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Purchased and installed Trex Accent in Fall, 2012 and it began spotting terribly in 2013. Cleaned as directed on Trex's website, and within 2 months it began spotting again. Contacted Trex and completed their lengthy claim form. Claim was denied stating there is no manufacturing defect. The mold and/or mildew are not covered. I have other decking materials on my home and none have ever 'spotted' as TREX does. Completely dissatisfied with this product and disappointed that I believed all the 'low maintenance' hype.

We bought a home 10 years ago and the Trex deck that were installed are now faded moldy and warped. We have tried everything to get them repaired and cleaned without any success. We also consulted with a contractor who was very knowledgeable about Trex composite decking. He informed us that the or type of Trex that was installed in our yard when bought our home has been discontinued. He has been replacing decks similar to ours due to molding, warping and basically disintegrating due to wear and tear. He also mentioned that when Trex decking similar to our are installed too close to ground often get moldy crack and chip. We need help on getting sometime of reimbursement. It will cost at least 15 thousand to replace our deck and the cost does that include removal. Let's get class action suit filed since we have missed the first one that was filed.

Trex decking looks awful after only 5 yrs. Why isn't everyone heading toward Federal Court? This appears malicious and it isn't stopping. We have the same problem everyone here has. It's pores and faded. When you use the power washer it still looks spotty and the deck almost appears like an ugly sponge. It was suppose to look like stained wood, so that's where we are going for. Cosmetics and the appearance and value of our home they have taken. It's almost 30,000.00 we will be tackling with them. CALL LAWYERS, do not let them ignore any of this. Get a group to go to the gov.

I put new Trex Composite Decking on new house build deck in 2010. This June of 2016 I added onto my original existing deck. When I went to buy additional Trex decking for the addition I found out that what I have is discontinued. After some research I discovered there was a class action lawsuit on this particular decking for flaking and decomposing. The Class Action lawsuit had a "claim window" of December 2012 to May of 2013 (6 months). If you did not file a claim within that window you are out of luck. So I now have a new addition on my deck which I cannot purchase matching product. My only option is to replace the entire old decking at a cost of $8,132 (original deck is 950 sq. ft. deck X $8 sq. ft. plus sales tax).

This does not include the cost to remove the old decking or lay the new decking down where the old, discontinued decking is/was. The net cost to replace the 6-year-old Trex Composite Decking (material cost, tax, labor) is estimated at $12,300. These figures do not include my new addition, only the existing Trex decking... which is no longer available. Very disappointing. Last note: I have gone to 3 different lumber companies looking for new decking. All 3 of those yard carry the Trex product. Within those 3 yards Trex is the most decking. I found it very interesting that all 3 representatives at each location suggested I do not go with Trex (unsolicited). They all said it is overpriced, poor quality and has the most claims of any of their other decking brands.

We bought Trex in 2003 and built a deck. The main reason we bought Trex was because of the warranty. Within 10 years of building it, it began to warp, looking like weather had hurt it. We immediately contacted Trex. It took quite a while for their representative to come look at it. He claimed only a very few boards were an issue and offered to give us a very small monetary amount to replace them. By then, Trex no longer made that color anymore and it would have looked ridiculous, not matching. What a joke of a warranty. Don't believe their warranty. Don't buy Trex!

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We purchased Trex for our front porch when the deck redone $7000 and some change later - mainly for the lack of maint since my husband is a disabled veteran and we need to cut down on the around the house work to what I can handle on my own. By the beginning of May in Northern CA it's really difficult to walk on it in your bare feet on. By July it's shoes only. You can end up with blisters if you step on a direct sun area. I cannot let my dogs out on it at all. After @ 6 yrs it's starting to lose the grain pattern and your hands get dusty when you touch the deck rails.

We were not warned about the heat problem - or that it is worse for the darker colors of decking. My only option is to cover it with indoor/outdoor carpeting. Which then creates mold after it rains. We purchased it so I would not need to worry about the deck for @20 years according to the contractor - I may need to have it replaced because it's just too hot in the summer and the potential for injury to a small child or pet is pretty high.

We have just had our deck finished with gravel path for the outside of the deck called picture frame, and saddle for the spine and middle of deck. We bought it from Home Depot, and we used the Pro Desk lady, Liz. She was very helpful in the designing of our deck. We had the deck installed by a professional installer, no complaints there. The deck looks great, my only complaint is I have doggy paw prints all over the deck and I can't get them off. I was told to use dish soap and scrub them and then rinse off. I did it but they are still there... now contacting TREX. I have read the other reviews about mold and warping, but no stains?

My first deck in Ramona Ca. is perfect ware and no fade. No mold, great stuff. Then we bought a house with an 80 ft. deck that was built as new const. about 8 yrs. ago and the 2X2 vertical posts are decomposing into flakey crumbly faded material. The 2x6 planks are not as bad, but they show decay as well. I thought this stuff was like the stuff I had in my other house. The general contractor that built this house is going to get a call from me asap. There better be a solution to this because this deck is elevated and long and part of the house structure. Not a pop out on grade. It's a 10ft. elevated deck. I am looking into the class action claims now.

Don't buy Trex. It's been a nightmare for us. Although it gets full sun for most of the day, the mold issue is horrible and requires cleaning so often it's excessive. The only product I have found that removes the mold is Kaboom mold and mildew cleaner. You need to soak the deck with it and let it sit for a while then hose it off. It looks great temporarily, but the mold returns after only a few weeks. Trex customer service has not been helpful at all. Our deck is only 2 years old. We are so disappointed.

I have TREX Decking on my deck and on the steps going to my house and steps going to the dock. One fifth of the steps are crumbling like sawdust (Not every step and some of the lower deck). The crumbling Trex looks somewhat precarious. It has been this way for the last 8 years. The first couple years it looked fine - but then it started to crumble and now it looks terrible. My children have been confronting me to do something about it. I have talked with Sliters in Bigfork, MT where we bought it. They suggested I go to Trex Decking...

After having a house fire in 2006 my husband decided he wanted to redo our porch with Trex. We purchase it on 9/12/08 at Home Depot after we did some research and read that it had a 25 year guarantee. That it would not fade, mold, warp, chip and so on. $3087.13 later our porch was done and 4 years later mold. And my porch looked a little lighter in color. It's now almost 8 years. My porch is almost white. The mold is horrible. I tried to contact company and I got a recording and found out there was a class action lawsuit regarding this and case was closed in 2014. We were never notified about this from anyone.

Trex support handled our situation in a very professional manner. We did speak to an attorney and were preparing an action as a result of the original decline to our claim. After reviewing the report prepared for them - we were able to correct a pretty glaring error by the Company doing the diagnostics (a downspout had been removed in order to address a structural issue, and had been replaced shortly after their inspection). The error appeared to point to a water issues of improper drainage, but we were able to provide pictures of the before and after to show that there was not a drainage issue, and the matter was quickly resolved to our satisfaction.

The one piece of advice I would give to anyone in our situation, pay close attention to the details, have your own decking and engineers come in and do an independent review- (cost of a couple hundred dollars) and then you can make your assessments based on good information.

If/when you are declined when you submit your claim, make sure you inquire as to the reason and ask to see the report they based their decision on- in our case we were able to stay on top of the details and work towards an acceptable solution. Most importantly stay patient and work with their people, they are very good and in many cases working with limited information- provide as much documentation as you can to resolve the issue without resorting to hiring counsel. Good luck to you!

Original Review

I wanted to post a note regarding our installation and subsequent warranty filing. The product was installed in 06-07 on a new construction home wrap around deck. Over a couple of years the boards swelled and eventually came together creating large amounts of pooling on the deck - at the wrap around corner - it's actually pushed the banding out creating gaps in the railing system that will need to be addressed. After having my own engineer and installer inspect the deck, we went ahead and filed a warranty claim. It took a couple of months and several letters back and forth but Trex has now agreed to replace the product. We did ultimately request a copy of the report from which our claim was originally denied - there were a couple of discrepancies in the report which we were able to clarify for them.

I have had several conversations with Mrs ** - the warranty representative - and she has always presented herself in an empathetic and professional manner. We have all our documentation from the original installation along with letters and receipts from the installer. The installer was included in much of the communication and we forwarded his responses to the assessments from Trex so they could have additional input on the decision process. While we have yet to receive the replacement materials we were satisfied with the process and we're looking forward to moving on. We built a second deck with the Trex Transcend last year and will continue to use their products on our future decks.

We replaced 3 large, second story, decks with Trex Transcend decking. Living on the top of a hill that sees forever, we get wind. We were warned by our master carpenter that a previous client had experienced significant whistling from the wind blowing like a trumpet, through the hidden deck fasteners. Somehow he installed the fasteners so we don't experience the whistle. But, what we did experience is 4, 20" potted tomato plants & our grill blown completely off the deck. The heavy cast aluminum patio table with 8 chairs were slammed into the house. Luckily they hit the siding rather than the windows, which would have broken out. Now we are terrified when we go out of town & have to pull everything to touching the side of the house in hopes of less damage as it readily blows across the slick Transcends Trex. One more reason to NOT put in Trex.

I installed 900 sq ft of "best" Trex decking in my backyard in 2005. It rains during winter in the Pacific Northwest here. First winter, the planks warped into U-shape and hold water in poodles on its surface. It also sags between traces as much as half an inch.

Trex Spice Rum decking - Bought/installed Trex on 3 porches. Product looked 'cloudy', not at all like photos. Think we made a big mistake. Very dissatisfied/disappointed in customer service response.

I had my deck built in 1997. So, 18 years later and my Trex looks like it did when it was new. The only problem I've had is it's slippery when it gets frost on it. I fell down the steps one morning.

Bought a new home in 2004 that had a 700 sq ft of Trex decking that surrounded half the house. After two years the decking was flaking and fading even in the mild climate of central coast California. I went on the Trex website and they said the Trex material can be painted. I use the recommended Behr paint for decks. Looked great for another two years then the paint began to peel. The flaking Trex underneath the paint continues to deteriorate causing the paint to lift off in big chips. See photo. What a horrible product and what a horrible company. I don't have paperwork, receipts, or any of the so called evidence that Trex demands so it's a waste of time and effort to try and file a claim regarding the class action suit against them. I don't see how this company stays in business.

Bought the product in 2012 and some boards are deteriorating and some aren't. I had to replace 3 of my steps due to it.

We built our house in 2003-2004. We installed the Trex decking on a front, elevated, screened in porch approx.. 10 x 48 ft. The first thing we noticed was how soft the material was and how easily it scratched and dented if you dropped something on it or moved furniture. Next came the mold issue. Every time it rained or we had any extended time of dampness, there were areas that turned almost black. Then it faded. Even though almost the entire porch is under roof, it had faded.

The one small landing outside the enclosure stays moldy. I have to pressure wash it several times a year to clean it. I had a cat that lived on this deck for several years. While I expected some wear and tear on the deck, I didn't expect the stains. No matter what you try to clean it with, stains do not come out. We have not had any warping issues or any areas that are disintegrating. Since we installed it ourselves and have pressure washed it several times, I'm sure the warranty was voided long ago.

We are in the process of building an additional deck on the back of the house and plan on using composite decking again. We would not use a Trex product again. Although, most of the composite decking seems to have changed, I don't trust Trex because of all the issues I've read and their apparent lack of response and warranty honoring. We'll take a chance with another brand.

Deck was installed 3 years ago and the black mold just keeps re-appearing. I cannot find any products to dissolve this mold. I am concerned it is coming from the inside of the product.

We installed a Trex deck 12 years ago. It is still very beautiful. I experience none of the warping issues I've read here. I do get mold but I feel it is not the fault of Trex decking. I inadvertently voided my warranty in the second year by power washing mold and leaves from the deck. The only problem I've had is not due to the Trex but to the installation. It was installed by the contractor who built our house and they put the boards too close together in many places. I would advise specific instructions BOLDLY written for an order. Because they are so close together, dirt, helicopter seeds from trees become stuck and are difficult to remove. In some places, dirt has become a sort of glue and cannot be removed. I would recommend Trex decking materials for anyone wanting a beautiful, virtually maintenance-free product. I wanted to install Trex at our beach house but the historic preservation committee vetoed our use of anything synthetic.

This product is so expensive yet so disappointing. It gets so hot you can not stand on it and it is also discoloring which I discovered from other reviews is mold. The deck is only 2 years old!!

I noticed last year there was some black staining. So I washed the deck and this year, it's worse. It appears to be mold. What is the remedy? It was sold as maintenance free and a lifetime materials warranty. Material was ordered through and installed by Lowe's in Wentzville MO.

We bought our home with a big beautiful deck made of Trex. It was one of the reasons we bought the home. Now 7 years later the whole thing is starting to peel. We were told to sand and seal it. It didn't work. Now what? It is not like wood. How do we fix this without replacing the entire thing?

When I lived in NC I ordered and spent thousands of dollars for Trex Decking for my pool and entertainment area. After two years it warped in 3 areas and also was not told that the material gets so hot that it burns your feet... not very enjoyable and in some spots there was mold. I called the manufacturer and he wanted me to check on the boards for the number/code and told him "I can't check every board for a white sticker with a number" and told him "I have the receipt which shows Lowe's delivered the material (over $5,000.)" He said he can't help me and to have a Lowe's manager take a look at the damage. He was rude and curt.

Will never, ever recommend Trex... per my niece, not recommended for children. Had to buy an area outdoor rug for them. Horrible! I purchased this in 2009 from Lowe's in Shallotte, NC. I lived at ** Ocean Isle Beach, NC. I hired a contractor to fix the warp section and a professional commercial cleaning crew to get rid of the mold which cost me a few hundred dollars and sold my home in July 2013. (All my paperwork/receipts are with the new homeowners.) Again will voice mine and my nieces' experience with Trex Decking...never again!

Do not buy TREX composite decking. We thought we were buying a product that would last. After 5 years the boards are badly faded and the surface is disintegrating. It will not be long before we have to replace the TREX decking as it is turning to sawdust. This is an expensive product that does not deliver on its promises. Stay away! Avoid like the plague. Do not go near this stuff at any price. It's garbage.

We installed TREX decking 3 years ago on our floating deck (it's above torch on). We were advised by TREX that this would be fine. The boards came warped. The Trex Rep told us they would settle down in a short time. They continued to worsen and the TREX rep came after 1.5 years and told us it was the support structure that was warping not the TREX boards even though we showed them the pictures of the warped boards prior to install. It has now been three years and we have spent countless hours talking circles with the TREX people. They are TERRIBLE to deal with. We are going to remove the TREX material and throw it out.... Please do not install this crap on your deck.... It's a waste of money.

We have had our Trex Decking for 2 years. The first time it rained after the decking was installed, we had water running into our basement. We contacted our contractor and he came back and cut off some of the post so the deck has a slight incline for the water to run off. That did help the problem of the water running into our basement however, now when it rains the water pools on the deck and it looks like a swamp. We have to take a broom and sweep off the standing water. Very unhappy with this expensive decking and not sure how to correct this problem.

We had our dream deck built out of Trex material. The summer after it was built the materials became warped, cracked and stained. It is not safe to walk on. We had benches put around the edges of the deck and they have all tilted outward. I suspect the benches will eventually fall off completely. I cannot believe this deck material is sold in the U.S. I expected more from my $15k. What a waste.

Our dock builder recommends Trex. No showroom in the area. We order $70 worth of samples, choose our colors, and we pay postage to return the samples. Trex refuses to credit. We are online to buy $25,000 worth of product. Trex has no business ethic towards the "right" way to treat a potential customer. Time to check out the competition. Sad and their ego will define their future.

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