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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2023

I have watched many many episodes of her different versions of her show, and stopped watching her because she is rude, confrontational, argumentative and extremely prejudiced and biased against pit bulls or any dog resembling a pit bull! Any episode I've seen involving a pit bull always goes against the pit bull owner! She doesn't listen to the litigants and her yelling and screaming at them is not becoming a judge at all! She should not be allowed to continue!

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2023

She needs to be off TV. She is cruel. She don’t listen to those people cases and just bossy asl. I don’t like her. Get her off TV please and thank you. I just think she needs more care. She act more inhuman than some of the messed up people.

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    Reviewed May 25, 2023

    This is a show I rarely ever watch but came on after my regular show so I kept it on.. It was a dog attacking neighbor case. Judy She asked what kind of dog it was. The defendant stated, "A boxer..." JUDGE JUDY said, "Oh it wasn't a Pitbull...A Pitbull that just killed its owner in NY City"...Now people such as her is the reason why these dogs have bad raps...This had nothing to do with the case nor should she if even said, "Oh Pitbull that killed its owner..." Why did this happen to the owner? What provoked the dog... Lastly these dogs in the right care are nothing but wonderful animals and one of the best breeds!! If this breed is so dangerous the shelters wouldn't be full of these dogs. They would of been euthanized due to liability reasons.

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    Reviewed May 18, 2023

    I am a show watcher only, I am also very dissatisfied with her calling people names and not hearing ALL evidence brought and hearing ALL of what a person has to say. Our constitution protects us from this type of thing, yet she gets away with it daily. She is not cute like she thinks, she is RUDE and a LOT of her comments are rude, inappropriate and degrading to those who have TRUSTED her to do their case. I personally would rather let some puppy make the decision on my case.

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    Reviewed Jan. 23, 2023

    Personally, I very much dislike the show Judge Judy. She humiliates all guests on her show and has zero patience. I feel too much second-hand embarrassment while watching this show. I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone.

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    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2022

    I've watched her show occasionally from the beginning, and she's always had zero patience for anyone who talks over her or dares to disagree, and she has an amazing "ability" to know when someone is lying without any evidence, but over the last 5 or 6 years, she's become an absolute terror. She often decides how to rule without even allowing one of the litigants to present their case, and she's always so angry you'd think someone cr**s in her cheerios every morning. I gave 2 stars based on her entire tv career, but for her recent performance, zero stars would be generous.

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    Reviewed April 1, 2022

    I have watched the Judge Judy show on and off for several years, but can't stomach it anymore. We all know it's for sheer entertainment and no judge's behavior like hers would ever be tolerated in a REAL courtroom. But it is appalling beyond belief how this show continues to air with such a rude, arrogant, and dare I say, mentally unbalanced "judge" in charge. Her constant interruptions and refusal to let defendants and plaintiffs adequately answer her questions, along with her yelling and pounding her pen on the lectern are just starters. Her assistant, Burt, has also had to point things out to her and/explain things that she should understand, but for whatever reasons, doesn't. She comes across as being angry at the world with every intention of taking out her anger on whomever is standing in front of her. This is disgraceful, especially with the amount of money she pulls in from this kangaroo court.

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    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2022

    This show has an evil side to it that I just don't like. I appeared on Judge Judy in 2018 and haven't been able to shake that experience. I feel so stupid doing this, but it's necessary. I hope to type it all out here, leave it, and begin to heal. I reached out to the show when my then ex-boyfriend refused to repay the back rent he owed. I needed an arbitrator to help bring us to an agreement that would help resolve the issue. I was contacted back rather quickly and spoke to one of the show's producers. That person worked with me from beginning to end.

    In the beginning, he wanted me to explain my complaint further. I explained what the issue was and offered to provide proof. He instructed me on the next steps in the selection process for the show. At the end of our call, I gathered all of my evidence and submitted it over. Everything he requested I submitted. He called me back a day or two later. I was told that my case was solid but my story is boring. He took it a step further and asked me if I had any drama going on between the defendant and I that was not include in the case. I immediately responded with no. He got quiet and said, "I don't think you will be chosen to appear, but we will see." I replied, "Okay, thanks for your time" and hung up.

    Two days later, I got a call informing me that I will be appearing on the show. I was so happy! It had nothing to do with being on television (I do extra work). I was happy that I could finally get a resolution. Fast forward to the appearance, the producer told me prior to walking out that the judge read my statement and gave last minute instructions. When it was time, I walked out to set with my evidence, nervousness, and a shaky confidence. As soon as I answered the only question she asked, she went in on me HARD. She said, "I know women like you" or something in that demeaning effect. She made me feel like it was the worst thing in the world to be a black mother.

    She made me feel low, spewing words about me that in reality do not and did not reflect me. And denied the case without hearing testimony or even reviewing the evidence. In fact, the defendant's counterclaim for the return of a television he purchased during the relationship was granted. I watched as she treated that man like I wronged him. After filming, I walked to the back and cried. I felt like I agreed to be verbally assaulted when all I wanted was a resolution. Both the producer and defendant in the case told me that they didn't expect what happened.

    For years, I have played that moment in my head and did not want to share it. I oftened wondered why someone who didn't know of me personally could have such a profound negative impact on another person's life. I also wondered what she was given regarding me being a guest on her show to come to that type of conclusion and deny me the right to have my case heard. I felt embarrassed any time someone would tell me that they saw me on television. I felt ashamed for not speaking up for myself. I feel emotionally destroyed from this. I have tried to live with it, but her words haunt me. No one should be allowed to conduct themselves in the manner she has. No show based on reality should allow their host to treat their guests like Judge Judy treats hers.

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    Reviewed June 16, 2021

    I was just a "watcher" of her show. But not anymore. I have watched her "tear apart" too many people as they are "trying" to tell their side for the last time. Seems she is allowed to continually interrupt people try to talk, yet "God help" a person who interrupts her. Even when she "gives them an amount of time" at her discretion, she interrupts. And she is so very obviously racist. It show. There is no entertainment in watching that nasty old woman anymore. I truly believe we are judged later by how we treat people. I hope that hag reaps what she has sown before her final judgement day. Perhaps she will have to be tended to by someone holding a grudge for how they were treated by her. Get her off of tv. That is not entertainment. It is bullying.

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    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2021

    I think it's time for Judge Judy to hang up her robe, and time for me to stop watching her show. I have noticed that over the years she has become much more intolerant and rude. I don't want to be part of her audience anymore. I'm over it.

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