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Last updated: Nov. 21, 2017

21 Nintendo Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

The reason I am reviewing is for their poor customer service policy and faulty system. As a lifelong Nintendo customer I purchase a Nintendo Switch the day it comes out only to receive a system with a huge dead pixel in the center of the screen. I send this system for repair which takes two weeks. My next system will not connect with the Joy-Cons nor will it stay connected online. I send the second system for repair and receive a third system that starts to overheat and smoke while on a plane burning the system housing and was hot to the touch for the remainder of the flight. Customer service tries to get me to send the system in from another country and asks me to troubleshoot the system with its dock while I am at an airport. Two weeks later I send the system in and pester the company to send me a completely new system. Which they claimed they did.

I received the supposed completely new unit... However I was told to keep the original accessories. While en route out of the country again the fourth unit goes completely dead before the second leg of an 22 hour flight. I call from the connecting airport only to be told that they cannot set up a repair because they need me to troubleshoot it with the dock. I do not travel with the dock so they tell me to call when I get back. Meanwhile I am traveling in another country again with a completely useless and dead piece of hardware. After demanding my money back the only thing I got was another repair. I was looking to get a whole new system after this fourth incident. All I got back a system that was dirty, has scratches on the screen and a bunch of error codes when I try to download a few games I had already purchased from their e-shop. Once again I call customer service.

That call lead to me trying to get a picture of the screen with no reflection which is impossible. They wanted to set up another repair and asked me to call the makers of the games that would not download to see if they would issue me a refund. I feel it is unacceptable to have the issues that I had especially a unit that was smoking and hot to the touch on an airplane. They keep sending me manufactured refurbished units with all kinds of issues. I asked for a name of a person to write to and was only given a generic address.

I have spent hours on the phone trying to have them get things right by replacing all of my components and a new system so that I do not have to keep going through the repair process. Every time I send a system in it costs me money to buy a new screen protectors and wasted time troubleshooting the same issues that should have been fixed the first time. Not to mention the number of emails with the wrong shipping information that at times came in Japanese. I have never dealt with a company that cannot repair their own product correctly and take something like an smoking product on a airplane lightly. Last two units serial numbers were: XAW10000777987 and XAW10023365796.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

My name is Rudolfo ** father of 4 and Nintendo hardcore/first adapter customer... I have a nightmare story that consists of issues that at no way are my fault or my family’s fault that lead to Nintendo dropping the ball and ignoring me for years. It all started when the Wii U came out. I already had a Wii, and about 500-750 in digital content I transferred over to my new Wii U. Did the transfer when it first became available. Transferred everything. Went fine. First day sold. I traded in my system in order to get a good special trade in offer value like extra 50% value if I used the credit on Wii U games in store credit so naturally I did it.

Now the following day I turn on the new Wii U which was 1 of 3. I own 2 for my children. My system would not load any games or play them so I was forced by your customer service to reformat and redownload my games which solved every issue but I lost the Wii games. So I ran back to GameStop because in Florida they have to hold trade ins for 30 days. They sold my system the very next day. I was screwed. I printed out all my receipt and all of my paper receipts I save from when I purchased anything for any tech I use so that I can use later for warranty.

At the time Wii came out I was a manager for GameStop in NYC the Bronx, but moved to Tampa Florida after having kids so by the time Wii U came out I needed more than one. So I tried everything to recover my system with GameStop pulled every string I could to no avail. So I contacted Nintendo explained everything and you offered me 1 game. I said, “No thank you” and we went back and forth for a month and I gave up.

A few weeks later the same thing happened to someone else but he went to news media Kotaku and they wrote a story and Nintendo gave him all his paid for content. I called back and was laughed at. I felt so hurt that I lied to myself and said nothing could be done so I let it go. 1 year and 1 day after the Wii U came out I had my next issue. Basically the kids were playing my Wii U and the pad stopped working on the touch screen. I called in and because it was one day past the warranty Nintendo refused to fix it and forced me to buy a new gamepad for 179.00 or something close to that and the system is useless without the game pad so I had no choice and I mentioned how they screwed me on my content. They didn't care. They didn't help. Also got burned with buying 3 3ds systems the day they came out for 299.99 plus tax each plus games covers and random accessories which were all my choice.

I was ok spending the money. What I wasn't ok with is the 50.00 price cut that came immediately after I paid the higher price... and all I got was the ambassador program. At least Nintendo knew they screwed everyone mispricing the units but I was burnt. Again. Now before switch came out all three Wii U batteries in the game pads died after an hour. I had a friend swap one that had and old broken unit and I was forced to purchase new ones for 40.00 each just to keep it running which means in the future after Nintendo stops servicing the Wii U these systems would be useless. So again customers putting money out for obsolete tech. My bad as a customer for allowing it. I should have spoke with my money but I love Nintendo. I feel it’s the safest children friendly system and responsible parent would want for their children.

So new comes of the switch we followed it as it was called the NX and when the system because now as switch as was available for pre order I order 7 and 7 of pro controllers when that became available which was a nightmare to get 7. I spent over 3000.00. I worked extra days from November till March every week to earn that money because I needed 7 Zelda games. I mean for a large family it’s so hard to be fair to everyone plus my wife and I wanted one so we had to all sacrifice in order to get what we wanted. These system were build in Foxconn in China well known for child labor abuse and under paying the workers and forcing them to work 12 hour shifts with no breaks.

Nintendo Sony Apple everyone but Microsoft uses Foxconn and their practices are against humanity to the point the switch was built and Nintendo or Foxconn weren't smart enough to at least put proper tools in place so that these children/workers wouldn't over torque the screws and make stress fractures in the casing. So it goes like this. We didn't know to check the cases. When we got them we put screen protector from day one saving the console from the dock scratching which again design flaws Nintendo didn't care enough to fix or offer a free solution for. Fine we accept it. We have no choice just buy more stuff to protect it. Just makes getting a switch and everything you need even more expensive then the Xbox one $499.00 at least that's 4k. Switch can barely do 1080p but ok back to the issue.

The first time I had a problem with my switch I updated to the 3.0 update and after it was done the system now did what is known as a paralitical battery drain basically it charges up all the way then immediately drains to 1% but stays on for 20 minutes or so then blacks out takes forever to recharge so I call Nintendo. They tell me they never hear of an issue like that before and to send it in. I refused. I knew it was the update and I did not want to lose my game saves so I didn't use it for like 3 months and when I had time I updated it and it worked again.

Everything was ok until my son tell me he has blisters on his thumb from his switch. I thought my son was crazy or lying so I switch my Joy-Con with his and I ended up with a blister while playing Mario Kart 8. The reason why the joystick part had two bumps on the inside of the rubber and it would rub the wrong way as you play causing a blister then I was about to put tempered glass on my unit when I noticed the crack at the power button so I went online and researched the issue and seen it was known issue from day one and it was a manufacture’s defect caused by Foxconn worker mostly children over torqueing the screws.

I called in for a repair for both pieces and the customer service rep promised me outright I would not lose my game saves and everything would be overnighted. I had to pay 10.70 which was fine and the 2 day back ok I get an email from Nintendo to please call the supervisor line and I did and they said, “We are sorry that we told you we can save your data. There a good chance that you will lose it all”. I had a really long game save for Zelda and I read how they deleted other customers who spent 250 plus hours playing the game and I got so scared I went out and bought another system but couldn't transfer anything to the sd card and they didn't have a way to ensure it also so again I'm about to get screwed so I then tell them how they apparently are out of touch with their customer base and reality.

There was nothing I can do. This is a billion dollar company that has no respect for me as a customer that spent thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on Nintendo products since I was born. ** I own 28 of 36 game and watch systems I have every system but the Wii and almost full game collections. I love Nintendo but they don't love me or my family but they love my money.

Right ok I gave up because they tried to bribe me with a free copy of Mario Odyssey even will to give me a code early to play before it came out. I refuse because of the 700.00 they robbed me from my digital content from the Wii to Wii U transfer that failed on top of the fact I had 7 preordered and paid for already. Its’ not like they offered one for everyone in the family it’s not like they offered me my content back so I said no. My principles won’t allow me to be bought for 65.00 when they robbed me of 700 plus and I eventually like a fool repurchased it all on Wii U just to get messed over on the switch because none of that content is good now so I let go to see what ends up happening.

I asked if there was anything to be done and they said no but they pass on my message up the games saves being able to be transferred to sd cards or if they had cloud saving all of this would have been a non issue for me and I wouldn't have these negative old feelings again. The first kicker is that Nintendo showed their true colors by helping the other guy who had went to Kotaku but ignored me and it happened to me first. I let it go until yesterday they released an update 4.0 that allows transfers of profiles and game saves to another system which I had but they lied and hid the fact this was coming. I could have literally solved this on my own then sent in the system but they lied and said nothing. I called back today and the best they could say was that they absolutely didn't know until 2 hours before it launched. I can’t prove what’s true or not but I feel burned this isn't right at all.

I guess going forward I have to speak with my wallet and after Mario I will not purchase any Nintendo products until this is all addressed. I did get a voice message that they are send me my unit back but the stress they put me through caused me such stress that I have had chest pains all day because of a game system. I never yelled cursed or disrespected anyone. I was nice. I even told the reps it’s not their fault and I'm embarrassed to even had to call but I felt abused by the company and its policies. I am here in hopes that others will speak up. This company lost its ways many years ago and sadly they take it out on customers in the worse way. I paid for all my content. They admitted it.

I recorded all the phone calls with them admitting that they misinformed me and made mistakes all the way from 2012 to now on my phone and I'm not asking for anything but for them to look into it and not ignore my concerns any further. I have no way of doing anything to get my content back but they could at least apologize and acknowledge the fact they messed up and dropped the ball. They outright lied to me over and over. I own an air conditioning company in Florida. If I treated my customer how Nintendo treated me I’d be in jail under the jail because I am literally regulated from federal level down to the county level.

It’s unfair the practices Nintendo puts into play and then they make their own rules up as they go then break them at their will. Well I'm going to reach out to everyone I can till my story is heard. I'm sorry for spelling errors. I wrote this quick and upset... I'm not home but if pictures or videos or receipts are needed for you to do something please email me and I’ll send everything I have. Rudolfo ** the saddest Nintendo customer...

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Verified Buyer
Original review: June 16, 2017

Had an issue with the speaker on my switch and left joy con (that one is common). I mistakenly left a game cartridge in the system when I mailed it and didn't realize it until that evening. They explicitly told me to remove any game and other accessories so I figured the game would be gone. To my surprise, in the returned box, there was a plastic mailing bag taped to the inside of the top with my game cartridge in it. It was very nice to see the repair place go out of the way to return it to me. The phone line operators of Nintendo support were fantastic and quick to help make the repair order simple and quick.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2017

We sent my sister's 3DS to Nintendo to be repaired. After the long and detailed list of demands they sent in order to ensure that it was properly repaired, the 3DS was sent to Nintendo and promptly sent back saying that it could not be repaired because it had been "tampered" with and the only option was to buy a new one. For the record, nothing had been done to the DS other than packaged and sent. If you need anything repaired I would recommend going to for all of your needs. They professional, timely, and much cheaper than anything you can get from Nintendo.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2016

My young child wanted a "gaming system" for Christmas. Initially he wanted a Playstation, but because of his age, we steered him towards the smaller Nintendo DS system. Santa... provided a Nintendo DS XL, but it apparently doesn't include the required power supply. We had to have a discussion on how Santa's magic is so powerful it can replicate a Nintendo DS XL, but fail to provide the required power supply.

Christmas morning, we found the tiny fine print that says it wasn't included. I sent a suggestion to Nintendo via their website's email contact form that proposed including some supplement info in the fine print directing parents on how to explain to children that Santa doesn't provide power supplies on Nintendo products, but does on every-other-item-in-the-world. "Why does my sister's blah, blah, blah have a power supply, but my DS doesn't?" "Good question son, we don't have an answer for that. But smile, we love you. Play with your new pants and pj's that mommy and daddy got you."

In search for explanation across the web, all I see is that the Nintendo says the power supply is the same as their previous generations of DS units. I guess assuming that everyone should have one of those already? Is Nintendo such a dying company that they think only previous but fairly recent Nintendo owners will be buying the next generation? Or maybe I guess we forgot our power supply at the hospital a few years ago when we birthed our first son because we haven't had a Nintendo in 20-25 years. I assume they must issue them with each child that is born? Did we just miss ours as we left the hospital? It's very confusing. Future gaming systems that we purchase will never be Nintendo.

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
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Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Jan. 20, 2017

Just keep in mind that the ESRB rating has already been labeled Child Age.

Original review: Dec. 20, 2016

Animal Crossing Series. There's too much talking animals within the game, that it really gets annoying. I would like to rate this game 5+ ESRB Rating on the label of the game. This game should be only recommended for children between ages 5 and 11.

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2016

After being a lifelong diehard Nintendo fan for the last almost thirty years, I regretfully have decided I won't be buying another Nintendo console until they address the countless issues facing their company over the last few years. I have owned every major console Nintendo has put out, have always had perfect experiences and the consoles themselves have maintained playability and reliability for years, almost never having issues. Most are still useable today. However, this has changed with the WiiU. I've never had a more dissatisfactory experience with ANY electronic product I've ever bought. Ever. I bought my console brand new, it was not a refurbished console, nor was it one of the first released consoles that hadn't had its kinks worked out. I bought it several years after the initial launch of the WiiU, specifically because I was so wary after reading other reviews, which I know realize are correct. The console is a failure.

The graphics are slightly updated. That is the only improvement in comparison to the original (and worthwhile) Wii. Other than that, the console freezes CONSTANTLY and has to be manually shut down, has CONSTANT issues staying connected to the Internet (Nintendo will claim the issue is with your router despite being aware of thousands of complaints about the same issue. It is not our routers. The issue is within the WiiU). The gamepad functionality is tenuous at best. Many times I find I have to "mash" buttons multiple times to get the character to actually execute a command. Games like Twilight Princess you are forced to use the gamepad or the XBox ripoff controller to play and are not allowed to use the Wii Remote (which makes certain games far more engaging and the control is just better overall) anymore. The only actual new game they've released for the WiiU that I am even interested in is Hyrule Warriors.

The older Zelda titles are just rehashed and the experience isn't improved (they were already perfect, altering things did nothing), in fact TP and WW now have small issues that make the gameplay a bit annoying, such as the mechanics for Epona which were supposedly corrected but in fact just made worse. And of course, it's certainly not worth the $400 price tag (which has never dropped or fluctuated after years, when Sony and Microsoft both dropped prices on their respective consoles, both of which are far more powerful machines and more popular in the gaming world because of exactly that) after years of being on the market and Nintendo never fixing the countless issues with the WiiU they know are there even in the face of potential company failure.

When I have to get up to walk over and restart the machine four or five times over the course of a day that I am using it intermittently, it just makes the entire purchase worthless. More of an aggravation than anything. And when Nintendo basically comes out and says they don't care about the customer's opinion and refuse to change things for the better even to save their own skin, it shows they don't give a ** about much of anything.

No one is demanding call of duty style gaming on Nintendo but what we do want is an experience worth the $400 price tag (plus $50-60 a game of course, but that is standard as all gamers know) tacked onto the console. The WiiU is the worst mistake Nintendo has ever made. If the NX doesn't blow every console they've ever released out of the water (and from what I've read so far, there is little difference once again between this generation and the next console) then Nintendo will most likely be teetering on the edge of collapse in a short time. The only reason why I even touch this abomination is for Zelda. And the longer I use this horrid console the more I dislike Nintendo.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2016

In the last year my son's brand new New Nintendo 3DS XL has stopped working. The first time I sent it for repair Nintendo said it was my son's fault. I had it repaired for the amount of around $100. I am not sure what the issue was so I didn't feel I could dispute it. Last week it just would not turn on so as it was supposedly under warranty I again sent it in. Today I got an e-mail saying it was not a manufacturing defect, that it had "spillage". I know for a fact nothing and I mean nothing was ever spilled on it. My son took excellent care of the system. So once again I am on the hook for $100 repair. I am disgusted especially since Nintendo boasts the best warranty in the business. Really? Searching the internet I found so many incidents of "the black screen of death". So now I have paid double for the system and who knows? Will it work in a month or two? I tend to doubt it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2016

I used to have a Wii Console years before and I really enjoyed playing the different games that are available to Wii. The best part about wii is that you will be moving while playing. Unlike other game consoles, Wii lets you get up and sweat. This is healthy for kids and adults because you get to have your exercise while playing at the same time. I just got busy with work so I had no time to upgrade it to the latest version so that I can buy and play the newest games available.

Recently, we were in Japan and my husband was intending to buy the new 3DS there but we were faced with bad luck because all the 3DS available in Osaka are all in Japanese. They don't have the English version. My husband was definitely saddened by it but once we got home, we went to the nearest mall and purchased one. It could've been cheaper when you buy it in Japan but what's the use of it when you can't play it because all the instructions/settings are in Japanese? But going back to the new 3DS, it is absolutely an enjoyable gadget to have. The 3d effect is so cool. It may take a bit of time to get used to it but once you've played enough, you will definitely get the hang of it. My husband and I splurged on the games and bought a handful because we really liked playing with the 3DS. The only thing is, the games are quite expensive and I hope will cost lower in time.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2016

I have to admit that up until about two years ago, the last Nintendo system that I've played was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES, which would be at least 20 years ago. I had a blast with the SNES, having played so many memorable games like Legend of Zelda, Starfox, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, and many others. But then I moved on to the PlayStation console, and I grew up and I just kinda drifted away from Nintendo.

Then two years ago, I decided to give my girlfriend a second-hand Nintendo DS XL since she has always mentioned that she was a die-hard LoZ fan. Now neither of us can put it down since we've become so addicted to it. The list of awesome games is endless: Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, Phoenix Wright, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy, Professor Layton, Castlevania...endless. We've had plenty of sleepless nights because of this fantastic console, and we look forward to spending many more hours playing.

I'm glad that I'm able to share this experience of feeling like a kid again with my girlfriend, and it's all thanks to Nintendo. Thanks for making such awesome gaming consoles and games. We're both saving up so that we can buy a Nintendo 3DS soon because we're both dying to play the next generation of Nintendo games. Kudos to Nintendo for making games that are not only fun, but also bring people together in a very positive way. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go train my Pokemon so that we can conquer the Pokemon League and become champion.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2016

I purchased the game first from EB games and I have problems to connect online. Nintendo support could not help, therefore I decided to return the game. EB games offered to exchanged for another, so I did Disney Infinity for PS4. I purchased "Splatoon" online this time since my 6-year-old boy wanted for his B-Day. Since then I had problem after problem not able to connect with other users. I'm very upset since Nintendo are blaming the internet provider or the router for it. They are not able to fix the problem, neither want to refund my money $79.99. Stay away from Wii U games.

Nintendo has very bad customer service. A support person named Michelle suggested that I should not buy video games for my kids. She said her 3-year-old daughter does not have any and if her daughter knew how to use a touch screen at 6-year-old she was doing something wrong. I said she should resolve the issue not judging people! Nintendo should revise who is working for them! If all the support people provide that kind of comments, the company will go down the drain! I only want my money back for the game that does not work "Splatoon"!!! Transaction ID **, serial number **, QST No **. I used e-mail ** to purchase.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2015

This has been an exasperate experience for me. I got my Wii U last November because of the new Super Smash Bro. I had both Wii and GameCube before, but wasn't too into any of the Wii U games until Hyrule Warrior and Smash Bro. June of this this year (8 month after I got my Wii U), I couldn't turn on the Wii U console for some reason. There was no red light. Naturally, I send it to repair, and that's when my nightmare begins. By the way, the Wii U console was never touched. It stands on the middle shelf of the TV stand, and I have no pet. I haven't touch my Wii U console (nor do I have reason to) so I highly doubt that I did something to break it (and I live alone with no roommate so I'm 100% sure it died on its own). So I submitted a repair order to Nintendo, and the shipping was going to Purolator. I send it over on Wednesday, and I got a notice on Friday that the Nintendo received it.

A couple hours later, I got another email, saying that it was done and sent back to me already. What I thought was a pleasant surprise turned out to be a nightmare. I received, a BRAND, NEW, Wii U console. They charged me $122.08 (on top of another $7.85 for shipping) for the repair fee but decided to send me a brand new console because they figured that the old one was not repairable. They didn't import my save, so I lost hundreds of hours on my Super Mario world, Hyrule Warrior, Monster Hunter and more (collectively over 500-800 hours). I highly doubt that the entire console was dead. I'm pretty sure that only the processor died. They could have at least get the hard drive out and import the save data, but I guess that was too much work for them. After all, it's easier to tick off the "no data transfer" box on the repair slip than it is to actually take the hard drive out and replace it on the new Wii U.

Surely this was all bad, and I thought my nightmare was over after getting work off early, spend almost $130 on repair, and lose all my progress, there was a cherry on top. I tried to setup my Nintendo Network ID on my new Wii U, but it says that I've already got a console linked to this network ID. I looked online and realized that, one network ID can only link to one console. As naive as I was, I thought there's a way to manage devices and consoles like how you can manage your devices with Apple ID. I thought I could just log-in some online portal, delink the current Wii U console and be done with it. WRONG. You want to delink your Wii U account? Send a customer support ticket, and they have to talk to you directly. The contact form on the website does absolutely nothing but tells you to call them. I've already spend way too much time and money to get my Wii console back to a subpar state (no save).

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Original review: May 6, 2015

I purchased a "new" 3DS and have had nothing but problems with it. In the middle of gameplay my unit would interrupt me with a error saying the game card had been removed from the unit. I've sent the system in three times and the issue has yet to be resolved. I spoke with a manager who told me they never experienced a problem like this before. He then told me if this last repair session failed that this would be the last time they would attempt to repair the unit and that they did all they could. Apparently, they didn't do all they could.The 3DS is brand new and the warranty is still good for eight months. So, Nintendo doesn't want to honor their product, despite the fact this problem is their fault. It's even more baffling that their repair team can't fix the issue or just isn't spending enough time with the unit to properly diagnose the problem. Terrible communication and customer service.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2015

I sent my Wii U for repairs when it stopped working after only 3 months. I got a call back requesting $50 as they opened it up and there was a SPIDER in the unit which caused the unit to stop working. I did not admit to it as it was always packed in its box when not in use. I have other appliances around for years and nothing happens to them exposing to the room environment. A woman that was so rude to me was trying to make me admit that there could have been a spider in there as I am sure the call was recorded. Never will I buy Nintendo again. Their customer service is shocking. Beware and avoid buying Nintendo. It's not the first product I'm having issues with but my last! When money is priority, you lose Nintendo!

Original review: Feb. 9, 2014

My son's 3DS XL wouldn't power on after 2 months of purchasing the item. He didn't even play with it that long because he was on restriction from it for 2 weeks. I called Nintendo and sent it in for repair. They email me back with a $65 plus tax & shipping rate to fix the console. They said it wasn't covered under warranty because it was "abused". I called the Nintendo repair phone number to complain - that was not the case. They claimed that the socket to plug into electrical outlet was loose which was affecting it being powered on, so it wasn't covered under warranty. They said my son must have been rough with unplugging the console. I told them that my son barely played with it and he has taken care not to handle it roughly.

Anyways, after getting transferred to a manager, I complained that the product must be defective and that I had just spent over $300 for that console & mentioned I have spent a lot of money on other Nintendo products (Original Nintendo, Gameboys, Wii, etc). She lowered the cost of the repair at $30 and told me that if it had same or another issue, they would just replace it since it just might be a defective product.

Fast forward almost a year later (February 2014), the 3DS touch screen just stopped working in the middle of a game. Sent it in for repair again and received same pricing. They claimed that the console has liquid damage which is BS because my son did not spill anything on it. I truly believe Nintendo will say it's some other damage that isn't covered under warranty. They claim that their products is covered under warranty, but in actuality, they will claim some other issue like abuse to not have to honor their warranty! After getting this product fixed the 2nd time, if it doesn't work again, I am certainly not replacing in anymore Nintendo consoles.

STAY AWAY from their products! I've read lots of complaints of the 3DS or similar products of having same type of issues like not being able to power on, or touch screen stopped working, or the control buttons not working, or game freezing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2012

I purchased Wii with the thoughts of streaming Netflix. After calls and emails, all I get is that Shop Channel is not available in the Virgin Islands. First, we are part of the US and secondly, it says nowhere on the box or in any of the available info books that we cannot get this channel. Without it, we cannot stream movies. I believe this is a scam.

Original review: Nov. 11, 2009
I purchased a Wii batter charging station from Target stores in December 2008. This is a 2 dock not the 4 dock that has been reported as being recalled. After 5 months of use the station stopped charging/working. I began making calls to Griffin/Psyclone's 800 number in June 2009, leaving a message per the instructions every time (approx 4 calls) trying to find out how to obtain a replacement or have warranty work performed. I left messages and received only 1 returned call from a man who left me a message to call them. They don't answer the phone when you call you have to leave a message and hope to catch their call, if they call back. I continued leaving messages asking for a return call. On July 28 a man in customer service called me after I left a pleading message. He gave me instructions to fax a copy of the purchase receipt with model number to 909-728-4548. He said it would be looked into and return instructions would follow. I faxed the info the next day. Three weeks later I began calling again to find out the status - there were no return phone calls. I sent an email to the customer service email address in August and received a response 3 days later that they would honor the warranty. I was to ship the station with all parts to the Minneapolis address I provided here. I shipped the package that week. One month later, Sept 24, I sent an email asking for an update as I had not heard anything. A reply came the next day "sorry for the delay, a shipment is expected to arrive to them on 10/05 and they will ship them out after that day to customers. 10/19 I emailed asking for an update on the shipment or a refund. A response came the same day that "Our warehouse mass shipped the entire backlog on Friday, so your replacement should arrive sometime late this week." October 30 I emailed again asking for an update as I still do not have the replacement. I received response November 2 " apologize for the delay. You should have received a replacement by now. What is your full physical address? I’ll follow up with our warehouse manager." I haven't heard anything more.
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Original review: Sept. 8, 2009
I purchased a Nintendo DS Lite. 10 month later (Within the 1 year warranty period), the speaker stopped working. When I contacted Nintendo, they would not cover it because they stated that this problem is not covered under warranty. The game unit has never been dropped nor thrown so Nintendo should cover the repair under it's warranty. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, Charles, the support engineer refused this request. When I asked for Charles's last name or employee ID number, he refused this information also. I told him I needed this information to file a complaint.
Original review: June 26, 2008

My sister in law and her family went on a vacation to America and were nice enough to visit Toys R Us in New York and purchased my 5 and 10 year old kids 3 Wii games,(My Sims,Bee Movie Game and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games).To everyones,mainly my kids horror the Wii games are only compatable for use in Usa,Canada,Mexico and Latin America.My kids have saved for 7 months to purchase the Wii Console and have to save so hard to afford the games. We had given my sister in law some money to see what and if she could purchase any games there a little cheaper and to all our delight they could .

Now we are left with not only very upset children but 3 games that we are unable to play. What can we do,who do we contact,know one is going travelling back to America that we know. Pleassssssse Help. Kinds Regards

Loss of precious saved dollars. Upset kids. Upset parents. Games that we can't do anything with. My neice and newphew that purchased the games are 15 and 17. Who would think , not even ourselves obviosly that all Wii's are the same. We are aware that our voltage is different and our electricity sockets are different,but who once again would think that the console and disk would be different,and how. You can purchase a CD or DVD and it works,why not this blasted WII.

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2006

When the Nintendo WII became available for presale on 10/3/06, I went to the store and paid in full for the game console. I was told that I would be able to come back to the store on 11/19/06 to pick up my order. On 11/19/06 I went to the store at 2pm. I was told that there was a line to get into the store but that line was now closed.

I explained to the doorman that I was only there to pick up the merchandise I had already paid for. Several managers came out to explain to me that they could not accommodate me and would not allow me into the store. I was told that I would have to come back on 11/20/06 to pick up the item which they promised to provide me on 11/19/06. I then proceeded to ask for my money back. They refused. They said that I would have to come back on 11/20/06 for a refund. At the same time, they were allowing people on line who had not pre-ordered anything, to come into their store and purchase the WII.

Aside from the time that both unfruitful trips to the store took, they already kept my money for over 6 weeks already. There were several other people outside of the store in the same position I was in. One of them was so upset that he threw a potted plant at the store. I believe the management decisions of this store is creating a mob environment. The store scams on customers because they do not allow people to pick up merchandise that has already been paid for, while at the same time, they accommodate new customers to gain additional income.

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Original review: Feb. 22, 2003

After buying a nintendo gamecube the enclosed documentation urges you to join there online club to register your product with the promise of free gifts and treasures. Once you register your product you then earn stars for buying certain games recommended by the site wich you can then exchange for free items the top being 6000 stars for a gameboy advance.

YOU GET 250 STARS FOR EACH RECOMMENDED GAME. As I own a gamecube and purchased several games its come to my notice that to fully play certain games you have to also buy a gameboy advance to access some of the levels and a lead to enable you to plug the gameboy advance into the game cube this all adds up to an extra 99.98 just to allow you to be able to play the gamecube and games.So i decided to buy the recommended games to save for the gameboy advance so i can play the gamecube and games.

The proplem is after saving nearly 1500 stars i can no longer access the site.I have read all the recomendations for accessing the site and i have set my prowser to such a low security but still i cannot get to my stars..I have used there e.mail link and complained 3 times over the past 6 weeks but they dont even aknowledge me.

I feel conned after buying the gamecube at 149.00 and extra 40.00 for one game only to find i cant even play them fully unless i spend an extra 99.98 on a gameboy advance and connecting lead and then after buying games there site recommends to enable me to get a gameboy advance free only to find the site is useless and no replys to my quieries and complaints.

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