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I too was suckered in with the bs sales pitch from a third party company (base solutions) which I found out after the fact when it fell apart. I was contacted about a 2 month "promotional deal" the slogan "let first data earn your business". It was supposed to be a no obligation, cancel at any time without penalty trial to see if FD was a "good fit for your business". With nothing to lose, I thought why not - by this time I had had numerous conversations with the same sales person, and had made it very clear that I absolutely did NOT want to be locked into a contract. To which he replied "that's not a problem, FD don't like to keep people in contracts that don't want to be", and kept reassuring me this was a trial... BS BS BS!!!

I had nothing but problems from the start - always calling tech support because of faulty equipment that had to be replaced after 3 weeks, their constant errors on our banking details - leading to $$$$ not being deposited into our account and being held in collections on their end for weeks, not getting the processing rate I was told... and the list goes on and on.

Needless to say, after 2 months FD did not earn my business, so when I call to cancel is when I find out the "no early termination fee" is just for the merchant services department, and I have been locked into a 60 month lease as that is a separate entity of the company! Of course none of this was disclosed by the slimy salesman, and absolutely everything out of his mouth was complete and utter lies. After LOTS of emails and hours on the phone - being passed between different departments of FD and base solutions, they finally agreed to buy out my contract, since the slime-ball salesman agreed to "give up his commission on the deal".

After reading so many reviews (I wish I had of done that before signing up) I realize I am one of the lucky ones to dissolve the binding contract without having to pay it out, and to be rid of FD and Base Solutions. Seriously, one of the worst experiences ever! Any business owner knows you don't need the added stress of bs like this! AVOID FIRST DATA AND BASE SOLUTIONS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! *I really want to out the sales person so no one else falls for his lies, but I probably can't do that....

A little over 5 years ago we opened a new business, Wine Bar Restaurant in Mount Vernon, Ohio. After about one year we were approached by Merchant Services about switching to them and saving BIG money for our credit card transaction fees. They use First Data as the equipment provider, and quickly slipped a LEASE AGREEMENT past us without filling in the term of the lease. YES, they left it blank. We didn't realize at the time that the $216 per month we were being charged for the equipment would tally up to over $10,000 in 48 months. We were so busy running our business that we just didn't pay any attention to the automatic withdraws from our business accounts.

Well, after nearly 3 years past things settled down and I started to look very closely at expenses. We quickly discovered that we're paying WAY too much for credit card fees, and found another company and switched our service. Almost another year goes by and one day I'm looking at bank statements and noticed that we were still making payments directly to First Data for equipment we hadn't used in nearly a year.

I IMMEDIATELY contacted them and stopped payment, and was quickly told that we could NOT stop the lease for any reason. Not if we had closed our doors, passed away, switched to a better company, or just flat didn't have the money to pay it. The instant we signed the lease agreement we were locked in for $216 for 48 month, NON-NEGOTIABLE for any reason.

I told First Data that our original contract was blank where it showed the lease term. They didn't care. I also told them that the salesperson did NOT disclose the specifics of the lease term to us. First Data very quickly told us that they were NOT affiliated with Merchant Services, and that our lease was a completely separate transaction. Instead of coming to some sort of settlement with us, they had their attorney trash our credit and take us to collections. I even told him on several conversations that our contract was blank where the lease term was supposed to be filled in. He didn't care one bit. I also told him that the salesman did NOT disclose the specifics of the lease, nor did they offer to sell us the equipment instead for around $400 instead of locking us into a binding contract for over $10,000.

The real rip-off here is non-disclosure from the salesman who sold us the original service. They should be REQUIRED to tell the customer that you can purchase the equipment for about $199 to 249 for each business. In our case we had two businesses when we switched. For just two months of lease payments we could have went out and purchased the exact same equipment that they were charging us over $10,000 for!!

It's WAY too late for us, we already paid nearly $10,000 instead of about $400 to buy the equipment, and now our credit is trashed and we are in collections on the balance. I've got news for First Data. I have a check in my hand for the balance, and the only way you are going to get it is to pry it from my cold-dead fingertips! I hope business owners read this. Sorry for being so long winded. It is VERY IMPORTANT information. Stay as far away from First Data as you possibly can!

We bought into the whole Clover POS system thinking we can add things to our app and it would be user-friendly with a one touch system and to make our purchases for our business easy. Well, when we got into our system we realized there were not as many one touch buttons for our business and we called to get them added... well be prepared as there is a charge for every new button you want to add and then your monthly payment goes up as well. Ridiculous!!! Once you get fed up and decide to cancel they say, "Read the fine print and you now owe us thousands of dollars." WHAT!!!

It is a bait and switch company. They get you locked in telling you all this false info and then when you want to cancel you are stuck paying a huge bill!!! We use SQUARE and love it and wish we never would have heard the word CLOVER or FIRST DATA GLOBAL LEASING or SunTrust!!! Horrible, Horrible, Horrible experience and a huge expensive lesson learned!!! Don't fall for it!!! Please read this review before you purchase. I wish I had read reviews before I did.

We signed up through the Sam's Club processing program. From the beginning it was a nightmare. I only wanted a credit card machine and they sent me the large clover cash drawer etc. We I tried to call them, email them to take it back. I got nowhere. Our small business is a auto repair shop and does not need a POS machine. We were stuck! We paid way too much. Sam's Club should be ashamed of themselves being tied into a company that's in the business of ripping businesses off. I sent our equipment back and paid off the remainder of the lease and they still charged us for the next month. I am now on hold trying to get a refund. I will be contacting Sam's Club about this also. I wish a class action suit could be filed on behalf of all the businesses they have ripped off.

I'm beyond words at this point. Clover (First Data) is a SCAM!! Stay away! They charge you way more than they should for the equipment and then lock you into a long term contract. They give you great rates over the phone and then you get your first bill and it is double the percentages promised and you are at their mercy. In the beginning the sales rep will tell you all that they can to get you signed up (I am in sales and his promises were straight out lies - I have no respect for Ben **). Once you have been signed up under false promises good luck getting everything set up. You call over and over and you email and you get no answers anymore. The sales rep disappears.

Then you have to call for a new rep, and then that one doesn't call and then you want to get rid off the equipment because you see where this going but you are opening in a few days and have no choice, so you spend hours on the phone getting passed around like it's a game until you get it halfway set up. These people should be sued for the completely unethical sales tactics. I wonder how many others have been lied to about their FLAT RATES ACROSS THE BOARD (WRONG!). Oh business card are higher percentages and so are corporate cards, "oh and then we add this fee and that fee and no that wasn't the rate you were quoted. It's actually higher." Complete lies.

I am going to start a website to ban together a group of individuals that have been done wrong by this company and start a class action lawsuit. I hope to have it up in the next two weeks where people can register to become a part of it and we will all help find a class action lawyer that will take it on once we get enough numbers. I will lead the charge if no one else will. Email me if you would like to put your name on the ballet and tell your story on the website. My personal email is **. Once the website is created we will tell everyone's story and we will grow the list of victims so that it cannot be ignored! I am sorry for anyone that finds this review because that means you have been screwed too. Send me your story and I will post it and give updates as we move along in this process together.

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The Clover POS System is not worth the headache when dealing with this company. The sales person over promise and under delivered. When trying to get the company to stand by their promise of a lower rate, you deal with rude and unknowledgeable support staff. And with the sales person no longer at the company, you are left with frustration and the feeling I got scammed.

First of all. This is a third party merchant service. You won't even know you're caught in their web, until it's too late. I had the misfortune of signing up with "out of town" fly by night credit card merchant that apparently included this bloodsucking company as their supplier of credit card machines and hardware. Same story... Outrageous fees from the new merchant and the deception you don't ever know about until it's too late.

The contract for the merchant services and the contract for the lease on the equipment are NOT the same one. Whether its 12, 24, or 36 months that you agree with the merchant. The contract that they "sneak" under your nose is the lease agreement for the credit card equipment, which turns out it's usually 48 months. Even after you return the equipment you better pray you have proof or tracking number to verify the return. BAD BAD BUSINESS ALL THE WAY AROUND. Anyone peddling FDGL services you will need to look into with a fine tooth comb. Your better option is to RUN.

DO NOT LEASE FROM THIS COMPANY. We have a contract with pivotal payments who signed us up with First Data to lease a machine. The contract was for 60 months starting Oct 18 2010. Our lease was up as of Oct 12 2015 or so. We never heard back from anybody saying the lease was over. They just kept taking out the monthly fee. So now we're told the machine is becoming obsolete and we need a new machine. We get no credit on the old machine which we're still using and paying for which works perfectly fine. The machine we use is Hypercom 4210.

They should be sending out a notice when a lease has expired as who can remember 5 years ago. I should have checked into it as I knew it had to be coming due soon. The machine lease is a SCAM so only lease from companies that will update your software of trade in the machine. I will no longer do business with either First Data or Pivotal Payments as they have no concept how to run a honest business.

I signed up with First Data because of referral from Bank of America employee Kimmy in 2013 and she told me at that time they are good company, so I signed up for 24 months. When 2-year contract ended I call them to cancel it but they hold me on the phone for 45 minutes. Finally, they pick up the phone and I told him, I am going to closing the account. The man start yelling at me very loud "YOU SIGN UP FOR 48 MONTH AND YOU CAN'T CLOSE UNTIL 2017!!" He was VERY rude. I told him that I never signed up for 48 month and I do not have signed paper for 48 months. I told him to send me the paperwork that I signed for 48 month, but until to today they never did. So I stop using the terminal since then and they told me to send the Merchant terminal to them so I did. Then they start sending me bills? I am not going to pay. I am not using their machine. Then they send my account to the collection company.

We left this company because they were charging too much per transaction, which is fine. The product wasn't for us. We returned the equipment. I call back to make sure they received the equipment which they tell me was received but then they tell me that I signed a lease in 2014 that goes until 2018 at $50/month for their services which I no longer use. If I signed the contract then I'm in the wrong. I never signed a contract with this company. The original contract that was signed in 2010 until 2014. Nothing was signed after 2014. They can't produce a copy of the lease agreement. I'm on the phone with Merchant Services. Our rep stated that he has been on hold so long that he had to come back on the phone with me because the allotted wait time per customer was up. It's now 20 min and counting. This is a breach of contract and we will be sending this down to our law office.

I had a salesman come to my office and show me all this data about how I will save so much, I can't afford not to use them. Here is where they get you. To use them, it's a year to two year contract. To lease the equipment is four years. After two years of horrible service, I have decided to terminate since my contract is up. However, I still have 16 months left on my equipment lease with no buyout option. I will now have this equipment in my closet for 16 months paying $28 a month. Poor service and overcharging has nothing to do with the lease they tell me. My advice to you, use a straight forward paying system with no contract. In the end, you will thank me.

We left First Data for the following reasons: They have predatory fee practices and require constant surveillance. Usually fee hikes begin quietly and grow. We have had to intervene many times when overall fees approach something like 20% of total charges. They also have a company they own drum in the idea we have to go through a costly security clearance every year. If we don't comply, they raise our fees again. Calls to customer service are so bad they are surreal. Many of the representatives have difficulty understanding English. The fall back is to apologize or switch the caller to another department. What ought to be a simple transaction becomes an hour of frustration. This has happened with virtually everyone in my business that has handled merchant processing. Using their products such as website credit card processing is so cumbersome that it is a hair pulling experience.

I have told my marketing representative we are pulling the business five or six times in the last twenty years. Each time we have a respite from the fee challenges for about six month. I am tired of working with a company that requires constant oversight. Today, we converted to Square. I have a colleague that has worked with them for a year without one service challenge. Their fees were significantly lower and we were able to sign up in about ten minutes. First Data - it was a long run but we're divorcing because you keep taking advantage of us.

I signed with First Data because they told me the rates would be cheaper, I would receive free processing paper. It was all a lie. I was charge outrageous rates. I had to purchase the processing paper at $65 a case. For a small family business, we were lied to by this company. I tried to call over the last 6 months to talk to supervisors. I was given the runaround and false supervisor's names and call back numbers. Then to come to find out I am locked into an agreement for 48 months for the credit card processor. They have called and harassed me over numerous occasions, cussed at my employees. For those that run a business scamming people is for a living should be pay for the crime they commit.

Leasing. I used Wells Fargo Bank for my business and was "sold" the merchant account and leased equipment through Angelo, the merchant account representative. At no time did he, or anyone, ever advise me that the contract I was agreeing to was a "noncancellable" 48-month contract. When I asked Angelo what the $40.00 being taken out of my account was for, he flat out lied to me. He said, "It is for the insurance on the equipment. Just call FDGL and tell them you don't want the insurance." Angelo, Wells Fargo are liars and shysters, and First Data Global Leasing is run a scam. Stay far away for any bank or financial institution that uses FDGL. They will SCREW you over.

I have a similar complaint as (Tommy of Granite Shoals, TX on April 6, 2016) regarding First Data Global Leasing. I too used Bank of America for my business and was "sold" the merchant account and leased equipment through the B of A representative. At no time did anyone ever advise me that the contract I was agreeing to was a "non-cancellable" 48-month contract. After 25 months of business and using this equipment (at a rate higher than quoted) I have to unfortunately dissolve the business and contacted B of A and First Data regarding cancelling my merchant account and returning the leased equipment. That is when I discovered the "48-month" contract.

I called First Data and explained my situation and they were adamant about the non-cancellation contract. I said "yes I unfortunately am now aware of the terms" but asked if since I was closing the business (and not just going with another Merchant system) if they would be willing to work with me on the remaining balance (ransom). They said they may be willing to negotiate a "settlement" however it would still affect my credit with a negative remark for the "unpaid balance". This corporation is very deceptive in its relationship with the consumer as evidenced by all of the negative reviews I'm finding on your site as well as other websites! (Not to mention that Bank of America must be receiving a hefty kickback from them to lure their account holders to the hangman's noose!) Any guidance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

There are several parts to this Ignite Payments,, and First Data. I cancelled all three in May 2016 and in June I found out that all three parts did not cancel and I had to re-cancel everything all over. I was then told that the only way to reverse the overpriced merchant fees was to dispute the fees for June. Now I am being sent to collections for a minimal amount. It's the principle of the matter that I am upset about and the deceiving practices that take place when you try and cancel. I only processed around 6 credit card transactions per year. Ignite needs to waive their fee for June since we have not had service since May 11th 2016.

I signed and contract/lease agreement for a Clover Mini device. The lease is 37.00 a month for 36 months. My sales rep assured me this product would be a great fit for my accounting and bookkeeping firm. When I received the Clover Mini it always displays a error indicating the WIFI is not secure enough. I called Clover technical support and they said this product cannot work with your office wifi. It must be on a secured network. The internet in the 8 offices that I lease is available to other Regus leasers within the office.

I contacted my sales rep Daniel ** and he said we can cancel the service but you still have to pay the lease. The wifi requirements are nowhere outlined in the contact and Clover refuses to take back the Clover Mini. They said I can pay 1300.00 to pay off the lease and they can give me another Clover product that will work. They made up some bs excuse that the machine cannot be returned because it can only work for my business. Yet the machine doesn't work at all. CLOVER AND FIRST DATA LEASING ARE A SCAM!

Total dissatisfaction! My lease expired on 2/4/16 The equipment was returned to First data before the end of my lease & my lease was cancelled. I emailed & snail mailed them the tracking # but they continued to debit my account for another two months. I made several calls to First Data giving them the tracking # again with no success. I finally issued a stop payment with my bank $35.00 to stop them. Then 2 months later I get a collection notice from them!!! June 16th 2016 I finally was able to get them to acknowledge that they did in fact receive the unit! Do yourself a favor look elsewhere to lease equipment.

This statement is regarding FIRST DATA MERCHANT SVS. I agreed to a lease contract for a Point of Sale system for my business. Needed one to help grow my business by providing more sales information and other business functions. Had problems from the beginning with installation and not to mention the computer program was outdated and the customer support was poor. I leased for over a year and it sat in front and used less than a month. I asked for more help, and of course received none.

January 2015 I decided to stop all payment because this leased computer offered zero benefit to my business and First Data offered zero help. A few months later, First Data called me to try and settle this. I received more calls then versus while I was a paying client asking for assistance. We did not resolve the matter, but they threatened to mess up my credit and go to court. They sent my account to collections when eventually I agreed to a charge off settlement in hopes of ending this bad decision.

If you decide to sign a contract with First Data, please do your research and think twice. You will be told promises that sound terrific but unfortunately the result will disappoint you and will leave you with a terrible experience you will regret, unless of course you want to conduct business with a company that cares nothing about you and your business, just the steady flow of money coming out of your bank account.

I set up a new venture in 2013 & chose Bank of America Merchant Services to process our CC. A sales rep came to visit July 22, 2013 and sold us on a better rate if we went w/ a terminal that was $29.99 per month. We were not told anything about a lease that was locked in for any specific amount of time, nor were we informed that we could not return the equipment without continuing to pay a monthly lease charge and it just seemed like First Data was the brand of machine B of A had provided as it was presented to us. The salesman never presented it to us as anything we had to keep for any length of time, just that there was no upfront cost and was $29.95 per month & if we went with it we'd get a better processing rate, so we said ok and he said sign here & here & left.

Within 60 days before the business ever got going we decided to dissolve the new business and put it on hold for a few years and since we had already received the piece of equipment in the mail we called & offered to pay the shipping to return it but were told that it wouldn't matter and that we would still have to pay for 2 years so we might as well keep it (not address or other options provided). We could not find the contract or receipt that said we had to pay even if we returned the equipment but we decided to keep this closed businesses bank account open that they were pulling payment from & did so for two years even though there was no business and they never processed any sales, we just put the $29.99 plus tax in the account each month so they could deduct it.

At the end of the two years we called to cancel the account making our last payment in Aug 2015 and instead of telling us where to send the reader, we were told very rudely by a woman that it was 3 years not 2 and we told her we were originally told 2 years at the same customer service number and that we refused to pay any longer for a lease we had never used, so please close the account. A few months later we were contacted by a collection specialist that said we now owed over $700 and were at that time told the agreement was 4 years & were provided a letter that stated a 48 month lease that was dated 7/22/13 but did not have a signature on it. We in good faith had actually kept a bank account open and paid these people for two years for something we did not need that was misrepresented to us to begin with and they have lied to us twice by phone at the only contact number we were provided.

This is the only negative on my credit report & it actually cost my wife a lot of money over two years just because we thought we must not have read the fine print & rather than argue with them she paid, but now after being lied to & charged for two years without ever missing a payment I do not feel like this account should be allowed to damage my credit and we feel victimized by this creditor who had no regard for being upfront or honest with its customers and after looking them up online we've found hundreds of similar complaints against them.

Two years of making on time payments as instructed after being coerced into signing up for something that was misrepresented in a way that I do not think would hold up as legal in a court of law, should be a plus not a negative reflection on my willingness to pay on-time. They should be required to notify customers when signing them up to multiple year contracts for a lease contract even if the customer does not have or use said equipment, as I'm sure this is not legal and most would not sign it if they were transparent. attempting to close the account, fulfilled the absurd request to pay out two years & as my report will show I always paid on time for those two years even though their equipment or service was never used.

On September 25th, 2015, called the number to terminate the account one month in advance. The representative inform me that I should call back closer to my renewal date (October 26th, 2015) to cancel. I called back on October 13th, 2015 to cancel the account. A representative inform me that I need to call back in few more days. Called back on October 19th, 2015 to terminate the contract, I was informed that someone will call me to initiate the termination. On December 4th, 2015, a $149.85 was charged on our business account. Called the company back on December 28th to ask for the charges and was notice the account was not canceled. So after complaining they told me that someone would call us back to cancel the account.

On January 5th, 2016 still no one called us back. Finally I called back on Monday January 11th, 2016 and asked why my account has not been canceled and no one contacted us, they told me they would submit my request and someone would call me back. I told them, "either you cancel my account now, or I will complain to Department of Consumer Affairs," so they cancelled my account on spot. I told them I need to speak to someone to complain about their service, and ask for credit for the extra charges ($29.95 on 11/04/2015, $149.85 on 12/04/2015 and $49.90 on 1/05/16). So far we are in April and no one called. I will report them to Federal Trade Commission and Department of Consumer Affairs. I recommend everyone to do so as well as writing reviews about them on the sites. Someone needs to take them to the court and file a public lawsuit against them.

We, like many, many others on here, have been taken by this company. They have fraudulently taken $48.31 from our account for EIGHT YEARS!!! Four of those were under "contract" where we had to lease their machine, the other FOUR years were charged in ERROR, and I can't get our money back, and they keep deducting our checking account. Each time I try contacting them, they act like they don't know what I'm talking about, don't have my address on file, don't have our phone number in their system, don't have our merchant ID in their system, don't have our banking information in their system, ETC., ETC., ETC.!!!

These people are a bunch of crooks! They gave me another number to call and that girl just hung up on me. This is absolutely infuriating. How can our government keep these people in business??? With all of the complaints on this site alone, these people need to be put UNDER the jail! They are trained in how to be scam artists. It's really sad that America has come down to this filth. We are a small business and every penny counts. We can't afford stop payment fees each month and then they somehow get around it anyway! They LIED to me on the phone and said that I had a confirmation number for the cancellation, and yet we had our checking account debited AGAIN! This is just ridiculous!

Merchant Services and First Data Global Leasing are scam companies riding on the back of Bank of America. Both companies will take money from your account without your permission. They claim to send a letter in which you can opt out. It's all in fine print and you have no knowledge of what they are doing for months later. Then they say it's in your contract that they can withdraw money if you don't respond. Customer service is horrible with long wait times. They will not allow you to speak to a manager. Refuse to refund your money.

First Data Global Leasing has scammed us with a fine print deal and lying representatives. When my contract is up I will have paid almost $6000 for a $200 piece of equipment. And then I will be given the opportunity to purchase the machine. These are criminals.

I have been closed since November of 2015. I called First Data in November and told them that I will be shut down. I will leave my bank account open for any remaining balances that I owe periods. The woman that I spoke to said that I will have my last and final charge taken out on December 5th 2015. Since then I've been getting letters saying that I owe money. They turn me in to the credit bureau, took a hit on my personal credit.

I called the company what I thought resolved the conflict in the misunderstanding that I got told that my last deal will be in December 5th 2015. Now getting charged for leasing a terminal that they said that I paid for and still charging me Interest for a business that has been closed for four months. How do companies like this rape small business owners and expect them to thrive in this corporate world. It's bad enough that small businesses don't get breaks because we're not a massive Enterprise.

I have been on the phone with them for 1 1/2 hours, I am told that I cannot speak to a manager right now. There is no manager on duty. Now they submitted a statement from me to a manager to get back to me. It will take 24 to 48 hours business hours. Free business that has been closed as long as mine infra companies like this to go after small businesses or any business and that matter is absurd. I know a lot of small business people that works 7 days a week and they're married to their business just to try to get by and it's companies like this that hurt us the most. Companies like this should be shut though they should have guidelines just like us. Penalties fees and fines that don't make any sense after you call the company and tell them that you were closed should not apply anymore. No one wants to close down their business but if they have to they don't want to still have to pay stuff months upon months after.

I signed up with First Data via Ignite Payments. It went smoothly initially, and I was happy till I started integrated Payeezy. When I found out there was going to be some work to get it up and running - as Payeezy supports limited number of languages. The Payeezy support team’s response was less than adequate (that’s when they responded at all). I decided to cancel my First Data account. The agreed cancellation fee was $20 - but the threatening letters from their collection department started showing up merely 4 days after I cancelled the account. The cancellation fee now is in the hundreds of dollars (we never processed a thing with them). And if I don’t pay, this will impact “my personal credit score”. What did I really get into? And who are these people?

The collection department is impossible to reach. I spent my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday just trying to talk to someone (pfff the time wasted on that). And when I got through to someone at First Data - the person at the other end said - I “should be charged only $20” but someone has put in a different amount in the “comments section”. And she would call me back in 24 hours. She never did. Three days later, I called back, and a different person managed to reach the collection department on my behalf. The collection department agreed to settle for the original cancellation fee $20. They never apologized or explained the fees. Based on their transactions, I have seen on my bank account - I’m now cancelling my bank account to get rid of them.

Since I upgraded my Clover Station with the Clover Mini EMV it has been nothing but a disaster since day one. I have been on the phone with Tier II and Tier III tech support and they can't seem to fix the problem. I'm in over $4,000 and the system does not work well. I own a fast food Mediterranean restaurant in San Diego, CA and I have two Clover POS stations and the errors I'm encountering include double charges, chargebacks, communication errors between the Clover Station and Clover Mini, Apple pay problems, the list goes on and on.

If anyone reading this is considering purchasing a Clover POS for their business, I urge you to reconsider. This system has too many bugs and too many glitches making it extremely frustrating to operate. Clover's tech support is merely a middleman point of contact. They provide very little service and substance for guidance on the problem. When they don't know the answer, which is often, they elevate the complaint to TIER III and you sit and wait for TIER III to get back to TIER II with an answer, but you never are allowed to talk to TIER III. It's a hopeless and extremely frustrating relationship and what makes it worse is that at the end of each call to tech support they say, "Thank you for being a Clover customer." I HATE BEING A CLOVER CUSTOMER!!! Their system is PATHETIC just as their customer service. We should band together and sue First Data for selling defective equipment.

This is way too similar to the vast majority of complaints. I own a small business like others. A sales guy shows up, signs you up then vanishes. Forget about any type of customer service. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Buyer beware! I closed the business down 3 years ago, returned the credit card machine as instructed, paid the lease off, showed proof of return. The company then claims they didn't receive the machine 3 years later. They continue to bill me... Today I instructed First Data "I'm done. Take me to court. Stop harassing me!!!" Amazing that no one has drop a class action against them. If anyone does I'll join.

I have had the clover POS for my small business since about May 2015. I have alerted the company of many issues I have experienced, including, but not limited to: double charges, unfunded charges, disappearing transactions, and freezing. It has taken over 50 phone calls, averaging over an hour each to finally, as of today have a replacement sent. I also received, out of the blue, a scanner. I never requested a scanner and when I called to inquire as to why I received a scanner, no one can find a purpose, yet I will be charged for the scanner. While it is First Data, it is associated with Bank of America. It is difficult to separate the two. I simply need the system to work, it is very costly and has cost me plenty as well. I am wondering if others have had similar issues. They make me feel as if I am very unique. I have a hard time believing that no one else is experiencing incredible difficulties.

I called Wells Fargo to inquire about credit card processing, and was sold a merchant contract with all the details explained to me by the WF agent. Little did I know that I was signing on to a FOUR year lease $33/month for a terminal machine that costs around $200!! What a huge rip-off. They are the biggest scam EVER. Do not sign on in any way, under any circumstances, with First Data or any bank that uses them.

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