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Kirby Vacuums

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32 United Consumer Financial Services Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 5, 2018

We took a small loan with this company when we purchased a Hyla. This is the company they offered us to do so. We paid for half of the vacuum and then financed the rest with United Consumer Financial Services. I set up auto pay for one year. Every month on the first they took their payment and on March 1st it was paid in full. TODAY, now a month after we paid it off, we receive a letter from them. We never made a late payment. We never missed a payment. We suppose this letter was to tell us our commitment to them was paid in full. What it does actually is basically tell us that if we are trash and have a NSF check out there, it not paid, they retract their statement of paid. NOWHERE does it actually SAY THE WORDS... "You are paid in full."

We are paid in full. It is reflected on our credit report at least. It also says nothing nice. No 'Thank you for your business.' No 'We appreciate your business.' No NOTHING. Just, "If you are a dirtbag, you are not paid in full, you might be paid in full if not." Signed some guy who we doubt exists. Well, United Consumer Financial Services, who is clearly nothing more than the Rent A Center of Banks... you will not see us again. The end. :)

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2018

I sent an automatic withdraw request but a few days later, I ended up changing banks so I called UCFS to make them aware that I won't be using the bank I sent the request for. The guy I spoke to said to not worry. They will take care of it. They went ahead and tried pulling the money from that account 2 times, causing 2 overdraft fees of $30/PC totaling a very unnecessary $60 fee. They won't own up to their mistake and refund these fees.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 1, 2018

Set up auto pay, then cancelled it, made payments from different source. Well these people decided to help themselves to my bank account, after the payment was made. Overdrafted my account. Then have the gall to send me letters demanding late fees. Raised Cain with them, had to go through a lot just to get them to fix this which they say will take 30 days. Didn't take them 30 days to take my money. I have contacted my attorney. They are the worse.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

Every time I call to get help I always get someone that has a attitude with me. They are unprofessional and horrible with customer service. They are also very sketchy. I've been paying on my account and it wasn't getting took out of my account. I called to get help and they basically told me it was my fault it wasn't getting took out. Got to better my credit and is ending up hurting it instead. Wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

The representatives are extremely rude and callous. They constantly try to take payments when it's not the payment date, when the money is unavailable, which reflects badly on my credit. I have a special account set up just for this company to take monthly payments from. When I try to remedy the issue, they talk down to me and treat me like I'm a stupid child. No matter how nice I am to them. Very very unprofessional. The last representative I talked to got angry with me and decided to start an argument. Then when I told her she was on speaker, she either held down a key on the phone or put the headset next to a speaker because this horrible ear-splitting noise came over my speaker on my phone and lasted about 2 minutes until I hung up finally.

I don't recommend any company use UCFS (United Consumer Financial Services) unless you really hate your customers. I regret daily for purchasing the Kirby vacuum as well. I bought it to try to help fix my credit and improve it. It's done the opposite and I'm stuck with a heavy, useless vacuum I never use & hate that I've so far paid about $3,000.00 for and still owe about $800.00. The whole experience isn't worth it and honestly is doing more harm than good as far as my credit is concerned.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

My friend has been working for this company for 14 yrs. Her daughter has become very ill and she has to take off to be there for her child. (What normal parents do.) Her daughter is literally fighting for her life and will need heart surgery to survive. All that being said this so called company fired her because they said she was a no show, no call for 3 days. So I know the law in FMAL and unfortunately it doesn't apply to a company with under 50 employees. Sad but true. However, you would think that under the circumstances and that she has been with them for 14 yrs (dedication is what that is called) that they would let her be with her only child. Nope not the case at all.

This company does a lot of business and makes a lot of money, yes I did my research, and they are saying they can not allow this poor mother to take the required time off to be with her child. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, so because this company has no heart and obviously doesn't care two cents about their dedicated employee, I am going to do everything in my power to show what a worthless company this is. I will make sure it is known everywhere... Oh the joy of social media. Maybe next time, and I pray there isn't a next time for any parent, you will actually stop and think before you act in such a heartless move on your part.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2016

I am actually writing for my 88 year old father. Because of his age and the fact that he is living on a fixed income, I have recently began helping him with his bills. I have just discovered that he bought a Kirby shampooer and vacuum on 3/15. I can't believe the price he is having to pay for this. Obviously, the sales rep took advantage of an elderly man. His name is not even correct on the contract and my father's signature is not correct either. There should be a law prohibiting these scammers from taking advantage of the elderly in our country!!! Shame on you. By the way the salesman's name is Nathan **.

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2016

I purchased a Kirby sometime before my first child in 2014. I never received one piece of mail from them regarding my account. Not one. Never a piece of mail with my account information or an update on my balance. When I did finally call to get my balance the customer service was terrible. The agents have an attitude problem and are not happy to have a job apparently. I am very dissatisfied with the service I was provided.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2016

When you call this company they have total disrespect for the consumer. To get respect you must give it. I told them to stop taking money from my bank acct. because it was compromised. If they want to work with the public then they need to learn how to speak to someone. The company I purchased something from no longer has a phone number in service but your phone operator talks condescending when asked questions. If this continues I will contact the better business bureau and the attorney general. Their reviews are pretty bad as well.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2016

I purchased a Rainbow Cleaning System from Northeast Air Solutions in Latham, NY on 8/6/16. Like many other reviewed on ConsumerAffairs can corroborate, that company used very coercive and manipulative sales tactics in order to get me to buy the products. Nonetheless, I accept responsibility for buying the product. However, about a week later, I found out that I needed to have surgery, which means an increase in co-payments and medical bills. I came to the realization that I would no longer be able to afford the Rainbow device.

When I first contacted United Consumer Financial Services (UCFS) on 8/20/16, they were very polite and informed me that the distributor (Northeast Air Solutions) may be able to make a deal with me as there was nothing they could do after the three day grace period was over. I called the distributor, and they told me that there was nothing they could do, and to call UCFS and try to lower my payments. I did call UCFS back and they did allow me to lower my payments, albeit I would still be charged late fees and charges reports to my credit report, but it would not go to collection. I was also informed that Northeast Air Solutions could pay back UCFS as a refund and that UCFS would accept the payment and relinquish the contract.

As expected, Northeast Air Solutions gave me the runaround and told me that I did not speak with UCFS about returning the product and having Northeast Air Solutions pay them back. At this point, I realized that there was nothing further that I could do and I should take this as a lesson learned: NEVER buy from a door to door salesman.

Fast forward to not a few hours later, and I received an email with fraudulent alerts as they relate to my identity. I contacted by identity protection company, and they proceeded to tell me that there was a large data breach and that I should change all of my email passwords. Although I can't prove anything, I can't shake the feeling that this has something to do with United Consumer Financial Services (UCFS). That being said, I gave them a call, as discretely as possible, and told them that someone might be using my information.

They were very, very rude with me, told me I need to file a police report within 48-72 hours otherwise I wouldn't be able to move forward with anything. I was told by my identity protection company not to file a police report just yet because it was unclear where my information was taken and who took it. At this time, it is still unclear as to where this data breach came from and where they information went to. There isn't any cause for concern about anything on my credit report.

However, I just find all of this to be very suspect. After this experience and reading countless reviews on ConsumerAffairs, as well as complaints by the BBB, I would highly recommend that no one finance with UCFS. I am hesitant to start paying them back as they could have compromised my personal and financial information. However, reading all of the complaints, I will start paying them back promptly because I do not want my credit score to be affected negatively.

That being said, I will probably have to sell the device in order to pay for it, which makes me very angry, but hey, it's a lesson learned and I will definitely NOT be making this mistake again. I don't even want to use the Rainbow because it looks and feels like it is very overpriced and this whole experience has made me sick to even look at it. I would therefore also advise to not buy a Rainbow cleaner as it is grossly overpriced and the distributors use egregious sales tactics to take advantage of people.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2016

I ran into financial difficulty and worked with a credit counseling agency recently. They got other creditors to lower interest rates, close and remove accounts from my credit report and pay the principal balances at lower monthly payments. This company gave me the most grieve. They sent a letter agreeing to a lower monthly payment, however they failed to post a payment. Then they began adding late fees in addition to the interest and reported the account as over 30 days late.

I got a letter from them and their customer service person was rude, uninformed and stated numerous times they cannot change the terms of the agreement by law. When I tried to clarify that they can he called me 'illogical' which was his nice word for crazy. I ended the call and called my credit counselor to have them contact the Kirby vacuum mafia to correct the problem. I would recommend anyone dealing with them to turn ALL of your credit accts over to a non-profit credit counselor. Other creditors lowered rates from 29 to 9 percent and Wells Fargo lowered my home improvement loan to 1 percent. This is the only company that reported false derogatory information!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2015

I have been receiving phone calls from United Consumers once a week for about a year. The phone call does not identify who is calling. I found out it was United Consumers calling me by googling the phone number on the Internet. The phone call asks if I am Ronald **. I am to press a certain number if am Ronald ** and another number if I am not Ronald **. I have never pressed a number indicating whether I am Ronald ** or not. I feel that I should have to press a number. My name is Roger **. I have the same first initial and last name as Ronald **. Just because I have the same first initial and last name is no justification for my being harassed by weekly phone calls.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2015

I had a guy come to my for at 9 o clock at night on a work night and convinced me to buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner which is a great product and I have always wanted one. He tried to sell it to me for $2000. I refused. He dropped it down to 1800. Still refused. I said, "There is no way you can convince me." He kept lowering the price. Finally he said, "With all costs included this is the bottom price...$1200. I said, "Ok." Then he told me I won't have a payment for 6 months and then I would have 1 year payoff, no interest, if paid off in that first year after starting payments.

I was paying very large payments and expected one more payment to pay off. So I called UCFS to get payoff amount and they told me I still owed 800 on the account. This was in August. I very unhappily still paid them large payments and called back again in November to see my payoff, and they told me I still owe 459. I tried to submit this info to the BBB and the postal code was not accurate...go figure...and yet I'm still in the end paying $2000 for something I was told would be 1200. This company is a huge scam. They lie to your face and you can't do a single thing about it. If you buy a Kirby do not use UCFS to finance it. They will rip you off and you can't do anything about it. Thank you for ripping off an honest, hard-working, single mom and showing me you really can't trust anyone walking in this lost world.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2015

Pretty crappy and not intelligent people. I am currently almost done paying off my vacuum cleaner from these people and I cannot wait to be done. I just received a call from these people and was informed I still owe money. I told them that I set up double payments for a couple of months before I relocated to a crappy place with overpriced cost of living. And they were supposed to continue to remove money from my account until it was paid off. Well obviously these people are not too intelligent because they decided that since I paid double payments that they would just stop taking money out.

WTF would you do that? Why not just continue taking money out until it was paid off. Needless to say they called wanting to know when I could make a payment. Because of their stupidity I am now about to be going out of my way to pay them money they should have already received. It would have only been paid off 2 months early but they are stupid and are asking for a crappy review. This is only one of many I have seen people post in regards to the service received. Now that my credit is way better than when I first got my vacuum I can guarantee that I would not recommend or deal with such a shady company like this ever again!!!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2015

I bought a vacuum on April 2, 2014, put $500 down and the salesman told me it would be paid off in less than 18 months at $82.18 a month. Well I have been paying for 18 months now and I talked to a Jennifer Ext. ** today and she informed me I still owe $2000.00! What, are you serious! I do not know any other way to say this. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! NEVER FINANCE A KIRBY!!! The Vacuum itself works great besides being super heavy!I Also purchased my vacuum from a salesman and it is a women that's name is they have!

25 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 21, 2015

I purchase a Kirby vacuum on March 13, 2013. And the sales person came to my house and sold me the vacuum for 1,600 and every month I have to make a payment $61.77. I started making the payment the 1st of May, the payment was $100. My last payment was in August 1, 2014. I paid $142.74, I paid them off. After a year they called me the 8th of July 2015 saying that I owe them money and I paid them too early and they wanted to take interest from me. They send a letter saying that the cost of the vacuum is $2,223 and the guy sold me the vacuum for $1,600. If I paid them off with no late fee then why are they harassing me about paying them extra.

20 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 15, 2015

So let me start by saying my fiance got roped into working for a seller for Kirby. He was hounded constantly by his boss to make the sale. We fought for two days over doing this. Finally I agreed. I was told the amount was 1595$, they marked it on my credit as 2075$. They call every day, twice a day now including Sundays, which in my state is not legal. I am pregnant and out on leave due to complications and they ask personal questions, make rude comments, and are not helping my condition. I have blocked their number but they call from a new number! My boyfriend told them to stop calling and upsetting me but they don't care. Extremely rude and my credit is marked more than the financed amount!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2015

First let me start that while I am unhappy with how the product was sold to me, the ambush I felt, I do recognize that anytime I could have forced the salespeople out of my house. It is not in my nature to be rude, and I understand it is their job to take advantage of that, but I do know this is my fault. Second, while I would not purchase this vacuum again given the price, the weight and bulkiness, and the inconvenience of use, it does work well for cleaning purposes and the product itself was described accurately.

At 10:00 AM the Saturday before Christmas, 2 men came to my back door (that is an open glass) instead of using my front door which automatically is sleazy to me because they didn't want to be ignored. I thought they were a cleaning service, which I was interested in at the time, so I let them show a demonstration. It was not until they were in that they actually disclosed the product they were pushing. After over an hour of their 20 minute demonstration I decided to purchase. While I am displeased with the way the product was sold, their approach to my house, etc. the product itself is not the worst, but not anything that makes me not regret this day.

The finance company the loan went through IS the worst. They add all the interest on your loan upfront so your loan is reported to credit companies higher than it should be. Paying extra monthly goes towards the finance charges instead of the principal. This is unlike any loan I have ever seen. DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THIS COMPANY!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: June 5, 2015

I bought a Kirby vacuum using this company!!! The last two years I have paid on time and even extra (to the point that I am not due for 9 months)!!!!! I have lost my job and attempted to settle the last 200 of the 2400 and they refused any assistance! Only SCUM SUCKING VULTURES would rather ruin someone's credit than settle!!!!

13 people found this review helpful
Verified Buyer
Original review: March 13, 2015

They provide the worst customer service, unable to help, unable to solve problems. They don't respect consumers. They don't appreciate customers. They don't even deserve to be call a financial institution. They abuse pressured buyers. PLEASE READ THEIR PURCHASE AGREEMENTS BEFORE YOU SIGN IT, 3 DAYS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO REVIEW A PRODUCT. THEY ARE A FRAUD!!!

27 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 20, 2015

I received a letter from UCFS saying that we had substantially prepaid our loan and we could refinance within 30 days to get an interest savings. My wife called to see what we would need to do to refinance. She was transferred and a lady came on and my wife explained that we wanted to try and refinance our loan. The "lady" said, "Oh, we don't refinance loans. As you can see in the next paragraph of the letter it says you may pay this amount to pay off the loan." My wife said, "Oh, no. I spoke to someone a few months ago and they said they would refinance the loan, but they would have to run another credit check to do it. We weren't interested at that time, but now we are." The lady from UCFS said, "We don't refinance." My wife said, "Let me speak to your supervisor." The lady said, "I can help you with your account." My wife said, "Obviously you can't. You don't even know what your company offers. LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR."

The lady said something while my wife was talking but then said "Okay" and put her on hold. She was on hold for about 10 minutes and there was complete silence on the other end. Even though there was supposedly no one on the other end of the line, my wife explained the situation and said, "I don't know if anyone can hear me, but you need to check that lady out, because she knows nothing about customer accounts. Believe me, I will be going online and giving you a terrible review." Then she hung up.

We are very upset with this situation. We have been paying more than our bill faithfully each month and feel that we should be rewarded for that effort. But now, they won't even admit that they refinance loans.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2015

My wife and I made the mistake of allowing a door to door sales person into our house and we purchased a Kirby vacuum cleaner. We entered into a contract which allowed us to EITHER pay off the financed amount over a 3 year period at a the high rate of 24%, OR pay off the financed amount within 12 months with no interest, which they call "Same as Cash" option.

We always paid way above the minimum amount, and were never late in our payments. One month before the one year period ended, we sent them a formal letter, by certified mail, with return receipt, advising that we had elected to pay off our entire financed amount under the "12 months same as cash" option, and attached was the final payment (of $100).

Can you believe that the company sent me a letter back basically saying, "thank you for your check, ok, but you still owe us $100." Although they thanked us for the check, they essentially have not deposited it, and have not credited it to our account. They are holding the check purposely so they can say, "ha ha, you didn't pay the full financed amount within one year, so now you owe us an additional $370 for accrued interest."

Obviously we are not going to let this happen and will fight this. We may have to stop payment on the $100 check, and pay them over their website so we'll have proof they received the final payment. But we are very angry. Additionally, I looked up this company on (Better Business Bureau) website and was amazed to see they have 69 complaints filed against them but are still given an A+ rating by the BBB. Apparently they were able to work out "most" of the complaints with their customers amicably. But you know what? I smell a rat. I guess if one pays a membership fee to the BBB then they will rate you high no matter how dishonorable you are, and no matter how many complaints people file against you. Thanks to for allowing us to get the truth out about United Consumer Financial Services!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 22, 2014

United Consumer Financial Services (UCFS) & Kirby "vacuums & cleaning systems" are presently conspiring & taking advantage of innocent consumers & prospective customers, by sending sales people to your home. Frequently they just show up, "uninvited, & without the resident's knowledge", and attempt to "slam" the prospect with a sale of the display machine!!! Having been approached by these people, more than once, & then having a former friend obtain a sales position with Kirby, sales tactics & standard operating procedures for the sales people include but are not limited to one or all of the following:

1) They lie, & intentionally misquote, interest rates on monthly payments, the amount of the monthly payment, terms....etc...!!!

2) They offer you their office number for "questions, & support", which may or may not be a "Kirby-related" phone number - which doesn't matter, because that person will tell you that you've called an incorrect number & provide you with a different phone number which belongs to "UCFS"!!!

3) My "ex-friend" wrote down & told me of a monthly payment of $38.74 per month!! Immediately after making the first payment, UICFS started pounding my telephone number, telling me that my payments were $89.50, per month!!!! UCFS is not at all a "legitimate" business - & definitely should be investigated by authorities!!!

All of the employees at UCFS are extremely rude, & have never been able to provide a straight answer to a simple, & direct question regarding my account!!!!!!! Blame the authorities too!!!! These are the people that are suppose to be overseeing the companies & the people running them, who are collecting large gov't checks - that are not doing their jobs, but are instead out on the golf course or in a motel room with their secretaries, not paying any attention to complaints & specific problems that people write them & alert them to!!! Don't forget!!! Bernie Madoff was pointed out by many Wall Street pros - up to 10 years before his arrest!!!?? ===>10 years!!!! <=== It doesn't do any good to hire a "watchdog" that's "always" asleep! Please feel free to contact me - anybody!!!

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Original review: June 10, 2013

My husband and I refinanced our Kirby with a different financial company. United Consumer didn't get the payment yet and didn't call our home phone number to ask about it. Instead, they thought it would be good to call MY JOB! When I called them back to give them the other financial institution's number, the guy on the phone was rude and wouldn't answer my question about, "Why wouldn't you call my home first?" I could have lost my job!

39 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 30, 2011

I received a collection letter from United Consumers Inc. for taxes that they say I owe for the years of 1998, 1999 and 2000. The account numbers for the three accounts begin with my Social Security number. Are these account numbers being provided by the state of Virginia? If so, isn't this a violation of state and/or federal privacy laws? Are these account numbers (SSN) also available to the people who are working in the collection agencies' call center when they call you? I am worried about my SSN being printed on a collection document and the possibility of the state of Virginia not protecting our SSNs. The possibility of identity theft is alarming.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2010

I bought a Kirby vacuum from a door-to-door salesman with the agreed price of $1699.00. With sales tax, the price was $1800.94--a totally outrageous price. But I was prepared to pay that. I financed at a rate of 24.99% (loan shark rates), but again, I was prepared to pay. After paying $100.00 per month beginning in December 2008, I called on 1/7/10 to get a balance so I could pay off.

After paying $1200.00, I was told that my pay off was $1307.40, and the offer was only on the table until Sunday, 1/10/10. They implied that this was a break, and I should take it. This was the price on my contract if I had financed for 36 months. I was intimidated and thought I should go ahead and pay so I wouldn't be on the hook for more.

My daughter looked over my contract and told me that I had paid finance charges for the whole 36 months, even though I paid off the balance in a year. I further found out that there was nothing I could do, since United Consumer Services took all the interest up front. Further review shows that Kirby sold my finance contract to United Consumer Finance Services 9 days after I signed the contact with Kirby. Actual review of my contract shows that the original contact was with United Consumer Financial Services.

I guess the letter telling me that they had bought Kirby's contract was just to get Kirby off the hook for the shady finance agreement and rip off that I was lured into. Kirby and United Consumer Financial Services are running a huge scam. I plan to take this complaint not only to Kirby and United Consumer Financial Services, but also to the Better Business Bureau. To rip off a senior citizen taking care of a disabled son is a disgrace.

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Original review: March 18, 2009 i received a calls and letters from united consumer financial/kirby on numerous occassions inref to my acct being late within a few days it was due i cancelled automatic debt due to closing my acct for unauthorize usage. i told the cust rep i will be mailing a money order to them from now on. on 3/18 i recieve calling at work which i told them not to call me during my business hours and they still did. I spoke with a francis who refuse to give her last name and i told her the payment was mailed out on 3/13 they should be receiving any day now she began to harrass me about having a another number to call and i told her no i dont have a cell nor home phone, i proceed to tell her i have been making my payments maybe not by 4th of them month but i have been sending them 75.00 instead of 62.50 which is required 12.50 more then the amount owed. I ask her to not call my job again because iam work and they are harassing me at this point since i have until 3/31 to be consider defualt i made feb payment and now iam making march payment the acct is not late unless skipped 2 months and i havent. i feel this kirby machine have been a ripoff it doesnt work like it should it doesnt pickup lint or anything small on the carpet the shampoor is horrible i now use my old carpet cleaner to shampoo my carpet isnt this great 1800 on a vaccuum that doesnt perform like it said i just wanted to vent and let everyone know that kirby doesnt stand up to its name the vaccuum cleaner doesnt perform like they said it does.
29 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 19, 2008 They called my home on 11/17/2008 while I was at a late meeting at work. My 13 year old daughter answered the phone. Apparently, the phone called woke her up and she answered the phone in a harsh tone. The customer service representative from Consumer Financial stated to my 13 year daughter "that is not how you answer the phone you moreron". My daughter called me on my cell phone while in the meeting and gave me the # the lady called from which was (954) 670-5157. I tried very hard to contact that lady. Today 11/19/08 I phoned customer service at Consumer Financial and asked if they received my final payment and was told yes. I asked the young lady if she could tell me who phoned my home on the 14th of this month and was told she could not give out the lady name. I explained to the lady why I wanted to speak with her and she could not believe it herself. I am very upset by this. It doesn't matter how my daughter answered the phone she is still due respect.
25 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 24, 2007

In 1988 I bought a Kirby vacuum on the "36 months same as cash". I learned my lesson then NEVER be late. It cost me $136.00. If you think you can't pay off your line of credit in the lotted amout of time, don't buy it. Period.

16 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 16, 2006

Someone talked me into buying the Kirby Vacuum cleaner/Shampooer and it totally does not clean the carpets. I want to stop paying, but am afraid to. The people at consumer financial are totally unprofessional and rude. This should be illegal. Any thing else you buy has to be exactly as it is described to be, and I don't know how these people are getting away with this. They totally lied about this product and now people are stuck with a vacuum cleaner they should be able to drive for the price that is paid for it. I am getting calls from C.F about 15 times a day. I can't beleive that a vacuum cleaner, it's distibutors and the finace company are allowed to destroy peoples lives and their credit when this company is selling lies. Someone should be held accountable. This is not acceptable to me.

25 people found this review helpful

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