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I noticed a $19.58 recurring charge on my bank statement from SiriusXM that I did not authorize on 8/23/16. We had purchased a new vehicle with a 5 mos free Sirius package. The promotion ended and we did not renew. They found a card on an old account and renewed without our knowledge. After 2 hrs on the phone trying to cancel this unauthorized renewal, they stated I would receive $17.50 on my card. When I asked why we didn't receive the full amount, they said it was for 3 days use. I demanded the full amount and she continued on giving me different offers. I declined and will no longer use Sirius. They also told me that a charge was on my husband's business card for $73 on a remote radio. He had not used that radio in over 10 years. He will be dealing with this. This is a fraudulent company.

In June 2016 I called to "cancel" my account with SiriusXM, I explained that I did not care for the service. The customer service rep said they would give me a month free, I made it very clear that he could give me a month free but it was not going to change my mind about keeping the service and at the end of the free month I wanted the service canceled. "Okay" he said...

Today 8-26-16 I receive a bill in the mail for a month of service $14.52. So I called again and told them I had canceled my service in June and that I was NOT going to pay the bill... HE OFFERED ME A RADIO! I said "NO! Cancel my account!!!" Then he said that I still owed $4 dollars and something on the bill. Again I repeated "I'm not paying the bill and cancel my account!!!" He was reading the cancellation number so fast I could not understand him. I finally said "Cancel my account and email me the cancellation numbers." Some companies should learn better business practices, because of this I will NEVER, use this service again. In the world of internet, you put your business on the line by treating people this way! As another person wrote on here "you can come, but you will NEVER leave". Not without a fight anyway!

I'm not sure who I need to speak to but after speaking to three account reps. 2 Listener Care reps last night about an unauthorized charge to me I would like for this email to go to someone who can actually say anything but "I'm sorry for the inconvenience!" The issue: I purchased a new F 150 from the dealership I work at as the Finance Manager. I received in the mail the "early bird" offer to continue my service for 6 additional months for $29.94. As I spoke to account rep during this process it showed in my sign up email I would be charged $61.44. I told him that was incorrect and he agreed! He ASSURED me I would only be charged the $29.94 amount of the offer for 6 months. However, I was charged the $61.44 and it was withdrawn from my account without my authorization. This is a serious issue regarding inaccurate and may even be illegal (my attorney will determine this) actions on behalf of Sirius XM Corporation.

I eventually after the continuous "scripts" from the account reps decided to CANCEL my subscription altogether. Very frustrated and angry from the lack of customer care your company or some individuals claim to care about when it comes to listening to people like myself. Let me say that everyone was nice but never attempted to truly listen to my concern about an entity withdrawing unauthorized money from a customer's account without their knowledge or allowance. So I cancelled the service. I was told it would take 3-5 business days for me to receive the money credited back to my account. I agreed (hesitantly) only because it didn't take 3-5 days for you to withdraw the full amount from my account. Then I received the authorization for the refund in the amount of $61.43 not $61.44.

This seems inconsequential to you perhaps but to me it is a matter of integrity. YOUR lack of integrity and doing things like this says a lot about you as a company. Now I'm sure you are sorry for the inconvenience but if you were a company that really believed in listening to your customers then you would simply do the right thing. YOUR process is broken and the bottom line is I WAS TOLD I WOULD BE REFUNDED THE TOTAL AMOUNT AND I WASN'T! Your company has misled me and I will not tolerate this treatment. So what if it is 1 cent???? Do what is right!

We purchased a Jeep three years ago, when the free trial period ran out these people called, a lot. At first we politely asked them to stop. They said it would take 10 business days to put us on their "do not call" list. They would call, by day 8 or 9, and we would get the same story. Then they started calling every day, sometimes twice a day. Finally, I told them I was going to my attorney, and emails them a copy of the FCC's rules, regulations, and fines, along with a list of times, and days they called. They stopped. Fast forward three years, we bought another Jeep, guess what the "free trial" is over, and they are calling again. Twice in two days. I blocked the number day one but somehow they got around it and called again. I didn't use it when it was free. I'm sure not going to pay for it. I shred everything they send in the mail. They just can't take a hint.

I had paid my renewal in July of 2016 thru my bank account. When I turned my radio on (8/23/2016) I said my account was not active, and to call. So I called and they told me they would not turn on the radio until I agreed to pay a much larger amount for 2017 with a charge card. I told them I would not agree to pay more in 2017 with a card. They said they would credit to my charge card, which I did not use, and I told them no, I want a check like they got from my bank account. They say it will take 7 to 10 days to get a check made out. I have been with them for years and this is how they treat their customers. Well I am dropping them and using my flash drive for music and my cell for weather, directions and sports. AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED THEY A RUNNING A CON GAME!!!

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If you are thinking about subscribing to SiriusXM, keep in mind that it's a one way street. You can enter, but you can't leave. Look closely at their website, you there is NO cancel button anywhere. You MUST call them to cancel, and let me tell you, it's not a pleasant experience. Plan at least an hour to be on the phone with them.

I subscribed after receiving a "deal" in the mail, 6 months for $24.95. Knowing that it might be difficult to cancel, I intentionally used a credit card that was going to be expired/replaced before 6 months. That way, I thought, I wouldn't need to call and cancel if I didn't like the service. WRONG. Sirius will not just stop your service if the money runs out: they will start running a balance. You MUST call to cancel, no matter what.

So I called to cancel. After 20-30 minutes of a hard sell, the representative from Sirius finally told me that she can't even cancel me. To do that, she is going to transfer me to another department. So after waiting another 10 minutes on hold, they simply hung up on me. Nice. SO I called back. Again another 20 minutes of hard sell. Finally, after being put on hold again, she responds back. In a very flat voice, tells me the "cancellation number". Luckily, hours later, I notice that my Sirius radio has been turned off. Finally. I have never been so relieved.

So how bad is the experience of trying to cancel Sirius? If you have ever been to a Timeshare sales seminar and experienced their hard sell, you'll have something to compare your Sirius experience to. It's similar. Overall, the radio service itself isn't that bad. It's certainly overpriced for what it is. What ruins the whole deal is the cancellation procedure (i.e. being raked over the coals). It just gives you a crummy feeling to look at the radio, every time you get in your car, and know how terrible their customer service/cancellation procedure is going to be when the day comes that you don't want it anymore. What's silly is that maybe some of their customers would come back, if they didn't treat them so poorly. Message to Sirius: PUT A CANCELLATION BUTTON on your website. I mean if I can subscribe online in less than a minute, why does it take an hour of torture to cancel???

Sirius charges an 'invoice fee' of $2 whenever they send a bill. This seems to be an attempt to get the consumer to have a credit card on file that they can charge for future payments -- which I am not willing to do. I am not aware of any other company that charges to send you a bill. Often the bills that they send are for small amounts (my current one is $5.67 before adding the invoice fee), because they miscalculated the original bill - not my fault. They should stop this policy and return the invoice fees that they have collected.

Knowing how auto renewal companies work, I refused to give Sirius a credit card and insisted they send me an invoice when time to renew. On the invoice and the payment check I wrote not to auto renew without contacting me. Well they did and sent me a bill for a huge amount I didn't agree to. I returned the bill with a cancel notice and called the company. The agent I talked to said she couldn't cancel my account even though she had my account right in front of her, that was a different department. Now I am getting harassing e-mails that I owe them money. Sirius has been sued and lost for what I consider criminal practices. Why hasn't the FCC or someone shut them down?

My XM radio dies after five years. I called on July 19 to discontinue the service and the customer service rep offered a new radio. It would arrive in five business days. On August 3 I called XM and they determined that the radio had been sent to the local post office with no address identified. They apologized and offer to resend it. On August 11 I called XM again and asked them why the radio has not arrived. They told me that there was no record of my August 3 call. I told them to cancel the radio since I did not want to be bothered anymore. On August 13 I looked online and the radio that had died on July 19 was still listed as active. I called XM again and asked why the service was still active. They had no explanation. I again asked for the service to be cancelled and a refund issued. On August 16 I am still waiting for the credit card refund to be issued.

SiriusXM does not even deserve 1 star! I will NEVER use their service again. Absolutely the WORST customer service experience ever. All I wanted to do was cancel my service two weeks ago, spent 40 min on the phone, thought my subscription was cancelled and come to find out today, instead of canceling it, the customer service rep actually renewed my service at a promo rate without my authorization. Just received another bill in the mail and had to spend another 45 min on the phone attempting to get the service actually cancelled. I don't know how this company is in business. I will NEVER recommend this service to anyone I know. I wouldn't take if it was free. Disgusted!!!

Dear God, what a zoo. I just wanted to add a radio/vehicle kit. I logged onto the website and found they had never consolidated mine and my wife's accounts as confirmed by them and that she owed another $199. First call yesterday to Philippines Customer Care and she was unintelligible. So today tried live chat and "Pete" and "Logan" in the Philippines were totally confused. But then I saw the $199 charge disappear. But we are still in arrears as check takes up to ten business days to clear. Heck with it, I won't order another radio and will just be happy to consolidate accounts somewhere in the next few months. Hey, nothing against Filipinos, it just that SiriusXM is a dreadful company. Avoid them. BTW, the "Corporate" phone number found on the web is voicemail only. Seems like they know the problem and just want to hide. The more I think about it, I may just cancel all at the end of the year. What a PITA.

When buying a year subscription a good way to lose customers is to charge them a $20.00 fee for changing signal to another radio. This is ridiculous! I doubt I will be a returning customer because of this.

Like others who have called to cancel service I received the exact same treatment; it's obvious that they have "programmed" everyone to respond without diversion! After explaining that since we moved and retired we would no longer be using the car for long trips, and never use it for the short drives within our town, and also because we are now on a fixed income. I was told that they had a special plan for people like us and the yearly rate would be $99 instead of the $437 for 2 years which they were about to bill me (the previous bill was $324 making the increase $113).

After explaining again why I wanted to cancel, she then offered me a 6 month rate, and then again, a monthly rate, at which I said to her "please just cancel my service as of the end of the current period, which would be October 8, 2016." After being put on hold for nearly 10 minutes, she then came back and told me that she accidentally cancelled my service as of today's date, and what she could do to "fix" it was add on another 3 months without charge, and after that I would be billed on a 3 month plan. That did it for me!

I then told her to cancel the service completely and send the balance due to me of $28. I seriously doubt that will ever happen after what I've read here. Bottom line is what I find most despicable about this company is that they charge an fortune for those who are on automatic pay, and they keep increasing it, and yet if you try to cancel, they suddenly they drop the price to less than half of what you're paying, and then some... which is probably still making them 100% profit. This is a good example of what corporate America is doing these days!!

I chose to cancel our current subscription. Since then I have been called almost daily for 2 weeks about signing back up. I have previously stated I wasn't interested and asked to be removed from their call list. Considering we are on our state no-call list and we are no longer customers, they shouldn't be calling us anyway. The caller today became quite rude when I made that request again. She informed me that she checked my account and I had never previously requested this. She refused to let me speak. She demanded that I give her my phone number in order to be removed from the call list. By this time I was feeling argumentative so I asked why I needed to give her my number when she just called me.

She then ranted about how that my refusal to give her my number was why they hadn't previously removed my number from their call list. I tried repeatedly to interrupt her rant and when I got her to stop talking gave her my phone number. We will see if that stops the calls. After I gave her my phone number she instructed me to be sure to call if Sirius could be of any additional service to us! I enjoyed the satellite radio, just didn't want to continue it. I probably would have eventually signed up again but after the last two weeks I will be avoiding any service from Sirius.

I HATE SIRIUS! You want to advertise a commercial free yet after every stupid song there's 20 second commercial telling me how it's a commercial free radio! THAT'S A COMMERCIAL! If it truly was commercial free and played only music I would pay the full rate!!! In a heartbeat. But it's not. It's equal to having normal FM radio. I'm not paying 300 a year to have normal radio. I'll spend extra on my phone plan to stream instead. I get raped by advertisements, email and regular mail! I'm SO DONE! Stop!

Undoubtedly, the most frustrating, aggravating, annoying experience ever. Cancellation of service should be a simple task. Unfortunately, it was just the opposite with Sirius. Irish in its call center repeatedly tried to "sell" me on different plans reducing rates. After 5 minutes of saying NO and she wasn't getting it, I asked to speak with a supervisor. She would not transfer me saying they would be giving me the same information. Simply stated on several occasions throughout this conversation, I wanted Irish to terminate service at the end of the payment term (October). Once again, she tried to run through the whole litany of options again.

While I hate to interrupt people, I (almost yelled) NO, NO, NO, NO. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF THE ENGLISH WORD NO? Finally after about 12 minutes on the phone with Irish, she provided a confirmation number of the termination of service. If I ever had a thought of using Sirius again, this experience has sealed its fate with me. NEVER.

Within a couple of weeks after buying a new car, calls to my home began. One call I asked not to call anymore and hung up. Calls persisted almost weekly. I contact via chat and email and asked for acct number, address and ph number. I made it clear I tossed any Sirius in the garbage the day of possession as I wasn't interested and supplied my phone number requesting to not call. Then I get an email requesting to set up an acct to help with my concern. Seriously wtf? Needless to say I shot off more emails including stating I bought a car not for IMO crap. After a while they finally figured it out and put my number on the Do Not Call list. I contacted my car manufacturer to let them know what a joke it has been.

The worst "service" and "customer reps" imaginable. To anybody that is in a temporary free contract be ready for the pushy salespeople that are about to greet you when you renew or try to cancel. I've loved having Sirius for years but finally was pushed to the brink and I just cancelled my Sirius radio yesterday. Back story - 8 years ago I buy a Jeep that came with Sirius. I loved all the channels and especially the NFL channel. They used to charge me automatically for the entire year but when I switched over to a monthly because I knew I was going to sell the car. I end up getting another jeep that comes with a free Sirius radio service for a year.

I call to cancel my former service and literally I am pushed and cajoled to keep it open so the new one will just roll over when the trial period ends. Well it ended and here's where the fun starts. I received a late notice in the mail last week (I was told it would roll to my credit care) whatever I pay it. Get in the car yesterday and Sirius is now off with a number to call on the screen. I call up and they tell me my free trial is over. I get it turned back on when I show how they cashed the check and I ask why it didn't go onto credit card and I am told that was a different account yadda yadda yadda. Ok, so why was I never allowed to cancel it a year ago. Whatever. I have it turned back on.

Later that day I notice the NFL channel 88 is missing. I contact Sirius where I get told I never had that package. What? That's the only reason I ever had Sirius. Then the sales starts. I am told that is the premium package and it is $35 a month. I ask for the supervisor who gets on and tells me yes I always had the NFL package and was paying previously $17 a month. But now she could work a deal where I get it for $24 dollars a month. NOTE: From other complaints I have seen I have a feeling Sirius monitors what channels you listen to during the trial and when you go to re-up they take that one off and jack the price on you - for instance the Stern channels. She pushes 6 month packages on me etc. By this point I see a bait and switch. ** the NFL network and ** Sirius. I'll do fine going back to regular free radio and my IPOD.

I bought a used 2013 GMC Yukon. I was told about a 3-month free trial of XM. I did not get it. It was not on and I knew that it may take some time to set up. That happened with my 2008 Tahoe when I bought it used. Well I got a notice in the mail that our trial was coming to an end. Well I call so-called customer support. They told me there is nothing they could do to help me. NOTHING THEY COULD DO? Well there is something I can do. Not get your service. Thanks for the 1 week trial.

I purchased a new Chrysler with live navigation for 5 years. The Live navigation was turned off by SiriusXM without any reason. Call and was put on hold. Finally told the car that has the subscription for which I paid for was not my car. When asked about the car that was getting the services I paid for was told that they could not provide that information to me even though it was on my account. I have had the car for 15 months and now no live navigation. Will be going back to the dealer on this.

Sirius charges you every three months after the open period. They do this to make sure that they get 6 months worth of pay without your approval, and so that the customer will not notice this charge until they have billed for the 3 months and then when you cancel you have to pay them an additional 2 months. I had to call them three times to cancel and it took 45 minutes to complete the process. The customer service assistants were horrible and they refused to give me a cancellation number. They kept on pushing their service. I can only imagine what this company does to customers that do not speak the language or that are elderly!

I spend money for this service on 3 different vehicles and have quite a few dead spots in all three when traveling. I like 60's music the most but there seems to be more personalities and ego trips from people like "Uncle Brucie", If I want to listen to this junk I could get it for free with standard radio. Once my subscriptions are over I am definitely not going to renew. I no longer see any reason to continue with this poor excuse for pay radio!!

In 2008 I was persuaded by SiriusXM to buy a lifetime subscription to their Satellite Radio Service. The bait was paying them for the lifetime subscription would give me two (2) separate radio connections for life for the price of one lifetime subscription. What I was told at the time was we would continue to have SiriusXM on our new motorcycle and for another motor vehicle or home receiver that we could connect to our stereo system. Never did get around to buying the home unit but did buy a new Chevrolet COLORADO that has a satellite radio. I contacted Sirius only to be told they no longer honor my two (2) connections lifetime package but I can transfer my current connection from our bike to the truck for $75.00. Why hasn't some enterprising attorney taken this 'not so reputable' company on? Their contracts mean nothing. Count me as another dissatisfied customer that will never pay Sirius any more money.

Bought a brand new Toyota 2 yrs. ago and activated the free trial. When the trial was over, they gave me a good deal to keep the service without ALL of the stations. This suited me fine as I only listened to about 4 channels anyway. I decided to keep the service as we were going on a summer road trip & thought it would be nice to listen to music without all of the commercials. I was so disappointed that the radio constantly went silent for minutes at a time!

Luckily I had marked my calendar for when the new service would expire so I could renew or cancel a few days ahead without problems. I did cancel without any problems but these people HOUNDED me @ least three times a week on my phone even when I asked them to stop! I sent a scathing email & the calls continued. Even told them to stop mailing stuff to my house.

As of today, 7/16/16, I'm still getting their crap in the mail. It's like they own you because you have their radio! I didn't ask for the radio to be installed in my car, it came standard. If I had the money, I would have it removed, destroyed & mailed back to them! This company is a royal pain. And the other comments are correct about them being overly aggressive in trying to keep you as a subscriber! They don't hear the word NO or want to understand it. They've offered me free months, all I have to do is turn on their station. Are you kidding me? I will NEVER touch that button again! These guys are like a recurring nightmare!

I can not get a signal and wanted to cancel. Was on the phone for 3 hours! First it is hard to understand them, and they had to go over their written script each time. I gave my contact info to 7 different people trying to cancel my subscription. When I finally got to the email cancellation number she said it would take a few hours before I received an email. The bank credit would take 7-10 days for the credit to leave Sirius and go to my credit card. EVERYTHING WAS SO HARD AND TIME CONSUMING. HOPE THEY CHANGE THE SO-CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE. IT STINKS!!!

SiriusXM auto renewed after I asked them to cancel. What a horrid company. Will never do business with them again. Yes, it was a small refund; however, the point was they took the money out of my account after I told them several times I would not renew. Once legal action was threatened, I received a full refund.

I just purchased a vehicle that came with Sirius/XM - my husband has always had it in his car - and when we traded that in to purchase my vehicle, he even got an XM radio, so he wouldn't miss his favorite channels. Can't say I had the same experience. Sure, I enjoyed hearing my favorite bands, and they have a fantastic variety of channels. However, when my free trial was coming to an end... they called and said I can keep all the same channels I have now, through December for a special rate. Well, the trial ended, and I lost Howard Stern. That is NOT what I was told - having a prior career in radio and now 15 years in Marketing - I like what I like, and being given sleight of hand, or should I say slight of stations - is not ok. C'mon Siriusxm you know better! Slick how it's in the bill but it was NOT what was told to me on the phone - thank goodness it was emailed and I kept it!

I called and they told me that I was part of a select package. Again, that was NOT what we discussed, not at all. The same channels, are the same channels. Why are you trying to pull a fast one? I told them it sounded too good to be true and... if there was 1 problem, I would cancel and I did. I only wish I could convince my husband to do the same. Sure, they offered me a chance to stay, but the answer is no. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... not gonna happen. It's 2016, transparency in your advertising people! Give what you promised. #utterlydisgusted - I'm signing up for Spotify.

I bought a new Toyota Tundra which came with a free trial subscription of XM radio. Once my free trial was over I paid for a five month promotion. Once the 5 month was done they automatically billed my credit card without my authorization. So I called to clarify things and was given the runaround. When things were finally clarified I went online to purchase a 6 month plan. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU READ. Long story short call and clarify what you're getting internet or vehicle and make sure it's exactly what you want and do not authorize them to take money from your bank card!!!

I bought my car from a used dealer in June of 2015 and my car came with Sirius XM radio. At the end of the trial period in Nov, 2015 I called Sirius to set up my account. At that time I was told my car qualifies for a 2 year trial period of XM radio free of charge. I received an email confirmation that I would have a free trial 11/05/2015 - 11/05/2017. OK, great! Then beginning in May 2016 I received a late notice from Sirius stating they needed an updated credit card number. I called and spoke with a rep in the Philippines and he said, "You don't qualify anymore for a dealer rate." That is all he said. I told him I called Sirius in Nov 2015 and that is the offer they gave ME, not that a dealer gave me. He just kept saying that he could offer me another deal. I requested to talk to someone in the US and he put me on hold and then the call dropped. In the meantime, this customer service agent also turned my radio off.

I called back and spoke with someone else who transferred me to the call center in Iowa. I was then given another 2 year trial offer for free. I was told that I would receive a delinquent bill of $54 and to ignore it. I did receive the notice and I did ignore it until I received an email on July 3, 2016 that I would experience interruption due to nonpayment. I called them back. The agent told me to yes, please ignore that request. She said it was because she couldn't get the $54 to credit off. She said that she was sending an email to IT while I was on hold. She told me no worries that they were going to fix it. I got in my car this morning (July 5, 2016) and my radio was turned off! I called them back and the representative told me that there is a department whose job is to investigate trial offers. This department deemed that my subscription was not eligible for the trial offer and turned it off.

I told the representative that was deceptive and unethical business practices. Every time they have given me a subscription I was sent a confirmation email also. How could they just deem this unacceptable and turn it off as they want. She said that even if she turned it back on this department would just turn it off again. I told her that is was not her fault but some form of communication by phone or email would have been more acceptable than just turning it off. I went ahead and paid for the year but it has been a large headache and it has been a disappointing business transaction. But when I looked on Consumer Affairs I realized they do this type of thing quite frequently. Very unfortunate for the consumer. I have attached all confirmations and cancellations from my email.

Tried to cancel Sirius radio service in 2011 on an old truck that I stopped driving. I thought that the service had been cancelled, until today. About 2 months ago (May 2016) I decided to cancel ALL of my satellite radio subscriptions. I called and went through the agonizing process of deflecting sales pitches, double-speak, transfers, etc. and finally got them all cancelled - or so I thought.

On July 3, when looking at my credit card statement, I noticed a charge from Sirius XM. Turns out this was the old truck account that I had tried to cancel in 2011. So I called, ran the gauntlet again, and got this cancelled. I was then told that there would be no refund for the 4.5 years of bogus charges (about $1100.00) because I had not called back in 2011 to finalize my cancellation (COMPLETE B.S.!!!) So, with that, I will NEVER use the Sirius XM service again. They are one of the most fraudulent companies operating in the United States today. I would urge anyone thinking about doing business with them to look for alternatives (streaming services, terrestrial radio, etc.). It is nearly impossible to cancel the service once you start, and even when you try to cancel, it doesn't always work.