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My husband was at jail and service constantly cut off with no warning and no way to track cost of calls. The prices of these calls are outrageous to say the least. You disagree and they are always right. Doubled cost several times. They use your love to cost their pockets. Connection with family is sometimes all that keeps people sane behind bars and families shouldn't be racked over the coals.

I used this company to talk to my son. I gave my credit card information and then my phone was lost. So I told them that this was a temporary number that I was using in order to talk to my son and that the phone number would be back to the regular number. After buying a new phone and calling back to add my funds to my old number they refuse to put my own money back on my number and I check my account and they still took money out of my account for a number that's not in service. I spoke with a negative person name Victor who was supposed to send my call to a supervisor and had me on hold for 30 minutes then hung up.

Please if anyone is suing contact me. I truly dislike this service. But I really need to keep in contact with my son. Also was given the wrong information about my refund in which I have yet to receive. This company is a scam to the inmates' family. I didn't commit a crime - why are we suffering and being taken advantage of. They don't deserve any star. I just have to in order to complete this review.

So my eldest brother is in Cañon City prison, and within the last week he's tried calling numerous times, and every time we answer, we get nothing but what sounds like an obnoxious and deafening disconnected beeping on the other end. What does this mean? And how does it get fixed?

My Daughter was arrested and calling me from the jail. Never can I imagine a longer wordier phone system in my life. After 2+ minutes of BS it asks for my credit card, then exp date, then sec code, then zip code... I mean really? And it has to repeat all this stuff. Then says more BS and by the time I get all that stuff done it tells me the caller has disconnected... I don't know if there is a time limit on how long someone on a jail phone can wait but I've received around 30 calls today from my daughter without getting through. I complained to the jail. They said, "Create a prepaid account." Ok great. I did that. It still talks for a couple minute and after it gave me this wordy thank you for using Global Tel*Link services. Thinking I'm done I say hello? Then it thanks me again and tells me my party has hung up!

This service need to get rid of the freaking ** messaging when I created an account. Believe me by the time I have created the account I've heard more than enough of their crap. Just let me click accept and talk to the caller. The service needs to tell the caller something like "We are contacting your caller and this process will take 5-10 minutes please stay on the line." I'm VERY unhappy and furious about this. My daughter has been calling since 6 am this morning no doubt completely freaked out and isn't able to get through to anyone. She probably thinks her father is mad and is tossing her out to dry.

I made a accident and put 64 dollars on my daughter's phone account. I meant to put it on her books. I called them and they said they couldn't put the money in the advance trust account because it was over 24 hrs. I'm so pissed. They need to fix this.

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I purchased phone time for my wife who is locked up in Middlesex county jail. Only $25.00 credit. She only has a week left. She hasn't called yet and I'm yet to have an issue but after reading all the complaints, it seems painfully obvious that I'm doomed as well. I'm now feeling because MCI ripped us off a few years ago when I was in Valhalla Westchester county jail in NY. My wife put $50 on my phone account. After only $20 was used I could no longer call. A recording would say I must maintain $30 balance in order to continue calls. Please keep balance above $30 to avoid interruptions.

I got released the next day and was unable to get a refund for the remaining $30. Now just think of how many people they do this to every year? Most people are so happy to be free. They not even thinking about the money left on the phone account. Now that's a serious scam and I'm not sure but I believe they are no longer in business. Now GTL is scamming people. Time to take them down.

I have been having problems with receiving calls from D. Ray James in Folkston, GA. When answering the inmate call through my cell phone, the machine automatically states that my call is being rejected without giving me options to choose. After calling everyday to GTL and asked to get this problem fixed for me and other people, they refuse to give me a call and stated that I may have to change my phone number. That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Through my cell phone provider, everything is fine on their end. Till this day after calling everyday, they ignore me. Thankfully a correctional agent from the facility has told me that she will try her best to help me. Not guaranteed but gave me a peace of mind. But if anyone else knows, please guide me to report this matter up higher. Greatly appreciated.

GTL used to be useful because I have been using it for a number of years however in the last several months it has really been useless! After an inmate makes the call if there is no money on the account the automated system used to have them hold while the call is completed. Now the system tells them to call back and the inmate will hang up even though I am on the line putting my credit card in the system. By the time I do it the inmate has hung up or it has disconnected the inmate during the process but the best part is that it doesn't even let you do that on the automated system anymore! The automated system now tells you no matter what amount you enter that it is an insufficient amount to deposit whether you put in $5 or even $50!

So therefore you have to speak to a representative which is useless as well. I had one today actually that was extremely rude and ended up transferring to another center. After I asked to speak to a supervisor! I have complained about the automated system not taking the amounts at all on numerous occasions however they still have not fixed it and I am certain if I am having this issue I cannot be the only one in the country that is! I have decided that I am going to contact the BBB in my state regarding this company and to see if there is a class action suit that can be put on them as well because of the fees as well I didn't even get into that on here. My customer service experience alone was enough to show the incompetence of this company!

When using the only service offered out of our county jail I experienced nothing but trouble. The fees for the call are not listed anywhere and are not told to you through the automated system. Rates of calls changed with no notice. The rate of the call that you accept and are told that is being charged has never been the amount that's charged. It is always more. I called customer service for the 10th+x to only be told that the FCC changes rates and no one is notified. Then told they listened to my call and it specifically told me my fee. I asked to listen to the same phone call they listened to. To see what I had missed! (Although I have used this service for a little time now & there was never anything that told me my charges outside of .5cents for 30 minutes which is a $1.50 but I'm charged $1.62). This lady said "NO I'm not allowed." She told me and that's what it was!!! I can't believe this & will be doing more to stop this abuse of our human rights.

The app never works, and when you call the customer service they never help you out. I called to add money to my phone and they answer and hung up 3 times after waiting like 15 minutes each time. Finally I was able to speak with someone and just to have them tell me that I needed to call another number or Google the information because that was not their region. Called the number and same thing waited and when I spoke to someone they just told me to call the number I had called in the first place. They are rude and never have an answer for you. They just keep saying “You reach the wrong department,” but yet the website tell you to call those numbers. On top of everything the transactions that showed up as failed in the app were actually deducted from my bank account several times. There is no rates. Either so they just charge different rates for the calls. They are a joke and just take your money.

I believe that there should be a class action lawsuit filed against Global Tel *Link. First off there is no privacy while talking to your loved one in regards to the interruptions, that takes up more of your time, and money because you obviously have to pause until the recorder stops interrupting you in the middle of your conversation, by telling you that the calls are coming from a correctional facility, something that, we are already aware of, so therefore we as customers are not really getting 15 minutes talk time, and at the end of the conversation she again interrupts the conversation by saying that "you have 60 seconds left" and a second after she announces that "you have 60 seconds left," she says that "you have 30 seconds left."

So after all of the interruptions we as customers are NOT getting a 15 minute call, a 15 minutes call should be without being interrupted, also it should be a flat monthly rate so that people will be able to afford these calls. These calls are too expensive and overpriced which is ridiculous for those individuals who are on low income status, and for those individuals who does not make a lot of money on their jobs. This is Corporate Greed! These individuals does not deserve this one star. The business sucks and the employees, the majority of the time are very rude, and act like police officers.

Global Tel Link is the only way you can receive calls if you have a friend or family member in a correctional facility. Unfortunately over the last 5 years I have had to use this service, and there has not been a problem. As a matter of fact I used it 2 days ago no problem. Today I go to use the system and after making my payment I was not connected to the person calling as usual. I called customer service and they said that they have just changed how they do service. The customer service rep could not tell me if the inmates were aware of the changes.

Also they now require you to call them back after you pay. You now have to give them your phone number again, and your address or you cannot receive any phone calls. This is the only service offered for you to have contact with someone. I firmly believe that this is a conglomerate situation much like telephone service was 40 years ago. Granted inmates are in jail for a reason, that doesn't mean the families should suffer.

May 31 2016 I deposited $25.00 for my son in BCJ. They did not explain well when depositing money. They have me as recipient not my son. I'm not in jail. There is no live person to talk to when the phone number for customer service provided is called. I sent an email to them and waiting for a reply. To those who say class action, sign me up. Or tell me who to contact to get the ball rolling.

For those with phone/call issues, try using an out-of-state phone number for your account -- either by creating or changing your cell phone # if using a cell phone to accept calls, OR (recommended) create a Google Phone number account with Google. Google Phone allows you to choose your area code (i.e. out-of-state area code & number) and then allows you to have calls to that number forwarded to any phone including multiple phones. (My Google phone account is setup to automatically forward calls to both my home & cell phones, and "generally" works without issue.)

At least in Texas, interstate calls from the inmate are then charged a lower rate (for most, just like your home phone long distance where interstate calls cost less than intrastate calls) and not subject to an "all or nothing" 15 minute call -- your prepaid GTL phone account is charged for the time you actually talk whether it be for only 1 minute or for the full 15 minute duration (whatever the maximum call length is for your area and/or as specified by contract between GTL & the incarcerating entity).

Yes, your phone account deposit is still subject to GTL's "fee" for the deposit itself -- flat $7.95 fee is what I incur. And while their system indicates a specific cost for each minute, there are still taxes, etc. added. For example, the interstate calls described above are stated to cost me $.21 per minute. But after taxes & fees (excluding the deposit fee), the cost per minutes is actually $.29 per minute. Additional recommendation: Be vigilant in reviewing your phone account balance online. Glitches for me have occurred (i.e. incorrect balance after a deposit or call) but have been temporary... to a certain extent, I make a little allowance for "computer issues". And knowing your balance before & after a call (and how long you talked on that call -- use a timer) will help in determining "actual" per minute cost.

Customer Service & Tech Support -- I stand with everyone regarding GTL's primary "customer service" group -- they are a FARCE! Ineptness is more than polite in describing them. For some of the "technical" issues I've had I've got straight to their Tech Support. No, you cannot get Customer Service to provide you with a number or e-mail. I went through GTL's corporate website ( and their "Facility Support" -- "Technical Contacts" web page link to create a Tech Support Ticket myself (online form) and was also able to obtain their Tech Support phone number too. Main Tech Support email address (obtained via follow-up direct e-mails with Tech Support reps) is

While this site is stated to be for those at the jail facility GTL serves, I managed to get at least two technical issues resolved going this route (not giving up & going around their general customer service group) -- noting here that I never stated I was a jail employee but proceeded as if I were (sometimes referring to myself in third-person). However, my current technical issue with GTL, responded to by a "Tier 3" Tech Support rep has met with resistance.

Additional Note: While I was successful with one Tech Support ticket (inmates being dropped from GTL's database), another involving money required me to ultimately file a fraud claim with my bank. I made two trust fund (commissary) deposits via GTL's website and both processed to my bank. However, the deposits did not process to the jail -- remained in "pending" status on GTL's side. While GTL resolved the issue going forward, again I was forced to go through my bank to get reimbursed for the "pending" funds via an official fraud complaint -- GTL never refunded the monies. And my current issue (battle)... While GTL's system will accept my credit card for phone account deposits, it now declines deposits to my friend's trust fund account (same credit card, and bank has confirmed no issues on their side and in fact confirmed that the "declined" transactions are not even getting to them, the bank.)

Overall Recommendation: While contacting applicable federal agencies (as noted in other people's posts) is certainly warranted, where we likely may have the most impact is with jail facility's governing entity and/or County/State officials. These services are often by contract with the governing entity (i.e. County Sherriff's Office or County Commissioners or the like). Let your voice be heard by them... And perhaps when GTL is being contacted by the appropriate "client" official, something might actually get done.

GTL prison phone system is not updated. Employees don't know their systems. They take money. I have a log, every call, time he calls me to time I push 5 to accept call. I wait 30 mins or longer, call back, get employee#, state and balance. Next call no money. I call back, get employee # and state. They are in. Money put back. Everyday this goes on... I log everything...

Ok example he calls 709am -I have to listen to all their... push this, revised that. Takes a min or longer. Buy time. I can push 5 to take his call. It's a minute or longer. They hold money every time saying he's calling back to back. NO he's not... Please learn your system. It's you GTL Oklahoma... Please no back to back. We can't push 5 to take a call earlier than that or it hangs up. This system is wrong. The employees can't even tell me what or how it works... or who's even their boss. Here's a list of some employees just so you know. I do know more than they know. Veroldo#**, Ivan#**, Supervisor, Cindy #**, and Denise# **. I've asked and pleaded. Nothing. This is just a start. I'll go wide with this. I'll make more calls. Please HELP.

We need to all call our State Attorney General. I doubt any individuals would recoup the overcharges if a class action lawsuit were filed as the attorneys are the ones that get rich but we could get a little back. More importantly, it would stop GTL from stealing from others. We could try filing complaints with Federal Communication Commission but doubt we get results with them.

First of all GTL phone menu system is antiquated and frustrating to use. I set up an account through my phone one day so my family member that is incarcerated could call me. The next time he called a day or so later I was able to talk to him. Since then every single call was failed to connect. I have over 20 dollars on the account and nothing is going through. The call either says immediately after accepting the call "call not accepted" or it looks like it's going to go through, starts all the disclaimers and then disconnects. I have created an online account with them setting up all of our phone numbers and all have money on them. I have called them twice and and still cannot connect. They keep saying they are "resetting" the account. I truly believe they are doing nothing. Because nothing changes. This company is a sham. After reading all the complaints on here, I am realizing I am not the only one. There should be a class action filed.

My son's trying to call from jail and the recorded options the are offering to open an account and put money in are not working. Recording says essentially to try again later and disconnects. I try going online. Finally am able to figure it out and put money on my account when my son calls again and yet the recording says I need to put money on. I keep pressing the amount plus the pound sign, they say, "Try your call again..." and disconnect. I go online, now I have two amounts entered less transaction fees and no phone call with my son. Don't get it - frustrated, frustrated, frustrated. Horrible service.

It is difficult to even call them with so many repetitious phone instructions given ("Press 0 to speak for assistance") then calls are repeatedly dropped so I call again and again. Inept phone system. Nothing is solved. No money refunded as it should be after the inmate is released.

Well I was reading the reviews due to I have the same issue as most of you guys. I think we should try to do something. I just don't know what. I have tried calling Global Tel and with no luck in resolving the issues and I feel like we're with our hand tied because we want to talk to our loved ones so we keep ditching out the money. If someone here knows of a way we can get Global to stop doing this please let get together and do. This is not fair. We all work hard for money.

I have a loved one that is an inmate in the NC Doc system. I called and set up my account so they would be able to call home. They made several attempts to call and none of the calls would go through to a landline phone. I called GTL and the reset my account and sent the info over to the tech dept. It came back that the reason my calls were not coming thru was due to the landline was being forwarded to a cell phone. Ok, I took off my call forwarding for over a week. Still no calls coming thru.

Called GTL again, sending ticket to tech dept. I asked to speak to someone in the tech dept, "No we have no way to contact our tech dept except my email (this is what I was told)." I asked for a supervisor, told them the problem, there is money on the account but my calls are not coming thru. Was told it was not their fault, it was a block on my landline. Told him that it was their job to override the collect block since I had money on the account. Again it had to go to tech dept. Asked for the phone number to tech dept. There is no phone number for them.

Got transferred to escalation dept. Phone line was so unclear that you could not hear the person on the other end. I have been battling with this company for over a month and have yet got to talk to my love one. GTL does not care about their customers. As long as they have your money and credit card, that is all they care about. It is hard enough to have someone incarcerated, but not being able to talk to them is even harder.

I used this service 2 times. The first time I didn't stay on the phone long enough to know what would happen. But I was very unsatisfied with the amount I was charged for a 15 minute call but I understand companies have to make money whether it's dirty or not. The second time I used them I went through the whole spiel, paid 13 and some change and 1 and some change for the actual phone call. Well in the beginning of the call after it takes your card info it says of "the call is never connected. Your card won't be charged." Well mine was.

I called the customer service line. The first guy lied to me and said he didn't see where my charge was and couldn't help me. I hung up and called back 5 seconds later and the next person told me he saw it and was going to put in a request for a refund and it could take 3-5 business days. I said "ok. Whatever. It's only $15. I can wait." I call back 2 weeks later to give them some time and he said he didn't understand why it hadn't been answer but he would put an "urgent" post on it.

At that point I didn't care to waste my time. I make more than $15 at work in the time that 30 minute phone call took up. It's not the money it's the point. Don't tell me you won't charge me for something then do it. I could probably take you to small claims just because the guy admitted that it showed it had never been connected but like I said takes too much of my time. Lord bless the people who wake up and have no problem working for this scummy company and the people who thought of this "amazing idea" to steal from people and no one be able to do anything. Hopefully you will be taught a lesson one day.

My call was cut off at exactly 7 minutes. I paid $15 for this call, so basically $2 per minute. I am appalled that a company takes advantage of those least able to afford it. I suggest those of us who are unhappy with them, try to do something about it. I was under the impression it was to be a 15 minute call, however, it was cut off at 7 minutes and I can bet they do this so an inmate has to call back and they get another $15. I want to file a complaint somewhere. Can anyone help with this?

On several occasions this company has stolen money from me by double charging my bank account. I had to go out and get a Green Dot card which then charges you $4.95 to fill and then Global Tel Link charges me $4.75 to add funds and $4.95 for the first minute and then $.40 cents per minute because I don't live in the area code of the county jail. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I want any of you who are interested in joining my suit against this company to email me at **. We cannot just stand back and be stolen from at a difficult time in our life when we have a loved one incarcerated.

I am single mother who has paid close to $1,000 in 6 weeks. THIS IS SICK!! And not only is it sick and should be AGAINST THE LAW but they have double billed me on 3 occasions and there is only a fax number for billing issues customer service but no phone number. REALLY??? Someone has to do something about this and I am willing. I have printed all the complaints here and am going to prepare paperwork to sue this company.

You cannot just STEAL from people!! STEALING IS AGAINST THE LAW. Our loved ones are in jail for breaking the law... Whoever is running this company should be in jail for embezzling money from the loved ones of inmates. Just because we are the family members of inmate doesn't mean you can treat us like this and steal from us!!! I hope to hear from a lot of people so that a legal action will be successful!!!

This company should be incarcerated! They say they will save you 90% on inmate calls. They say so much (fee charge), then only 0.30 cents a minute. After I opened an account they charge me $7.95 EVERY TIME I add money to the account. I was paying like $13.00 service fee and $1.80 per call on normal collect calls. I put $30.00 in my account since these scammers were going to save me so much money... How about after ONE CALL, I no longer had any money in my account! I call them and my phone call was $19.95 plus $7.95 deposit fee, etc. I closed the account immediately. EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE GOVERNED UNDER THE FCC! The FCC place a cap on what they can charge per minute on inmate calls, so they make up all these ** fees, etc. And steal your money that way. One person contacting the FCC to file a complaint will NOT do anything.

EVERYONE THAT HAS WRITTEN A REVIEW SHOULD CONTACT THE FCC AND FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT! One supervisor told me that this info (charges) are in their terms and agreement. No they are not!! Everyone please contact the FCC please! These people should be the ones in prison/jail talking on their phones, at their rates! Stand up for your rights! FCC 1-888-225-5322. Tell them your complaint and they will help you file a claim! One person does not make a difference, however, if we all stand in unity, maybe by the grace of God we can make changes in how we get to speak to our loved ones!!

I set up an account with Global Tel*Link so I can talk to my son. I truly have never had to deal with a company like this so was really confused at first on why I had to set up an account to talk to my son. I'm old school, you accept the collect call and go on. But this is not why I'm writing this. The account balance I setup with was $20.00, global transaction fee of $9.75, which I had $10.25 to get the information I needed from my son. Now it took only two calls so I had about a $4.00 credit coming back. Now it doesn't work that way. They want to charge $5.00 to refund your money. That is highway robbery and I can't believe they are getting away with charging these fees. Also, I believe that as consumers we should have the right to select better options than go through one company. Old schools work better. Someone calling you collect, you accept the call.

This company is conducting a money scam by telling you that you can have one month of telephone calls unlimited for $29. The grand total when fees are add is $51.00. They add additional one time fee a month. It's a lie and a scam along with it. Then when you purchase the one month it later give you another phone number to use. When you use it you will have to pay additional funds for that new number. People don't use this phone services. It's ripping people off... Everyone who have been ripped off using this service could call the Better Business Commission of the United States to file a complaint against your complaints with BBB online complaint center. Many we can get a civil lawsuit done. It's damn sham how they are ripping people off...

I set up this account to speak with an incarcerated loved one. Everything was fine for a week. Now I am not able to receive calls even after making multiple deposits. I called in a ticket for them to check it out. They said the resolution would take 72 hours to complete. It's now been over a week. I call every day. Ask to speak to their "escalation" department. Nothing gets escalated. Ever. I've been hung up on several times and you can't just get through to a person. You have to go through multiple menus and wait on hold. Nothing. All they do is take your money and prey on you in your time of need. It will also take 30 days to get a refund. All I want is to be able to speak to my loved one. Their practices are just shameful.

Company should be in jail because it steal all of your money. How is it that I live one block from the jail and I pay $12 for 15 min. This is crazy and thats not all. If something goes wrong and your money dont upload they will not give you a refund and if you dont use it in 90 days they keep the money. This I don't understand because why can the money stay on my account? They shouldn't have accessed to my funds unless a call is made. In one week I pay 125 dollars just to get to my son. I hate that this company take advantage of people unfortunate situation. They are bullies!!! I wish I had money to sue them!!!

During the month of March 2015, I purchased service for jail calls in the total amount of $100 over the phone with my bank card. During the same time period, GTE* charged another $450 to my bank card without my knowledge, nor my permission. When I called the GTE* Customer Service number on my bank statement, I had to listen to ad after ad. After 11 ads I pressed "0" for an operator/live person and got hung up on. "0" wasn't an option that was offered, but neither was an option to do anything except listen to ads or to buy from them.

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