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Christopher of Bothell, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Technician from A&E replaced our Whirlpool water heater control valve under Whirlpool Warranty. Smell gas leak the next day (Friday) and called A&E to have their technician to come out fix the gas leak ASAP. The phone operator said the next available schedule to be on following week Wednesday and there is no way she can send anyone ASAP. I explained to her that the gas leak is due to the lousy workmanship by her company's tech and asked to speak with the manager/supervisor.

Talked with RICHARD, the manager/supervisor and you would think there might be better result but NO. Again explained to him the gas was leaking at control valve which was direct result from improper installation from his technician. Told him he needs to send someone out to fix the gas leak ASAP before there is explosion.

All Richard said was he can schedule me an appointment and told me to turn-off the gas to the water heater. I told him this is crazy and there is no way my family going to live without hot water for almost for a week due to his company negligent. Told him we can move in a local hotel until the gas leak is fixed and/or to have some other company to do the repair and his company will have to pay for all the expense. RICHARD, the manager/supervisor said: He is not paying any hotel bill or paying other company for repair. He continued to say if I would like to have an appointment, if not, have a nice day and hang-up on me.

RICHARD might have save a few dollars for the company by not sending out help for after hour repair. RICHARD's non-reaction to my situation was totally unacceptable. The technicians error could have a deathly result to my family if the gas leak wasn't detected by my daughter. A&E needs to have internal training with its employees as how to handle customers concerns and safety situations. A&E needs to evaluate if RICHARD is the right fit for the company value. I also question A&E's customer relation and satisfaction policies.

Marilyn of Harriman, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

I have waited for 2 weeks for a technician to come service my dishwasher. Preston refused to come because he couldn't charge another co-pay, so Surge is assigned and has cancelled 2 full days without notifying me that he was cancelling my appointments. Dale Supervisor was suppose to call within 24 hours 7 days ago. WORST customer service EVER!!! I will NEVER use Sears home repair again. No wonder stores are closing - customer service no longer exist; why would anyone buy anything from there when there is no service department with accountability!!

Shanise of Indianapolis, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

Several weeks ago, a scheduled date and time was set up for April 5, 2017 between 8:00 a.m.-12:00 pm for a technician to come out to my home for an evaluation of my washing machine. I decided to give them call at 11:30 a.m. due to no response from the technician or organization. I was informed by the CSR, my timeframe was pushed back now to 1:30 p.m. NO professional courtesy call was provided to me with this newest information or request... How unprofessional and disrespectful of someone's else time!!!

Sharon of Bronx, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

The A&E factory service is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. The technician, the dispatcher, manager down to Sears who sent them to our house were horrible. No wonder Sears is going out of business. The technician tried to charge us $500 to install a ice maker. They wanted $124 for the initial diagnosis (which we had told them what was wrong from the start) and said the part would cost $500 plus an additional fee for the installation. When my husband thought that was suspicious, we went online and found the part for $73.

At first Sears was not going to make us pay for the installation and even gave us a credit for half of the deposit because we felt the technician was trying to cheat us. He even refused to give us a receipt. We set up a new appointment and informed Sears that we didn't want the previous technician to return but they still tried to send him again and we refused to pay the crazy price of $407 when we had the part already. We went with another company who installed it for $120 and it is working just fine. Stay away from A&E Factory Service, they are a big ripoff. Also on Sears website, it says one thing and when the technician got to our place they charged us another price.

Jourdan of Newnan, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Fridge repair and follow up - Said they were going to come between 8-2, he showed up at 3:30, he said I needed a new ice, however it worked fine when it belonged to my friend. He tried several times to push a $50-$150 warranty on it and then turned around and charged me $510 for the ice maker and maintenance. When we tried to get them to come back for a follow-up, the customer service person hung up on us, these people should go out of business, will NEVER do business with them or Sears, which is affiliated with them, again.

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Michelle of Halifax, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

A&E Factory service should not be in service. They are a bunch of liars. They do nothing they tell you they are going to do. I called on 3/2/17 to have my washer repaired. They could not come out until 3/16/17 between 8-5. I was told to call that morning at 7 am and they could narrow down the time. The kicker was they don't open until 8 am. I was told at 8 that the tech. would be here between 11:30 -1:30. Did not show. Called back, was told tech would be here between 3:10-5:10. Did not show. Was then told he would be here by 6. GUESS WHAT DID NOT SHOW. Called and demanded to speak to a supervisor, he came on the line and got to checking and the tech had not been to the last 4 appointments. I was told by the supervisor that they would have to reschedule for 3/24/17.

I have been without a washer for a month by this time. Needless to say I was very upset, but they would not send anyone any quicker. I had to accept that because it was warranty work (By the way do not buy a Samsung washer.). Anyway I got a text on 3/23/17 that the tech would he here on 3/24/17 between 8 am and 5 pm. Guess what, they didn't show!!! NO SURPRISES THERE. I would NEVER recommend this company nor will I ever use this company. Customer service sucks. You have to stay on line about 20 minutes before they answer.

Tanya of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

The worst customer service I have ever experienced... ever. We bought a refrigerator, range, dishwasher and water heater through Sears a few years back. The appliances have all had numerous issues since they were installed. Because they have had so many issues, we opted to get the extended warranty service so we would not have to pay for repairs after the initial warranty period had expired. In hindsight I wish I would have thrown them all in the trash and bought new appliances because dealing with A&E as the Sears warranty service has been the most miserable chain of experiences I have ever had in my life. I have likely lost 5 years of my life being so frustrated, mad, and overall disappointed. I would rather have a quadruple root canal than EVER have to deal with them again... ever.

I do not know how many days, weeks my husband and I have wasted just waiting for them to show up. They initially offer a 4 hour window and very rarely arrive within that window... or even that day to be honest. I wish I was exaggerating, but sadly, I am not. They hire a 3rd party company in another continent to manage their calls and the overseas team could care less about you are your appliances. They tell you EXACTLY what you want to hear and have absolutely zero follow up. Bottom line: do not EVER buy anything from Sears and NEVER hire this appliance repair company for anything.

I feel sorry for the technicians to be honest. They are overbooked, overworked and even THEY hate working for that company. They all hate Sears. So when you call to schedule, it usually takes them anywhere between two weeks and month to come out to do the initial inspection. And I say "inspection", because 99% of the time, they do not have the part with them and are too overbooked to go back to the warehouse to get your part. So at this point you have sat and waited close to two days for these people to say your appliance is in fact broken. YIPPEE!!! The next thing you need to do wait. Wait for the ordered part to arrive to your home and then at that point, when the part arrives, you're allowed to call and schedule the actual repair appointment. You will be lucky if you can get that appointment in the next two weeks. Then the whole process starts all over again.

And again if you have a problem or any issue, do not bother calling because it will not do darn thing. And asking for a manager will not do a darn thing either. And DO NOT COMPLAIN either, seriously. If you do your account will be flagged and this whole process will get worse if you can imagine that. WORST COMPANY EVER. They take zero responsibility and there is no follow-up or concern for anyone anytime. I seriously cannot stress this enough. Years and years of this crap is really broken my spirit. I beg you not to use them... ever.

Bianca of Black Mountain, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

Promised that appointment would be between 1-5; however, as fate would have it, technician calls were coming in around 8 AM and doorbell ringing at 8:45. Technician rang doorbell once but when I got to the door, he was gone. Then hours later, calls came in again saying they would arrive in 30-40 minutes. I agreed but was not happy. I had diagnosed the issue that the door to our dishwasher was uneven, so it took the technician a few seconds to secure a screw that had come out. He want to charge me almost $30 more than the amount quoted earlier and even though he had really done nothing. I found that very dishonest to say the least. The entire experience was a total disaster and will NEVER, NEVER call them again.

Vic of Middletown, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

We purchased a Samsung french door "twin tower" refrigerator from Home Depot in June 2015. I also purchased Home Depot's 5 year protection plan. (Note: From past experiences, I find it always beneficial to purchase a protection plan for appliances.) In January 2017 the refrigerator began dripping water into the bottom of the refrigerator portion, and the french door would not close properly. Called Home Depot Protection Plan and they scheduled an appointment with A&E the following week.

I was happy to hear that A&E would be doing the service, as I had good luck with them a few years back making repairs to a Bosch dishwasher--and was familiar how operate. They send out a technician to evaluate the problem, give you a cost estimate (that's where having a protection plan is beneficial), order parts which are delivered to your home, then come out again to make the repair.

A&E followed the same procedure. A technician came out on the date and time promised (Jan 24) and identified the problem immediately. The defrost line was freezing up and causing the drip. He said that was a common problem with our Samsung refrigerator--same with the door seal. He gave us an estimate, ordered parts, and scheduled the next appointment. The parts arrived within the week. On Feb 2 A&E technician Glenn arrived on time and quickly made the repair. The only problem he had was with the door seal which has small springs that smoothly open and close. When he opened the sealed package containing the part (I was present), he discovered one of the small springs broken. Probably was shipped by Samsung from South Korea with a broken spring. Glenn managed to jury rig a spring, and the door seal is working ok so far. The leak problem was fixed. Glenn was very personable and efficient.

Our Samsung "twin tower" refrigerator has been making buzzing and clicking noises which I feel has to do with the defrost fan and switches. We'll see how long it goes before it starts dripping again. Anyway, we still have three years left on the Protection Plan. I suggest consumers purchase a Protection Plan when buying appliances. Saves money in the long run because the quality of appliances these days leave a lot to be desired! Oh yes, Home Depot did follow up to make sure the repairs were scheduled and repairs made to our satisfaction. This was done by phone and e-mail.

Margaret of Onaway, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I was told to call to make an appointment yet no one answers the phone. According to A&E's webpage they are open 7 days a week. If not they should update their site. No answer when calling on Saturday even though I was told to call them on that day. Why do so many companies use A&E when they are so unreliable?

Dan of Olympia, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

This company apparently has problems with managing appointments for the customer's satisfaction. Communications with the technicians obviously are nonexistent as updates to your appointment status do not come your way. I have a refrigerator repair needed and I have an extended contract with A&E for this service. The first visit had an 8 am to noon window, service man showed up just before 2 pm. No calls from A&E about status. Needed to order a part so a 2nd service call was needed, also an 8 am to noon window. No status updates came so I called them about 10:30 am and was told no service technician was assigned to my service. We had some snow in our area and was later told by a supervisor that was the reason no technician would be coming. Again I had to call to get this information. Obviously offshore agents answering the call so understanding them as to what is the issue is a challenge.

There is no consideration for the customer's need on making appointments. When I tell them I have an appointment elsewhere at 11:30 and can they put me at the front of the queue, all I got was 8 am to noon. I asked again for a window that would be earlier than noon and was told "emphatically" that simply cannot be done. The scheduling is strictly based on the company's need to have efficient routing and no consideration for customer needed. This contract with them runs out this August and I will not be renewing it. I believe Sears should rethink their management of this company and it colors my impression of Sears and I now tend to think of other sources for stuff they sell. I also have a 3 years contract for my washer & dryer that I am going to see if that can be canceled with a refund of my fees.

Jo of Bryan, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

There is ZERO communication between divisions, the customer service agents flat out lie to appease you rather than explaining the limitations of the service. The customer services agents apparently get in trouble if they escalate a concern, so they will give you irrelevant external numbers to call so that the customer, not them, hangs up and they are off the hook.

Service technicians may be highly trained, but appear to get ZERO information from the offshore 1 800 number, so there's no real point in asking for a day of repair phone call to confirm the visit. I was told to wait from 8am until 8pm when the technician didn't get in touch with me for my repair day -- 12 hours wait is INSANE for a no show. We live in an age of cellphones and text messages, it should be insanely easy for the technician to update customers ("Hey, you are third in line, so probably this afternoon, I'll call when I'm finished with the job before yours" would be so easy!).

The technician's digital system was broken, and he was unable to order my parts under warranty because the little check box was greyed out. Had to pay out of pocket for lifetime warranty parts -- Sears was supposed to call me back about my issue three times ("someone will call you in two to three business days") and that never happened. I returned the parts and cancelled the repair after several weeks of failure, with automated reminder phone calls for the wrong dates, and lies from the customer service agents. Then, three weeks after the parts return, still no refund. If you wish to know evil, contact A&E for a repair.

Yolanda of Tappahannock, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

The first time Sears sent Faber repair out to repair my Kenmore washer. They failed to return on their appt date. So Sears sends out A&E to diagnose and repair washer. This was in late Dec 2016. Return date for the repair was 1/5/2017. No repairman showed up. Sears rescheduled for 1/12/17. No repairman showed up. He went to the wrong house and did not call to see if he was at the correct home (we live in the country and our house is not on the main road). Do not use A&E for repairs. They are liars and will not fix your appliance.

k of Morganton, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I give no for bad service. I'm renting and had failure to an oven touch pad Jenn-Air old model. I've used A&E over 10 yrs. I will never again call their establishment. Not to mention how embarrassed I was to explain to the realtor and homeowner about paying 487.54 for their unit and how we all agreed that we were overcharge. When I called I told them what the problem was and was charged 89.00 to tell me what I already knew. The part itself was 330 and going to be charged 70.00 more to screw it back in. When I searched for the part under Partsdirect, the most the parts would have been was 234.00. I have had them repair Kitchenaid ovens and stoves in the past that were under 6 yrs old and have never been charged this ridiculous amt ever. I called resolution number 888-236-1887 and he said that's what they charge. Okay so be prepared to overpay if you decide to call A&E Factory Service. You know Sears is closing a lot of stores. Wonder why!

Diane of West Point, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the most absolute excuse for a company there is. I am surprised that Lowe's (yes that is where I got my warranty from) uses this place. I had a dishwasher breakdown. I had to wait 18 days for them to come out. When the repair man was on his way he said he was to replace a part. I said "I don't know all about that but the DW is leaking." He got here, bad mood and all, said there was nothing wrong that he ran two small cycles. When we went to use the DW for the FIRST time since he left it was still broken.

I called Lowe's again (yes this is where I purchased a warranty) they said I had to wait another 18 days. After continually complaining with Lowe's they ended up buying out the unit. This is a horrible company and I don't see how Lowe's and Sears use them. The only other option I had was to bring in my own company, pay them out of my pocket and Lowes would replace. This company is just horrible.

K. C. of Westlake Village, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've been waiting since 12-26-16 for a tech to repair my refrigerator. They were scheduled & confirmed via text a 1-6-17 date. I wasted a day waiting, no tech. He called out sick. Next date isn't until 1-17-16. I have a warranty on the fridge. I'm convinced if you have an extended warranty, they make you wait even longer for repairs. I will NEVER, EVER do business with this company again. I will also NEVER purchase an extended repair warranty again! A&E lacks even the simplest ability to resolve appointment issues as well as being unresponsive if you need to speak to manager of any kind. No small wonder that the parent company, Sears is doing so poorly!!!

Tammy of Jacksonville, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I called on 12/29/16 concerning a washer that I needed serviced. Problem - the serial number and model number were on the wrong appliance. I try to explain this to the representative who in turn cut me off as well as was rude and obnoxious. I was addressed as if he were talking to a child. He didn't look to see what I was saying. It got so bad my son was about to talk to him. I called another number and got a decent, respectable person who not only listen but resolved the problem. I pray I Never have to deal with the young man who seemed like he had no interest in helping me. I can't remember his name but he needs to be reprimanded by management. This is the type of employee that can cause you to lose customers.

Annie of Sterling, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I got a dryer with Best Buy in Leesburg. Apparently that meant dealing with A&E. I got a top of the line dryer that broke down. A technician named CHARLES came and he fixed the first time. Then next time when it broke again, he came but ran away - saying that our vents are not attached. We fixed the vent and then since we have not been able to get them to come. We spend hours and then get an appointment between 1p-5p and then it cancels at 11:53a -happened twice. Finally, I check Consumer Affairs and I really what a horrible company they are.

Bill of Wantage, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

We were emailed that our appointment had been canceled late in the morning of our scheduled appointment for our Samsung refrigerator between 1 & 5 PM. My wife took the day off of work for this specific reason. When I called I was told they could not help, so I asked for a supervisor. After an extended wait, I was disconnected. When I called back and asked for a supervisor again, after a long wait I was connected to Molly. Molly was not able to help either apparently, A&E has 1 service technician for our area.

Bryan of San Angelo, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

We had an A&E technician come out to diagnose a problem with a 1 1/2 year old Kenmore elite refrigerator. He stated the problem was the main control board and provided an estimate of 740.00 to fix it. That seemed too high so we declined the service. After the technician left, I reviewed the printout he provided for the estimate and found that he had added $274.94 (includes tax) for a Net Protection Agreement to the repair cost estimate. He never asked me if I wanted an extended warranty so why was it included in the 'repair' estimate? This is highly unethical. I'm not sure if it is just that particular technician or a company policy but please review any estimates for unnecessary charges before agreeing to repairs.

William of Blue Grass, IA on
Satisfaction Rating

Repair of Samsung Dryer, purchased from Sears on 10 Dec 2013. We have a Sears Master Plan Protection Plan continuously since 2003. In the contract, it has a "No Lemon Guarantee", that states that after 3 failed repairs for the same problem (same part that failed) within a 12-month period, then they (Sears) will replace the appliance with a new one. The Sears Master Protection Plan cover 5 household appliances, one of which includes my Samsung Dryer. Dryer repair/maintenance history:

24 Oct 2016 A& E (Sears) sent a repairman to do an annual PM check on all 5 of our appliances (Ralph). He was he was at our home for perhaps 1.5-2.0 hours. He cleaned & checked make sure all the appliances were working properly. One of the things he said he did was take the dryer apart & clean out the build-up of lint inside of the dryer. In late Nov 25th (approximately), the dryer failed to operate (dials would light up, but it would not start). On 2 Dec 2016, repairman ** took the dryer apart & told us that it was a miracle we did not have a fire because of the excessive lint build-up inside the dryer. I told him that Ralph cleaned the dryer 5 weeks earlier. ** said that was impossible. He called & confronted Ralph. Ralph confessed he was in a hurry because it was his birthday so he did not clean it. ** replaced the thermostat & left (replacement #1). The part failed on the second load of clothes.

Dec 7, 2016, Repairman ** returned to our home & put in another thermostat. He left, the same part failed after one load of clothes (replacement #2). Dec 13, 2016, Repairman Martens (sp?) came to our house & replaced the same part. He tested the dryer. The same part failed after 4 minutes. He left, but as he left he said he had no idea why it was failing. He stated that he normally works full time on snow blowers (replacement #3). Dec 21, 2016, Repairman Tim came to our house & was very optimistic he could fix the dryer. He brought several parts & installed a new door catch, a part in the control panel (?), & another new thermostat. It failed immediately. He left (replacement #4).

What needs to be done to resolve this issue? Another appointment is schedule for 30 Dec 2016, but I don't want another attempted repair. We have been carting clothes to the laundromat for over 5 weeks. Our contract is clear & we have had FOUR replacements already of the same part in only 5 weeks. This far exceeds the contract requirement of 3 times within one year. Four different reps have had their hands on it & still no resolution. The dryer is a LEMON & I deserve a new one immediately. I have been on the phone countless times with the Sears Master Protection Plan people.

On three separate occasions, I have waited anywhere from 20-35 minutes before talking to anyone. In all three times after explaining this to the rep, they switch me to talk to someone else & I was cut off. I have asked them to call me back if we get disconnected, but they say they can't because they don't have an outside line. I have talked to the local Davenport Store manager & he will/cannot help. I have placed at least 18-20 phone calls for service & warranty assistance. They have so far refused to honor the NO LEMON GUARANTEE in the contract. Sears needs to step up to the plate & get me a new dryer ASAP!!

Debbie of Hampton, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

Called A&E to switch the orifice on my gas dryer from propane to natural gas. Scheduled an appointment two weeks prior to the date they could show up. Received a call the morning of the appointment and the repair person said he would not be showing up until after 5:30 when the time frame was between 1:00 and 5:00. He wanted to know what was to be done as he did not believe he was capable of changing the orifice. He had received an email that morning telling him what the job was. Ended up he was told not to do this from his boss as they are not allowed to change the orifice.

We called A&E and tried to speak to a Manager and was told someone would call us back. No surprise no one called us. We waited two weeks for them to tell us they could not do the job when my husband explained to them what needed to be done. I will not recommend them to anyone and will try and speak to someone with authority to get this resolved. They changed it the first time 7 years ago when we moved so... not sure if anyone knows what they are doing.

Charlie of Oak Ridge, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

This company does third party repairs for Sears and set appointments that are far off and then the night before call and say they need to bump your appointment several days. Had to wait 15 days for an appointment for them to only call and move an additional 3 days. Stay away as they are not going to show up on time or day of appointment. This is the second time this month they have canceled on us.

Kenneth of Encinitas, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

You hung up the 1st time. Then I was told to call different numbers 2 more times to get to right department. I figured if your office couldn't get me there - then your biz is damaged! Change or go under...

Laura of Tampa, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I would not recommend this company to anyone. We scheduled a day and time frame of 8 am to 12 pm for the repair tech to come to my home and fix the recall on my washer. I took time off work to have this repair taken care of and the tech never showed up!. I got a call at 10:30 am from them to say he was on his way. 12:00 still not here. They said he was on his way. 1:30 pm I called them and they said he was on his way AGAIN! Now my morning appt has turned into an all day event! If they had any unexpected back up the least they could have done was call me and TELL me. I would not have taken the entire day off and would not have waited around ALL day. Finally at 3:30 pm the tech calls me to say he has been calling and the phone was busy. I don't believe a word of it!!! I will NOT be rescheduling with this company! I see this companies reviews and this is a pattern of theirs.

lois of Wichita, KS on
Satisfaction Rating

Called on 10/19 that my DW under warranty was not working. They scheduled an appt for 11/03. The Tech came out, looked at the DW, said he had part on truck, replaced part and left. I ran the DW the next day - NOT repaired doing the same thing. Called warranty on 11/4. Scheduled appt for 11/16. Same tech came out. Said if I could wait he would go get the part so I waited 30 min. He returned with the part put it in, said something about his computer crashed. Had to go to his truck. In the meantime I went to my kitchen DW doing the EXACT same thing. NOT repaired. Tech comes back in the house, hands me a tickets, says repairs are completed. I say "NO the DW is doing the exact same thing. Repair is NOT completed." He goes into DW, sees all the lights flashing, says "I have completed the ticket. NOTHING I can do. I will have to order a new part" and leaves.

I call the A&E. They do not see where tech ordered part. Tells me to call the next day so I do... The Tech never ordered part and they schedule yet another appt for 2 weeks 16 days later - he will be out tomorrow. It better not be the same tech. I have now been without a DW for 6 1/2 weeks. Have talked to probably 20 people at Sears/A&E with NO results. My question to Sears would be "Why would you associate your name with a Company such as A&E that seems to have no clue? You are hurting your business by doing so." They will not let you talk to anyone - they all say they are "Managers". You are ROBOT MGRS reading from a script.

This is the worst company I have every dealt with - I would give neg stars if allowed. Due to the service Sears has - I will never step foot in a Sears store again. They have damaged their own reputation by dealing with such a company - which proves they do not care about their customers. We will see how tomorrow goes. I just have a feeling I will be waiting another 2 weeks. At this point I will go to a news service and see if they can get something accomplished where I have been unable to do so. VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.

Renee of Pelham, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

I have never written a review before but the lack of service and professionalism with this company warrants it! I would NEVER use this company and suggest that no one else does as well. I made my appointment almost 2 weeks ago because Samsung is using this company. I called the day before my appt (as instructed) to get a 2 hour window. I was told I could not get the 2 hour window as told and that I would need to plan on 4 hours. They would 'try' to send me a text with the 2 hour window when a tech was assigned. I called again this morning and was told that my appt had been rescheduled!! If I did not call, I would have been sitting home for 4 hours!! When I spoke to the supervisor and asked if this is the type of service I could expect, he said that they called (no voicemail was left!) and that they are rescheduling period. In other words, yes! They have the contract with Samsung so they could care less!!!

jennifer of Hilmar, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This company is provided by samsung to do their repairs. They have been to my house 2x to fix same problem and it is not fixed. Scheduled 3rd time no show and had to "reschedule" for 2 wks out! Today... a no show as well!! Worst company ever!!! I will NEVER buy a samsung product again nor will I ever use A&E factory service for any repair!

Dar of Mason, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

HMS warranty on refrigerator that was not producing ice. Claim was assigned to Sears who sent out a technician from A&E Services (3rd party contractor to Sears apparently). Long story short, 4 technician visits over a 2-month period and not only is the ice maker not working, now the freezer isn't as well (lost $1000 in food). Last technician troubleshot the problem to an evaporator assembly (which should have been caught initially)...and the outcome, "sorry you have to contact Whirlpool because we aren't authorized to replace that item"!!! I called A&E customer service and was basically told I was out of luck, no reimbursement for the food or time lost taking off from work!!! Run away from A&E.

David of Kennesaw, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Sears scheduled my lawn tractor for warranty work. The A&E tech came out today 11/4 at 12:30 P.M. He asked what were my problems. I felt he was already upset or mad about something else. I showed him my letter to Sears and explained the problems. He said earlier he couldn't fix the problem with the grass blowing out of the upper tube. Didn't say why just couldn't. The grass height of the mower deck should and shows adjustment height from 1 to 6. He asked what number I used and I said, "right now I only use 4 to 6 because the deck won't go any lower". He said, "If you only use 4 to 6 you don't need 1 to 3." He said the mower deck wheel need to be adjusted high.

I asked, "Why does the mower deck have other holes?" As he was adjusting the deck wheel higher I looked back at his van and OIL was dripping out of his side sliding door onto my paver driveway. He opened the door and pushed a 1 or 2 gallon container of oil back upright. I said, "can you clean this up or can you call the office and have someone come out now and clean the oil off of my pavers?" He called someone and was told to clean the oil up as best as he could and we would have to have the pavers cleaned and file a claim.

In the meantime I told him the wheel adjustment won't work because now when the mower is on #1 the metal deck is on the ground. His excuse was the mower deck was floating and the wheel were only supposed to work on uneven ground. The wheels don't touch at all now. I asked, "What's your name?" He wouldn't tell me after asking many times. Finally he said Josh. At this point he stopped working on my mower and was cleaning the inside of his van. Looked like a quart or two was all over the bed. Then he started to put down paper to soak up the oil.

I asked him again to call the office and he wouldn't answer. I called the office and talked to someone who couldn't speak clear English. My wife also tried to understand and asked for a supervisor but was told they couldn't transfer the call. Meanwhile Josh and I were having a one sided conversation. I kept asking, "What are you going to do?" He said nothing. I asked, "How long have you been with A&E?" and he said 7 months. I told him he didn't know much about lawn tractors.

I finally decided to call A&E and asked what his last name was and after the tenth (10th) request he wouldn't tell me and I did call him an, "idiot". My wife and I kept asking for his last name and then he started up his gas generator or compressor (I couldn't tell) so he couldn't hear us. I pulled the plug wire of of the unit and he said, "what did you do". I said, "what is your last name". He finally said, "I'm out of here". I did go around to the driver's side and touched his window and said, "Josh, what is your last name". Then he said, "I'm calling the Kennesaw police". I said, "why?" "Because I hollering at you?" I went inside to get my wallet just in case the police did come to my house and at the same time called A&E and they wanted to talk to Josh but he wouldn't open the window and would not talk to them. He put some white powder on the oil but never told me what it was. The police were never called.

I'm 75 and weigh 194 and Josh is approximately 6' plus and weighs 250. Did he really feel threatened or did he not have the knowledge to fix my mower or clean my pavers? I have a claim number for property damage. After approximately 10 minutes sitting in his van Josh with no last name left. I checked my driveway and the oil drops actually start on the concrete and drop on our pavers and then there's a 3 to 4 foot stain of oil that soaked unto the pavers. Someone from A&E is supposed to call within 48 hours or on Monday. I guess to send someone out to check on the damage. This is not clear.

Meanwhile I have a mower that Josh adjusted the deck wheel higher and did nothing else and left the mower apart. I not only didn't get my mower fixed. I now have a stained paver driveway... I want A&E to have the pavers cleaned and if they can't I want the pavers replaced. We paid $12,600.00 for the pavers and I don't want the area bleached or a different color.

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