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Nick of Bellingham, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Was given a time of service at between 8:00am - 12:00pm - Took 4 hours off of work - didn't show - had to call a family member to watch the house in case they showed - they changed the time to 2:40 to 4:40 - still no showed - I purchased my dryer from Lowe’s, with an extended service contract. If this is the people they use, I won't be purchasing another dryer from them.

Marty of Aguanga, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Around the first week in July I called Lowe’s because I have a 5 yr extended warranty and the washer would stop working intermittently and I couldn't reset it per previous instructions from a problem a year before. This now had happened 3 different times. The first time, I was washing a large blanket, which I had washed many times before with a problem. When I checked the washer there were just bars across the display and the washer was full of water. I thought perhaps it had been out of balance and that I didn't hear the signal and the machine shut off. But I couldn't restart it. I unplugged it for a while, then tried to reset again. Not happening. Tried again later. Nothing.

So I had to lug this heavy, soaking wet, very large blanket into the biggest container I could find, all the while getting my floor soaked even with trying to wring out as much of the water as I could. Unplugged the machine, some of the water gravity drained out. The next day I got the machine restarted and the pump kicked on for the rest of the water in the machine. Then a couple of weeks later, after doing several loads of laundry, I got this terrible odor from the machine. Like scummy pond water. Started to run a clean cycle and after the tub filled with about the correct amount of water, bells went off, lights were flashing and the machine stopped and wouldn't restart. Unplugged, left for a while, water gravity drained only, but wouldn't restart when plugged in and the pump wouldn't come on. Left it until late the next day and same thing.

So I called Lowe’s. Earliest appointment with A&E was in two weeks from the time I called. They only come out my way once a week. Tech came out, ran some diagnostic tests and said the machine worked now, but that he would put thru the paperwork to see if Lowe’s would approve it because he thought it was an intermittent problem with the motherboard - intermittent shorting. He never voluntarily told me that the machine would be OK to use, but I had asked him if I could "run it until it broke again." Then he said yes.

Well, after all this, I really didn't want to take a chance of having the machine stop in the middle of a load, especially when I wash Queen/King size bedding. So I've been driving over 50 miles round trip into a larger town so I can wash in a decent laundromat at $6 to $10 a load. I called Lowe’s Service today to see what the status was on the part and the first person I talked to said he would check with the service provider (A&E), put me on hold, then came back and said that the part was in stock and that they didn't know why no one had called me to schedule an appointment, but that someone would be calling. Told him I was out some of the time and he said they told him that if no one answered, they would leave a message or send an e-mail.

Afterward, I started thinking about this and it didn't sound right because A&E has previously had the part UPS'd to me and then I would call to make the appointment. So I called back to Lowe’s Service and talked with a very helpful lady. However the news wasn't what I wanted to hear. She had called A&E and talked with a supervisor who told her that the tech had NEVER even put in a request for the part and put in his report that the machine was working. So nothing was done. And, unfortunately, he never gave me a "no charge" receipt and I didn't think to ask. As of now, the tech is supposed to call me, they are getting the part, and the tech is supposed to schedule the return appointment. We'll see now how long I have to wait (won't wait long) and how many more trips to the laundromat I have to make.

Jennifer of Portland, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I took the day off from work as I was informed that the repair person would be here between 1 pm - 4 pm. Around 3 or 4 pm, was informed that the new time would be 5:30 - 7:30. I could have gone to work, but now had to cancel evening plans. Then we got the call that it would be between 7 pm - 9 pm. Hands down, the worst service ever. This company overbooks and over schedules with no regard towards the customers they are serving. Do NOT use this company.

Janet of La Pine, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

We had purchased a very nice and expensive refrigerator 2014 but the ice maker went out. We called Lowe’s and they sent A&E repair out. They brought the wrong ice maker out and then the repair guy says it thought it was the main board. (Can't figure out why he would think that, our only complaint was the ice maker.) So, three weeks later they came out and still had wrong ice maker and wrong board. Three weeks later the same guy comes out with a board (no ice maker) and replaced the main board and then left. He didn't even run any diagnostic tests or even waited 15 minutes to see if refrigerator was working. He was leaving on vacation.

Next day refrigerator still was not working so A&E sent out a different repair person and as soon as he hooked up his voltage meter he was horrified!!! He immediately unplugged refrigerator and called someone on phone. Hearing his conversation, he told that person that the previous repair person installed the board wrong and literally fried all the components and cooling system. He said they were lucky it didn't burn down our house!! The whole refrigerator was fried!!! He left with the remark "well, you better call Lowe's and get another refrigerator". We had to go through a lot of paperwork but the local manager in Bend was very accommodating and made it good. We picked out another refrigerator and told Lowe's that A&E was not allowed on our property ever again!!! Buyers beware... They work on Samsungs, LGs.

Lorraine of Plymouth, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Having had ongoing problems with my refrigerator freezer I scheduled an appointment with an A&E service technician. He arrived on time as scheduled. After diagnosing the problem ($99) he noted my electronic defrost timer was defective but the refrigerator was worth replacing. The new part was ordered ($116.00). The technician told me if the part came in before the scheduled installation appointment in seven days I could call for an earlier appointment. The part arrived in 2 days but I was unable to schedule an earlier appointment with any customer service rep. I was assured I would be on a cancellation list for the first available appointment which never happened.

This was extremely inconvenient as my refrigerator was not maintaining consistent temperatures and I had concerns with food going bad in the hot weather. Customer service was most unhelpful. After the new part was installed I paid the $200 labor balance. I was not able to find out how this charge was determined. The technician time on the site was under 20 minutes the second visit and under one hour the first visit. $300 to diagnose and replace a simple part? Over $400 bill? Is this price gouging? Will not use the service ever again. To replace a defective part???

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Sally of Bremerton, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the second time I've used this company for appliance repair. I initially called GE but they don't have service technicians in my area. They referred me to A&E. I can't believe a company like GE would work with these people. Last time we had an appointment, no one came, I called and they said they had to reschedule. I did that, they came and I got my problem resolved. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for the no show. That was my mistake. Anyway 5 years later I had a little concern, but went ahead and made the appointment. We were given a time 2 weeks out and told to call back in a few days to see if there was anything sooner. I did that. Nothing sooner of course. We were also given a time from of 8 am - 5 pm. No one called or texted to give us a smaller time frame once the technician was scheduled.

He arrived at 9:30 am, spent about 30 minutes and determined the problem needed a part. Ordered the part and scheduled to come back in two weeks. Couldn't make the credit card work for payment and said they have problems with it. Said call for earlier appointment if the part arrives early. It did. No earlier appointment available of course. So we wait for the originally scheduled appointment on a Monday. Friday before they email to say they need to change the appointment to the next morning. Tuesday 8:00am - 12:00 pm. We rearrange our schedule to make that work (no real choice). Wait on Tuesday morning. Nothing. Called at 11:30 and was told, "No technician has been scheduled." Can't tell me why. Said they would reschedule the appointment for the afternoon. Um, not available in the afternoon (I work and already took the morning off to wait for their technician). Okay, next available appointment in two weeks.

Unacceptable. Cannot give me a reason why they didn't schedule a technician when originally rescheduled (BY THEM). I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told, "They'll just tell you the same thing." No problem. Wait 10 minutes on hold for a supervisor, who does in fact tell me the same thing. When pressed, he did say they were overbooked. He again offered to reschedule for the afternoon, AFTER I'd already told him that I wasn't available. He offers the same appointment time in two weeks. I repeatedly told him it was unacceptable to wait that long after their mistake. He suggested perhaps I should call GE for an earlier appointment. Little did he know that GE doesn't even service my area.

Look I understand things happen, schedules get booked up, etc. But this is standard operating procedure for this company. If they had apologized, offered to accommodate me since it was their fault, or in fact offered me anything for my inconvenience I would have been placated. I came here to read reviews only to learn this is extremely common procedure across the country (not just in my area). I canceled the appointment and called a local company that can come out the next day. I will NEVER use this company again.

Bernard of Thornwood, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a scheduled an appointment to have my Whirlpool dishwasher repaired around June 20th 2017. The technician diagnosed the problem as faulty motor and a new one would be required. The total cost would be over $300, of which $262, was for the new motor and follow up repair appointment, since they did not have the part in stock.The technician stated that is was a good machine and worth fixing. I reluctantly gave him my credit card number and he left.

Later that same day, I decided that I would be better off purchasing a new dishwasher and I called A&E to cancel the appointment and the part order. They stated that the part was order and shipped, however they asked UPS to just return the part back, which they did. I was told that once the part was back, I would get my $262 refund. It's now July 17th and A&E has denied my refund. I am being charged for a part that I have never seen, nor came to my house. A&E claims they tried to contact me and left me messages, but that is a flat out lie. They keep shuffling me back to Sears, then Sears tells me it's A&E that need to give me a refund. If I had the option to give zero stars I would. If an A&E technician comes to do a repair in your house, lock the door!

J. M. of Galveston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I sure wish I would have seen these reviews prior to using A&E because my service experience with them has been similarly abysmal. Unfortunately, since GE offers no other Authorized Service company to provide warranty repairs on Galveston Island, I really did not have a choice. Our less than one year old dryer stopped heating, so we contacted A&E about service.

They set up an appointment with me about two weeks out. Because this is a second home, I had to commute to Galveston to meet the technician. I was an hour early to the scheduled appointment window. After waiting 5 hours and not seeing the technician, I contacted A&E regarding the status (as it was approaching the end of the appointment window). The service agent on the other line indicated that the technician came by the house about 30 minutes prior to my call but no one was home so I need to reschedule. That was just not true. I was home the entire time and did not see the technician. The technician had blatantly lied about showing up.

So, I set up another appointment. Again, first available appointment was two weeks out. I, once again, commuted to the house, waited and the technician showed up 20 minutes AFTER the appointment window. He spent 10 minutes working on the dryer, indicated that there were two fuses blown, then told me that they don't carry parts and that they would have to be ordered and shipped to the house. Seems crazy that they don't carry any parts for repairs. So, we ordered the parts and set up another appointment two weeks out.

While waiting to sign the bill, I had to speak with another customer service agent on the phone with the technician present so they could try to sell me on an extended warranty. the technician said this was standard practice. My first warranty repair had yet to be completed and they were already trying to sell me on an extended warranty. To boot, this technician really didn't seem to show much interest in getting the dryer fixed very quickly.

So, the parts arrived prior to the third appointment and I once again commuted to meet the technician. Again, the same technician arrived 30 minutes past the 4 hour appointment window that was previously established. After spending 5 minutes installing the new fuses, he indicated that there was still one more high limit thermostat that needed to be replaced. Of course, he didn't have the part, and he discovered that this part is no longer in stock. I could not believe that a one year old dryer no longer has parts for repair. He said that I would have to call GE to discuss the issue with them. When he left, the dryer was in various pieces with parts scattered about.

I received a call from A&E the following day indicating that since the part was no longer available, they would need to send someone out to take pictures of the dryer. Pictures? I asked why and they stated that they need to see the part that had gone bad and figure out what to do on their own. While it didn't make sense, I went ahead and set up a 4th appointment with A&E to some take pictures. Again, first available time was 2 weeks out.

After doing some research on my own, I found the part on the GE website and ordered it myself. It cost 5 dollars. I found the part on several different websites. All the parts were genuine GE parts. The part arrived about a week later. I contacted A&E and told them that I found the genuine GE part online and to tell the technician that I will have the part and be prepared to install it instead of taking pictures. The lady noted the conversation in the file.

So, again, I commuted to meet the technician a 4th time. Again, I waited past the appointment window, and when the technician did not show up, I contacted the service agent. The agent informed me that the technician came to the house but no one was home so he left. Another lie. I was home the entire time. Never once did I receive a call on any of these missed or delayed appointments. After spending about an hour on the phone with them explaining the situation, the agent reached the technician by phone and was told by the technician that he cancelled the appointment because they cannot install a part that they did not order even though it was a genuine GE part and that they no longer stock that part. Basically, I was screwed.

I escalated the call to a manager on duty, but I was told the same story and they would need to again send someone out to take pictures of the part that needed replacement. I was caught in a vicious circle that had no end. I have a 5 dollar part that they could not stock and could not install on a dryer that was under warranty and less than a year old and left in pieces by an incompetent technician and authorized service dealer.

Having gone 10 weeks without a dryer that required minimal repairs (basically three fuses), I ordered and had delivered another dryer from another brand and had it delivered within 48 hours. The GE dryer, and all its parts, was hauled to the garage until I decide what to do with it. Funny thing happened a week later. I got a call from A&E asking to set up an appointment since I was not home for the last appointment. What?? They are completely incompetent. I relayed the story to the poor service agent on the other end of the line and he was at a loss for words. There was literally nothing he could say or do. To summarize, I would never ever use this company again for any sort of repairs and I would never recommend them to anyone. Consequently, I would not recommend any GE branded products if their only authorized service agent in Galveston is A&E.

Jenn of Charlotte, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I scheduled a repair service for my electric dryer on July 11 and I'm disgusted beyond words. Although the tech that showed up was nice enough and seemed helpful, after he left, I did a load of laundry and found that the dryer was still broken (not heating). I called the next morning (today) and was told that someone would be able to come out and fix it between 1 pm and 5 pm. At 4:30 pm I called to see what the issue was and was told that he would be there by 5 pm, which he wasn't. I called again and asked to speak to a manager, and was hung up on 3 times before getting a "manager" on the phone. This person was very immature, rude and ignorant, and based on the unbelievable and outrageous things that he/she was saying to me, I would guess that this was one of the customer service rep's friends and not an actual employee of the company.

The customer service reps flat out LIED to appease me rather than answering my questions and concerns. Overall I wasted more than an hour on the phone with these people, and made 8 calls due to being hung up on seven times. Apparently the customer service reps get in trouble if they escalate a concern to a manager, so they will transfer you to a peer or give you an irrelevant external number to call so that you, the customer, hangs up on them and they are off the hook. The 800 number is an offshore number, and all of the customer service reps are young Asian kids who barely speak English.

The service technicians have no contact with the offshore 800 number customer service reps, so there's no point in asking the customer service reps for a "day-of-repair" phone call to confirm the appointment. In this day and age, it should be common courtesy for the technician to update the customer with an ETA via text or phone call ("Hi Mr. Customer, you are third in line today, so I'll probably be there late this afternoon. I'll call you when I'm finished with the job before yours.")

I was told that the parts that were installed, the service visit and diagnostic fee were all non-refundable, and that I would get precisely $0.00 back from them, even though my dryer works exactly the same now as it did before the "repair" - and with no chance of getting my money back, I am now at their mercy for scheduling a second visit to hopefully fix a dryer that should have been fixed the first time around. It is now 6 pm, and I have rescheduled my plans for tonight to wait for this tech to show up, even though the 3 pm to 5 pm window that was originally scheduled has long passed. He still hasn't called or texted with an ETA, so there is no guarantee that he will even show up tonight. I will post this on Facebook and file a complaint with the BBB, as well as call my CC company and file a reversal of charges with them. If you need an appliance repaired, USE ANGIE'S LIST!!!

Regenia of Thomasville, ND on
Satisfaction Rating

I contacted Sears to repair my oven. I needed the broiler and bake elements replaced. A gentleman from Sears came out to diagnose the problem. Charged $100.00 to diagnose and order new elements. I received the elements by UPS. A week later they sent out a technician from A&E Factory Service to replace the elements. The repair person first complained that he had to call me to let him in through the gate and that one of the numbers wasn't clear. We then proceed to the house. I told him that we have dogs inside but they would be okay. Before I could finish my sentence that the dogs were subdue he said he would not come in. I went in and got the dogs in a room.

He then came in and we went to the stove. He asked me where the breaker box was. I showed him and was going to turn the breaker off. He pushed me out of the way and wanted to turn it off himself. He then disconnected the wires to the stove and dropped them behind the stove and couldn't reach them. He was going to have to reschedule for 2 people to come out and pull the stove out to get to the wires. Then a few minutes later he started jerking on the stove to try to pull it out himself. Then he went to his van to get some kind of a cart to help him.

He started complaining about Sears and said he wouldn't buy anything from Sears. Then he started complaining about the person who ordered the parts. When he tried to put the stove back in place he bent the door to the oven and cracked the stove on both sides. He could not get in back in place correctly either. He proceeded to say the stove/oven would need to be replaced now even if he had to pay for it... Yeah right, I now have been transferred all over the place trying to get this resolved and my stove replaced.

Talking to someone in the United States of America is almost impossible. Sears also contracts out their customer service to international places like the Philippines. So trying to talk to someone in the USA is ridiculous. So after numerous transfers I finally reach a customer service area in Texas. And all they can do is send another diagnostic tech out to evaluate the damage in 7 more days. I told them it better not be the same guy from A&E Factory Service. So now instead of not being able to use my oven I am now afraid to use the oven or the stove. And I have to wait a whole another week. The technician name with A&E Factory Service is TRI.

Laura of Portland, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I wish there was less than one star to rate this company. We have had A&E Factory Service technicians coming out to our home since March and now it is almost July. The washer is in worse operating condition than before the technicians got their hands on it. The warranty ran out and they tried numerous time not to fix it but it is still under the March repair order. This is a difficult concept for many of the technicians who they send out. One got into a abusive argument with my mother who was waiting patiently all day for them to come because I was working. My sister came in and overheard the whole argument and called me. I then called the company to complain about the technician and now they schedule appointments for a new technician to come because I don't want that guy in my house again after being rude to an 84 year old lady.

The problem here is the schedulers are unable to anything but make appointments so they keep scheduling the same guy to come out and he cancels the appointment without even a courtesy call that he is not coming out. I have spoken to their customer service department which is useless but apologetic and schedule another appointment for someone to come out and fix the washer assuring it will not be the rude technician and lo and behold it's the same guy and he cancels the appointment and doesn't tell us and it's like being stuck in Groundhog Day. No matter what supervisors and managers I talk to that assure me things will be different this time and they are exactly same. The important thing to know is they do not stand behind the warranty because they are unable to fix my washer and they have ordered more than 4 parts actually 5 or 6 parts now. They are supposed to replace the washer under the warranty.

I have a feeling they have never done this because I get every kind of runaround when I make this point with them. At all cost they want to try to repair. The technicians don't know what they are doing, they lie to save their hide, they order wrong parts (one was to a refrigerator and the other to a washer I don't own), they say they put them in and really didn't. I know they didn't put the part in because the company called the day before to ask if it had arrived and it had not. They put a trace on the package and it was not here for him to install. So he did not in fact install the part but the technician screamed at me that he had put it in himself. He became abusive when I confronted him about the part being traced by the parts department. I filed a second complaint that fell on deaf ears also because they sent him out again and again and then he cancelled the appointments and was a no show/no call.

For 3 months I have had these people coming in and out of my house and tearing up my washer making worse. Of course now that it is developing a new issue due to being half fix and having to be used when we can make it work it's worse than ever. Now they want to focus on charging upfront for service calls and part before they come to see what is wrong with the washer because they can't comprehend that if you half fix something and you don't put in the part that was missing maybe it not going to work right. They want to start a new order number and start the process all over and charge more money. There is no reasoning with these people.

I believe they are just phone people with no authority but to make a new appointment and the supervisors are no different. They offer empty apologies and do the same thing over again. We have no choice but to try and use it. We have 3 kids and 3 adults living here. Customer service is outsourced. Good luck getting anyone to understand English. Stay away from this company. Not worth the headache at all. Like I said this washer has been under repair since March now.

Stacia of Avon Park, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

The bottom line of this complaint is that they did NOT call ANY, not one, of the numbers on file to tell me they were on their way or that they were at my house! So, now I sit ALL DAY and wait to see if they will even show up! My service was scheduled for 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. I did receive an email that narrowed it to 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. They have my cell phone on record but NEVER called or sent a text. I left my house at 9:20 a.m. to drive 10 minutes up the road to pick something up. At 12:30 p.m. I still had yet to see anyone.

So, I called Sears (who also stinks!). They said someone had come at 9:25 a.m. Are you kidding me?!?! I was only gone 25 minutes. Couldn't A&E have called me and said they were on their way or that they were at my house? So, now I sit and wait for another two hours for the person to leave their job and come back to my house. By the way, the appointment they are at right now is 2 hours away from where I am now! Maybe I will get service and maybe I won't!

Nancy of Columbus, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

Called Factory A&E for service on our GE Profile side by side refrigerator/freezer. The freezer wasn't keeping an even temperature. Wasn't cooling to zero. Waited once week to get a technician here. When he arrived, he made the comment he had never worked on a GE profile before. This is a pretty common brand I would think. It is 7 years old. So he fiddled with it, not knowing what the problem was or even how to get it apart. Finally says fan motor is going out. A $400+ part plus service. So he talked into buying a Sears warranty. He ordered the part and couldn't schedule us for another 2 weeks.

Got the part within a week but had to wait the other week out. Two different technicians showed up this time. They didn't know how to put the part in. Well one kind of did so he instructed his partner on how to do it. Took them over 2 hours. Ok they thought they had it correct and left. The freezer was not fixed. It continued to do the same thing it had been doing. I questioned whether we even needed that part and felt it was some other problem.

Called the company to get schedule another service call. Had to wait two more weeks of course. For the third service call they had it listed in their computers as a completely different problem which it wasn't. Once again we had another completely different guy who had never worked on a GE Profile but his assessment was we received a bad part the first time and he needed to order the same part again. He scheduled us for repair again and of course we had to wait another two weeks to get on their schedule.

Ok today they were scheduled to show up between 8 and noon. By 12:30 no one. I finally called the company and they said the technician called in sick and they tried to call us. Absolutely no one called us. They have both my number and my husband's number. No message was left on either phone. They of course offered to set up another appointment in two weeks. So unacceptable! It should not take 7 weeks to fix this problem. Incidentally the date they gave me falls the day before a holiday and we will have a house full of kids and extra adults. To place to put extra food or even ice. This company should be out of business. They have no business trying to be in business with the service they have. I have no choice but to wait for them now that we have spent a good deal of money on the warranty. I do and will not recommend them to anyone. I have nothing good to say about this company.

Barbara of Columbus, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

First I would like to say... I should have came to this site before calling A&E Appliance Repair to see the bad rating they have. My experience with the company is that the tech came out the first thing this morning, and took the front off of my Maytag washer, and I said I will let you do your work, so I left him to his business. He called me to see and tell me what the problem was, both belts needed to be replace. He went on to say that since my washer was 14 years old that the motor was bad, and the transmission, and it would cost more than what it was worth. BUT he said he would order the 2 belts, and I said how long and he said 2 weeks. I suggestive that there is a place where we have gotten parts, and he said he would call them. Bang... They had them. He went and came back with the belts, and put them on. He called me to the laundry room again and said "The washer is fixed". I paid him $252.79 and he left.

I put clothes in the washer (within 45 minutes after he left) and I tried to start it and nothing. I checked the plug and it was plugged in, and before he put the belts on the washer would turn on but wouldn't spin. Now I have no power at all. I called the appointment telephone and the man said he would notify the tech, and gave me the impression the tech would be back today. I never heard from anyone so I called around 5:50 pm and was told "I would have to call tomorrow to make another appointment". I asked her why didn't someone call me to let me know? She said they don't call people. My husband is very sick, so I called my son and he took my husband to the ER because I had to stay home for the tech to come back. I am so upset by the poor communication, and WOULD NOT EVER USE THEM AGAIN!!!

Brenda of Oakley, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

We bought a Samsung Refrigerator/Freezer on 4/17/17. It was delivered 4/18/17 but the left door was dented. They gave us choice of sending it back or having door replaced. Not having a refrigerator NOW. We didn't sign delivery slip until condition was noted on it. Home Depot sold it and extended 5 yr. warranty to us. We have been dealing with A&E/Home depot & Samsung ever since. A&E not their job. Samsung ask if we wanted new refrigerator or door. Chose replace door, was told will send to Home Depot and they would bring and replace. We have been going in circles with all three.

We were called by A&E. They made appt. for 6/12/17 8-12 to bring door. A&E Service guy called at 8:17, told me he had 1 delivery before us. I said it will be nice to finally get the door replaced. He says, "I don't have a door. I'm to inspect door"!!! I told him that was all ready done their starting their circle again. We then called Samsung again put on hold & then told they spoke to A&E supervisor and a door was coming between 9 & noon. Well it's 10:58 no call and no delivery YET. So why should WE PAY for warranty that is serviced by A&E. Never AGAIN. I've researched A&E, they have 708 complaints so far. If any knows of a class action suit please let us know. So if you're smarter than us and did research then you're probably be safe if not please READ this before buying warranty...

Vicki of Laguna Niguel, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We scheduled a repair of our Frigidaire refrigerator and an appointment was set up for a time span between 9:00am to 12:00pm on Thursday, June 8th. We received verification phone calls and text messages confirming that day and time. At 11:45 am on Thursday a technician still did not arrive so we called to find out what happened. They informed us that we are scheduled for a technician to come out between 5:00pm and 7:00pm the same day. We waited all morning and this is what they now informing us without a call to let us know of the time change.

Upon leaving our home to do errands, we get a call that a technician is on his way to our home which caused me now to stop what I was doing to go back home and wait for the technician. We called the repair service to find out what the hell is going on. She informed us that there is no record of the 5:00pm to 7:00pm time change and that a technician is on his way. It is now 1:10pm and still no one has arrived. They are a terrible company!

T of Martinsburg, WV on
Satisfaction Rating

Worse service ever! I bought a Samsung washer (1st mistake) from Lowe's. Got the 3 year warranty. In April I called and had a tech come because the washer wouldn't spin clothes. He came out and claim it was a loose bolt. A week later the washer starting doing the same thing. I check the bolt and it was fine. I waited a few days and the machine was working fine the next couple of times. 2 weeks later it started up again. I called and had the tech come out again. (5/28 was the end of my warranty with Lowe's). The same tech came out on the 30th and claim it was the hose. Said he reinstalled the psi hose. Now, I know that the hose has nothing to do with the spin cycle. Today I wash clothes for the 1st time, the 1st load was fine, 2nd load it again stopped at spinned. Of course, I'm out of my warranty so it's my baby now but this is ridiculous. The tech didn't know what he was doing and now I have to wring out my clothes by hand. Beyond Furious!

Leslie of Malibu, CA on
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Do not use this company. Just look at all the bad reviews and everything they say I experienced. I scheduled an appointment for May 24th between 8-12. I called at 8 am to get a more accurate time they said they would arrive at 10 am. At 12:30 I called to find out where they were. They told me they changed it between 10-2 pm. At 2:30 I called again was told they got delayed and would be coming between 4 and 5:30. They never showed up, never called, nothing. I just called this morning they told me the technician called 4 times and had no response. Hmmm, why didn't the rep mention that any one of the multiple times I called I wonder.

I told the rep that I gave the rep yesterday my cell phone, "Did she have it?" The rep said yes, I said no messages on that phone either. She then tells me she changed my appointment to June 21st, this is a refrigerator we're talking about. I then asked to speak to a supervisor, she said she sure but she then hung up on me, surprise, surprise!!! I will never call them again and I am calling GE to suggest they don't recommend them to their clients.

Kendra of Ashland, OH on
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My refrigerator went out and my warranty company contacted A&E Factory Appliance to look at it. They came out on May 10 and said a part had to be ordered. The technician scheduled a return date of May 31 saying that when the part came in I was to call and schedule a different date. I called May 17 after receiving the part and was told that they could not change the appt. date. The male rep told me to call the warranty company and have them send out another company. I called the warranty company just to be told that once I had the part I could not have someone else fix my refrigerator. I called A&E Factory back and asked to speak to a supervisor. I had to give all the reasons why I was requesting a supervisor then put on hold for 10 minutes. When the female rep came back on and seeks the supervisors could not answer because they were too busy taking other calls. She then have me 877-878-3687 to call and speak to a supervisor.

I called that number and was basically told I had the wrong number for my request. I called A&E back and again asked for a supervisor and the rep would not give me one. Instead I had to again explain in complete detail why I wanted to speak to a supervisor. The rep then said he wanted to attempt to resolve my issue. His resolution was to put me on a list to be called if there was a cancellation. I was tired of going in circles and then pissing me off. I call again on May 24 and ask the status of my appt. and was told there are no cancellations and I had to wait till May 31. Now keep in mind that will be 3 weeks without a refrigerator/freezer for a family. When I expressed this they did not care. I did ask how they would like to live out of a cooler for 3 weeks and they couldn't even respond to that question. I was furious with every conversation with them. This company straight up does not care about customers. Do not use them if you have a choice!!!

Upset of La Crosse, WI on
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I made a call & had an appointment to have my washing machine serviced today. I have had no previous experience with Sears or A&E Service. My opinion after calling this company, never again! They absolutely SUCK!!! The night before I got a phone call from a machine that said that someone will be at my house between 2-3 pm.

I received a call from the technician at about 8 am saying that he was on his way which was kind of shocking but anyway I was glad he called because I am in the process of moving and better soon that later, right? He arrived at my house & sat outside my house in his truck for about 5-10 minutes before he even rang the doorbell??? Once he came in he introduced himself (Randy, Brian, Ryan) whatever. Nice, he was knowledgeable, professional, and made me and my mother get a good laugh. Good person, understood the concerns that we had and explained what he was doing to our washer while fixing it. After he was done, he told me that the cost was $100. I paid (still believe that it was too much for a plugged filter) and did it gladly because he was honest with me, explained everything and made me feel comfortable. I am in the process of moving and am leaving my old appliances behind and going to buy new stuff.

When he was leaving he asked for my PERSONAL phone??? Because we needed to call to TAKE A SURVEY on the service experience and was somewhat pushy for me to participate. He saw that I was busy loading my moving truck and continued to talk about insurance on my appliances. He was a great guy up to that point. I'm not borrowing a stranger my cell/personal phone. I just wanted my washer fixed. I simply didn't have time for all that. We call service/repair people to come REPAIR whatever is that it needed to be fixed. The technician service was excellent no doubt, but seriously I called for something to be fixed but I am moving & have plenty of things to do. Never call or deal with this company. I know I never will. Very disappointed.

Sandra of Cleveland, TN on
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This company had a scheduled appointment with us, they called in the morning to confirm the appointment, then called an hour before they were supposed to be here and cancelled the appointment and rescheduled for over a week later. This is after already waiting 2 weeks for them to come out here. They were uncaring, rude, and unprofessional. They flat out lied to us, which was caught when I spoke to the superior. I asked them where they were located, they said Nashville but refused to give us the number for the Nashville location. A very sketchy and unprofessional company. Lowe's Protection Plan uses this company. I would highly recommend to stay away from this company!

Lesa of Whiteland, IN on
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I called for service when my dryer quit working. The error code was F-01. The service informed me it would be a week before they could get out to fix the dryer. The gave me a time frame of 1pm to 5pm. The technician called at 3pm and stated he had one stop to make before mine. I waited until 5:30 and called again only to receive an answering machine. I left a message and he called me back at 6pm stating he was just leaving his last stop and would be here in about 20 minutes.

He showed up at 6:30 walked in the door and looked at his sheet and said Error F01? I confirmed the code and without even looking at the dryer he said "That would be the control panel which will run you about $500.00 and I don't have any with me. I will need to order that." I took the afternoon off work and lost pay needlessly for him to show up late and not even look at the dryer to tell me what was wrong. When I called to complain I was told "You declined the part to fix your dryer. There is nothing we can do." I complained to Sears about the company they chose for service and was told they couldn't do anything about the service customers receive from A&E.

Gary of Sonora, CA on
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Out of 5 appointments I have made with A&E only 2 of those appointment did a technician actually arrive. I have an A/C unit I bought from Sears and I purchased the extended warranty with the unit. The unit has a problem and I have been trying to get it fixed since October of 2016. This is now my 5th appointment today and got a no show again and no call letting me know anything. On top of that their excuse is that I wasn't home which is a lie because I have been home on every appointment waiting for them. This company is going down the tubes and is extremely unreliable to say the least and also just plain inconsiderate of other people's time. I took off work for all of these appointments. Like I said out of 5 appointments to get my A/C fixed they have only showed for 2 and it is still not repaired. If there was an option for no stars I would have picked that.

Michael of Littlestown, PA on
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We have a refrigerator warranty with Lowe's that we paid extra money for when we purchased the appliance. Our freezer is not working at all and we called Lowe's about this. They scheduled this call with A&E Factory Service and told us that they would be at our house Monday and that we were on the priority list because once a freezer stops working it will hold the temperature for 24hours then the food in freezer will be no good. On Sunday night we received a phone call from A&E saying that a service tech would be at our house between 8 and 12 Monday morning and that it was important that an adult be home at this time. My wife took off the morning so someone would be home during this time. At 11:30 we call A&E and asked where the service tech is and they replied that the tech is running late and would be there soon.

At 2:00 we called them again and received the same answer. The tech is running late and now would be there between 3 and 5 p.m. At 4:30 we called again and A&E told us that the tech is still coming today. At 7 p.m. we called and they were closed. I paid $300.00 for this warranty and lost a day of work and all the food in my freezer. And to top all this off I've been lied to throughout the whole day and freezer is still not working. Looking at all the reviews about this company I see that this is a continuous problem and I'm just another customer that this has happened to. I will not purchase another appliance at Lowe's because the warranty is no good. Still trying to figure out what to do. Lowe's will also get a review about their warranties that they offer customers when they purchase from them. I feel that I've wasted $1,500.00 on the refrigerator and the warranty I purchased.

Kathy of Fairfield, TX on
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This is my third time to use A&E and have been very pleased each time. The repairman have been super nice and have ALWAYS been at my location on the day promised. This time Lee was my repairman and had taken care of the problem with my refrigerator in about 20 minutes. All repairman were very professional and did not have to return to complete the repair. I would never recommend an LG refrigerator because they are way too noisy but that is not the problem of this company.

Christopher of Bothell, WA on
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Technician from A&E replaced our Whirlpool water heater control valve under Whirlpool Warranty. Smell gas leak the next day (Friday) and called A&E to have their technician to come out fix the gas leak ASAP. The phone operator said the next available schedule to be on following week Wednesday and there is no way she can send anyone ASAP. I explained to her that the gas leak is due to the lousy workmanship by her company's tech and asked to speak with the manager/supervisor.

Talked with RICHARD, the manager/supervisor and you would think there might be better result but NO. Again explained to him the gas was leaking at control valve which was direct result from improper installation from his technician. Told him he needs to send someone out to fix the gas leak ASAP before there is explosion.

All Richard said was he can schedule me an appointment and told me to turn-off the gas to the water heater. I told him this is crazy and there is no way my family going to live without hot water for almost for a week due to his company negligent. Told him we can move in a local hotel until the gas leak is fixed and/or to have some other company to do the repair and his company will have to pay for all the expense. RICHARD, the manager/supervisor said: He is not paying any hotel bill or paying other company for repair. He continued to say if I would like to have an appointment, if not, have a nice day and hang-up on me.

RICHARD might have save a few dollars for the company by not sending out help for after hour repair. RICHARD's non-reaction to my situation was totally unacceptable. The technicians error could have a deathly result to my family if the gas leak wasn't detected by my daughter. A&E needs to have internal training with its employees as how to handle customers concerns and safety situations. A&E needs to evaluate if RICHARD is the right fit for the company value. I also question A&E's customer relation and satisfaction policies.

Marilyn of Harriman, TN on
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I have waited for 2 weeks for a technician to come service my dishwasher. Preston refused to come because he couldn't charge another co-pay, so Surge is assigned and has cancelled 2 full days without notifying me that he was cancelling my appointments. Dale Supervisor was suppose to call within 24 hours 7 days ago. WORST customer service EVER!!! I will NEVER use Sears home repair again. No wonder stores are closing - customer service no longer exist; why would anyone buy anything from there when there is no service department with accountability!!

Shanise of Indianapolis, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

Several weeks ago, a scheduled date and time was set up for April 5, 2017 between 8:00 a.m.-12:00 pm for a technician to come out to my home for an evaluation of my washing machine. I decided to give them call at 11:30 a.m. due to no response from the technician or organization. I was informed by the CSR, my timeframe was pushed back now to 1:30 p.m. NO professional courtesy call was provided to me with this newest information or request... How unprofessional and disrespectful of someone's else time!!!

Sharon of Bronx, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

The A&E factory service is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. The technician, the dispatcher, manager down to Sears who sent them to our house were horrible. No wonder Sears is going out of business. The technician tried to charge us $500 to install a ice maker. They wanted $124 for the initial diagnosis (which we had told them what was wrong from the start) and said the part would cost $500 plus an additional fee for the installation. When my husband thought that was suspicious, we went online and found the part for $73.

At first Sears was not going to make us pay for the installation and even gave us a credit for half of the deposit because we felt the technician was trying to cheat us. He even refused to give us a receipt. We set up a new appointment and informed Sears that we didn't want the previous technician to return but they still tried to send him again and we refused to pay the crazy price of $407 when we had the part already. We went with another company who installed it for $120 and it is working just fine. Stay away from A&E Factory Service, they are a big ripoff. Also on Sears website, it says one thing and when the technician got to our place they charged us another price.

Jourdan of Newnan, GA on
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Fridge repair and follow up - Said they were going to come between 8-2, he showed up at 3:30, he said I needed a new ice, however it worked fine when it belonged to my friend. He tried several times to push a $50-$150 warranty on it and then turned around and charged me $510 for the ice maker and maintenance. When we tried to get them to come back for a follow-up, the customer service person hung up on us, these people should go out of business, will NEVER do business with them or Sears, which is affiliated with them, again.

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