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About Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility aims to make fertility testing more accessible and affordable by providing an at-home testing solution. Two independent physicians review test results for accuracy, and customers receive access to one-on-one consultations with a fertility nurse, the company's weekly seminars and the Modern Fertility community. The company also offers pregnancy tests and ovulation tests, and prices for tests range from $14 for a pregnancy test and $159 for a full hormone test.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheaper alternative to fertility clinics
  • Tests reviewed by certified physicians
  • Everything can be done at home
  • Doesn’t determine the health of eggs
  • Smaller scope if on birth control

What is Modern Fertility?

Modern Fertility is a company that aims to make fertility testing more accessible and affordable. Its goal is to make it easy for every woman to have access to their fertility information in terms they can understand. This helps women take charge of their family planning and better understand their overall health.

The company conducted its own clinical study with 130 women who took the test and found it very accurate. Using minimally invasive testing, the levels of tested hormones in the test subject’s kits were found to be the same as the levels tested using traditional blood-drawing techniques. The results were published in a journal reviewed by the New England Journal of Medicine.

How does Modern Fertility work?

Modern Fertility uses the fingerstick method — you prick your finger, add blood to the filter paper and send the paper back to the lab. This bypasses the need to make appointments and the inconvenience and lost time of traveling to a clinic. Being able to perform the test yourself makes checking your fertility hormones more accessible. Since there are fewer medical professionals involved, it is also a less expensive option.

A fertility hormone test informs you of several health considerations. The test tells you:

  • If you have more or fewer eggs than average, which gives you a more accurate family planning timeline.
  • If you will experience menopause sooner or later than average, which also helps with family planning.
  • How your hormones affect your general health, such as your thyroid levels.
  • Hormone information for better polycystic ovary syndrome management.

Your test is customized based on whether you are taking hormonal birth control. Depending on your birth control, your test examines between two and eight hormones.

Two physicians review your results to ensure they're accurate. You then receive personal reports with detailed hormone levels, which lets you have a more informed dialogue with your doctor. You can consult one-on-one with a fertility nurse or join Modern Fertility's weekly seminars.  You also receive access to the community that the company has built for support and answers to questions.

Modern Fertility also offers an ovulation test, a pregnancy test and will soon provide a free app that helps track your two most fertile days. The app helps track ovulation and shows the best time to perform your fertility hormone test.

How much does Modern Fertility cost?

Modern Fertility pricing depends on whether you purchase the full hormone test or one of the company's more basic tests. The cost ranges from $14 to $159. It's important to note that Modern Fertility does not accept insurance as payment for their tests. It does, however, accept FSA/HSA cards.

Hormone test$159
Pregnancy test$14
Ovulation test$16

Modern Fertility FAQ

Is Modern Fertility accurate?
According to a 2019 clinical study conducted by the company and published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, Modern Fertility hormone test results are very accurate.
How long does it take to get Modern Fertility results?
Modern Fertility releases results every Tuesday. You can expect your results on the next Tuesday one full week after submitting your test. Modern Fertility sends an email when your results are ready.
What hormones does Modern Fertility test?
The hormones tested with Modern Fertility are:
  • Anti-mullerian hormone
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone
  • Estradiol
  • Free thyroxine
  • Prolactin
  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Testosterone

If you’re on hormonal birth control, it only tests for the first two hormones.

Will Modern Fertility tell me if I'm infertile?
The test won't tell you if you're infertile. According to the website, there's no way to absolutely predict fertility. Instead, the test helps you better understand whether you have more or fewer eggs than average.

Is Modern Fertility legit?

Modern Fertility offers a service that many women need but often have difficulty accessing. Clinical fertility testing is a costly process, and finding a fertility clinic isn't always easy. Modern Fertility helps women become informed about their bodies in a much more accessible way and at a much more reasonable cost. Even though the service isn't covered by insurance, it still saves women hundreds of dollars. If you need fertility testing for family planning or your general health, we recommend Modern Fertility.

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