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This company is horrible. To get straight to the point I was a member for a month and I got my game within 4 days and sent it back 3 days later. I waited a week to hear they were shipping my next game and they said they hadn't received it but they said they would ship out my next game. So 11 days go by and they still haven't sent me an email so they tell me some games have low availability and I get that but all my games were available right then. By the time they responded back it had already been 2 weeks so I cancelled my membership. It's pathetic and I'd much rather go to Redbox and pay a little more and have my game right there instead of having to wait 2 or 3 days to get one. In a month you will spend like half that time waiting for your game to get returned and for you to receive it. It's a bunch of BS and no one I talked to was helpful.

Do NOT use this service. I signed up for the FREE TRIAL as a Tapjoy offer to get coins on WWE Slam game (308,000 coins) & it claimed there was an authorization hold of like $9.95 & swore it was NOT a charge & the bank would release it in 2-5 business days. My mom got a phone call the other day about 2 "fraudulent" charges of $9.97 to her bank card where it actually TOOK MONEY OUT of our bank account which we DO NOT have the money for that to happen right now. They are liars, thieves, & stealers & you should STAY AWAY. Lucky for GameFly the bank sent the money back to our account.

Let start out with saying Gamefly is amazing for the money if you do the math. You buy a new game for $65 just one game at a store. Now even their most expensive service is $30 a month for 3 games so if you do the math you paid $10 per game to rent and guess what if you get a game you don't like you return it for no charge and get the next one on your Q. If you're like me it's hard to find a game you really enjoy. So going to a store and trying to pick a game that's in budget and like is really difficult. Also if you find a game you like you can buy it at a discounted price.

Now the best part about Gamefly is they care if you stay as a customer. That store really cares. I had a issue this month were I couldn't pay my subscription so I had a choice: reduce my subscription or cancel altogether. Well... I decided to cancel and right at the end when I went to cancel Gamefly gave me a free month at the subscription I currently had so thank you Gamefly. I highly recommend this company to anyone that enjoys games and saving money.

I signed up for the free month trial and they have already billed my account. Very bad business practice so I promptly cancelled my account. No answer. No support.

This business maintains an unfair & crooked business. I have been a loyal customer to GameFly for several years. I made one mistake sending the incorrect game back, my children's game. When I contacted them I sent the incorrect game back, they reported I would not get my game back, only a $15 credit for a $54.00 game. They would in no way attempt to correct the situation fair with sending my game back & me returning the correct one. The only compensation was a $15 credit & for me to return their game to them. I do suggest not to waste your money on a crooked business.

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I signed for the free trial and they charged my account. I tried to go and take my payment method off and the account page won't load up so I figured if they are going to charge me I might as well get a game but then it says I'm not a member but yet they are taking my money! What!!! This GameFly needs to be shut down. They are just stealing from people.

I had just gotten a PS4 for my birthday, I thought a Gamefly subscription would be great as it would let me try games before buying them. So I signed up, put in my billing information and billing address, chose shipping same as billing address. What they don't tell you is they use an address verifying service. Now, with most places that use verified addresses it will give you a message of "We found this address that's close to what you entered, do you want to use it or what you entered?" Gamefly does not. So it tried to verify my address and went with the closest match it could find, which was about as similar as Elephant is to Elephant-Seal. The words are close, but at the same time they are functionally completely different.

I found this out when I got a shipping confirmation and no game after a week. Not knowing why it entered a completely wrong address, I updated my address, hit save, and entered a ticket of never received game. Next day I get a new shipping notice an hour later I get a message saying they received my ticket and a new game was being sent... to the SAME wrong address. Log back into my account, there's the same wrong address.

This prompted a chat with their (not at all) help center, which lead to a call with a manager. After being told that if an address doesn't match the system uses its best guess, I then get repeatedly told that I manually entered the wrong address. Yet my billing address shows just fine. I tell them there's no way the game is going to get to me, it's not going anywhere near the right place. Their "helpful" hint was I should go to the USPS office and try to intercept it there.

After a long argument with the manager, she finally has the right address in the system. But I get told it's another week before I can enter in a "game not received" ticket and they can't (won't) do anything to other than have me wait that time and then after that they will send my next available game. Two weeks wasted. My only consolation is that it was a free trial period, which I am already canceling. Nothing is worth this amount of aggravation.

This place of business should not exist. I've had my account open with them for 3 months. In those 3 months I received a total of 4 games. The issues I had with them are as follows:

1. The shipping methods they use are horrible. They ship by USPS with no tracking number. USPS loses the games and then Gamefly requires 7 days after their shipping day before you can even report it to them. You loose more than half a month before you get a new game.
2. They blame you for any lost games in transaction and still bill you for the monthly cycle.
3. They tend to send damage material and try to bill you for it.

4. After you report 2 lost games they cancel your account without looking into the issue. By the way they don't refund you your money.

I would just stick to Redbox or any other form for rental games. Gamefly is unreliable, the staff is rude and not willing to help the customer. They will bill you however they please to do so.

My husband and I just signed up for GameFly in July, not even 2 months ago. In just that short amount of time, we have received not one, but TWO damaged, nonfunctional game discs. The very first game we ever received from them was a Wii U game that was so scratched up that the game would not load past the title screen and would totally freeze up. They did send us a replacement, which worked, but we were not at all impressed that the very first game we ever received from them was defective. The second game we received was an XBOX One title, which actually had a pea-sized chip on the size of the disc. Obviously, our XBOX would not even read this disc. I once again e-mailed GameFly to notify them that we had received yet another damaged, nonfunctional game disc. They responded a couple of days later stating that they would be sending us a replacement. After a week went by, we still had not received the replacement.

I spent all last week e-mailing them every single day with absolutely NO response whatsoever. I tried calling, but the hold times were ridiculous and I didn't have time to sit on hold for 20-30 minutes. This morning, I had an e-mail stating that they had actually charged us $46 for this game!!! I was LIVID! I was literally seeing red, blood boiling. I got right on the phone, waited on hold for over 15 minutes, and then came totally unglued on them. I demanded to know WHY we had been charged the full price for this game when we still had the defective, non-working copy and they were supposed to have sent us a replacement TWO WEEKS AGO that we STILL had yet to receive.

They had NO RIGHT to charge our credit card for this game. It was unauthorized and it was theft. The woman on the phone did apologize and credited the $46 back to our card, but that NEVER should have even occurred. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about our experience with these crooks. We will be canceling our membership immediately. We refuse to pay for a service that we are not even receiving and, on top of that, having money stolen from us by these scam artists. AVOID GAMEFLY AT ALL COSTS!!! THEY ARE NOTHING BUT CROOKS!!!

I try to log in and said it failed and I get the same thing all the time. Don't know why it won't let me. Can you send me something to help me with it? I have got a game out from them now and I bought one but can't get in to get any more.

I added a game to my queue which had a medium availability, but it took nine days to arrive. When I sent them a complaint they said that this happens sometimes and we don't have enough games and we wait for users to return their games. this is the last time a use gamefly. 9 days of my subscription without a game.

I returned a game to them with in there specific time frame and my credit card still was charged and I have no game since I sent it back. My real problem is no customer service I have NEVER been able to reach anyone on the phone and e-mails take several days to get response's on.

Since my card was charged all the remaining money I had on it was for gas and I also was charged and over the limit fee.

I signed up for GameFly during a promotion they were having for a free giveaway. In order to receive it I had to sign up 5 people for one month each. I did just that and received a confirmation code and form from GameFly to fill out in order to receive my free Wii. A couple of weeks later GameFly notified me that they would not be sending me the Wii because they had changed their contract on 5/15 (the day I signed up my friends). I have made numerous attempts to contact GameFly because I had obviously fulfilled my end of the bargain before they had made the change (hence the confirmation code), however they will not honor their promotion.

I'm out the cost of 2 months for a subscription I never would have bought if it weren't for the promotion. My friends are out 1 month for their subscription. The sad thing is, I would have kept my account active had GameFly not lied. All I would like from GameFly is what they promised me - the Wii.

My son wanted to join a club which is advertised as Gamefly where the consumer is able to rent as many games without late fees. I joined and provided my credit card and my son received his first 2 choices in about a week after refistering. My son played the games and returned them to get his next two selections. I also purchased a game for my nephew which I was charged and never received.

After returning the first games received we never received our next selections and therefore proceeded to cancel my subscription because I felt something was not right after receiving my first games and then the tardiness in my next selections. After my cancellation, this company has charged my credit card 4 more times and I have contacted them and they refuse to work with me. They claim they sent the games but I never received them, I also never received the purchased game and my credit card was charged. After notifying them of my feelings they proceeded and charged my credit card 2 more times.

I was charged over 70 dollars without my consent causing my account to have insufficient funds.

I entered an XBOX 360 sweepstakes with a week ago. I received an email stating I won an XBOX 360. I called Gamefly to make everything was ok. They told me that I was not the winner and that they sent out the email by error.I'm upset about the whole thing, they made the error and should honor the XBOX 360 prize that they said I won.

Gamefly is like the Netflix for video games. Every time I ship games back, they've lost it 1 out of 3 times. They cancelled my account, despite that I told them that I have never lost a Netflix movie. I really liked the service, and I wish I could get more games, but I hope their business fails if they continue to send impicative emails calling the very customers that support them liars and theives.

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