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I wasted nearly Ten Grand in the past couple of months on I wholeheartedly can tell you to just block the internet address on your firewall and walk away from the computer. There are many reputable bulk discount operations to choose from, is not one of them. I have purchased comic books, blu-rays and electronics from them: All junk or worse, counterfeit.

I submitted a claim with them after a customer was angry with me that the Disney Bluray/DVD combo was in fact a burned Blu-ray. I submitted from my phone and was unable to get their site to allow photos to be uploaded. I thought, "Hey publicly traded company with an A+ rating on; no worries! I can upload pictures when they contact me!"

Was I wrong? Oh, you bet your bottom dollar. They first went with: "You have to report any problems within 48 hours to file a claim!" So I escalated to their partner in crime: Paypal. Paypal said they were awarding me a refund and instructed me to send back the items and to list the shipping info and tracking numbers. Which I did. The goods were sent USPS Priority mail. Packages were listed as received on the 14th of September. Then, I was informed that the tracking info was invalid and they were not going to honor my claim and the claim was to be considered closed.

Say whaaat? Yeah. Just like that, they took the side of, even though they had authorized the return. I called Paypal and received no callback, no email, nada, zip, zilch. Not once did Paypal ask me to upload photos. Nope. They just sat on the claim for three weeks, then rewarded a partial refund to an invalid credit card and declared a confirmed tracking number as invalid. Even though the package was received, is claiming that the packages were not received. I am now at the point of dealing with informing the FBI of the bootleg merchandise. Disney as well. I am also learning fun terms, such as 'mail fraud' from the USPS website and contacts. is not to be trusted with your money. If you really want a similar experience? Go to your local bar, buy the house a round of shots and then proceed to dump those shots out, one by one; paying for each. Then blame the angry patrons that they should read a 129 page user agreement before getting excited about free shots. Do your research and work with better sites.

On another order, I purchased 'Approximately 600 DVDs' with a quantity variance of 5%. I was already sour for buying this pallet of junk, because the bidding never ends. The language specifies that any time a new bidder bids? The clock will be reset to 5 minutes. By the language, you would assume if it is you and one other buyer bidding would not reset the clock? Wrong! It added nearly half an hour to the auction and about $2000 to the final price! Then? I get 507 of what was advertised and three boxes of some random junk dvds that were not listed in the auction at all; conveniently packed in the center so that when I inspected the pallet when it arrived; I saw just what I had ordered.

It was like getting a Boston Creme Donut that was filled with mustard. Which is how I would describe any auction on Oh it looks pretty! Great pictures of products you will never see. Just a mind expecting sweet boston cream, with a mouth full of mustard instead. Just burn ten grand on your front yard and roast smores. You'll be better off. Now, I want a boston creme. Thanks, me!

I have purchased about 16-17 lots from I have learned through trial and error how to purchase and whom to purchase from. My first few purchases were not from 'onlinereturns' (a.k.a. returns), and they were a HUGE mistake. I bought bras and underwear which were mostly crap without tags. I also bought a bunch of comic books and have yet to sell one. I've learned that unless a lot is 'fully manifested', I am not interested. I don't want '500 whatevers'. Those could be anything, and are usually crap.

After my initial bombs, I buy almost exclusively from 'onlinereturns', and have made money off all my lots. You have to realize that you are buying returns, which could be 'changed my mind', 'listed wrong and wanted another color/item', 'scammed them by stealing part of the item and returned to get my money back' and 'doesn't work/broken'. I usually buy at 18-22 cents on the dollar, and make enough on the 'good' stuff to cover the loss on the 'crap'. People need to be realistic. We are buying at a huge discount because it's a gamble. If you aren't willing to take some losses when you gamble, you ought not gamble.

I started at Liquidation when they first started and bought lot stuff and had no problems!! Then I started to notice that stuff no one was bidding on. As soon as I did, someone else would jacking up the price. I had a problem with my acct one day and couldn't remember my password. So I called them and they were suppose to email it. Well some reason they couldn't seem to find it so lady told me just make new acct. Ok so I made a NEW ACCT.

I was bidding on some apple iphones and for some reason the guy that was bidding against me stopped!! I think he got busy or something and forgot. So I won the bid, and they sent me a bill to my email. I always paid before with my credit card!! Well this time they wouldn't accept it. When I ask why they told me it was because it was a new acct. Lol I explained that I had bought thousand of dollars there in past and never had problem using credit card. Guy told me, "Nope you have to wire us the money!!" I told him I would not and he said, "Ok we will overlook this one time". I said "Overlook what? I want pay for the phones but with my credit card." Anyway they refused and so I told them where they could take my acct and put it!! I think what happened is they didn't want sell them phones that cheap!!

I have bought over 50 auctions of books, all were great and made 50% profit on most. Just research items you want to flip. Don't forget to add shipping and premium in... BOOM.

This review is based off like 5 separate transactions (I know, stupid me). My last one is the one that really set me off and made a mission for Me to get the word out everywhere I can. I won a "Toys" auction that was supposed to be 60 assorted toys w/ approx MSRP of $19.99 each and 71 mini figures that well they said were approx $4.99 MSRP ( Really $1.48 each). I paid $167.00 cause no one else had bid (should have been another clue lol). So anyways I paid and three days later got my shipment in, opened the boxes and wow 139 mini Figures. Where are my assorted toys? Seems they decided to call the assorted toys the same mini figures they listed on the manifest.

So you mean to tell me their fingers got tired of listing the mini figures, which they did list on manifest and jacked the price to 4X the amount for the 60 of them?? Lol. No I don't think so. I put in a dispute with them saying that I was missing 60 assorted toys with approx MSRP of $19.99 each and they sent me all the same thing. The listed MSRP of the auction was $1500 (actual MSRP $208.50. Remember I paid $167.00). So I get an email a week later saying my dispute was denied. I was outraged! Luckily I paid with my PayPal account because paypal allowed me to dispute it through them.

Soon as I did though Liquidation locked me right out of their site. Couldn't sign in even. I guess this was block me from getting all the evidence I needed to prove them wrong in paypal disputes, but it didn't matter cause I was one step ahead and already had everything I needed in PDF from filing with them. So I called and asked why I couldn't get in my account and they told me because I filed a dispute third party for me to drop the dispute and I could get back in. I told them only way I was doing that was if they granted me a refund or else I was going to put all seven of my auctions in dispute because there was something not as described in every one of them. So they told me to reply to the dispute email to a certain someone telling them what I was saying. Waited the whole weekend with no response .

So I called them again on Monday. The lady was like "oh we changed it to your favor." I asked where my return labels were then. She said they were emailed to me. I told her "no I didn't receive any emails". She said "ok. I just present them to you" (ya ok sure). So I sent the items back and dropped the dispute through PayPal. They opened my account right back up (don't get the reason for that unless they know every auction bought with PayPal would get disputed, hence the reason they lock it out and it shows they don't stand by anything!) PayPal has a very clear Item not as described protection on everything you purchase through them.

So anyways I get another email today saying the dispute department has made a decision to only pay me $100 out of $167, so I called them again. The rep told me, "no the email just says $100 but you will get the full $167." I asked if they could resend me an email stating the right amount to assure me and he said "no. They just do it that way for their reasons", but assured me again I would get the full amount to just allow another 3 to 5 business days to be completed. Wow another 5 days to see if they are going to stand behind their own company. I am finished with them and just waiting for someone to open a suit on them so I can hop on the bandwagon. I have been scammed and ripped off from them several times!

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Auction listed MSRPS at 30% or more higher than the ACTUAL price tags that came on the shipped items. When bidding, assume you are not getting anywhere near value claimed -- and factor in that items are likely to be damaged in some way. (All in my shipment had signs of wear and tear from shipping; one small item broken.) Also, charges for shipping are very inflated. I paid approx $400 for shipping, but UPS Freight calculated shipment at $150 less. Will not use their scam "service" again.

Beware selling on this site. I sold product on this site. When a month had gone by and I still had not received my payment, I contacted them. Sales rep. informed me that all my profit from the sale had be used to pay fees I was unaware of. In fact, Mr.** claimed I owed them additional fees. Fees they never mentioned UNTIL I asked about my missing payment. And so their customer received my product, was paid, but I received nothing. When asked, Mr.** did not deny this was standard business practice.

I read many reviews about this company, but not until I had actually placed my first bid and won my first "auction". I wish I had something new and exciting to report on behalf of this company, but I don't. The results of my first win were "okay". I got a lot of junk mixed in with some decent items, and I knew I was bidding on returns and it was likely to be a mixed bag. I more or less broke even reselling and decided to try another auction.

My second win was also "okay". This time, I decided to buy a lot of lighting and electrical returns and I did make some money reselling what was sent -- mostly in new, returned condition. "Great," I thought. I'll try a few more auctions. That's where the trouble began. I bid on and received two perfectly good shipments of clothing. However, I was sent ~40 lbs. of clothing via UPS and was charged $40.50. Markup is explained as "handling and logistics". Cool. I factored that in on my next few bids and was mostly okay with what I had received for those two shipments, though the ad specified a mix of high-end designer swimsuits and I basically got 2 (of 20) designer suits and 18 off brand suits.

I next purchased a lot of "designer" clothing where the auction listing specified as list of both brands and pictures of ACTUAL ITEMS I was to receive. Verbatim, it said, "you will receive one of each of the items posted in the photos." Tops, dresses and sweaters. What I got was several cartons of junk, a few of the photographed items and a TON of absolutely ugly, snagged, unsellable sweaters far beyond the specified count on the manifest. Total garbage. I opened a dispute on the very day I received the auction (about a week ago) and, to date, have not received a reply at ALL.

In the meantime, I had went back to lighting, where I'd done well before. Wound up winning another auction from the same seller and waited over two weeks only to be told the shipment was "lost" --this, after paying an additional $80 for lift gate service OVER AND ABOVE the $350 shipping I was being charged when they "found out" I was a home-based business. Never mind that I specified home-based business with every bid (they ask). They claimed the fault was mine and walked me through a very obscure (hidden) process to update my shipping address. Why they never gathered this information from each and every bid that I submitted, I do not know. Fine, I paid the lift gate fee and waited. In the end, the shipment was "unable to be located" by UPS.

A week or so later, still no dice. I finally receive a response that my payments (auction + shipping with lift gate) have been refunded to my card. I wait 5 days. No refund appears. Today I was told that there was a "problem" with my previous refund and it "did not go through", so they processed it again and THIS TIME, it did. When I asked if they were telling me that they had just now -- almost a week later and 3 weeks after the auction ended -- processed my refund, I got no response. As of this writing, has more than $1,200 of my money tied up with no end in sight and nothing to show for it. is a website that claims to sell wholesale goods in various conditions ranging from salvage to new. However, mostly all of their auctions are used goods. Unfortunately, I was the victim of 2 fraudulent auctions listed on their website for an electronic item and clothing. All of the electronic items were broken although in the auction they were listed as new. The clothing was listed as shelf pulls but they were all in salvage condition. I requested a refund, providing photograph proof and other evidence. will do everything in its power to deny your refund. The rules that they have relating to refunds are absolutely ridiculous and this is because is fully aware that most of their items are used and in horrible condition. This is a company that does not compare about the consumer and I strongly advise caution in buying anything from this company.

If you have some handyman skills and negotiating skills, this company can be VERY profitable. Every auction is of course a gamble but here's what happened on my last one. It contained 6 items all returns. Two fishing rod and reel combos, a fishing reel only, a soft sided tackle box, and two ice fishing shelters. I paid $200 for the auction. The two rod and reel combos had broken rod tips. Bought a kit at Walmart for $1.69 and fixed both. The reel was missing the spool lock. Contacted Shimano and got the parts shipped to me for $3.69. The tackle box was torn on one side so it was kind of trash other than the 3 clear plastic containers inside.

Now to the shelters. One, a Clam Nanook was brand new with tags and missing 4 pieces. The factory said they modified this part and a lot of these are missing and they shipped me the parts for free, so that shelter is complete and brand new and valued at $400, look it up. The second, an Eskimo Evo 2 man crossover, was also brand new but a display model is my guess. After examining it the only thing wrong with this item was the 360 swivel seats were missing the bearings. These were typical everyday boat seat swivels, so off to Walmart again and purchased two of them at $9.19 each. Bolted right on and the seats work perfectly.

So now this one is in brand new condition and valued at $449. Again, look it up. That is why I listed the manufacturers and models. So VERY conservatively, I can get $25 each for the combos, $30 for the reel, trash the tackle box, and even at half price which is way less than I'll actually get brings me to a total of $505 gross sales and a gross profit of $305. Most people only leave feedback or negative reviews when it doesn't work for them, they go hunting for places to destroy the reputation of the seller. This place sells used stuff, returned stuff, salvage stuff, etc. It is not a supplier of brand new merchandise that people are just wanting to give away for pennies on the dollar. You have to realize what you are buying. I get junk too, but I have NEVER took a loss from an auction I bought from this company.

Honestly I cannot believe that these people are doing business in a country with laws like the United States. I ordered "2 pellets" of supposed 50 pieces of Fisher price, Disney, and V-tech. Somebody just went and picked all the garbage they had in their house. I mean every dirty thing and put in the 2 "pellets." 8 of those pieces were plastic visors (the ones one can buy 4 for a dollar at the dollar store), 6 were some used, old dirty and smelly purses (one for adults and the rest for kids. None of them Fisher Price, Disney, or V-Tech), 4 were old smelly stained stuffed animals that are neither Fisher Price, Disney, or V-Tech. 5 purses were Sesame Street, some bicycle helmets for kids, some Thinkfun toys, 2 Halloween masks. The ones that were Fisher Price, Disney, or V-Tech were less than 5 and they were all so dirty and unsanitary to touch.

I filled in a dispute form and it took a couple of days before I got a reply which was "There is nothing is going to do." I challenged them again with the question of, "If the lot description clearly says 50 pieces of Fisher Price, Disney, or V-Tech and waaay more than a third of them are not, then that constitutes misrepresentation?" They replied to me saying they have reopened their investigation. I didn't hear from them for another nine days. When I threatened to post a review, they immediately replied that "We have looked over the information and unfortunately have reached the same resolution."

It was my first time buying from them and you guessed right, who is a repeat buyer? I regret not checking the reviews before purchasing from them. Let the world know that sells GARBAGE! Do not believe anything they say in their listings. I personally think there should be a class action lawsuit! engages in unfair business practices.

My advice is do not do business with them because you'll be at a huge loss. There is no way that you can turn a profit on any of the items they sell. Reason is because they have reserve prices for all of the auctions and if you calculate what you can sell them for you won't be making any money. Example: Lot of 72 piece, Xbox 360, refurbished. On Amazon and eBay they are priced for $99.99 including free shipping. I kept bidding on them until I have reached $80 per piece including shipping. Unfortunately still saying reserve not met.

Example: Lot of 10, iPhone 5s 16GB, unlocked. I kept bidding until I reached $100 per piece still saying reserve not met. You can buy these iPhones from eBay for under $150. Example: Beats by Dre urBeats. They want $50 per piece and they are selling on eBay for $50 including free shipping. I don't know why they would bother creating a website based on liquidation items. They are a scam and their prices are ridiculous. They want $50 per piece of Xbox One games for a whole lot of 50. LOL, are you kidding me?

I bought 3 separate lots (10 skids) of "return items/overstock" and 80% of the items were 'salvage' quality items. They were broken, missing parts beyond repair, unusable, filthy, and some items were useless, damaged "lifetime warranty" tools that were returned to the big-box store for new tools to meet the warranty. These items had no resale value at all. I spent over $6,000.00 on this junk and now I am stuck with it.

I know this from experience. I've been doing business in liquidating and buying selling things. The only way you can make profit is if you buy in bulk at a cheap price. This company sells things in bulk at retail. Their descriptions are deceiving. For instance I bought a lot of jewelry, MSRP $5,500. The listing described it as high-end jewelry. There was 20 minutes left in the listing and I bid $100 for it plus shipping which was another 50 bucks. Long story short I got costume jewelry - the same exact jewelry they sell in a dollar store next to my house.

Liquidation means getting rid of items quickly for cash and not taking the time to individually research and list items to get the most profit for them. For instance I own a business selling clay pots. I make 1000 clay pots a month but I only sell 100. In order for me to stay in business I have to sell the excess 900 clay pots. But how do I do that? I have to sell them at cost for what I bought them for so I can make the money back that I put into them in the best-case scenario. is not the website for this. It is a scam website for the most part. They do sell things. They sell these things at a price where you will most likely not be able to make profits no matter what Outlet you sell them unless you rip people off - exactly what this company does is rip people off. I guarantee it.

I was looking through different jewelry boutiques when I came across an auction on Liquidity Services or I bid on auction #** and won the actual auction on Tuesday, February 16, 2016. sent a notification to me at 8:20 pm letting me know to follow the instructions listed in the notification to make payment. Auction #** New Statement Boutique Jewelry had a manufacturer suggested retail price of $4,275. I had ordered two other lots from this company before, specifically, an earring lot (women's jewelry), and it was good quality. I had intentions of continuing to do business with due to these past purchases and felt that all of the products they were selling on their commerce website were good quality.

The transaction ID is #** and the auction was $170.00. After taxes and shipping costs, the grand total of the auction that I paid was $234.06. If I decided to wire to their Bank of America account, there were instructions for me to do so, but I opted to pay them through my Paypal account. As soon as I received the order, I noticed that most of the lot of items were not good quality at all. In fact quite a few of the items were poorly made and cheap looking. By (also DBA Liquidity Services) listing, this lot with a suggested retail of $4,275 is quite misleading.

I reached out to right away on Friday, February 26, 2016. I stressed in the call that most of the merchandise in the lot could only be sold for maybe $3 or $5. There was no way that I could sell these items for $30 or $40 or more (which is what the seller suggested) to buyers, with a clear conscience. The listing was misleading and if I had known that the merchandise was a bunch of junk, I would have never bought the merchandise. I told the representative that I wanted to file a claim.

The representative that I spoke to, told me that I should take pictures of the merchandise, upload the images and they would review my claim dispute and respond. contacted me on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, confirming that they received my dispute claim and the images of the merchandise in the auction lot. The notification also mentioned that I would hear back from them with their findings. On March 9, 2016, I received this response:

"Thank you for contacting We have reviewed your dispute on transaction ** and have reached a resolution. The dispute has been denied as the auction is properly listed. Please note, the MSRP values are not encouraged as a basis of dispute as these values are suggested retail values of a new unit given by the manufacturer whereby resale values will vary based on several factors throughout the retail process and region. We strongly encourage buyers to perform all due diligence prior to making a purchase. All parties must abide by the dispute resolution provided by as stated in the Terms and Conditions. The status for this transaction has been moved to "Paying Seller" and the funds will be released to the seller. Thank you again for using, your source for business surplus."

In's response, the language of the response reads that I am at fault. The auction listing was a far cry from what I actually received. There was no way that I could have performed any due diligence prior to making the purchase. I made my decision based on the images that were displayed in the auction, pertinent auction information, as well as the MSRP that was also part of the listing information. It should not be my fault if the listing was deceptive.

After I received this response from, I decided to go on Better Business Bureaus website and do some research. I elected to check out some other review sites and what I found was disturbing. They have over 300 complaints on BBB's website, 90 of the complaints target product/service issues and almost 75 complaints were filed due to sales/advertising issues. It does not stop there! is on, Work From Home Watchdog,, ConsumerAffairs,, as well as

On March 9, 2016, once I received the response from that they were releasing my funds to the seller, despite my dispute, I contacted Paypal's dispute department to escalate my claim. I have not received any additional correspondence from, but I know they are in receipt of my dispute through Paypal because they have since shut down my access to sign into my account on their website. In reading some of the complaints, one buyer stated that will not allow you access to go back on their website to view other auctions if you file a dispute. The only way to regain access is if you agree to rescind your dispute. Clearly these are unfair, specious and deceptive business practices. should be shut down. They are ripping people off and getting away with it. Some complaints mention that some merchandise purchased is shipped to the buyer broken, severely damaged or stained. There is no way that a buyer can sell items like this. As a buyer, should have done a better job at protecting me, instead they granted this seller the opportunity of ripping me off. This is a form of stealing. You cannot advertise a Mercedes Benz, accept payment for it, and ship off a Kia to the buyer.

This process is quite similar to baiting and switching. The only difference is that merchandise was made available to me. It just was not the actual quality or type of merchandise that I thought I would be receiving. How many more buyers will it take before this website is taken down? I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB Complaint #**) as well as Consumer Affairs. is a total scam. They sent me non-functional items and would not honor my properly submitted dispute. Basically, when you bid on electronic items, for example, you are buying somebody else's e-waste. Do not waste your time or money.

Beware, I just want to tell you, they bait you with the boastful descriptions, but all junk or throw away stuffs to rip off people money. When in case if you win a good auction, they will ship you different things you can never imagine and under complaint, they obviously pour it on someone else did it (not them) the garbages from nowhere of the world you have no clue about! The customer service trained to kick you ** if you big mouth to them! I think it's needed to wipe out this company from the earth, they can't last long this way!

Tried a second time and I got ripped off again. Thought I was being careful by purchasing NEW product only. I bought a lot of 30 handbags all brand new and supposedly good quality. They were junk!! I will NEVER purchase from this company again. I thought I might have just purchased a bad lot the first time but now I see that this company is one to stay away from. Use good liquidators like: (great for clothing, great quality). Hardware Liquidators (Good for tools). Discountstorereturns (Little bit of everything but have purchased decent lots from them). Just be careful because they sell return lots so there will be some damages. Search for good liquidators, not these horrible deals at

I bought some jewelry from this site. NEVER AGAIN! None of the pieces look anything like the pictures. The pictures in the auction listing showed decent jewelry. When I received the package, it contained plastic bubblegum machine jewelry. Most of the pieces were broken! I was out of town when the package arrived. When I returned, I immediately opened the package to inspect it and immediately entered a dispute which of course was denied because "I did not dispute within 48 hours".

I again explained the reason why I did not. I planned to be out of town because I had business to take care of and I was planning it around the estimated shipping date. Evidently, the package came from Washington, DC and not China like stated in the auction or the email with shipping details... At any rate, they will not let me return the junk and there will be no sort of compromise or anything. So basically, I flushed $200 down the toilet. Save yourself a lot of headaches and money and NEVER buy anything from this site. decided to honor my dispute and did the right thing in my mind. They flipped this and I flipped by sense of how they do business.

Original Review

I purchased Sony headphones advertised as A grade returns. This was one of many similar orders. However this one was filled with dirty and broken headphones and I essentially paid $800 for non-functioning items. I filed a dispute with multiple pictures and my dispute was denied as LIQUIDATION.COM does not guarantee the quality of the items that they sell - This is what I was told by customer service. Be very careful when ordering from this company. They do little to protect buyers nor do they stand behind their quality listings. They truly practice, 'let the buyer beware.' allows people to sell you junk. I have purchased clothing (dirty, smelly and ripped) as well as jewelry (only a few pieces were what the pictures looked like). Website would not let me log in, even after changing my password twice. Customer service takes forever to respond to emails. Waste of money!!! I will not be buying through them again!

I ordered 4 packages in total from this company. I ordered the first three as random tools, etc, and the products were all odd-sized, broken, or missing pieces. I managed to break even on a few goodies, and decided to try again. I ordered silver rings labelled .925 silver only to get them tested and proven to be only silver "plated". Illegal.

It gets worse. I had to pick up the package from Washington State since I live in Canada and they don't ship here. When I won the dispute about my fake silver rings, they have refused to issue me an international shipping label so I have to waste more of my time to drive across the border to ship back these fake silver rings. In other words, I get to waste my time and gas twice while this company sits on easy street. I will NEVER order anything again from If you decided to order anything from them, consider it a loss.

Had a dispute with some items that were not as described. The lot for the most part was as described, though some were underwhelming. A few items were complete junk, and I filed a dispute. They took forever to get back, and I don't think they would have if I hadn't said anything. However, after some slight harassment, I did get a quick refund for the obviously missing items. It wasn't a 2 star experience -- more like 2 1/2.

The products described and the condition are not the same as shipped, almost everything in the manifest was damaged or completely broken and none of it was any use. How can they sell you on a drone or helicopter as a "returned item" condition when all 4 propeller arms were completely broken off! Be very careful. Customer service is also bad. If you try to get questions answered to a dispute they don't respond.

I had made a call to before ever making a purchase. Based off that call, I will never go through with a purchase from this company. I am going to let you in on a little secret as to why to clarify why they have such bad reviews. Selling liquidation is a very real business and can pay out quite well. However, if you think you can just order a pallet or truckload from anywhere with a low salvage rate you are in dream land. It is not that simple and it is not that cheap to start. Here is the main thing you need to know though...

Get your liquidation from the source! There are options to order directly from these companies that are advertised on liquidation. When you go through a middle man, aka, you are allowing them the opportunity to take out to good quality items and send you the leftover junk. I remain satisfied because I have not, and will not use them. I suggest you do the same. They are a middle man, and like every other middle man, they will get their cut before you get yours.

I decided to write a review on Liquidation because of all the money I was scammed. I ordered 15 Lots from them spending over $5000. Needless to say I purchased returns. 90% of what I received was not returns but salvage buy. The way I received the items you could immediately tell that much of it was maybe a return but a return that the sellers had messed with. No packages, empty packages, you name it you could do nothing with the items! On top of that I busted my butt to try to make my money back even using them still!

They closed my account because I owed them for backing out of won auctions. Mind you, they had already sold the lot to someone else! So now I owe them over $1000 for receiving no products and they have since sold them. So buyer beware. They will sell you junk then shut you down when you try to recoup from your losses. I don't have any receipts cause can't get into my account & they never sent any paperwork with the shipments. My account was ** and my password was ** if you wanna see for yourself I can't get in.

Watch out, I bought some items "computer returns" from their warehouse in Nevada @, for $322, 10 items, none of these items worked. They called it online returns but actually it's salvage, trash, worth nothing. They give you some pictures, very nice pictures but inside these new looking boxes are damaged screens, non-working items, defect items, broken, absolutely trash.

I opened a dispute on the same day received their package, after 8 days they emailed me saying they cannot accept the dispute because that I knew it was returned items and they do not test them, so it's my responsibility. Well it became my responsibility now to tell the world that in Washington DC, are crooks who cheated me and took my money and gave me garbage.

The products pictured were beautiful and description says that all those pictured will be included in the package. To my disappointment, most of the stuff are of cheap quality and they will not sell. More than 90% of the stuff sent were not in the pictures. These are crap.

I have purchased a number of lots from If the merchandise is manifested pictured and a description given it's not the worst. If the manifest is dodgy and not described in detail beware. If there is only one picture and it is a stock photo that the company that produced the item is using to sell it beware. If it is a sealed bid situation I think they are doing a bit of cheating, as in they are selling more than one box for the same price to everyone, they set a minimum and you bid it and then you almost always get it. The sealed bid units being that they are sold this way are not that great, you could generally put together the same box load at a dollar store and possibly even pay less.

I am pretty lenient, but twice I have received shipments that bear no resemblance to what was pictured, and will not step in. There is no way to rate the sellers, and half the time it's accurate, and half the time you can't even donate what you receive. Stay away. Company Profile

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