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Got charged a renewal of 102.15 on debit card. Called Sirius who the rep said that was for 1 month. I told him to cancel the account. He then transferred me to another rep who offered me a discount, who I told to cancel, who transferred me to another rep, then again the same thing for the 5th time. After 35 minutes I gave up, called Bank of America who now I am having problems getting charge cancelled.

I purchased vehicle with a SiriusXM radio installed. I elected to try the 'All Inclusive' trial package to see what stations I liked, and I paid my $50 fee in full for the trial package. After four months, I was not enjoying the radio enough to justify the cost - so I notified Sirius to please cancel my subscription immediately. They did - and billed me $136.90 for the disconnect! This company practices deceitful - and illegal - billing practices!!!

I have called in 5 times to cancel a service totaling over an hour and it has still not been resolved. I was transferred 6 times, hung up on, given wrong information, and told to call back twice because they were having "technical difficulties". I can't believe that they are still in operation with customer service like this. I never leave reviews but I am not exaggerating when I say this has been the WORST. I will leave multiple complaints on whatever sites I can; that is how infuriated I am.

I've been with them for 8 years. They have automatically renewed without my permission, double charged me for 6 months for a car I no longer owned and it took 3 hours to get that corrected. I renewed for 100 back in March. Bought a new car in June and switched the service over. Now that it's been 3 months of the free service for a new car they want another 32 dollars even though they admit I still have 9 months left in my subscription. The man who spoke very little English was extremely rude and continued to interrupt me. I finally hung up after he did it a third time. This company is scum hiring the lowest paid workers possible with the least amount of English skills or understanding of basic customer service.

In May of 2015 I bought a new car and it came with a free 3 month trial for SiriusXM. At the end of the trial which was in August 2015 I took a subscription for $99 for one year. This August I get a bill from Sirius for $229 automatic renewal. I wasn't aware that it would automatically renew let alone that it would be more than double what I originally paid. I called SiriusXM to cancel my subscription because I refuse to be gouged. I spoke to a man who could barely speak English. He refused to cancel my subscription. He kept offering me different deals. I kept saying "I don't want any deals I want to cancel my subscription."

When he wouldn't cancel I asked to be put through to his supervisor. He refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. After about 20 minutes of arguing I finally got subscription cancelled. I still had to pay $6 for the 6 days my subscription ran over the renewal date even though they were late sending me the bill. The envelope was postmarked one day after the subscription renewed.

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NEVER GIVE SIRIUS YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. EVER! I have had numerous Sirius subscriptions. I have 2-3 vehicles at a time, all of which have Sirius radio. And I get new cars every 3 years. So I have a lot of turnover. Years ago when I gave Sirius my credit card number, Sirius helped itself to renewing even after I wrote and called and asked to cancel. I indicated I had sold the car and have a new vehicle with a Sirius subscription. Made no difference. Sirius helped itself to my credit card number. I had this happen twice. I had to cancel two cards to get it to stop.

On a recent subscription that was supposed to renew in mid November, Sirius jacked up the subscription price 50%. I called and said I wanted to cancel (I didn't, really, but this is how you deal with them). The heavily accented lady on the other end told me if I stayed I could get a special promotional rate. Instead of $270+ it would only b $83, or $85 if they billed me (since I wouldn't give her my card number). The trick Sirius pulled, though, was that the subscription will run only till next September, which means I will have to buy 2 months more service unless I turn the car in early. But it beats paying $190 more for the same service.

This is undoubtedly THE very WORST company I have EVER dealt with in my life. Honestly, I don't have the energy to write what would be the very worst review possible. It would take forever to list all the problems I have had dealing with this company. I'll summarize very briefly - been over billed, overcharged - charged for renewals I did not authorize and more. I've had someone else's data and credit card information populate on my account. I've had 2 vehicles show up on my account that I've never owned (never owned the brand of car either).

I've been sent emails intended to go to someone else, and just got a refund check for "cancelled" services that I did not cancel. I'd HIGHLY recommend anyone using SiriusXM do not - repeat DO NOT - allow them to store your credit card info or do not automatically renew service. These guys are horrible, miserable to deal with, ignorant and do not understand English. If I could give a fraction of 1 Star for a review, I would.

I called SiriusXM Satellite Radio to cancel service before the MANDATORY 'auto renewal' was due. I was 'disconnected' from the first representative AFTER I told her that I wanted to discontinue service - coincide? I think not!! When I called back the second representative could barely speak English. She took all of my information in order to cancel service then put me on 'hold' while the confirmation number for the service cancellation 'loaded' on her computer! I am retired so I could outwait her any day! I was on 'hold' for 15 minutes - it took that long for the confirmation number to load! Never again will I do business with SiriusXM Satellite Radio!! P. S. the service is WAY overpriced!!

Worst company to deal with. The lie and they steal. Just got charged AGAIN after I had told them to cancel. So called today and got some guy who speaks no English. I ask him to cancel. He offer promotion. I said, "Not interested", so he offers another promotion, told him, "Not interested, please cancel", then another offer comes. I finally get angry and tell him to cancel now, full refund or I will deny the charge with the credit card company. Bottom line is, I am going to the CC company and denying the charge. This company should be investigated by the FCC for their practices.

I have been a customer with them for years. I like the service. I have a lifetime subscription on one of my radios, which I have it attached to a plug and play radio. I have purchase 2 new vehicles in the last three years with a complimentary subscription. Since they have expired, I renewed both of them. We had issues with the dates and combining the two so I can get the multi radio discount. So I called them direct. That is where the problems start. I have read other reviews and it seems they have a lot the same issues. I could not understand the person, and when he would answer me, it was a "canned" answer to what they thought I said. I ask to speak to someone else, and the same thing. I also spoke to a " supervisor " who was a little clearer on the answers, but I have still not resolve some of the issues.

Unfortunately they seem to have a monopoly on satellite Radio, so the only option is to cancel. And even then it is difficult task. I want the service, but I cannot get good customer service. I am sure other customers feel the same way I do. Overall, I would not even give the ratings for customer service 1 star, if I had an option. I hope they get a call service located in the USA to help with this issue.

SCAMMED INTO A SIRIUSXM PACKAGE THAT I DID NOT WANT. A SiriusXM representative called me about a month ago asking if I wanted to renew my service after the free trial. I told her "No thank you" several times. She renewed it anyway without my permission. Sounds illegal to me. Now I'm getting billed for a 6 month package & Sirius refuses to remove the charges that they fraudulently charged me for a service that I declined which their representative signed me up for against my wishes.

My recurring payment method had expired, so I called to update it. The guy was tough to understand, but we managed. Fast-forward to him taking down my payment information. As soon as I give him that, he asked, "And for security purposes, I have to ask you, what is your relationship with David?" I said, "He's my husband." (He's the main account holder.) The customer service guy says, "And I assume you are happy with him? Is he a good man or a great man?" What? It's kind-of funny but kind-of weird. I said, "Yes." He said, "You are a lucky woman." What the hell?! Super weird. Then he tried to sell me a new radio for another car, and launched into this sales pitch, and goes, "Let me go ahead and get this radio shipped out to you..." And I had to interrupt him to tell him that we're not interested. It was just a weird experience. The guy handled my issue promptly.

My experiences have been described many, many times on this site. Non English speaking people answer the phone. They cut you off if you request to cancel, then continue to bill you. Absolute worst company ever - comparable to AT&T if that tells you anything.

You notice the there is NO ability to disconnect service on the web page. Their OLD tactic of FORCING you to CALL them is **. I have contacted support THREE TIMES for a cancellation of one of my radios due to the selling of a vehicle. TWICE - as soon as I mentioned "cancel", they asked for my information and was disconnected. This last time, the individual stayed on the line and took care of my needs. Not really sure what tactics are being played here, but I do NOT appreciate being hung up on.

The 3rd call, I didn't mention cancellation until they had all of my information and was asked what was needed. Obviously they didn't hang up on the call because they were very kind and took care of the cancellation. Please do not tell me that calls get dropped due to technical difficulties. There are many more services out there that can be utilized instead of being treated like this. How many times have YOU been disconnected from a phone call with them when you mention "CANCEL"?

I am on a free trial which came with my new car. Just got a package from SiriusXM suggesting I might want to get their apps to allow me to listen to their radio on my iPad and iPhone. I was curious and followed their link to their website but was then asked to create an account (which I thought I already had given that I received an account number in the package sent to me) but tried to establish an account. This led to an hour of repeated 'reset your password' instructions, two phone calls to people who had no clue how to assist. If this is a sample of their 'customer service', I don't want the product.

Well you can do just about anything on their website except cancel. They get you on the phone to cancel and try to sell you a new unit or service you don't want. Good luck with not giving them a credit card number. They will continue your service and expect you to pay for a car/service you no longer own. Each time I deal with them it gets ridiculous. I would rather deal with comcast than these shysters.

I have been a customer of XM since 1995, yes 1995 when you had to have a special adapter to listen in the car. We have paid our subscriptions on time every month for 21 years! I had the misfortune of losing my debit card last month and received a notice that my service will be turned off shortly because the card we have on file has been reported lost or stolen and I needed to update my card. OK sounds easy enough right? So I called this number 1-866-255-9767 and spoke with a nice young lady named Carrie. She told me she could help no problem.

So we start the process of getting the card updated and she begins telling me I owe $32.00 for the past month and $37.00 for the next month and she would be happy to process both payments for me. My bill is normally $14.53 not $32 or $37. So why did she need $69.00 today? Well because my free year of service was over and they had automatically charged my existing account with the new subscription, of course the most expensive service they offered was charged even though on our other vehicle we just had the music plan. Okay, Okay I said, "may I speak with a manager?" She obliged and the next lady gets on the phone, I think she said her name was Mary.

Mary is not a nice lady, not a nice lady at all. She is awful. She is just simply the rudest person I have spoken with in a long time. Mary is contrary! Mary apparently hates her job. She asks me my account number and I read it to her and she stops me short with "slow down!" (at a much louder tone than needed) so I do and she gets my account pulled up. I already know this is going nowhere! I tell her my complaint and she has nothing to offer me but this "the reason you don't understand is you are not listening." Well now! Okay, customer service is clearly not your thing Mary. So I tell her, "Okay Mary, I concede and I will pay your $32 , but I am cancelling my service so that I never have to deal with this again," throwing in how I can use Spotify, Iheart Radio, and Pandora for free and that I just didn't really need to pay to be treated like this. I tell her I have been a customer a very long time.

I hear typing and then I hear this great response, "Yeah a year." Well that gets my blood boiling so I tell her, "No, look in your computer again it's more like 20 years." She has no response. So I tell her cancel my subscription and she starts with "I need the $32 dollars" and I tell her "first cancel my subscription," she gets louder and I tell her, "Mary I am going to hang up now and I am going to call back later today and get someone who will not be yelling at me." Mary proceeds to yell at me. I tell her, "Mary I am hanging up now. Goodbye," and I click the phone off.

Fast forward 2 hours, I have my husband call as I am now fearful Mary might seek revenge on me. He calls and gets a man who does not speak English well and he battles for 20 minutes to cancel the subscription. Meanwhile I start singing to myself, "Relax." Said the night man, "We are programmed to receive. You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!" I am finally no longer a Sirius XM customer and feel like the monkey is off my back! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

Unbelievable!!! THE worse company to cancel a subscription!! They sent me a promotion: 5 months for $20. Told them I would sign up if they set it up as an automatic cancel after 5 months. Got the confirmation # that it was set up to cancel after 5 months. Just got my credit card statement and those ** charged me 3 months of Sirius radio after the 5 months expired. They had NO authorization to do this! When I called to complain and ask for my money refunded, they had the audacity to try and sell me a new promotion... not once but 4 times within the conversation! I told them that I would NEVER do business with them again! In the end, and with much persistence on my part, they are refunding the charge to my credit card. I feel badly for people, like senior citizens, who don't know they have every right to complain about situations like this and to demand their money back.

Same story as everyone else. Told them to not renew but they did. Got bill and called right away. Endless bla bla bla to finally let me cancel. Tried to then charge me a few more bucks. Really??? I guess they don't want repeat customers. What a joke. Sent complaint to FCC. Join me and maybe FCC will actually do something worthwhile for once.

Agreed to try a digital radio for home after being offered a free radio with a six month contract at $9.99/month with the assurance service would end after six months unless I renewed the contract. I was billed $15.99 + taxes for a total of $18+/month. Called to ask about the bill and was told I was wrong. They did not offer me service for $9.99/month and they would not adjust my bill. They did offer to have me call the original sales consultant and discuss it with them, but to do that I needed to tell them who I talked to. (Funny, I forgot to write the name of the sales person in my diary for easy recall! How stupid.) So, after lying to me they called me a liar. Worse, after month six I was billed for a seventh month, contrary to our agreement.

The good news is I get notified of all my charges so I was immediately notified of the charge. I called to terminate the service and to receive a refund for the seventh month. They did agree to terminate the service and refund the payment. Of course, I had to listen to them offer me a "promotional offer" three times before they agreed to terminate my service. In my opinion SiriusXM radio is dishonest or fails to record the deals they give you.

I have been a loyal customer of SiriusXM Satellite Radio for several years. I have always paid my bills on time. I decided about 6 months ago that I no longer needed the subscription and I wanted to cancel the service. I called and tried to cancel the service, but it took forever and they kept offering me new deals and trying to give me a new offer. Finally I accepted the offer and paid for 6 more months, but I deleted the credit card number and asked to not be renewed after the six months. They seemed to agree... Today, I got a bill for more than $100 and I called them to see why I was being charged. They did not cancel the service and they were charging me for the next month. I had to jump through 20 more hoops and spend 20 minutes on the phone to finally get my service canceled once and for all.

They then told me I had a charge for $9 on my account. I asked why and they said that they prorated the days that I had gotten the radio, since my subscription was renewed. I told them I never renewed my subscription and that I just got the bill today. They send the bill out after they bill me, so that they can charge me extra days. I stated that that was completely unfair and that the charge should be dismissed, but the lady totally ignored me and asked me how I wanted to pay the charge. That is the thanks that I get for being a loyal customer. NEVER sign up for this service, unless you are ready to get charged unfairly and somewhat unlawfully, and also have to waste a ton of time canceling the service and writing a scathing review because they treated you nastily... Just get a different music app on your phone and plug it into your car!!! Cheaper, easier, and nicer!

No matter when I call, the person on the other side of the phone cannot understand nor can I understand them. They constantly bring up my old accounts with my old cars no matter how many times I tell them I no longer have these cars (for years)! They screw up the billing and take money they are not authorized. TERRIBLE!!!

I noticed a $19.58 recurring charge on my bank statement from SiriusXM that I did not authorize on 8/23/16. We had purchased a new vehicle with a 5 mos free Sirius package. The promotion ended and we did not renew. They found a card on an old account and renewed without our knowledge. After 2 hrs on the phone trying to cancel this unauthorized renewal, they stated I would receive $17.50 on my card. When I asked why we didn't receive the full amount, they said it was for 3 days use. I demanded the full amount and she continued on giving me different offers. I declined and will no longer use Sirius. They also told me that a charge was on my husband's business card for $73 on a remote radio. He had not used that radio in over 10 years. He will be dealing with this. This is a fraudulent company.

In June 2016 I called to "cancel" my account with SiriusXM, I explained that I did not care for the service. The customer service rep said they would give me a month free, I made it very clear that he could give me a month free but it was not going to change my mind about keeping the service and at the end of the free month I wanted the service canceled. "Okay" he said...

Today 8-26-16 I receive a bill in the mail for a month of service $14.52. So I called again and told them I had canceled my service in June and that I was NOT going to pay the bill... HE OFFERED ME A RADIO! I said "NO! Cancel my account!!!" Then he said that I still owed $4 dollars and something on the bill. Again I repeated "I'm not paying the bill and cancel my account!!!" He was reading the cancellation number so fast I could not understand him. I finally said "Cancel my account and email me the cancellation numbers." Some companies should learn better business practices, because of this I will NEVER, use this service again. In the world of internet, you put your business on the line by treating people this way! As another person wrote on here "you can come, but you will NEVER leave". Not without a fight anyway!

I'm not sure who I need to speak to but after speaking to three account reps. 2 Listener Care reps last night about an unauthorized charge to me I would like for this email to go to someone who can actually say anything but "I'm sorry for the inconvenience!" The issue: I purchased a new F 150 from the dealership I work at as the Finance Manager. I received in the mail the "early bird" offer to continue my service for 6 additional months for $29.94. As I spoke to account rep during this process it showed in my sign up email I would be charged $61.44. I told him that was incorrect and he agreed! He ASSURED me I would only be charged the $29.94 amount of the offer for 6 months. However, I was charged the $61.44 and it was withdrawn from my account without my authorization. This is a serious issue regarding inaccurate and may even be illegal (my attorney will determine this) actions on behalf of Sirius XM Corporation.

I eventually after the continuous "scripts" from the account reps decided to CANCEL my subscription altogether. Very frustrated and angry from the lack of customer care your company or some individuals claim to care about when it comes to listening to people like myself. Let me say that everyone was nice but never attempted to truly listen to my concern about an entity withdrawing unauthorized money from a customer's account without their knowledge or allowance. So I cancelled the service. I was told it would take 3-5 business days for me to receive the money credited back to my account. I agreed (hesitantly) only because it didn't take 3-5 days for you to withdraw the full amount from my account. Then I received the authorization for the refund in the amount of $61.43 not $61.44.

This seems inconsequential to you perhaps but to me it is a matter of integrity. YOUR lack of integrity and doing things like this says a lot about you as a company. Now I'm sure you are sorry for the inconvenience but if you were a company that really believed in listening to your customers then you would simply do the right thing. YOUR process is broken and the bottom line is I WAS TOLD I WOULD BE REFUNDED THE TOTAL AMOUNT AND I WASN'T! Your company has misled me and I will not tolerate this treatment. So what if it is 1 cent???? Do what is right!

We purchased a Jeep three years ago, when the free trial period ran out these people called, a lot. At first we politely asked them to stop. They said it would take 10 business days to put us on their "do not call" list. They would call, by day 8 or 9, and we would get the same story. Then they started calling every day, sometimes twice a day. Finally, I told them I was going to my attorney, and emails them a copy of the FCC's rules, regulations, and fines, along with a list of times, and days they called. They stopped. Fast forward three years, we bought another Jeep, guess what the "free trial" is over, and they are calling again. Twice in two days. I blocked the number day one but somehow they got around it and called again. I didn't use it when it was free. I'm sure not going to pay for it. I shred everything they send in the mail. They just can't take a hint.

I had paid my renewal in July of 2016 thru my bank account. When I turned my radio on (8/23/2016) I said my account was not active, and to call. So I called and they told me they would not turn on the radio until I agreed to pay a much larger amount for 2017 with a charge card. I told them I would not agree to pay more in 2017 with a card. They said they would credit to my charge card, which I did not use, and I told them no, I want a check like they got from my bank account. They say it will take 7 to 10 days to get a check made out. I have been with them for years and this is how they treat their customers. Well I am dropping them and using my flash drive for music and my cell for weather, directions and sports. AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED THEY A RUNNING A CON GAME!!!

If you are thinking about subscribing to SiriusXM, keep in mind that it's a one way street. You can enter, but you can't leave. Look closely at their website, you there is NO cancel button anywhere. You MUST call them to cancel, and let me tell you, it's not a pleasant experience. Plan at least an hour to be on the phone with them.

I subscribed after receiving a "deal" in the mail, 6 months for $24.95. Knowing that it might be difficult to cancel, I intentionally used a credit card that was going to be expired/replaced before 6 months. That way, I thought, I wouldn't need to call and cancel if I didn't like the service. WRONG. Sirius will not just stop your service if the money runs out: they will start running a balance. You MUST call to cancel, no matter what.

So I called to cancel. After 20-30 minutes of a hard sell, the representative from Sirius finally told me that she can't even cancel me. To do that, she is going to transfer me to another department. So after waiting another 10 minutes on hold, they simply hung up on me. Nice. SO I called back. Again another 20 minutes of hard sell. Finally, after being put on hold again, she responds back. In a very flat voice, tells me the "cancellation number". Luckily, hours later, I notice that my Sirius radio has been turned off. Finally. I have never been so relieved.

So how bad is the experience of trying to cancel Sirius? If you have ever been to a Timeshare sales seminar and experienced their hard sell, you'll have something to compare your Sirius experience to. It's similar. Overall, the radio service itself isn't that bad. It's certainly overpriced for what it is. What ruins the whole deal is the cancellation procedure (i.e. being raked over the coals). It just gives you a crummy feeling to look at the radio, every time you get in your car, and know how terrible their customer service/cancellation procedure is going to be when the day comes that you don't want it anymore. What's silly is that maybe some of their customers would come back, if they didn't treat them so poorly. Message to Sirius: PUT A CANCELLATION BUTTON on your website. I mean if I can subscribe online in less than a minute, why does it take an hour of torture to cancel???

Sirius charges an 'invoice fee' of $2 whenever they send a bill. This seems to be an attempt to get the consumer to have a credit card on file that they can charge for future payments -- which I am not willing to do. I am not aware of any other company that charges to send you a bill. Often the bills that they send are for small amounts (my current one is $5.67 before adding the invoice fee), because they miscalculated the original bill - not my fault. They should stop this policy and return the invoice fees that they have collected.

Knowing how auto renewal companies work, I refused to give Sirius a credit card and insisted they send me an invoice when time to renew. On the invoice and the payment check I wrote not to auto renew without contacting me. Well they did and sent me a bill for a huge amount I didn't agree to. I returned the bill with a cancel notice and called the company. The agent I talked to said she couldn't cancel my account even though she had my account right in front of her, that was a different department. Now I am getting harassing e-mails that I owe them money. Sirius has been sued and lost for what I consider criminal practices. Why hasn't the FCC or someone shut them down?