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Last updated: April 20, 2018

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Original review: April 20, 2018

I like Judge Judy. I like a woman with balls. I feel like her and I could be friends but I would never want to be judged by her. My complaint is with the two horrible women criminal prosecutors on Hot Bench. I want my cation Downey court then transferred to Hot Bench when they called and asked me to come. I lost my case to the 2 women who immediately didn't like me and my beautiful witness get my drift? My case was slam dunk and because of all personal things like calling me a stupid Italian and calling me names in Italian which maybe they don't think people understand but we understand how prejudiced, bias, unprofessional, unjudicial, what absolute ** these women are! And if that's what they're going after well they've got it.

No one should go on this show. It's totally personal and has nothing to do with the law and only has to do with how hot these 2 women think... they are. With their fake smiles and horrible attitudes. God help us if this what our judicial system would be like with these 2 women. The man was intelligent and on my side but he had no chance against those vampires. This show should be taken off the air... And by the way ladies you're not hot.

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Original review: April 18, 2018

I am sick of Judge Judy running pit bulls down. I have owned several breeds of dogs in my 51 years of life. The only dogs I've had that have bitten anyone was a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian. My pitbull is 7 years old and a gentle giant. It's misleading information by an old woman like this that give a wonderful breed of dog a bad name.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12, 2018

If you are contacted by the show, make sure you do your research before going on. I did not and had only watched it a couple of times over the years. I was very naive and ignorant on how it’s run. My wrong belief was that it would be based on evidence and the truth. It is not. I thought it would be an easy way to settle my case. It would have been a slam-dunk case in a real court. My belief is she and the powers to be already knew what they wanted as an outcome and only for TV ratings. Boy was I naive. It didn’t matter about the free trip.

I use to live in California, and it was not an incentive to return. It was only to speed up the process for my case and rectify the problem I had and still do. When I realized which way it was going, I knew enough to keep my mouth closed as I realized it was already a done deal. Think about it if they contact you. It’s much better to go through the real courts. What do I have? My legal issue is not solved. And most importantly, it confirms that people do not do the right thing. It is purely a TV show and is not a real ethical part of any court system. Have an attorney read over everything you sign. He or she will advise you of the pitfalls.

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Original review: March 21, 2018

I went on Judge Judy because my friend's dog attacked my dog in her house and we had to have her eye removed adding to 4,000 in vet bills. I didn't want to go because I knew she was going to ridicule me on national TV but I knew I had to do it because of my dog. I had written statements from the defendant saying she will take full responsibility and by LAW the defendant is LIABLE. She didn't even let me show my evidence, she didn't talk to me or hear my side. The defendant said one thing and she called the case dismissed. The producers had assured me I would win since I had 100% of the evidence and the defendant had 0%. I left traumatized, they cost me $4,000, and my one year old puppy would never get justice from what that women did to her.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 18, 2018

I was a litigant on her show and on National TV, she did not even read the police report before making her ruling which spoke to the facts. Instead she inserted her own presumptions and heresy, something that is not legal in any court of law. Hollywood and $47 million a year have allowed her to be an actor, not a true judge. Any real Judge would have insisted on the Police Report before rendering a decision.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2018

I worked in law for many years, and she gives an entirely false representation of the legal system. She thinks she is an expert in every area, and she makes her mind up without looking at evidence. Yelling and degrading someone does not make you "correct". She does not reflect any true conception of the court system, and if these cases were heard in court, they would have an entirely different outcome. She is so disgraceful. All it takes is 5 seconds of seeing the show while flipping through the channels to be disgusted.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 5, 2018

I watched an episode on Fox 19, 1-5-18. The 6 to 6:30 showing. It was appalling how Judge Judy talks as if she knows everything about social security, Section 8 and whatever. She thinks that because a person gets disability, they cannot work. She is dead wrong and she needs to get the facts before she speaks. Social Security encourages people to work; yes they must report that income, and when they do, what they get from Social Security may be reduced, or depending on how much they. Everybody's not out to cheat and it is not her call unless she has all the facts. I highly doubt she does. I get so sick and tired of her speaking as if God gave her the voice on everything, which is absolutely not true. Not to mention, as a judge, she is teaching people to be rude, nasty, and disrespectful.

Please hear the case; but oh, that would mean listening to the presented information. Also, the 5:30 show, the young man's jaw broken because they jumped him, drunk or not, they should not have gotten away with that. I don't know why people go on her show. She really doesn't listen because she thinks she knows the case before you speak. Why bother.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2017

The Judge Judy show allowed my wife and I to get justice for our dog, who had been attacked by another dog, two blocks from our house. The defendant had refused to pay the vet bills, even after trying to contact him numerous times over a one year period. Judge Judy saw the evidence we presented, and asked pertinent and succinct questions to the defendant and us. She saw through his lies and awarded us money for the vet bills and punitive damages. Finally, she threw out his countersuit, because she saw it was a sham. The producers, and all the crew, treated us with dignity and respect, the whole time we were there. If you’re looking for justice, Judge Judy will help you get it, if you have the proper evidence.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

I was initially approached by Kessley **, Associate Producer, of the show. From the beginning, she was very professional and understanding of my case. It took me some time to acquire all of my needed documents & still, Kessley was very patient with me. Later, I spoke with Christy ** and she too was a wonderful woman to work with. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have both ladies by my side throughout the entire process. They prepared me for both worst case & best case scenarios in front of the judge. They did their best to make sure I was completely ready to present my case to Judge Judy. I'm not sure if I'm biased because I won my case but I will say that Judge Judy saw right through the defendant's poor decisions & lack of willingness to take responsibility and sided in my favor. To me, Judge Judy was the best & only option I had to have my case resolved.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I recently was on Judge Judy. What a joke it was. Yes she pays for your ticket and hotel. Besides her rude attitude she doesn’t let you explain your case and present your whole case! Half of my case was not presented therefore I’m out money and super frustrated with how the show was ran! Don’t do it!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

Earlier this year I took an ex-girlfriend onto the show to try to sue her for having me falsely imprisoned which in Arkansas is called a bad arrest. One of the first things out of The Producers mouths to both of us when they found out we were coming from Arkansas was, “Do you have all your teeth.” Haha very funny but so be it. The Producers had told me that they needed some monetary stuff to go along with the bad arrest to spice things up a little. Well I painted the defendant’s truck and they said, “Well what would you charge if you were to charge her for it” and I said, “$750.” So they said, “Well we'll just say let's put down that that she owes you $750 for the paint job on her vehicle Plus the bad arrest part.” Well when it was all said and done the judge called us both liars. In the long run I never even brought up the bad arrest and dismissed both cases mine and her countersuit.

So I've been called a liar on national TV because the producers told me to write in that dollar amount when I knew it didn't happened and it was wrong. So needless to say I couldn't even bring her back home to sue her due the waivers that I signed and agreed to. So now there was four days of jail I had to spend in it. 2 Man cell with 3 people with one of the men who shot his dad in the head on Christmas. So all-in-all I'm out of potential $5,000 for the ruling. 4 days of my life with a convicted Capital One murderer and two days of Court proceedings before my charges here were dismissed due to the bad arrest. My disappointment was the whole reason I went there was for legitimate causes but the producers asked me to lie and I listened knowing it was against my better judgment so I guess I just shot myself in the foot but I wish my cellmate would have come across her that Christmas day instead.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

Two years ago I was severely injured by a motorist while on my bike. The motorist threw me into a car as he was mad at bicyclists for riding in bike lanes... a real crazy man! I tried bringing him to justice via personal injury litigation and nothing worked. As the 'statute' was expiring, I filed my own small claims action against this man to recover my medical expenses, as every law firm said this was NOT a winnable case, or too expensive for them to take on. Judge Judy's staff heard about my case, and even though I thought her court manners, opinions and decisions were a little rough, I knew she could see through this man's arrogance and she ALWAYS can detect a liar and a scoundrel, and she has NO tolerance for any injustice, as long as you can prove it.

I went on the show and sure enough-- after eight law firms in Los Angeles told me I would not only NEVER get this guy into court and win, I won my judgment against this road rage motorist and Judge Judy was the only one that was able to do ANYTHING about this psycho. Not only was I able to pay off my medical bills, but also able to expose this driver who hates bicyclists on TV so that if he is out there doing this again-- and I am sure he is, then this 'conviction' will help the next person that needs to bring him to justice for his transgressions much easier.

Judge Judy is the GREATEST and although some of us would not run a courtroom the way that she does, all I can say-- in my case, was she was the ONLY one in the legal community that not only believed in me & got to the 'truth', but also the ONLY one that had the courage and intelligence to do something that helped someone who had been totally shunned by the legal system. She deserves every penny she works for and I hope she lives to be 100 and continues to right the wrongs of the world for as long as she can.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2017

I never went to see show but watched. Boy she not very smart. Is a mean hearted person. She sometimes dismiss a case without reading it and calls everyone stupid and uglier than she is. Think she thinks knows everything. ** you Judge Judy. You need to retire old ding bat. You think something does make sense. It's a lie. Usually it's a lie however truth does make sense but very rarely.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 7, 2017

I have several times watched Judy blame the buyer of an older car in regard to the laws governing smog testing for the state of California. If a car is older than four years, it is mandatory that the seller must give the buyer a "PASS" smog test that is no older than 90 days. Please tell Judy that she looks ignorant on the show and that her staff should always know the law and tell her before a broadcast. A regular gas powered auto is exempt if it is 1975 or older.

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Original review: July 6, 2017

I really enjoyed my experience throughout my trial process. The producers were very informative and helpful. And were open whenever I had a question. The process went smoothly, the show was fair to both sides and I believe gave a fair chance to both the Plaintiff and the defendant. Everything that was talked about in the first encounter I received. Everything was straightforward. Before the show was going to be filmed, the producers met with me to go over the evidence I had and went over my talking points. I really enjoyed my experience and I was glad on how fast I got my compensation back.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 15, 2017

I used to watch Judge Judy years ago and always thought she was hard but fair. Today I turned on the TV and she was on, so settled down to watch. To say I'm shocked is an understatement! She came across as an abusive, belligerent bully! She wouldn't let anyone explain anything or get a word in edgewise. She thought the plaintiffs were upset over nothing and called them 'sickos', even though she ruled in their favor. She said the plaintiff was a sicko, the husband was a sicko and he was married to a sicko! It was disgusting beyond belief! Does she know the definition of 'sick'? I will never, ever watch this show again, and I hope it's taken off the air soon, as years of telling people what to do seems to have gone to her head.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: April 6, 2017

We were Plaintiffs on Judge Judy and I felt the staff namely Sarah and Kristen were very reassuring to us and helpful during our appearance regarding our claim. Our tenant stole all of our furniture and totally demolished our beautiful Condo in Carlsbad, California. Judge Judy was fair and gave us the maximum award even though we have to spend a lot more than $5000.00 to redo the Condo. At least it will help to replace some of the furniture.

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Original review: Jan. 25, 2017

I was on the Judge Judy Show in 2003. She took everything I owned and gave it away. I hope she is happy. I recently lost my youngest son Aaron who was with me on the show. When she took my stuff, all of my kids' school stuff baby clothes etc. I have nothing of Aaron's to look at. Crazy old woman. Hope she is happy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2016

I've been a fan of Judge Judy since she first aired. My family knows not to bother me for the hour her show is on, I never dreamed I would ever be on her show! In 64 years I've never had a problem that needed to be handled in a Courtroom, until a rotten tree fell on my fence and smashed my daughter's rabbit hutch. Pretty simple, right? Should have been! My neighbor felt he had NO Responsibility for the damage! Luckily my daughter's rabbits were in dog cages, so she could clean the hutch, so they weren't hurt. I talked to my neighbor in person, so did my 36 year old son. The neighbor was very arrogant about the whole thing. I sent a certified letter requesting payment for the repairs and tree removal, along with the estimates. I was only asking for $600.00. Months later I filed for small claims, I felt I had no choice. Fences usually make for good neighbors, but not in this case. The Judge Judy Show called and requested we settle it on the show.

After a lot of thought, I agreed, but didn't think my neighbor would appear on the show. Surprise, He agreed! The producers for Judge Judy, (Sara & Kristen) held my hand through the whole process, told me how it worked and explained I would receive my money if I won my case. They set up EVERYTHING for me. My witness was my son, so he was my travel companion. We could have stayed in Hollywood an extra day at no expense to us, but due to my son's work we just couldn't so our trip was rushed. We ran into a few hiccups on the trip, but nothing major. Either Sara or Kristen was on my phone anytime I had a question or problem. Like I said they held my hand through everything, they were wonderful!!! I feel the motel was extravagant, a lot nicer than needed, but we enjoyed it for 1 night, (they offered 2) and I'm sure my neighbor enjoyed his vacation on someone else's money!

At the Studio we were greeted by security. Security at Judge Judy is much more than any airport! They were very respectful and sweet to us. They rushed us through because my neighbor's cab pulled up, and they never allowed our paths to cross until we were on set. Now we start meeting ALL the people that make Judy Judy's show so great. I'm not good with names, but the man that put our mic's on, came in and made me feel right at home, like an old friend. He got my nerves calmed down joking with me. He was amazing! Then an Attorney, Notary, and others were in and out of the room all very competent and respectful.

Sara & Kristen never left our side. Yes, they looked at all your evidence and tell you what will be best, I had a lot of pictures and because it's a production you don't need to show everything, just the best ones. They do write your statement before your trip, but they bring it to you and ask you to read over it, that is when you can CORRECT it if you don't agree with something they wrote, then you sign it, mine was what I had told them. Yes they inform you it is a SHOW, they deal with Judy every day, they don't want you to waste your time or theirs. They are professionals, they are educated and deal with all sorts of people and personalities.

In my opinion they were helping me, because I was nervous. No tricks, no games, just real people! I took my own make-up, but was thrilled they sent me to Make-up! I might have put my lipstick on my ear, from nerves! Face it, there are some people that just don't know how to put on make-up, so they are really doing it as a favor so you don't look foolish! Then to the set, at 64 I am still learning, I was amazed at how it is all done. When I saw Byrd I was surprised, he is a really big man. I would hate to get on his bad side, but he was a big Teddy-Bear! Very nice man and handsome. When Judge Judy walked out, I nearly fainted, she is such a tiny, beautiful woman, but carries herself with dignity and commands respect! She deserves it, it can't be easy to be fair and put up with some of the nut jobs she has to deal with daily!

Yes, I won my case! Thanks to my neighbor being so arrogant Judy pegged him off the bat, he started off lying and she called him on it quick! Do I have any regrets? Yea, I wanted to show all the evidence I had brought and tell all of my side, but the neighbor talked himself into a hole, so I didn't need to show or say anything!!! Would I ever do it again? Yes! My neighbor will never take care of his property, and there are more rotten trees leaning toward my property, one is aiming at my large shed, so yes I would go back to the show. It would be fun the next time because now I know how it works.

Anyone that say's it's fake or set up is crazy! The people that make that show #1 work really hard, and have to deal with strangers, some good and some just nuts! Even if I had lost my case, I would still feel the same! Judge Judy and Hot Bench are my favorite shows, because you NEVER know what the ruling will be and EVERY case is different! Thanks a million to Judge Judy and her WONDERFUL Staff! Thanks for the experience. You are all #1 and hope the show airs forever. My daughter was pleased to get her rabbit hutch replaced and sends her love to all that made it possible!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

This is what I posted to her but you don't care about those of us that have lost or are fighting for our children. SHAME ON YOU!!! I don't typically watch this show – can say I don't think I had ever watched the show... but it was on and it wasn't about the election so I left the background noise going... but I need to ask what does someone on psychotropic medications look like?? And are they all dumb enough to move their T.V. twice... Shame on you – you have sat on the bench for how many years. You obviously have not educated yourself about brain disease and people taking psychotropic medications... On behalf of myself and other parents who have lost children because of brain disease you should apologize. Shame on you.

Your horrible comments are why there is such a stigma to people who suffer from this disease. Please educate yourself on what someone taking psychotropic medications look like... WOW. Just wow... and we wonder why the world is like it is today. You Judy are part of the problem not the solution... way to make a joke out of an illness that helped lead to my son’s death.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2016

My experience on the Judge Judy show was delightful. Luci ** & Marisa ** who guided me through the process step by step were complete service professionals. I felt welcomed and totally comfortable under their supervision. From the first phone call conversation to the day of the filming they were hands on concern that we were comfortable and at ease. It was exciting and fun for me and my son. We had a memorable and wonderful time. The hotel and accommodations were wonderful. They were easy to talk to. Very helpful to make us feel comfortable and welcomed. I'll never forget the time there and thank Luci & Marisa for their professional manner and attention. They are lovely beautiful ladies and have nothing, but our thanks and gratitude for making our visit amazing and thanks to all the staff. It was wonderful and great to meet Judge Judy and be on the show. 5 stars all the way.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2016

I have loved Judge Judy since it aired. My daughter has always been a huge fan of the show. She and her ex-husband went on the show a couple months ago. They were each permitted one witness. I went with my daughter hoping not to have to testify. God was good. I just sat on the side and didn't have to say anything. We tried talking them out of going but they just had to do it. So I took the plunge for the chance to see Judge Judy live and an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood.

My daughter's case was dismissed, just as we figured it would be, and she now hates the show. She went in like many do... Thinking she'd walk away with money and get to see Hollywood. And that's why people are upset over it. They're going in thinking of court and expecting cash. If you're not a litigant though, you go in to be entertained.

Of course you're going to be told things to say. They even take you through makeup. It's television. Yes she was a judge at one time. Yes she is harsh or maybe narcissistic. That's Hollywood. She's doing what makes the show such a long-running hit. She's doing just what the litigants are told to do... Saying things that keeps the show entertaining. Once my daughter got over her mad, we had a good day out on a sightseeing tour with cash in hand for our meals, a prepaid taxi, a nice free hotel room and the return tickets for the free round trip flight. And she got her appearance fee. Not to mention the free breakfast in our private room at the studio.

The experience one has on the show is directly related to the ideas they went in with. I'm sure the all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood and small appearance fee plays a huge part in one's decision to hold their case on Judge Judy rather than their local court. Why do people make the choice to go on the show, knowing its reputation, then get angry over the outcome? I can't understand that any more than I understand people who voluntarily go on Jerry Springer. At least Judge Judy is cleaner. Maybe it's the alluring glamor of Hollywood overriding common sense. That taste of the limelight.

When people complain, they're complaining about the wrong business. They're complaining about a judge when the business they dealt with was a television show. The studio sign sums it up: HOT Bench. You can't have hot without a fire. Judge Judy's the fire, and the people eat it up so much it's run for 20 years. How many shows can make that claim? Perhaps we should question why the public prefers to watch people voluntarily air their dirty laundry rather than less controversial television. It says more about the state of the human race I guess. So considering the fact that it's a television show and has been popular enough to last 20 years, I'd have to give it 5 stars. Cause as a business, they've done an excellent job at such a long running show.

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Original review: May 29, 2016

I would like everyone to know, "The Judge Judy Show is GREAT!" If you would like someone to answer for their error, this is where to get it done. My son and I took part in a recent recording of the show and justice was served. The reason we took part in the show was due to an incident in which my son was bitten by a dog on his way home from school, which is less than two blocks away.

The worst part of this incident was the dog owner's failure to respond! Their failure was even more insulting due to the fact that they live less than half a block away. This dog owner's failure to address their error is what angered the wife and I, which brought about our actions. We ran our own investigation and successfully discovered the "assailant" and her owner.

Once the dog owner was addressed they failed to accept our request regarding reimbursement of the funds spent for my son's safety. They did not consider anything regarding the incident. Things such as Dr Visits, Rabies shots, and emotional stress.... my ears are still ringing from my wife's screams of fear. Well, the rest of the story will be shared on The Judge Judy Show soon.... just keep watching! PS... Thank you Sarah for allowing the opportunity to take part on this show.

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Original review: May 26, 2016

DO NOT go on this show if you are the Plaintiff and you are in the right. If you have a good case then pursue the real court system, not this circus. I had a case that any fool could see I should have won. I lost for a few reasons: The producers write your statement, and they put in sentences that will sabotage your case. They refuse to send you your statement ahead of time, they will only read it to you over the phone (I assume they don't give it to you in writing because then you would have evidence that they wrote/tampered with your original claim). Judy WILL use this statement as greater evidence than any documents, agreements, texts, or any other evidence you bring.

The producers are interested in two things: 1: Good TV and 2: Not having to pay anything for it. It's not in their interest to pay out claims so they will put in phrases that THEY KNOW Judy will rule against so that they get good tv, make you look dumb and confused, and don't have to pay you any of their claims budget.

If you do foolishly decide to go on the Judge Judy show then make sure that your statement is airtight - nothing false, nothing juicy. The producer will complain and say "Well this is a tv show, the case isn't interesting if we don't talk about XYZ." My mistake was letting them put in "juicy" details about the case that weren't all that true but I figured oh well, they're just trying to make good tv. Judy seized on one particular sentence and used it to decide against me before the case even started, despite the mountain of evidence I came prepared with.

Unfortunately if you fight them on the statement beforehand, they may insist on changing it anyway due to the "We need to make an interesting tv show" reason and subtly or blatantly threaten you with charging you for your airfare/hotel room if you refuse to sign their statement. My advice in this case is to not go on the show in the first place, but if you must then make sure you *record* your conversation with the producer on the phone when they read you your final statement to make sure they don't change it on you. They will not provide you with any copies so you have no choice but to be sneaky about it.

Judy is not a judge, she's just playing one on tv. She used to be a judge 30 years or so ago, now she is an arbitrator who chooses to wear a funny looking black robe. The agreement you sign specifically says she "is not bound to California or any other law, and can use her own judgment and common sense to make her decision." Think about that for a long while - your evidence does not matter. Your legal agreements do not matter. The facts don't matter. The reason you think you are right does not matter, even if it's unbelievably obvious to any person with two brain cells. Judy can do whatever she wants. She's not bound to any laws, and there is no appeals process once you go there. You're stuck with her ridiculous verdict.

Judy is a narcissist. This is obvious to anyone who watches the show but the reason why it affects you is that she will not listen to reason if it conflicts with her sense of self-righteous infallibility. In my case, she misunderstood something from the statement. She confused some of the dates (understandable, because the producers' jazzed up statement was poorly written) and from her logic I wasn't owed money because an agreement ended at a certain time. However I explained the date she used was wrong, it was actually several months later and had the documents to prove it. She stuck with her original decision for no reason other than she had made up her mind already. To admit a mistake, despite overwhelming evidence, would have hurt her air of judgely authority so rather than follow the law or fairness, she sided with her narcissism.

Judy is old and possibly losing some of her mental capacity. The producers told me on several occasions that Judy is old and losing her hearing so I would have to speak very loudly. Personally I believe her eyes and memory are going as well: I submitted a document to her and she started her "I don't believe this is real!" routine and said it was because there was no company name on it. I didn't have it in my hand but from memory I pointed out where I thought the company name was printed and she looked at it again, likely saw her mistake, then just glared at me and put the paper aside and moved onto the next thing. Rather than say "Oh ok, maybe this is real" she chose to continue in her ignorance rather than look wrong, at my expense. This problem worked in tandem with the previous point - her old eyes betrayed her and her narcissism caused her to double down on her initial bad decision.

Later she was going over damages I was owed. She called out some numbers that matched my invoices to someone working there. I assumed she was making a tally of how much damages were owed to me. It was quiet for a few minutes as she went through different documents. Then out of nowhere she stands up and said "Your case is dismissed." What about all those damages you were just tallying? I was in such shock and confusion that I didn't have time to ask as she left. The producers weren't even sure if I won or lost the case based on her conflicting statements. This of course was edited out of the show when it aired.

The producers also lied and said they would send a letter when the show would air. They didn't; I found out from family members who happened to be watching that day. The producers' jobs are to pretend to be on your side and convince you that you will win your case. They are liars - that is their job. To take your real life case and turn it into a sensationalized version that ideally pays you zero and makes a good tv episode.

DO NOT GO ON. You may think you can outsmart them. I thought my case was foolproof. Your interests are not their interests. They are not interested in the law or fairness. If you are the defendant then you might as well go on because they will pay your bill if you lose in exchange for a little berating by Judy. But if you are a plaintiff and if you are right at all, do not go on this show.

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Original review: May 4, 2016

Please. I beg of you! Seriously reconsider if you've decided to dismiss your case in a real and legitimate court to be heard by a fake and ruthless excuse for a judge! There is Nothing, and I mean NOTHING real about this show! The room is fake, the audience is fake and everything leading up to your appearance is fake as well. The producers lie, manipulate and twist the facts in order to present things as they see fit for the show. It's all about ratings! There is absolutely NO JUSTICE whatsoever so if you believe you will be heard you will be sadly disappointed and mistaken.

"Judge" Judy does not hear your case, refuses to look at evidence that would support your case and dismisses whatever suits her at the moment. She is truly a horrible horrible human being and should not be allowed to continue with this farce of a court show! PLEASE DO NOT FALL for the lies the producers will tell you. On the day of the taping you will soon realize (and much to your dismay it will be too late) that you have been tricked and have made a mistake in agreeing to appear there. Read all the reviews before me. They are authentic. I know because I've been there, done that, experienced it for myself and have immense regret. Please don't make the same mistake I made. I can't change what happened to me but I hope it will stop you from experiencing the same. Do your homework. I wish I had!

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Original review: April 4, 2016

I appeared on Judge Judy in January, 2015 (filmed in December, 2014) and had an incredible experience. Up until 2 weeks before my appearance, I never saw a Judge Judy episode, never watched reality court (other than a few episodes of The People's Court when I was a child), thought that Judge Wapner was still on The People's Court, and for some reason I thought that Judge Judy & Judge Wapner were married in real life. I didn't realize how big her show actually was until I was contacted by their producers about my case.

First off, remember the golden rule and never go into ANY court room with dirty hands or think that you are smart enough to lie to ANY judge - especially Judge Judy. Judges are professionals who see liars and scam artists every day and can see right through them. Real Justice is about determining the truth - not "the best liar wins." After reading many of the negative reviews on this website, I wonder if many of these reviews are from people who violated these golden rules. My case "RV Trip from Hell" was a simple case of a breach of contract that would have taken about 2 years to resolve in Cook County, Illinois, but I had it resolved on the Judge Judy show within 2 months. I was prepared to settle the case with the defendant for 1/2 of what I was awarded by Judge Judy, but I was dealing with a stubborn defendant who was non-responsive. I was very happy with the outcome and received my award settlement promptly.

The 4 pieces of advice that I can give to future litigants is: Don't go on the show with dirty hands or thinking that you can lie your way out of it because you will probably lose, probably get embarrassed on national television, and end up posting a negative review on a website in retaliation. A mistake that I made was that I incorrectly assumed that Judge Judy already knew all the facts in the case (which she didn't) and I incorrectly relied on her to confront him about his inaccuracies instead of confronting him myself. For example, the defendant said that he was NOT operating a business, when in fact he was operating a business, and to prove it I had a copy of the contract in front of me (with his company name on it), but I didn't introduce it. So be prepared to battle just like in a real court room.

I went into this show grounded, knowing my place, and respectfully understood that this is Judge Judy's Show - not my show. Other than my family & friends, 9 million people are watching to see HER, not me. For example, in the green room at the studio, we met 2 people from Chicago who had their case heard just before mine. Later that evening, we ran into them at O'Hare Airport in Chicago and they told us that Judge Judy threw their case out because the daughter was mouthing off too much and wouldn't listen to Judge Judy's instructions. Their case never made it to television because Judge Judy walked away from the case and sent them home. Remember that it is also entertainment, so have a good sense of humor and be prepared to have thick skin. I went into this prepared to be made fun of by Judge Judy and I think that it is hilarious that she said about me: "he is not the brightest bulb in the pack".

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Original review: March 10, 2016

Judge Judy is beyond rude and disrespectful in the courtroom. It is time for her to retire. She truly has become a bully to many people seeking justice. She thrives on power and control which has gotten way out of control and sickening to watch. Tonight's program angered me when she referred to the plaintiff as "nerdy looking". She basically attacked him to the point where he gave up trying to present his case and he walked out. Who do you think you are? You should be ashamed of yourself! I've heard you call people "stupid", "unattractive", and many other things that you'd expect to come out of an ignorant bully! Focus on the law instead of the limelight! You've lost all sense of decency!

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Original review: March 1, 2016

I bless the day when my wife showed me a letter from the producers of Judge Judy, inviting me to appear in the courtroom. We had time to organize our defense, assemble a wardrobe and pack for the trip. The guidelines that we received gave us all the information we needed to prepare for the show. Not knowing what to expect, I experienced anxiety about being in front of the camera. From the time I arrived at the KTLA studio, everyone involved with the program treated with the utmost courtesy, patience and efficiency.

They provided airfare to Los Angeles, two days at a first class hotel adjacent to Universal Studios and taxi transportation from LAX to the hotel and the studio and back. They put me at ease, guiding me through the paperwork, preparation for the appearance and a clear explanation of the courtroom procedure. Everything went smoothly. Judge Judith Sheindlin has assembled a thoroughly professional staff that I believe contributes enormously to the program's success. After Byrd brought the court to order, Judge Judy treated me courteously. She asked me questions. I answered and then listened while the plaintiff had her say. I am thrilled to have appeared in Judge Judy's courtroom and will treasure the experience for as long as I live.

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2016

I went to have a case settled recently. I had a wonderful time filming the episode (Blue Book Gotcha!). The associate producer, Courtney, was very helpful throughout the entire process of getting me from Ohio State to LA. Judy gave me a fair chance to discuss the details of my case. I could tell she briefly reviewed the details of my case prior to coming out because I didn't end up using any of the paper evidence I had prepared. The defendant's argument was a poor one and I'm glad Judy could help me out. The defendant lied about his address so I had no way of finding him myself in order to serve him with a warrant. Would definitely recommend applying if you have an unsettled case!

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2016

I recently received word from an associate producer of Big Ticket Productions which produces Judge Judy on CBS, about a rash of internet reviews on appearing on Judge Judy television show. I read them and proved to myself once again why I usually don't read reviews of anything, especially on the internet and why I NEVER write such dribble. But this time I do have something to say so I apologize to those whom I have judged about writing these things because they too must have believed they had something to say. Long story short, I hope.

We have gotten some hard breaks physically and financially and have had to make many lifestyle adjustments including selling a prized little cottage we owned. We had a tenant that went along with the sale. After closing there was a mind numbing storm of he said, she said. I am an attorney (28 years now) and though I tried to sort things out, ultimately, I welcomed the neutral forum of court and invited the new owners to bring suit, which they did. Shortly thereafter we received a letter from Jonathan, an associate producer of the Hot Bench show which is a newer production of Big Ticket. Jonathan walked us through the screening process and coached us on the preparation of the legal presentation as I am sure was his way of handling other potential litigants.

Eventually, he called to tell us that producers of Hot Bench decided against using our case but upon his recommendation, we were transferred to Judge Judy. We received follow-up contact and preparation from Kurstin, an associate producer of Judge Judy. Both Jonathan and Kurstin emailed certain documents for review and some for e-signature covering what I considered the basics concerning our mutual commitments. They helped us to fully understand of the process, including travel, lodging, transportation, compensation, the mediation process and the legal implications of their mediation process.

Win or lose, I could easily recognize the complexity of the legal side and national television production side of this production. We fully enjoyed the entire process up to and including actually appearing before Judge Judy. We were told that had we lost, the show would cover payment of the judgment and only a notice of dismissal and no judgment would register on the RI State Court filing. These are good things for a defendant. We filed our answer with the RI State Court and forwarded it to Kurstin together with all attachments as well as an outline of the evidence we would present, most of which we also sent to Kurstin. After that, we just followed directions and did exactly what we were told. So efficient with exact instructions and vouchers and name recognition at each milepost, the airport, taxi stands, hotel, taxi drivers, scheduling and production staff.

We arrived very early in the morning, passed through impressive security and security personnel and were almost immediately swept up into the event led into a private green room, meeting with a paralegal about our appearance paperwork and case synopsis, finalizing evidence and other details with Kurstin who personally walked us through everything, yet I knew she had other litigants to tend to with a day full of cases to produce, make up session, miking up with the driest, friendliest gentleman, a question or two I believe from the staff attorney regarding the case, even a surprise visit from Jonathan who came to meet face to face just prior to our appearance.

As an attorney, I believe that there are state courts which would benefit from the preparation and execution techniques employed by Judge Judy to get to the bottom of things. As a student of television (aka, I watch a lot of TV), I was mesmerized by the inside look, especially when led into the courtroom sound stage which is a box inside of a huge warehouse like building. It is perfectly lit, has great acoustics, is cozy and manned with a very active but unimposing group of lighting, sound, camera and other production professionals.

And there is Judge Judy. She carried our file into the courtroom. She held it like she knew it from cover to cover. I believe she did. Just as we were swept up in the preparation process, I believe the Judge was not sitting with her feet up drinking coffee in her chambers. From her first words to the final wave of her hand holding our file, she knew what she was talking about, a testament to what I believe was the simultaneous expert preparation and execution of the mediation and filming of a national television hit.

I am sure it sounds like we prevailed. We did. And it sounds like most who wrote these reviews lost, I am sure they did. The fact that my wife and I prevailed and that these reviewers lost is not on Judge Judy. He makes his sun rise on people whether they are good or evil. He lets fall on them whether they are just or unjust. In fact, the Judge dismissed our counterclaim out of hand. I am watching that tenant remove and take away what I still consider to be my belongings as she moves from that house. But that's part of the justice we received and its final!

There is no doubt that this is Judge Judy's show. Show me a courtroom where the show does not belong to the judge. Yeah, and show me justice that is not tempered or does not in some way appear marginal. I say the Judge is brilliant and balanced and very entertaining even when she ruled against us. And she is well prepared, thanks in large part to a great staff and slick system well executed. She handles little matters like hearsay and relevance in an offhanded and often humorous manner which can be interpreted as some have complained. But this show is not a 30 minute law school class where she is obligated to educate folks as to why what they may be trying to say is useless to her or probably in any courtroom. Finally, our segment aired earlier this month. Even the editing was amazing. There is more, but I want to leave something on the table for others to get at. Thanks to everyone, we had a blast.

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