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julie of Pleasant Hill, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We tried to get the Adobe Photoshop free trial. First, the download kept hanging up and would not complete. We gave up after a few days. The next thing we know we are locked into a 1 year subscription that can't be canceled without a 50% cancellation fee... WHAT??? I spent hours with online chats getting switched from person to person. Shame on you Adobe. I think it may possibly be cleared up now, but I wouldn't be surprised to get another charge on the credit card next month. DO NOT DEAL WITH ADOBE - it is like a scam.

Jack of Corona, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am being billed twice for 1 Adobe subscription Adobe DC. I have tried 5 times to get it straight. The language barrier between myself and the customer service (possibly India) is more than anyone can handle. Today final straw - GOING TO AMERICAN EXPRESS AND CANCEL MY CARDS FOR FRAUDULENT USE AND REQUEST A REFUND FOR ALL DUPLICATE BILLING--I like Adobe DC so will try it again later under a new Identity and Credit Card--American Express of course as NO one protects the card-holder lie the good old American Express. Sorry Adobe. If your customer was half what your products are you would be great--BUT YOU SUCK IN CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Jesse of The Ponds, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a customer for about 2 years. I use their Creative Cloud. I tried to cancel it. They wouldn't let me. I tried everything. They offered me 2 months free. I said no. I had recently lost my job and housing. They said they would lower my rate. I kept being stern but they said that I would have to pay a fee to cancel. The problem is, I had one month left on my contract. I took the bait and got two months free. I realized that I still was having a hard time finding work and tried again. When you agree to two months extension, it just renews a year from the day you contact customer service.

Elizabeth of Pflugerville, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

It's nearly impossible to cancel a subscription with this company. I have tried time and time again for a YEAR and each time I am given a new excuse as to why I can't, or passed off to a new person who "will get back to me in 24 hours" and never does. I am still having money being pulled out of my account even though I was promised cancellation, and I am FRUSTRATED. This is the WORST COMPANY. I'm almost ready to start a lawsuit. I've had ENOUGH.

Will of Regina, SK on
Satisfaction Rating

So I am in university. Only needed adobe for a month for a school project. So I purchased it for a class which is now over and I noticed that I actually was getting charged for it still. So I get a hold of customer support and asked them to cancel the account and possibly refund my money. But they said they couldn't refund it. Okay I was fine with this. I wasn't fine with finding out the next month they are trying to charge me again. So I got a hold of customer service again and told them the situation again. And they told me I had to pay another month to cancel the subscription. It was supposed to already be done. I will say the product itself is good. Their service sucks.

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June of Oxnard, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I just had the worst episode with Adobe Creative Cloud "customer service". Adobe subscription software is a terrible replacement for buying their software outright. (Buying software outright is still better if the manufacturer isn't greedy and doesn't increase the price astronomically every year.) I just had a useless transaction with Adobe 'customer service' (serious misnomer) because they canceled me for paying my subscription late.

Customer service insisted that I canceled so owed them a cancellation fee of about $90 in addition to starting the subscription again. They ignored the facts that I had already paid for the current month by auto withdrawal and there was no written evidence by me proving willful cancellation of the subscription. In short, Adobe canceled my subscription and forwarded a fee of $90 to me -- but keep saying in print that I canceled. So I refused to pay the cancellation fee since I did not order it. I have the transcript to prove this.

This is an example of a very real concern about subscriptions: your account will be charged, you won't get your product use, and you will be charged extraneous and unfair fees. The biggest fear of all: there will be no one to help or advocate on the consumer's behalf. All of the above are true about Adobe Creative Cloud. Beware; Adobe is 'too big to fail' and therefore, too big to care. You will have no advocates. You will be alone in your battle with Adobe Creative Cloud. Does anyone have a replacement for Adobe Suite software? If you do I will purchase it outright. Anything to get me out of the Adobe oppression. Please help. This company takes advantage, is unapologetic, and a technological tyrant. Can anyone help?

Keith of Madison, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

When creating my online account in order to access Photoshop, the website glitched and I ended up with two accounts. One was tied to a non-existent email address, so I wasn't even aware of its existence until I reviewed my credit card charges and noticed I was being billed twice on the same day, for the past three months. Don't you think they'd notice that the same IP address purchased the same product with the same credit card at roughly the same time, and that only one of the accounts was ever accessed? Shouldn't that be an "error-trap" in their system? And why don't they confirm email addresses?

Anyways, I had to spend OVER TWO HOURS chatting with several different customer support agents in order to straighten this out and to refund the duplicate charges and cancel that account. Of course they screwed up the refund and I had to spend ANOTHER HALF HOUR explaining this to a new person. Even after all of this, they were unwilling to comp me even one month worth of service ($10.54), even though I only even used the product one time. I am cautiously hopeful that I won't receive any random charges from them in the future.

Johanna of Saint Louis, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

Along with all the other consumers here, I signed up for a one-year membership. After 6 months, I was done with it and went to the site to ensure there was no auto-renew. I could find no information regarding auto-renew. I went back 3 days after my annual membership was over just to be sure and my subscription had magically auto-renewed. And when I tried to cancel the membership, a pop-up told me I would be charged a $167 fee. I just feel sick about the whole thing since I tried to do the right thing as so many others have done and gotten absolutely and criminally robbed. Absolutely no transparency. It's such a violation.

ruth of Medford, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

Adobe has hijacked my computer. Every few minutes a popup warns my Photoshop is not genuine. Not only is it genuine, I submitted my Adobe Store receipt. How dare they access my computer for their sales pitch demands. I have no idea what to do with this annoying interference from Adobe.

Kim of Charlotte, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

Adobe student/teacher photoshop - they sign you up for auto renewal and it is almost impossible to cancel. I didn't know the "window" so kept missing it. Finally, March 1 this year went online to chat to cancel (can't call to cancel, have to chat) after waiting over 1 hour (honestly) I started chatting with Nagar, who didn't know how to help me and never responded, every 5 min I had to ask if he was still there. After 20 min, I was transferred to another rep who took 2 min to cancel account. BE CAREFUL students when signing up for Adobe products, they keep charging you and make it impossible to cancel.

Faith of Smithfield, RI on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for a free trial of Adobe Stock in December as a graphic design student. They signed me up for subscription without notifying me following the end of the trial for a whole year (not month to month like they said when I signed up). As a college student I cannot afford the ridiculous cost of their stock images, and I never used a single one in the time frame that I was unknowingly being charged. When I went to cancel subscription, I was going to be hit with a $200 cancellation fee, which is even more insane for a service I never even used.

I reached out to customer service and the representative was incredibly rude and condescending and offered no support whatsoever and said I had no choice in the matter. I couldn't believe how rude I was treated by such a well-established company. I will be disputing the charges. In past situations like this, other companies (Amazon, Sony) have been very forgiving on this matter, and made their terms clear in the first place. I did not even know I was being charged until 2 months later. Adobe has horrible ethics, and as a company with such high-end products, they should not be resorting to such shady business practices. It's quite unfortunate since in my industry, Adobe is such a prominent product. But from now on I will be using Final Cut for video editing, and Pixelmator for photo editing. I will never purchase anything from Adobe again.

Stacie of Riverhead, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a membership for the online subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. In January the charge of $390.92 appeared on my credit card statement. It says on the Adobe web page that if you cancel an automatic subscription within 14 days, you will be issued a full refund. I immediately logged on (within the 14 days) to cancel. However no refund was issued to my card. I tried to rectify this via their chat inquiries, but the representative said no refund could be issued because that only applies to "new memberships." Again, that is not what it says on the website. I then asked for a number to call and there I was told I would only get a partial refund. They needed to deduct the monthly charges because I did not call them to cancel. Nowhere does it say that canceling online requires a phone call as well. This is not acceptable. The fact that they can have information stating how to cancel online and then not adhere to it is unethical.

Stephen of Ville Platte, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

Nice and not so nice to see so many other people fighting this. I share an account with the account holder and we have been fighting with adobe all week about me being charged on MY card when MY card is nowhere on the account anymore. The account holder has his on it yet they refuse to charge it. I have tried talking with adobe and they keep running me in circles and ignoring me. So as of tonight, I filed a complaint with the BBB and hope to get some resolution after that. I will be calling my bank and informing them that adobe does not have authorization to use my card for charges. I also informed adobe techs and they don't seem to care. They keep telling me to update the card info which has been done MONTHS ago and still has the account holder's card on file yet they continue to charge me. That is FRAUD and is being filed as such. Adobe had their chance to address it now I'm getting BBB involved.

They also owe me for a double charge back in October. They charged me at the beginning of the month and at the end and refused to refund me the double charge. I have never dealt with such gross incompetence/negligence when trying to get resolution. They keep doing this nonsense of a "$1 test charge" to prove that the card on file is not "stolen." For some reason the test keeps failing, and the account holder has spoken to his bank and his bank continually says the problem is on Adobe's end. Even though they can't get the test charge through, Adobe has absolutely NO RIGHT to charge my card and continue to charge my account. I have informed them numerous times that what they are doing is fraud.

My name is not on the account. My card is NOT on the account. Every time I bring this up they send me a link to the card management page to update it despite it already being updated with the correct card. And they continually bring up that stupid $1 test charge. I will be going to my bank and telling them that Adobe is not allowed to charge my card and that it is a fraudulent transaction. I loved Adobe when they still used hard copies. Now that they've gone to this digital app crap where you have to pay for a monthly subscription I can't stand them and will be looking for an equivalent program that doesn't have near as much of a headache.

Petra of Helsinki, Other on
Consumer Increased Rating!
Update on the case: After several e-mails, phone calls, and discussions on the live-chat, I finally got a response from a Senior Support Member. The platform swap was done, I received a new license number for my CS6 on a Windows platform. Since then the software is up and running.

I´m glad that in the end the problem is solved. I just wish it didn´t take this long.

Petra of Helsinki, Other on

Original Review

My company purchased Adobe CS6 several years ago. It was set up to a Windows platform. In 2015 I changed my desktop computer to a Mac, which came with Yosemite operating system. As I wanted to continue using CS6, I asked for a platform swap through Adobe Customer Support. At that time, no one warned me from the Support Team, that the swap can be done only once and that it is irreversible. So anyway, the swap was done. After several days of trying, I could not install CS6 to my new Mac. I contacted Adobe Customer Support again, to help with the issue. I got the information, that CS6 was not compatible with Yosemite operating system. I was also informed, that the only solution for my problem was to stop trying the installation of CS6 and purchase the software through Cloud Service. As I am working with the software on a daily basis, I had no other choice than buying them through Cloud.

I felt that this was very unfair, as I already paid for CS6 over 1000€. Now, I had to subscribe to Cloud service, which costs me over 700€ each year. I recently received an email, that my yearly subscription is renewed. Recently I got the chance to install CS6 on a desktop computer with Windows operating system. I asked the Support Team to swap back the platform from Mac to Windows, but I got the information that it is not possible.

I think this is outrageous and unacceptable! I feel this is a ridiculously bad customer support and awful customer service! First, Adobe does not inform about the consequences of the swap. Adobe fails to inform that their software is not compatible with the operating system. Instead of solving this issue, they force me to buy the service again through Cloud. Now when I can actually use CS6, I am not allowed to, because the swap is irreversible. When I contact Customer Service, they don't help me, they just say "we'll contact you in 24-48 hours". (Right, I have been waiting for that contact for way too long now.) Me and my company have been Adobe customers for several years, so I do expect them to help solving this situation. Instead, I get the very worst customer service experience of my life!

Howard of Toronto, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro For Mac - I bought this through Price Tag Canada and paid good money for it, but suddenly the license was revoked without recourse and compensation. The license was perfectly valid when purchased and they kept my money sure enough, but now they want me to pay for a new programme. If this is a problem with a distributer they should not penalize customers retroactively, but they will do what they can get away with. What guarantee do I have that they won't pull the same stunt again in a year like they just did now if I buy something new? They count on people not bothering to sue over a few hundred dollars, but a class action would teach them a lesson. In the meantime, avoid like the plague.

anita of Philadelphia, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had a reoccurring charge from a Adobe that is under someone else's name that hits my credit card monthly. I told this person I would no longer pay for their Adobe service after a certain date. Despite this, they signed up for a year service without my knowledge. Adobe is telling me I am not authorized to cancel the account or make payment changes because it is not under my name. I am telling them they are not authorized to charge my card! This is fraudulent. I never agreed to pay this and I am not able to cancel these charges.

Daniel of Notgivingout, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Was looking to buy Illustrator and Indesign for personal use and now they try to charge a monthly fee. Sorry but software and hardware should be a one time deal. Isn't buy the software enough. Going to find similar software somewhere else, where I can actually own it. The rest of the software is going to crap just like Adobe Reader has a long time ago.

John of Lake Elsinore, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased the CC package for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to do some work for a client. I stupidly decided to do the one-year subscription, thinking that it would be easy to unenroll in it after the year was up. Boy was I mistaken. I realized after receiving an "Auto-Renewal" email that I had been auto-renewed for another year ($30/mo, which over a year is nothing to sneeze at)! I had no intention of using Photoshop or Illustrator at any point in the next year, so I contacted customer service to cancel the renewal.

Apparently, you must cancel your auto-renewal within the 11th month (you can't do it earlier or disable auto-renewal - I tried). Otherwise, you're obligated to pay for another year. I was informed that the auto-renewal was irreversible, but I could pay a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the remaining year-long contract ($360/yr, so $180). I've been using Adobe products since 1997 and this will be the last time Adobe receives my money or anyone else that I know. Take my money because you have great products, not because you can hold my payment card hostage.

Damien of Roanoke, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the second time adobe begins a subscription service without my consent. I cancelled, and guess what? They charged me an early cancellation fee. After I cancelled, only then was I given the option to chat. The chat person quoted their terms and conditions, instead of refunding me the charges. Essentially, adobe said that they cannot refund me the charges because I signed up, but I did not. My credit card company was much more understanding and they said that they will dispute the charges. These business practices are becoming more common. I have seen them with SplashID, and with Vonage.

Lisa of Durango, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been using Adobe products for about 4 years, and just terminated my Cloud membership. When doing so, I received a message that early termination within my contract was $225, which seems very excessive, considering I rarely used their products last year. Naturally I called Adobe and was connected to a Customer service rep who was very defensive and nonappreciative of my years of forking over $600 annually. After a very unfruitful conversation, I did a little research on their 'auto renew' feature, which basically extends the contract automatically and conveniently charges your card and binds you to a digital contract, a process which is only mentioned in the fine print of an email. Autorenew seems like a sneaky way to bind customers to another contract and x months worth of payments; to me a ploy which benefits Adobe, not the customer. Very negative experience after years of being a loyal customer.

Murli Mohan of Sharjah, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

My friends always used to make fun of me stating that I was a fool to pay through my nose for licensed software. But, being an ethical person, I always bought software even if I was paying top dollar for it. But, companies like Adobe are making me question that very stand. I recently bought Acrobat CC and Photoshop CC for a monthly subscription fee of AED 77 and AED 55. I really wanted only Photoshop and so after 2 days, I decided to cancel my subscription as I found a cheaper plan on their website for Photoshop. I therefore cancelled the first two orders and placed a new order for their photography plan by paying an annual fee of AED 444. All three subscriptions had individual order numbers.

Guess what Adobe did. Adobe cancelled all three orders including the one I did not want them to cancel. Now, they are making me run from pillar to post to get the refund. It's been more than the time that they promise and now their customer care guys are just parroting statements. In the Middle East, they have nothing like a decent office and so I have to complain to either Singapore or other locations. I am willing to make a call to US to get the issue resolved but the US helpline asks me for a US number which I do not have. Now, till date, I have not received AED 576 which is the equivalent of $156. I am really fuming but I do not seem to have an option. Are they such untouchables that you cannot get them to behave ethically. Forcefully cancelling my subscription without reason and not refunding the money to me.

Lisa of Glenolden, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter, a college student, recently purchased this product to assist with a final exam. When she realized it did not suit her needs she canceled the subscription and an additional 10 months of fees were deducted from my account. When we called customer service, less than 12 hours after cancellation, we were told that the additional fees withheld from my account were the cancellation fee. We then requested not to cancel since the amount that we paid between the initial payment and the cancellation fee were the equivalent of an entire year subscription. Customer service stated that the cancellation was already in progress and that we could not cancel and the only way we could receive a refund was to purchase another product.

With much hesitation we decided to repurchase the same product which had then gone up in price an additional $3.00 per month. I spent countless hours on the phone with customer service only to be told that there was a glitch in their system and that the cancellation process was hung up. My question then was why can't we just cancel the cancellation process, refund my cancellation fee and continue on with the yearly subscription as planned. I was assured that the process took 24-48 hours. 192 hours later I am still without the product or a refund. I was guaranteed to receive a phone call by yesterday. No phone call. Truly disappointed.

hope of Encino, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for a free account via Adobe. I was then asked to enter my CC number, which I did. Thereafter, I was immediately charged 14.99 for the Creative Cloud Service, for which I contacted Adobe immediately via their online chat system. I was told that they would cancel this charge/membership the same day. However, I continued to receive recurring charges for 14.99 on my CC in November, December and January. Each time, I contacted Adobe and they told me the account would/is now cancelled.

As of today 1/15/17, my account is still active and am being threatened with an early termination fee of 68 dollars. Even after offering to pay this and resolve the charge with my CC company - they have not cancelled me (after being on the line for 75+ minutes). Further, I am told that there is absolutely no way to speak to a manager via email, phone or online chat.

Peggy of Wilsonville, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I tried Adobe Stock for a few days during a free trial just to use one picture. Then I 'unsubscribed' on my computer. I thought this would stop the subscription and forgot all about it until I noticed them taking $30 a month out of my PayPal for the plan. I don't always check my paypal and they had $60 before I noticed. Sure they would be reasonable and cancel my subscription to Adobe Stock, I contacted them via the chat. I chatted with two different people and neither one of them could help me without charging me a whopping $134.96 cancellation fee. Word of warning to other users of Adobe products, they hide the conditions of these free trial promotions.

Worse of all the app on my computers can individually subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the services I sign up for, that DOES NOT cancel the 'membership' in Adobe Stock. It only unsubscribes that computer from using Adobe Stock. I did not look into cancelling the 'membership' because I still use Lightroom and Photoshop. This whole setup is just that a setup. I feel like they are stealing from me and I have one lousy picture that is certainly not worth $194.96.

John of Boise, ID on
Satisfaction Rating

I have tried their products in the past... Great products, but, such belligerent customer service. Trying to cancel meets with an imperative by Adobe to continue charging. Adobe is magnanimously unethical. I am being forced to have my cc charged 39.98 per month for one full year, and I strongly see Adobe continuing to charge after the one year limit. They are a disgrace to the global community of faithful consumers, and will haunt you financially, forever. I don't even have the monthly product on my computer anymore, and still I get charged. I propose a class-action law suit against Adobe for deception towards trusting consumers who receive nothing but pay through the nose!

David of Temecula, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Subscribed for a monthly use of Adobe Acrobat DC. Way too complicated to use, attempted to cancel and was charged a $78.00 dollar termination fee! No help when I attempted to contact Customer service stating "No phone support available for this product"! Buyer beware. Adobe will rip you off!

V of Cupertino, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought the Adobe Creative Cloud for Individual Annual Plan Paid Monthly ($9.99). Since I don't find myself using the product much, I decided to discontinue the subscription. Now I am being charged 50% of the remaining 10 months ($49.99) to cancel the subscription. Here are the bullets even today on for the plan:

- Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC
- All the essentials to organize, edit and share photos on your desktop and mobile devices
- Your own portfolio website

- Learn more

There is no mention on the 50% cancelation fee on early termination and customer service can't help. Adobe may pride itself in providing clear images but it has a long way to go to provide clear pricing guidelines to consumers.

Randy of Flagstaff, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered Adobe Reader for one month for $25, I got a bill for 152.+/- on my credit card for Adobe Lighthouse photoshop. When I called I spent 3 hours talking to a foreign customer service, they said it was a subscription to an AOL account which I do not have any AOL account. I wanted my money back and told them to cancel the service for the Photoshop on the AOL account which I did not have but thought someone had my card number. I talked with three persons on the phone including a supervisor, then was sent to online chat room. Again after spending another hour chatting, they hung up on me. I asked for the AOL address that the photoshop was sent to, they would not give it to me. I asked for a refund for something that I did not have, they refused, they said they would get back to me in 2 business days but never received anything back. I cancel my credit card. It is clear to me that there is fraud going on inside Adobe.

It would have been really nice to talk to someone in the United States that could speak English clearly and had some customer service training, they asked the same questions over and over again in an obvious attempt to not answer the questions or to solve the problem. If you are reading this, do not use Adobe, they are not ethical or honest and contract for customer service to some foreign answering service to discourage you. I am really disappointed, this is not American run business that is honest and responsive. I have turned over to the fraud department of the credit card service and I hope they have a way to burn these dishonest people. I see on this site that there is an order number since I did not order this photoshop lighthouse how would I have an order number, another scam or way of deflecting the question.

Jennifer of Glendale, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've bought Adobe products as long as I can remember. I've always loved using them for my art and projects. I used them for teaching as well. Their products are great, but after my experience with my Creative Cloud membership and their customer service, I'm done giving my money to this company. Last year I decided to sign up for their Creative Cloud service. There was a really good deal for the yearly subscription. It's a yearly subscription, but they bill you monthly. A year goes by, I notice on my credit card statement that my monthly bill has gone up about 50%. They don't send you an email alerting you that your yearly subscription is being renewed or of the price increase. You just have to notice yourself on your credit card. Unfortunately for me I noticed at the end of the month and not the beginning. I decided to cancel, which was easy (there was also no warning about cancellation fees that I noticed).

Flash forward about a week and I notice on my credit card a charge for $164 dollars from Adobe. Confused I contact customer support and they tell me this is the cancelation fee. Apparently if you cancel a yearly membership part of the way into the year they charge you HALF of your remaining balance. My membership renewed on December 2nd and I cancelled on December 30th. Keep in mind they already charged me for this month, but because I cancelled one month into my membership I have to pay half the remaining year. I tried to request a refund, since I barely missed the renewal, but they refused. They said the only way I could get a refund is to renew my subscription.

Yes I screwed up. I should have cancelled on time, but Adobe doesn't notify you when your account renews or changes price. Of course they want you to miss your renewal date. They have no sympathy for their customers. For a subscription service don't you want to make your customers happy? Don't you want me to come back? No way in hell am I signing up for this again. Adobe you have lost me as a customer. I'll also be sure to tell all my artist friends about how crappy Adobe treats their customers and warn them not to sign up for Creative Cloud.

carrie of Grand Rapids, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

For a college course, my daughter was instructed to get an Adobe Creative Cloud account. She signed up for the Student/Teacher edition in August 2015. Tech support could not get it to work on her computer (a PC), and since it was required for the course, she had to drop the class. After dropping the class she tried to cancel the Adobe subscription and was told she was locked in for the annual contract. Disappointed, but she acknowledged that was the contract, so we were stuck with paying the fees even though we had no way to actually use the service. In May 2016, I called to make sure it wasn't going to auto-renew in August. The rep I spoke to at that time talked me through signing into the account and adjusting the renewal settings. I followed the instructions as directed, while the rep was on the phone with me. I was assured that it would not renew.

In September 2016, it auto-renewed. Not only did it renew, but it did so at a 50% fee increase. I caught it on my bank statement in October and called immediately. The rep I spoke to told me that I did not cancel within the cancellation window, so it auto-renewed. I explained that I had called in May, and that rep in May had helped me turn off auto-renewal. This rep in September said that was no longer an option. The May rep had lied to me about being able to turn off auto-renew. The September rep looked at the account and said that it was a mistake that I had been lead to believe that I could turn off auto-renew, and said that they would help me cancel.

They said they could not refund the money already charged in September, but that it would be cancelled, and I would not be billed. The September rep told me to call back after the first of the year to make sure the cancellation had been processed and gave me a cancellation confirmation#. I was not billed in October, November, or December.

As instructed by the September rep, I called back today (January 2017). After waiting on the phone for over 45 minutes, I gave up and tried to contact customer service via chat. The chat rep I spoke to told me the account was not cancelled, and that I could not cancel it. Frustrated, I called again, waited over an hour to be connected, and talked to another rep. The phone rep I spoke to told me that the account had not been canceled, but that instead I had been given "free service". The cancellation number I had been given by the September rep was another lie.

I explained the entire history including the auto-renewal scam, the fact that I had already cancelled once, the fact that I could not use the service, and that I have been lied to at least TWICE by reps. He gave several excuses as to why I was misinformed, and why I had to keep the account open, and could not prevent auto-renew. I begged him to cancel the account for nearly 10 minutes until reluctantly he finally did. Of course he told me the only way it could be cancelled was if I paid him $127, which I did. He gave me another cancellation confirmation number that looks suspiciously like the one I received in September.

Frankly this has been the worst experience I've ever had with any company. The customer service is very poor, and the products are unusable--I've never been able to use the service I was paying for because no one could ever get it to work on the computer. I never received anything for the hundreds of dollars in fees that I have paid to them. I'm still not convinced that they have actually cancelled the service. I've been lied to far too many times.

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