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Do not use your PayPal account with Microsoft. They got me for 313.00 because once a PayPal account is verified for a purchase they don't verify purchases after that. They don't have that technology I was told. How could they not? So this multi-billion dollar company are gouging folks who do not know this, I learned the hard way. PayPal unsubscribed Microsoft from my account and Xbox support was a great help.

Microsoft can't exist without the people who buy into it, or support it. While I have had good and bad products through microsoft, they have been consistent with the expected experience. The Bad IMO... Windows 10, That's it. I had Windows 8.1 which on a touch screen tablet like the Surface Pro 3 and Nokia Phone was pretty awesome. Windows 8 was a little lacking in functionality, but was still a solid operating system. Windows 7, which I will run three or four years after they stop supporting it, but is my preferred OS after XP.

Vista was a really big change, and honestly by Service pack 2, it was fixed, and solid, but Microsoft wrecked their chances on it due to releasing it before it was ready to be released. Windows XP was a rock-star, but it was garbage when it was first released, and didn't really get good until SP1, which fixed a lot of the bugs, Windows 2k was my favorite OS ever made by microsoft, it was lightweight, fast, and stable, it had good functionality without all the addition of colors that no one actually cares about. Windows 98SE (ME), 98, 95SE, 95, 95 Internet edition, 3.1, 3.0 were all OS's that really formed the "Start bar" as people have grown to expect.

All this said: Windows 10 is a boat anchor, it has way too much bloat, and way too many hooks back into the mothership. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with windows 8.1 is an awesome machine, unfortunately when 10 came out on the Surface Pro 4, it wrecked the actual functionality, due to the way updates are provided, the windows 10 OS seems to brick the Surface Pro 4's due to updating issues in which Microsoft can't fix.

Xbox One/Xbox 360 and Classic Xbox. They all had/Have issues... Classic - The power bricks were overheating when the fan failed and burning people's homes to the ground. (Solution, don't leave it plugged in, on the carpet, when you're not home.) Xbox 360 - RROD was a big issue, honestly just keep shipping them back to Microsoft to be repaired. One - The Xbox One has a flaw in memory writing that over time will require you to hard boot (Unplug and replug in) the device in order to clear virtual memory. It's an OS issue not a hardware issue. Nokia hardware - it is honestly a rockstar, too bad Bing sucks. Otherwise this would be a major player against the Iphone and Android. I am a Microsoft user, administrator, and engineer, and have been with them since DOS in 1986.

Simple problem. Purchased single song, would not download. Sent to support, ended up having to call. On phone 1 1/2 hours for very foreign person named Puja to check all sorts of reasons why it would not download. Transferred me to billing for a refund. Another 1/2 hour on the phone, they hung up the phone. What is the recourse for this kind of arrogant abuse of monopolization? Where to buy a computer that is not tied to Windows? Hey, all you garage techies out there --- what kind of alternative so we can stamp out this kind of arrogance with a new one?

Windows 10 automatically loaded on my laptop. I was able to revert back to 7, but lost many features including my finger scanner, and this really pissed me off. I had to call my antivirus co. to remote in and restore it. Well I just pulled my battery out because 10 tried to load AGAIN. I tried calling Microsoft for support but some foreigners answered, don't trust the Techies or whatever they are called. Nice Job Mr. Gates.

Microsoft switched me to Windows 10 without my approval. This is the worst experience with any operating system ever. I cannot stand the new Windows 10 and it has wreaked havoc with my personal and business files.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - i7 - 16gb - 256gb SSD. The Device: Experiencing my worst ever nightmares with the tablet. Terrible and pathetic performance for this class of device (i7/16g/256g-SSD). Just like that freezes on its own, no response from the keyboard or mouse or touch screen. After few mins, some time 30 seconds... it will come back to live/action only to see it freezing back again. I never thought I would regret purchasing such an high-end, expensive device. Maybe I forgot to note that it is from Microsoft

The Support experience: It is even more terrible and pathetic First they experience the same problem by taking over my tablet remotely, but they upfront and boldly deny that the problem even exists (oh my god, can't take it). Second abruptly disconnects (the support call / support session), and every time you will have to explain the whole thing again to next SO/Support officer. Even after I give my serial no, they are unable to find out details from their support system. What was the problem, what was done so far, who attenuated to it (historically), which SO, date and time and what has been done by the SO. Support Officers (as it appeared on my applet/remote control of my tablet): KHITZ, Mel, Nino (Arnold).

I can see why so many people hate Microsoft and Windows and always want iMacs. The customer service people are a lot easier to work with, they're American (so you can understand them), and they work with you. I accidentally downloaded windows 10 x32 and I needed the 64 bit so I called Microsoft and it took me several calls to even get a real person to talk to. He was also in India so I couldn't hardly understand what he was saying. Then he told me I needed a second computer and a flash drive just to get the 64 bit on my laptop. Why can't I just delete the 32 bit off my laptop and download the 64 bit from the internet like I did the 32 bit? Cause ** Microsoft that's why. I'm going back to Apple.

Microsoft switched me to Windows 10 w/o my approval. I thought I'd give it a try and after a month was so frustrated and having so many problems so I called a computer service. After the tech worked on all the issues (one was just the shut down process) - I had to manually hold the power button down to get it to shut down. He tried everything to just make this happen, even removing Windows10 and reinstalling it. It would work for a day and then go right back to not shutting down. This was just one of the issues that I had. With so many things not working properly, I asked him to reinstall Windows 7.

With all of the issues, the wasted hours spent on something that I did NOT approve, not to mention all the money I dished out and w/o my computer for days, I ended up contacting the Attorney Generals Office and they contacted Microsoft and after 3-4 phone calls from MS, we negotiated a pretty fair settlement. They said I would get an email from "White Glove" (it might go into Spam or Trash so would need to check there). Might not come for a few months, but not to give up looking for it. They would ask me some questions and ultimately send me a Visa gift card to cover, what they call a "good faith" gesture. Smile!! Do you think I will ever get it? The AG office also suggested that I contact the Federal Trade Commission, which I have not done yet but will and I told Microsoft that I would.

Terrible experience with Microsoft Assure. Placed a negative review on Microsoft community and it was denied because the moderator said it violated Microsoft policy because it was about people or customer service as well as other things. So, I sent another review which I doubt they will allow. I will post it here. When all is said and done it honestly depicts my negative experience. Here goes:

Microsoft Assure Review 9/2/2016. Dear Moderator. My initial review was denied because supposedly it involved people, or customer service. It also supposedly had other items which were against Microsoft policy, I have purged those items. I was told that my review must focus on the product. Okay. Assure is a product unlike many products. If it were Microsoft Office, for example, I could write about how it performed, it's software. Microsoft Assure consists purely of people. Microsoft Assure IS PEOPLE, people are the product, people provide a service. Therefore, Microsoft Assure is a service and not a product, by definition. Wouldn't you agree a service is undeniably people?

Therefore, the only option I have is to write about the people or perhaps it's the system those people operate within that prevents them from providing the service satisfactorily. Assuming this is true, I continue to insist that the product/service/people did not resolve my issue. The product did not call me when it was supposed to. The product made an appointment which it did not keep. The product had me on hold for hours. I hope this is not a matter of semantics. My review is based upon the people who are supposed to provide it. If Microsoft policy disallows mentioning people in an unsatisfactory service, what am I left to do? How can I possibly review without referring to people?

If I am prevented from sharing my experience due to the people policy, how would you suggest I share it? If Microsoft disallows my review as written I believe Microsoft is disingenuous about supplying the public with the truth. When customers write positive reviews they are writing about the service they were provided with. This is a problem if Microsoft sells Assure as a service and their policy prevents writing about people. It makes it impossible to write my accurate and sincere review. If Microsoft refuses to post this review I will post it elsewhere. Well folks, there you have it. I would not recommend Microsoft Assure.

My Microsoft Support Experience. In May, the Microsoft Surface Tablet I purchased as a Christmas gift for my 11-year-old daughter broke. The tablet will not respond to anyone swiping their fingers across its surface. I bought the tablet last November from Best Buy, who I contacted about an exchange. They informed me that since the tablet was past their 30-day exchange policy they couldn’t help. “It’s a Microsoft issue now”, they said. “There’s a one-year warranty from the supplier and they are the supplier.” Best Buy told me to call Microsoft Support and arrange for a fix or replacement of my defective device.

On May 12, 2016, my Microsoft Support Experience begins. I called the 1-800 support line and talked with a person named Hazel. English is not her first language, which causes a few issues, but in the end she tells me to install updates on the device, which should fix the problem. The download for the update was taking a long time, so I asked for Hazel’s email address and told her I would contact her once the download was complete. I did so, but didn’t hear anything for the rest of the day.

The next day, May 13, I received an email from Hazel apologizing for not getting back to me because of high-call volumes. She gave me instructions for troubleshooting and asked that I contact her if it didn’t work. I followed her instructions, but the tablet still would not work, so I emailed her again. I wrote, “I would like to send the device back and have it either fixed, replaced, or have a store credit or refund.” She returned my call, but I was unable to get back to her until Monday, May 16, when I emailed her with a request to please contact me.

She replied, “Hi Dave, Thank you for the reply. You can process the replacement online: or you can visit the nearest local Microsoft Store to have the replacement device right away.” I replied and explained I live in Dawson City, Yukon, (thousands of kilometres away from a major centre) and that it is impossible for me to get to a Microsoft store.

She replied: “Hi Dave, Good day! Will you please send the receipt of your surface so that we can register your device to your account and to process the replacement because we need to escalate this case regarding for the error message on our system. Thank you for choosing Surface.” This will be the first of many times I hear the words “we need to escalate your case.” I reply within moments: “Hi Hazel, Here is the receipt for the Tablet that was purchased. I am back in my office and am able to take your call for the next 3 hours. Thanks, Dave.”

Hazel cannot find any record of the receipt and asks me for the serial number and a picture of the device. We have some trouble sending and receiving attachments and we play email tag the rest of the day trying to identify my surface tablet. Here is one of the many emails we share throughout the day: “Hi Dave, We apologize for whatever inconvenience that caused to you and we're trying our best to check the serial number but it shows here that error occurred while registering the device. You can actually call the Best buy if they can replace your device.” “Hi Hazel, Best Buy will only accept returns for thirty days. They told me that this is a Microsoft issue now because there is a one-year warranty from the supplier (Microsoft). So, can you please tell me where I can send this device to be returned/replaced or fixed. Thank you, Dave.“

We exchange 18 emails throughout the day. The next one is Hazel’s last: “Hi Dave, Thank you so much for sending the serial number and we're going to escalate this case to our higher team so that they can register the device to your account and I will give you an update for this and I will schedule you a callback again. Thank you for your patience and take care always! Sincerely, Hazel Surface Support Team.”

Hazel calls back on Thursday, May 19. We register the device to my account and she sends me a UPS delivery label. She asks me to send her pictures of the device with instructions not to send the device until she receives the pictures. I confirm with her three times (because of our language barrier) to make sure I understand her request and I send her two pictures of the tablet. I email her the following day to see if she has received the photos and there is no reply.

The next time I hear from Microsoft is on May 24 but it’s not Hazel. It’s a new person named Krish. He emails me the following message: “Hi Dave, This is Krish from Microsoft Surface Support. We are here to ensure that your reason for calling in connection with touchscreen issue last May 13, 2016 is taken care of. We, at Microsoft are tied to a promise to only provide our customers the prime experience for Technical Service. If you are still in need of assistance, kindly provide us the most convenient time when we can give you a call. We can absolutely schedule a follow up within 24 hours and discuss your business and interest over the phone. Please know that Microsoft is constantly here for you and that our purpose is to provide you only what is best. Thank you for being a valued client! Best Regards, Krish **. Surface Support.“

I replied to Krish: “Hello Krish, I have been dealing with Hazel from Microsoft Support since the phone call. It's been quite the process but Microsoft agreed to exchange my old tablet for a new one in the end. We last left off when Hazel asked me to take a picture of the tablet and send it to her before I mailed the old tablet. She said to wait for confirmation that she received the picture before I sent it and I have emailed her twice since to see if she received the picture and there has been no reply. I since received instructions from Microsoft via email to wait until I get the new tablet and inside the package will be instructions to ship the old one back. Hopefully everything will work out. Thanks, Dave.”

Krish replied the next day: “Hi Dave, Thank you for writing back. If this is the case, just wait for an update from Hazel since she is already working on it. If you are still in need of assistance, kindly provide us the most convenient time when we can give you a call. We can absolutely schedule a follow up within 24 hours and discuss your business and interest over the phone. Please know that Microsoft is constantly here for you and that our purpose is to provide you only what is best. Thank you for being a valued client! Best Regards, Krish **.”

I decide to wait for Hazel, but two days later, on May 27, I get a familiar email: “Hi Dave, This is Krish from Microsoft Surface Support. We are here to ensure that your reason for calling in connection with touchscreen issue last May 12, 2016 is taken care of. We, at Microsoft are tied to a promise to only provide our customers the prime experience for Technical Service. Your satisfaction is significant to us and our perception is to take your business seriously. Since we are not hearing any response, we will consider this case resolved and proceed in closing it."

"Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact us back for assistance. You can either reach us through chat by visiting or over the phone by dialing (1-800) 642-7676. Please know that Microsoft is constantly here for you and that our purpose is to provide you only what is best. Thank you for being a valued client! Best Regards, Krish **.” I wrote back immediately: “Hi Krish, you already have replied to me on Wednesday (See email below). I forwarded the email that I had replied to him from May 25. FYI, I still have not received any response from three emails to Hazel. Dave.”

Four days later, on May 31, I get a response: “Hi Dave, I am sorry that you haven't received an update from Hazel yet. I recommend sending her an email and ask for the update. If Hazel will not respond after 72 hours, let me know so I can just escalate it on my end. We, at Microsoft are tied to a promise to only provide our customers the prime experience for Technical Service. Please know that Microsoft is constantly here for you and that our purpose is to provide you only what is best. Thank you for being a valued client! Best Regards, Krish **.”

I send Hazel a fourth email and let Krish know that I did and later in the afternoon, I finally hear back from Hazel: “Hi Dave, I apologize for the late reply. Yes I received the picture of your surface with the serial number last April 20. Were you able to ship your defective device using the shipping label that was sent to your email? Thanks, Hazel.”

My reply: “Hi Hazel, You asked me to send you a picture of the tablet itself (not just the serial number). You told me to wait to send the defective device until I had confirmation that the picture was sent to you. I also got an email later that day from Microsoft saying that the replacement device has already been sent. The replacement device will have a return shipping label and that if it does to use that prepaid shipping label. So no, I have not shipped the defective device. I haven't tried yet. Dave.”

Both Hazel and Krish email me the following day. Krish’s email instructs me to be patient and gives the usual ending of me being a “valued customer.” Hazel’s email again confirms that she received the pictures and to go ahead and send the device. I get to Canada Post on my lunch break only to find that Canada Post does not accept UPS labels. I also find that the closest UPS location is in Whitehorse, about 550 km away. I inform Hazel about my situation that afternoon and that I had plans to be in Whitehorse in two-and-a-half weeks. Hazel asked if a Microsoft store was closer, but I told her in an earlier phone conversation that the nearest Microsoft store is in Edmonton, about 2,000 kilometres away. I told her I would send the defective device when I got to Whitehorse and ask if the replacement is on its way.

Hazel informs me through email: “Hi Dave, We actually process the standard exchange or if you want I can give an option to process the Advance exchange wherein our service center will be sending first the replacement device within 3-5 business days and there is a hold amount for that approximately the same amount of the device you have and once you receive the device you'll need to send your defective device within 15 days so that the hold amount will be refunded to your credit card account. Thanks, Hazel.”

By this time, I feel I don’t want to send Microsoft any more money since I had already spent $600 and had nothing to show for it. I decline the offer and inform Hazel I would be sending the defective device on June 23. Hazel sends follow-up emails on June 20 and 22, but I had already left town. Here is the email from the 22nd: “Hi Dave, Good day! I would like to know if you already ship your defective device and if you already receive the replacement surface. Best Regards, Hazel.”

I send the device from Whitehorse on the 23rd, and get back to Dawson City the following weekend. I confirm with Hazel on Monday, June 27, that the device was sent and no replacement device had yet arrived in Dawson. I receive a confirmation email on June 29 that Microsoft has received the broken tablet and that a new one was sent. Again. I get a sense of relief that my long ordeal with Microsoft is almost over. Little did I know at the time that the nightmare was far from over. It was about to start all over again.

My Microsoft Support Experience: Part 2. The confirmation email sent to me on June 29 said my replacement device would arrive between three and five business days. Any northerner will tell you that anytime you get a parcel from the south that it’s going to take an extra day or two. But what’s about to occur is beyond ridiculous.

On July 5, 2016, I received this email: “Hi Dave, Please let me know if you already receive your replacement device and if everything was working good. Thanks, Hazel.” I replied: “Hello Hazel. No, I have not received a replacement device yet. I did receive an email that the defective device was received on June 29. Thanks, Dave.” She replied back: “Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply and the device is on transit right now and you will receive it within this week or next week. Best regards, Hazel.”

On July 17, 2016, I received this message: “Hello Dave, I hope this message finds you well. We’re sending you a second email to follow up with your replacement. It shows on our record that the device is already delivered. We would like to verify that. An update would be greatly appreciated. Should you encounter any issues or have additional concerns, please visit and contact one of our support representatives by chat or phone. You may also reach out to us through the details below."

"Support hotline: 1-800-642-7676. Hours of operation: Monday-Friday (8:00am - 12:00am EST). Saturday and Sunday (9:00am - 6:00pm EST). Thank you for choosing Surface. Sincerely, Hazel. Microsoft Surface Technical Support Representative.” I sent this email on July 18, 2016: “Hi Hazel, I just got back from the post office and there is no device here yet. Hopefully it gets here soon. Thanks for checking in, Dave.” Her reply: “Hi Dave, Thank you for the reply and as I have checked here on our system your replacement order is on transit and you will receive it this week. Best regards, Hazel.” This particular message seemed odd given what she wrote to me on July 17.

On July 22, 2016, I wrote to Hazel: “Hi Hazel, I just got back from the post office and the device is still not there. Just thought you should know. Have a great weekend, Dave.” I heard back on July 23, 2016: “Hi Dave, I'm going to schedule a callback later and I would like to know if when would be the most convenient time for me to call you because we need to escalate this case. Thanks. Hazel.”

On July 26, 2016, Hazel got in touch and told me my case is being escalated and assured me someone will contact me between 24 and 72 hours but I don’t hold my breath. On August 5, 2016, I send an email: “Hi Hazel, Any luck in locating the replacement device? I just got back from the post office and nothing has arrived here yet. Dave.”

I email again on August 8, 2016: “Hi Hazel, Did you know it's been almost three months since the start of this process? Crazy! Any luck in sending/finding the replacement device? Still nothing here. Sure hope it comes soon. Dave.” I received no response from Hazel, so I thought I would try Krish, on August 10, 2016: “Hello Krish, Did you know I still don't have a replacement computer yet? It has been almost three months since I started the process of receiving a replacement device from Microsoft. Since I last emailed you the following has happened:

• July 5 – I received an email from Hazel that a replacement device was on its way and it should arrive by the end of the following week.
• July 17 – I received an email from Hazel that Microsoft records show that the device has been delivered.
• July 18 – I go to the post office to pick up the device and it’s not there so I email the news to Hazel.
• July 18 – Hazel responds and says that Microsoft records now indicate that I will receive the device by the end of the week.
• July 22 – I go to the post office to pick up the device and it’s still not there. I email the news to Hazel.
• July 26 – Hazel calls and the matter is escalated.
• Aug 5 – I send Hazel an email to tell her that nothing has arrived — no reply.

• Aug 9 – I send Hazel another email — no reply.

“This process started on May 12. I have a folder with 76 emails with Microsoft, there has also been numerous phone calls and still nothing. I don't know what else to say. Thanks for your time, Dave.” On August 12, 2016, I emailed Hazel and Krish the same message: “Hello? Is anyone out there going to help out this "valued customer" locate the missing tablet? Dave.”

On August 18, 2016, I’m desperate to get ahold of anyone and email every Microsoft email contact I can: “Hi, Can someone please contact me regarding the tablet. I haven't heard from anyone since July 26. This is crazy! Why won't someone help me out or do something? Anybody? Dave **.” On August 19, 2016, I realize I am being ignored by everyone and my frustration grows. Yet, the whole situation is so absolutely unbelievable that I find it amusing. I decide to call the 1-800 number. I get in contact with Ariane.

She assures me that the matter has been escalated and that someone will definitely call within 24 hours but may take up to 72 and emails me the following message: “Hi Dave, This is Ariane from Microsoft Surface Support. We would like to provide this reference number ** in regards of the call you have made today. We appreciate your time in doing business with us. We, at Microsoft are tied to a promise to only provide our customers with prime experience for Technical Service and your overall experience is extremely important to us. Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact us back for assistance. You can either reach us through chat by visiting or over the phone by dialing (1-800) 642-7676. Please know that Microsoft is constantly here for you and that our purpose is to provide you only what is best. Thank you for being a valued client! Best Regards, Ariane, **.”

Twenty-four hours go by. Forty-eight hours go by. Seventy-two hours go by. Ninety-six hours go by. Nothing. Nothing from anyone. This is beyond absurd and the very definition of poor service. On August 24, 2016, I call the 1-800 number again and get another agent on the phone (I did not get her name and I wish I had.). She looked up my reference number and asks that I hold the line while she reviews my file. She gets back on the phone and says she can’t believe what has happened to me. She apologizes profusely and sounds genuine. She is different than all the others I encountered and seems to understand and listen to my concerns. “Finally! Finally!” I think to myself. She wants to transfer me to a “higher up” to have the matter escalated... again.

When this “higher up” answers the phone, I give him the same reference number but he can’t find it on the file. As I start to ask him to repeat the reference number, the unthinkable happens. He interrupts me as I am talking, so I don’t hear what he is saying. The next thing I know, he hung up on me! Thanks Microsoft. I decide to email Ariane this time: “Wow! On Friday, August 19, I was told that my case was elevated and that someone would get ahold of me in 24 hours or at least within 72 hours and no one called. No one called. I called back today and the first agent apologized and transferred me to a "higher up." When this person couldn't find my reference number (the first person did!), they hung up on me! Dave. Disgruntled "Valued" Customer."

I didn’t expect a response. Why would I get one at this point? I call again and it’s almost exactly the same except the Microsoft service agent isn’t apologetic, nice, or understanding. I get transferred to a “higher up”. The matter is escalated yet again. The “higher up” seems like he is reading a pre-scripted dialogue that he stumbles through... badly. He doesn’t seem to care about anything I had to say and dodges every one of my questions. He assures me that someone will call me before Friday. Yeah right! And of course, Friday has come and gone and no call from Microsoft. What do I do now?

Microsoft Support. What a laugh!! On Friday I spent 6 hours on the phone while support agent worked (?) on my computer trying to fix OneNote. Tier 1 couldn't help and they passed me to Tier 2. Tier 2 couldn't help me directly but they started the OneNote sync process which (I know from previous syncs) would take hours. The agent told me that if this did not work I should contact Support again and have Tier 3 assist.

On Tuesday I called Microsoft again. After waiting on hold for 4 1/2 hours Microsoft hung up on me. All this time I didn't even talk to an agent. I called back and when I got to Dave, an agent I asked for Tier 3 support. He went in file (using the case number I was given) and said the file showed closed. He did transfer me to Tier 2, Melody but after introducing herself, she too hung up. Way to go Microsoft. After years of being dedicated to Microsoft and the PC, the only thing I have to say after this disappointment - MAC here I come.

I bought a new Dell computer in March 2016, Windows 10 was installed on it. I write for a living, my docs are very important to me. I'm on deadlines on two screenplays right now and today, Windows 10 announced that it would restart and update. I clicked "Not now". It did it anyway... And took a long time doing it. When it came back up, I tried to get back to my writing - ALL my files were GONE!! All of them. I called Microsoft in a panic. A woman, Rina, asked to be able to take over my computer long distance, I allowed it. She went on for over 3 hours... I kept asking her to please restart my computer BEFORE they high jacked it, she didn't. I finally asked for someone more competent - she hung up on me! I'm buying a frigging Mac!!! This is my livelihood!!!

I upgraded to Windows 10 several months ago. First, all my games disappeared --- including those I had paid for. So much for the "nothing will be lost" when you upgrade. Second, they have fixed it so if you wish to print a selection from a website, you are not permitted to do so with their Edge. You have to log into Chrome or Internet Explorer, then return to the website you are interested in. What a pain! Windows 7 was a dream compared to this program.

Every time Microsoft comes out with a new version of outlook it is more confusing and complex than the last version. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE that is easy to access and no way to complain about Microsoft products. This is the problems with monopoly's they quit paying attention to the customer. Outlook is so complex with different ways to create folders, address books, tools, categories etc that I can no longer use it effectively. The address book is horrible with complexity and creating a folder to store emails in is always a gamble... maybe the emails disappear or maybe they don't. If I could go back to outlook I have 10 years ago I would be very happy.

I have been a user of Microsoft Windows since my first computer in 1993. While I have sometimes had minor problems learning the new upgrades, none have caused any significant headaches for me. Until Windows 10 that is. I bought a new computer in May 2016 and it came with Windows 10. I had no other option because they ALL come with Windows 10! In addition to all the issues that others have complained about, I am now having to pay more for my cell usage as I must use my cell phone as a portable wifi spot. Windows 10 is causing me to constantly pay overage fees which is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I am so upset and I am going to demand compensation for the overage, which I probably will never see. If anyone else has the same problem, we need to join together to get some relief!

I attempted to order SlimWire update for 29.97 for 1 year. When I received my order detail the price went from 29.97 to 49.97. When I was asked for my debit card information a second time, that's when the bells and whistles went off. I discontinued at that point and canceled before I could finish the last transaction and because of that I can't produce an order number and yes I would like a refund because when I check the balance on my card 63.00 was missing. I don't know what's going on but there definitely a thief among you, and my computer is acting up more than usual. P.S. GIVE MY MONEY BACK!!!

I bought a Surface Pro 4 at the Best Buy store in Los Angeles, CA, in February 2016. I paid $999 plus tax (U.S.). The tablet worked well until it went off of charger. After that I couldn't turn on computer for 2-4 days, last time in July for 1.5 week. Plus speaker didn't work as well. Since it was still within the one-year warranty period, I hoped it could be repaired. I called Microsoft on July 27. I was told that I could use the Advance Exchange Program and get a new Surface Pro 4 right away since my computer has hardware problems. Then, I could ship back my older device for repairs.

So I start setting up my warranty replacement, and I’m presented with two options. One is a regular exchange, where I send in the device and they send me one back. The other is an “advance” exchange, where they send me one, and I send mine back in the packaging. The advance exchange carries the warning that if they don’t receive the device back in 14 days, I’ll be charged for the full price of the Surface. Makes perfect sense? What’s the harm in doing an advance exchange? None, as far as I could tell. As I’m setting it up, everything says $0.00, you won’t be charged, etc. I finally finish, and the exchange goes into processing. I then get a confirmation email with the following section at the bottom:

“Terms and Conditions: A credit card hold will be applied to your credit card equivalent to the full retail value of your Surface device (plus applicable taxes). This hold is not a charge against your credit card; however, it may affect your available balance until the hold is removed. Your credit card will not be charged and the hold will be removed provided you return your original, qualified device with serial number ** within 14 days of the day you receive the replacement device. If, within 14 days from the date you took delivery of the replacement device, as indicated by the carrier’s tracking system, we either do not receive the original device back or the device you return to us is not covered under the terms of the warranty or has indication of tampering or physical damage, your card will be charged a replacement and handling fee equivalent to the full retail value of your Surface device (plus applicable taxes).

"Tampering of the item does not qualify for service. If our service facility detects signs of tampering – meaning opening or attempting to pry open the outer case of the item, unauthorized service to the item, or damage not covered under the terms of our warranty or removal of the serial number stickers, we will retain the item and your credit card charged accordingly."

Wait what? You put a hold on my account? And you didn’t tell me about it until the confirmation email? That’s not okay. I was not told of the damage clause on the phone, but only in a later email outlining the conditions. I was OK because my device didn't have any physical damage. I received my new device late May - which was great. We set up that new device and sent the old one back next day on the 08/01/2016 well within the 14 days. The instructions provided were to package up the old device with all the paperwork, call up your courier and they'll pick it up. But I didn't want to leave it outside so dropped it off at the depot to ensure it got back safe and sound.

Suddenly on the 8 August I had a charge of $ 1,088 on my credit card within warranty - advanced exchange on our order history!! **?! I called Microsoft - spent 2.5 hours on the phone with someone who had no idea and kept asking for our credit card number - which we didn't provide and they hung up on us. I then spent over 2 hours on IM answering the same questions and they told me tablet wasn’t covered by warranty because of the crack on the screen and they would escalate the issue. Then again another 2.5 hours on the phone answering the same questions and they hung up on me yet again. I sent this device back exactly as Microsoft told me. They charge me without my authority. I want my money back.

On August 10, I received an email from Microsoft Support Team: "I've revisited the results when your unit was accepted on our exchange center. I've confirmed that the scratches found on the corner of the device were self-induced damage which resulted on the charge on the amount hold. Please be advise that there will be no adjustment made on the account. If you need further assistance on your Surface unit, you may visit or call us at 1800 642 7676 in reference with the case ID indicated on the subject title of this email. No need to reply on this email. Closing case. Thanks."

I handed the phone to my husband, who asked if we could reverse the whole thing. Microsoft would send us the old defective Surface and we’d return the new refurbished one. We learned that the old one had been sent to recycling and could not be retrieved. Also, Microsoft supervisor advise me to reply to that email with the pictures attached of the Surface Pro 4 which I sent. I did so. In addition, my husband was told by supervisor Liz, that she is going to escalate this case to level 3 and will take care of it personally.

Five days pass, I didn't hear anything, so I called to Microsoft again to find out status of the claim. I was so surprised, that another supervisor told me that my case # ** was closed on August 10, and NEVER reopened again. Even though I sent pictures and did all my part, Microsoft never took a time to investigate the problem. It is means that supervisor...

I am so mad at Microsoft! Two years ago I bought a new laptop that came with a free Microsoft office trial. I never got to use the trial. It expired 30 days after I bought the laptop even though I never opened office! Two months ago I bought a new laptop. It came with the same "free trial". I had hoped I would get to finally try it this time. No such luck. Microsoft says my 30 days has expired. I called the company. They installed office on my laptop for free. I never got to open it. Less than 48 hours later my laptop crashed and could not be restarted.

I took it to the Geek Squad who said it was fried. I was given a new laptop as it was less than a week old. I blame Microsoft. The laptop was fine until they messed with it. I have still never gotten to try Microsoft office, not even once. I am a writer by trade. I write a weekly advice column and have just completed my second book, all without any help from Microsoft office! I will never stop spreading my hatred of Microsoft from every platform I can find far and wide! If there is a choice in software, I will always take the one that is NOT Microsoft.

Microsoft techs have been remotely accessing my computers for months now. All started with my laptop and windows XP. Microsoft took out XP and tech service for it. So I decided to upgrade. I called their tech support. They said they would help me install windows 7. They remotely accessed my laptop and installed the windows program that I wanted installed. After it was installed they said it was completed. I tried to access my windows live mail. I was not able to. I called Microsoft tech support again. They said that they would fix the issue. Well several technical support reps, not just one several of them went into my system and each time they accessed my laptop they each did something different. And made it impossible for my laptop to function.

Put that aside and recently had issues with my browsers being out of date. That was on July 28,2016. My personal apps changed the browser so I had to update mine from explorer 8 to Explore 11. I wasn't sure how to do this so we contacted Microsoft once again for help. The browser was updated then my printer stopped working. The computer was no longer communicating with my printer. I then called Microsoft tech back getting different technical support each time, to fix my issues that were now going on with printer and the new Explorer 11 browser. 5 techs later, my issues have not been fixed, each tech that I am given each one does something different in my computer. Never fixing the issues, making my computers unfunctionable. I am at a stand still now. I'm not sure what to do now.

I've been informed today of the 'big change' in storage to OneDrive from 15 to 5 GB, with a warning if don't go below by today then will potentially lose my information. Really disappointing from Microsoft - very unprofessional and extremely unethical!!

Windows 10 was installed on four PCs and they are all the same exact PCs that were purchased at the same time. Well, Windows 10 has had a different effect on each of them. On two of them we had several errors in the install but finally got it installed. Now we are missing all of our printer drivers. We are basically having to re-install every program that is competing with Microsoft. They ought to be sued for their manipulation and techniques to force you into their products. For instance who wants another web browser set to all defaults of your system? Ya "everything right where you left it" - not a chance liars. I now have an IT ill far more than it was worth. If things are not ironed out we are reversing back to 7. 8 was a joke that's why we never went to it.

I installed Office 2011 on my Mac. Around May 2016 the Outlook started crashing and I called for support. I was told this was something they did not have a permanent solution for because of incompatibility with IOS. I was given the option to purchase an upgrade to Office 2016 which I did on June 23rd. It has been a little over a month now when I noticed my Outlook Auto Reply feature is turned off. I called for support and I was told this features is under paid support and they cannot help me unless I subscribe to the paid support services. I was speechless: this is one of the basic features of email in a business setting and I purchased the Business package. It is just like buying a bike without the wheels. I can't believe a company of this stature is getting away with so much rip off. Shame on you Microsoft! You should at least strive to live up to your competition in this arena. This is 2016, not 2006.

Microsoft 10 and all its failings (AKA Don't Buy Microsoft!). I have been a loyal Microsoft user since it came out. I have been faithful to the code. Recently, I took the plunge and bought a new computer w/ Microsoft 10. I have had it since November and now I want to give everyone a heads up on what to expect after purchasing this product and why you should run for your life. If you have ever considered going to Apple, now is the time. Microsoft will give you no satisfaction.

This product has failed miserably from the start. Numerous problems w/ the product from day one. I bought the top of the line computer w/ super speed and capability from Dell. The computer had problems just running the operating system. Hours on the phone w/ MS support and they recommended I send it back. I did.

They sent me a new computer. Filled w/ newfound promise, that optimism was quickly doused as soon as I tried to work w/ my brand new computer. I had to go back and reload the operating system and then load up all the programs just to make the system read my emails. I had to download additional programs to be able to read the attachments to my emails. I had to download everything! When you spend that kind of $$ you would expect the computer to work, but this is not the case w/ MS 10 and all its components. It is a POS.

I did eventually, through constant dedication and a ridiculous amount of hard work, get the computer functioning on a fair level. But, as always w/ the new Microsoft, just as you get comfortable and feel you have finally worked out the bugs and there will be few if any problems, BANG! All your emails vanish, or the sound quits working, or you have to reload the drivers so you can use the basic elements of your computer. Please understand, I don't have any programs on this computer that could cause these problems. This is my home computer I use for email, music and paying the bills. That's it!

Just tonight, I came home and tried to read my emails. Of course, I would get the message that my Outlook settings were out of date. The program gives me the option of fix my settings. Great! I hit enter and get the spinning wheel of hope... Nothing! It continuously gives me the "Oops, something went wrong and we were unable to fix that" message. Now, every time I log on I get the ping and the message that my Outlook settings are out of date and there is not a thing I can do to stop it. Very, very frustrating. Standard operations w/ Microsoft. They used to field a good product. Those days are over. Don't waste your money, time or energy.

My advice to you is to never purchase another Microsoft product. This was not ready for prime time and Microsoft is not supporting you the customer. I have given my feedback to the company several times and asked for some input or advice to get these issues remedied. Never once have I received any callbacks, emails or inputs to make me feel I made the right choice in my purchase or that I should continue to be a Microsoft user. If you have ever thought of going elsewhere or switching to Apple, now is the time to do it. Don't waste your time or energy or allow yourself to be continually frustrated w/ any product like you will be with Microsoft.

For the first time, I bought a Microsoft device, a Surface 3 for Christmas 2015. It started to not charge properly. The charger seemed loose. I returned it to Best Buy to check it and they told me the charger port was broken and to take it to a Microsoft store. I did and was told because I only had a standard warranty, my only option was to pay another $220 to have my tablet replaced. They don't have a repair option. If not, then, "too bad" for me. I was livid. I will not purchase another Microsoft product again. Microsoft sucks!!!

I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. I upgraded my daughter's and my computer too. Everything went fine with the upgrade. Until I attempted to install Office Pro Plus 2013 in her computer. Since I couldn't do it because the product key wasn't working, I contacted the support, and gave the support tech Alyssa ** (don't remember) the right to access my computer remotely. BAD DECISION. She removed all my rights from Windows. She changed my keyboard. I couldn't type the letter "P" and the number "0". Had no rights to recover to an earlier date, she disconnected me from the internet, no more sounds coming from the computer. A TRUE MESS, which resulted in having to format my daughter's computer again.

I just can't believe that someone from MICROSOFT would do that. WHY? Just tell me that it can be done, but don't mess up my machine. Do you know what is worse? No one can say that they have done it. Very few of us have the knowledge to beat them. This tech support people are savvy. And then, they sent an email apologizing for losing connection??? GIVE ME A BREAK. I DESERVE IT. Up to today, I used to believe in Microsoft. NO MORE. On my first chance, I am changing to APPLE. I learned a LESSON. NEVER GIVE COMPUTER CONTROL RIGHTS TO ANYONE ever again. And "ALYSSA" thank you for making me lose another three hours of my sleep to format my computer.

They killed my computer. They automatically updated it with Windows 10 without my permission. Then, their tech support told me to back it out. When I followed their instructions, it erased my entire machine. Everything. All my files, pictures, music. Gone. Since this was totally unexpected, I did not back things up before hand. Any problems with Microsoft goes to their totally worthless offshore tech support. It has taken me months to get some of it back. I no longer can use my printer which was the best I have ever had. They should be forced to respond to customers instead of routing everything to the India dead end.

Purchased a new laptop and tried to download Microsoft365. I kept getting an error message that simply said I couldn't complete the download and had to call. Did a chat with customer service, who wanted to remote into my computer - no thanks. He could not provide an explanation as to why I was having trouble completing the download. Called. Three times. Twice was told that there was an unknown issue that my Microsoft account was locked and I needed to be transferred to billing. Twice, when transferred, I was disconnected. Third time connected, the guy on the line left, I'm not kidding, like 30 second long pauses of dead air before answering every question I had. Finally this guy got me connected to a page that was not initially coming up at all, I had to specially connect to, that gave me details on my account.

All the while, the customer service rep on the line kept asking me which version of Office I had installed when I told him a zillion times the very reason I was calling was because I could not install it. When he finally connected me to this hidden account details page it simply told me I could not install because my credit card information was not up to date. Not a single rep told me this directly in talking to three of them, and the Microsoft error message did not tell me. We are practically forced to use Office software because it's all anyone uses... And Microsoft doesn't have the tech savvy to install a simple "time to update your credit card" message when a customer tries to download software??? Moronic. I was blown away by this experience.

To boot, I was having such trouble installing that at one point I left the Microsoft site and tried to purchase (I mean, I did purchase) a home version of Office through Amazon. Once I finally figured out how to resolve the issue on my Microsoft account, the version I had previously purchased through Microsoft automatically downloaded (I previously had a 5 device subscription). So that was $69 down the drain with Amazon that I cannot get refunded since they don't allow returns on software. Oh yeah, and, both the Microsoft reps who had disconnected my call when transferring - both of whom had made me go through providing phone number and email address when I called - neither called me back.

I feel that I was deceived when I purchased my Microsoft phone a year and a half ago. Microsoft abandoned its users and no longer offers apps, severely limiting the value of the phone. I can't even save my contacts to the cloud because my phone does not have Windows 10 and Microsoft does not offer it. Microsoft should have to refund a portion of the phone to purchasers of the last two years.

Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7. Wasted 3 hours with a Microsoft tech who finally informed me I needed to call HP to have certain HP programs reinstalled after they were uninstalled by Microsoft. They had no way to determine this before wasting 3 hours? Is HP a start up hardware manufacturer? How does MS upgrade systems automatically? Is this "problem" unique to HP? Told them to forget 10. I went back to 7.

I'm a student studying abroad. I do not bring my Xbox with me, I leave it at home. I of course did not keep my phone number, as I'm gone for 5 month increments. I have access to the email that I signed up with, and receive emails from Xbox Live regularly. When I arrive home, it says that to be sure that it's me, they have to send a number to the recovery phone. No option for a recovery email. Of course I can't, so I fill out the form to the best of my abilities (billing information and personal information) but can't fill out the parts about email as it is JUST AN XBOX LIVE account, registered under a Yahoo domain. They use the same form for automated account recovery for mail and for Xbox, two widely different services. I do this 4 times, each time waiting 24 hours for a response. No avail.

So two weeks ago I contact the customer service hotline and they say they'll 'escalate my claim' and someone will call me in 3 days. I've been calling every second day since then hoping that they just 'forgot to call me', but no, today they resubmitted my form, because apparently my last claim was already looked at, and no one had done anything to it. Doubtful that they'll even contact me this time either.