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81 Trex Composite Decking Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2018

Recently purchased from Home Depot Trex decking for a 16X18 deck. Had installed by licensed builder. One day after the deck was installed we rinsed off due to dirt left from builder and birds. After the water dried the deck looked like it was sunburned and peeled. However no flakes. Just spots all over. Talked with Home Depot. They talked to Trex Representative and bottom line was: file a warranty claim.

Call 1-800-Buy Trex to have assistance on filing claim and I was informed that it wasn't a claim. I had hard water residue? Nothing on Trex advertisement states hard water will leave residue spots. I know several homeowners with Trex decking and well water (such as ours) and they have never had spots. So Trex's rep. said I could clean off with wood cleaner using inside soft water and blow dry with a leaf blower? We are in our 70's - the whole point of purchasing Trex at a double price of wood was to make it easier than staining and power washing. No consideration to sending out a representative to help us. Not the kind of customer service I would of ever thought a big name product would do. What recourse does the average worker have against a company the size of Trex.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 20, 2018

There are so many issues with the rails. The first is that the strip when you raise it up into place actually scratches the balusters. We ended up having to use lubricant to avoid it from scratching and when we contacted the Trex company about this they said they would send us markers to fix it, otherwise we can buy a special touch-up that they sell for when you scratch the balusters. This is pretty absurd seeing as how we had a 75ft x 30ft deck and you can guess just how many balusters we had. This was the least of the issues because once we started installing the rails for the stairs we ran into bigger issues. The angles that they claim work for the stairs actually don’t. It says it works at 37 degrees. It doesn’t.

We ended up having to file the opening on the strips to allow the strips to go up into place, with a lot of lubrication that is needed even on the regular rails. This wasn’t after multiple trials to see what we had done wrong only to realize it was an issue with Trex. When we contacted them for help they refused to do anything about it and when we provided them the pictures they asked for they simply said “it seems likes it’s too steep, if you had done a proper angle it would work.” Mind you I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years and have worked with this material too many times. Always small issues but this was what did me in. The biggest mistake I made was buying their material and allowing them to make money off this awful product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2018

In 2000 we had Trex decking installed. 6 years later it had totally disintegrated, flaking, faded and warped. We had to pay the labor, as per warranty, to have it replaced with more Trex decking and this time we went with a Trex rail system also, as we were tired of painting all the posts. By 2016, another 8 years later, all the rail and decking was disintegrating AGAIN! In 2017 we started another claim with Trex, and this time, our second time, they will not even cover 1/3 the cost of the materials and only .18 cents per foot for labor, and that is only because of the class action suit of 2009. The 20 year warranty is an absolute joke! You have to fight with them even for replacement materials. Trex is highly unethical, deceitful, unfair, and dishonest. If anyone is interested in another class action suit against them, please contact me.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 26, 2018

We purchased and had installed an 8x20 foot deck. The deck has been great until today. We have water seeping into our house where the deck meets the house. When I went to drill a hole in my dry deck to do some work on it the deck started gushing water on to the deck below. It seems that Trex holds water and that has caused the drywall and joists to rot. Has anyone else had a problem with Trex holding water like that?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 16, 2018

We live in a new community of high end townhomes. When we purchased the new construction home we had the developer add a 14 X 20 Trex composite deck on the home which has now become the standard in the community. After less than one year the Fascia Boards were warping, not only on our home but on all the homes that had a Trex deck installed. For the most part, Trex was not responsive to the builder/developer's requests for assistance from Trex. Finally, after a year to 18 months a Trex representative came to assess the problem and for the most part shook his head and said, "Too bad", offering no solution. Shame on Trex for not standing behind their product. There are now other composite deck material providers that may very well provide better products and service. At a minimum, do NOT use their Fascia Boards.

55 people found this review helpful
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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14, 2018

Had a new manufactured home put in and a large 50'x8' Trex deck put in with a 8' side trim. Looked alright the first year. Then the side trim Trex boards have started to warp. Bow in and out and the ends where they meet have bowed outward pulling the screws with them. Makes for a very unprofessional end product after only a year. I will admit the flat Trex boards are still laying flat and not warping, and they did clean of (moss) with the iron sulfate spray. Needed to let other know what may happen if you go the Trex route.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2018

Moving to an adult community, we decided to replace the wood deck with Trex, as their ads touted 'easy care', 'low maintenance'. It looked beautiful! Just a few months after installation, mold started to appear. Black spots and streaks, brown blobs & green junk that would NOT scrub off. We contacted Trex, got the runaround. It seems some kind of mildew retardant wasn't added to 'our lot' at manufacture, so they admitted it was crap. They even sent a company out to clean the deck, which didn't do anything, and killed all my flowers.

We ended up joining a class action suit, signed some papers (along with tons of others), assuming we'd get satisfaction, but they'd inserted some legalese in the forms to cover themselves, and we got a check for $100. - on a $4,000 purchase! The deck looks disgusting, I worry about the dog carrying in black mold, and we avoid eating on the deck. We'll be out there again this week scrubbing on our hands and knees trying to improve it a bit, but it won't last. At 70 years old! FALSE ADVERTISING. GARBAGE PRODUCT!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2018

We wanted to put in a composite deck to replace our cement patio. I did lots of research 13 years ago and picked Trex as the best with warranty etc. The deck was installed and it was beautiful with no problems. Unfortunately after several years (year 8+) - the problems evolved - Shrinkage - more than a 1/2" - every year I had to relocate the board so that they meshed and were connected to the hidden fasteners. One time I didn't get it correct so the board cracked off end and board was no longer connected to fastener on one end and if you stepped on it, it sunk in. The boards also came apart on seats, the 1.5" gap became 2.5" on one end and 1.5 on other so tearing apart.

Warpage - I can only describe it as bubbles, the boards were fastened horizontally on side of seats and side of deck and they warped so much that I could not fastened them to sides without the warpage. It was like a bubble, I tried clamping and screwing, using rubber mallet and pounding prior to rescrewing with no good results, the board cracked.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5, 2018

We had two decks built using Trex, and I wish we had chosen any other material. Their advertising is very misleading, it is not "low maintenance" by any stretch. We spend more time and money on it than we would if it were wood. Algae and dark spots (mold?) are constant problems. We follow the manufacturer's cleaning recommendation, and the algae and spots return in month or two. My advice is avoid this product, even if it's offered to you for free.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 21, 2017 Trex refuses to honor their warranty. Buyer Beware if you intend to buy their product. They will invent anything to get out of a warranty claim. I bought over $3,000 of Trex Enhance Deck boards in July 2017, and had them installed on my deck. My deck crew used hidden fasteners which are a feature of these boards. They secure down the boards from the side, by using clips in the side grooves. Following installation, the boards looked fine. I was a satisfied customer.

To my dismay, however, by winter, the 16 ft. boards had abnormally shrunk from the cold over 1/2 inch. In so doing, they pulled away from the hidden fasteners holding one of the edges, and actually began warping upwards. It looked terrible and was actually dangerous to walk across, since you could trip on the edge of the boards. It is a fixable problem with a little extra labor, by re-positioning the boards, but that labor would have to be done.

I called both my deck installer and board retailer, showed them photos, and both companies said that level of excess shrinkage is abnormal. I then called Trex to submit a warranty claim, sent them photos, etc. I was asking not for replacement of the boards, but only for $300 or so to cover the cost of a repair laborer coming out to re-position the shrunk boards on my deck. Their reply was bogus. They automatically denied my claim. First, they said the board ends had to be manually screwed down with visible screws to prevent that shrinkage, and claimed such an instruction was in the installation manual. My deck crew said that was a lie, and when we checked, there was no such instruction. When I confronted them, Trex changed the story and said that "shrinkage" is not covered by the warranty. When we checked their warranty, that was a 2nd lie. There is no such exclusion.

Then, they denied my claim a 3rd time, claiming this time that my crew had installed the hidden fasteners "wrong". I demanded they show me in writing anywhere, how our installation was not proper. They were not able to do so, yet still held to a denial of my claim. They purposely ignored the reason for the claim (abnormal shrinkage). In short, they had no intention of honoring any warranty claims, and they took a perfectly satisfied customer and screwed me over with every attempt possible to deny what both my deck crew, and my supplier rep said, is clearly a defective product.

If I were you, I would not ever buy product from this company... period. There are lots of other composite deck board brands out there, ones who recognize that sometimes, their products are defective and need warranty service. Any company who denies such claims based on fake bogus lies, is proving to you how little they think of you, and is not worth your business!

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81 people found this review helpful
Verified Buyer
Original review: July 18, 2017

I have tried to get a reasonable response from a representative for Trex decking material. Due to the Class Action Claim I am being provided Trex Select Saddle standard square material. It is obvious that Trex is clearing its inventory of unwanted material and shipping directly to the Claimant without adequate compensation for reputable material, i.e. Pre-Grooved decking material. My contacts have been a BrightClaims rep and a low ranking Trex rep, both who have only given a curt reply to a responsible request. I have asked continually to be shipped pre-grooved Trex decking boards. The response has been that they are not shipping the pre-grooved material.

The retail stores and contractors I have been in contact with are astonished that Trex is not providing the pre-grooved boards, which cost the same amount but are more attractive and practical. Their comments only amplify my disappointment. Being a Trex consumer initially and realizing the material is defective and having to remove, install, and discard the material at my own cost is an insult. Increasing the insult is the inane response I receive from a Bright Claim and Trex representative.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: June 8, 2017

In May, 2015 we hired a professional contractor to build an large deck on our home. We spent approximately $4000 on Trex Trending Tiki Torch decking. We chose Trex because of the reviews and easy care. Two years later the boards expand & contract unequally. A few extend 1/4" above the deck surface causing a high risk of tripping and injury. One trim board has an exposed bubble which can't be corrected. Be careful what you purchase and read reviews.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 18, 2017

We have a Trex patio. The boards are cracking and peeling. Been doing that for the last 3 or 4 years so I just noticed three or four boards more peeling. It's faded. It's no longer the brown we bought. It looks horrible. I know it's supposed to be a lifetime warranty so what can we do about it. It's ugly slippers in my foot. When I walk on it I have to cover it with rugs so we don't see how ugly it is. I just want to know what we can do.

88 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 17, 2017

I had Trex decking installed on all outdoor decks, stairs and patios. Regardless of all the effort (scrubbing, pressure washing, exotic cleaners, and lots of muscle power) my deck remains moldy. Nothing works to clean it. I am sad, mad, and disappointed.

97 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 10, 2017

Warping, flaking, discoloration, absolutely a mess!!! I thought this would be the answer to all the labor a wood deck required... was I ever wrong!!! More trouble than if I had put in a wood deck I am going to use a weather resistant stain on it like I would have done with a regular deck! See if that helps. Will that mess with the warranty, who cares... the warranty is useless. Like they will cover it!!! Not worth the extra money! Why this company is still in business is beyond me! Obviously they have no repeat customers!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 3, 2017

In 2003, a Trex deck was constructed in the front of our home by a contract builder. The cost was sizable. The Trex decking product was not only defective, it's a true lemon. The product was and is moldy, faulty, flawed, flaking and unsound. Some of the decking areas are unsafe. Trex concurred they made a defective product for 7 years. Our Trex was part of that flawed and defective decking. In 2014 we wrote to Trex and again in 2015. A representative came out. She said it was the worst defect she had seen so far. We were given a check in the amount of $915.67. We now understand we were taken advantage of. What needs and should happen is that Trex needs to stand behind their product, come out and completely replace the deck. We will be glad to give back the $915.67. I would be glad to show anyone this deck. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 27, 2017

The house we purchased 8 years ago had TREX decking on the front and back. Several years ago we noticed it was starting to peel and crack. Found out it was caused by a defective product and there was a class action suit. Contacted TREX and discovered their customer service is as defective as the product. Waited extended period of time for TREX representative to confirm the material was defective and to put in a replacement order. Received confirmation letter that also informed me that the matching railings were no longer available. Also told there would be no reimbursement for labor cost to remove and replace the decking. It's costing me $3,500 to do that. Then I get a letter saying it would be three to four weeks for my material to be delivered once I contacted the shipping company.

Another lie, the delivery time is out three MONTHS. If TREX wanted to do the right thing, they would use more than one small shipping company. Just another ploy so they don't have to provide the replacement materials. If you are in the market to purchase a house and it has TREX products, refuse to purchase the house. If you own a home and want to build a deck, don't buy a TREX product. The company has a bad product and bad customer service. They shouldn't be in business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2017

In 2007 we had our deck built by professional contractor to code using Trex origin color saddle. The boards faded badly and then a piece of ice fell from the roof and broke 4 boards totally through. Now we cannot get replacement by boards and they are out of warranty. What do we do? Remove and replace the entire deck?

61 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

I had my deck built off the ground so moisture would not be the problem, but after a year water puddled in areas and the entire deck exposed to the sun faded. I called the place my contractor bought decking from. They hummed around and finally replaced the fading area. But in 1 year it faded again!!! Now I want someone to come and redo the deck with another color or return my money. IS ANYONE know how we can get a class act suit? Because my deck was built in 2014.

73 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2016

Although I have not yet had issues with mold, I can see how this could happen. First off, the deck boards have a slightly concave profile, which cups water, morning dew, etc. Had the engineers at Trex made the boards with a slight rise in the center of the board. The water would run off rather than sit there half the day waiting for the sun to burn it off. As the boards cannot absorb any water, the deck is always wet. My wife and I have always enjoyed having our morning coffee on the deck. Now I have to run over it with a squeegee every morning to avoid getting wet feet (Something I never had to do with our old PT wood deck). The same thing can be said for the railing, the top profile is dead flat. (A slight rise in the center would have cut the drying time exponentially). The longer something stays wet, the greater the chance mold will form, especially where lack sun exposure is an issue.

As for quality control, Trex leaves a lot to be desired. While planning my new deck I tried to ensure a minimum amount of waste, hence most sections were built to match the size of boards available. While changing direction of the boards, I noticed the ends were not lining up properly. After checking them I was quite upset to find out that nearly every board was cut off square. Having to re-cut every board to correct this was time consuming as well as annoying. (Considering this is a manufactured product, and how much I paid for it, the least they could have done is cut the ends square).

As for the railings, I have no idea how they pass building code anywhere. When installing the bottom railing, I was completely floored to find out the ends were supported by a screw from the top down giving a whole new meaning to hanging by a thread. I built the first section with a 5' span with a center support and then stepped on the bottom rail. As suspected the screws just pulled right through. Very unsafe as my deck is about 10' off the ground. (What engineer designed this!) Needless to say, I purchased additional brackets and supported the rest of the railing from below as it should have been in the first place. I am hoping someone from the Trex company reads this review and addresses these issues. This could be a far better product and have more satisfied customers by making a few changes and keeping a closer eye on quality control.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

Purchased and installed Trex Accent in Fall, 2012 and it began spotting terribly in 2013. Cleaned as directed on Trex's website, and within 2 months it began spotting again. Contacted Trex and completed their lengthy claim form. Claim was denied stating there is no manufacturing defect. The mold and/or mildew are not covered. I have other decking materials on my home and none have ever 'spotted' as TREX does. Completely dissatisfied with this product and disappointed that I believed all the 'low maintenance' hype.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2016

We bought a home 10 years ago and the Trex deck that were installed are now faded moldy and warped. We have tried everything to get them repaired and cleaned without any success. We also consulted with a contractor who was very knowledgeable about Trex composite decking. He informed us that the or type of Trex that was installed in our yard when bought our home has been discontinued. He has been replacing decks similar to ours due to molding, warping and basically disintegrating due to wear and tear. He also mentioned that when Trex decking similar to our are installed too close to ground often get moldy crack and chip. We need help on getting sometime of reimbursement. It will cost at least 15 thousand to replace our deck and the cost does that include removal. Let's get class action suit filed since we have missed the first one that was filed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2016

Trex decking looks awful after only 5 yrs. Why isn't everyone heading toward Federal Court? This appears malicious and it isn't stopping. We have the same problem everyone here has. It's pores and faded. When you use the power washer it still looks spotty and the deck almost appears like an ugly sponge. It was suppose to look like stained wood, so that's where we are going for. Cosmetics and the appearance and value of our home they have taken. It's almost 30,000.00 we will be tackling with them. CALL LAWYERS, do not let them ignore any of this. Get a group to go to the gov.

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Original review: July 2, 2016

I put new Trex Composite Decking on new house build deck in 2010. This June of 2016 I added onto my original existing deck. When I went to buy additional Trex decking for the addition I found out that what I have is discontinued. After some research I discovered there was a class action lawsuit on this particular decking for flaking and decomposing. The Class Action lawsuit had a "claim window" of December 2012 to May of 2013 (6 months). If you did not file a claim within that window you are out of luck. So I now have a new addition on my deck which I cannot purchase matching product. My only option is to replace the entire old decking at a cost of $8,132 (original deck is 950 sq. ft. deck X $8 sq. ft. plus sales tax).

This does not include the cost to remove the old decking or lay the new decking down where the old, discontinued decking is/was. The net cost to replace the 6-year-old Trex Composite Decking (material cost, tax, labor) is estimated at $12,300. These figures do not include my new addition, only the existing Trex decking... which is no longer available. Very disappointing. Last note: I have gone to 3 different lumber companies looking for new decking. All 3 of those yard carry the Trex product. Within those 3 yards Trex is the most decking. I found it very interesting that all 3 representatives at each location suggested I do not go with Trex (unsolicited). They all said it is overpriced, poor quality and has the most claims of any of their other decking brands.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2016

We bought Trex in 2003 and built a deck. The main reason we bought Trex was because of the warranty. Within 10 years of building it, it began to warp, looking like weather had hurt it. We immediately contacted Trex. It took quite a while for their representative to come look at it. He claimed only a very few boards were an issue and offered to give us a very small monetary amount to replace them. By then, Trex no longer made that color anymore and it would have looked ridiculous, not matching. What a joke of a warranty. Don't believe their warranty. Don't buy Trex!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2016

We purchased Trex for our front porch when the deck redone $7000 and some change later - mainly for the lack of maint since my husband is a disabled veteran and we need to cut down on the around the house work to what I can handle on my own. By the beginning of May in Northern CA it's really difficult to walk on it in your bare feet on. By July it's shoes only. You can end up with blisters if you step on a direct sun area. I cannot let my dogs out on it at all. After @ 6 yrs it's starting to lose the grain pattern and your hands get dusty when you touch the deck rails.

We were not warned about the heat problem - or that it is worse for the darker colors of decking. My only option is to cover it with indoor/outdoor carpeting. Which then creates mold after it rains. We purchased it so I would not need to worry about the deck for @20 years according to the contractor - I may need to have it replaced because it's just too hot in the summer and the potential for injury to a small child or pet is pretty high.

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76 people found this review helpful
Original review: June 2, 2016

We have just had our deck finished with gravel path for the outside of the deck called picture frame, and saddle for the spine and middle of deck. We bought it from Home Depot, and we used the Pro Desk lady, Liz. She was very helpful in the designing of our deck. We had the deck installed by a professional installer, no complaints there. The deck looks great, my only complaint is I have doggy paw prints all over the deck and I can't get them off. I was told to use dish soap and scrub them and then rinse off. I did it but they are still there... now contacting TREX. I have read the other reviews about mold and warping, but no stains?

53 people found this review helpful
Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: May 17, 2017

I found that the material is made by Tamko, not Trex, Trex did reply to me after I learned the builder did not use Trex. The deck is still failing and Tamko has accepted my claim, but only offered a fraction of the cost to replace the decking and rail system that is crumbling. So Trex gets 5 star, Tamko gets 1 star for failing to replace/warranty the materials that need replacing.

Original review: June 1, 2016

My first deck in Ramona Ca. is perfect ware and no fade. No mold, great stuff. Then we bought a house with an 80 ft. deck that was built as new const. about 8 yrs. ago and the 2X2 vertical posts are decomposing into flakey crumbly faded material. The 2x6 planks are not as bad, but they show decay as well. I thought this stuff was like the stuff I had in my other house. The general contractor that built this house is going to get a call from me asap. There better be a solution to this because this deck is elevated and long and part of the house structure. Not a pop out on grade. It's a 10ft. elevated deck. I am looking into the class action claims now.

42 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 24, 2016

Don't buy Trex. It's been a nightmare for us. Although it gets full sun for most of the day, the mold issue is horrible and requires cleaning so often it's excessive. The only product I have found that removes the mold is Kaboom mold and mildew cleaner. You need to soak the deck with it and let it sit for a while then hose it off. It looks great temporarily, but the mold returns after only a few weeks. Trex customer service has not been helpful at all. Our deck is only 2 years old. We are so disappointed.

66 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 25, 2016

I have TREX Decking on my deck and on the steps going to my house and steps going to the dock. One fifth of the steps are crumbling like sawdust (Not every step and some of the lower deck). The crumbling Trex looks somewhat precarious. It has been this way for the last 8 years. The first couple years it looked fine - but then it started to crumble and now it looks terrible. My children have been confronting me to do something about it. I have talked with Sliters in Bigfork, MT where we bought it. They suggested I go to Trex Decking...

40 people found this review helpful

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