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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2023

First Data automatically sent us an equipment because the lease on our previous company was ending. We returned the equipment and decided to not continue doing business with them. They ended up keeping the returned equipment and somehow kept a lease that bound us to pay them $1500 over three years for a $45 equipment. Plenty of people before me have written the same thing. I think it's time such companies are held responsible for their predatory policies. Would be happy if I save the next business from falling into this trap!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2023

We started a business and our merchant services had us lease a machine through First Data Global Leasing. First, the terms of the lease, $35/month for 48 months which was not cancelable. Once the 4 years were up we were contacted by First Data saying our machine was outdated and we needed to get a new machine with a new 4 year lease. The salesperson was a shark. What a scam! Our machine was working just fine. They just wanted to lock us in for 4 more years. We decided to change merchants however we still have to pay the remaining 3.5 years on the lease. There are collecting $1700 over 4 years for a terminal that costs $50. Buyer beware and look for a more reputable company to do business with.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 12, 2022

    0 STARS! We leased a machine from this company 9 years ago. We never used it. I called them and said it wasn't being used and I wanted to return it. They called back and I missed that call. When I was able to find their information again I called and was told it was too late. They weren't going to work with me because I didn't answer them in time. I have now been paying them $54.18 for 9 years on a machine that you can buy on eBay for $50. There is no clear way to get out of this contract and they don't answer their phones. Stay far away from this company or you might get pulled in by the KARMA suck that is headed their way.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 14, 2021

    We are canceling our service! Our merchant card processor machines have been Obsolete and down now for over 2 months plus, we had contacted First Data Global Leasing now over a dozen times total to report our machines were down due to our area no longer supports 3G phone service so the machines will not work in our area anymore. Everything in our area is now 4G. It took over a month to finally get ahold of somebody that could actually help us and get the machines out and mailed to us after many unsuccessful frustrating calls.

    Finally after receiving our merchant card reading machine over a month later we were on the phone with Customer service trying to get our merchant card machines up and running with no prevail, nobody knew anything or even why they didn’t work. Finally you had a service representative with enough Knowledge to tell us the reason they don’t work is due to there are no sims cards, THEY NEED SIM CARDS! Why don’t you put your reps thru better and more extensive training, so they can better handle customer service and to understand their job and handle issues like this.

    So the representative said on 3 different occasions the sims cards were in the mail. Well guess what? We still haven’t received them yet! We were counting on you for our merchant credit cards machines to be up and running so we can run our business. We have 2 credit card machines down with only 1 out of 3 of them that work. The one machine we have still running is our Clover machine, our other 2 FD410 are Obsolete and 3G. How do we run a business if you can’t support us with machines that work And representatives that can help us. We are paying you $319 a month to lease machines that we don’t even have up and running and we are not able to process credit card runs for our business.

    Many of our calls to First Data Global Leasing have been reported as being on a recorded line. If you have any questions on our poor customer service please resort back to the recordings to help better serve your customers. We have made numerous threats that we are going to cancel service and close our business account And terminate doing business with First Data Global Leasing. Resort back to your customer support recordings, And you’ll understand why we are so frustrated.

    This is to let you know that we are terminating business relations with First Data Global Leasing, if need be we will get an attorney involved. We have lost many sales. Please terminate service! We have signed up with another merchant that can better serve us. We also have Attached a prior letter for a prior complaint with pay partners. We are returning five devices With pictures and ID number of all devices.

    Yours truly Mark B

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 30, 2021

    My company had 4 chargebacks from one customer stating he cancelled his reservation. He did not cancel and I provided proof of services rendered in form of signed rental agreement, signed cancellation policy and signed receipts of each transaction where his card was chipped. The customer responded to same. Said charge backs and I got a call from their security team saying I had $8k in chargebacks when It was just a duplicate chargeback. I scheduled a 10 am call with Sherise ** from the security team. She was very unprofessional. She called me a hour late and she was in the car with her kids. Very unprofessional considering the fact that we were discussing credit cards and merchant Information. She would continuously ignore me and talk to her kids and was no help. I asked her to just schedule the call when she could actually speak to me. She became irate and stated yelling at me and hung up the phone.

    I called to report her to a supervisor and the next day she called me and informed me she was closing my account. I have processed $100's of thousands of dollars and had a chargeback from 1 customer for $4100 and his bank sided with me and they closed my account. Clearly because I reported her unprofessional behavior. Don't waste your time. Apparently the employees can do as they please. How ironic that security can talk in the open at McDonald's about what's supposed to be secure information.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 8, 2021

    I've used this machine for a few years and one transaction had to be completed but I was left with an error message on my terminal which was extremely embarrassing for my customer to see. I then proceeded to call customer service and was told my machine cannot operate anymore due to the error and was told I'd have to pay for a replacement fee which I have refused to pay. Seeing that I do not own the equipment, the representative then proceeded to insult my intelligence by offering me an additional 15$ per a month maintenance fee in exchange for a new unit and once again I have refused. And now I'm left with a $1000 bill from these scammers and a $340 bill from their software company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 31, 2021

    SCAM-RUN!! I was assured by this deceitful Courtney pleasant from BIRMINGHAM SOULFOOD/PLEASANT BUSINESS RESOURCES Leesburg FL. (Google it.) Assured me there were NO CANCELLATION FEES and we were able to cancel at any time without penalty. Several times money has been taken from my account. 1st by this awful FDGL and then from what I can gather Pleasants company. I noticed for several months there were hundreds of dollars taken from my account over the 11 months I had the system. I contacted him and told him about this and the money was returned to my account after waiting 3 weeks. TWICE they took hundreds of dollars from my account and I was lied to by this thief stating I would receive my money back retro. This last instance stemming from some PCI document that I WAS NEVER INFORMED OF, they've taken $803.00 from my account.

    When I contacted him and asked what the missing money was about in his thieving usual self explained it away "do not worry, I will fill it out for you submit it and the company will go retro and pay you back." Even told me if I had not received it by the weekending 8/13 he would send it personally and have them reimburse him. NEVER HAPPENED! He filled out the form to get my funds back and because I am fed up with the trickery. Now they will not credit my account the money they stole from me! Stating now because I canceled. It went from an error on his part to "Courtesy funds." Even sent a nasty text stating they did not have to give it back. It was to "Help me out." After all the lies and blatant disrespect from this thief Courtney Pleasant, I was assured I would have the money credited back to my account on the 1st of August, it came and went.

    For two weeks via texts and calls, I was lied to over and over again about funds being credited back to my account. Never happened, I called PAYSAFE spoke with a rep. She informed me the money would hit my account in 7-10 days. I sent a cancellation letter to AMY M. only to be told I would be liable for monies to FDGL as well as they have canceled the "courtesy credit" back to my account you ready for this? BECAUSE I CANCELLED THE CONTRACT! What small business owner would stay in a relationship with a company as horrid as this? Darn, right I am canceling! I text this person over the weekend. Asked about shipping labels, he stated one would be sent out on Monday (today). I receive an email FINALLY FROM THIS AMY M. informing me the credit (courtesy funds) had been canceled because I CANCELED THE CONTRACT and they did not send out labels BUT COURTNEY SAID THEY DID.

    I replied with the text where I was told the labels would be sent to me she has yet to reply. I cannot tell you the many lies this Courtney pleasant has told me. Numerous times I have asked to cancel he would never send info as to how to cancel. Courtney pleasant has told me. Numerous times I have asked to cancel he would never send info as to how to cancel. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN A CLASS-ACTION SUIT PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY. I have texts and emails that will support our claims of willful misleading of this company. I advise anyone no matter how they smile at you turn and run. They a snakes and you will be bitten! **!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 19, 2021

    I signed up with First Data about 8 months ago. I had no idea I was signing up for 4 years. I wish I had read reviews as there are so many that are dissatisfied. I bought the machine so I wouldn’t be saddled with a 4 year contract. They made no mention that even if I bought the machine that I would be in a 4 year contract. I’m shutting down due to Covid and a recall of equipment by my supplier. No fault of my own. They offered no solution other than telling me to read my contract. I’m disgusted by this company and I can see that I am not the only one.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2021

    I Own a Auto Dealership in the Dallas Metro Area and I got screwed over big time by First Data. I had been using Square Cash for over 4 years with no issues. One day I go to my Bank BBVA to make a transaction and my banker introduced me to one of their Reps who later convinced me to get a Clover Device which was under First Data. He told me I would only get charged $0.25 per Debit pin transaction $9.00/month fee and chargeback protection. I was happy Finally at last a cheap reliable POS device. I paid about $800 for the device including taxes and signed the contract.

    Two weeks Later about February 4th 2021, my employee made two transactions of $1500 and $6500 respectfully and that is where my nightmares started. Looking at my statement I started seeing so many hidden charges, interchange fees etc. So I call the Merchant service department (After being on hold for over an hr) to help me because I hadn't gotten my funds but I had been charged all sorts of fees for both transactions, but nobody seems to know what is going on. About Feb 7th 2021 I get an email from risk department telling me to provide documentations to prove the transaction was legitimate. So I sent them every single information they requested for, from Buyers order to clients registration and sticker but yet they said they needed to see my bank Statements to figure out if I had the capacity to charge such amount of money.

    I sent them my bank account statement which was sufficient enough to cover 10 times the charge but they still rejected it. So now I am stuck with a device I paid $800 for, still getting charges monthly fees for device I cannot use. About a month Later I get a letter saying that I had to wait 6 to 10 months to receive my hard earned money!!! I was furious, I went to my Bank with the Letter but they couldn't do anything to help me because they are not directly affiliated with First Data. Fast forward 6 months after I still had to fight and send the same documents to them over and over again before my funds were released. Please Stay away. This Company can ruin your business. It's better to pay 2.75% + $0.15 with square with no issues that dealing with all these scammers.

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    Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Aug. 7, 2021

    I'm very thankful and grateful for the case manager Miss Jodie patience and understanding throughout this misunderstanding, and I look forward to working together and continuous business. Thanks Again for all your help.

    Original review: July 26, 2021

    Hello, I will keep my review objective, beneficial, informative, respectful, helpful, especially for small business owners to help them avoid the same mistakes and understand the risk of using the wrong provider. Of course as in most business relationships there will be issues of miscommunication, confusion, risk assessments, as we all know in today's market fraud is on the rise and service providers are forced to be more alert and extra careful, we can all agree to that.

    Our merchant and business account is at Bank of America, which is truly a great bank, however, their merchant is through FD, and based on our experience with Bank of America our (assumption), (please don't assume just gather the facts) was they must be just as great, Right??, NO, Absolutely wrong, they are Not, and to my surprise I was the only one who didn't his due diligence before establishing an account, that's why I really hope this long Love Story can benefit someone and help to avoid the same mistakes.

    We keep decent amount of money in our business accounts to ensure smooth transactions, as a new business in a very challenging times we needed a merchant account that can advance our our bottom line and an Ally, our fleet accounts are contracts built with solid history, reliability, trust, and great service we provide as an extension of our character and commitment to what we do, another reason TRUTHFULLY is a personal desire to start a non profit organization to assist in locating missing children and employ the retired US elite special forces units, all US military branches are an Elite Units, the other is a Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus.

    As contradicting as it may sound, we processed a large volume than usual, and the fact is new account will be very hard to define usual/unusual, instead of contacting us to verify the validity of the transaction they decided to freeze our account costing us 15k daily, 25k weekend loss of revenue that we are very in need for and payroll of 11 people, this may sound very petty but for us is a lifeline support. Thank You for making it this far, PLEASE don't make my mistake and understand why their review is 1.5 stars out of a billion.

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