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    Last updated: Dec. 22, 2017

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 22, 2017

    Do not use Dell services. They are untruthful and will do whatever and say whatever for a sale. I was taken advantage of and a simple $2000 purchase has already cost my family $6000 and when we call them they offer a whole $50 discount. At the end of the day this computer would cost us over $10,000 if we had not contacted Dell. I know it is up to me to understand what I signed up for but this company will use every trick in the book to get you hooked. Don't trust their sales people no matter how honest they seem. They have been trained to scam you. In our case we are screwed and it is a hard lesson that has definitely made me more aware that most sales people cannot be trusted and that this company are scammers. Hope others read this and do not fall into their trap.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 21, 2017

    I bought a laptop in 2009 from Dell. My payments were $15 a month. The laptop cost $799. I noticed this month they were still taking payments out of my account. December 2017. I called them to find out why and was told I still have a balance of $400. With their finance plan it will take a total of 16 years to pay off a $799 laptop. The total cost being $2880. That information was not given to me or explained at the time of sale. I purchased it over the phone. Insanity. I would never had agreed to these terms had they been explained to me. Very misleading.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 15, 2017

    I was on the phone with #Dell rep Vin for an hour trying to figure out why I was assessed a LATE FEE when I am signed up for #autopay. According to #Dell's autopay authorization form, Section 3: "We will automatically deduct the "Minimum Payment Due" on your statement even if the amount specified in "Specific Amount" is less than "Minimum Payment Due." So, Vin proceeds to tell me that I set up autopay online instead of mailing in an autopay form, thus preventing Dell from taking the minimum payment due because Dell "does not have the ability to modify the amount automatically withdrawn from your account if you set up autopay online."

    And, yet, #Dell has taken different amounts from my account, which, according to Vin, could ONLY have happened if I modified the amount online; however, I never modified any payment amounts. Isn't the whole purpose of setting up autopay to avoid late fees? So, Dell has one autopay rule for people who fill out their autopay agreement form and mail it in and a different autopay rule for people who sign up for autopay online? And, instead of crediting my account for breaching its own #autopay agreement, Vin informs me that he can create a "case" with my request for a waiver of the #late fee and someone will contact me within 24-48 hours with a decision. Really? Is that how it works when Dell breaches its own contract?

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 24, 2017

    I've been doing business with Dell off and on since 1999. Why should anything change. I need a new laptop for business. I open up an acct online 10/17/17. Approved for 15k, I don't get any correspondence for 3 weeks. No account number. Finally received11/17/17, Place order 11/20/17, Order is declined 11/21/17, after several hours on the phone I'm told to contact sales to reprocess. The order was cancelled. No longer exists. Frustrated I go back online thru the PDFs, my account portal and click on make a purchase, I place another order 11/23/17 at 11:00 am "Black Friday sale. The order is once again denied 11/24/17, after speaking to several robotic representatives that have all been taught to talk like robots. I'm told the order can now be reprocessed, again it's been cancelled and non existent.

    After verifying my information at least 6 times on the 11/24/17 I'm assured all is good and my order would be rewritten by sales and expedited. Not! I wake up from a nap only to have received 4 emails with several quotes and items missing from the original order. I log on and my account is in red and is being blocked. Again I call DFS customer support and again they want to verify my account information to remove the block on my account. When I asked when my order would be released and shipped. I got "what order"?? I proceeded to give an accurate order number, again the order had been canceled.

    If you want a decent computer. Buy an Apple. No one should go thru this kind of crap just to do business. Unfortunately this is how Dell operates company wide. After everything said and done. I verified my information 6 times today and got nowhere. No computer on the way. Do yourself a big favor. Don't bother attempting to utilize Dell Financial Services to finance anything, for that matter you're better off buying anything other than a Dell...

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 11, 2017

    Wow - I just had the same experience as S. of Wilmington, only worse. I too ordered a Dell system on Oct. 16 and chose the no-interest-for-a-year financing. Like S., they put a hold on my order for verification and also like S., they used an old phone number that I gave up a decade ago instead of my current number given with my order. But here’s where mine gets worse. I waited ten days for the mailed code. They said it would take me 5-7 days to receive, but it never came. I called them back and they said they’d have to send me another one. I waited ten more days – still no code. It was now 20 days after my order and I was desperate for a new computer because my old Dell system had died. I had no choice but to call Dell Sales and have them put my order on my credit card so they would release it.

    More good news! The system now has parts on back order (which wasn’t the case at the time of my original order) and would be delayed an additional three weeks. My estimated delivery date is now Nov. 29, over six weeks from my order date. This is how Dell treats someone who’s been a Dell customer and has had an account with them, for 20 years. It’s not just a customer service horror story, it’s also illegal. I’m going to the Better Business Bureau and charging Dell with false advertising: Enticing customers to make a purchase to receive a benefit and then refusing to honor it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

    I am furious. I opened the account on 10/14. On 10/16 I placed an order for a laptop. They held the order for account verification. I called them and they told me I needed to verify my phone number so they could send me a pin number via text. Well the number they have is an old number they retrieved from public records. It is not even the one I used to open the account and place the order. They refused to use the current number to release the hold. I verified my address and social security number, but they still would not release the hold or cancel the order. I have to wait for a pin in the mail which takes 5-7 business days. I needed the laptop before that, which is why I requested expedited service. So now I'm stuck with no laptop and a useless account. I HATE DELL AND DFS. I will warn everyone I know in my workplace, including procurement, to stay away.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

    Hi, I bought a Dell XPS 13 a year ago, set up with the customer service Mohammad to pay everything in a year. I'm not that good with those pages of user agreements, so I was very cautious to ask everything, so I don't get charged by that 22% interest rate. They set me up to pay equal payment for 12 month. I was very cautious to pay everything every month, then at the end of 12months, they still sent me bills + interest charges. When I called their customer service team, they said, "you have to pay the bill for 12 month+interest rate, then we refund you, everything need to be done within 12months." Since I didn't pay the interest rate within that 12 month with that equal payment, I now need to pay that extra 22% interest without an refund.

    Frankly, I got screwed, it's either I find a lawyer or I have to pay that bill. I had messages saved with conversation with their employees that I asked if this amount is the total I need to pay every month to avoid interest charge. They said yes, but as someone not very familiar with legal grounds, to avoid troubles, I paid it this time. However, I will never buy from Dell again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 24, 2017

    I've been reading some of the reviews of DFS on this site and conclude that perhaps the situations with Customer Service has changed. In my experience, I have been able to obtain quick resolution to problems that I either caused or were caused as a result of confusion on my part about the way to resolve the issue. I purchased a Dell Laptop in September of 2016 and financed it through the Deferred Payment Program. It was due to expire on 9/14/17 and prior to that I had updated my automatic payment to pay the balance in full. I did not notice that a minimum payment had already been scheduled and was paid instead.

    The day following I contacted DFS CS to resolve the issue. I was able to make a telephone payment to pay the balance in full. Of course, when I checked my statement the Deferred Payment Interest had been charged to my account. I immediately called CS to request that the charge be waived. The agent put me on hold twice to confirm the situation and conferred with her supervisor to approve the waiver. Later that day, I received email confirmation of the waiver of deferred interest and when I checked my account today was able to confirm that the deferred interest had been reversed. All in all, my experience with Dell Financial Services Customer Service by phone has been positive and I have gotten the results I hoped to achieve. As noted above, I believe that times have changed at Dell and they are listening.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

    I purchased a laptop from Dell in April 2017 under the terms, there would be no interest charged if paid in full within 12 months. At six months all interest that would have been charged for the purchase price of the laptop was assessed. I paid my bill on time each month as per the agreement, so I did not default. Calling Dell was a dead end, as they claim it was a six month agreement. All their calls and messenger chats are supposedly recorded, but they can't locate mine, and will not reverse the charges. I've also never been able to activate premium program included in the purchase price of the laptop, and they won't refund the price of the programs. If you are reading this, shop elsewhere.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 15, 2017

    I was/am a victim of identity theft late November of 2016. It was brought to my attention by changes to my AT&T account. I was soon contacted by Chase, Visa, MasterCard, AT&T, etc... immediately after the fraudulent activity was caught, BY THEM. In knowing there may have been other fraud activity from this theft, I ran my credit report and reached out to 3 other credit checks on my credit report that I did not recognize. Of those, 2 were legitimate credit checks, but the Dell Financial was not. I called the number given on the Credit Report, reaching a defunct number. I called the new number given out by recording on that one. Finally reaching them, due to communication issues and lengthy hold times, I was on the phone for over an hour, but my fraud claim was filed. Problem solved... so I had thought.

    Weeks later I received a letter (1/23/17) briefly stating the investigation had been "completed", and the claim was not accepted due to "We could not verify your claim". No name, no contact information, no help. So I had to make another phone call from my personal notes, utilizing the previously mentioned new number. I spent more time on hold, more explaining to service members that I cannot fully access this account due to it NOT being MY account. More transfers to other departments/service members where I experienced the same communication issues, the same questions, the same inability to help me or answer any questions. Very unprofessional, and infuriating experience, but I persevered and stayed calm. I was ensured it was being addressed, conversation ended at nearly 2 hours on the phone.

    Nothing more from Dell Financial until another letter 2 weeks later (2/6/17) with information on how to address my identity theft in ways I had already not only addressed, but had closed out with every other financial institution! Closed out easily, and pleasantly, with one (1) phone call typically lasting about 10-30 minutes, and then within a week receiving copies of letters sent out retracting the credit checks from all 3 credit bureaus. Simple, yet somehow Dell was unable to perform at their level of professionalism. Multiple phone calls later, getting continually more frustrated at having to reach out, not getting any return calls, and not getting anywhere with the phone communications, being on hold for extended amounts of time, being told that they don't have access to my account information, etc. Spending HOURS more of my time, wasted.

    On 3/7/17, after weeks of hearing nothing from Dell, I received another letter that again denied my claim of this account being fraudulent - exactly the same form letter as previously received with no real information or contact numbers/names... again, zero help. I called, again, was on hold for an extended amount of time, again, and after the first service member could not help me (as expected, again) I firmly, and admittedly I am sure I must have sounded harsh being very upset, I told the service member to transfer me to a Manager. On hold for another 15 minutes. Manager came on and it was the same conversation complete inability to provide Service of any sort, apologizing and condescending "I understand sir" over and over, but unable to DO anything. He proceeded to pawn me off on another service member that is and supposedly has been managing my account investigation.

    I very nearly completely lost all of what composure I had left at that time. I (very) firmly requested that I be contacted the following day by the service person managing my fraud claim and hung up. Surprise, then next day, No phone call, nothing. This level of mismanagement of fraud is ridiculous. It is the most horrible customer service I've had the displeasure of dealing with. I will be posting the above statements in every public form available, and reporting Dell Financial to the BBB and FTC as soon as I am able. This lender sounds and feels like a shady scam outfit. I would highly recommend NEVER doing business, of any sort, with Dell Financial and I will be sure to get this warning out to as many as possible. This is just a start!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 27, 2017
    I opened a DPA account on 1/24/2017 and received an email that I would get the account number in the mail to start the payment process. I waited till 2/10/2017 and after no such mail arrived I called into their customer support. The assured my that it would be in the mail soon and that I would have enough time to set up automatic billing. I called back time morning (still no letter) and was told my account was past due. Me: "What account? I still have not received an account number." Them: "Sir I cannot send that information to you." Me: "Why did I never receive it?" Them: "You set your account up to be electronic statements only."

    Me: "How is that possible if I could not create an account since I don't have the account number?" Them: "..."

    After 20 mins of speaking to a rep and another 20 mins to a manager and still no account number, I just hung up. They said they had called me previously about the overdue account, but my phone has no such record of that, nor any "email" since that is what my preferences apparently were set to. The overdue fee is only $27. Horrible customer service. Lesson learned. I'll never deal with Dell Financial Services again.

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    Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

    I love the product. But their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I have been hung up on at least 10 times. The representatives do not listen but instead read from a script. I just want someone to help me. I will NEVER purchase form Dell because of their customer service. I wanted to give them 0 stars but it made me rate them with at least 1.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

    I ordered a Dell computer from the Dell refurbished site, and when I received it, it did not have a backlit keyboard. I contacted support to try to activate it, and after trouble shooting, indeed there was no backlit keyboard. They charged me a restocking fee for their false advertising. I have bought many Dell products, but never will again. What a scam.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 30, 2016

    I echo many of the complaints listed here. Today I had a different experience. I'm hoping that sharing will assist some of you in getting resolution as I finally did. After receiving a collection call two days in a row for fees that we did not owe I pushed hard on the Financial Service Rep to not transfer me back to Customer Service where I am still waiting on a call back from 'Rod' 24 hours later. The PC speak that the phone reps are given which is meant to calm upset customers only infuriates the customer more when you realize they are trying to put a pacifier in your mouth to get you off the phone and move you on to be some other reps headache. I would not allow them to push me off and asked to speak to the supervisor of Financial Services. I was actually given the supervisor and she has been able to remove the unwarranted service fees and charges.

    I also asked for identifying numbers and was given her badge # as well as her name. I called back the Financial Services # and provided that badge number and the same woman answered the call so it was not the typical hide and seek you normally expect from Dell call centers. My recommendation: Skip the rep and insist on a supervisor. Listen to the rep and then still insist on the supervisor. Ask for phone #'s with extensions (not dept #). When aren't able to provide it ask them how you are suppose to hold them accountable if they insulate themselves from their own incompetence. Insist on the Supervisor again.

    When the Supervisor gets on the phone read your phone log of complaints you have filed, who you spoke to and what you were promised that never materialized. Once they realize you have complete documentation of dates, times and names they usually bend. Make sure to take down the Supervisor's badge number. Ask for an email copy of the resolved account for your records. I hope this helps someone besides me.

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    Original review: Nov. 24, 2016

    I applied for Dell credit and after filling out my info and clicking on Review and Submit another person's info came up. I mean EVERYTHING. I called her and told her cause that is BAD! doesn't care. WE do though cause if we had great credit we would be flipping out! But how scary is it to know our info could be used to do whatever with?

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

    I decided to purchase an Alienware laptop. I could have easily put this on a credit card, or debit card but the sales rep suggested using a Dell Preferred Account (DPA). I agreed to do this and provided the necessary information. I was quickly approved for a line of credit and the order was complete. I was told that I'd have to follow up with Dell Financial Services to release the order upon final verification. Let the nightmare begin.

    I call to provide whatever information is needed. Shortly after verifying I'm told that my order cannot be released due to my provided information and public information not matching. I asked what information is missing or incorrect. They can't tell me. I asked if it's possible there was a mistake taking my information. They can't tell me. I asked how do I rectify the issue so my order can be released. After some back and forth I was provided with a number to Experian.

    I followed up with Experian checked my report and my information and opened it up online. I called back DFS, prepared to retry to get my order released. With my report open and DFS on the line, I was now told my account was in some management verification process. How long does that take? They don't know. I asked to speak to a manager, this person doesn't know anything either.

    Frustrated I decided DFS is toxic, and decided to call Dell back and change my payment choice. Upon re-ordering I called DFS to cancel my DPA, to which I was told my account would be cancelled upon verification of my account. WHAT? The same reason why my order was on hold/cancelled is the same reason why I can't have it closed? I asked to speak to a manager again, to which I was given the same brick wall. Do NOT use Dell Financial Services, no matter how convenient it appears.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

    Made a minimum payment, but they said they never received it and charged me a $20 late fee. Wanted to pay my account off online, but didn't have my account number. Called customer service, and they can't give you your account number over the phone (for security reasons)... But they have no problem asking you for your full social security number (apparently they're not worried about your security). There's a reason why their reviews on this site are so terrible.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 6, 2016

    Dell rips people off who have signed up and have been accepted to their preferred account. They provide the customer with a six-month grace period. If you pay the item off before the six months that's it. If you do not pay it off Dell charges you all the six months worth of interest that was in the grace period. This is crap! This is a very good example of how corporate America continues to rule over the rest of us! People who cannot afford to come up with a large sum to purchase have to use these finance offers and then we end up paying double or triple. It's sickening how people like this continue getting away with this everyday!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

    Purchased a laptop for my father from Dell May of 2015. Leased Office 360 through Dell's website (big mistake). Tried to re-up the 360 lease and that is when it all went sideways. Took me two weeks of hours upon hours of calling customer support to finally learn customer support has no capability of fulfillment or fixing any issues. They are there to pacify and steal your money, that is IT! After spending well over 10 hours on the phone with retarded India's call centers I realized I was wasting my time and just disputed every damn charge they claimed to have removed but never did from my credit card.

    Dell finance and customer service is run by thieves and bad guys in a country that hates Americans. WARNING: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM DELL! Unless you want to experience hell on earth and get inferior products that push adware in their back end and blow nothing but smoke up your bum and steal your money when you need support. Dell was once a great company. They are now complete and utter scam garbage. Don't make my mistake!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2016

    A Dell custom gaming computer was purchased on September 24, 2015. After receiving the computer, it had to be returned multiple times, and finally determined to be defective. DELL Computer recommended the computer be returned for a refund. Which was done in May 2016. Since May, 15+ phone calls have been made to determine when the fund would happen. In July, Dell Financial assured that the refund would happen within 5 days, and that an email confirming that would be sent. NO EMAIL, NO REFUND.

    On August 10, Once again Dell Finance said the refund would happen within 2 days, and would confirm that via email. Once again, NO EMAIL, NO REFUND.

    On each of the numerous calls, account number, email address, & phone numbers were confirmed. Each time it took about 1 hour, sometimes longer, to get to a "person" who could & did make the above statements. This is the worst customer service department ever dealt with. They are holding the $1500 owed, and still sending bills!!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2016

    Billing in the absence of a contract. I have been repeatedly requesting a copy of the Installment loan agreement showing the calculation of borrowed amount and cost of borrowing for account no ** against which deductions from my bank account are being made since 09/17/2006. As mentioned earlier, the last purchase that I made was in August 2009 against Installment Loan Agreement which has been fully paid off and the account closed.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

    I was a victim of identity theft involving my Dell account in March 2016. A purchase in excess of $2000.00 was made against my account, in which a television was purchased and shipped to someone in South Carolina (I have no family, friends, or acquaintances in SC). Dell did satisfactorily resolve that issue to my favor, but my complaint involves Dell Financial Services, which is headquartered in Round Rock, TX, but is outsourced to the Philippines. Therein lies my problem, as I have unfortunately dealt with very deceitful, dishonest, and unscrupulous officials in the Philippines who "handle" (I use that term very loosely) my Dell account.

    After my account was compromised (which I firmly believe was committed by Dell employees -- more on that later), I received a new account number. I unfortunately, did not think to go into my Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) Bill Pay and enter the new account number (it would have been very helpful, had the Dell employee I was dealing with, reminded me to do so). I then made two payments to my Dell account, in which were sent under my original, but cancelled account number; the first being on 6/2/2016, in the amount of $100.00, and the second, made on 6/24/2016, in the amount of $250.00. I then also made a third payment to Dell in the amount of $200.00 on 7/21/2016 but under my new account number.

    It came to my attention in July that my payments on 6/2 and 6/24 had not been credited to my account. So I called Dell Financial Services toll-free number, which landed me with "Silvia" in Dell's Financial Department in the Philippines. Silvia stated that Dell had no information on file regarding no only those two payments, which I found to be incredulous, as I had previously sent another biller payment on a closed account number in the past, and there were no problems.

    The company sent me a letter notifying me of the problem, so I could quickly rectify the situation. But Silvia insisted that Dell had no information about these two payments, and the only way to resolve them, was to have NFCU send information to Dell. So I immediately called NFCU, and the representative was extremely helpful, and she immediately faxed the documents for the two payments to Dell. In the meantime, Silvia stated that she would call me in 2 to 5 business days, as it would take Dell that long to process the payments. In the meantime, I made a third payment to Dell in the amount of $200.00 on 7/21.

    Silvia did indeed call me back a few days later (7/25), and she stated that Dell received my payment of $250.00 made on 7/21, and further stated that it would take Dell ten (10) working days for their Cash Department to credit the $250.00, which I again found to be incredulous. I also informed her that I had made a payment in the amount of $200.00 on 7/21 and that that payment had indeed been processed by NFCU on 7/21, but per the automatic voice message I received from Dell, it still showed that my account was overdue, which greatly distressed and concerned me.

    After some time, Sylvia finally admitted that Dell had indeed received that payment, but again, it would take 10 business days to process, once Dells Cash Department provided her with that information. I have NEVER encountered any biller that took 10 days to process a payment I made on a bill. Almost all billers immediately update their records the very next day after receipt of payment. I do have two (2) billers that do take an extra day to do so, but that is all. Again, NEVER has any biller required 10 business days to process a payment. This clearly shows dishonesty and unscrupulous conduct on the part of Dell Financial Services.

    Sylvia was summing up my situation and very much wanting to end our conversation when I had to quite forcibly and firmly remind her that there was also still the matter of the outstanding payment of $100.00 I made on 6/2. Silvia stated that Dell never received that information from NFCU, which I knew to be a lie. So I called NFCU and informed them of the situation, and requested that they resend the information on my $100.00 payment made on 6/2.

    The representative I spoke with was very adamant that she had indeed sent information on both payments, and had received fax confirmation that all documents were successfully sent to Dell. She therefore stated that because there was obviously a problem with Dell, she would have to send me the document for the 6/2 payment, and I would have to provide it to Dell, which I reluctantly agreed to do. She immediately sent the document to my e-mail address as an attachment to her e-mail. I immediately printed off the document, then went to Kinko's the next morning (7/28) and faxed the document to Dell's official fax number (512-283-2664). I received a fax confirmation that my fax was successfully transmitted.

    In the meantime, Dell shut me out of my online Dell account, so I could not go in and see what payment information was on file for me. At first I got a message that stated there was technical difficulties, then I received a message that my account was locked up. I cannot emphasize enough that I DID NOT do anything myself, such as incorrectly typing my Dell password, thereby triggering the system to lock me out. I am too exacting of a typist, and I have very keen attention to detail, so I NEVER get locked out of any of my many online accounts or screen names to ANY Website! I am still shut out of my Dell account. Meanwhile I made another payment to my Dell account in the amount of $1,500 on 7/28, and yet another payment on 8/1, in the amount of $250.00, which should pretty much pay off my remaining balance from Dell. But I cannot tell for certain, as I again, cannot access my online Dell account.

    Sylvia called me again yesterday (8/1), and joyfully stated that she had the information on the two payment I made on 6/24, in the amount of $250.00, and also the payment I made on 7/21, in the amount of $200.00. She was trying to quickly end the call when I abruptly told her that there was still the issue of the payment I made on 6/2, in the amount of $100.00, and inquired about it to her. She stated that Dell still did not have any information on that payment. That's when I really began to talk very forcefully, very deliberately, and very assuredly that her statement was an outright lie, because I personally faxed the document to Dell on 7/28, and received a fax confirmation sheet, which I still hold.

    I then went on to berate her on Dell's incredibly dishonest and deceitful practices, and I asked her if Dell was a professional company or just a rabble of hoodlums. But that was a rhetorical question, so I did not bother giving her time to reply. But once I had thoroughly given Sylvia a much-needed tongue-lashing, she finally admitted that Dell had indeed received my faxed document, but again, it would take their Cash Department 10 working days to process it. In the meantime, she admitted that my account was still listed as being overdue. I relayed to Sylvia my concern that Dell's false information would be detrimental to my credit rating. Sylvia apologized for the inconvenience, which I found to be very patronizing and very insincere.

    After having been on the phone with Sylvia for quite some time, most of which was spent on my having to get the truth out of her, and my subsequent railing against Dell's highly dishonest and unethical practices, she stated that she would call me back in three to five (3 to 5) business days, which did not allay my anger and frustration.

    After I had finished my conversation with Sylvia, it finally dawned on me exactly what was transpiring with Dell Financial Services Division in the Philippines. What Dell is doing in the Philippines is intentionally siphoning off money from people's Dell accounts and keeping it for themselves. That is why Sylvia falsely stated that Dell did not have any information on file for the two payments I made on 6/2 and 6/24. Of course they did! Just because it was made to my former account number, does not mean that my payments completely vanished into thin air. Again, I know this, because it has happened with other creditors of mine when my account number was changed. They informed me that they received the payment, but reminded me to send my next payment using my new account number.

    Monies do not simply vanish in a professional business computer system. They land in the computer system but are listed under the former account number, which the company immediately addresses. Siphoning off the payments I made to Dell on 6/2 and 6/24 is exactly what the Dell staff in the Philippines did. That is why I have been put through a lot of undue stress, when they repeatedly stated they did not have the information on the payments I made, as well as setting up a new requirement that all payments I made to Dell would take an absolute ridiculous 10 business days to process by Dell's Cash Department in the Philippines, until it could be credited to my account. The 10 days would give the crooks and thieves in the Philippines time to come up with the money (probably from someone else's account) they took from my account, and finally be able to correctly credit it to my account.

    Now, on to the subject of why I believe it was Dell employees who were responsible for my Dell account being hacked in March, in which a Samsung TV was purchased in excess of $2,000, and sent to South Carolina. Very soon after I purchased my Dell computer system (which is the reason for my debt to Dell), I began to get calls from the same person in India who sold me my computer. He was telling me that I still had over $2,000 in available credit with Dell (which, of course, I already knew) and that I should think about purchasing other Dell products, such as a TV or tablets.

    Of all the creditors I have ever had, I have NEVER had any one of them call me and badger me into making further purchases on my existing account. Nobody does that! Well, nobody except for Dell overseas employees. So I think this guy made the illegal purchase on my Dell account and had the Samsung TV sent to acquaintances of his. Acquaintances that could not be readily traced back to him. How else did somebody obtain solely my Dell information and made illegal purchases from it?

    The bottom line is that Dell has a serious problem with its overseas outsourcing of both its Products Department (or whatever they call themselves), as well as Dell Financial Services. There is obviously a lot of nefarious activities going on, and Dell executives probably don't care a bit about it, as long as it does not affect their bottom line.

    What I want to see get resolved and resolved quickly, is for my payments to my Dell account to be fully credited and in a timely manner; not the 10 business days that the Dell employees in the Philippines are telling me it takes to do so. And any future payments I may still have with Dell also be credited in a timely manner. And finally, I want my personal Dell account to be unfrozen, so I can view my account and personally see what payments have or have not been credited to my account. And I want to be assured by Dell executives that I will not encounter any of the problems I have had with Dell at any point in the future. Of course, it is highly likely that once I have confirmation that my Dell account has been paid off in full, I will immediately close my Dell account and NEVER do business with Dell again!!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

    Ive returned my bad laptop over a month ago. That was bad out of the box. And then made countless calls, and email's to get my credit back on returned laptop - Only to be lied to and said my account has been credited. Only to still see it says I still owe... and past due. Someone has got to stop Dell. Sue them or something. I cant afford a lawyer.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 12, 2016

    I overpaid on my Dell Financial Services credit card account to the tune of just over $1,000. This was due to a flub by my bank. Despite weeks passing, Dell has not yet refunded my overpayment. Every time I call, it is "2-4 weeks" says the man from India. Only he can speak to a supervisor, as they have no phone number. Hopefully my BBB and Texas Attorney General complaints will do me some good.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 11, 2016

    I'm FURIOUS! Back in April I bought a Dell Precision that costs over $2700. A week later I started having problems with it, so I called to return the laptop. Dell agent sent me a UPS label, I sent the laptop back and it was delivered on 4/21/16. Dell hasn't issued a refund yet. It's almost three months now and Dell has the laptop and the $2700. I called 4 times and every time the agent promises a refund within a couple of days. I kept making payments to the Dell credit card to keep it in a good standing condition. Now I can't continue to make payments as I'm paying for nothing. I NEED YOU TO REFUND MY MONEY AND CLEAR ALL THE LATE PAYMENT CHARGES ON MY DELL CREDIT CARD!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 27, 2016

    This simple. Had an offer come to my place for same as cash 12-month deal. Bought several computers and paid it off in 10 months. Now 2 years later, I receive a letter telling me I still have an account active. After dealing with DELL's stupid requirement of giving them my complete social security number to discuss this, I got nowhere. I refused to give my total social and after quite a while, they found my account and told me I have a zero balance. Now I ask anyone reading this. Shouldn't I be able to close this account??? They sent me back to customer service and there we started again. If nothing else, their terrible lack of confidence guaranteed I will never deal with them again. No way, no how.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 5, 2016

    I've had several issues where employees were very rude and dismissive. I had several reps give me inaccurate information regarding payment arrangements and a payment amount which caused my account to go into collections. I spoke to a representative who was very rude which caused me to escalate the call to a manager. I was transferred to Rachel badge # **. Rachel asked what she could help me with, and I explained how rudely I was treated by the previous representative. Instead of apologizing or offering to start the process to review the interaction, she very dismissively stated, "How may I help you, sir?" again.

    Not acknowledging the customer's complaint is extremely rude and dismissive. I then explained to her the original reason I called in about, and multiple times she would interrupt and talk over me. I had to stop her several times so I could try and get my questions answered, and she responded by raising her voice and ordering me not to interrupt her. This was after she kept interrupting me, so apparently it was okay for her to do it. She also kept mispronouncing my name. After I corrected her, she immediately did it again while she was "apologizing" for doing it the first time. When I asked for her name, she rudely replied that she already gave it to me at the beginning of the call. Apparently she expects customers to remember her name, but can't be bothered to remember the customer's 1 second after they correct her pronunciation. My experience with Rachel badge ** was the worst experience I've ever had with a customer service agent.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 3, 2016

    The worst company I ever deal with. They are worse than the pimp. I had online set up for monthly auto payment. Neither they notified me about technical error, nor they send me a routine courteous letter, & send an entire amount to collection agency for ridiculous amount of $158.55. I paid entire amount at once & get rid of them. If I have power, I will ban these kind of company & shoot them in a **.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 29, 2016

    I have had a Dell preferred account for years. The interest rate is outrageous so it has taken me forever to pay it down. After saving up enough money, my husband sends a check to pay off this account. Nearly 4 weeks ago, I was so excited for this to be done... however that is not the case. They cashed my husband's check and have yet to apply it to my account. They have told me I have to get a copy from his bank of the check being cashed to prove they cashed it! I've had 2 supervisors tell me they found the check that was cashed and it would be applied to my account, but this has not happened. I have spent so many hours on the phone dealing with this... nearly thousand dollar check cashed and they just took the money and are still showing a balance on my account and that payments are due. I see this as theft... so frustrating.

    Original review: May 19, 2016

    It has been the worst experience. I should just stick with mac products. I recently purchase a laptop. The product even if it said I qualified for a 2 day delivery the item took 2 weeks to arrive. Once we receive the product I awaited for the info so I can set up an online payment account. The first day I made payment I had a charge of $172.66 with no description of a purchase made on 5/5. When I contact them via email because their center is always close, not open 24 hours, they never responded. All I got was an automatic respond. I called yesterday, and no one could explain what was going on. And they kept saying there was no charge, but yet again thru the automatic system and on my online page it showed a charge.

    I called today and the charge has been removed, however no one will explained what happened, or still have not received a letter. I called and this the operator kept saying something I already knew with no explanation. It took an angry tone to get an answer. As it turns out they "accidentally" charge someone else purchase to my account. This is ridiculous. With all the secure questions, verifications and ** somehow they manage to charge the wrong account. I think Dell makes fraudulent charges to people on their hope no one will contest it with their lack of support to make up for sales they do not have. It is ridiculous how many hoops you have to do for your security, when it is not secure at all.

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