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Last updated: Nov. 22, 2017

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Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

MacBook Air needed new battery. Made appointment at Apple store which is in next town (30 minute drive) inside of a large busy mall, and had to wait a day to get an appointment. Showed up on Saturday and was in store for about an hour and 40 minutes getting checked in, talking with rep. He thought they had the battery in stock and would replace it immediately, but did not. He said they would overnight it for Monday. I was told I could simply come back to the store without an appointment and they would replace it while I waited. Received an email on Monday night that I could bring in the laptop and DROP IT OFF and it would take 3 to 5 days to replace battery! Huh?

I phoned and talked to a tech who told me that I now had to wait in a 'cue' and there were 40 repairs ahead of mine and I must drop it off and return days later to pick it up. He refused to budge or honor what I had been told in store previously. I then asked for manager who was robotically friendly and I was on the phone with him for 45 minutes in order for him to 'arrange' for me to come in store on the Wednesday day before Thanksgiving and be able to have it done while I wait. I offered to make an appointment in December to come in and wait, but was told 'that is not the way it works'. It takes all of 15 minutes to replace battery. Went back to mall on my holiday--the last place I wanted to be on my day off--and was at Apple store for another 90 minutes checking in and waiting for repair. Found most of the reps to be abrupt and not particularly friendly, bordering on rude.

Including drive time, phone hassle time, time in store, it took about 6 to 7 hours and many hassles to simply get a battery replaced. Owning a Mac really is not worth the hassle of repairs for a simple battery replacement (cost $140). Have replaced batteries on PC laptops by ordering for $30 on Amazon and replacing it myself. I hope to never deal with Apple 'customer service' again. It is so bureaucratic and regimented that it is like dealing with the government. I suspect Apple would prefer you simply trade in your current computer for a new one rather than deal with the hassle of getting it repaired.

We also have iMacs at work with AppleCare support. The one time I needed it, I held on the phone line for 40 minutes, and got a woman who didn't have a clue how to help us with the software issue. She then transferred me to the 'Enterprise' department which gave me a recording with a URL and then disconnected me. Don't even bother with AppleCare. It's not worth the cost. I went online, watched a YouTube, and was able to correct the software issue myself. Apple makes very nice and very expensive products but their customer service and tech support leave much to be desired. I think they are so enamored with themselves and the products that they really do not care about the customers.

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I bought an iPad Pro on October 3rd 2017 and quickly received a product which turned out to be defective (black lines across a part of the display). I immediately sent it back to Apple, where since October 9th they have promised to send me a replacement product "soon". I have contacted customer support several times since the end of October to get updates, and this never moved closer to a solution, even though I was again told I would receive a replacement product "soon". It is now November 21st, and I still haven't received the iPad Pro that I paid over a month and a half ago. What especially annoys me about this is that sending an iPad takes 24 hours (at least when Apple doesn't already have my money) so there is no excuse for this very slow response.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

Bought an Apple iPhone 6 Plus about 13 months ago. About 30 days ago, the speaker quit working. Took to Apple store and they wanted $400 to repair speaker on a $600 phone. Contacted Apple home office and they said that is all they will do. Started reading other reviews and found out the iPhone 6 Plus was experiencing speaker problems. Do not expect help from Apple with phone issues of this nature. This was not my first iPhone, it will be my last.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

I started using Apple computers in 1996. I was what they used to call a Mac head. For the first 17-18 years, I seldom sought help from Apple. Their products were intuitive and they "just worked". But now they're so convoluted, used and so counter intuitive that I've reach out to Apple support several times. If you try chat, you will be continually disconnected. The phone advice from "Advisors" or "Senior Advisors" is usually pure bunk. For example, I was told that Apple Mail deletes your forwarded messages unless you choose "Send and Archive". That's pure fiction. I was also told the only way to delete archived emails on iCloud is to delete the latest backup. That's pure fantasy and totally inaccurate. These two examples are from one email problem I had yesterday.

And because nobody knows their stuff, Way too much time is spent informing them their answers are way off base and just plain wrong. By the time you're done you'll spent an hour or more for the final answer. It may be like the one I received from Apple Support yesterday about my problem: "It was just a one time technical glitch." Really Apple? Apple should hire people who actually KNOW how to use their products. The best support I have received at Apple support was from a woman who admitted she'd never used Apple products until being hired by Apple as a Senior Advisor. She actually listened and then tried to help and worked with me to understand the problem. She wasn't technically experienced but it was refreshing for someone to really listen and not just read scripts. This is not the company I once knew and loved. Don't bother calling Apple support. They don't have a clue.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

The store staff are in a word... simple. Having paid for an extended warranty I was on the 30 days past my additional 3 year warranty on the MacBook I'd purchased. I can't go without my laptop due to using it at work. I call knowing I was outside my warranty and answer a series of question after holding for 45 minutes. They were unflinching on any repairs so much so they forgot to offer any resolution. No discussion about what it costs to fix something like a defective display just circling the issue offering no fix. Scared to offer paid support? They use all the right language to just tip-toe around being helpful. "Is there anything else I can do for you today?" Provide a solution $$$ or no $$$. I'll save my $$$ for another brand next time. These people are just trying to make it to the bell. I'm knowledgeable enough to build a desktop and familiar with how to treat another human being. Worst service from a fancy looking shell of a store.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

My husband disabled his iPod by entering the wrong password numerous times. I am not tech savvy but spent hours attempting to fix it on my own. I finally gave in and called Apple Tech Support. The agent's name was Cody. I’m sure he felt like he’d have better luck talking to a chimp but he was never condescending, impatient or rude to me. His attitude was awesome. He even encouraged me to hang in there when I wanted to quit. The Apple products are great. The problem stemmed from our poor recordkeeping. This guy went so above and beyond I can’t say enough good things about him. Feeling like a valued customer and finding someone who rolls up their sleeve, determined to solve my problem using terms like ‘we’re almost there’ ‘don’t give up now’!? Nowadays? Almost impossible! This guy was gold. I am Apple for life!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

After speaking with someone on live chat for Apple they recommended I made appointment at store where they will swap my frayed Apple lightning cables out. They made it sound so easy and customer service friendly. Guess what it was a nightmare. I waited forever to basically be called a liar because I didn’t have the receipt from a long time ago. I purchased the Apple cables at Best Buy but live chat rep said bring them back to the store. I then called a customer service rep on the phone and she was rude as well. Guess what Apple it’s real simple for me. I don’t need your products any longer. I don’t depend on you never have. I just kind of liked your products. Now I see how you don’t have a helpful customer service and it’s my decision to be happy with someone who values their customers. Thank you!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

It took me 45 minutes to cancel my Apple crap, along with 5 different pages talking to four different people. It took me 5 minutes to sign up. Apple makes it so hard to cancel that most people will hang up rather than wait 45 minutes to an hour to be danced around by some Apple personnel that want you to hang up. What happened to Apple. They really suck now. They are not worth the money they are charging us and they know it, that’s why they make it so hard to cancel. If you could just cancel as easy as it was to sign up they would not have any customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

So I just got my first Apple phone ever last week and got the iPhone 8 Plus. Love the phone and glad I switched. So last Thursday, I made an in app purchase with my linked debit card. The next day, it wouldnt work. I switched my payment method to my PayPal account, and still wouldnt work. I contacted support last Friday (6 days ago). The support agent was useless and couldnt figure out the problem. He said he was handing it off to someone else to try to help me with the problem.

I only FINALLY got an email on Tuesday (4 days later) saying they were sorry I was having an issue, and they were looking into it. Today is now Thursday (6 days later) and no other contact from support since Tuesday and nothing has been fixed. I needed a ride today and couldnt even use the Lyft app because my iTunes account wont accept ANY payment method that I put in. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH APPLE SUPPORT!!! Oddly enough, when I had an Android phone, I never had a single problem making purchases with Google Play.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

Apple is fraudulently taking $9.99 from my credit card every month for icloud storage that I did not sign up for. On the email it says to "click here" if you did not authorize this charge. I have clicked on this button every month I receive this email, and follow the steps, but it just takes me on a wild goose chase and the company continues to fraudulently charge me.

Today, I contacted the company to get this resolved. I spent 122 minutes on the phones, spoke with 6 different representatives who continued to place me through to their "senior advisors," to only spend 95% of the time waiting for a representative. Nothing was resolved. Even though we know fraud happens every day (the recent Experian Breach comes to mind), they claim that they don't how this could have happened. Truly, I have never been so frustrated with the lack of competency in human beings in my life. What I just endured for over two hours leaves me challenged to the core that big businesses can get away with such fraud. I will be pursuing this further.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

I have an iPad Air 2 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple lied to me when I bought it by saying I can buy an warranty for it anytime and any kind. Well they told me that I can't. They told me that I can only before 60 days.**! I hate that. No other company does that I know of. HP is not that way. BTW their ** is way way way overpriced.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

I went to the 42nd street support section. First off the process to sign-in can be confusing. They told us 4:40. We received a text at 4:25. They were ready for me. We went to the area and were looking for someone to sign us in. He told us to sit down and we proceeded to wait for another 20 mins. I kept asking and asking. Finally, at 4:45, someone came over to help. They couldn't find the person ahead of me but made me wait past my appointment time. What sense does that make?

Now, this is what gets me. I bought my laptop 6 months ago. They have Applecare and Applecare plus. Well, the technician said I had Applecare Plus until October 2020. And I was going to have my item insured and sent back in 5 days. He just didn't know how to assess it. I showed him the crack that is corroding and he had a totally different story. It didn't help that his boss was equally rude. When they were talking he was so condescending because she doesn't have AppleCare Plus but just Applecare and their whole demeanor changed.

He found a price and told me it would be 475. Why have me wait an hour to give me the wrong information, you cannot even assess the damage, and don't even know what is wrong with the laptop? I will never visit Grand Central Apple Support again. Don't give me one quote then tell me something else after your boss corrects you. Then make me feel less than because your seller then sell me the extra support. Apple is all about the money but if you know the extra warranty is better to sell it to me sooner rather than after the damage happens.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

I Challenge APPLE to review my case in its entirety and tell me that this kind of service and lack of respect to a customer is not an embarrassment to Apple!!! I was on Apple Tech support Chat with 3 people who answer the phone to help and 6 different senior supervisors from 9:30am until 430ish PM with nothing but complete contradicting information from all of them. I had to explain the same story to 5 different people over the 7 hour ordeal. This is the second time with the same experience on the same issue. My first iPhone 6 was defective (hardware issue) and unrepairable so after the same run around and it taking 5 days for this replacement phone to come with no loaner phone given, the new iPhone 6 does the same thing. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever had with any company over anything. They are completely unaccountable.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

First of all I want to advice all the future Apple clients that once you buy Apple products, you already signed that you won't get any support and any service they provide would be for money. Rule number one in Apple: "we don't need customers, customers need us so we can treat them as bad as we want." I bought my iPhone 6 2 years ago and I had a problem with WIFI and I took it to apple store and they were so nice to me and they replaced the phone for me but.

My iPhone was factory unlocked and the iPhone that I received is Sprint unlocked phone that doesn't accept T-mobile sim card. I took my iPhone again and explained the matter and they said, "We gave you one exception and there is nothing we can do for you anymore. You can trade it in for $75." And the senior iPhone advisor ended the call with me as there is nothing he can do for my case. Don't let Apple do that to you guys. There are lots of respectful companies that would love to serve you the way you deserve.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

I have an iPhone, under duress. That's another story. For some reason - probably because I didn't buy enough iTunes products my Apple ID was disabled in December 2016. I contacted Apple using their "account recovery" process. No luck. Everything was working on my phone, so I didn't bother with pursuing an account recovery. Then - I couldn't update my apps, so they stopped working. Because my account was disabled - because I couldn't update my apps - they stopped working. I've been contacting Apple for an account "recovery" since DECEMBER 2016, and it's not August 2017 and NO JOY!

I've done the crap they ask for on the Iforgot.Apple.ID page (or whatever) and I've talked to Apple support MORE THAN ONCE and they said they'd call. They said they'd call yesterday. Nope. They said they'd call today. NOPE. I've had to call them back both days. NOTHING. Now - I'm on hold until they can get an account supervisor. Probably NOTHING still. Because APPLE SUCKS! I HATE APPLE! Once I get my account re-done I'm going to Android. You know why? Because they actually WORK! Don't shut off your account for no damned reason. Because they have GREAT customer service. Because it doesn't take 9 FREAKING MONTHS to get an account re-set! THIS IS WHY I HATE APPLE!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

On July 31 I changed my number due to a personal reason. My provider changed my number after we erased my phone, then told me to sign back into appleID. I didn't know it and had to go through account recovery. I was initially told the info I needed to unlock mine would be sent to a friends phone in 2-3 days. Then I got an email saying it would be 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I was ready to receive the info, but it never came. I called Apple and was now dealing with a Senior Account specialist.

This took another couple days before he said all was well, and an email would be sent telling when the link and code would be sent to my friend's phone. That date came and passed and I received nothing. I submitted another request to account recovery, and was informed I would have to wait another 2 weeks to receive the same info I was promised on 2 previous instances which never came. Did I mention I'm still paying for apps and iCloud space I cannot access? No matter how this ends up, I am done with Apple forever.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

We purchased a Mac for our son who is heading off to his freshman year in college. We're wondering if he'll receive the $3k Mac before he graduates. If it weren't for the Apple name, I'd seriously think they were running a scam. Their practices and customer service are egregious. We paid extra for expedited shipping and when it didn't arrive on the date promised, we contacted customer service.

23 1/2 hours of runaround later, including being disconnected 3 times and talking with 6 different people from across the world, we still have no idea what the status of our shipment is. And, they have no way to track it? Seriously? The last person we spoke with went on and about how frustrated he was with all of the irate customers calling in complaining that they had not received their merchandise. What does that tell you? I would really hope that after our experience and the vast number of complaints on this site, there is something that can be done to hold this company accountable for their actions.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

Security bug in Apple Safari appearing in version 10.3.3 and prior versions. Last contact with Apple technical support 8/9/17 @5:37PM EST. Web data can no longer be removed from IPAD after visiting some web sites and appears to be growing. I am using an iPad pro, but have found via the web and Apple technical staff the problem is manifesting itself on other devices, Mac and iPhone. Currently I have, and as of two days ago now The two prior had a size of 0 bytes but the latest one is at 808k. None of them can be removed through any exercise. That’s a fair amount of data that you don’t know the contents of. Opened a case with Apple in April of 2017, they recommended I wipe my iPad and do a restore from backup and if that didn’t fix it, they would send me a new iPad.

At the time I told them it was a bug introduced after a patch since I always was able to remove this web data and cache before I signed out. Now four months later I decided to spend a day based on their recommendation restoring IPad with a level 2 engineer from apple. FYI… level 2 engineer working for apple has as little as 3 years of experience in IT. Results were the same after 5 hours of my time, web data still existed and no new IPad was offered by level 2 engineer. Would this have fixed the problem? No but I thought I would appease them since this is what their engineers told them to do. This is a software bug Apple Level 2 support confirmed it by contacting the software engineering staff at Apple. So what does this mean? Simple, an outside entity can place a file on your device that stores data of which the contents you are unaware of and the operating system cannot remove it.

I will not use my apple devices for banking, purchasing or any sensitive data, whether personal or corporate. I have 30+ years’ experience as an IT systems engineer. Specializing in UNIX, Linux and red hat with security at the forefront of any IT development effort. The underlining operating system in the Apple operating system is UNIX based. This is the reason I purchased their products because the history of malware and viruses is minimal in this environment. Too many companies are changing from quality to quantity. The percentage game has always been played. Worry about the 90% and ignore the other 10% because dollars are paramount. Unfortunately most of the 90% are ignorant to the data being stored about them because they have no idea how to check. Security should be forefront, toys - secondary with risks conveyed.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

I attempted to process an order for Microsoft Student Home and Office product through Apple online. I was told I would be able to access the product and download right away and that I would receive the link for the product in a few hours. After I did not receive the link I sent an email. Was informed that the customer representative had made a mistake and I would be unable to get the product until delivery. I decided to call and see if there were other options, and was informed that I could go into the store purchase the product then return the other or reorder the link download and wait five days for a return of my money but. Would have to reorder the product.

This option does not help me as a customer as I would have to spend additional money to get the product. Since the representative made a mistake it should have been their job to fix the problem without additional customer damage. I love Apple and my recent purchases should have justified extra support, however this experience was horrid. Not only am I still waiting for the product I am missing vital work time online!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2017

Purchased an Apple Watch at a yard sale, the previous owner who I firmly believe was the woman at the yard sale forgot to shut off her iCloud lock. I went to 25 yard sales yesterday and can't for the life of me recall which one it was at, however, when I called Apple to try to get in touch with the previous owner, all the representative had to offer for a solution was that I made a bad purchase, Apple would not contact the previous owner, and there was absolutely nothing that could be done. Your employees are corporate monkeys and your policies are shenanigans, and because of this I will be roasting your products, company, and employees on every public forum possible. Your privacy policies are utterly ridiculous. Steve Jobs must be turning over in his grave to see what a pile of corporate garbage his legacy has turned into.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2017

I bought my first iPhone, and tried to make an account only to find someone else had used my email address. They obviously could not verify the account with my email but even so Apple's technical support said they could do nothing. With an account not verified and so probably not even usable, they can't delete it. I will NEVER use another Apple product. This was absolute **.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2017

It has now been 7 weeks since my Apple ID is being verified by Apple recovery to allow me to log in (knowing my ID and password) to a new device I purchased. With no advancement in the process. I sold my old devices and purchased one new device, tried setting up the new device with my iCloud ID and it won't let me because I no longer have the other device that was used as a trusted device to get a verification code off of. The support advisor calls me every week to tell me he's there for me and I haven't been forgotten. But he can't tell me the progress of this verification, nor can he help speed it up, nor are there any actual Apple recovery people to transfer me to because the process is done by a computer. Not people!

In these 7 weeks I haven't been asked anything at all to verify me, no communication whatsoever except for the advisor telling me to wait, they're working on it. So... About 10 years worth of apps, movies, songs, etc. That I paid for I can't access and probably never will with the way Apple handles these things. Needless to say I feel cheated by Apple, this company is a soulless robot corporation that only rips you off of your money but doesn't employ people to handle real issues. Shame on you Apple and your worthless engineers that create robot machines to handle sensitive customer issues that don't get anything done!

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Original review: July 18, 2017

Having spent £800+ on the latest iPhone 7 plus, I find that it has a faulty microphone and no one can hear me! Apple support cannot fix it remotely so the phone needs to be sent away for repair. They say it will take 7 - 10 days and they refuse to provide a loan phone in the meantime. I now simply want them to refund so that I can purchase a decent phone... But no - toing and froing with Apple support has taken me over their 14 day refund period. To add insult to injury, having spent hours on phone and chat support, an Apple 'customer service' rep swore and put the phone down on me. Their unanimous suggestion is that my carrier should provide me with a loan phone - unbelievable as I bought the phone direct from Apple and my carrier has absolutely nothing to do with the problem!

Original review: July 17, 2017

I recently joined Apple and bought my first iPad and iPhone SE both brand new. Within the first day I get my device I find that there's a glitch with the Calendar application and when I contacted customer service via Chat, Phone, and In-Person, nobody knew how to fix it. In other words the application is unable to update the year for the birth dates we save into a contact's profile. The issue is intermittent as it works sometimes. Two days later I try to purchase a Builder Pack for Clash of Clans and it says I cannot make the purchase. I contacted Apple via all three methods once again and their solution was to disable my account. As a result I was unable to update or back up any of my apps or information.

I spent two weeks escalating the situation to three senior advisors and finally one was able to help. He looked into the case and didn't know why the account was disabled. He worked to enable it and allow me to use my card again so that I could make purchase on the NEW Apple ID I was told to create while the release of my first account was being processed. Yesterday (Literally two weeks after my first account was released), I tried purchasing this Builder Pack on my new account and the same problem popped up. So I reported it to Apple and guess what these ** did after I clearly told them what happened the first time?

They went and disabled my account again. Now I have to contact them again to give them ** for making the EXACT same mistake twice in less than a month. All I want is a ** Builder Pack from Clash of Clans for less than $10. Why do I have to go through this ** every time? Are they going to tell me to make a THIRD account? No. ** you Apple. Get your ** together.

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Original review: June 30, 2017

I'm having issues with redeeming an iTunes gift card for our family account. I'm sure there's a simple way to fix it, however the family settings only allow the use of a credit card - not an iTunes card. So I'm paying out of pocket for my daughter's purchases instead of it coming off of a communal iTunes card. There's still a $50 balance on it, WHY CAN'T I USE THE GIFT CARD? She's upset because she wants to purchase an App - and I have to keep paying out of pocket when the gift card still has a balance. I try to find a way to talk to an Apple Representative. No luck. I have to submit an email and wait 48 HOURS for a response. Pathetic. Apple is always happy to take your money, we have 3 phones, two of which we paid over $600 and the other over $400. Always someone around to take the money, but no support to speak of. Pathetic and ridiculous.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 30, 2017

My 3 month old Mini 4 stopped supporting Touch ID, after contacting Apple support, they contacted almost before I'd pushed the send button. The Tech I spoke to was amazingly patient with this Luddite and walked me through a couple of troubleshooting ideas. When all that failed she recommended that I send it in to be diagnosed by Apple. I had the FedEx box and instructions in two days and returned the box in three days and the next day I was told a replacement was on its way back to me. Received it two days later. Very impressive customer care. I was kept in the loop the entire time. I can't express how valued I felt as a customer with their response. A big thumbs up for Apple care and all who I interacted with. Many Thanks!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

The iPhone is an Overpriced gimmick for something that you will easily spend twice the money for. The screen brakes very easily and is not under warranty for a ($700 phone). And once the screen cracks, as it will, the warranty is void. I brought my iPhone in to be fixed after only having it for a few months several times because the battery was defective. They refuse to fix or replace it. Leaving out the store my phone dropped and the screen cracked bad. I brought the phone in to have the battery looked at again and they said I would have to pay because of the cracked screen voids the warranty. The product is overpriced and The Samsung Galaxy has a much better glass. Trust me I'm switching. And Samsung has a much better warranty policies.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2017

My Apple ID is stuck in recovery mode for the last few months and Apple doesn't know how to change a phone number on an Apple ID. I've been through the levels the engineers everyone. They said we'll talk about a refund. I don't accept that after the never ending run around and hearing different people tell me the same thing no results. I'm asking for an item of my choice to compensate me for the complete aggravating feeling then it will be resolved. Everyone told me the same thing over and over.

Original review: June 19, 2017

Ok. So listen. I had my iPhone 6 for quite some time (well, for an iPhone). It was over 2 years old and I'm not the best with phones so it was a sad looking thing, barely hanging out. So I'm in Italy for two months, doing an Au Pair gig for the summer. Right before I left I got a brand new iPhone 7. I had some trouble with my Apple ID, it's an old college email I no longer have access to. This dude on Apple support had a solution that would've taken over 24 hours to complete. Yeah, I saved everything for the last minute so I didn't have time for this. I ended up figuring out how to change my password in about 10 minutes...

Next problem. Ok so I've been in Italy for about 4 days. My screen starts getting these weird lines and acting up. I looked up how to fix it, cooled it down, etc. and nothing worked! So I finally get around to calling Apple support, two days later. They. Were. Awful. I was on hold more than I talked to someone. This first dude's suggestion was that I go to a store that accepts the warranty. I told him that's not going to work but of course he looks it up anyway. After finding ONE store that'll accept it, I told him again I don't have transportation so he decided to "look at our other options." This dude wanted to do express care - have me send my phone back within 10 days and wait for a new one to come. After waiting for almost an hour, turns out they don't ship out of the country AND I can't get a new phone in Italy because foreign phones are made different and I'd have more problems when I returned to the States.

Ok. So I tell him this is ridiculous considering this is 100% Apple's fault since this is a brand new phone: wasn't dropped, hasn't gotten wet. Nothing. Purely a malfunction. So he transfers me to a "senior advisor." So she starts doing the exact same thing he did: looking up places I can bring my phone. So I start telling her we've already done this and I was told I can't get a new phone over here anyway. After going back and forth, basically the same exact stuff I had gone through with the previous dude, she tells me I have to wait until I come home. I said absolutely not as this is my ONLY form of communication, my camera, my map, etc.

So after me telling her how much more pissed I'll be if this phone stops working while I'm over here, we finally decide to see if she can ship a new one to my dad and he can ship it to me. I told her THEY WILL pay for shipping since it's APPLE's FAULT. Again, after going back and forth for ten minutes she tells me she has to check on that and she'll call me back. So eventually she calls me back and tells me they can give me $100-$150 credit for the online Apple Store. That's great, and except I don't need a damn thing from them. So I asked her if I'd have to send my phone back first and she said yes. I told her that's not going to work because, again, I NEED a phone while I'm here. She kept saying she's sorry that I think it's their fault and at this point I'm livid so I told her it IS their fault.

Then she says, "I'm sorry none of these solutions work for you" and kept telling me they were "trying" to help me and "it's not your fault you're overseas." I had to explain again and again that the whole point of me getting a new phone was so I would be ok when I went away. Then I asked her how she would feel if her family member was overseas without a phone and she said she wouldn't like that. That's pretty much where our conversation ended. I told her I'd talk to my dad and see if he can get through to them since they're so bogus.

This is the shortened version. I kept having to explain things again and again and all they kept saying was "I'm sorry you're frustrated, I understand why you would be." Yeah, cut the training lines and be helpful for once! I also told her god forbid I go home and my phones not under warranty anymore and I guaranteed her I would have some sort of issue waiting that long. She told me (supposedly) my phone is under warranty until June 2018 but I told her I never know with these people since they're not very helpful. My phone isn't even two weeks old so as far as I'm concerned, it's Apple's problem and they need to find something convenient for me. I'm livid right now. $750 phone and they won't work with me. Oh, ok. Thanks a lot, Apple!

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Original review: June 18, 2017

ALL APPLE IOS USERS NEED TO READ THIS CAUTIONARY TALE--Learn from Snow White & don't bite the apple no matter how good it looks! Mirror, mirror on the wall - who's the slimiest of them all? I not only bit the Apple, I consumed the whole tree. From the moment I bought my very first MAC back in the Stone Age I was an instant Apple loyalist, as in I-everything. I was exactly the customer Mac wants; totally hooked and happy. I couldn't wait for the next I-whatever to roll out, and when new products did I was like a kid at Christmas. Had to have it! Iphones 4-7Plus - check. Ipad Air 1 & 2, check. MacBook Pro, check. Ipods in every iteration, check. And so on and so forth. So one would think after such die hard loyalty Apple would want to make things right when a cataclysmic Sierra upgrade glitch destroyed all my data - WRONG!!

On Oct 22, 2016 I received an email from Apple telling me to "click here" to download their new Sierra operating system. I'm not a sophisticated techie but even I can manage that. And that simple click at 11:30 pm while I was waiting for Saturday Night Live to come on was the beginning of the end. About 10 minutes into the download Sierra froze. Nothing I did could unfreeze it. I waited and waited and waited. But still frozen. Finally I decided to shut down and reboot. Worst move ever because it came back with a black screen with assorted bits of garbage on it and some sort of cryptic aborted message. There was no way in or out.

So I called 24/7 AppleCare and embarked on a 12 hour world tour, speaking to Apple techs from the Philippines to Australia - for almost 12 hours straight!!! At one point I spent almost 3 hours on the phone with a senior tech in Melbourne who managed to somehow get Sierra off my system and get me back to El Capitan. He then had me reinstall Sierra assuring me that as soon as it finished downloading (a mere 2 hours later) everything would be perfect. He even kindly offered to call me back at 9 am NY time and check up on it.

Only it wasn't fine at 9 am - it was worse because I could no longer access my own user file. I spent another hour or so on the phone with an even more senior tech, who finally threw in the towel. So I packed up my mortally wounded operating system and ran to Apple's flagship 59th Street Store in NYC, where I spent over an hour going through the mess with an assortment of their Geniuses. I left my MacBook Pro in Apple's ICU with the assurance they'd get everything working again ASAP. You can imagine how thrilled and relieved I was when Apple called me 3 days later and told me I could come pick up my MAC, which was now perfect.

But it wasn't. It took me exactly 30 seconds after turning it on to realize that almost all my dozens of files were gone. Only a handful remained and they contained a hodgepodge of random documents from any and every file including the operating system. The best analogy I could use would be if a tornado went through a conventional file room and all that remained was a huge pile of random paper, with 1/2 of the files completely blown away, never to be found again. It was beyond bizarre. And it didn't take a Genius to see this, because instead of the dozens of files and subfiles that appeared when the initial menu came up, there were now less than 20.

But I didn't panic yet. Because I had everything backed up - not only to an external hard drive but also the elusive iCloud. So I returned to the Apple Store with my back-up drive, where I left Alan, supposedly one of their best and most senior Geniuses, with the crystal clear instruction that before doing anything further he needed to make a duplicate of my pristine back up drive and work only from the duplicate so that there was no risk of my remaining data and files being compromised.

But unfortunately Alan didn't do that. Instead, he plugged the drive in and when a prompt popped up to complete downloading Sierra he hit it. And somehow, someway that Apple can't or won't explain to this day, the deadly Sierra managed to worm its way into every single file on my back-up drive and even into the Cloud to destroy them all. For those familiar with Time Machine suddenly every single file, regardless of its date, was the identical scrambled mess as all the others. This was the 2nd time Apple's Geniuses didn't catch this (or own up to it as the case may be). Once again they insisted everything was "perfect".

By now we were into December and my battle with the Apple Store was at a standoff. It had degenerated into a series of increasingly ridiculous lies, history rewrites, denials and finger pointing. They even tried to write the whole incident off to my external drive failing which was utterly preposterous because my external drive wasn't even in the mix until the 3rd cycle of repairs and denials.

But my favorite was Apple's repeatedly denying any responsibility or liability for the destruction of my data and files because somewhere, buried deep in the fine print of their Apple User Agreement, Apple disavows itself of any liability for all software. This includes their own, proprietary IOS operating system. By this logic Apple's sole legal responsibility is limited to the sleek metal box that houses the operating system Apple created, without which the metal box does not run. Perhaps their lawyers need to look into Contracts of Adhesion. Buyer beware the next time you invest $2-3000 for your new MAC. If MAC's operating system fails and destroys your data it's not their problem, it's yours!

So I trudged back and forth to the Apple Store for another month. Ironically I broke my wrist in December after slipping on ice one block from the 59th St. Store on my way there. I arrived in tears, with my old (now damaged from the fall) MacBook Pro that the Geniuses requested I bring them to try restore some of my older files, saying I had to leave it and run because I had to go to the ER. And they actually argued with me telling me they couldn't work on it unless I stayed!

I suggested that the Store team contact the Sierra team at Apple because maybe they could unscramble what happened since they presumably wrote the code. Implausibly, according the Apple store's top Manager, he had no way of reaching any senior Apple executive directly, even Tim Cook. If this is true and the Manager of Apple's premiere flagship store can't connect directly with one of their top executives it would go a long way towards explaining why Apple is so dysfunctional. Are they this desperate to avoid any direct contact, or even indirect, with their customers?

From my experience the answer is a resounding YES. Forget calling anyone at Apple. No matter which door you go in through (and I've tried them all, even Investor Relations and HR) you end up with one of their utterly useless and frustrating Customer Service Reps, who will run you in Applespeak circles no matter how long you spend on the phone with them. It's an endurance test and you can't outrun them.

So after a month more of this I decided it was time to escalate to Tim Cook. I wrote Mr. Cook a lengthy letter filled with specifics - dates, names, micro details in the hope that the ever growing chain of mishaps and missteps would set off an alarm, as one would expect of any CEO looking at what should appear to be a major customer service fail. Even more importantly, I also detailed other incidents I'd come across with the same failure by Sierra on or around the same date I experienced it. This included numerous posts on Apple blogs and two other cases I'd found in NYC. Not to mention the 1st Australian tech I spent 3 hours on the phone with told me that this was a known bug and glitch with Sierra. One would think that a problem with Apple's new IOS would be an instant red flag to Mr. Cook. Unless of course he already knew about it.

A couple of days after emailing Tim Cook I was contacted by Megan **, a member of Mr. Cook's "Executive Leadership Team." No disrespect to Ms. **, but as far as I can tell after 5 mos of dealing with her, she's just an upgraded AppleCare team member in disguise. She claims Tim Cook had read all my correspondence and is aware of the matter but I find this hard to believe. If he truly is shame on him. Once Ms. ** jumped in I spent hours on the phone with more AppleCare team members, having to start the entire saga from start every time, making me wonder if anyone from Apple ever read the file before jumping on the phone with me.

The dots never connected on their own between the Store, the Geniuses, AppleCare and anyone else involved. So on every call I had to spend hours walking the tech du jour through the ever increasing maze of misinformation and failed fixes. I don't believe I ever spoke to anyone with senior engineering expertise from the nature of the conversations I had. I certainly never spoke to anyone for the Sierra team despite repeatedly requesting this. At one point I was contacted by an AppleCare rep who asked questions during 3 lengthy calls, supposedly at the behest of the iCloud team. But he ultimately disappeared and I never heard anything further on that front.

Which brings us to now. Finally, after 6 months and countless failed attempts to retrieve or restore my missing files and data (which is over 10 years worth of personal and vital business files) Ms. ** called me and told me that Apple had come to the conclusion they could not fix the problem. Therefore Apple felt "terrible" and wanted "to make financial restitution" for my loss."

Aside from this being a cataclysmic problem to my business because years of work product, contacts, correspondence and records were gone in a flash (including all the back-ups) I also lost irreplaceable personal photos and other correspondence. How do you even begin to determine a financial value for such a loss? A really cyberage dilemma. So I started researching and came up with a number of formulas that businesses, insurers and others have applied to determine the value of data loss. Needless to say, there was a wide range going from $50,000 to well into the 6-figures.

So, I went back to Ms. ** and told her I thought the best way to determine the financial value was to agree upon a formula or methodology to apply first. But none of this mattered because Apple had come up with their own solution - they offered me a choice of a $3500 check or $5000 of Apple equipment at retail price (which actually translates to less than $3500 at their wholesale or manufacturer's price). So $3500 or $2500? And of course in return I had to give Apple a full release from all liability.

And that's as far as Apple will go. $3500 for every record, file or document I had - over 250,000 gigabytes of files and data vital to my life and business. Or to put this in proper perspective, a mere fraction of what Apple spent to develop the special box to keep pizza crusts from getting soggy in the employee cafeteria in their new corporate palace. The palace with the zillion dollar door handles and miles of special glass. Otherwise known as Apple-Versailles. So my life's work is worth less than a soggy pizza crust. Good to know. Maybe I should just settle for $5000 worth of pizza boxes and door handles.

Here's the real kicker - my MAC still doesn't function properly. Backing up still has the very same problem it had on day one. All of the files, regardless of date, are mirror images of each other, with incomplete, corrupted files. So 7 months later I don't even have a working computer and operating system. Instead I have a $2500, 500,000 gigabyte word processor and email reader. And Apple's offer of $3500 for "restitution". Samsung and their exploding phones are looking pretty good right now. At least they acknowledge their responsibility and are giving everyone new phones that work.

So think about this the next time you line up for hours to pay top price for Apple's latest must have toy. God forbid anything goes wrong beyond the ability of a quick fix by an Apple Genius or AppleCare. You won't be able to escalate to any senior executive or engineer. You'll be lied to, run around in circles, waste months of your time and thanks to the fine print you'll never read or see, Apple will deny all liability. And that nice shiny box it comes in is only worth $3500, even if Apple's own IOS fails. Something to keep mind as Apple gets set to launch High Sierra.

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