyed talking to a representative. They did take longer than they said they would to remove the mold, but they still did it and that is what matters to me. Doesn't bother me too much. The service they provided for me proved that they actually care about the environment you live in and they take their time removing what you tell them to. The company has a higher price than most other companies doing this job, but its service and its quality labor proves this company superior over the others.

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The customer service, I would recommend. Everyone knows what they're doing, they help you when you need it, they're always there giving out great advice. The scheduling process works, hard to get use to, but it's easy to get into doing. Once you do it enough, I would recommend it, you just gotta be fast. Inspection is very reliable and secure. We have them monthly. It's good that we have them the way we do, keeps everyone out of trouble. The value is very good, you get everything and more for your money. You won't be disappointed, that I promise you, the service is great.

In most cases they were extremely courteous. Nothing was left untouched, but all in all a great experience with the exception of a couple people who were temperamental and it showed. I had the pick of the litter. I was actually able to either go online or speak with someone on the phone and I chose online. Did not have any site issues or connectivity and it was a lot of fun. I was greeted by someone who was professional and thorough so it was a great experience. I also was totally impressed with how pleasant they were when responding to questions and it left me feeling important. Anytime you look at it is a cost but also what you get is the importance. In this case, I was assured my needs were met and they demonstrated what it is they do and how applicable it was to my company.

Customer service representatives were always friendly and nice on the phone.They attentively listen to customer request or problems and make sure that the issue is addressed in a timely manner. I was very satisfied with the scheduling experience. I was able to schedule an appointment in time when it is convenient for me and even when I wanted to change time, it was easy to arrange. I can describe my inspection process as very satisfactory as I was happy with the service provided. I believe it took regular amount of time, so can`t complain. I was very happy with the overall service received. I think the price to value ratio is good. I would definitely recommend this to my friends if asked.

Great customer service. They are available 24 hours a day. Fast to come with solutions and are great reliable. They are very helpful. They offer flexible schedule. Always many openings. They understand your busy schedule and try to accommodate as best as I can. I schedule a every other month inspections. They always come on time and always provide feedback on the people. The company has great value. Often times they provide coupons and other breaks. They offer great prices. Would recommend this company.

They are very, very professional and answer any and all questions you may have. They also will follow up with a phone call if you ask them. My scheduling experience was very fast and easy. I called and was in touch with a customer service rep right away. I had asked for a specific time and date, which I was given with no problem. The inspection process was very fast and easy to get through. The workers are very professional and respectful of you home. I did not have any kind of problem. The value is very, very excellent for what is provided. One of the reasons I love this company is that they do not overcharge you and will work with any price range.

Great customer service. Great communication. Great approach. Great offers. The hold process time of the transaction was no more than 10 minutes long. Also the agent was kind and polite. I called on Monday and they schedule for a routine on Wednesday. The scheduling was on-point and excellent. The hold time was no more than 8 minutes long. The inspection that I notice was a leak in the area. So that's when I called for a schedule appoint for the people of the company to come out and fix the situation. The service from the company overall was very good and nice. The service was very excellent and great. I would try the service again. I just hope I get a discount the second time lol.

Paul Davis had very polite, friendly, and professional employees. They got the job done quickly and we were very pleased with the outcome of their work. Would highly recommend! Scheduling was done based on what worked best with my husband and I's work schedule and they were able to get in and done quickly. They came in and the inspection was done properly and in a timely manner. The employees were very polite and courteous of our wants and needs. Couldn't have asked for a better job to be done and at a decent price. It's a nightmare when unexpected things happen and the employees at Paul Davis made the entire process quick and painless.

Over 2 years ago, we found mold in and around my kitchen sink. My Homeowners Ins. came in and then sent Paul Davis out to look at it. I never once had a choice in who was going to do the work. They came in and packed up my kitchen and blocked everything off. For over 6 weeks they left a huge hole in my kitchen floor etc. Finally after I exploded they came out and put the underlayment down. They left me without a sink, so I was doing the dishes in my bathroom sink. That was until my neighbor brought over a garage sink, plywood and 2 sawhorses, so I had something to use.

Needless to say this went on for over 2 years and they still haven't finished. Since they took out 2 cabinets, I knew that the new ones would not match. SO I had them come over after I sanded down 46 cabinet doors and 18 drawers, to bare wood. They send over this idiot who tells me I have to put all the doors back on, SO he can nail them, shut to spray stain and varnish on them. RIGHT!!! I told him I will be doing the work my self.

The insurance company paid me to refinish my own cabinet doors. And they turned out beautifully. As of today's date of August 14, 2015 the job still isn't finished. It was started June 2013. A friend of mine had her entire house done, walls removed etc. and it only took them 2 months. For one reason they didn't have Paul Davis doing the work. ANOTHER thing too, they take on too many jobs and the ones they start never get finished. I have been very patient with them, and at this point my attorney will be taking over. I do not recommend Paul Davis to change a light bulb.

After scheduling an appointment and the technician never being on site, I called five different times to reschedule and no one can seem to actually schedule an appointment correctly. Then once I do get through to the process, the times that I had available were all booked up but they weren't when we began the call.

We had a roof fire and PDR was hired for the restoration. After 6 weeks they abandoned the job site telling us the job was complete, only to find lots of work not finished or never done. Now they have put a lien on our house for $3,046.27. The work not done comes to more than that not including what my insurance has already paid them for work not done. They also caused damage to our furnace and left water pipe unhooked.

We had a house fire in 2004(9-26-04). PDR did the re-build by sub-contracting labor in our local area. The jobs done and poorly done at that. We moved back in in May of 2005(5-13-05). It took 8 mos. since our return home. There has been several discrepancies about the final work. 1 is that the garden window that was installed has broken and NO ONE WILL REPLACE IT. We notified PDR after this happened and they played around at passing the buck for a yr. so now warranty has expired, we have the replacement glass and everyone refuses to do the work....still passing the buck.

Other things like the wall moves when the wind is extreme. I thought I was seeing things at first. Doors pulling out of their hinges, the screws work themselves loose. The sheet rock is so thin that I need to anchor everything in order to hang the simplest picture. The indoor framing around the doors and windows have begun to splinter and dry out because the installer use a spray on polyurethane. I watched him to it, they left floors uneven, the cupboard are made so cheap that we've had the glue some of them back together and re nail the track that they slide on.The house is just a symbol of shoddy work!!

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Paul Davis is a national line of full-service restoration companies. The business’s services include fire, water and mold restoration services.

  • Variety: Paul Davis offers not only mold removal expertise, but also fire, remodeling and water damage services. The company can help homeowners with a wide range of problems in addition to mold removal.
  • Convenience: Paul Davis has a nationwide network, so it’s easy to find a franchise when needed. In addition, the company offers 24/7 emergency services for when customers need help with mold quickly.
  • Extra services: Paul Davis offers a slew of additional services for water damage, including the cleaning of personal belongings.
  • Customer service: There are many Paul Davis franchises, so the quality of customer service at each depends on the staff. It’s hard to predict the level of service without having experience with the particular franchise.
  • Cost: Paul Davis is a relatively pricey mold removal company and restoration due to its prevalence and experience.
  • Best for Home or property owners and renters.

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Paul Davis
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5210 Belfort Road, Suite 300
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United States