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Same as these reviews that I just read. Fortunately, I copied all of their info before paying and read fine print. Information provided was basic, yet I requested more. I called them less than 15 mins after subscribing, free two days is not free. I spent almost 30 minutes on the phone with them. Asked for a complete refund, not just a cancellation of the monthly charges. I did have to argue a bit. I said I would call the BBB and my bank, then suddenly got a confirmation of both the initial "free" fee of $29.95 and the monthly fee of $19.95. ALL very misleading, and like I said, I read ALL of the fine print! They already have the money held in my bank account, so I will have to watch that it does indeed go back.

I subscribed to be able to do a search on a couple of individuals and found that the most public of information was showing as not available even though there are Facebook and Twitter accounts (I even used the more advanced feature of including ages). I wanted a criminal search done to see his background (drugs, sexual predator) since one is around small children. I was told these would only be public, unverified records. I asked the customer service woman to please terminate my subscription and she went into an explanation that it is a 48 hour free trial and on the third day if not cancelled I would be billed. I read the statement from the terms and told her to TERMINATE my subscription. Don't think I had it for more than 30 - 45 minutes. Waste of time and money.

This is consistent with every other review on this site about this company. I paid for a search, got zilch, and thought that was the end of it. However, I didn't realize USSearch would continue to bill me 19.95 a month forever. I tried to dispute on my credit card, but it said since ussearch had my card number it was a legitimate transaction. This is pure crazy-talk thus I am a bit confused what to do next. Here's hoping some regulator regulates this guy out of business. And I thought misuse of credit card info was the reason we could dispute transactions? Amazing this is allowed to go on both by consumer protections, and now the credit card companies are complicit. If anyone has advice on my next step, I'd be grateful.

I called customer service department before starting my membership... Asked them several questions about how their site work how many searches I would get with monthly 19.95... I was told unlimited. I asked what kind of results would I get. Was told basic info... So I paid for monthly subscription... What do I find you can't even do a search with USSearch you can only search with some other search site Omnisearch... Did a few searches, did one on my mother, father, sister & myself... Not one of the result from any of the 4 searches was even close to being accurate.

So called customer support back told them my issues with their site... How I did searches on family members of mine and how none of the searches was nowhere near being accurate. Only thing they could say was they recommend me use for a month then cancel my account because they do not do refunds. Keep in mind that I did not have account for a whole hour before I relieved I was not happy...

I entered into Google the name of someone I have not seen for several years just to see if that person was living in this area. I did NOT authorize a search, I did NOT authorize a payment and I did NOT give this company my card information, yet somehow they got my card number and charged me $19.95. How they got my bank information, I do not know. This should be illegal. I'm on the way to my bank now to stop payment and ask them how my information was so easily obtained by these crooks.

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Confusing and misleading advertising. Search was inadequate and they tried to stick me on a membership without consent. Luckily bank denied the charges.

Total ripoff. Paid for background checks and results I received were for totally different people than requested. One was for a 43 year old... got results for his 86 year old father. Then next for female and got her son. I called to cancel and made complaint. I did not ask for refund, just wanted them to know I felt ripped off. Their customer service was rude and snippy. Guess they are used to complaints.

I paid $49.95 November 2012 for ONE search. They auto renewed TWICE (that I found). This is why we need BIG government - because of thieves.....too bad. (I'm a libertarian).

This company is a scam! No important info there. Just scam you out of your money and now you spend all your time trying to get rid of them. AWFUL!

This company refuses to take your personal information down when requested. Abusers can use this company to gain access to where their victim resides and their family members which places them in harm's way and severe danger. Companies like this need to be stopped.

Signed up for one time service. Attempted to find information about reverse phone information.. All I got back was "in process." This company is a scam. Stay away.

They will automatically enroll you in a worthless monthly service, and you won't be able to get them to remove you. Don't fall for this! Stay away! It's a sad day when we need to do a background check on the background check services to make sure they are not crooks that tell you they can find the crooks for you.

I did a Google search for a people locator and found USSEARCH was highly rated. The rating information appeared to be legitimate, so I opened an account which included a 2 day intro service followed by a monthly membership charge to come later. The first two names I searched came back with my address as their address. I repeated one to make sure I hadn't made a mistake in the information entry, but again my address was shown. I called customer service and spoke with a young woman whose native language was not English. She said their information comes from publicly available sources, and that their sources showed the person I was searching for lived at my address. I said no, I have lived here for 30 years and this person (who is under 30 years of age) has never lived here and is a total stranger to me. She insisted that this was public information and that I was wrong. I immediately demanded she cancel my subscription and make no further charges on my account. I contacted my credit union and cancelled the card for which they have the information. BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM.

I signed up for a search that was advertised at $7.47. I was charged twice for this amount plus $19.95. When I contacted them, they couldn't speak english well enough to communicate very well. They claimed they would refund the $19.95 and cancel the subscription. I followed up with an email to cancel the subscription as well to have this in writing. They never cancelled the subscription nor refunded the charge. I had to resort to complaining to my credit card bank who in turn did get one of the monthly charge off. Still waiting to find out if this is resolved or if this is going to be a continuing saga. I hope these complaints will seriously affect their business and they get shut down or prosecuted for fraudulent operations.

What a SCAM! I signed up for a 1 time search charge and then found they'd signed me up for a monthly fee. When I called customer service, they said they would cancel the monthly subscription but then said they would charge an additional $7.95 for an unlimited search for 7 days which I did not want either. The reason I didn't want it is because the info they supply is worthless. I found more on the person I was looking into on Google for FREE, far more that ripping me off for 35 dollars with the garbage they sent me. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! The Attorney general should shut this scam down for good!

I was trying to check the background of my daughter's new boyfriend. Entered a search that was said to be free for two days. I was charged 17.48 and 17.47. I'm now told that the changes are a discounted rate for searches and they won't return the money to my account! Be careful with this company! They like to charge more than it states in their online website says!! I'm not at all happy!!

This company advertising as $19.98 for a search. When you go and purchase they tack on two more additional charges! I was charged 3x. And the report showed NOTHING that I already knew. If you want a background check, DO NOT GO HERE! Just go to your local authorities website and do a search. Everything that shows up is everything you can publicly.

Was needing the phone number for an old friend, for an insurance claim. USSearch was the only online service that claimed to have his phone number (when I typed in his name and last known address). So I paid their $2.50 fee, and then learned USSearch not only didn't have his phone number, they didn't even have his full address... just the city info that I had typed in originally! When I requested a refund from their overseas (Asian?) customer service number, I was offered a "free search credit" instead. When I refused that, and reminded them that their website's "preliminary search results" (before I paid) showed a check mark next to the "Phone [number]" column for the person, they reluctantly agreed to the refund, saying it would take a week to 10 days to process. While I am satisfied to get the refund, I don't appreciate being deceived/misled with bait & switch search info. What a waste of time!

I did not ask for any report. I searched my husband's name just out of curiosity. What I found was two people listed as relatives that we have NO RELATION TO! I have checked this information for years off and on and these two people have never been listed before. A phone call to US Search was beyond useless. The manager that I asked to speak to said there was no way of changing the incorrect information. He said that this information was from public records. There are NO public records of any connection with these people. US Search mistakenly put in wrong information. I have managed to find this family on Facebook and have notified them of this incorrect posting on US Search.

I was informed by BoA that they believed three fraudulent charges had been made on my Visa card which was in my desk and used only for one type of purchase from a single vendor over the prior 3 months. On 08/18/13 a charge was made on my account for $45.85 by US Search Services. This charge was not initiated by me. I'm single and live alone.

I had dealings with USSearch on 7-5-13 for a charge of 25 cents on a special. They are now being monitored. I become VERY violent when ** steal my money. I started checking my online bank account several times and the only charge they have placed on my Debit Card is the 25 cents. I am very, very, very careful and use Screengrab from No Nonsense Software. I take a picture of every USSearch page so I have an exact copy of the transaction. I did get most of what I wanted, but they have room for improvement. I have had problems with some other search co.'s but I cancelled the cards and that was that - as my bank will not tolerate Frauds... You people must take a copy of each page, "step by step" when dealing with ANY ONLINE CO.

I went online to do a free people search with this company. I then requested a criminal record check that was listed as an extra charge of $4.50. I got billed for the criminal lookup and unbeknownst to me was billed $49.95 for an annual membership that I did not intend to join. Numerous customers have complained of this deception on Billguard. Be extremely wary of US Search. They will rip you off. Do a Google of Billguard to confirm this.

I have never heard of this company and never signed up to search for anyone. Thankfully, I noticed a mystery charge on my credit card statement dated 3/30/2013. I submitted a dispute. From the looks of it, they are a pretty shady company. Good luck to everyone with your disputes. It's no fun to find unauthorized bogus charges. You've got to check your statements. I am lucky to have caught it soon enough so I can dispute this crap.

I decided to background check a friend before I start dating him. It didn't show any problem with his background. To test it, I did it for my ex who had conviction for battery and a doctor whom I knew was arrested for drug. Both you can find by googling, but the US Search report showed none of them. They charge $40 for giving useless info, which is less than free Google.

I used USSearch to check the criminal backgrounds for two people that I know (two for the price of one). I knew from other sources (such as looking at actual justice system records) that they both had criminal records and I wanted to see if there was anything else they'd done that I missed. The reports from USSearch came back empty. That really surprised me because there wasn't even anything about the records that I already knew about. I asked for my money back and was told to pound sand on that as they cannot return my money. They sent me a list of why no hits might have been found, but no items on the list applied. So in the end, it looks like they'll maybe, sort of, try to look up information but cannot return your money if they can't (or won't) do the job. They offered to do a free search, but what good would another useless search do me?

Today, I found a $55.90 charge on my credit card from INT*US SEARCH SERV. I did not sign up for this service, and somehow they got my credit card info. I will be contacting the police and the Attorney General if they do not refund me immediately!

I was promised an asset search within 48 hours. I called to check up on it and they claim they never heard of me. They have no record of the transaction, they can't find me anywhere in their system. They have no intention of returning my money. Yes they did take the money and ran! I am filing a complaint with my bank but because I put this on my debit card, it will be more difficult to reverse the payment. This company is absolutely fraudulent.

Five days ago, I did a background check on a potential tenant and was charged $39.95. The email I received minutes later said the report was in progress. I checked the next day and it's still in progress. Then, I called customer service (call center is based in India), where I spent 45 minutes on the phone with this person, mostly asking him to repeat himself because I couldn't understand him. I asked numerous times to speak with a manager but he said he could take care of my issue. Finally, I demanded to speak with a supervisor and he hung up on me. I called back only to get another person I had a hard time understanding and also said she could resolve my issue only to be on the phone for another one hour plus. She apologized and convinced me I would have my report within 24 hour.

So 24 hours later, I called again to another hard to understand and insisted to speak to a manager. I was on hold for a good 5-10 minutes (they had to call the US) before I had an English-speaking person I could understand. I told him my report number, asked him to reverse my charges and forget the report. I needed it four days ago! After drilling him with questions, he admitted that the call center was in India and the main office where he was is located in California. I let him know how dissatisfied I was with this so-called business and I was going to put up a post on the internet and file a complaint with the BBB. Anyone posting, please file a complaint with the BBB also so this company can get shut down because it is a joke! Poor excuse for a company!

Eight months ago, I took USSearch up on their offer of one day of searching for 99. I looked up one name, and left the site being extremely careful (as I always am) not to sign up for anything. I never gave another thought to the matter until today. Today, I noticed that USSearch has been stealing $19.95 out of my Discover account every month since December of 2011 for a total of $179.55. This flat-out, gob-stopping robbery has led me almost to the verge of livid rage and whenever some side-winding charlatans try their chicanery on me well, you'll see wigs on the green pretty soon.

With exquisite detail, I am reporting USSearch to the Better Business Bureau and I encourage everybody else who has suffered their chiseling to do the same. You can reach the BBB at Go to BBB for Consumers, and click File a Complaint. Persevere, following the directions, and it will eventually take you to the local BBB branch in Southland, CA which handles complaints committed in Culver City, California, where the gang has their hide-out. If many of us report to the BBB, we'll have a greater chance of seeing these bums get what they deserve. Am I right or am I right?

I did two phone number searches for $0.99 each and was billed $19.95 twice. I did not authorize the charges. I called my credit card company to report them and to contest the charges. Very sketchy organization! Crooks!

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The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. is an online People Search service. The company was founded in 1994, and it has served millions of people.

  • Instant results: People who run background checks on can get the results of their checks instantly. Results are delivered online.
  • Regularly updated information: People move regularly, and updates regularly to ensure the information shared is as recent as possible.
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  • Time in business: has been in business and providing people with information for a long time. They have been operating for more than two decades and developed a reputation for accuracy and dependability.
  • Many success stories: Many people have reported success locating lost people using
  • Best for HR representatives at large companies, small business owners and people utilizing online dating sites.

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