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After several years off, I decided to sign up again in 2015. I was not aware I signed up for a renewal. I think they hide it in the receipt as I NEVER sign up to auto renew anything. Now they have billed me for a full year. I have disputed it with PayPal as that is the way they billed me. The account information they have online shows an old cancelled credit card. I must have paid through PayPal, although I cannot find a receipt. In any event that is the way they billed me. They are a ripoff. DO NOT EVEN EVER SIGN UP FOR THEM. IF YOU DO, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AUTO RENEWAL. Think they make millions this way. People dispute and they refuse and then the customer does not think $40 is worth the fight. $40 times how many?

I was researching old yearbooks on this site. I did not sign up for any type of membership; I then received "an urgent message from Microsoft..." basically telling me that they detected that I had a virus/spyware and I was to call an 888 number so that they could walk me through the cleansing process. I immediately called my tech person and it was, as suspected, a FRAUD... "they" prey on this site because so many older people are on it who become afraid when they get that "alert" and these poor people end up paying to remove the hackers. CLASSMATES.COM has been hacked – stay off this website if you don't want to completely mess up your computer.

I have been charged 3 times by for a monthly membership that I NEVER signed up for... I was a victim of identity theft. First time it happened in March 2016, I called them and explained I never signed up, to cancel the membership and to credit me back. They flat out refused. I called my bank, we cancelled the card and had a new one issued. Then again in May 2016 I was charged again with my NEW credit card number. Same thing. refused to cancel the membership I never signed up for and refused to refund my money. My bank once again cancelled my new card, reissued another new card and credited me back.

Now today, I was charge AGAIN. And again refused to cancel the membership and refund me. 1) I never signed up for this service. I explained over and over to them that I didn't do this. (2) HOW are they continually obtaining my new credit card info? This company is very shady and should be put out of business. They are purposefully ripping people off and have no qualms about it.

This is the most despicable company that I have ever done business with. They automatically renewed my membership - twice - without authorization. When I disputed the charge, they lied to the credit card company and refused to refund the membership, even though it was less than 30 days into the new year's membership. I had logged into the account in over a year because I thought I had successfully cancelled the account the previous year. They do not send renewal reminders, even though they claim they do. And, they charge you a full year's membership no matter when you cancel. Apparently, they are so money hungry that ethical business practices are lost to them.

I had signed up with this site because they had a half priced deal for 3 months, which I had signed up for only! At the end of that 3 months my Paypal account was charged $15.00 for another 3 months which they claim I signed up for auto pay which I never did! These people are common thieves and they should not be allowed to do business. Not only that they constantly send emails claiming classmates are clicking on me and trying to get you involved with their B.S. This site is a complete rip off as far as I am concerned! I even tried to get a refund the day of auto-renewal and they would not do it... thieves with very disreputable business practices!

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This is the worst site. I had to sign up, and once I had signed up I realized I could only add one high school. I moved a lot as a child, so I had two separate high schools. I wrote the site off as a waste. Two years later I receive notice that I paid them. I tried to log into the site, cancelled recurring payments and sent an email asking for a refund. They claimed they had sent me a renewal notice 30 days prior. I went back through my emails, not a single notice. They still refused to refund. Avoid this site at all costs.

I think a total of 8 schoolmates had subscribed and very few used the site after enrolling. Probably because they find the site as big a joke as I had. I unsubscribed from them after a few weeks but also had $'s taken out of my account and told I could not get a refund. Hopefully, they will be out of business soon.

My experience is similar to many others. I paid $7.50 on March 14th, 2016 and found that I had been charged $15 received on 6/13/16 by CHECK CLASSMATES, INC. CHECKCARD ** CLASSMATES, INC. ** WA ** RECURRING. Merchant category code: **. I called 206 phone number and I asked why did they bill me since I have never approved recurring payments for anyone. First she told me, by signing up for 'Classmates' you automatically agree to recurring payments. After showing my angst at how they take advantage of the elderly, she said she could refund $9.00, but I still had to pay $6.00. After calling back and asking to speak to a manager, and threatening to report them to the Better Business Bureau, he said he would refund the whole amount. I haven't seen the correction yet, hopefully we'll get in few days. Just sending a warning to all.

I cancelled my account to Classmates several months ago. I removed my profile and everything about it. That is when the problem started. I learned today [Sunday, June 5] that my account was billed by them for something I no longer have and I am in no way associated with. Repeated attempts to contact them proved futile. All I got was jerked around and denied access. Today they had the nerve to send me an e-mail thanking me for setting up a free account when I had in fact done no such thing. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If you're thinking of joining... DON'T!

I signed up for the 3 month membership. I paid with my bank card and the transaction went through with no problem. They took the money and continue to block access to my Ripped off.

I joined Classmates using my PayPal account. I did NOT authorize them to automatically bill me every year. However, they just billed me for year two. I tried to get PayPal to NOT pay this, but Classmates told PayPal that I authorized to be billed each year. I DID NOT DO THAT. I did not get my money refunded.

I made the change the last day of my subscription, but they still charge my credit card and will not reverse it. I will be dealing with this through VISA, but I strongly advise people not to use this site even if they offer a bargain price. You may be charged in the future once they have your credit card number or Paypal account.

WHAT A RIPOFF! I thought I would try Classmates and paid the fee a year ago. I was never told that they would automatically bill renewal and even assured that the box was not checked for automatic renewal since I found their service outdated and useless. The lowlifes snuck through a $39 charge on my paypal and although I notified them that this is an unauthorized charge, they say it is non refundable. I have escalated to PayPal and want everyone to be warned that they are scamming people like this. After this happened, I found that they have hundreds of complaints to the Better Business Bureau and various consumer sites besides this one. They are a true scam and refuse to offer any form of decent customer service or concern for their members. Perhaps it's time for a class action against them.

I signed up for three months for $7.50. After signing up I went into my account and changed the billing renewal from automatic to manual. I did not want ongoing membership, I was just interested in seeing if there was anyone listed who I remembered. On April 7, 2016 I got notification from PayPal that Classmates had billed my credit card for $15.00. Someone at Classmates had gone in and changed the manual renewal to automatic without my consent. If that isn't illegal at the very least it is highly unethical. And charged me double. Do not do business with these people.

Very disagreeable experience charging continually and not allowing one to quit paying or quit using the service...

I tried to see my yearbook picture and a classmate's and I was told neither of us existed in our yearbook! Yet, I am on the site and have had many visits to my profile as I am involved in organizing a reunion at the current time. That I am not listed in the class list nor is my classmate and when I tried to access our pages tells me this site is certainly lacking in accuracy and professionalism.

Fortunately, I only signed up for a free account to view my HS yearbook to see if I wanted to order a hard copy, and I did not and will not give this company any credit card or banking information. My expectation was that the process was for this company to purchase surplus yearbooks from the publishers, and distribute and/or copy those pristine volumes. Instead, as others have noted, I found that they have somehow obtained and copied the yearbook of a member of my high school graduating class, complete with signings and personal notes from friends. That would be bad enough, but in this case the yearbook they copied belonged to a friend of mine who died as the result of injuries suffered in an automobile accident returning to college from Christmas vacation her freshman year. I have no idea whether or not they came by that yearbook legitimately, and unfortunately, I don't have any legal foundation to pursue that question.

What I really cannot believe is that thinks it is good marketing to sell a product that would make most buyers so uncomfortable. I certainly wouldn't want to be subject to those painful memories and to read intimate personal notes to the deceased from her other friends every time I opened the yearbook! This company must be as clueless as they come!

This company inundates me with emails claiming people want to contact me, have asked about me, etc., and constantly ask me to "upgrade" my account to find out who is trying to contact me. Repeated attempts to "unsubscribe" from the email list fail.

This disreputable company automatically renews after 2 years without any notification. Totally dishonest. I called and they said there is nothing that can be done. I am out $59. I called my bank, B of A, today and they said "file a claim", which I cannot do until tomorrow. It still shows as "processing" online so I thought the bank could cancel it. The more I see this stuff the more I believe that the banks and companies have a wink-wink, nudge-nudge attitude about "helping" us customers. More like stealing from us. Don't sign up with or use this company

I get almost daily emails from years after I read they were sued for sending these types of deceptive emails stating people were viewing my file but in truth were not. has been trying to solicit money under false pretenses.

Once I realized that my contract was to be renewed at a much higher rate I asked to cancel on the same day. Now they say I am stuck until Feb. 15, 2017. I think this is unfair and underhanded renewing without advising of much higher rate and no cancelling.

I wanted to send an email to a former classmate at my high school who had viewed my profile. However, when I tried to send the email, Classmates would not allow it. I have a subscription to Classmates. What is the problem?

Today I received an email notifying me that I was a member for 28 or 29 days (depending on the page). I have no recollection of signing up. But today out of curiosity I looked through the information that was there. And I pulled up the page. I started typing in information today and promptly stopped and got nowhere close to completing. And stopped the process. In other words never finalized, did not complete or anything of the matter. I decided to read reviews to see if it was worth joining. Or if it were a scam or phishing. In other words I wanted to see if this was a legit or illegitimate operation before deciding whether or not to follow through. Which brought me here tonight.

After reading what others have written I am relieved that I did not follow through tonight. I wonder if this is the method they used to get people to join. Has anyone else gotten an email from them saying they were members when they have no memory of joining in the first place? I am worried now. I am cautious about emails or calls that I did not initiate. I am 100 percent sure I never signed up. I am 100 percent sure I am not a member. Now how did I become a member if I do not recall signing up?

After paying $100 for a yearbook reprint, I was surprised that the book that arrived was not my yearbook. It was instead the book for the June 1959 class and not the February 1959 class. Even though they have a "sales are final" policy on their yearbook reprints, I feel this is a special case for which they should refund the cost and accept the book's return. I told them that schools in Alameda, CA, including Encinal High, were inundated with children from WWII workers and service members in the 40s and 50s, and so had half-year classes so we had high and low classes all the way into high school - Low Seniors and High Seniors. Thus there were two graduating classes, one in February (with their own yearbook) and in June (with their own yearbook).

The half year classes were ended in 1957 or 1958, but the students still graduated in February. I should have caught it when I ordered my yearbook and they didn't specify February or June. I realize they had no idea, thinking June only. I think they should be magnanimous and refund the payment - or reprint the February book and send it to me.

I signed up for three months for $7.50. After signing up I went into my account and changed the billing renewal from automatic to manual. I did not want ongoing membership, I was just interested in seeing if there was anyone listed who I remembered. That was 10/7/2015. One January 5, 2016 I got notification from my credit card that Classmates had billed my credit card for $15.00. Someone at Classmates had gone in and changed the manual renewal to automatic without my consent. If that isn't illegal at the very least it is highly unethical. And charged me double. Do not do business with these people. They are scammers and have unethical business practices. There was a class action lawsuit against them several years ago and I thought they had learned their lesson. Boy was I wrong.

After I wrote the review, Classmates wrote me that they would replace my book with a reprint if I returned my defective one. I mailed it today and hope that the new one will be better.

Original Review

I ordered my yearbook, which was described as scans of someone's actual yearbook, which is fine, given that I graduated almost 50 years ago. It arrived beautifully bound and looking very nice on the outside but when I opened it, the printing was so faint that I couldn't read most people's names or the narratives on some of the pages. I'm talking about the printing that was in the book itself, not any notes or comments by people signing the book. I contacted because I considered the book to be defective but they said all sales are final. I m plan to contact my credit card company to see what they can do and if that doesn't work I'll take them to small claims court.

I lost all my yearbooks in a house fire. I tried to obtain new ones via many sources, including my high school, to no avail. I saw that was offering yearbooks, so I asked for that as a Christmas present. Glad I asked for the soft cover as the hard cover would have been an even greater disappointment. This was apparently someone else's yearbook by the name of Barbara, and not even in my class! Autographs to her were all over the place. This disclosure, that it had belonged to another person and apparently scanned, was not disclosed. Unless you want someone else's memories, don't buy!

Thought people should know this. Quoting from the letter I just received: The attached check represents your eligible refund based on a settlement agreement between and state attorneys general. You are specifically receiving this check since you were identified as having been a paid customer who previously made an eligible complaint.

The check is a grand total of $6.87. First off, this was years and years ago. I can't remember how much I put in, but I do think they had charged my account again after I had cancelled. Has anyone else received a check from "Classmates, Inc. Refund program. It is from Dublin,Ohio.

I was a non-paying member of On November 11th, 2015 I received an e-mail from stating I had 1 Completed Profile Request, so I logged into my account, and in my Inbox, the subject line said, "this is the story you have been waiting for". I assumed it was from a friend, from Facebook (I left Facebook 6-8 months ago) that didn't have my e-mail address. As we all know, we can no longer read our messages unless we pay for a subscription. Well, foolish me, I fell for it, and paid for a 3 month membership. AFTER I paid, and logged into my account, there wasn't any message.

I sent a message via their Help Center and told them about it, and told them to cancel my subscription. They ignored me, so my husband filed a dispute with Paypal. On Paypal, I found the e-mail address for and sent them an e-mail. Today, I received a message from "David" from, saying he was sorry to hear that I didn't wish to continue as a paying member, and an explanation how to opt out of automatic billings AFTER my current paid membership expires. DON'T BELIEVE IT WHEN THEY SEND YOU AN E-MAIL STATING YOU HAVE A MESSAGE.

I just received my Albuquerque. N. M.1964 Valley High School yearbook. What I received was a yearbook that appears to be a copy of someone named Sharon and signed by Sharon's friends. All sales final. I can't believe someone would even think that this is ok. Live and learn. aka Memory Lane Company Profile

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