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Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic
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        Rated with 1 star
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        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 18, 2020

        Recently inquired about Bile Duct Surgery. They responded like they have for several people that I know... "Due to our backlog, we are not accepting government insurance." Same thing in 2017, when my wife required specialized back surgery. They need cash! This policy of refusing care goes against the founding principles of the Mayo Clinic. Medicare with supplemental insurance pays 100% of the cost based on recognized fair stated value! They need more money. They actually have the audacity to solicit donations to increase their pot further.

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        Rated with 2 stars
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        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 10, 2020

        After spending time with an Oncologist as a second opinion from Mayo, I was told a follow-up MRI would be scheduled. When I asked when this could be scheduled the Oncologists said I would receive a phone call for the appointed time from Radiology. I also told the Oncologist I had a pacemaker which would require coordination between the pacemaker company rep and the scheduled MRI. I was told ok and I would hear soon and I could leave now.

        I went to check out and was told No more information or follow-up was needed and I could leave for home. I live over 3 hours away. After being home for 3 days I called to inquire why no follow-up for my MRI. I was told my MRI WAS SCHEDULED on this day and I missed the appointment on the day I called. I further found out no Pacemaker Rep had been coordinated with the MRI on this date. This is patient neglect as my Oncologist stated my cancer was growing and I needed this MRI before chemotherapy.

        Two weeks later and still no appointment. And last night I received an automated call I miss my appointment that I had with my Oncologist, Dr. **. I have lost all confidence in Mayo of Jacksonville, fl. I also think it's in the public interest to know the lack of quality for patient centered care exists at Mayo. My Spouse is a retired Senior Deputy Attorney General for the Governors Office and phone calls will be made to correct this neglectful approach to cancer patients from Mayo.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Feb. 2, 2020

          My husband's local ENT doctor called Mayo Phoenix campus for a appointment for his severe ear pain and loss of hearing. Mayo called and asked my husband for copies of all MRI scans and medical records before his appointment date. He complied. We drove 390 miles to Phoenix for our January 30, 2020 appointment. When we arrived our "doctor" turned out to not be a doctor but only an audiologist. He came in the room asked, "Why are you here? Did you make this appointment yourself?" We realized then that neither he nor anyone had taken the time to review the MRIs and medical file we had sent nor realized our appointment was by our doctor's referral. All the audiologist wanted to do was perform a hearing test. We did not want a hearing test. We asked to see a doctor.

          The audiologist's demeanor was arrogant and rude. He continued to interrupting us. He told us the otolaryngologist (ear doctor) was very particular in choosing his patients and he did not choose us. He might, however, arrange for us to see a physician's assistant. Mayo should have had the courtesy to give us this information with a phone call before we invested in the long trip, boarded our pet and rented a hotel. We said we were disappointed and did not come all this way for a hearing test which we can, and did, already get at home. He suggested we file a complaint with the patient-hospital liaison, which we did. I asked the liaison what the process was in determining which medical staff we were chosen to see. She said it was done by non-medical personnel who answered a yes-no questionnaire. Seems to be an extremely unprofessional practice in assigning doctors (or no doctors as in our case.)

          I'm sure absolutely nothing will come out of our complaint. The liaison said we would not be charged for our visit. How generous of them especially because no services were rendered. We left the hospital having had no procedures done, speaking with no doctors, and being badly treated. Take this review to heart. This "wonderful, life saving hospital with a team of experts to help you" is not what it says to be. Find another hospital!

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 31, 2020

          I was ready for a BMT but pulmonary department gave me rhinovirus. A week later I was admitted. A port was inserted and conditioning was supposed to begin.

          Without proper notice I was informed by a "transplant coordinator" to taper and then stop Jakafi. This was 2 weeks prior to conditioning. The night conditioning was about to commence I experienced acute heart and lung issues and spiked a high fever. The nurse taking care of me was not comfortable initiating treatment, so she phoned the "on call" doctor w (NOT physically present). My primary oncologist was also on an extended vacation and her fellow colleagues, who were supposed to be working as a team, would not directly answer my questions. I sought an MD, not a PA, NP or fellow under this circumstance.

          Mayo had extra days approved for me to remain in-patient and took advantage by keeping me there when it was not medically necessary. So they were fired. Coincidently, I met three other transplant patients who had similar experiences with a "Transplant Coordinator" who exaggerated and falsified information to the detriment of each of us (4 former patients). I will never ever risk my life at Mayo Clinic. Run away fast and check out other options first.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 21, 2020

          I've been diagnosed with PKD. Recently went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FLA. Initially we sent them over 200 pages of my records and tests they requested. I was given a Dr. and appointment time. I then asked if the Dr. could look over my records and tests and see if there was a way to help me. I was told, "NO, the Dr. has to see you here." I'm in Mt. Pleasant, TX about 14 or 15 hours from Jacksonville, FLA. Wife and I decided to make the trip as maybe they could help me. I met my Dr. and we discussed my issues for approx. 30 or 40 min. During this time he was looking through the records and tests we had sent. After the discussions he told me there wasn't anything he felt they could do for me. Bottom line is we spent nearly $750 making the trip when he could have looked through my records and told me the same thing over the phone!! It was a considerable amount of money wasted on a useless trip. Very unhappy with my experience!!

          3 people found this review helpful
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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 17, 2019

          I am a U.S. Military Veteran and a current civilian Government employee. I have been calling Mayo since last few weeks about my billing issue without any success. Mayo has until Dec 31, 2019 to submit the approval for my 6/27/2018 pet scan to my insurance (GEHA) or I am responsible for thousands $. I went to Mayo in Feb 2018 for pet scan and a preauthorization was done from GEHA which was good until May 2. The second pet scan was performed on 6/27/2018 and Mayo never did a preauthorization but had it in system as approved. GEHA said no pre-authorization approval number was given to Mayo. Later, GEHA denied the claim and notified Mayo in 2018 to re-submit as retro approval and as medical necessity. Mayo until now never submitted in timely manner.

          I called Mayo again on Nov 26 and again on Dec 16, 2019 and had an hour long three way conversation with Mayo and GEHA. I keep calling Mayo and they say they are working on resubmitting the approval to GEHA. This has been going on more than a year. Their billing department sucks. I, as a patient should have never been involved in provider and insurance billing. I am having bad holidays because of Mayo. I would never go to Mayo again.

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          12 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 4, 2019

          My wife is currently a patient at Mayo Clinic Phoenix Arizona. In two days we will begin week #5 of our hospital stay from a back surgery that was performed back on November 8th. The hospital surgery and stay was supposed to last 5-7 days. We were prepared and expected a two day stay in ICU which was exactly what happened. I would also like to say that the nursing staff, especially in the ICU have been absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about my interaction with the other departments.

          Approximately 20 hours after be moved from ICU to a regular hospital room she was sent back to the ICU. What followed was about a 10 day stay in ICU under heavy sedation and with a breathing tube. In a nutshell following the surgery she has had pneumonia, the flu, blood clots which apparently it took them a couple of days to tell us. Additionally she has experienced episodes of mental instability for lack of a different word.

          To add to that she has been on tube feedings since the surgery because she is not able to swallow correctly. Still trying to figure out how that happened since she has had no swallowing issues for over 70 years prior to the surgery. The coordination with trying to get my wife into a rehabilitation facility closer to home has been horrible. There have been other issues as well. My wife came into the hospital as a relatively healthy woman that was able to at least walk around the block now has pretty much been bedridden without the ability to swallow.

          When we did our research as to where to consider having the surgery it appears Mayo was our best option. US News & World Report rated this hospital as #1 in Arizona and #11 in the country. From our experience with care and staff, with the exception being the nurses, I wonder how much money Mayo paid the magazine for their rating. If anyone out there knows of a good medical lawyer in Arizona I would be extremely grateful. J.S.- Retired Navy Veteran. This is not right and the facility should be held accountable.

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          20 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 21, 2019

          Very disappointed with the appointment process at the Mayo Clinic department of urology. We had lived in Rochester Minnesota for many years and had been patients at the Mayo clinic for our family needs, so when my husband was recently diagnosed with a rather aggressive form of prostate cancer I contacted the Mayo clinic to get a second option on his diagnosis and treatment options. I was told the urology department needed to "approve" the patients before we could make an appointment. That "someone would have to review the case".

          So I made the effort to gather all the information they said they needed, (various test results, MRI, Pathology report etc) and sent it FEDEX. After almost two weeks from my first phone call Pam, the appointment secretary finally calls us back to say we couldn't make an appointment. Her reason....not enough doctors. If you aren't going help someone with CANCER why waste two weeks of their precious time waiting and hoping for an appointment when you don't have enough doctors??? So disappointed with the tone and manner of the current Mayo clinic.

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          18 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 20, 2019

          I was referred by my cardiologist in June of 2019 who trained at Mayo. He wanted to cover all the options and I felt secure in the decision. I met with the Dr. in Early September 2019. This is the first time I ever saw a Dr. whose card said "Consultant". They apologized for the long period it took to get in to see them and was assured that the process would move quickly. That was a complete lie.

          I quoted data to them on Heart Transplant recipients' survival rates and was told I was in error. They were surprised to learn that my source for the information was the Mayo Clinic web portal. I never saw the Dr. or another Dr. during the process. I was hospitalized 3 times for heart attacks during the process. Information was never offered and the staff was upset that I had the nerve to ask what was next. Mayo while notified of my hospitalization never wanted the records.

          I was put through a Cardiac Stress test that everyone told them would not end well. I passed out in the first 45 seconds of the test and it was stopped. I was told I just didn't try hard enough and a second cardiac stress test was scheduled. I was told this time it would be on a bike not a treadmill so everything would be okay. When I arrived for the stress test, I was told they don't use a bike and that they could tell from my records that I would not have a successful test and they refused the Doctor's orders and would not conduct the test. I will have to check with my insurance, but I am sure they will be billed for the test.

          Later that day, I was scheduled for a Right Heart Cath. The Dr. who I had not seen in over 2 months arrived and he was upset because I didn't get to do his stress test. I asked him why he wanted a stress test when there was a recent film from a left heart cath. He was surprised to learn of its existence. You are not sedated for a right heart cath. And yet no results were shared, instead I must return in the morning for the results. This increases billable hours. The other thing Mayo does is to have you arrive early for a visit they call a check in. Insurance is billed for both visits. There is a Copay for only the main visit. I had 5 lab visits and with each they included a random drug test. All drug test were negative and there is nothing random about them.

          I had to see a social worker from Mayo and that it was required by my insurance. I learned that was a lie. Yes it was not my insurance that required it. I was also told my Mayo that they were the only facility in Arizona that did Heart Transplants. Banner Tucson. Formerly The University of Arizona Medical Center does in fact do frequent transplants and their record is much better than Mayo and dates back to some of the very first transplants done in the US long before Mayo existed.

          I found out about Banner Tucson from my Insurance company and the transplant coordinator they assigned to make sure my procedures are a successful. Yes the insurance company cares more than Mayo about my Health. My insurance company's transplant coordinator told me that even though what I was going through with Mayo was horrific, I should see it through giving me 2 options instead of one. United Healthcare has been outstanding going far beyond my expectations. I will update this review after my 2 appointments with the Dr. Tomorrow if things change.

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          14 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 7, 2019

          I am from CANADA and this is second time contacting the Mayo Clinic for my daughter who is 14 years old, what a Waste of time. They will not help you out, especially a child, twice I got the same comment, I have found someone to help me and my child but are farther away! Don’t waste your time getting a second opinion here. They will not help you! Probably afraid they won’t get paid because of insurance purposes! It's off to the other hospital. I have found the mayo clinic does not deserve my money!

          16 people found this review helpful

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