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Reviewed June 8, 2023

So frustrating. I’d been playing Zynga poker for about 14 years already. I have about 100 billion chips with me with good statistics tied to myself. All of the sudden everything is gone and I’m unable to log in via my Facebook account. They tried to help but we are just going in circle as they are asking the same info over and over, they promised to fix the issue as they see my account being still active but I don’t see any improvements. With all these, I lost my trust with Zynga. I find this as an indirect way of robbing people. They will make you spend money and all of the sudden you no longer have access to your own account regardless how long you kept it. I recommend everyone to stay away with this company. I also want bring up that Zynga poker could have bots that play along with other real people and robbing these people’s hard-earned chips. This company is corrupt!

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Reviewed April 18, 2023

Just back again. They keep telling me it's random algorithm and crap. Played pretty much a month straight and can count on 1 hand how many times I won. Just played Omaha 100 mil. 10. straight hands. I didn't even match a pair all those cards how is that even possible? Do not I repeat do not put real money in a game you can't even win fake chips.

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    Reviewed April 8, 2023

    I have played Zynga poker for over 15 years, since the game started up. The most annoying thing about this game is that there are thousands of people selling chips illegally who don't even play the game, sending you buddy requests every few minutes. Every single one has a name with "Do you want buy chips 1T 5T 100T.". Zynga does nothing to remove them because they are Zynga employees. No one who plays the game sends buddy requests. Next, the cards are not random. You will get hole pairs 2-3X more often than the law of averages would suggest, and it is not unusual to get five hole pairs in a row or five people have hole pairs in the same hand. You can always tell when someone has a hole pair because they always go all-in pre-flop.

    Since the beginning, I have noticed something very unusual: whenever I have a 4, 5, or 9 in the pocket, the other two show up eventually. It is true about ~95% of the time. I count on that outcome and I know I cannot win. (Note: I am a mathematician and these types of things really jump out at me.) Zynga puts countless things in the game that work against you psychologically. Little things that exist just to screw with you. For example, every time you log in to the game the default tables are the highest you can afford so you go in with all your chips. That's just the worst thing you can do. So you have to change it every time. When you set the number of chips you want, the slider is one pixel thick, so if you're not stacking the maximum, it takes an eternity to move it and change it to your preferred amount, and by that time someone else is in your seat.

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    Reviewed March 26, 2023

    Found this site and played a hundred games...Verdict, totally corrupt...Constantly asking me to buy chips. The hands that were dealt were obvious set-ups, even if I had a top hand. My opinion is that Zynga is totally corrupt.

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    Reviewed March 8, 2023

    Rigged 4 Betting Enticement IMPOSSIBLE Hands. Let's start with some facts...60+ years of Poker & 40+ years in computers...This game is one of the most rigged operations I have ever seen. Virtually IMPOSSIBLE hands in play. Community Full Houses, Flushes, Str8 Flushes, 4 of a Kinds, and more. Totally infested with bots, fraudulent chip sellers and many more. Scam players with totally impossible statistics...I.E. $27T in bank, biggest win of $80T and has only played 300 hands and only won 60 hands, WITH a Royal Flush as High hand!!

    I'll give ONE example of just ONE of the hands I have got scammed on....AA in the hole, A2K on the flop, K on the Turn....I'm sitting on a AAAKK facing ONE!! 2, betting like a fool and this yahoo is matching and raising me...Over $2T in the pot and the river is another 2!! Go in for another TRILLION facing 2 2's with a AAAKK FH and guess what..this joker is sitting on a pair of 2's!!! THIS IS JUST ONE of HUNDREDS!! of examples of this kind of hand that I have lost TRILLIONS & TRILLIONS & TRILLIONS on!! The ONLY ONE card that can beat me just MIRACULOUSLY APPEARS!! And I've watched the exact same scenario unfold for countless other players! And these jokers just happen to pop in for 4 or 5 hands and follow the same betting pattern REPEATEDLY!!

    They claim their RNG (Random Number Generator) is "fair and rated by a gaming organization"...Well...I've written RNG's in DOS/IBM360 Assembler language over 40 years ago...it's almost impossible to do properly. One thing I have observed CONSISTENTLY is the occurrence of EVEN numbered cards that always show up...2-4-6-8-10's. I have had that very combination of 2-4-6-8-10 between my hole cards and/or community cards an IMPOSSIBLY HIGH number of times...I have also observed an absolute opposite amount of occurrences of odd numbered cards...-3-5-7-9's. This gets back to the way RNG's work and why it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to build a TRUE RNG!!! This game is NOT fair!!

    Their VIP scam is also a joke. I have been told to let my VIP Rep know about purchases so they can do all this miraculous service for me and don't get squat!! They say they can only "match" chip purchases and not Gold purchases....EXCUSE ME??? CASH IS CASH IS CASH!! You're selling a nebulous product that has NO intrinsic value but because I don't buy a certain category of their product, I don't get ANYTHING!!

    This is possibly the biggest fraudulent game I have ever seen....and I've seen just about all of them after 40+ years....A class action lawsuit needs to be filed with INDEPENDENT reviewer's going into the nuts and bolts of their gaming code, review of all their billings, how many fake player accounts there are, how many illegal chip sellers there are, and show what a scam this is.

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    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2023

    Ever since Zynga took over in Golf Rival online gaming has gotten so greedy with their money. The game manipulates the player right in the beginning. It's known as a "camping" game. It says nothing about that in its review. People advance so far and get frustrated at low clubs being extremely unfairly matched. So the $ you did put into it to get to higher levels is replaced with making a new account to build up your clubs in low levels. Any game you want to get to higher levels. Nowhere in its review you're told to stay at low levels and build your clubs. So the $ starts over.

    Anytime in challenges or Kingdom you're always unfairly matched pushing you to purchase better balls just to barely compete. Even then it's really hard. Every single player knows ever since Zynga took over the game sees any change that's made is about generating income for them. Before they took over it was about providing fun and fairness to the player. Not anymore. Just a complete scam. Every single game Zynga takes over or makes it always fails due to their greediness of money and plays like they benefit the player too. They do some reviews and asks players what they want in the game but they're only dismissed unless it provides a huge revenue for them. The reason how I know it's how everybody thinks is by private FB sites for GR. Golf Rival has absolutely no affiliation. And separate YT videos that explains how the game will benefit the player. GR does no mention of this in hopes you spend money and do it all over again.

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    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2023

    After years of playing Zynga Poker, I accumulated over $225 billion in chips. I was able to do so despite the frequent bots who seemed to always know my hand and magically pull the winning card on the river. I also endured frequent harassment by ** shysters trying to sell me ill gotten chips at a discount. After all this, Zynga had the nerve to freeze my account and confiscate all my 225 billion chips, 125,000 in gold, 50,000 tickets, as well as my watch tokens that were over half way toward earning a 360 billion watch payment. They falsely claimed that I violated their terms and conditions and would not even consider the possibility that they were wrong. Case closed, they stole from me years of hard earned assets. My only recourse appears to be to point this out to others who are considering buying chips from this company so they won't be swindled like me. Shame on Zynga!!!!

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    Reviewed Feb. 28, 2022

    I have played WWF for years. I report when a scammer tries to ask for money or gift cards. Impersonating military etc. Zynga does nothing except disable my account. A legitimate player. They enable!!!

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    Reviewed Jan. 12, 2022

    I have been playing Gin Rummy through Facebook for 5 years. My laptop quit and I replaced it, logged into facebook, no problem. Went to play gin and had lost my chat rights for some reason (worked great for 5 years). I reported to support... What a joke they are...lol. Anyway...after waiting an inordinate amount of time for a response, I was finally instructed to make sure my account on facebook was the same account... Wow, do they pay the support people there??? Anyway after many back and forth emails I was instructed to try numerous thing, none of which helped. FINALLY, they told me they could find no record of me having typing privileges. So for me to be able to type I need to repay for the feature. It is not the money but the way they treat people is pathetic. Pitiful company.

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    Reviewed Nov. 16, 2021

    I paid Zynga poker for playchips - some chips got stolen from account, no chips were given on many winning hands, and most hands were losing hands, therefore, no way to win chips at zynga after purchasing chips. Before purchase when I was new customer - no problems, all the problems came after I purchased chips, I made more than one purchase thinking at some point I would win chips, and all the problems persisted, clearly it's not normal to only lose chips 100 percent of the time but every time - same thing, if I won and managed to be given the winning chips - they got stolen from account after.

    Zynga cheats and steals in every way is all zynga does targeting customers, too many odd things I've seen occur and it seems like I'm only playing zynga bots and zynga controlling everything like they have programmed their system, and they give false information for their leaderboard and winning amounts - I only lost chips always but zynga was showing me as winning, therefore they falsify all information.

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