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      47 Mayo Clinic Consumer Reviews

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Aug. 8, 2019

      May 2019, saw Gastro doc & nurse practitioner at the Jacksonville campus. Was explaining about trapped burps I'd been having and the doc said, "I know what your problem is!" I was excited and asked what it was. He said, "You gulp air!" I laughed and said, "No, no I don't gulp air. I breathe just as I've always through my nose and out through my mouth." Then he went on to insist that "we all change as we grow older..." I, again stated, "Really, I don't gulp air." Then he asked me if I burped in my sleep. I couldn't believe he'd just asked me that, because, well, if I'm ASLEEP, I wouldn't know, right? So I give him a look like, "You can't be serious!" -- at least those were my thoughts as I looked at him.

      I turned to my husband, who had that same look to his face and we both tried not to laugh, as we were both thinking the same thing. He finally said, "I don't ever recall her burping in her sleep, but then again, I'm usually asleep, too. But I'll be sure to try and pay attention." Then a bunch of tests were ordered that would take 4 days to complete. I later cancelled them because I wasn't sure my insurance would cover them on such short notice. I did end up getting the MRI in early Aug. 2019. That is a whole other fiasco. I've had MRI's done before and typically they tell you to inhale deeply, now hold your breath (for several seconds), and now you can breathe.

      Well, with this one I was told, "Inhale deeply, now exhale, now hold it (try this at home, air in your lungs and hold it for 17 seconds) and then, now you can breathe." I honestly couldn't go without breathing for that long and my husband was in the room and he later told me he'd tried it and couldn't do it. It literally felt like when you're under water and run out of air and surface, breathing in deeply. My husband later asked me if I realized how many times I was told to do that and I said, "I don't know, like 7?" He said, "More like 20!" Okay, seriously, this is scary. I could've had a heart attack or something following the instructions to a T.

      But, because I couldn't NOT BREATHE and it's kind of a natural, automatic response to INHALE within a few seconds of exhaling, I lasted maybe 6-9 seconds. Part of the radiologist's report stated, "Glucagon refused by patient," and "Extensive respiratory motion artifact due to patient drowsiness during the exam, with nearly nondiagnostic post contrast imaging."

      First, I don't recall anything about refusing Glucagon and second, I wasn't that drowsy, and third, if it was that bad then maybe they should redo the MRI. They email you questionnaires in your patient portal prior to seeing the specialists and then they don't even look at them. I still have all the "sent" questionnaires with a notation that they've not been viewed yet. So, if they're not going to even look at them, then why bother wasting my time in filling them out?

      Then, in mid-July 2019, I went to see a specialist in the endocrinology dept and after telling the doctor of the symptoms I'd been having she arrogantly said, "Oh, you have WAY TOO MANY symptoms for it to be **." (I told my primary care physician about this, he was the one who'd referred me to the Mayo, and his jaw dropped and he said, "What?!" I said, "Yeah, that's how I felt.")

      They ended up repeating tests that I'd already had done at my regular endocrinologist, nothing special, and 3 weeks later the endocrinology doctor emailed me in my patient portal, happily reporting that I didn't have what I'd thought that I had and wishing me well! Ummmm, aren't THEY the doctors? Perhaps what I'd thought I'd had I didn't have, but I did (DO) have SOMETHING going on, but they're not looking into it any further. But, nope, they don't care and I was devastated, actually beyond devastated, to the point that my husband came home from work, hours early, to console me.

      I actually described to my husband that I felt like I was nothing more than dog crap that they'd just scraped off their shoes, washed it off and was done with me. Bottom line is my husband and I both had such high expectations and it all ended up being a complete waste of time, money and gas as it was over 150 miles one-way to get there.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 23, 2019

      I am a very well trained Internist from a very reputable medical facility. Due to an ongoing issue I traveled to Jacksonville hoping to get some answers and was VERY disappointed! The physician I saw listened very carelessly when I provided my detailed history regarding the problem. Mind you —- I’m IN THE MEDICAL BUSINESS AS AN MD—- and wanted to try and label me as having chronic pain issues which is absurd! She asked if I had chronic back pain, and my answer was “no, occasionally I hurt in my back a little after jogging” but nothing chronic. She brushed off my medical issue and when pressed she offered a referral within the facility to a different doctor with further sub-specialty in her field.

      I personally called the referred doctor's office and spoke with his secretary, as there was no concern on the initial doctor's behalf that I had traveled 7 hours for consolidation of care. Mayo touts “world class care”; “team of experts participating in your medical care”. I found that to be an absolute Untruth! The referral doctor, though he had it explained to him that I was only in town for the week, and have a practice to get back to myself, refused to see me! I feel sad and sorry over this treatment, not to mention how sad and sorry I feel for the “ typical patient”. Mayo is a joke and I will NEVER suggest any patient go there for an evaluation. Actually I would rate ZERO stars but uncertain how to do that. Sincerely — SAD MEDICAL DOCTOR

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      14 people found this review helpful
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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 18, 2019

      I even don't know how to start. I will make it short. In general, you can walk to Mayo for a cold and end up getting tested for 100 things being bumped from one doctor to another. Most of the doctors they have are foreign graduates who has a very questionable understanding of the side effects of the horrible medication they prescribe.

      I was a patient at nephrology for 4 years and the medication they were prescribing me were so bad for kidneys. Some of the medications were used off FDA label (legally they could). Any time you question the foreign trained parrots they would just tell you "the benefits outweigh the risks of the meds"; probably as instructed by their big doctor. If not for ** Mayo nephrology department will go out of business. The meds I was given were so potent they were impossible to stop. I came to a point that I was convinced that I am sick from my medication. Not from a disease. When I looked at my labs on arriving to Mayo, they were fine. Then I realized with time, with each test, each medication, the side effects were mounting from from simple immune symptoms to full blown lupus like symptoms.

      I finally chose death over seeing a doctor in Mayo. I read pharmacology of all meds and slowly cutdown almost all except for the blood pressure med. It has been almost two years; my ** battered body has almost recovered and slowly have begun to enjoy life. My family was with me the whole time and I am eternally grateful for them. Time to time I dream the crazy town called Mayo.

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      8 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 12, 2019

      Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL is nothing like Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. From very basic medical treatment (incorrectly administered vaccine), to infection, to misdiagnosis, to botched surgery, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL is not only unethical, it is dangerous.

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 10, 2019

      After having surgery to remove melanoma from my right leg in Atlanta, GA I developed lymphedema. This is swelling in my leg that causes pain and cellulitis infections. The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville has one of the very few micro surgeons in the country who perform the microsurgery to repair the damage. I traveled from Atlanta to Jacksonville after waiting 4 months for the appointment. The surgeon was an hour late and spent 5 minutes with me. He took 10 seconds to look at the 2 inches of documents I had been collecting for the nearly 2 years since my cancer surgery. The only thing he noticed was an article about another micro surgeon in Iowa. He said if it didn't work out for me at the Mayo Clinic he would highly recommend the other surgeon. He said I would need to have testing done but it couldn't be done while I was already there. I would have to travel back there again. He said it could all be done in one day but it would take all day.

      I expected to pay my specialist co-pay when I was there but they said I didn't need to. I received a letter from them nearly 2 weeks later telling me that I was scheduled for 2 days worth of testing and that some of the tests I "might" be put to sleep for so I would need someone with me or they wouldn't be able to do them. No one called to schedule these tests and ask if the dates would work for me or if I could have someone else travel there with me for the tests. I had already spoken to the surgeon in Iowa and had decided to go with him. So I went into their portal and cancelled all the tests and send a message to the surgeon that I had taken his advice and selected the other surgeon. A week later I got an e-mail that there was a message in their portal for me. It was an invoice for $436 for a 5 min office visit and the doctor never even touched me.

      I went into my insurance company portal and found the claim and it said that the Mayo Clinic is out of network and that I owed $90 and change and this would be applied to my out of network deductible. It indicated that they had to discount the rest as it was out of line for the service performed and went on to say that in Florida there is a statute that says they cannot balance bill for what insurance won't cover. So I went into Mayo's portal and paid the $90 and change and then sent a message stating why and what I paid. They responded a couple days later that they aren't under contract with my insurance company so they don't have to do what they "suggest" and I need to pay the balance.

      I contacted my case manager at my insurance company and she forwarded my issue to a new department set up to handle this exact issue. Someone called me from that department and I explained my issue and she again said that they can't balance bill due to the statute in Florida. She said she would get in touch with the hospital and get back to me. She did both and the person she spoke to said that she was aware of the statute and the balance bill was in error and would be credited. I waited several days and checked the portal again and it still said I owed it. I sent another message and the next day (today) I got another response stating they don't have to do what my insurance company says and I need to pay it.

      My insurance company has called them again and was told that they are slow and it should be resolved in another week or so. They aren't slow sending me this bills. I am glad I opted to go somewhere else for my surgery. I can't imagine what a pain this would be if it's been this difficult handling an office visit invoice. And $436 is extremely high for any office visit but certainly for one at a "non profit".

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      10 people found this review helpful
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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 2, 2019

      When I arrived at Mayo Clinic, I felt hopeful. It stood as my last beacon of hope. Left Ventricular Block. Anemia. Bruising all over body. Hyper Tapeworm infection in the skin. The Nurse was amazing. The Internist was amazing. I was very embarrassed by the infectious disease in my body, and what it had done to it. She put me at ease as I laid in the hospital bed in nothing but a gown, completely vulnerable. She told me to lay down and relax while I wait for the attending because they are here to help. He stormed in. He accused me of having poor hygiene (laughing and mocking me after briefly glancing at my badly Norwegian-Scabies-Infested feet. He told me they were not going to treat me that day. He said "We will not be performing any kind of tests or biopsies on you."

      I felt absolutely defeated, humiliated and started to cry. He did not flinch as he turned around and stormed out of the room. Did the laws change? Is it legal to do this, before confirming a patient's condition is stable? How do they get away with calling themselves a charitable organization if they discriminate against Medicaid/Medicare insurance carriers? "Do no harm." How can you call yourself a doctor?! You are an Evil little man who has not heard the last from me. Guaranteed.

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      8 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 1, 2019

      The Mayo Clinic's website is a cesspool of biased and incorrect information so bad that it amounts to medical industry propaganda. They are a mouthpiece for big pharma and spread nothing but negative and often false information about all forms of alternative medicine. This is extremely troubling because proponents of alternative medicine also spread terribly biased misinfo that is positive about these same products and practices which puts your average person in a real bind when trying to make life altering decisions. There is almost no one out there giving it to them straight and with how big the Mayo Clinic is this is incredibly irresponsible, dangerous and they should be ashamed of themselves.

      12 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 21, 2019

      Referred to Mayo Clinic by my PCP and a Rheumatologist. My health has been getting progressively worse over the last 15 years to include pulmonary disease, SOB, abnormal EKG's & stress tests, chronic sinus infections, joint pain, muscle weakness and neuropathy (confirmed by EMG's), facial pain with swelling, intermittent rashes and eosinophilia. The doctors I had been seeing at home were all stumped as to what was going on and why I wasn't responding well to medical interventions. I had abnormal test results, chronic malaise, high eosinophil counts in blood and tissue samples (severe EOE), normal cardiac catheterizations, negative allergy tests (both blood and skin), and two positive methacholine challenges (but always have clear lungs on auscultation).

      Arrived for a week long battery of tests and meetings with multiple doctors in the specialties of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Pulmonology, GI, Dermatology and Allergy. Internal Medicine did the coordination with the other specialties after a thorough history and physical. Test were completed to include labs, chest and abdominal X-rays, echo, methacholine challenge, pulmonary function test (PFT), EMG, EEG, visual and coordination tests, skin biopsies, and allergy testing. My past medical records indicated severe reaction with one of my methacholine challenges at the highest level 5/5 (which required hospitalization).

      Medical records supplied to Mayo confirmed all the before stated medical complaints and test results by multiple specialist in my hometown area. Prior to Mayo, I was referred to a Rheumatologist at the Froedtert and Medical College in Milwaukee, WI. This Rheumatologist conducted a H&P, looked at my past medical records and had me complete labs and an EMG. The Rheumatologist stated he wanted to diagnose me with Churg-Strauss Syndrome, but the EMG test of my legs didn't indicate much vasculitis. There are 6 criteria for Churg-Strauss. A positive diagnosis is made when a patient has 4 or more of the 6 criteria. I had 4 without the EMG, but the Rheumatologist was reluctant to make a final diagnosis as he stated he didn't want to treat it incorrectly if it was Churg-Strauss, or make me worse if it wasn't. Thus the referral to Mayo.

      Mayo reviewed my medical documentation and records, conducted their own battery of tests and had me complete consultations with their specialists. After all consultations and tests, to include a brief EMG, short PFT, and a methacholine challenge stopped at 3/5 I was sent back to the Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Doctors for the finalization of my results. I was informed that I have no pulmonary disease or other signs or symptoms of the past history of medical complaints and was told to stop all but my cardiac medications. The final diagnosis by Mayo was Somatization.

      Nine Months later I ended up in the hospital with cardiac, neuro, and pulmonary issues and was diagnosed with Churg-Strauss Syndrome. Was started on Chemotherapy and immunosuppressants that same day. Within 1 month I was doing better and a lot of my past symptoms were improving. Unfortunately, I now have permanent nerve damage of my left arm and hand, and progressive sensory and motor neuro damage to rest of my appendages. The interesting part of the whole Mayo experience was that the doctors thought I was making it all up (somatization) and that I couldn't possibly have Churg-Strauss Syndrome (and I quote) because "I didn't look sick enough".

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 10, 2019

      Our son is 50, has Down Syndrome, and has been attended to for an upper plate at the Mayo Prosthodontics Department for the past 10 years. His plate was made many years ago by Dr **. The plate has served him well and really gives his smile an appealing look. Due to two extractions of his remaining 3 teeth, plus the effects of time, Dr ** has been making adjustments to the inside denture material. This whole process has taken a year progressing from the temporary material to the permanent one. We can not say enough for the excellent work and treatment of these dentists plus the entire Prosthodontics Department. They have created an excellent rapport with our son. He actually doesn't mind going to the dentist!

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 9, 2019

      Went up there for treatment for my Dysautonomia, that has been diagnosed at Stanford, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, and the Medical College of Wisconsin but treated unsuccessfully. My diagnoses, symptoms, and current state of health were attributed to “somatic delusions” and I was locked on a psych ward for weeks. I nearly died while there.

      Don’t let the name fool you. Either you get the care you need, to live a healthy life, or you don’t. In my case, no one went over my records and I was labeled a mental defective. Highly inappropriate and abusive. I have had numerous attempts at treatment here and it always ends the same way. Lack of compassion, lack of understanding, and a brush off from arrogant doctors. Pathetic waste of my time and money. They sure do hound you for collections though!

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      18 people found this review helpful
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