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John of Boise, ID on
Satisfaction Rating

I have tried their products in the past... Great products, but, such belligerent customer service. Trying to cancel meets with an imperative by Adobe to continue charging. Adobe is magnanimously unethical. I am being forced to have my cc charged 39.98 per month for one full year, and I strongly see Adobe continuing to charge after the one year limit. They are a disgrace to the global community of faithful consumers, and will haunt you financially, forever. I don't even have the monthly product on my computer anymore, and still I get charged. I propose a class-action law suit against Adobe for deception towards trusting consumers who receive nothing but pay through the nose!

V of Cupertino, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought the Adobe Creative Cloud for Individual Annual Plan Paid Monthly ($9.99). Since I don't find myself using the product much, I decided to discontinue the subscription. Now I am being charged 50% of the remaining 10 months ($49.99) to cancel the subscription. Here are the bullets even today on for the plan:

- Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC
- All the essentials to organize, edit and share photos on your desktop and mobile devices
- Your own portfolio website

- Learn more

There is no mention on the 50% cancelation fee on early termination and customer service can't help. Adobe may pride itself in providing clear images but it has a long way to go to provide clear pricing guidelines to consumers.

Randy of Flagstaff, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered Adobe Reader for one month for $25, I got a bill for 152.+/- on my credit card for Adobe Lighthouse photoshop. When I called I spent 3 hours talking to a foreign customer service, they said it was a subscription to an AOL account which I do not have any AOL account. I wanted my money back and told them to cancel the service for the Photoshop on the AOL account which I did not have but thought someone had my card number. I talked with three persons on the phone including a supervisor, then was sent to online chat room. Again after spending another hour chatting, they hung up on me. I asked for the AOL address that the photoshop was sent to, they would not give it to me. I asked for a refund for something that I did not have, they refused, they said they would get back to me in 2 business days but never received anything back. I cancel my credit card. It is clear to me that there is fraud going on inside Adobe.

It would have been really nice to talk to someone in the United States that could speak English clearly and had some customer service training, they asked the same questions over and over again in an obvious attempt to not answer the questions or to solve the problem. If you are reading this, do not use Adobe, they are not ethical or honest and contract for customer service to some foreign answering service to discourage you. I am really disappointed, this is not American run business that is honest and responsive. I have turned over to the fraud department of the credit card service and I hope they have a way to burn these dishonest people. I see on this site that there is an order number since I did not order this photoshop lighthouse how would I have an order number, another scam or way of deflecting the question.

Jennifer of Glendale, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've bought Adobe products as long as I can remember. I've always loved using them for my art and projects. I used them for teaching as well. Their products are great, but after my experience with my Creative Cloud membership and their customer service, I'm done giving my money to this company. Last year I decided to sign up for their Creative Cloud service. There was a really good deal for the yearly subscription. It's a yearly subscription, but they bill you monthly. A year goes by, I notice on my credit card statement that my monthly bill has gone up about 50%. They don't send you an email alerting you that your yearly subscription is being renewed or of the price increase. You just have to notice yourself on your credit card. Unfortunately for me I noticed at the end of the month and not the beginning. I decided to cancel, which was easy (there was also no warning about cancellation fees that I noticed).

Flash forward about a week and I notice on my credit card a charge for $164 dollars from Adobe. Confused I contact customer support and they tell me this is the cancelation fee. Apparently if you cancel a yearly membership part of the way into the year they charge you HALF of your remaining balance. My membership renewed on December 2nd and I cancelled on December 30th. Keep in mind they already charged me for this month, but because I cancelled one month into my membership I have to pay half the remaining year. I tried to request a refund, since I barely missed the renewal, but they refused. They said the only way I could get a refund is to renew my subscription.

Yes I screwed up. I should have cancelled on time, but Adobe doesn't notify you when your account renews or changes price. Of course they want you to miss your renewal date. They have no sympathy for their customers. For a subscription service don't you want to make your customers happy? Don't you want me to come back? No way in hell am I signing up for this again. Adobe you have lost me as a customer. I'll also be sure to tell all my artist friends about how crappy Adobe treats their customers and warn them not to sign up for Creative Cloud.

carrie of Grand Rapids, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

For a college course, my daughter was instructed to get an Adobe Creative Cloud account. She signed up for the Student/Teacher edition in August 2015. Tech support could not get it to work on her computer (a PC), and since it was required for the course, she had to drop the class. After dropping the class she tried to cancel the Adobe subscription and was told she was locked in for the annual contract. Disappointed, but she acknowledged that was the contract, so we were stuck with paying the fees even though we had no way to actually use the service. In May 2016, I called to make sure it wasn't going to auto-renew in August. The rep I spoke to at that time talked me through signing into the account and adjusting the renewal settings. I followed the instructions as directed, while the rep was on the phone with me. I was assured that it would not renew.

In September 2016, it auto-renewed. Not only did it renew, but it did so at a 50% fee increase. I caught it on my bank statement in October and called immediately. The rep I spoke to told me that I did not cancel within the cancellation window, so it auto-renewed. I explained that I had called in May, and that rep in May had helped me turn off auto-renewal. This rep in September said that was no longer an option. The May rep had lied to me about being able to turn off auto-renew. The September rep looked at the account and said that it was a mistake that I had been lead to believe that I could turn off auto-renew, and said that they would help me cancel.

They said they could not refund the money already charged in September, but that it would be cancelled, and I would not be billed. The September rep told me to call back after the first of the year to make sure the cancellation had been processed and gave me a cancellation confirmation#. I was not billed in October, November, or December.

As instructed by the September rep, I called back today (January 2017). After waiting on the phone for over 45 minutes, I gave up and tried to contact customer service via chat. The chat rep I spoke to told me the account was not cancelled, and that I could not cancel it. Frustrated, I called again, waited over an hour to be connected, and talked to another rep. The phone rep I spoke to told me that the account had not been canceled, but that instead I had been given "free service". The cancellation number I had been given by the September rep was another lie.

I explained the entire history including the auto-renewal scam, the fact that I had already cancelled once, the fact that I could not use the service, and that I have been lied to at least TWICE by reps. He gave several excuses as to why I was misinformed, and why I had to keep the account open, and could not prevent auto-renew. I begged him to cancel the account for nearly 10 minutes until reluctantly he finally did. Of course he told me the only way it could be cancelled was if I paid him $127, which I did. He gave me another cancellation confirmation number that looks suspiciously like the one I received in September.

Frankly this has been the worst experience I've ever had with any company. The customer service is very poor, and the products are unusable--I've never been able to use the service I was paying for because no one could ever get it to work on the computer. I never received anything for the hundreds of dollars in fees that I have paid to them. I'm still not convinced that they have actually cancelled the service. I've been lied to far too many times.

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Robert of Sewickley, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter bought Creative Cloud on November 25th 2015. She needed it for use in her Graphics Arts Class at Akron University. The terminology used when signing up gave her no notification that the program would automatically roll over annually. There should be a check box when signing up, agreeing to an annual charge. If you don't check the box, it should expire at the end of the annual contract. It is a deceptive policy that these internet companies frequently use. I never expected a company such as Adobe to practice this deceptive policy. I called and they informed me that she was sent an email 30 days prior to the contract ending. My daughter claims she never got an email and figured the program ended.

Her course work this year did not require the program. I stated that, to a senior level employee at Adobe and he told me he would credit half of the $385 charge and cancel the subscription. I stated we just found out about the charge on our credit card and she has not even used the program. We were charged $385 on 11/25/2016. Her original annual cost was $240, which is another issue. I said charge her the $49.95 for one month and credit the difference. He stated he was unable to do this, that she was notified by email 30 days in advance.

I asked him to send me the read receipt, that he got back when she opened the email. He said they do not use read receipts. I then asked "how do you confirm your customers got the information. Emails are lost all the time on servers, especially at the University level!" He said he was unable to help me and ended the call. I use the Adobe CS5 program and had considered upgrading to CS6. Never, will I use Adobe again nor will my daughter ever use the program, she said, when she enters the business world as a graphic designer. Very short-sighted company!

Alicia of Annapolis, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for a 30 day trial for my daughter in the spring of 2016 because she needed the application for a class. I contacted their customer support to cancel once her class was over (which was in may). I contacted customer support to cancel the subscription and was told that I would be charged an early termination fee if I cancelled and that they would see if they could find other offers so I didn't cancel. I told the representative that my daughter no longer used the application and that I wanted just cancel. They ended up giving me 2 months free, so that I would keep the subscription.

In the meantime, I forgot about the subscription, and also had my card stolen which I used for the subscription. One day, I check my account and see my account had been charged. It was adobe and I wondered how they were able to charge a card that was closed by my bank. I had forgotten the login to check the account information.

By the way, you can only live chat with these people, so I brought up the chat and after several attempts at remembering my username, they looked up the account and again, I requested to cancel the subscription. This rep didn't mention anything about a cancellation fee and kept stating that I needed to update my card information and that they could not cancel the subscription and to contact them back in 24 hours.

I finally was able to log in to my account again and I found that my new card information was there. The problem with that is, I didn't put it there. Like I stated previously, my card was closed by my bank because it was stolen. I contacted customer service again, and again I was met with "update your card information", and to add insult to injury, that my account was inactive because my payment details needed to be updated. They kept taking me in circles, and couldn't answer my questions: 1. How do I update something you already have and have charged me twice so far using that information? 2. If my account is inactive, why are you charging me? (They charged me again this morning). Oh, and one of the two reps I had a chat with today advised me that I can't cancel and they cannot cancel because my account is inactive and because my payment detail needs to be updated.

Newsflash, there was no option to cancel when my subscription was new and had no payment "issues". I have never had this much push back on wanting to do something as simple as canceling a subscription. These people's products are not worth the aggravation. I will be presenting all of my chat transcripts to my bank to show that these people are outright refusing to cancel my subscription and have somehow obtained my new card information. Think carefully before purchasing any type of subscription with these scam artists. I wish I had done my research before subscribing.

n. j. of New Albany, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I created a "Free" Trial on Adobe Stock on OCT 25, 2016. What I thought it gave me was a Library of images AND the ability to edit them. The "Free" included downloading a Limit of 10 images - a Limit I was fine with... duh. What I did not like about the service once I tried it (I DID THE TRIAL SO I COULD DECIDE IF IT was helpful... Damn it!) was that ALL stock images had "STOCK" across them... OTHERWISE, it would have been a GREAT service.

So, BECAUSE IT DIDN'T GIVE ME WHAT I WANTED, I canceled the already "free" trial the NEXT DAY - OCT 26, 2016... THEN... ARRRGH... THEN!!! On SUNDAY OCT 30, 2016 while I was traveling - my Account got reactivated WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and I got nailed for $386 for a full-year plan. I Called my credit card company Right Away Knowing I had never authorized this charge... AND... GET THIS... AND: ADOBE said the "reactivated" account EMAIL USERNAME was a DIFFERENT Email than ANY EMAILS THAT I OWN!!! WHAT THE!?!? I have 3 emails and YOU IDIOTS Have Scammed me into an Unauthorized "Stolen" annual repeating revenue stream.

Jeannine of Boise, ID on
Satisfaction Rating

If you use Adobe CC plans, be very careful with what you choose to use. I accidentally signed up with a monthly plan that was for a year-long contract thinking I'd signed up for a month by month payment plan like I'd had previously. I decided to cancel the plan to save some money, and I was charged a cancellation fee of $109.95. I spoke with their representatives and they literally didn't offer any help. Just told me that since I chose that plan and terminated early, they can't reverse the cancellation or give me back my money. Also doesn't help I was talking with someone who clearly doesn't speak English well. I told him I've been a customer for 10 years and did not intend to sign up with any year-long contract and I've never made any other mistake with choosing their plans/products and they still were just like **.

Jeffrey of Roanoke, VA on
Consumer Increased Rating!

Adobe contacted me and canceled the subscription, presumably after having seen this review.

Jeffrey of Roanoke, VA on

Original Review

I tried to cancel my Adobe stock account and the interface did not work with Google Chrome. When I tried to cancel via customer support they lied and said I was responsible for a year of service, despite my earlier attempts to cancel.

K. W. of St. Stephen, NB on
Satisfaction Rating

Tried to cancel my Creative Cloud yearly plan within 30 days of buying it, because I had intended to buy the month-to-month plan and wanted to switch. Well, instead of refunding me like a law-abiding company, they hit me with a $124.44 USD cancellation fee. I contacted customer support, who finally agreed to waive the cancellation fee. But so far I have not been refunded, and the customer service department has basically given me the runaround.

Instead of continuing to do business with an unethical company, I have been looking for alternatives. Turns out there are some really great ones, which are much more affordable. I've replaced Photoshop with Clip Studio Paint (which is actually superior to Photoshop for digital art, at least), and Adobe Illustrator with Affinity Designer. I'm disappointed in Adobe, and hope they improve their customer service in the future.

Breffni of Fall City, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Adobe NIGHTMARE, signed up for their stock icon access. I canceled within the 30 days but they billed my account $29+ two months before I spotted it and when I called they said they would be nice and let me escape for $149 special price since I was a long term client which I was not. If you don't pay they report on one's credit report. Dirty game they play and once you start trying to resolve it they send 50 emails with reference numbers, case numbers, phone calls, more emails saying they do not exactly understand what I am trying to do and before you know it they wear you out and your email inbox is full of their gibberish and it's just easier to pay the $149 but what a gig they have going!!!!

Greg of Fort Collins, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a one month license to use Photoshop in June for some work-related photo processing (which I paid on my personal cc and was reimbursed for by my employer). I intentionally avoided the "annual plan, prepaid" and "annual plan, paid monthly" because I knew I needed it for less than a few weeks. To make a long story short, in October I noticed Adobe Cloud services had been charging my account since I initially signed up for the services in June.

Now to be completely honest, I didn't read the terms and services in full because I thought based on the three payment options available the one I chose was simply a one-time charge and not a subscription requiring cancellation (I don't recall precisely what the page looked like, and it has since changed, but I'm always weary of purchasing online services since it's common for companies to have recurring charges; it must not have been at all clear that this was the case). Anyway, I immediately logged into my Adobe account and cancelled the membership after I learned I was still enrolled, but I wanted to discuss the previous charges. Needless to say, I set out to contact Adobe customer service.

I first tried contacting Adobe through the customer service form because I couldn't find a number at the time. It's a bit odd because the form is set up like a regular customer feedback form, but it's called a chat. I submitted my complaint but never got a response (web browser was open for a long time). After some digging a couple weeks later (I was extremely busy around that time with work) I found the customer service number. It took a long time working through the automated selection "tree", but I finally got someone on the line.

I informed the gentleman of the recurring charges on my account. He then said "let me probe you with some questions", and attempted to set a trap by asking if I completely stopped using Photoshop after the first month. Well, he got me there, because I did in fact open the program the day I saw I was still being charged for its use. I obviously wanted to see if there was a mistake, and if the program was still active (it was). I also wanted to see if there was a customer support number in the help file for the program. The day I last accessed it was the same day I cancelled. I explained this, and then he asked why I hadn't contacted Photoshop earlier. In fact I had, I explained my submission of the online form, to which he replied that Photoshop attempted to reply to my inquiry/complaint, but I had signed out of the chat (at some point I did close the page, but that was after a very long time).

He said they even tried to reply by email, but I had no record either in my inbox or trash, and he was unable to produce the original email. He then asked me (to paraphrase) why it was I had "accessed Photoshop every single day since your original purchase." He explained that Adobe knows when users activate their programs since it is recorded on their registry. I was totally dumbfounded, because that was completely, 100% untrue. In fact, I spent over a week in the backcountry climbing in the Tetons in July, a time when my computer couldn't have been used, but according to him I was using Photoshop at that time.

My work laptop is a government computer and requires a security badge and very long password to access, so there's no way it was accessed by anyone else at this time. Based on the fact that Photoshop had evidence that I "accessed the program every day after the initial first month", the gentleman said he couldn't provide a refund, although he would have had no problem doing so if their registry showed otherwise.

After roughly 35 minutes of conversation, he spoke to his supervisor and agreed to reimburse me for 1 month. Honestly, I was extremely disappointed but relieved to get that amount back. The fact that Photoshop blatantly lied about my use of their program is seedy and very disturbing. The fact that the gentleman accused me of lying was infuriating. I will NEVER use services from this company again.

Kendra of Moriarty, NM on
Satisfaction Rating

I had an account with Adobe and when my laptop went down, I let them close my account and thought everything was good until months later when I got a new laptop and created a new account. By this time my credit card number had changed and I knew my first account had been closed due to my card expiring and not being able to change anything due to losing my laptop. When I created my new account Adobe had no issues with double charging me for my new account and my old one. When I brought this to their customer service department's attention they told me that my first account was still active. When I asked them how that was possible I kept getting told to log in with that information to stop the payments.

Now I didn't remember the email address I had used since I had to create a second email account for personal reasons and asked if they could email me the email address that was attached to the first account they just kept sending me the link to cancel the account. Once I raised a fit about this, they finally emailed me and asked what they could do. I told them they could turn the $350 they had basically taken from me since the number on the card I had used for the first one expired and that that account had been closed and I was told to wait a couple of months and the money would be returned.

Needless to say I let them close my second account with them and have now launched a complaint with my bank to get the money back after four months of waiting. That just goes to show that even if you have a closed account, new card number and new email address they will reactivate an account that is not active and double charge you then not help in any way to sort things out.

Shannon of Derby, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended 7 years ago and have used it often. My laptop crashed, causing me to purchased a new one. I installed the application on the new laptop but I cannot run it because it states that my serial number is no longer valid. I contacted Adobe support and they said it is no longer valid and I will either have to find my proof-of-purchase from years ago, or purchase a new license. No other explanation. I will never purchase a product form Adobe again.

Diogo of Toronto, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

Please, be aware about Adobe practices. I did the subscription for ONE YEAR and when I tried to cancel after 1 year, they wanted me to pay 50% of the next term. Because they AUTOMATICALLY RENEW MY PLAN!!! My original plan was to stop the plan for some months and then sign up again. But now, I WILL NEVER EVER do any kind of business with Adobe.

Andrea of Shanghai, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Unfortunately I can only add the same unsatisfying experience as anybody else on this site. I've subscribed to AI in June. Initially I had problems to access the software because I used a different email before. In the chat I've asked them to cancel on account as suggested in their own FAQs. It didn't happen until now. It took them over a week to solve my problem but they would not extend my subscription. After this experience I've asked them in the chat to cancel my subscription because I was already very unsatisfied. When I recently checked my credit card details I found out that they kept charging my card! That's an additional 5 months already. In all my chat discussions I had with them so far they weren't able to find my payments. Even with all details I gave them. Can you believe that? I wonder how they registered the first payment?!

The chat support is super useless, you always have to explain your situation from the start and you constantly get the same reply. I filed a complaint with my bank but this only works for 60 days in the past. My bank recommended to change my credit card to stop them to withdraw. It's unbelievable that this famous brand is such a scam. You cannot trust Adobe and I will not use it ever again. I wouldn't even rate one star.

Kimberly of Corona Del Mar, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had two individual memberships with Adobe. I was contacted by phone with an offer for a better rate on the $79 membership. I accepted. Next thing I know, I'm being billed for $207, in addition to the $59 other individual membership. I contacted Adobe to cancel the team membership. I was told I had made an annual commitment and could not cancel for another eleven months. I said, that I would contact an attorney and file complaints. I was then told that Adobe had just billed me for a month and that I should wait a week and call back and cancel then or the system might interpret my payment as a reactivation. I said, "No, I want to cancel today." Then I was told that the system might bill me for another month, in addition to the month I had just paid for. I said, no, they won't cancel me today. I have never used this subscription. It was sold to me under false claims. There was no attempt by Adobe to apologize for any misunderstanding.

Lynne of Valley Village, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud for a year with the expiration on Sept. of 2016. When the anniversary came around, they auto renewed my subscription without my expressed consent and is now charging me 49.99/month. I caught it after 3 charges because my husband has a subscription. I thought it was his charge. They said they sent me an email about the pending anniversary of renewal. I did not receive it and checked my spam as well. When I called to fix the problem, they said they would charge a 50% annual cancellation fee. When I resisted, they offered me a lesser subscription for 9.99/month but would not let me out of it entirely. I have disputed the charges with my credit card company since I'm getting nowhere with Adobe. I included the terms they sent to me when I disputed. It's all good if I "purchased" the subscription. They deceitfully renew it and then I have to adhere to the terms?

Kuo of Dover, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

After reading this morning reviews I have tried to contact Adobe to get a refund. I cannot reach anyone to get a refund for being charge the day before canceling. I have to email that show I canceled the membership and I still was charged very next day.

Bob of Topsfield, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Buyer beware regarding free trials, subscriptions, and the Adobe Creative Cloud. The company uses an adhesion contract to bury its unsavory terms but, fails to accurately describe and disclose their automatic renewal and billing practices and early cancellation fees upfront at the time of purchase. One would expect this behavior from sleazy online sellers - shameful that Adobe has chosen the same practice. This leaves a bad taste in anyone's mouth and based on my own experience that is not unlike others posted here I have permanently switched to other creative product and software companies that treat me with more respect.

Katrina of Farmers Branch, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased this project for a job I had a couple of years ago and ended about this time last year. I was under the impression that I had cancelled the service then, but obviously their online cancellation system did not go through. Last month I lost my debit card and had to get another one. As I was going through my records to reset up any direct withdrawals I may have had, I discovered that not only was I still getting charged for adobe acrobat, but that I had been paying for it every month for the past year. Obviously, I am to blame for not noticing beforehand. However, seeing as I was setting up a new card anyway, I thought it would be the end of that. A week or so later I received an email requesting I update my payment methods. I responded that I no longer required to service, that I was disappointed that I had been paying for so long, and to please promptly and permanently cancel my account.

Well, last night my new card gets hit for the total. How they got the new information is beyond me. Everything seems to be linked these days. I try to call but am told they have no phone service for this. I try to do it over their website, but it is ridiculously difficult to navigate. I finally manage to re-log into my year old sign in page and cancel it from there. Only to learn that they intend to charge me a $50 cancellation fee. This is ridiculous! I've paid these people hundreds of dollars for nothing, and they STILL take money from my account!!! I will tell everyone I know about the horrors of Adobe Acrobat and suggest they take their business as far away from this company as possible! I will NEVER purchase anything from this company again!

Kris of Naperville, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

DO NOT use this product... they are scammers. I tried to cancel this after purchasing last year, they said I needed to pay a cancellation fee for early termination... so I stuck with it for the rest of the year. Today it was renewed, so I called to cancel and they told me since it already renewed TODAY that I could not cancel this. I am beyond P'o'ed... I contacted PayPal to tell them I do NOT authorize this payment anymore, but I have my doubts on that as well. I may have to even delete my PayPal account if necessary just so this company can quit scamming me... Please do NOT purchase this product.

sona of Hong Kong, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

The company is such a fraud. I purchased the one-year photography plan for college purposes and then I didn't had to use the software anymore so I wanted to terminate my membership. Since then I have contact the company to cancel my subscription and always their staff replied to me that "Sure, we will cancel your subscription and no more further payments will be received." I have been receiving payments every single month even though I have told them to cancel my membership for more than 5 times. They are just making their customers fool and getting money from them. The whole company is a scam.

Christopher of San Francisco, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased the 1 year student-teacher subscription to the Creative Cloud. It was basically required for some coursework at the college. The month-to-month was a bad value and the yearly appeared to be a better value. Had I known how difficult their cancellation policy was and had I read the fine print I would have seen the auto-renewal policy and the prohibitively expensive cancellation fees. Had I known, I would have paid for the overpriced month-to-month and ultimately would have saved money. I've been stuck with this product for 2 years now and it just auto-renewed for its 3rd year because I didn't cancel it in time before the auto-renewal, because I didn't plan my life around dealing with Adobe's product and missed my cancellation window of opportunity by 26 days.

The company did nothing illegal and their exploitative business practices are justified by the law, and they are covered by their EULA. That does NOT mean that they are an ethical company, just that they know people rarely read through the EULA, and are have no moral reservations about exploiting that. I paid the cancellation fee because I didn't want to have to go through the headache of blacklisting their charges to my bank account, filing with the BBB, and then micro-managing their bad marks on my credit reports. This is a nightmare product from a company that has monopolized its market. Adobe Systems makes the porn industry's business practices look wholesome by comparison. Shun this company.

Heidi of Brentwood, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

We were required to purchase this software "subscription" in fall of 2015 for a digital arts class my daughter was taking at college. I was convinced that my daughter was wrong about having to purchase online. I thought for sure I could buy at Sam's Club... ha ha... She was correct and we had to buy online. It was less than $200 but I thought that was ridiculous for software that she needed for one semester. This was worse than any book we had to purchase. The software frequently locked up her computer and caused many problems. Don't care to get into all the technical issues because I don't really understand them... Again we were required to buy this for a class.

THE BIG PROBLEM - I noticed a charge on my September bill from Adobe for $393... What in the world? I asked my daughter if she had done anything and she had not, hadn't even used the software in 6 months. I called Adobe and they told me after a lot of blah, blah, blah, nice talk, that I couldn't cancel my "subscription" since I had been sent an email and I didn't reply to cancel. $393!!! I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge and they are going to investigate but Adobe has 45 days to respond. And the Adobe customer service guy told me that nothing would happen if I stopped payment with my credit card company - he said he got numerous calls like mine on a weekly basis - "let me tell you how this will go" he said. This should be illegal!! No company anywhere should be able to charge my credit card $393 without an affirmative reply directly from me that I agree. :( Very unhappy... If I could choose negative stars above I would.

John of E Syracuse, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

This company is a scammer. Couldn't get product to work so we cancelled service and switched to...Adobe said that they couldn't refund anything since it was a yearly subscription. THEN ADOBE BILLS FOR ANOTHER YEAR AND REFUSES TO REFUND THE "YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION". ADOBE is a joke, for their $20 scam we will never use them again. I know that I am not alone. Will report to NY Attorney General's Office.

Barbara of Clinton, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

On 10/21/16 I tried to download a new version of Adobe Flash, which is required on almost every website you visit these days, and noticed that they installed McAfee and another program without asking my permission. I hate McAfee and don't want it on my computer. I think that it should be illegal for any company to install 3rd party software on your computer or phone without your consent.

tara of District Heights, MD on
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I joined Qooqee 09/2016 for their widgets which are applications or plugins for Adobe Muse website. There has not been 1 widget that I've used from the membership that I've purchased that has actually worked. Qooqee customer service is poor, it's lower than poor. They offer no real help nor resolution to their dysfunctional, non-working products. They have an email support system that allows you to submit a screenshot of what the technical issues are, they reply back with no real-time assistance that eradicate the issue. I have numerous emails to show the many times I've requested assistance for the same products, all I've received is a run around with no resolve. I am a web designer who offers services for my consumers, I've lost customers because I've failed to produce quality timely work.

Qooqee has not only cost me money but their defective products has cost me lost time and accrued unsatisfied customers. I've requested a refund and to no prevail I was denied. I am now searching for other third-party widget providers for Adobe Muse that offer reliable widgets that actually work along with real-time customer service that resolves any issue a consumer may have with their product.

Tamsin of South Croydon, Other on
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I work within an in house creative department in a large corporate company. Having used Adobe software particularly Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, we were as a team very excited to finally get to upgrade to their cloud system earlier this year. Obviously keen on all the updates to the software, and access to all the resources that come along with it, but one of the biggest selling points for us as a team - 100GB available on the cloud for each user to use anywhere any time, amazing!

It has however been a disaster! Deadlines are currently zooming past us, and countless hours of staff resources have been wasted trying to resolve issues created around it. From the get go, it was slow, and sluggish. Files would synch on my side, but my colleague next to me would be seeing something completely different. Computers were suddenly slow to get up and running, and we constantly had to refer to the date we'd last saved an item when passing it over to another member of the team to make sure they were working on the right version!

Then, on the 23rd of October, that's right, almost a month ago, around 30% of our work literally disappeared off of the cloud! No warning, and as yet, no explanation from Adobe. I immediately logged the issue on the help desk, and it's been a nightmare since. 3 online chats, countless e-mails, regularly having to repeat details already given in the overall brief. That's a third of our files worked on this year - gone! With no guarantee yet from Adobe that we'll ever get them back, or how long they may take to come to some sort of resolution of the issue. I'll leave you to imagine what sort of an impact that has on the bottom line of the business. It's a scary thought!

If anyone has any advice on this issue, or, if by some miracle someone with some swing in Adobe reads this, please help! "I completely understand the situation here. There is no estimated turnaround time for this to get fixed however I will surely go ahead and contact them on priority and share an update on this with you soon" is just not an adequate explanation we can give a client! I'm really disappointed as I just expected more from the leader in creative software.

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