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Founded in 1953, Publishers Clearing House is a multi-channel direct marketer of value-based consumer products and magazines. The company calls attention to its products by providing consumers entry for chance to win sweepstakes prizes. No purchase or payment is ever necessary to enter or win. Since 1967 the company has awarded over $228 million in prizes and awards. Consumers seeking direct assistance can contact PCH's customer service division, toll free, at (800) 645 9242.

Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Publishers Clearing House notified me that I had won $10,000. The message popped up on their website when I opened up an e-mail from them and clicked on the link. I thought to myself "Don't get too excited. You never win anything". I was right. I later received an apology e-mail stating that some guy in San Jose was the winner and that I would be put into a special drawing for $10,000 and that steps to prevent this from happening again were in place. I am thinking of calling a lawyer. It's not right!

I'm wondering if anyone REAL has ever won one of their sweepstakes. I got 4 notices to confirm my personal info, asked for my ss number and all so I could get my winnings and I've not gotten them yet. They said I won $850,000. Sent them all the info and nothing yet. It's just bull right?

I got a phone call from folks claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House. Their phone number **. Look, this was probably not PCH - they told me I was getting a car and a big certified check. All I needed to do was give them my address. Sure. :) What these morons are doing is seeing who is stupid and will fall for stuff. No coincidence I just settled a medical claim and they probably sold my phone number. So do not give out any - any information to these fraud people, call back if you want to from an office phone, and tell them they are stinking fraud folks. They want to meet you somewhere, tell them 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington DC at 11:30 on Friday. Sure they will be there, never at your house. Got time, call John at 1-876-845-2082 and ask for cash! Freaking jerks, sorry if your elderly parents were messed with.

Was told, I and many VIP players with PCH received notice that we had won 10,000.00, only to be told the following day, that they had a computer glitch, and I and none of the others had won. PCH then did a drawing for 5 people for the $10,000.00 each. Not fair and this company should be investigated. How can you tell someone they won and the next day say sorry?

Last Saturday morning, September 17th I opened up an email from PCH FrontPage and before I could do a search a winner's box popped up stating my name and where I live and that I won $10,000. I was so happy because it couldn't have came at a better time. I continued on for a chance to win 3x the amount per instructions. I waited for a confirmation email but, all I received was an email from their Customer Service person stating that they are sorry but my name and information was accidentally inserted in the notice and someone else had actually won the $10,000.

How pathetic can a company become! I've been playing PCH sweepstakes and games for over 25 years and I thought I finally had won something. Instead, they tried to dupe me into buying their junk! That's the only explanation I can come up with. How do you "accidentally insert" someone's name and information into a winner's notification?!! Regardless, I should still have received the winnings. It's not my fault they messed up even if it was true! PCH has zero integrity!!!

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On September 17, 2016 I received a notice from PCH on my VIP Elite site congratulating me personally on winning $10,000. I was ecstatic - who wouldn't be - even more so when I realized that the award would be doubled by the VIP Elite site notice that any prize won up until 10/5 between $10,000 and $100,000 would be doubled. That amount could certainly help with bills, minor home repairs, and the savings account. The next day I received an email from PCH that they had made a mistake. I couldn't believe the unprofessional action - especially when they claim I am one of their BEST CUSTOMERS. Actually, I really thought they were a more professional organization. However, they really deflated my enthusiasm. I was shocked at their carelessness, lack of concern.

I copied my screen when I received my winning notice - couldn't believe it. Copied sites and emails pertaining to this issue. PCH did say that they were offering 5 people a chance to win $10,000 and would reimburse others involved with 50,000 tokens. The tokens cost them nothing! Needless to say, I will not be buying any more of their items. So just play the games you like and have fun, but nothing else. Better yet - read a good book or take a nature walk!

I had recently received crossword puzzle and Sudoku books from them that I had not ordered. I have "won" millions on multiple occasions but have never been given any money. I wouldn't recommend this scam of a business to anyone. I'm done with them.

I was playing when is Publishers Clearing House instant win games it suddenly said "congratulations Miss ** of Rock Island Washington. You have won $10,000. See people really do win". I turned my phone off for the night and went to sleep. The next morning I woke, turn my phone back on, went back to PCH website. There was my congratulatory at again saying I had won. So I contacted them asking how do I receive my money where. They probably told me it was a rogue email. I informed them that it was not an email. It was an instant win. They told me it was an error and that they were not going to pay me anything.

I want to know what's to stop them from doing this to everyone. They lied to me. Used me. Don't trust this company. I want to know who oversees these companies to make sure that they stay on it because whoever it is is not doing their job with this company because they are lying and people and it's not fair and I demand my winnings PCH. This was not an error or outside your company. It was not beyond your control. You said I WON so where's my prize money. Someone please help. I want an attorney to sue them... Please contact me at **.

I have been playing the PCH games for at least a couple of years wasting hours with them every day since. With tens of millions of tokens I won, but mostly not used by me (I used 35%). I have not won anything besides their worthless tokens. The other night I got an on screen message while playing that I won $10,000, but the next day I received an email from PCH that my winning announcement was a mistake, and the supposed winner was somewhere else (they gave me a name and a location). Emailed them that this is fraud. Emailed me again telling me that it was a mistake and they did things so it will not happen again.

Yesterday morning I opened a link in my inbox from Publishers Clearing House. It said that I won ten thousand dollars in MONEY. Later on in the evening I received another email from Publishers Clearing House that this was an error, and my name was mistakenly inserted as the winner. Then they apologized and gave me something like 3 free entries for the mistake. How can they do that? Anyone else have this happen to them?

9/16/16 I was entering a contest when a pop-up window appeared and announced that I was the VIP Grand Prize Winner of $10,000.00. Dubious, I took a digital picture of it. Once you click, they are forever gone. 12 Hours later, I got an email from Customer Service entitled "We Apologize for our Mistake." They claimed to have "confused" ME somehow with a MAN in California. HE was the recent winner and MY name was inserted in this announcement & sent to me by "mistake." I have NO similarities whatsoever with this gentlemen and his privacy was violated by telling me this! This is the most STUPID, ILLOGICAL thing I have ever seen ANYone do! I WANT my prize check!

Interesting that you reject me then use an email that doesn't work. Here's what I attempted to send to you guys: "Wow, that was a pleasant notice only to be shut down. I need to look into this further since I've gone to lengths to stay abreast of all your notices, communications, and mailings. It's frustrating enough for the simple guy then something like this happens."

On 9-17-16 at around 8:40 AM, I signed into my PCH account to enter the VIP section and I get this message, "Congratulations To Our VIP Grand Prize Winner, Lewys ** of Bronx NY." Thinking that I had won $10,000.00. I called my friends, family and I even took a picture of the announcement to have proof to show if need. Then at 12:42 PM, Four HOURS later. I get an email saying that "IT WAS A MISTAKE." I did not win. As a consolation, my name would be enter into a "special contest", in which they will draw out "5" winners for the same $10,000.00. What a hoax! They waited four hours to say it was all a MISTAKE! I just want to know. How many of these so called "Mistakes" and how many have been "MISTAKEN" by PCH?

My email inbox is full of lies and promises making me think I won. It should be illegal!!! Then tricks to get you to buy expensive things. Asked for my credit card info for a "so called" prize I won for and I read the fine print. It's not a winning prize if you have to pay monthly $87.00 and had been tricked into thinking you won it... This company should be arrested for fraud and scam and preying on innocent people who really need to win something in their life and most important, the elderly. This is cruel and should not go unpunished!!! False advertisement, scam, fraud is all I have seen with this company or whatever they are and so many fall victim. I was praying it wasn't true, but I guess it is. They shown me no good. There has got to be a way to have trust somewhere? There has to be somebody that has morals and standards and good to people! Honorable, this is a crime!!

They told me to claim my prize two different times and I won millions two different times. Never seen the money or prize control. It is a shame the way they treat people. However I was smart enough not believed them. Some people take it to be true and may do something to themself. I never told anyone until now.

Sent me a hose. I may have looked at BUT did not order... I am sending it back as it is overpriced and I did not order it - find them to be ruthless in their marketing.

Started playing two years ago. I won $10.00, nothing since. I have 88 million tokens and nowhere to redeem them because I'm at a higher level. The games are fixed. They make sure you don't win any money on the scratch offs by picking numbers that only result in tokens. I have been playing the token games for awhile. But I'm stopping that as of now. It's been a waste of time playing all the games and entering all the different sweepstakes. I'm giving up and I think everyone else should, too. PCH is nothing but a tease to keep you playing and getting nothing in return. It should be shut down completely.

In my opinion, PCH appears to target the elderly and my 86 year old Mom really fell for their constant mailings/offers in which the wording gives the reader the impression, despite the very small cased disclaimer, that their chances might be better if they were to purchase something. My belief was strengthened when I turned 60 and they began targeting me, when I'd never received such a deluge of PCH mailings prior! Make SURE that you are monitoring your elderly loved one's financial records and mailings to be sure they aren't being sucked into the PCH sweepstakes abyss!!!

Just a way to get your money on stuff I don't really need. I'm tired of them saying I'm so close to winning. I have spent a lot on things I don't need, I feel stupid. Waste of time. I'm ill and I hoped I had a chance to pay my doctor bills.

I'm not a quitter but PCH is going to be a 1st. I've heard of so many folks whining but even more who don't. The story that killed it for me was the lady that entered for "8 whole months" online every day and won big time just as her house was going into foreclosure. I was so happy for her but sad at the same time. I've been entering these silly things since 1988 (that's 28 years!), without fail, both online and through the mail; even bought a few things but have never won a single prize or dime. Think it's time to throw in the towel lol!

I joined PCH years ago. I entered all the sweepstakes. Wasted hours upon hours. I got emails, "enter here last chance, urgent you are a winner, don't forfeit your upcoming prize." I have never won a thing. Wasted lots of money. I think they should be shut down. Getting people's hopes up. Unlike the lottery they draw number where you can see them. These guys just say this person won. You don't get to see the drawing. Extra entries don't work. You won something, the computer freezes and you don't get your prize.

It's frustrating and I'm sick of these people get away with it. I have never missed a day playing. They need to pay back all the money they take from people back, for getting their hopes up. They claim to go to every state to deliver prizes. They in 30 years have never been to certain states. Stop playing If you can and wasting your money. They need to be shut down and sued.

How can PCH say I won a prize, but never give it to me? This has happened 3 or 4 times since 1969.

I joined PCH back in January of 2016. I have played faithfully daily since then. I have never been asked to buy anything, and if ever asked, I will probably quit playing (a sweepstakes is supposed to remain free). I spend about 4 hours daily playing and completing daily stops. Sometimes it can be overwhelming because "life is life". One day while at work, I was trying to complete daily games, and my boss asked what I was doing. I told her "playing PCH". She went on to tell me that the previous year, she was returning home, and saw the PCH van at her neighbor's house and all the balloons. So, for those of you who think these are paid actors, they are not. All PCH wants to see is loyalty, and if your numbers are picked, you win.

I've had issues with a few things happening. First, on the PCH app, when they send extra entry chances, they sometimes don't work, I don't feel it's caused by deliberate actions on their part... and that it's the programmer's failure to make sure it runs right. I also noticed that on the scratchers, sometimes the 3 token amounts don't match, and then I see another number "dissolve" or disappear??? Other than that, I have no major complaints at this time.

I have been playing these games since September 2015. Won $10.00. If you play on a desktop and play all their games it consume four hours of your time a day. This include all of their infomercials. I played a game and had to watch the same infomercial at least 8 times. Some games I play just to play. But there is one from Publishers Clearing House that consumes two hours. I will not play it. The exchange of tokens for gift cards has got to be a joke. I had over 24,000 tokens and redeem them. Not one card have I won. I play the slots. See people who have won over 350,000 points. That has to be for more than one game. Now I see that the prize's date in October the 21st. No more PCH for me.

I use to be member since 2011 on PCH. Over the course of a few years, I won a total of 30 dollars Amazon gift card code and a ten dollar check. Last October 2015 and I decided to take a peek at PCH Daily Tournament Games that people can play on desktop and mobile devices. The payout for each game was: $100 Highest Score and $100 for Highest Token Earners.

Well, over the course of playing, I realized the same players who on a repeated basis. I was wondering how can they score so fast. They must be cheating like opening up multiple windows and people were using AD-BLOCKING app extensions to win and cheat. Well, at PCH they finally hire some wanna-bee guy name Danny at PCH who use to work in IT there and I spoke to him once who seemed very HOT-TEMPERED to say least. Well, I played honestly and fair and when I won $400 dollars in a month, Danny and his gang decided to block my account.

I opened another account and they blocked it again and they also block your RESIDENT address so you can't win no more. They will make up BS like "Violation of Terms" crap and tell you to write a letter to the front office. I did that, and after 9 months, nothing has changed. I realize all their games is a total WASTE of TIME... and if you get annoyed by those ADS... use GOOGLE CHROME or FIREFOX, add the AD blocking app, and install a user script like Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey so it hide your ad blocking app when you enter PCH. They pretty much make all their $$$ on ads and crappy stuff they sell. I am surprised they have not been SUED and been penalize more severe than the past. PCH is still a scam and bait company. has been playing games with me for over 3yrs. I WON a $250 Target Gift card in a Token Bidding contest. That was a 1 1/2 years ago. I also Won a CASH prize of $500, that I have yet to receive. But, now that I have ordered a couple of items from them, they want my money!! I'm not going to pay them a Single Red Cent until I get some kind of satisfaction from THOSE people! Sincerely, Pissed Off in Ottawa, IL.

Unlike most of the other reviewers here, I actually won from Publishers Clearing House. It was $10. A check for that amount arrived in my box one day from Publishers Clearing House. I didn't remember being told that I had won, and I don't know how I won, or what got me the $10. But indisputably this was a check. It was good. I cashed it. (Please do not write. I've already spent the whole thing.) I've never ordered from PCH. Such dreck. Clips to close chip bags, plastic containers, stupid magazines, flashlights, plated coins, whatnots, and gimcracks are not my thing. Nor would I take a survey for money or sign up to receive free Ziplock bags or coupons for detergents.

I still sometimes go on the PCH site. The odds for significant prizes are so long that it's like playing the Powerball, which I don't (why throw $2.00 away?); but PCH is free. It is OK as long as you expect nothing. I have no idea what to do with the millions of tokens I have accumulated. I don't much want any of the things you can win by playing the sweepstakes (another sweepstakes) to get them, so for me the tokens are silly. But I did receive that $10, the easiest $10 I ever made, except when I found a $20 bill in a library book.

I got hit with a ransom-ware 3 times today. I played tri peaks solitaire 2 times, I was going through when I got hit the first time. Here is how I got their attention. The tech said "we are not responsible for these malware attacks." I told this single digit mental midget... PCH and I are driving down the same public highway. PCH suddenly changes direction without prior warning and causes a collision. My car in this instance is my computer.

To illustrate just how stupid these so-called Canadian techs are, I said... "Do YOU realize, by YOU allowing these malware attacks, YOU are preventing me from paying YOU a salary. YOU get paid simply 'cause folks like me kill time everyday watching infomercials." OK dude (canadian tech) add up how many minutes of ad time I didn't watch, then add up how many minutes 1,000s of folks decide they have better things to do with their time, and suddenly it amounts to 1,000s of dollars they counted on that did not come in. I told the dude, "if I hit a win on my state lottery, the 1st thing I do is take PCH into a Federal District Court and use my sharing of the 'Net with how PCH views the 'Net." PCH says going on the PCH website is voluntary. I responded with how come PCH is so rabidly fanatical with their hysteria laden ads to beg folks to come onto their website.

I hit a nerve with that tech. He is aware I found their Achilles heel and they can't protect themselves from me hacking away at it. Why else is PCH paying out 1,000s every day on 1,000s of websites in the hopes they snare somebody. My new approach will be to log in, then search in the following manner... why is PCH so rabidly fanatical with their hysteria laden ads, and repeat it 100s of times a day. Google will detect this upsurge in those search terms and hopefully anybody out surfing will associate PCH as being just a bunch of greedy manipulators. I won't open any links on the PCH website, except to SEARCH... since that is their latest mania-hysteria.

I have purchased from this company fairly often in the past and been OK with the things I ordered and received, mainly kitchen items and magazines and some bulbs. I stopped buying about six months ago, consciously making the decision to see how genuine they were with "no purchase necessary." I get three to five emails from them everyday and so continued to search and play games online, a couple of times a week, but nothing very consistent. I refused to download their program having been scammed in the past and getting viruses and fraudulent "pay or your computer freezes" for my naivete. I am very much more cautious now and I have no idea how their program would reconfigure my computer. Not happening!

I did/do not expect to win: the chances of that being as astronomical as they are. However, I also never expected to get locked out of the sites by: 400 Bad Request, Request Header Or Cookie Too Large, Nginx pages that do not allow me to complete the steps for entry from all the emails – from The Publishers Clearing House, PCHSearch, PCHLotto, PCHGames, PCHFront Page. The BAD REQUEST page is the only response I have been getting for the last two days. Also, in theory I have over 3 million tokens – none of which I am able to redeem, because I can't get past the BAD REQUEST page that goes nowhere and does not record or complete the entries/requests.

I suspect some unauthorized (by me) downloaded cookie or virus that disables my access their sites. I suspect it is because I will not download from them and I still continue to use the ad blocker that was installed on my computer when purchased it, for my protection. This consistent bad experience brings into question how genuine the "no purchase necessary" claim is? And I ask how fair it is to lock a contestant out? Is it just me or is this a systemic policy? They should have told me six months ago that they were going to disqualify me and save me hours upon hours of my time.

Received a bill for over 500.00!!! Anything I have ever ordered which was not much I paid for when it arrived! Now I get this outrageous bill? WTF. I have no idea what happened, but I looked at the stuff ordered and I never received any of it! We do live on a residential street and we were getting our mail stolen quite a few times... But 500.00 bucks worth? I have no idea where to turn from here!