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So in middle of 2 weeks of business travel in a Baltic country I missed blocking a major Windows update of Windows 10. My laptop is a HP i7 which is 3 months old and very cutting edge with pad functions. I purchased it specifically because it clean of personal content for travel. I spent a day just customizing it with classic shell and all the security layers to travel and prevent outside access. I also needed to present powerpoints to military working groups and didn't want my personal information showing on start screens. So, I have 3 layers software security and VPN service.

So the update changed my username, put my Microsoft picture on front and deleted my pin access. When the laptop finished its 2-hour update and turned back on, I had to cold boot it just to get around the stupid tutorial of new worthless features that I spent a day disabling previously. Next, my desktop background was gone, classic shell had to reboot and all the icons were rearranged.

HERE IS THE BEST OF ALL, my presentation on powerpoint was corrupted and would NOT open. Well being a professional I had a flash drive back-up. This also confirms why you never delete camera cards after downloads and just simply carry extra cards. I take an average of 500 photos a day plus hours of video for work purposes. Lucky that Microsoft couldn't destroy my Nikon and Go-Pro software and I didn't have to reload all the media contents. So, when I gift this Laptop to family member after returning home I will be forever leaving the Microsoft operating system and going to the more expensive but truly a better option.

Bought Office Pro Plus 2013 from University of Georgia when I worked for the University. Turned on my computer this morning and cannot use any of the Microsoft applications. Called the University and they said I needed to talk with Microsoft. Microsoft told me that it was a volume license and it had been pirated and was blocked. I told them that they needed to give me a replacement since I had already paid for the product and I was not the one who pirated the software. They refused and said that I needed to buy the applications again. So I am left with the choice - buy the applications again or not be able to use my computer. Great choice Microsoft. You must be really hard up if you need to take money from retired people!!!

I received the Surface Pro 3 as a Christmas gift last year. 1.5 years later the hard drive crashes just 6 month out of warranty. This is obviously a manufacturer's defect but Microsoft will not replace or fix my tablet. I only use the tablet for business travel so it only has about 50 hours of use. When I took it to the Microsoft store the Tech told me "If you had used it more often this glitch would have shown up sooner and you would still be covered under warranty." They offer a "out of warranty replacement" for another $450.00... why would I purchase another Surface when they don't stand by their products? If this was a car warranty or no... the maker would fix the defective part!! Very unhappy and will not buy another Microsoft product.

You might as well say I was forced to download Windows 10, as I was almost constantly presented with a window on my screen to upgrade as support was going to discontinue for Windows 7, which was great. I finally performed the download and have been unhappy since. My games that came with Windows 7 were not included in Windows 10. I have tried to download them off the internet, but even game sites that said their games were for Windows 10 wouldn't play. I have an HP system with an AMD processor.

The Windows 10 compatibility only goes up to Windows 8. Why??? Therefore I also tried games that were for Windows 8, no luck. Right now I'm so frustrated with Windows 10. Microsoft should have to provide new drivers and new games or give you a way to go back to Windows 7 and provide support for it until Windows 10 works out its bugs. Also feels like they are trying their best to push Microsoft Edge and don't want you to use Internet Explorer at all.

Several times I was prompted to update to Windows 10. I work from home and company software does not work with it. I was unable to work for 3 days besides other issues I came across. Found out Microsoft tricked us when you try to push the red ex to get rid of it the set it up so it confirmed the approval of the update. In the news a woman travel agent sued and won for just that reason. I called cust service and could not understand the man from India or Pakistan, except he said it's the first time he heard of it. I work with 20 people and 4 of them had the same thing happen. Once again a big company screwing us little folks. We need a class action against them. Don't care to get a dime but would like to see them lose millions. Scumbags.

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I can see by the complaints that I am not the only one that is furious with the behavior of Microsoft trying to force users on to windows 10. I have consistently declined their offer to convert, and then with total disregard and without my permission have the nerve to install windows 10 on MY computer and change MY operating system. I then have to wait for them to restore my computer back to windows 7 when it should have never been changed in the first place. This should not at all be allowed and I hope something will be done to put a stop to it.

In January of 2016 I purchased an Acer laptop from a Microsoft booth in the Boise Towne Square Mall, Boise Idaho. Within a few hours I noticed that I could not download anything. I took the laptop back and the same salesman exchanged it for a Dell 5500 series. Within a few days I noticed that the 2nd laptop would freeze and randomly restart without any warning. I spoke with the same salesman and he said to bring it in and he would keep exchanging laptops until I was happy. The next day I went to the mall to exchange it, and the booth was gone. The booth next to where the Microsoft booth was said that they left pretty quickly.

I called Microsoft and they walked me through several tests and then attempted to charge me to reinstall windows 10. I told them absolutely not! They eventually agreed to do it as a '1 time courtesy'. It didn't help. I decided to call Dell and see if they could do any better. For an entire week I was on and off the phone with their tech department. They remote accessed my laptop for 1-3 hours at a time. Nothing worked. I asked for an exchange and they refused.

I called Microsoft back, at the same time as having an open complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Microsoft continued to push me from one extension to another. No one would take accountability for any of what was going on. I was told yesterday that I should call billing and they would provide me with a reprint of my receipt, in order for them to exchange my laptop. I called billing today and what did they say...'I'll connect you with Dell tech support'...are you kidding me?! I was right back to the beginning! I am disgusted with all of it!! I thought Dell was awful. Turns out Microsoft is even worse!! So now, I have a black screened, frozen piece of crap sitting in my living room, whose only use is as a paper weight! Disgusted! Angry! Livid! You choose!! :(

Do not buy this. It will disconnect from wifi, speakers quit work, the virtual mouse, whenever you get an update something goes wrong. It has never worked fully for more than 7 days at a time. I have had to do a complete reboot several times, and start all over. I use my phone most of the time because I don't even try my surface. It also won't connect to a printer. SAVE your money and stress level.

I can see by the number of complaints that it is no use for me to waste any more of my precious time to write an in-depth review of this communistic FORCED upgrade. My computer is completely ruined. I now have to buy a new one. Additionally, I was right in the middle of a work project with a deadline. I am now three weeks past the deadline trying to correct the issues that were caused by this mandatory, forced product. What happened to the United States of America and FREE consumer choices?

As many before have stated, Microsoft should absolutely face punishment. This is piracy at is modern finest. Microsoft - you are abominable. This has cost me time, job-related issues, and MONEY. I repeatedly clicked NO until the choice went to NOW or LATER. Then, there were no further choices. Microsoft possessed my computer and inflicted Windows 10 on me, against my will. They might as well have tattooed their wickedness across my forehead - prefaced with 666. That's it - Microsoft ~ Windows 10 ~ 666.

The device would not boot past the BIOS. I called support and they sent a shipping label and said they would replace the product. A week later, it came back to us with a broken screen and a letter refusing to replace because of the broken screen. The Surface had NO physically damage to it when I shipped it out, it was securely packaged by my own hands. Microsoft now claims that we sent it to them in this condition: an audacious claim that is absolutely breathtaking.

I just lost 2.5 hrs of business computer time for Microsoft to jam down my throat Windows 10. I have consistently declined their offer to convert. I am furious that I had to lose use of my computer for this company to force themselves into MY COMPUTER TO CHANGE MY OPERATING SYSTEM! For the first time in 25 years I am seriously considering changing all my business systems.

As many people have experienced, my Windows 10 update was mandatory, automatic, and poorly executed. The specific issue is that, while you may have had a product key before, your "digital entitlement" after the free upgrade no longer has your product key associated with the account. There is a popular academic storefront called Microsoft DreamSpark, which many students use to get free or inexpensive Microsoft products through their university. I was one of those students, and used it to acquire Windows 8 on January 1st, 2014. Unfortunately, DreamSpark doesn't keep track of your product key for longer than 24 months. That should be okay, right? Of course it's still attached to my account? Well, after my fated upgrade, no longer.

This week I upgraded my motherboard and CPU, a process I know would require reactivation. I purchased the key itself (it did not come with my desktop as it is not prebuilt), so this is not an issue. I contacted live chat support in order to acquire my key and make sure I could do the transfer. After 2 hours on chat, they (a) could not find my key, (b) therefore could not invalidate my current Windows, and (c) instructed me it was a digital entitlement and therefore I should be okay as it is associated with my Microsoft account.

I was not okay. Of course, immediately after my hardware swap, I was no longer authentic. I called Microsoft support this time, hoping to get a hold of someone with a bit more expertise. Phone chat asked what my key was, to which I replied I could not acquire it. They stated that "[they] don't give away free keys" and that I had to go through DreamSpark, that the digital entitlement is not on my account, and that Microsoft isn't responsible for the upgrade and don't have to help me. The customer service representative said that it was the decision of her supervisor, who I then asked to be transferred to. She hung up on me. I already never use this operating system for programming. If the day ever comes where Linux becomes a viable operating system for gaming, with high quality drivers as in Windows, I will certainly never again support this nonsense.

I have just lost the use of my computer for 2 1/2 hours due to a forced update to Windows 10 that I did not give consent to, which had to be reversed. Who the hell do Microsoft think they are? I say what goes on my computer and when. Me. Not you. I have REPEATEDLY rejected the free update offer, but the harassment only gets worse, completely overriding my expressed wishes now. Go to hell Microsoft. You are giving everyone the **.

What a useless product. Continually "not responding", "not working". The MS techs x 3 just reload the product and ask me to let them know if it appears again. It does. The last rep just ended my session without fixing it or letting me know that was what he was going to do. It is obvious they know the product is faulty and they do not have a solution. No manners or genuine concern for me as a customer. Outlook crashes with "contacting server" message then just freezes the screen. I am sick of doing their investigation work for them by following that link or click on the other link etc. JUST FIX IT MS!!!

I contacted the Surface Support telephone contact center which are located in the Philippines using their 1-800 number. The first agent was very helpful and understood my problem that the tablet wouldn't recharge and sent me a UPS shipping label to ship it back to them and they replaced it within the week. However the second tablet still wouldn't charge so I called again and suggested that it was the power cable not the tablet that was the problem.

The second agent insisted that it was the settings on the Surface tablet and insisted that I reset them. During this process the tablet asked if I wanted to erase all the data on the hard drive. I didn't think I should do this as it would erase the operating system. The agent however insisted that I should. It did erase the OS and now the tablet would not charge or work. She now agreed that I needed a new power cord and would send me one so I asked about getting the OS back on the tablet. She said I would have to wait for the power cord.

Surface Support does not allow more than one problem to be open at one time. When the power cord arrived there was a UPS mailing label inside so I used this to send back the tablet. An agent followed up to ask if I was now satisfied so I wrote back to explain that I had couriered the tablet back to them for a replacement or to load the OS. The first agent who told me to erase the hard drive called me back and said that Microsoft never sends mailing labels so I could not have sent it back. I spoke with several agents and supervisors but all claim they cannot help me because I did not keep the UPS tracking number.

In summary some of their agents do not know what they are talking about and they do not have a means of communicating with their return office in Toronto. They appear to be helpful because I have received many e-mails and phone calls full of platitudes but no concrete help. I am now without a perfectly good tablet and receiving late-night calls asking if I am now satisfied and having to repeat the same story over again many times and they don't understand or read their records.

Several weeks ago Windows 10 started to install itself without my requesting it. I quickly pulled the power cord from my computer in order to stop it. Today the Windows Update dialog came up and gave me two choices: Upgrade to Windows 10 now or later. The dialog box CANNOT be dismissed. If you choose the second option, you will commit yourself to upgrading on the scheduled day, or the next time you turn on your computer, whichever is later. I chose the first option and quickly pulled the plug before Windows 10 could begin installing. I foolishly installed Windows 10 last year and it froze every 1 or 2 days. The only way to recover from this was to reboot which could take 2 to 5 hours. When it worked it was extremely slow. I absolutely refuse to upgrade to Windows 10. The day Windows 7 is no longer supported is when I stop using Microsoft products. Microsoft should be prosecuted for this criminal activity.

I chose to not update the New Windows 10. I was hesitant and wanted to wait until I had sufficient time to spend on the new update. The first part of May 2016, I turned on my computer and the download update was forced to update on my computer. When I followed their instructions and refused, it would still not give me control of my computer. I called their 800 number and the technician told me I had to accept it and then she would remove it. I received a message stating Microsoft 10 was not compatible with my computer. Two hours later it was removed, however the download process automatically started again when I logged in. The technician was changing settings so it wouldn't keep taking over, and the phone call was disconnected.

When I called back, phone message said they were closed for the day. I did call back the next day and they had no luck stopping the update. I then called my personal computer technician. He fixed the problem. I feel that when I was given an option to refuse, it should not be forced on me, especially when message says not compatible. That is faulty programming, or just a lying program. I should have rights, and I resent having to spend time I didn't have to fix a problem forced on my computer in my home. I couldn't use my computer for two days and lost at least 4 hours of my time. Also, they need to have technicians trained better on their product.

I called phone support because I forgot how to scan documents from the Officejet Pro into my laptop. When I called at 4:40 pm EST, my computer was fine. When I hung up at 11:20 pm EST, I could no longer bring up anything beyond the initial blue icon. During those long hours, the technician who created my problem called and made weird strange noises until I hung up on him. I spoke to a supervisor who promised me that nothing like this would happen again, but he was a lot less clear about what would be done to help me now. PS- my laptop is still not working.

Had an experience with Microsoft where I needed to understand why I was getting a SMTP error in Outlook and couldn't receive E-Mails. I had just installed the 2016 version of Outlook a few weeks earlier. The first customer rep disconnected the call and since she never took an initial phone number, there was no callback. The second customer rep explained that if her cursory review didn't identify the problem, then I would need to purchase a support contract. Basically, All she was willing to do was review the Verizon settings in Outlook which had already been looked at by Verizon.

The rep was clueless and only interested in selling the support contract. There should have been some knowledge-base for her to reference with suggestions. What is maddening about this is that most consumers can't figure out even basic things in Windows and Office because of complexity. I'm convinced they over-engineer these products to generate support revenue. Microsoft makes it very difficult for consumers to trouble-shoot on their own. The rep was only interested in selling me the contract. Next purchase will be a MAC.

I purchased a subscription of Office 365 to go on my new computer April 2016. Upon logging into Microsoft using their account system, I find out that because I had purchased my daughter's Office 365 university subscription 2 years earlier on the same account, I can not install the new subscription on the new computer without deactivating her subscription. I asked if there was a way to assign a new account to the new subscription and was told 'no'. The only way to salvage the new subscription was to deactivate all subscriptions and start over. The problem is that I can not disturb the daughter's account due to her business use of her subscription. There was no other alternatives, thus I lose a 1 yr subscription to the Goliath of personal office software. If there is a way around Microsoft I am ready.

I love that upgrading my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is FREE given that the following conditions are met: 1. The OS is either a Windows 7 or 8. 2. The OS is verified as a GENUINE software. (Note: You can verify this by reading the following link: **) Before, when I had a GENUINE Windows 7 OS, I had frequent lags and slow loading of programs. However, when I upgraded my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the lags that I experienced before has significantly reduced. If you're having a GENUINE Windows 7 or 8 OS in your PC or laptop, I RECOMMEND you to upgrade your OS to Windows 10.

SurfacePro4 - This is the third day I have spent hours on the phone with people at either 877-696-7786 or 800-642-7676. On 4/30, I spent 2 hours with various customer service reps including a supervisor who finally promised that they would send a replacement SurfacePro4 because the tablet which we had just a little over a month was defective. Was promised that a new one would be shipped within 6-8 business days. The only replacement item that was sent and arrived on 5/9, was a Surface pen??? Never even talked about the pen being defective.

Yesterday, I spent 45 minutes trying to find someone who could see when the replacement table would arrive. No one could. Today, 5/14, another two hours and many departments and customer reps later, and I finally got to the point where they were going to do an Advance Exchange and my AMEX card which I had to enter online so they could charge for the replacement tablet (and then remove the charge when we return the defective tablet) triggered a FRAUD alert at AMEX and the card was declined.

While I was on the phone with AMEX, Microsoft hung up. I think their customer service support is shut down for the rest of the day. Our IT person wanted to try the SurfacePro4, but it was a huge mistake. Not only did it break down a short time after we could return it, the process for dealing with customer problems is not effective at all. You can tell they all have their script, but no one can do anything. They also have to send you a 'Support Code' to the email address you have on file to verify that you match an email account. This expires after 5-10 minutes, so when you are dropped from one customer service rep, you have to start over with the next. I have wasted so many hours, literally HOURS (I'm sorry I capitalized this).

Will never purchase a Microsoft device again. When you compare this experience with customer support at Apple, you realize what a big mistake it was to try the tablet. The Microsoft purchase was made at a kiosk in Glendale CA, an hour from where our IT person works. We are trying to arrange a replacement from Chicago. It has been a nightmare waste of time. It asks for an order number. There is a reference number, an order number from two weeks ago, another order number on the website where the AMEX charge shows up (finally). When you call, no one can connect any of them to my problem and you start over with serial number, email and name.

I purchased Microsoft Office pro 2013 about a year ago. Here recently, I downloaded windows 10 and now my office pro now says it needs to be activated for some reason. So I call customer service for help activating my Microsoft Office Pro 2013. They say they could not find my purchase from a year ago and transferred me to a technician who at that point all he was doing was trying to charge me $80 for a technician fee for their products that was not working. I told him I was not paying $80 to have a product that I paid over $170 for and he hung up. I called back customer service and ask to speak to another supervisor and at that point he told me that my product was bought from a third party and that they could no longer help and that I needed to get in touch with them even though it was a Microsoft products and then hung up on me.

This is the worst customer service and the worst company I have had to deal with in my life. I have been in the customer service for over 16 years and have never treated anybody like they have treated me tonight. If this is the kind of company that Bill Gates is running then he needs to reconsider who he has working for him and for the product that he is putting out. All they had to do was give me my product key number to reactivate my product that I have paid for. Hopefully these reviews will make it to corporate or to Bill Gates so they can see the people they have working for their customer service and how they are not helping their company with customer service.

Purchased a surface pro 4, office 365 and other items for thousands of $. Faulty. Returning was a nightmare. Repeated three times. My critical word files were encrypted using Windows 10 inbuilt encryption with no password generated. I backed those files up on a USB. Sure enough that surface pro 4 hardware was also faulty. Replaced. I now can't open or transfer my files because they're encrypted even though they were meant to decrypt automatically according to MS support answer tech advice and nonetheless I use the same MS account on the latest device. No one in MS can/will help. I believe their advice was false and misleading, even if inadvertently and consequently I have suffered enormous stress and loss of most crucial files. A company quoted $1800 to decrypt the USB. Is there a way to compel MS to pay for this or fix it themselves? Surely on the backend they'd have someone who could decrypt the files!!!

Operating here in Australia the Microsoft warranty service is abysmal in our experience. Our Service Pro 3 died after 3 weeks and it took a considerable amount of time to get information as to how to return the product. This included being advised that a courier would collect the goods to take back to Sydney from Melbourne and after 24 hours without anybody turning up we then discovered that we were expected to take the goods to the post office.

Australia Post is the worst service in the country and it took 9 days to travel 500 miles from Melbourne to Sydney including a 1000 mile detour through Brisbane. Now that the goods have actually arrived in Sydney we have to wait another 5 to 10 business days for return but we will not be at home for a month. I've spent at least 4 hours on the telephone dealing with the Philippines call center which has no executive capability whatsoever to rectify any customer problems but only parrots - the same mantra each time you speak to them. I have been on the phone for over half an hour trying to work out how we can receive the goods if we are not at home and the only suggestion is ask a neighbor to look out for the delivery.

Microsoft executive management here in Australia is totally isolated from customer contact and you cannot get anybody in the Sydney office to talk to you. My advice to anybody is to avoid Microsoft products like the plague unless you are desperate and have to use them. Furthermore don't expect any reasonable customer service for a warranty failure.

Why the heck doesn't Windows 10 have a direct way to open/eject the CD/DVD tray?? I find it highly annoying because there is absolutely no functional reason for eliminating this feature. Also, the built-in browser, Edge -- which somehow morphed into Bing without my knowledge -- really, really stinks. It is so slow, you just sit there staring at your screen for what seems like forever. Also, Windows 10 doesn't let you set Google Chrome as a default browser in programs such as Dreamweaver.

It would be difficult to express the level of my frustration and displeasure with the Assure Premium Technical support that I purchased. Today (last week when I'm posting this) I called in for support. I was told they would connect me with the first available technician. I was put on hold for more than 30 minutes and then disconnected. I called back. After a frustrating and annoying robot questioning and a substantial wait, I got a technician. I spent about 10 minutes with the technician explaining my problem. He told me not to worry. With my Assure support he would help me. He asked me to hold for a moment. Then I was disconnected. Although he had my phone number, he didn't call back.

For my third attempt, I went online and requested a call back. A technician called back. I first told him that I wanted to register a complaint. He said he would give me an email address for sending the complaint. He told me the address is I then explained the problem. He asked for my product ID and then told me that they didn’t handle this kind of software. I explained that I was paying for Assure Premium Technical Support but he brushed it off. I sent my complaint to the email he gave me. The email was returned saying the email address could not be found. I then requested another call back and got a helpful agent, Cyril, who connected me to Level 2 support (which was needed for this case), Rohit, who helped me through the problem.

If I had received this attention from the beginning it would have been OK. However, it turned out in the end that this is a problem with office that is known but not resolved. All I could do was wait for an update. After almost 2 hours on the phone my problem remains unresolved. I posted this review to Microsoft's site. They returned it to me saying they would not publish it because "it did not meet all our website guidelines." They didn't say in what way it didn't meet their guidelines and the email is a "no-reply", so no way to ask them.

On Jan 2, 2016 I purchased Office 365 through a third party. Since my purchase I have been unable to use this product. Microsoft has now blocked my account. The only way that the account can be unblocked is to have a passcode sent to me via phone. Problem is when I put in my phone number an invalid request sign comes up. There is nowhere to put in an email address to retrieve a code. I have tried to phone Microsoft but all I get is automated messages. I am over wasting time with technicians who fob me off to automated messages. I have asked for a refund from the third party. They will not oblige and neither will Microsoft.

I am so disappointed in Microsoft! They have zero customer service. I purchased a keyboard and mouse combo for $60 less than 5 months ago. They claim they have this great 3 year warranty on their products, yet part of this warranty is that when we purchase a product that is crap we have to pay the shipping to return it! This is the first time I have encountered having to pay for the return postage for a faulty product. I call the customer service and they refuse to give me an email address of a complaint department. She said she is the only one I can talk to and her answer is not going to change. I look all over online and I see several forums where people are complaining that there is no way of filing a complaint against Microsoft in any way. Pretty much they set their policies and we are force to accept them.

Well, as a business owner of a growing business this just tells me that I will avoid purchasing any Microsoft accessories as they can't stand behind their product and provide any customer service. Maybe if more people refused to purchase Microsoft, the decision makers would change their policies, provide better access to supervisors that can make decisions and actually provide customer service.

I loved everything about my surface 2 64gb RT. It did way more than I had anticipated, took pretty slammin' photos and had features. I ended up using often. I was prepared to hate everything about the Windows 8 RT operating system. It came loaded with and it was my first real experience with touch screen operation (I'm close to a self avowed Luddite) and the look was clunky, overly cluttered and counter intuitive. Turns out I was wrong on all fronts- the tiles were easy to manage, it had plenty of memory, I could load any file I wanted through the USB port and could even revert to a desktop view if I so wanted. I even set up remote servers to gain access to otherwise unavailable sports feeds. I could use it for work documents and I did just that on at least a weekly basis, very often daily. The only real beef I had was the screen size, which because of price, was a minor inconvenience.

Until recently when I had a problem with it. It wouldn't power on. I spent valuable time running through all the solution protocols on the Microsoft site and it actually worked- exactly twice. Then nothing. So I made an "appointment" to see one of the techs at the Microsoft store. (Appointment? Really? ) -More valuable time. My experience was eye opening, surprising at least, and in the end an exercise in frustration. Unbelievably poor service from Microsoft itself.

I was out of warranty- big surprise, but the solutions offered to me by the Microsoft staff were inexcusable. My product had stopped working after a year and a half of use. I was all prepared to sing the praises of Microsoft versus Apple in almost every way except maybe compatibility, but no more.

They touted these"programs" with fancy names that I could take advantage of- basically trade in, trade up, exchange-type deals, but one of the conditions was that the product actually powered on. Well, duh, no, that's why I was in the store in the first place. The 'manager' (that's what he appeared to be) hovered around the tech while speaking with me and talked about how his lunch was. Then anytime the tech offered one of these 'program' offers, the manager would shake his head or nod. Then, I was offered an "out-of-warranty replacement" for about half of the product cost.The quote from a representative over the phone was double the in-person offer. So I questioned the discrepancy, and the tech and manager went right to work.

The tech tried to log in to the Microsoft site and COULDN'T LOG IN. The tech then blamed the Surface he was working on (what?). The manager AGREED(!!!) and then tried himself. He also COULDN'T LOG ON to the server. PEOPLE- this is what you do, I would think you could figure this out in a computer store! I think they muttered something about the BAD WEATHER as a source of their problem! So I told them I would look around while they find out the information.

I had a very pleasant experience with one of the sales staff looking at new tablets while waiting. They suggested I buy a newer product and buy an extended (2 year) warranty at $200. To wrap up, they told me I was out of luck and actually tried to suggest selling the faulty device online! No offer to fix/replace at a discount. No offer to take something off if I traded up. No reaction when I asked how it was the device only lasted a year and a half. OUTRAGEOUS. Does everyone just put up with this kind of abuse/nonsense? Well, put Microsoft on my list of products I will never buy again (I may be forced to use Windows, but not their hardware). Oh, but the store looked good, and the staff all had the right color t-shirts on.