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Alexey of Cheltenham, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I hated the idea of losing the ability to buy the software and have to rent it. I thought had no choice back then being a student so I went ahead. After 1 year and 11 months and several price increases I tried to cancel my subscription and stop Adobe from billing my card. It took many a run-around. Not long after they sent me several emails advising me that they have de-activated auto-renew and have closed the case by cancelling my subscription and that they're sad to see me go. Then another email offering for me to sign right back up. No thank you!

Mya of Toronto, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

This company seems legit, but they're not! Do not waste your time and money even if the deal looks good or cheap. Bought the 1-year plan for Adobe acrobat (in February) because it was cheap and I needed it temporarily. Tried to cancel it on the website, it said cancelled. Following month, I start receiving bill again saying there is a problem with my payment (as I was paying by Paypal and when I cancelled in April, I also cancelled it on my Paypal account to prevent any renewal). I contact them by chat and after trying to make me "change my mind" at least 5 times, then pay US$59 for the "remaining 8 months", he finally decides to cancel it, but only if I pay for May. Then, the "kind" agent just disappeared and terminated the chat. DO NOT BUY ANY ADOBE PRODUCTS! It's a BIG SCAM!

Baba of Maspeth, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

This Adobe rental has to be stopped. This is a JOKE! I used Photoshop 5 for so many years without update and did the job just perfect. Not everybody needs "every month's software update" to charge this kind of money. Please someone do something about this nightmare.

Delia of Brighton East, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I waited eagerly until my Adobe CC yearly account was due, then checked to make sure it was finished. To my horror I found it had 'auto renewed' for another year without any warning or consent. I contacted their help desk and tried to communicate with someone (from the Philippines?) about the problem. I was told my only option was to pay out the plan in full! I became angry, with no response from the poorly English understanding help desk person. I finally threatened legal action. Instantly my 'unauthorized' one year contract was cancelled. I had already experienced problems with the Adobe graphics subscription. There was no clear explanation that it was a locked one year contract and when I tried to cancel, I was hit with hundreds of dollars of 'payout' fees. This company is unscrupulous and unprofessional. I advise others to avoid Adobe and use other graphics and movie editing software.

Caitlin of Los Angeles, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have the 1-year teacher/student Adobe Creative Cloud account. I paid for 1-year instead of monthly because it was cheaper, and as a post-doc I was barely making enough money to live on. I needed the cloud for work, ironically, so I was paying to do my own job. I ended up not using it much, especially for the price. After one year, the payments kept coming out of my account. I never received any email about an auto-renewal, and was never offered the option to NOT have an auto-renewal, which I would have never consented to.

In addition, I was informed that Adobe would continue to bill me, every month, forever, until I paid a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining months. And if I didn't do so before the end of this year, the contract would be automatically renewed (even if I hadn't paid for 9 months) and I would continue to be billed every month until I paid all the months for the past year and 50% of the months for that new year. Absolutely not acceptable, completely illegal, and someone needs to take these guys to court until they pay back every dime they've stolen from the American people. Right now it would cost me $100-$150 to cancel. These **.

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Jonah of Evans, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I downloaded the Adobe Acrobat Pro "free trial". They asked me to make an account and input my paypal information which is standard if you stay past the 30 days. It turns out it's only 15 days which is not stated clearly. They then enrolled me in a month-to-month subscription of $25 a month. I was charged twice and then told on the same day they took the second payment that they do not issue refunds as it is against their policy. I will no longer buy Adobe products. They are very crooked.

Justin of Toronto, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

After you cancel your Adobe CC subscription you will be charged 100 dollars. Now this does say in very small print basically hidden that they will charge you this. But what they don't say is once you cancel your subscription your credit card information is removed from your account settings and you can't change it. If you call their customer support they will tell you that if you add a new card the old ones will be removed from their system. Two weeks later I get a charge to the old card for 110 dollars (why even extra money?). Very shady and actually lied about deleting my old card information. Now I need to cancel my card, report the charge as fraudulent and get a new bank card. Just torrent CS6. It's the same as CC. Or go with a different up and coming company in this industry. Scam - fraudulent charges beware.

Janet of Lone Tree, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered what I thought was $29.99 for a year subscription on their horrific website. Come to find out, it was a monthly charge of $29.99 and when I went to cancel after 2 months of charges, there was a cancellation fee of $130+ bucks to break the year "contract". I called Customer Support and of course got India. It was painful but I was able to get that contract cancellation fee (hopefully) waived. Their website is awful and extremely misleading and their customer support is just as bad. Shame on you Adobe.

Emma of Taguig, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered and paid for Premier Pro for one month as I needed it for a project. I thought that you paid for one month only. My work then bought the package including this program connected to my work email, hence I no longer needed or used Premier Pro attached to my personal account. Unbeknown to me they had been taking money every month since this is for 2016 up until February 2017. In contacting the company to cancel my account, my account was finally cancelled, however, I requested a refund for the money for a product that I did not use or have access to, connected to my personal account. I was given a case number and told someone would contact me, they never did. I then call again and they state I will get a call back in the next 24 to 48 hours and then no one calls.

How ridiculous to call back over such a large period of time. For a huge organization, the customer service is so bad I literally have not experienced anything like it. I have been given the run around from pillar to post. It is the most frustrating thing. In approximately 20-30 calls I have received two call backs, of which ended with the fact that I would get another call from another manager and guess what I never did.

They have taken money from my account without my authorization and now I cannot establish a line of communication with anyone to discuss a refund. They will not allow me to talk to a supervisor when I call, they will not give me the full name of the person I am speaking with and they will not give me an email address of someone I can contact regarding the situation. I cannot believe that a huge organization such as Adobe treat their customers in this way. I mean what are the next steps if you can't even get to speak with anyone who can actually help you. Adobe are quick to take the money but in handling any issues they are shocking and I am at my wits end.

Shelly of West Palm Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Adobe Stock bought Dollar Photo Club last year. I was a member of Dollar Photo Club and Adobe offered me a one year extension at the same price ($9.99 per month) after they switched Dollar Photo Club to Adobe Stock. I decided to stay on because it was the same price. Fast forward to March this year where Adobe charged me $29.99 instead of $9.99. They sent no emails or any other communication stating the price increase. I contacted them to cancel and they tried to tell me that if I cancelled I would be billed nearly $200 in cancellation fees. Luckily, I knew they offered a 30 day risk free cancellation period and once I pointed them to their cancellation policy, they cancelled my subscription with no fees. I had 27 credits left in the system. They never informed me and I had no idea that after 30 days my credits would be erased.

I went to buy a photo today with my previously paid for credits to find that they scrubbed them from the system. I contacted them again and they basically told me, "Too bad. You cancel, you lose them." This is fraud. I paid nearly $50.00 cumulative for those credits. If they were going to scrub them, I should have gotten a refund. This is not right and I am not the only one this has happened to. I truly believe this should be taken up as a class action suit against Adobe for fraud. If you are going to subscribe, please understand there are a lot of hidden consequences to subscribing to this service. When you contact them you are talking to someone in India and they just keep repeating the same thing over and over. It's frustrating and ridiculous. I don't know who is in charge at Adobe but they clearly do not care about their customers.

Richard of Portland, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I wanted to create a PDF file for my resume. Adobe PDF Create is on my computer, but nowhere it shows save to USB memory stick or to computer. Why pay for something if I cannot use it? Tried to send it to email and more hassle so I canceled my account.

Benjamin of St. Albans, WV on
Satisfaction Rating

My wife was on the student subscription while she was in school, which we let expire when she graduated. I actually did the right thing and switched everything over to a team subscription with the business and have been adding folks and licenses. I have quite a few folks on Adobe. Anyway, I get a call insisting I pay for the months that we're past due because my wife was on an annual subscription and there was nothing the guy on the phone who could obviously care less could do. I'll think twice before buying another subscription. Time to check out other PDF programs.

Parkavi of Coimbatore, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I was excited to get a CC monthly subscription and thought it was an excellent option for a budding Graphic Designer. But after a month, Adobe stopped charging my Debit Card and cancelled my subscription stating I failed to update my account information. So I contacted customer care for which phone support was unavailable (Apparently, one needs a more expensive subscription to get phone support) and wasted 2 hours of my time as the support executive, like a broken record, kept sending "You need to update your payment information." Finally, after so much time, she went ahead to actually see what my issue was and stated "Adobe can't charge a Debit card every month" and that I needed a credit card for a subscription. I don't see how a company with amazing products can have such a crappy Customer Support.

Ash of Austin, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

TL; DR: Costs 100 dollars to cancel 20 dollar plan. Customer support not supportive. Would rather pay a one time $50 for GIMP and deal with the lack of full feature. I am a full time student, and subscribe to a student version of creative cloud that costs 20 bucks a month. My desktop died so I figured canceling my subscription until it was fixed would save me some cash. WRONG. It cost me 100 bucks to cancel, which is 40 dollars more than it would have been to allow the subscription to run out! I talked to 3 different support agents, and explained that I literally couldn't even use the product.

When that didn't work I asked to reinstate the freshly cancelled subscription to save some cash. They refused to do even that. In the end, I was put on hold for several minutes and a disinterested agent told me they would give me 2 months free if I bought a new subscription. Absolute garbage, I've never come across something like this from such a large company.

Anita of Richmond, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I have an Adobe product that stopped working. As Adobe does not offer phone support for Acrobat I have had to contact forums. But no response from forums and now over 3 hours waiting for their customer chat support as I get shunted from one team to another. I have a product I have paid for but cannot get it to work and there is no support. You cannot even complain to the company as there are no complaints avenues.

Sonya of Littleton, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I've had an adobe account for a number of years. After just getting off the phone with Adobe I found, there is no way to change your email address when you move companies or cancel web domains. Of course, this was obvious to me because I tried to find a way to do that exclamation point. I asked the representative about it and she said they simply don't allow it! Adobe charged me for a duplicate service and the only reason I acquired the services because I could no longer log into my old account as they won't let you change your email address!

I was not aware this was a monthly charge which could have been my fault but the services they were charging me for were a duplicate of the services I already paid for on an annual account. There is no telephone number when you are in the Adobe send and track. There is no telephone number for customer service either in the export PDF. You have to Google it and you're not even sure who you're getting and if it's the right Department. The lady on the phone knew that I already had an existing subscription that supplied my needs who explained to me that we are not allowed to update our email addresses! I explained that their system very antiquated!

I also explained that any professional company in the United States of America should have a telephone number within the services where you logged in and are working from. They refused to reimburse me for the charges of the new account which were a duplicate of the old account. This is poor customer service. It is also dishonest and is taking advantage of the public.

Kristoffer of Ottawa, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

Customer support is pure **! I cancelled my subscription on April 7, 2017 because I did not really need it anymore. I did not have trouble with the products itself, it was all very helpful on projects etc. I chatted with a customer support agent and it went well. Or that's what I thought. The first agent on April 07 told me that my account/membership has been cancelled but guess what! The company was still charging me and they were charging $10 more per month this time! On the month of April alone I was charge twice! The amount that I still owed and another charge for RENEWAL! At this point I was still very calm so I chatted customer support again on April 20. This process took over 2 hours for I was transferred from Agent to Agent! And to add to that the Agents were not on the same PAGE!

One agent says that I only cancelled the duplicate account? What the hell is a duplicate account? Before I could ask I was transferred again to a different agent. But all she did was tell me the things I already know. So I was transferred again and finally was able to get a refund and cancel my membership. Look, Adobe is a great program! But you better be ready when you want to cancel your subscription because it will take you ages! They have a very dumb cancellation policy and very poor customer service!!!

Daniel of Brooklyn, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My company maintains multiple Adobe Cloud accounts at nearly $1000 a year for each one. We use Premiere Pro, Audition and Photoshop and for months we used the Creative Cloud to share files and work on group projects. One of the team member got a new iMac and installed their account and information on the new computer. It "restored" the cloud files, then created an archive folder automatically and started restoring them again to a new folder. All of this was done "automatically". Every time it would complete the restoration, it would move those files to an archive folder and start a new restoration. It kept doing this until it filled up the storage on the iMac.

I called tech support, which of course is offshore, and they are hard to understand and not helpful at all. After spending literally hours on multiple calls, I was told there is nothing more we can do, it is a known issue and someone will contact you once the problem is solved. That was 3 months ago. Our team had to stop using Adobe Cloud and were forced to upgrade our DropBox, in order to share the files we once shared on Adobe Cloud. It has been a nightmare. I finally talked with a Native English speaker named Amy **, who was very nice, and very apologetic. I had hope that our problems would be solved. She assured me she would be in touch on a regular basis until the problem was solved. That was over a month ago and I have not heard from her once. I finally emailed her only to be told, "Sorry, we have not come up with a solution yet. Your account is one a small number of accounts having this problem, and our programmers are working on it."

So, three months into this, we still have to DropBox, although we are paying for Adobe Cloud, and nobody at Adobe seems to care. For the record, the CEO at Adobe makes $20 million a year, that's over $1,666,600.00 A MONTH, $385,000.00 a week, nearly $80,000.00 a day, almost $10,000.00 AN HOUR, all based on a 40 hour work week. Basically he makes .63 cents for every hour he is alive, yet the company can't afford to let its US customers speak with US based, English as a first language tech support, and leaves them with nonworking products for months at time. ADOBE... YOU SUCK...

Ann of Lacey, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

I thought I downloaded and paid for the version that lets you save PDF docs as Word and Excel. But I couldn't find how to do that. Then after I found it, it downloaded in zip format and I can't unzip it. I went to their site to see if I actually had the version that would turn PDFs into Word or Excel but the site was so confusing I had to give up. I used to write computer user manuals. The first time I did it I didn't want to insult the users' intelligence so made some assumptions about what they already knew. WRONG! Everybody was confused. I think this is the problem with Adobe's site. They need to assume we're all idiots and have never used any software. Also I don't like having to pay $100 a year for the package I use. I could see $100 once. Maybe a little to upgrade to a rewritten version. But every year???? That's outrageous!

Stacy of Portsmouth, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

Tried to cancel my subscription last year and understood there would be a 50% cancellation fee. I let it expire. After 4 months Adobe reinstated my subscription and started charging me again without any authorization from me. I tried to change it to a less expensive subscription and they said "you can only change to a more expensive subscription. If you want to downgrade, you have to cancel and pay a 50% cancellation fee." After 5 online chats and over two hours of my time I was able to cancel without a fee. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ADOBE, IT IS A SCAM!

Holly of San Juan Capistrano, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Such an ANNOYING phone experience with Adobe. For one, the heavy 'India' accent is painful, on top of the endless phone loop so you CAN'T cancel easily. Paying for a photoshop cc that wasn't working properly, and paying for stock photo membership I didn't want in the first place that they tacked onto Illustrator trial. Add to it a representative who kept interrupting me, did not offer solutions, REFUSED to give me to a supervisor (or a domestic support, which I thought was a law?). I went round and round with them for an hour and half before finally getting what I should have gotten 10 minutes in. Photoshop that works - does not create errant pop-ups - and a refund for the strong-armed bolt on #adobestock! And I'm still not done with my issues of being locked into year membership! We shall see about that!

CS must get a lot of pressure - or spiffs - to refuse refunds and keep memberships... because THAT didn't need to happen at all! What a waste of my life... Terrible service! And I've been a customer for 15 years one way or another, makes me want to tell them to just stick it! SADLY I AM NOT ALONE - so disappointing that a big company with good products handles this aspect so poorly!

M. of Merrimack, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

I was excited when I found out Adobe had a month to month option vs. buying it outright since it is an awesome program and product. Unfortunately I was no longer excited when I went to cancel it when I no longer needed it and months later got billed. I cancelled in December then they gave me 2 free months (I guess to keep me) and I thought that that was it. I see now they billed me for both March and April and refused to refund me my money that I did not agree to pay them. They kept stating that my subscription goes until August and they would give me a free month then I can cancel. Adobe is a total scam. They offer people "free months" to extend people out in hopes they will not leave them. Very disappointed.

Tom of Panama City Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Acrobat is potentially a valuable tool. I bought Acrobat IX in 2011 and bought Acrobat XI in 2014 (date not certain). Acrobat XI would not install. I spent dozens of hours on Adobe's website and trying by phone to contact Adobe. Total frustration. Eventually hired a 3rd party to install the software. Cost twice the software purchase price. Now, a software update downloads daily to my Win 2007 PC as a high priority app killing performance. When I try to update (multiple times), goes through part of update and then rolls back. Adobe produces software with lousy update functionality and zero customer support. I need other authoring/website creation software but would be ill-advised to buy other Adobe software.

Ryan of Eugene, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

Half of the products that I pay for in my subscription suddenly couldn't be accessed after 3 years of very steady use. I talked to someone in the chat who told me that I'd been switching my credit cards on the account and they were all declined for fraudulent charges. When I asked how that makes sense since half of what I pay for was still available and only Lightroom had disappeared, he promptly and not so slyly accused me of benefiting from a stolen card! This is clearly a mistake on their part which seemed so unbelievable to me until I saw everyone else's complaints.

The guy on chat kept trying to get rid of me too but I had questions. This whole thing just didn't make sense and even though I wanted to lose my ** I was trying to be polite and even thanked him for trying to help me get things figured out. Finally after only 13 minutes (not long on chat) he "hung up" on me! So frustrated because I use the product everyday for my photography business. This makes me never want to use it again.

Alannah of Churton Park, Wellington, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I had been using Premiere Pro for a year and each month I got charged more and more for some reason. I thought I would check out after effects and added that to my subscription. After using it for an hour, I decided that it wasn't for me and promptly went onto my account to cancel my subscription to avoid further charges for something I wasn't going to use. After cancelling, it told me that I had the rest of the month to use it free of charge. Come next month, I get charged for after effects AGAIN. I went onto my account, cancelled AGAIN and it came up with the same text that I had a month of it to use. Couple of days later, I notice that Adobe have hit me with a massive $127 fee.

I contact the chat support team, they tell me it was a cancellation fee since I cancelled 14 days after. I said no, I cancelled the first day, provided them with proof that I had and that it was an error on their behalf. Yet, they still tried to tell me no and that I couldn't get a refund. No matter how much proof I gave them. One of the customer service chat team members also sent me a link to Adobe terms and disconnected me. Like an **. So after numerous times of getting in contact and waiting weeks for a senior member to contact me, they offered me four months credit for my Premiere Pro subscription so that I wouldn't have to pay April, May, June & July. I confirmed with them that it meant no automatic fees would come out of my account for that month and they said yes and to reply to the email saying yes if that's what I wanted. So I replied yes, they sent a confirmation saying thank you for the response, my case is now closed since I have accepted the credit.

But yet again, they charge me this morning when they were not meant to. I contact the support team, yet another time and send through screenshots of the confirmation emails, and our exchanges via email before confirming. Even with concrete proof, the customer "help" person tried to make numerous excuses and act like it was my fault. And saying refunds aren't possible. For the last year they've been charging random numbers like $40, $54, $36 for my $22 monthly subscription. I'm now in tears because they've taken the last of my money for the week, I'm in overdraft which means I'll be hit with a fee from the bank on top of all of this and I've just been unfairly dismissed from my job and going through court about that. Yet, they were so cold, unsympathetic and only care about taking your money. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS, THEY ARE DOING SOME SHADY SCAM ILLEGAL **.

Robert of Huntington Station, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Adobe Stock Photo just billed me for $250 (plus tax). Just for clicking on the photo size, the cart was like a beartrap that just grabbed my money without confirming the order. Since it was an accident I immediately clicked on help chat. Long story short they had no sympathy. They said I already got the image. Looking back, the system was designed to automatically send the image. It seemed like there would have been another excuse why they could not refund the order. I literally begged them to listen. I even offered to stay in the club and take a credit for the mistake. They were completely rigid and refused to help in any way.

I have an appeal in to my credit card company and I believe there are grounds for a class action suit. A shopping cart should not run a credit card for such a large amount without having the ability to confirm the order. I have seen many people online with similar complaints and Adobe is just as rigid in their sympathy. The Department of Consumer affairs should look into this deceptive practice of running a card, for such a high amount, with a single keystroke (especially when the customer only buys $1 images in the past.). Adobe purchased and from the beginning and they kept painting members like me into a corner from the beginning.

I never wanted this image at this price and the shopping cart sprung like a trap. When mistakes happen, credible companies own up to it and help customers. This could happen to anyone and they are happy to keep our money without negotiation just because they had some clever lawyers to write up a water tight terms and conditions and create a cart that springs without confirmation. Note: "Add receipt" button not working on my computer but I am happy to furnish proof of purchase when this matter is investigated.

a. a. of Colorado Springs, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up to use Adobe for a few months for work. It was pretty pricey but a good product. The horror began when I tried to cancel my subscription. For starters you cannot use mobile browsers, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, or their chat service to cancel. Firefox loaded everything properly though. I canceled my subscription but was billed again the next month anyway. I canceled again. I got billed again. Finally 3 months later I have gotten it canceled, but had to pay 50% of every month left in 2017 to do so.

julie of Pleasant Hill, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We tried to get the Adobe Photoshop free trial. First, the download kept hanging up and would not complete. We gave up after a few days. The next thing we know we are locked into a 1 year subscription that can't be canceled without a 50% cancellation fee... WHAT??? I spent hours with online chats getting switched from person to person. Shame on you Adobe. I think it may possibly be cleared up now, but I wouldn't be surprised to get another charge on the credit card next month. DO NOT DEAL WITH ADOBE - it is like a scam.

Jack of Corona, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am being billed twice for 1 Adobe subscription Adobe DC. I have tried 5 times to get it straight. The language barrier between myself and the customer service (possibly India) is more than anyone can handle. Today final straw - GOING TO AMERICAN EXPRESS AND CANCEL MY CARDS FOR FRAUDULENT USE AND REQUEST A REFUND FOR ALL DUPLICATE BILLING--I like Adobe DC so will try it again later under a new Identity and Credit Card--American Express of course as NO one protects the card-holder lie the good old American Express. Sorry Adobe. If your customer was half what your products are you would be great--BUT YOU SUCK IN CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Jesse of The Ponds, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a customer for about 2 years. I use their Creative Cloud. I tried to cancel it. They wouldn't let me. I tried everything. They offered me 2 months free. I said no. I had recently lost my job and housing. They said they would lower my rate. I kept being stern but they said that I would have to pay a fee to cancel. The problem is, I had one month left on my contract. I took the bait and got two months free. I realized that I still was having a hard time finding work and tried again. When you agree to two months extension, it just renews a year from the day you contact customer service.

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