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Cenlar Central Loan Administration

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Last updated: Nov. 8, 2017

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

I received my annual tax bill with a 5,000 state credit for solar panels I installed. I have contacted Cenlar multiple times without being able to get them to do an escrow review taking into account both semi-annual payments. After multiple times I was able to get them to send me 1/2 the money only after they paid the first semi-annual tax bill at the new reduced price, this was a July bill, now I am still trying to get them to adjust my escrow and pay back the money for the upcoming final December 2017 payment, also at half. Yes I sent tax bill to them twice, with wise answers back that they already had and I did not have to send. They continue to send me back and forth with tax and escrow department, now it is 11/8/17 waiting over a month for next response and review.

I went through a similar problem when my loan was transferred to them and had a tax payment made ahead they would not give me credit for, it took me a year to get back, this was last year when I refinanced. They refused to review escrow for overpayment until account was active for a year. Hopefully I will get the rest of my money back come December, I just would rather put it toward principal or have my payment changed rather than let them sit on. I really think the answers they give are on purpose to delay as no one can be that untrained, they just know they can waste your time and delay you. I think they stay up at night thinking and coming up with more delay tactics.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

I called Cenlar concerning a hardship and was told I would receive a phone call later from "someone" who could assist me with the issue. I could not be transferred to this "person" because they were not receiving phone calls at this time. I was told they would call in a 24/48 hr time period. Waited the 48 hrs and no call. Called again and was told that it would actually take 72 hrs for callback but they would reset it and put me back on waiting for a call. 72hrs past from the first phone call and to no surprise 48 hrs past from the second phone call and NO CALL! Worst customer service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

My mortgage was transferred to this company starting October 1st. I am going on the third year of owning this house and I have not had a single issue with payments. This is also my second time as a homeowner and I also never had any issues while dealing with multiple loan services and companies. I have never had a late payment in all those years. To start, this company sent a letter 4 days before October 1st telling me my mortgage had transferred. (They require by law 15 days minimum) They included no statement, no payment information, not method to pay, just a new account number. I called them up and I was informed that my first payment needed to be paid by check in mail and I wasn't allowed to pay by any other method in order to set up my account. I was also told Cenlar does not provide payment stubs or envelops so I had to buy my own and put my account number on the memo line on the check.

In response to my complaint that I was not given adequate notice to even make a payment on time they said it didn't matter because I get a 60 day grace period when a mortgage transfers. Sounded a little fishy but I mailed a check. A week later it still wasn't removed from my account so I called back concerned. The automated phone service told me it had received the payment so relieved I waited. It took a while other week for it to come out of my account. By this time we are going coming up to November. I still haven’t received a statement so on November 4th I called and made a payment by phone.

Two days later I noticed it still hadn't been discounted from my account so I called and spoke with a customer service woman and was informed that they will process my phone payment after the end of the business day (November 6) but then it would still take 3-5 days to come out of my account. I expressed frustration over no statements, no substantial information that I was given regarding this company. I was directed to a website that has no identifying information it even belongs to a bank, or any legitimate company. It has no company logo, and it looks like it was designed by high school students in the 90s. I'm hesitant to honestly put my social security in a login page that at best, looks like something a scammer would be ashamed of.

I am legitimately terrified on how to make a payment with this company on time in the future. I'm terrified my credit that I've worked so hard to make perfect is good is going to be destroyed by this company. I don't even know if they are applying my payments since I can’t get a statement. I regress, I've done some research into what I can do to try to protect myself from this sham of a company and I started by filing a claim with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. More people need to do this, this is the governments watchdog and you have some protection over being reported for late payments etc. while your claim is being investigated.

This also forces the company to respond to the complaint with the government. Please look into this! I have an open case but it didn't identify any other complaints about this company. consumerfinance.gov (855) 411-2372. There is power in numbers, something like this company shouldn't exist in this day and age. Everyone here should file a complaint if they have a reason to do so.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

Last time my property taxes were due, Cenlar never paid them and I ended up paying late fees out of pocket (yes they are set up to be paid through my monthly escrow/mortgage/taxes payment). This quarter, I called ahead of time to confirm the correct amount would be paid by the due date (of course this requires an hour of waiting on hold). I had them tell me the amount to pay instead of me telling them so I could make sure.

The man on the phone said they showed $256 was due in a month. I said, "What?! I have the tax bill in front of me and it says $2,500 is due!". They told me to fax them the tax bill I have so they could fix it. I faxed it and emailed it. They responded to my emails with "case closed". Which DID NOT answer my question or confirm I would not have to pay late fees and interest again! I created ANOTHER email inquiry asking AGAIN, and they responded with, "you don't need to submit your property taxes, they are paid through escrow. Case closed." I'm so furious I don't know what to do.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

The worst experience ever!!! First time homeowner, and this is the worst mortgage company EVER! The staff has absolutely no training in anything!!! Customer service skills are the worst! And they all say different things every phone call!!! They do not care to assist you at all! I don't know why this company hasn't been sued yet! Unbelievable!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

This company seems to have enough dissatisfied customers and customers that were treated unjustly that perhaps a Class Action Suit should be brought against them. This is the absolute worst loan company I have ever had to deal with. You can only talk with the phone bank and have to entrust that the information they want you to convey gets to the correct person. Everything I submitted the information and paperwork they requested, they would tell me after 30 days that it was not correct.

I have since sold my home and now they are trying to hold onto my escrow balance paying for PMI insurance in arrears, so they say, cause that is how they pay this insurance, and then paying for the month that the house was sold in. It was sold and they received the funds on the 3rd day of October, yet they paid the PMI insurance for the entire month of October. I would highly recommend that if you are thinking of taking a mortgage out with this company to stay clear. Also fight like crazy if your current mortgage holder tries to sell it to this horrible company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

We became behind in our mortgage by 30 days due to maternity leave. We called and set up payment plan and it was accepted. Cenlar however sent letters every day trying to collect the debt. They went as far as to come to my home tape an open notice on my door to contact them. It was so severely taped that it ripped the paint off my door! When I called them about how embarrassing this was that my neighbors now knew I was behind on my mortgage they stated it wasn’t their fault because they used a third party to collect the debt and send those letters. I asked for 30 days late? I asked the name of the company they paid to stick a visible notice for all who pass by and read and they flat out said, “We don’t know. We would have to email them to find out." So they don’t know who they paid but yet they were going to email them?

The representative assured me Cenlar would never do something like this so distasteful and that this wasn’t the first complaint about how these door notifications upset their customers. She promised she would look into it so the letters would stop. So I’m supposed to just what? Deal with my neighbors knowing my business? I have yet to receive a response from Cenlar nor the name of the company they contracted to send out their collection notices. Contacted a lawyer who will meet with me Saturday because I’m not letting this stay like this. This clearly violated my privacy. I can’t believe they would do this! What happened to normal CLOSED letters?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

I have never in my life ever dealt with such liars! They kept playing my husband and I for fools! I didn't know where to send my first mortgage payment but I knew it was coming up. I called and tried to do it over the phone. It didn't go through. Then we finally got our mail with Cenlar's mortgage statement and a second one they sent right with it saying we are overdue! I tried it again online. It still didn't process so I called again to complain and they said it was my fault because I only put in 1 for my account #. I said, "That's impossible because your online wouldn't accept anything less than 7 numbers." Then they said it's my banks fault. What?!

So I paid in person and it finally went through, but I had to still pay the extra fees they gave us! They also said that they didn't see an account online so I had to re-do that. I found out as I redid it they misspelled our names! I fixed it so the next payment would go through, oh and boy it did! It went through 2x! They again blamed me and said that I did it on the computer and told me to take it up with the bank! I told them that they had our name wrong and I had to fix it and then the automatic payment shouldn't of gone through because you guys said I wasn't in the system! All they said was well it says here you set up an automatic payment for October 7. Well if this went through then why didn't my first one go through?! They are UNBELIEVABLE!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

Short and sweet. Horribly designed website. No contact phone number to customer service. This and was off for 6 weeks, so I thought I would get ahead and let them know I may need to extend a payment past the due date. That was May 2017. Went to get a loan today. The bank I'm getting the loan through said that Cenlar reported my payment currently 30 days past due. I've made the past 5 payments. One was 30 days past, which I paid the late fee along with the payment. Where else can we as consumers report this company to? BBB? And?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

I usually don't write reviews, but after dealing with this company for 1 week- I've had it. I am so FRUSTRATED!!! To say the least. Where best to start than the beginning. I was a victim of banking fraud. I did my due diligence- closed my account and opened a new account within the same bank. I was instructed by the back officer that I needed to inform any payor that withdraws monies electronically of the change. Meanwhile until the change is effective my bank is willing to allow the electronic debits go through.

So like a responsible consumer I contacted the payees and updated my banking information, whether online or over the phone. This is where the story gets good. The last one on my list is CENLAR- only because I have a BUDGET PAY PLAN (mortgage is deducted every 2 weeks from bank account). Tried logging into their crappy webpage, which gives me no useful information on how to update my banking info. So I decided to call them- first person I spoke with Tina was nice, attentive, even informed me that they are unable to update the banking info over the phone. I must fill out the form that they were going to mail me. I asked if they could email it or fax it to me and stated they would do so. Lo and behold 24 hrs later still nothing, so I decided to call again. Spoke with Eric, said the same thing and nothing. Another 24 hrs later (Day 3) spoke with David and again nothing.

Today I spoke with Cheryl and was told that I could email them the bank account information or just fax them the information on a sheet of paper and they can update it. ARE YOU SERIOUS MORON!!! So I went off on poor Cheryl, but I did give a piece of my mind. I raised my voice and told her that if I am doing my due diligence and requesting a simple form to be sent to me there is no reason to have to mail it. We live in the 21st century- it should actually be on their website where the consumer can fill out the form or even in the consumers online account so they themselves can do it. But no now I have to wait 3-5 days to receive the form in the mail fill it out and return it to CENLAR.

This experience has led me to consider refinancing and having my mortgage be picked-up by a credit union, traditional bank or established mortgage company. This company needs retrain their personnel, fix their crappy online consumer account, add forms to their website so consumer are not at the mercy of inept customer service agents that are not willing to help, just read what's on their computer screen and not think outside the box.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

Be careful on the "forbearance" program they have... It's not help. Payments are due after 3 months. This is crazy that they are unwilling to tack the 3 payments on the end of the loan. Refinancing is in the future.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

I began a mortgage modification with Cenlar in December (paperwork started in December). Since the first time I read the reviews on this site I have been a nervous WRECK. First off we were only one payment behind due to an electric budget that we were on for a year and they "miscalculated" by almost $2000 and it needed to be paid within 15 days to the electric company. Prior to this we stayed within 30 days of payments. Here is my suggestion(s) to anyone dealing with or will be dealing with Cenlar. When you make a payment call it in or complete online and be sure to record the confirmation number that they give so you have proof of payment. After the payment has drafted from your bank account login to your online Cenlar account and be sure it posted properly. When/if you fall behind call them immediately.

We called the first month we knew we were going to miss a payment to go over the options we might have, waiting until you are 2+ months behind will not work in your favor. IF you decide to go with applying for a modification complete ALL necessary paperwork and do not skip any answers and make sure you attach everything they request. Either FedEx or fax the paperwork in (after making COPIES) and TRACK it. Start calling a few days after you have receipt confirmation. Cenlar does not handle HAMP mods in house, they outsource to Bayview/Lakeview. This will be a time consuming and agonizing process... It is A LOT of paperwork and sometimes "pieces" go missing. You need to keep copies of everything, send everything in a manner that can be tracked and call, call, call to follow up.

I have to be honest, as much as the paperwork and calling in to be put on hold, transferred, etc. was a pain I did not have a "bad" experience. My HAMP mod was approved with a TPP and the terms were explained. I did everything they requested, sent everything they requested and kept copies of everything; I also kept a log of every time I called, who I spoke with and what they said. It is going to be a pain and it is going to be time consuming but it all makes a huge difference. Once Bayview/Lakeview and you complete the Trial Period they will send it back to Cenlar. Then you will get the final paperwork in the mail to sign and have notarized. They are very clear in the packet that there is a deadline and that you must leave no blanks.

Our mod was not cut and dry or easy due to some issues that we have but I provided anything and everything they asked for and as of today our HAMP mod is complete and the information has been updated on our online Cenlar account. I know most people just come on to complain but I wanted to give some people hope and maybe some advice that will help. Cenlar has not been a nightmare for me and even though the mod was a royal pain; it was to be sure I kept my house and my account in good standing so I was more than willing to submit, resubmit and follow up multiple times a week (and yes I do have a job).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

I too am wondering how in the world this company is still in business and how the employees can sleep at night! About 3 years ago we had to go through a modification on our loan. I did everything I was told and was quoted a figure for a new monthly payment. For the next FOUR MONTHS. I made my payment on time. Then in August I get a letter of foreclosure! I called and was told the payment I had made each month was too low and I was getting further and further behind each month. All four months not one time did anyone who took my let me know this! I found out the imbecile who did my modification was no longer employed there. Had been fired. I told them I was quoted a too low payment by this person but it didn't matter.

I thought I was losing our home. Me, my husband and our 4 children's home! I called a lawyer who threatened them with a lawsuit. Long story short, our credit has been ruined. We still have our home but our mortgage is "under water". We've been paying on it since 1998 through 5 different companies and won't have it paid off until I'm 84! I'm 53 right now. Can't refinance because our credit's ruined. What's worse we owe almost the same as when we started because I had to pay Cenlar's lawyer fees! Can you believe it? DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS DEN OF THIEVES! They need driven out of business!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

I am feeling very sick to my stomach reading all of these TERRIBLE reviews and my experience with Cenlar/Bayview has been so, so awful. I have been crying for the last 4 days since I received a pre-foreclosure letter from their lawyers in St. Louis. I have went through what many of you have in the last 6-8 months as far as no return calls, no communication or correspondence regarding my modification and mortgage. I have also experienced my mortgage payments being sent back to me stating an "Invalid Loan Number." I just assumed that maybe I had a new loan number because I was going through the modification process.

I applied for a modification, went through the paperwork process and made all of my special plan payments ON TIME in November/December 2016. I was told by Cenlar that the modification process can be a very long process and to remain patient. I trusted them! I never received any correspondence regarding the modification process except for ONE LETTER stating it was approved with a copy of the lot my home was located on, etc. Every time I tried to call I was hung up on when transferred, received voicemails, circuits were busy several times when I called and no one that I spoke with could ever answer my questions properly... It was frustrating.

Somehow, I FINALLY got a hold of a representative who was supposed to be managing my loan. I explained my frustrations, the fact that I had no idea where they were at in my modification process because I have received no correspondence, etc. and she placed me on long holds SEVERAL TIMES and seemed just as confused with my loan as I was! She said that she would have to pass my loan information to her supervisor because things did not look right with my mortgage. It took about a week and a half to TWO WEEKS to speak with the supervisor Jim.

Jim stated that my loan was compromised and I asked him to explain. He stated that my modification was approved but Cenlar MISALLOCATED my funds and it was their fault! He stated the funds were NOT allocated properly so they were trying to correct the mistakes, allocate the funds properly and that everything would be okay and I was not on his radar for anything to be wrong or for my home to go into foreclosure, etc. He reassured me and I believed him. He seemed sincere and owned up to the mistake Cenlar made. Jim said as soon as the mistakes were corrected I would hear from him to proceed with making my payment.

I never heard from Jim again. Over the last couple of months I would see very odd things happening with my mortgage account... I would receive emails saying there was a $6000 payment made on my mortgage account or a $1200 payment. I knew that it wasn't me making payments that large. It was so confusing. So, just 4 days ago (8/17/17) I received a letter in the mail that my home is going into pre-foreclosure. I was SHOCKED. STUNNED. I feel so very lost and confused! I called Cenlar immediately... And it didn't help at all! I explained my whole situation to the representative and asked for ANSWERS but she didn't have ANY! She was making excuses and all that she stated was my loan modification is no longer active!!!

The only thing she could say was she would send me a loan modification packet of some sort to fill out and return to try to save my home!!! She said there are different options to try to help me but... I already went through this before! Why would I have to do it again, especially for something that wasn't my fault? And I lost a modification I was actually approved for because they didn't allocate the funds properly??? That is their fault, not mine! The representative said the modification I was approved for was the HAMP but now I am not eligible to apply for that particular one again! The representative then stated "Please stop crying. It will be okay. As of right now there is NO SALE DATE for your home and once we get the packet of paperwork from you it's possible to put any foreclosure activity on hold." It felt so surreal to hear this.

I need help. I need to seek some type of legal help... I honestly just don't know what to do. I am so worried. Cenlar will RUIN LIVES. I am a single mother of a beautiful daughter and we have no other living family members. I was the first homeowner in my family... And we will virtually be homeless if I cannot resolve this. I am so worried and angry. I feel helpless.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

I am just like all the other honest people complaining about Cenlar. We have had them since February 2017 and every month is another nightmare. Customer service is the worst I have ever experienced in over 40 years. We do electronic monthly payments and get emails it was accepted. Surprise after the deadline we get notice in the mail with a late charge that the bank rejected the payment because there was no middle initial??? This just happened again this month. I am jumping hoops to put this company in my past forever but the new company states Cenlar has to remove the late charge. Because of this scam my credit rating went from the high 700's to 605. This company needs to be stopped and all us poor consumers need to be reimbursed for time spent and stress being caused by them. This is a VA loan that my husband was entitled to. Perhaps the companies selling to Cenlar should be investigated.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

I currently work at Cenlar FSB. I was so happy when I first obtained employment there, thought this company was really an awesome company. Now the longer I am there, my opinion has swayed. QA is not our friend, for everything now seems to be a compliance fail. I have co workers who are threatened to be written up for insubordination for advising they can't get their work done on a short notice and lengthy list time frame. Everyone here is not very happy, but stay because of pay. Loss Mitigation is sometimes lagging in their duties, people call in and complain about situation that I have read online, I experience them. Pays are messed up, just give them an occurrence is the standard response to everything. And we are not appreciated, and moral is low.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2017
I just can't believe that Cenlar is still around and has not been shut down by the Better Business Bureau. Our mortgage got sold to this company by Lending Tree. I am so disappointed in Lending Tree that they do business with this company. I know that it is common for loans to be sold to other companies, but the fact that Lending Tree uses Cenlar to sell its loans to is criminal. Our experience with Cenlar has been nothing but terrible. I believe what they are doing is illegal

and that credit card companies got sued for this type of behavior. They hold your payments for days and cash the checks after the due date so as to rack up late fees. I could not believe it! This is what happened to us. When calling multiple times to see why a payment was posted late to our account even though the payment was sent early enough to post on time, I got all sorts of responses.

I have called multiple times to try to get this resolved, and still, 4 months later, nothing is fixed. Today, I was told the reason the payment must have posted late is because it must have come in on a Friday after 5 pm so it didn't get posted until the following Monday. Then she goes on to say, they can hold a check for up to 5 days! What?! Isn't that illegal? When I called previously, I was told that they have no control over when a check is posted by them. What? How can that be? I've asked to speak to a supervisor on two separate occasions and each time after being placed on hold for 10-15 minutes to have them return later and tell me that one will have to call me back. I have even said I don't mind waiting on the line if one will talk to me today, and the representative said that she can't have me wait on the line, because I'll be tying up her line. Unbelievable! I just want answers and this late fee reversed and can't seem to get anywhere.

The sad thing is, I know I probably won't win and I'll be like so many other consumers who are taken advantage of by companies like this. It's just not right. Since this has been happening, I got online to see what kind of experience others have had with this company. I was shocked to see I'm not alone and that there are hundreds of negative reviews about this company! How is this company still in business??? They are apparently one of the worst mortgage companies in the nation. If you have a choice, stay away from Cenlar as your mortgage company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

This is probably the worst company you could be stuck with for your mortgage company. They are a group of morons and very rude for no reason. I have never ever in my life had to deal with a company this crappy. I'm never late, and all I did was call to ask a simple question and was on hold for 46 minutes! When somebody finally answered, she was rude as could be. They are a joke. So many negative reviews how are they still in business.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

This mortgage loan company, CENLAR, SUCKS! Please copy and paste, or share, or whatever it takes to make this post go viral. I have a second mortgage with this outfit. I've been paying every month for what seems like forever. I've been late a couple of times, like last year when my husband had a heart attack. I'm not perfect, but I try.

I was paying bills in June, and saw on the statement, Payment Due, $272.01. I paid $272.01 thinking that was it. Well, it turns out I was $4 short of the real payment, which was $276 and change. (I ultimately paid the July payment, instead of the June payment). So come the end of June, they reported me 30 days late, for a $4 shortage. When I called to pay the July payment the rep informed me I was 4 bucks short and would I like to bring my account current? I didn't know what she was talking about. I looked at the statement and discovered the problem.

I wrote a "goodwill" letter to them explaining why the payment was $4 short, and could they please review the file and have a little compassion or understanding for an honest mistake, and remove it from my credit report, as all is paid and current. (I am trying to refinance my house, and now have to wait a year to get this off my report.) I got a letter from them stating since it wasn't their error, they wouldn't remove it. It doesn't hurt them, it's no skin off their back, and I know for a fact that companies can do this as a courtesy. A little customer service goes a long way.

I then spoke to a so-called customer service rep who said that by law they have to report a delinquent account, which I understand, but what I don't understand is why they even have customer service reps to help their customers, in cases like this, if they refuse to do so. Back in the 90s, I initiated a class-action lawsuit over a $35 late fee. It cost Fleet Bank over $3 million and I got a few thousand, for $35. It really doesn't pay to make me mad. Please get this out to everyone you know, their friends and their friends; and if you have a loan with them, REFINANCE! If you have had trouble with them, get the word out!

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Original review: July 23, 2017

Dealing with Cenlar for several years regarding their disregard of my communications when they imposed escrow for taxes which were not overdue and then began adding late fees and threatening letters re my credit standing. Totally unresponsive until I threatened suit plus enrolled aid of various government protection agencies. They even disregarded attempts by the original loan company to rectify my situation. Still after years they have not totally cleared up the charges even though promising finally to do so. They now have transferred my contract to another company called Nationstar.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

So my employer cut my hours and pay and it is difficult for me to keep up with my high loan payment. I contacted CENLAR because my loan was sold to them by Loandepot.com. This Company is a damn nightmare. They don't keep track of documents and they always give me the runaround when I call. Their reps are Rude and have clicked on me many times. Plain and simple we need to get together and start a LAWSUIT to this garbage ** company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

I was assessed a late fee in summer of 2016 due to my payment getting lost in the mail. I called and requested the fee be waived on a one time basis. They verified I have always paid my mortgage BEFORE the due date every month and agreed to waive the fee. In 2017 I got a delinquent notice for the $24.90 late fee. I called again and they said they would waive it. It has now been a year and I still have a delinquent late fee on my account. This is the worst Company I have ever dealt with. Complete disregard for paying customers. I would refinance my home and pay closings again just to remove my loan from this companies hands.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

I have made numerous attempts with Cenlar to have my monthly payments adjusted since my property taxes have been reduced. I have received the runaround. The representatives all tell me the same thing that it will be adjusted next month. The scenario has been going on for the last 4 months. Cenlar refuses to stop escrow of the taxes as I have requested multiple times but instead they stop taking out my insurance which was not an issue nor requested. This company is horrible to work with. I would like to contact the board of directors. I would encourage others to voice their complaints in hope that our voices will be heard.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2017

After taking more than a year to complete my loan modification, I am still 2 months in default. During this time, CENLAR sent me final modification papers 3 separate times over 6 months before getting the figures correct. They never communicated with me regarding why there was such a long delay. Somehow after off the delay and after they calculated all the trial payments, I am still 2 months behind. HELP! After constantly calling them, they have no solution for this. They are now sending pre-foreclosure notices once again.

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Original review: June 5, 2017

"Trusted Personal Service" and "Count on a Trusted Partner". Two mantras listed at the top of Cenlar's website are simply not true. I was overcharged $1,100 a month on my escrow. I emailed and phoned in an effort to convince Cenlar to do what is right--reduce my escrow charges to the correct amount. One email actually stated that they would do it. When they did not, I emailed again. The next emailer was completely oblivious to any of the information sent in the past emails, and simply said I could try once again at the end of May. I could see that my requests were going to continue to be ignored. I read reviews from frustrated consumers who had the same problem but were receiving no help. My solution was to contact my local TV station. My escrow account is now correct, and I received a refund check for my overpayments.

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Original review: May 31, 2017

I'm actually sorry we're not alone in our troubles with this company. There are obviously many people here who have had issues with Cenlar as well. I hate that they bought our mortgage (they've been so difficult to deal with) and I would love to figure out a way to refinance and guarantee we'd never end up with them again. It's sad we pay so much to these companies, yet we have no say in who we work with.

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Original review: May 24, 2017

I have done everything possible to get them to release the check from my mortgage company for storm damage so I can pay my contractor and they continue to throw up roadblocks. Never helpful, can't talk to a supervisor. It doesn't get any worse!

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Original review: May 15, 2017

I believe Cenlar, along with Sun West, and these ** loan servicing groups are a group of companies set up by "mers" to fast track foreclosures when people fall behind. Cenlar took over my mortgage after I had fallen behind with Sun West a few time. Also Feb. 2016, I fell behind with Cenlar. They sent me a packet for mods and forbearance which I filled out and tried to follow up on and was given the call transfer runaround by all parties, no acknowledgement of the packet or ability to negotiate.

Was able to get caught up and then in July fell behind again. When I put my payment thru for the balance it was returned for ISF which was not true. The money was in my account again, tried to follow up to no avail, and giving the runaround. Now my house is in foreclosure and there is no stopping them. I'm back on my feet, my girlfriend was even approved for a new loan which would satisfy their cost, fees and entire mortgage but then don't care. They're just going to push it thru and leave another person homeless.

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Original review: May 12, 2017

Cenlar is the by far one of the worst companies out there! I am filing a complaint with the AG offices, Federal Trade Commission and Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending Austin, TX. I encourage others to do so as well. They raised my mortgage payment by 90 percent stating I owe more money because they paid taxes for escrow shortage and projected escrow. I fought with them to bring the terms from 12 to 24 months to lower my mortgage payment. People there lie and do nothing they promise they are going to do.

I have never had a PO box address. I have been receiving my statements for over a year to my property address which has been my mailing address with no issue. They have my property address on file. When they finally emailed me the PDF file it showed the bogus mailing address with my correct property address listed!! This is blatant FRAUD!! This is obviously intentional fraud for them to mail this 3 times according to their records with a completely bogus mailing address after they told me they put my correct mailing address in the system when it was sent supposedly correctly 2 times after it was sent to the wrong address the first time. God and the Lord Jesus Christ is on my side and I will be victorious!!

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Original review: May 9, 2017

I revoked the authorization to deduct an amount from my account, but, Cenlar deducted it anyway and is refusing to reimburse me my money. Leaving me very broke. Completely despise this place, but, sadly have to do business with them as they hold my mortgage loan... I'd almost rather be homeless than deal with the thieves at Cenlar!

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