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My experience on the Judge Judy show was delightful. Luci ** & Marisa ** who guided me through the process step by step were complete service professionals. I felt welcomed and totally comfortable under their supervision. From the first phone call conversation to the day of the filming they were hands on concern that we were comfortable and at ease. It was exciting and fun for me and my son. We had a memorable and wonderful time. The hotel and accommodations were wonderful. They were easy to talk to. Very helpful to make us feel comfortable and welcomed. I'll never forget the time there and thank Luci & Marisa for their professional manner and attention. They are lovely beautiful ladies and have nothing, but our thanks and gratitude for making our visit amazing and thanks to all the staff. It was wonderful and great to meet Judge Judy and be on the show. 5 stars all the way.

I have loved Judge Judy since it aired. My daughter has always been a huge fan of the show. She and her ex-husband went on the show a couple months ago. They were each permitted one witness. I went with my daughter hoping not to have to testify. God was good. I just sat on the side and didn't have to say anything. We tried talking them out of going but they just had to do it. So I took the plunge for the chance to see Judge Judy live and an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood.

My daughter's case was dismissed, just as we figured it would be, and she now hates the show. She went in like many do... Thinking she'd walk away with money and get to see Hollywood. And that's why people are upset over it. They're going in thinking of court and expecting cash. If you're not a litigant though, you go in to be entertained.

Of course you're going to be told things to say. They even take you through makeup. It's television. Yes she was a judge at one time. Yes she is harsh or maybe narcissistic. That's Hollywood. She's doing what makes the show such a long-running hit. She's doing just what the litigants are told to do... Saying things that keeps the show entertaining. Once my daughter got over her mad, we had a good day out on a sightseeing tour with cash in hand for our meals, a prepaid taxi, a nice free hotel room and the return tickets for the free round trip flight. And she got her appearance fee. Not to mention the free breakfast in our private room at the studio.

The experience one has on the show is directly related to the ideas they went in with. I'm sure the all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood and small appearance fee plays a huge part in one's decision to hold their case on Judge Judy rather than their local court. Why do people make the choice to go on the show, knowing its reputation, then get angry over the outcome? I can't understand that any more than I understand people who voluntarily go on Jerry Springer. At least Judge Judy is cleaner. Maybe it's the alluring glamor of Hollywood overriding common sense. That taste of the limelight.

When people complain, they're complaining about the wrong business. They're complaining about a judge when the business they dealt with was a television show. The studio sign sums it up: HOT Bench. You can't have hot without a fire. Judge Judy's the fire, and the people eat it up so much it's run for 20 years. How many shows can make that claim? Perhaps we should question why the public prefers to watch people voluntarily air their dirty laundry rather than less controversial television. It says more about the state of the human race I guess. So considering the fact that it's a television show and has been popular enough to last 20 years, I'd have to give it 5 stars. Cause as a business, they've done an excellent job at such a long running show.

I would like everyone to know, "The Judge Judy Show is GREAT!" If you would like someone to answer for their error, this is where to get it done. My son and I took part in a recent recording of the show and justice was served. The reason we took part in the show was due to an incident in which my son was bitten by a dog on his way home from school, which is less than two blocks away.

The worst part of this incident was the dog owner's failure to respond! Their failure was even more insulting due to the fact that they live less than half a block away. This dog owner's failure to address their error is what angered the wife and I, which brought about our actions. We ran our own investigation and successfully discovered the "assailant" and her owner.

Once the dog owner was addressed they failed to accept our request regarding reimbursement of the funds spent for my son's safety. They did not consider anything regarding the incident. Things such as Dr Visits, Rabies shots, and emotional stress.... my ears are still ringing from my wife's screams of fear. Well, the rest of the story will be shared on The Judge Judy Show soon.... just keep watching! PS... Thank you Sarah for allowing the opportunity to take part on this show.

DO NOT go on this show if you are the Plaintiff and you are in the right. If you have a good case then pursue the real court system, not this circus. I had a case that any fool could see I should have won. I lost for a few reasons: The producers write your statement, and they put in sentences that will sabotage your case. They refuse to send you your statement ahead of time, they will only read it to you over the phone (I assume they don't give it to you in writing because then you would have evidence that they wrote/tampered with your original claim). Judy WILL use this statement as greater evidence than any documents, agreements, texts, or any other evidence you bring.

The producers are interested in two things: 1: Good TV and 2: Not having to pay anything for it. It's not in their interest to pay out claims so they will put in phrases that THEY KNOW Judy will rule against so that they get good tv, make you look dumb and confused, and don't have to pay you any of their claims budget.

If you do foolishly decide to go on the Judge Judy show then make sure that your statement is airtight - nothing false, nothing juicy. The producer will complain and say "Well this is a tv show, the case isn't interesting if we don't talk about XYZ." My mistake was letting them put in "juicy" details about the case that weren't all that true but I figured oh well, they're just trying to make good tv. Judy seized on one particular sentence and used it to decide against me before the case even started, despite the mountain of evidence I came prepared with.

Unfortunately if you fight them on the statement beforehand, they may insist on changing it anyway due to the "We need to make an interesting tv show" reason and subtly or blatantly threaten you with charging you for your airfare/hotel room if you refuse to sign their statement. My advice in this case is to not go on the show in the first place, but if you must then make sure you *record* your conversation with the producer on the phone when they read you your final statement to make sure they don't change it on you. They will not provide you with any copies so you have no choice but to be sneaky about it.

Judy is not a judge, she's just playing one on tv. She used to be a judge 30 years or so ago, now she is an arbitrator who chooses to wear a funny looking black robe. The agreement you sign specifically says she "is not bound to California or any other law, and can use her own judgment and common sense to make her decision." Think about that for a long while - your evidence does not matter. Your legal agreements do not matter. The facts don't matter. The reason you think you are right does not matter, even if it's unbelievably obvious to any person with two brain cells. Judy can do whatever she wants. She's not bound to any laws, and there is no appeals process once you go there. You're stuck with her ridiculous verdict.

Judy is a narcissist. This is obvious to anyone who watches the show but the reason why it affects you is that she will not listen to reason if it conflicts with her sense of self-righteous infallibility. In my case, she misunderstood something from the statement. She confused some of the dates (understandable, because the producers' jazzed up statement was poorly written) and from her logic I wasn't owed money because an agreement ended at a certain time. However I explained the date she used was wrong, it was actually several months later and had the documents to prove it. She stuck with her original decision for no reason other than she had made up her mind already. To admit a mistake, despite overwhelming evidence, would have hurt her air of judgely authority so rather than follow the law or fairness, she sided with her narcissism.

Judy is old and possibly losing some of her mental capacity. The producers told me on several occasions that Judy is old and losing her hearing so I would have to speak very loudly. Personally I believe her eyes and memory are going as well: I submitted a document to her and she started her "I don't believe this is real!" routine and said it was because there was no company name on it. I didn't have it in my hand but from memory I pointed out where I thought the company name was printed and she looked at it again, likely saw her mistake, then just glared at me and put the paper aside and moved onto the next thing. Rather than say "Oh ok, maybe this is real" she chose to continue in her ignorance rather than look wrong, at my expense. This problem worked in tandem with the previous point - her old eyes betrayed her and her narcissism caused her to double down on her initial bad decision.

Later she was going over damages I was owed. She called out some numbers that matched my invoices to someone working there. I assumed she was making a tally of how much damages were owed to me. It was quiet for a few minutes as she went through different documents. Then out of nowhere she stands up and said "Your case is dismissed." What about all those damages you were just tallying? I was in such shock and confusion that I didn't have time to ask as she left. The producers weren't even sure if I won or lost the case based on her conflicting statements. This of course was edited out of the show when it aired.

The producers also lied and said they would send a letter when the show would air. They didn't; I found out from family members who happened to be watching that day. The producers' jobs are to pretend to be on your side and convince you that you will win your case. They are liars - that is their job. To take your real life case and turn it into a sensationalized version that ideally pays you zero and makes a good tv episode.

DO NOT GO ON. You may think you can outsmart them. I thought my case was foolproof. Your interests are not their interests. They are not interested in the law or fairness. If you are the defendant then you might as well go on because they will pay your bill if you lose in exchange for a little berating by Judy. But if you are a plaintiff and if you are right at all, do not go on this show.

Please. I beg of you! Seriously reconsider if you've decided to dismiss your case in a real and legitimate court to be heard by a fake and ruthless excuse for a judge! There is Nothing, and I mean NOTHING real about this show! The room is fake, the audience is fake and everything leading up to your appearance is fake as well. The producers lie, manipulate and twist the facts in order to present things as they see fit for the show. It's all about ratings! There is absolutely NO JUSTICE whatsoever so if you believe you will be heard you will be sadly disappointed and mistaken.

"Judge" Judy does not hear your case, refuses to look at evidence that would support your case and dismisses whatever suits her at the moment. She is truly a horrible horrible human being and should not be allowed to continue with this farce of a court show! PLEASE DO NOT FALL for the lies the producers will tell you. On the day of the taping you will soon realize (and much to your dismay it will be too late) that you have been tricked and have made a mistake in agreeing to appear there. Read all the reviews before me. They are authentic. I know because I've been there, done that, experienced it for myself and have immense regret. Please don't make the same mistake I made. I can't change what happened to me but I hope it will stop you from experiencing the same. Do your homework. I wish I had!

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I appeared on Judge Judy in January, 2015 (filmed in December, 2014) and had an incredible experience. Up until 2 weeks before my appearance, I never saw a Judge Judy episode, never watched reality court (other than a few episodes of The People's Court when I was a child), thought that Judge Wapner was still on The People's Court, and for some reason I thought that Judge Judy & Judge Wapner were married in real life. I didn't realize how big her show actually was until I was contacted by their producers about my case.

First off, remember the golden rule and never go into ANY court room with dirty hands or think that you are smart enough to lie to ANY judge - especially Judge Judy. Judges are professionals who see liars and scam artists every day and can see right through them. Real Justice is about determining the truth - not "the best liar wins." After reading many of the negative reviews on this website, I wonder if many of these reviews are from people who violated these golden rules. My case "RV Trip from Hell" was a simple case of a breach of contract that would have taken about 2 years to resolve in Cook County, Illinois, but I had it resolved on the Judge Judy show within 2 months. I was prepared to settle the case with the defendant for 1/2 of what I was awarded by Judge Judy, but I was dealing with a stubborn defendant who was non-responsive. I was very happy with the outcome and received my award settlement promptly.

The 4 pieces of advice that I can give to future litigants is: Don't go on the show with dirty hands or thinking that you can lie your way out of it because you will probably lose, probably get embarrassed on national television, and end up posting a negative review on a website in retaliation. A mistake that I made was that I incorrectly assumed that Judge Judy already knew all the facts in the case (which she didn't) and I incorrectly relied on her to confront him about his inaccuracies instead of confronting him myself. For example, the defendant said that he was NOT operating a business, when in fact he was operating a business, and to prove it I had a copy of the contract in front of me (with his company name on it), but I didn't introduce it. So be prepared to battle just like in a real court room.

I went into this show grounded, knowing my place, and respectfully understood that this is Judge Judy's Show - not my show. Other than my family & friends, 9 million people are watching to see HER, not me. For example, in the green room at the studio, we met 2 people from Chicago who had their case heard just before mine. Later that evening, we ran into them at O'Hare Airport in Chicago and they told us that Judge Judy threw their case out because the daughter was mouthing off too much and wouldn't listen to Judge Judy's instructions. Their case never made it to television because Judge Judy walked away from the case and sent them home. Remember that it is also entertainment, so have a good sense of humor and be prepared to have thick skin. I went into this prepared to be made fun of by Judge Judy and I think that it is hilarious that she said about me: "he is not the brightest bulb in the pack".

Judge Judy is beyond rude and disrespectful in the courtroom. It is time for her to retire. She truly has become a bully to many people seeking justice. She thrives on power and control which has gotten way out of control and sickening to watch. Tonight's program angered me when she referred to the plaintiff as "nerdy looking". She basically attacked him to the point where he gave up trying to present his case and he walked out. Who do you think you are? You should be ashamed of yourself! I've heard you call people "stupid", "unattractive", and many other things that you'd expect to come out of an ignorant bully! Focus on the law instead of the limelight! You've lost all sense of decency!

I bless the day when my wife showed me a letter from the producers of Judge Judy, inviting me to appear in the courtroom. We had time to organize our defense, assemble a wardrobe and pack for the trip. The guidelines that we received gave us all the information we needed to prepare for the show. Not knowing what to expect, I experienced anxiety about being in front of the camera. From the time I arrived at the KTLA studio, everyone involved with the program treated with the utmost courtesy, patience and efficiency.

They provided airfare to Los Angeles, two days at a first class hotel adjacent to Universal Studios and taxi transportation from LAX to the hotel and the studio and back. They put me at ease, guiding me through the paperwork, preparation for the appearance and a clear explanation of the courtroom procedure. Everything went smoothly. Judge Judith Sheindlin has assembled a thoroughly professional staff that I believe contributes enormously to the program's success. After Byrd brought the court to order, Judge Judy treated me courteously. She asked me questions. I answered and then listened while the plaintiff had her say. I am thrilled to have appeared in Judge Judy's courtroom and will treasure the experience for as long as I live.

I went to have a case settled recently. I had a wonderful time filming the episode (Blue Book Gotcha!). The associate producer, Courtney, was very helpful throughout the entire process of getting me from Ohio State to LA. Judy gave me a fair chance to discuss the details of my case. I could tell she briefly reviewed the details of my case prior to coming out because I didn't end up using any of the paper evidence I had prepared. The defendant's argument was a poor one and I'm glad Judy could help me out. The defendant lied about his address so I had no way of finding him myself in order to serve him with a warrant. Would definitely recommend applying if you have an unsettled case!

I recently received word from an associate producer of Big Ticket Productions which produces Judge Judy on CBS, about a rash of internet reviews on appearing on Judge Judy television show. I read them and proved to myself once again why I usually don't read reviews of anything, especially on the internet and why I NEVER write such dribble. But this time I do have something to say so I apologize to those whom I have judged about writing these things because they too must have believed they had something to say. Long story short, I hope.

We have gotten some hard breaks physically and financially and have had to make many lifestyle adjustments including selling a prized little cottage we owned. We had a tenant that went along with the sale. After closing there was a mind numbing storm of he said, she said. I am an attorney (28 years now) and though I tried to sort things out, ultimately, I welcomed the neutral forum of court and invited the new owners to bring suit, which they did. Shortly thereafter we received a letter from Jonathan, an associate producer of the Hot Bench show which is a newer production of Big Ticket. Jonathan walked us through the screening process and coached us on the preparation of the legal presentation as I am sure was his way of handling other potential litigants.

Eventually, he called to tell us that producers of Hot Bench decided against using our case but upon his recommendation, we were transferred to Judge Judy. We received follow-up contact and preparation from Kurstin, an associate producer of Judge Judy. Both Jonathan and Kurstin emailed certain documents for review and some for e-signature covering what I considered the basics concerning our mutual commitments. They helped us to fully understand of the process, including travel, lodging, transportation, compensation, the mediation process and the legal implications of their mediation process.

Win or lose, I could easily recognize the complexity of the legal side and national television production side of this production. We fully enjoyed the entire process up to and including actually appearing before Judge Judy. We were told that had we lost, the show would cover payment of the judgment and only a notice of dismissal and no judgment would register on the RI State Court filing. These are good things for a defendant. We filed our answer with the RI State Court and forwarded it to Kurstin together with all attachments as well as an outline of the evidence we would present, most of which we also sent to Kurstin. After that, we just followed directions and did exactly what we were told. So efficient with exact instructions and vouchers and name recognition at each milepost, the airport, taxi stands, hotel, taxi drivers, scheduling and production staff.

We arrived very early in the morning, passed through impressive security and security personnel and were almost immediately swept up into the event led into a private green room, meeting with a paralegal about our appearance paperwork and case synopsis, finalizing evidence and other details with Kurstin who personally walked us through everything, yet I knew she had other litigants to tend to with a day full of cases to produce, make up session, miking up with the driest, friendliest gentleman, a question or two I believe from the staff attorney regarding the case, even a surprise visit from Jonathan who came to meet face to face just prior to our appearance.

As an attorney, I believe that there are state courts which would benefit from the preparation and execution techniques employed by Judge Judy to get to the bottom of things. As a student of television (aka, I watch a lot of TV), I was mesmerized by the inside look, especially when led into the courtroom sound stage which is a box inside of a huge warehouse like building. It is perfectly lit, has great acoustics, is cozy and manned with a very active but unimposing group of lighting, sound, camera and other production professionals.

And there is Judge Judy. She carried our file into the courtroom. She held it like she knew it from cover to cover. I believe she did. Just as we were swept up in the preparation process, I believe the Judge was not sitting with her feet up drinking coffee in her chambers. From her first words to the final wave of her hand holding our file, she knew what she was talking about, a testament to what I believe was the simultaneous expert preparation and execution of the mediation and filming of a national television hit.

I am sure it sounds like we prevailed. We did. And it sounds like most who wrote these reviews lost, I am sure they did. The fact that my wife and I prevailed and that these reviewers lost is not on Judge Judy. He makes his sun rise on people whether they are good or evil. He lets fall on them whether they are just or unjust. In fact, the Judge dismissed our counterclaim out of hand. I am watching that tenant remove and take away what I still consider to be my belongings as she moves from that house. But that's part of the justice we received and its final!

There is no doubt that this is Judge Judy's show. Show me a courtroom where the show does not belong to the judge. Yeah, and show me justice that is not tempered or does not in some way appear marginal. I say the Judge is brilliant and balanced and very entertaining even when she ruled against us. And she is well prepared, thanks in large part to a great staff and slick system well executed. She handles little matters like hearsay and relevance in an offhanded and often humorous manner which can be interpreted as some have complained. But this show is not a 30 minute law school class where she is obligated to educate folks as to why what they may be trying to say is useless to her or probably in any courtroom. Finally, our segment aired earlier this month. Even the editing was amazing. There is more, but I want to leave something on the table for others to get at. Thanks to everyone, we had a blast.

My daughter and I appeared on the show entitled "Teen Car Calamity." From the time we were contacted by the producers, we were treated very well. In fact, we felt like we were the only case because of the great treatment we received. When the show taped, we continued to be treated well. Granted, during the taping, the Judge was tough but never mean. Our case seemed hopeless and she solved it and we received a fair settlement. We were so thankful for the entire experience.

I won my case on Judge Judy. They were nothing but helpful and really cared about my situation. As long as you have your facts straight and proof you're in the clear. I received my money within weeks after filing! The person who scammed me got what she deserved! I'm so thankful for everything they did for me!

No one is forcing anybody to be on this show instead of their local small claims court. It should be understood that this is entertainment. Although Judge Judy is a real attorney and judge, her appearance is more as a curmudgeonly character than as a fair and impartial judge. That said, my husband and I were content with our ruling. We had excellent evidence, researched our issues, and role-played how things might go in court. It was an incredibly brief time on camera for all the time we put into it. I'm only giving 4 stars though, because what goes on backstage is a lot less than glamorous. The bathroom was like a gas station's.

Does not allow plaintiffs to get green light. So at first opportunity speak it all out otherwise she will lay waste time, beating up the defendant whole time, don't get wrong that great but what about you? You will be awarded nothing with no time, show evidence you worked so hard on gathering if not willing say don't bring anything but yourself. All out at first opportunity. If she's try shut you down just keep going on. That's all you will get there, no luck in it because CBS Judge Judy just a scam systems. Enables bad people to screw good people. She don't care about you or them lol. Hope this helps.

I was invited to be on the show, I had a ton of evidence showing that my ex owed me money and even that he agreed with the amount he owed. The producer and associate producer brought a "script" into the private room my father and I were brought to once we were in the studio. They asked me to lie about the dates of the case, and even other added information about the case that never happened. I told them I only knew what the truth was in my head and that I can't lie. They said "well, if you don't the case will get dismissed and we like to write checks at the end of the day. You want your check right?"

So I'm all distraught as I'm waiting to go on the stage. I was told all of the audience are actors, the guy that swears you in is just an actor so you're not going to hell or anything... My dad was there and defended me also. Once on stage, Judy asked a few questions. She wouldn't look at any of my texts that my ex agrees that he owes me and the amount... She finally looks at my ledger of where I wrote the amounts down when he borrowed and the date of 2013 set her off, she said "You dated in 2014 why does this say 2013..." I told her because he was borrowing money at that time also.. And case dismissed.

They asked us to lie about dates, so then my evidence was not usable... I would have lost regardless of anything that was said. The producer said "if she hears the year 2013 the case will get dismissed..." Well... In a legal court that wouldn't of happened because he had just given me a payment two months ago, proof that he's paying. If she would have looked at my evidence there's no way I would have lost and now as a single mom that was already taken advantage of by my ex, the Judge Judy show took advantage of me too, and my ex never has to pay me back a dime. The original amount he owed was $3600. When I totalled my bank statements the night before, it was actually over $8600... It's so frustrating to work hard my entire life to get screwed over like this.

Bully to go on the show after a documented medical illness she said was nothing. She is a 3 ft tall devil! The show is fake and should not be legal. Jnai ** go to hell!

I see the complaints, and likewise, think "Judge" Judy is doing a great disservice to people, the legal system, and society. I had a similar experience and would like to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office of California as well as inform the California Board to put an end to this circus. Marcia of Long Beach that wrote on Aug 13, 2015, especially contact me, as your case is very relevant. Unfortunately, the arbitration agreement they have us sign is very broad and hard to overcome, but with a good showing, a class action case may also be possible. I can be reached at **. I am not a law firm, just a private citizen like you that believe in justice and these television show prostitute judges should be put out of business and sanctioned by the California Board.

There is no way Judge Judy would ever make as a REAL judge in a REAL courtroom. First of all, she disrespects people. At times she refuses to listen to evidence that people have. She refuses to listen to testimony from other witnesses and doesn't go by the facts of the case at hand. There is no way a REAL judge would get away with the way she acts toward some of the participates or the way she discards evidence shown to the court. You're just a grumpy old lady that all you have left in your life is anger, which should not be brought into your courtroom. You need to take a compassion course (soon)... You don’t have much time Judy!!

I've been watching Judge Judy for years. I DVR her everyday. But this year has been very disappointing! At least 8-9 out of every 10 shows have ended in dismissals. She reads the complaints before she goes out to tape. I don't understand why 80% have been dismissed. It's a waste of my time! I've always respected her. But I'm not going to watch her anymore.

Judge Judy and the Big Ticket Productions show is a scam. I had received a call from the producers asking me to appear on their show a few months ago because I had a valid case that would reward me 5,000. Hands down "you will win". The producers then began to say how the defendants won't pay, "You will receive a check from us in less than four weeks and you can put all this behind you." They are liars and have no problem lying in a real courtroom. I know this because I took the production company to small claims court for breaking the promises of rewarding my money, humiliation, not conducting a fair hearing by not allowing me to speak or show evidence and telling me that my case will be undergoing the California laws. The producers of course denied these obligations and won.

When asked to show the judge the taping of the show, the company refused to show the original stating that they did not keep copies of them due to usage of tape, (which they also promised I would be receiving a copy of before the show airs). I personally don't believe that and neither did the judge. Although I lost, the courts did state that I was humiliated, not shown a fair hearing and the production company did not abide by the laws of California, therefore I should have not have lost my case. I have this evidence from the verdict. But it was the arbitration agreement that crippled my case. The agreement actually states that Judge Judy doesn't have to abide by any laws. So after I read the arbitration agreement that was sent in the mail 2 days before I would attend on the show, I had some concerns and changed my mind.

The producers then threatened to fine me 5,000 dollars stating that I already signed the contract that I would appear on the show, so I signed it under distress. Once again the producers denied saying this in the courtroom, stating that they do this so you won't attempt to go on another show, yet that is not mentioned in the contract, which they also lied about. What the producers do is send you a letter saying you will appear on the show before sending you the arbitration agreement letting you believe that this is the only agreement that you have to sign then slams you with terms and conditions when you actually appear. It's a trap. The show claims to be real justice and that's why people go on the show for justice, but what they are really creating is injustice for ratings.

As another man had mentioned in a previous complaint, there needs to be a class action suit against this show. Judge Judy makes 300+ million dollars a year to get away with not having to go by any state laws and creating her own by stating these four words "This is my world". How is that justice? My case was also similar to another case involving a white lady who too was illegally kicked out her home, making her homeless like me yet she won. I wonder if that is because I'm black and she is white, because honestly it doesn't add up.

Judge Judy and her staff at big ticket productions are all liars. They tell you that you will win your case hands down and Judy won't even let you get a word in when you go in front of her. I had more than enough evidence to prove my case and get the money that was stolen from me by my ex. Shannon the production manager told me I would win my case and get my money within 2 weeks. Two weeks have come and gone and Shannon gives me the ** run around on when I shall get my money from this ** production company and I have still yet to get paid and it has been over a month. No one picks up the phone when you call to find out about this and no one will give you a straight up answer. Don't waste your time to be on the show and not get your case heard by this short ** who doesn't give two ** about you and only cares about her rating and 47 million she is making a year.

A woman sued a lawyer she hired to represent her boyfriend, who was arrested for selling drugs. But the case was not heard because the lawyer was over 2 hours late to court, and was thrown out by the judge because he appeared to be under the influence. The lawyers slurred speech, and the judge could not understand him. Judge Judy never asked the defendant anything. She addressed him in a low tone, but she yelled at the plaintiff, "Your father would turn over in his grave if he knew you used part of the money he left you to pay a lawyer for a drug dealer. He's a drug dealer", she yelled. Judy makes the decision and judgement that those who are arrested for selling drugs and not convicted do not have the same rights as other citizens to have lawyer representing them. How ridiculous. She should be punished somehow. But because of the big money she makes for CBS, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HER AT ALL!!

I am a long time fan of Judge Judy! I particularly admire her directness and fairness with the plaintiff and the defendant. However, I noticed for the past few months, she has been very culturally insensitive to some of the litigants. I am disappointed in the fact that she imposes her White culture (way of life -- how she responds to certain situations) upon person's of other culture (particularly, Blacks or African Americans). She is there to enforce the law and she does an excellent job doing that. However, when she refuses to deal with a case from a legal stance, because she did not believe the litigants' story (since they did not do what she would have done in that situation), then I think that she is becoming unfair which may be due to her being culturally insensitive.

Being a Black person myself, I can appreciate why Blacks do what they do in some situations (which is different from what a White person may do given the same situation). Yes, some Blacks will loan others (friends, family and in some cases strangers) money when they themselves have very little. Yes, Blacks will not call the police on a sibling who has crashed their vehicle, because they do not want the sibling to go to jail. No, all Blacks are not Bad people who are out to "trick the system." As a matter of fact, the majority of us are honest, hard working people, who are making a major contribution to the American society. In most cases, we Blacks view family different from our White counterparts. Yes, we even enable some family members, but that is because we culturally believe that we need to help and protect them.

Please do not think that I do not want you to uphold the law and that I want you to allow Blacks to get away with their wrong doings (H...No!). I will be the first to say, "do not let them or anyone else get away with it." However, I think that you should be more culturally sensitive and that you should not compare your way of life to those from other culture (and even with your own culture especially those from a low socio-economic background). Having a father that was a dentist and the fact that both you and your brother were able to go to college and obtain prominent degrees speaks volumes of the difference in worldview than that of many people).

If the litigants do not provide the proof to prove their case, then rule against them or dismiss their cases. However, when you refuse to entertain a case even when the litigant has the documented proof (because you do not understand why the litigant would help a friend by lending her more than half of money that she (the litigant possesses), then that is being unfair! it is important to be aware that many people have a different way of life than you. This does not mean that their way of life is stupid, less important, or wrong. Their way of life is just different and as a judge, you must be open to cultural differences (beyond language)! Thank you and I hope that you go back to being the Judge that I admired and watched for many years!

My name is **, I was on the Show June 16th, the one with the flag flown upside down. I was wondering a couple of things: Why is it that when I or anyone will testify and we or I would say, "what they said, or what the police said, or I assume" we are stopped dead in our tracks and are told "I don't want to hear what they told you or what they said to you or what you assume, I want to know what you know" but when she go part way through the conversation with me, she herself states "One can assume with the amount of people living in the community, there would be people that were angry." REALLY, one can assume? How is that? One could assume that my fascination with women would make me Henry the 8th, one can assume, it's not a matter of law, assuming is not fact and therefore cannot be labeled truth therefore not admissible, therefore not just my opinion but hers as well should not be allowed! One can assume....

The other fact is this, Judges are to be impartial in all cases, this everyone can agree on, right? Hmmmm well then, Judge Judy gave us her true feelings when she dealt her closing speech, per se, by saying "I would be angry / offended if I lived there" referring to the community and the flying of the flag. Again, this was not impartial but her feelings, which we know are not to play part in delivering any kind of justice, but a matter of law. She herself set the stage with, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck..." I did show that the person I was accusing of cutting down my flag pole was really that duck, she seen it, he made the verbal threat, it was witnessed and reported, no other reports made, and yet the pole is cut down like he said it was going to be. How is that not considered circumstantial evidence? There have been many cases with Judge Judy won on a lot less.

This man also reported that I was evicted from my home, you showed it and aired a false accusation. I manage a million dollar facility and deal with a few thousand dollars in cash monthly, my boss viewed the airing, questions began to arise from that statement you aired: if I can't manage my own home or finances how is it possible to manage my job? You should not air things without first checking them out especially ones that are slanderous and create defamation of character. I am not sure how to play this one out, contact an attorney concerning this and see where or what options I have. I have a feeling that Judge Judy has slipped and allowed her personal feelings get the best of this case and her judgment for this case. Also the airing of hurtful and intentional malicious untrue statements? What if any, are your comments to resolve this? No comment results in you not giving a care and for me to contact an attorney for this.

You are showing too many episodes on incidence with pit bulls. You are giving them a bad rep when pit bulls are very sweet animals when raised in a good environment. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. I have rescued two pit bulls who would have been put down and they are sweet loving pit bull. Again shame on you.

Story is FAR too long, but basically, I was ASSURED I had a winning case, yet found out later they also told that to the party I was opposing! I was forced through the process SO quickly that they did not allow me to see most of the contract I was supposed to sign, and I didn't see the last page at all. When I got on air, Sheindlin refused to look at my evidence and the one document she did look at, she dismissed, a document that would have won my case in ANY other courtroom. I learned later that she had decided the outcome of the case BEFORE I even showed up so that they didn't have to pay me the $6,000 I was asking from the defendant.

There is SO much more to this story: the lying from all producers, their contract and the fact that Sheindlin broke ALL rules of the court, humiliated me in public and made accusations about things I did that I never did do... etc. Ad nauseam. I could never tell the entire story here, but I believe all our stories against this show and Sheindlin should be taken more seriously as this show is a FRAUD!!! I would LOVE to tell my story IN FULL, as I have a complete log of exactly what happened. WHERE can I present my case so that they will STOP paying this insane, immoral woman millions of dollars to do what she's doing to innocent victims? We are forced to sign a document to not reveal what we experience on the show, so no wonder they are getting away with this. It is far past time to expose all this and tell the TRUTH about this show.

I loaned 6,000 to ** years ago. He agreed to pay me back within 3 months. Not only did he not pay me back he Lied about owing me the money. I had no choice but to go to small claims court to try and get my money back. At that point he lied and said it was a gift. He knew, his family knew, my family knew, that he took money from me as a loan no question. A producer from Judge Judy Show contacted me and told me if I go to L.A. to Judge Judy I would be more likely to get my money back. If I won my case that small claims still would not be able to give the money back. But Judge Judy would absolutely give me my 6,000 back and it was the only way I would ever get my money.

Going there was worst than losing the money. She berated me maybe because my last name is German she did not like me from the get go. In the end ** LIED about owing me the money. And to my dismay she was stupid enough to believe him. The whole thing was a joke - she's a joke, a fake and a phony. She knew darn well she was going to belittle me before I flew all the way out to Cal. from Fl. I was devastate that I lost that money. I desperately needed it back. I am Disabled and I only make so much a month. And I never thought that this person was a liar and a scammer. I also did not know that Judge Judy was fake. This situation hurt not only me but my family as well. There's so much more to the story but the bottom line is no one should ever go on that crazy fake court and crazy fake judge. What a joke!

My husband and I came to appear and because of the seriousness of his case. It was canceled but we were told we will still be paid an appearance fee. Well he received his. I haven't received mine.

When the staff contacted my husband about having our case arbitrated on Judge Judy, I ignored several red flags I initially felt regarding the integrity of the show. My first mistake was to ignore the gag order litigants had to sign preventing them from posting their experiences on any form of social media. Is Judge Judy really so afraid people will expose her for the fraud she is? The second was her representatives' refusal to disclose any information regarding the defendants defense so that we could prepare properly for our hearing. As it turned out, no preparation was necessary on our part because Judge Judy had decided our case without actually hearing it.

Judge Judy did a grave injustice to my family on so many levels, with each adding to the already unbearable pain we felt upon our son's death. It can't be the only time this has happened probably many times over with other litigants. She really had no interest in actually seeking truth and justice as long as the pretense allowed her to appear intelligent, decisive, and witty, even when she most assuredly was not. I understand now why her audience consists of paid actors. Like the litigants, a real audience would see her for the duplicitous woman she is and her search-for-justice facade would crumble. They would soon realize that Judge Judy is acting for the television cameras only.

This travesty of justice would have been bad enough if we had sought Judge Judy out, but her people came to us, promising a fair, impartial hearing and not the charade that we were subjected to instead. Since I cannot undo the terrible injustice she did to us in failing to return our sons personal property, I will continue to share my experience in as many media forums as possible.

I received a overnight letter in the mail, asking me about my case. After trying to reach the show, to no avail. I gave up. Their sister company Hot Bench sent another express package with the same type of letter. Now this female seemed to be nice. But once I told them I could not be on their show for 300.00, Julie from Judge Judy, because off the wall with me. She felt because she would be giving me a free ticket and a hotel room, $35 for food, that would be cool. First of all Appearance fees are not up to one party, food is set per diem. $127 per day or higher. Judge Judy did not make this show without foolish people who did not know the producers are pimps, looking for the next new **.

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