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Consumer Complaints and Reviews is a SCAM web to cheat customers e-card purchase with credit card and continue charging the credit card monthly until you discover it. I purchased one time e-birthday card $3.99 to a friend. It continue charging me every month and escalated to $4.99 until I found it and reported to American Express. should be shut down for dishonest business practice to scam and cheat customers. I would give zero star to this company!!!

The cards are beautiful and everyone I send them to loves them but, I didn't read their privacy policy and data protection policy properly before subscribing (it is pages long and I just wanted to buy an e-card not spend hours reading through these long contracts). Anyway, when you sign up, you are signing up to them selling on your email address and other details to other companies and since I subscribed to Blue Mountain, I have been bombarded with spam emails from US marketing companies. It is very intrusive and feels like a breach of trust for their customers.

Also, they auto renewed and took payment for an annual subscription without any prior notification which I feel is disrespectful to their customers. Most companies I subscribe to email me to say my renewal is coming up and this is what they are going to do. I would have continued to use their service if it were not for these two issues but because of them I will be cancelling my subscription as soon as it expires.

I rated 3 stars so as not to be held liable for slander while I state the facts. I called Blue Mountain after learning that I had been charged $3.99 per month for 15 or 16 months because I created an account for one time use that was set to expire at the end of the month when I opened the account. I sent one card. What I did not realize (because it is not noted clearly on the home page after logging in) is that the account would auto renew every time it expired. I called Blue Mountain Cards and spoke to Anne ** of the customer support center. Her supervisor authorized a refund of three months worth of charges, but refused my request to refund all but the first month of charges. She also refused my request to produce to me record of my electronic signature when I opened my account. I understand this to mean that the company is charging me without proof that I authorized them to charge me again every month after the first charge that I authorized.

I am trying to cancel my "free trial" membership, but I doubt they'll let me. I sent 2 birthday cards that were never received. I tried to cancel online, but that is not allowed. I called their 24 hour automated system, but they kept misquoting my very clear Midwestern accent spelling of a simple name. Yeah, right. So now I have to call during business hours to speak with an agent, and I'm sure it will be another headache. I already sent them an email saying I will dispute the bill on my credit card!

On 4/20/2016 I tried to send an ecard with a $100 gift card attached. I received an error message saying I needed to provide a valid payment method. Thinking I typed my card number wrong, I tried again -- same message. Just to be sure, I tried once more just to be sure before giving up. Much to my surprise, when I checked my online statement later in the day, I found I had been billed for the gift card. I checked with the intended recipient, and sure enough, she received neither the greeting card nor the gift card.

I called my bank and I was told Blue Mountain attempted to debit my account each time I resubmitted! The bank, suspecting some sketchy activity, did not put those other charges through. The original $100 fraudulent billing sits in a "pending" limbo, inaccessible to me. When I contacted customer service, I was told the charge would be removed within 24 - 48 hours. That didn't happen. Now they tell me they have no record of a sent ecard or gift card. Well DUH! The point behind emailing them was that they charged me but did not fulfill their end of the bargain by sending the cards.

These people are clearly frauds. From all the similar comments I see, it's a wonder they still are in business. You use their services at your own risk. I am lucky that I have a good relationship with my bank and they will block any further attempts by Blue Mountain to extract money from my account. In order to get the money back, I will have to file a "disputed transaction" request, and it may take a month or more to resolve. I don't know about others, but I don't have a spare $100 floating around. The loss hurts. I spent just about the last of my money to make good on the original gift card I intended to send to the intended recipient. I guess I understand what being an honorable person is, whereas they just want to fleece us for whatever they can. And this is a company which purports to have high corporate values. Ha! As if. They'll get no more business or money from me -- ever. I hope they go bankrupt.

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I've subscribed to Blue Mountain for several years and never had an issue until now. I decided to try out the gift card option and attached a $100 gift card to an e-card, but my recipient never received the e-card/gift card and I never received a copy. I asked Blue Mountain for a refund and they said that's not possible because it's same as cash! They said they can resend the card to me, but I still have not received it. I ended up logging into my account and printing the gift card so that I can hand deliver it to my recipient. Lovely! I recommend not using the gift card option.

I've been a satisfied customer since 2004. Love the convenience of being able to send cards for various occasions in advance. The yearly fee pays for itself if you total up the cost of buying several store bought cards at $3-$4 a piece. I have HIGHLY recommended this wonderful website to friends and give it a 5 star rating!

Unfortunately the company not as nice as cards! I took advantage of a 7 day free trial period. I found some recipients could not open cards sent. Only desktop users could open cards, not phone users. I attempted to cancel during free trial period due to this issue. Blue Mountain system had technical problem. I attempted several times to cancel online, as directed without success. The customer support hours via phone do not cover well either. Your call goes into an automated prompt of no return! Blue Mountain refused return of $19.99 stating I did not comply with cancellation timely! Thus took my money saying too bad, so sad basically "got ya. Enjoy your subscription!" Customer Support needs to be redefined to Blue Mountain! It is a shame as the cards are nice. If only the company could try to communicate the same!

Six months ago or so they changed their website where you select the font, colors, etc. It is not working as the old one did and they, when contacted, said it was being corrected and it never has been. In addition, if you have a problem, they are very difficult to reach. Want to do everything by e-mail and it takes several days to hear back from them.

Everyone who falls for the scam that is a 7 day free trial from Blue Mountain soon will know how difficult it is to cancel their membership. You have to call them up, wait on the phone for hours, and then argue with a representative, if you are lucky. However, I found a solution that seems to have skipped all those steps. If you are like me you might have gotten gift cards (the Visa types) which you used almost all the funds on except for that annoying dollar and change leftover. It's not enough to do anything with really, so you just hold onto it. Use it for Blue Mountain in place of your credit card. I had a gift card with $3.03 and when the time came to charge me for the monthly fee I was declined and membership canceled.

I cancelled my account with Blue Mountain about 3 months ago and just last week I see that they charged my credit card $19.99. I do not want this anymore and I would like a refund as soon as possible. This happened before and I let it go through but I did not use their site. I would appreciate an explanation.

I signed up for trial membership for 1 month. I have been charged 19.99 for a full year membership. I have asked to cancel my subscription and requested a refund but have not received anything but an e-mail that my subscription will continue until Feb 2017. This company is ripping off their customers who only want a trial membership.

Blue Mountain sucks! Just sign up, but can't get the money back. I dislike the membership because I have 100 e-card that I need to send out, but it did not have the import function. I mainly need to enter one by one. Other e-card website are capable of doing that. If you have many card you want to send, make sure don't sign up with this company. Once you sign up, there is NO NO NO refund. I only sign up for the monthly service, $3.99/month. For the previous writer who sign up for one year, I feel so sorry for him/her.

Do not do business with this company. Signing up is a breeze, but cancellation is impossible. To make matters worse you are locked into a one-year membership. And all of the terrible reviews do not matter to the management of this company. THEY SIMPLY DON'T care.

I signed up for a one year membership. I had no intention of renewing for a second year because I found I did not use the service enough to justify the annual cost. My Credit Card was charged for the second year membership without authorization. I called twice but was left on hold for more than 20 mins each time. I left my number for a call back, but never received a call. I would say that their invoicing practices verge on illegal. I am from Canada and the company is based in the USA, so I have no legal recourse. BE AWARE OF BLUE MOUNTAIN CUSTOMER NON-SERVICE.

Just want to add my ill feeling to the multiple other dreadful reviews of this company. They "offer" a short, "free" trial period when you submit your credit card details. They take the money at the earliest point and then refuse, even after you have tried to cancel during that time frame. They have very unscrupulous business practices. Once they have your card details they take the money and refuse to refund it. Sadly I think people will only read these reviews after they signed up but surely any decent company would not want a list of comments like these read?!!

We sent a Hanukah and gift Card to our daughter 4 days before the holiday. She never received the card. We had her check spam and junk folder and still no card. First we tried to call their customer service phone. Most of the time we kept getting disconnected due to their VRU asking to say your last name but not recognizing the letters - I must have tried over 20 times and only got past that point 3 times. Then I got past this point, I couldn't get a human. Just got useless information and then the system hangs up. I think they close at 2pm PST - which is ridiculous in today's environment.

The next day I tried again and after 6 attempts - pushed that I wanted to cancel my service and then got a representative. He did not have any answers and suggested they could re-send the email to myself and let me forward it. I am still waiting for the email. I also went online but their website did not make it easy to find help. The only resolution mentioned was to send an email to customer service. I sent a new message to their Customer Service and still waiting on that response. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

On 11/07/2015, I opened a account for the express purpose of sending my brother an e-card for his birthday, which was the following day. I paid $3.99 for a one-month subscription, and thought that was a reasonable price, since it was close to what I would have paid for a regular greeting card. I did not receive a payment receipt, but my checking account was debited for the purchase.

As soon as my account was opened, I created what was supposed to be an animated e-card with a voice over. I reviewed the card, and it appeared to be fine, so I submitted the order. Then I received a confirmation e-mail that included a link to the card; I clicked on the link, but the card didn't work after all. I immediately sent an e-mail explaining the problem and requesting a refund as well a cancellation of my account if the problem wasn't resolved by the next day. The problem was not resolved: my brother picked it up and it didn't work for him, either. failed to address the problem with my e-card, and their only response to the e-mail I sent them was to send me an e-mail confirming cancellation of my account - no mention of any refund. So, I waited several days and sent them another e-mail, again outlining the problem and reiterating my request for a refund. I received yet another response confirming cancellation of my account - still no mention of a refund. I sent a third e-mail pointing out that the account cancellation did not address my request for a refund and that if a customer service representative could not authorize the refund then I would like a supervisor to review my request and contact me. responded with an e-mail advising me that I would not receive a refund and referring me to their Terms of Service policy.

I wonder how many unsuspecting customers have had a similar experience with this company. I know that $3.99 isn't much, but multiplied by who-knows-how-many dissatisfied customers, it could certainly add up.

I created an account to send my dad a fathers day card a couple of months ago. After canceling my account, I was charged anyway and they refused to give me my money back even though I had proof that I cancelled the account. They continuously gave me the run around when I tried to get answers they gave me a "month of their subscription" - except they didn't "give" me anything. The money they took from me was what a months subscription costs. They overdrew my account by 5 dollars, but I ended up paying $40 for THEIR "mistake" in overdraft fees.

Chose card. Went through steps. Then went to another page to post or mail. Then when I went back to it --- it was all gone. Don't have any way to SAVE??? Ridiculous. Get with the tech program. This is behind the times.

I've never voluntarily had any relationship with this company, but recently someone used it to send me a greeting card. Immediately I started receiving several junk emails daily of a pornographic nature. Please don't do business with this company; you're simply paying to have the recipients of your "greetings" harassed.

I wish I had read this site's reviews beforehand. I signed up for a trial (the cards were all not delivered) and was never told when I started getting charged. I tried to call, and there is no way to contact them by phone and talk to a real person. When they started they were great, but this is very shady business tactics to be using. I will not ever use them again, nor will I buy American Greetings cards; they are one and the same.

I wanted to send a few bday e-cards so I went for the 7-day free trial but had to join and pick a membership fee. The first time I picked a 1 yr subscription, gave them all my credit info and password. When I went to log in I was told my email and password was wrong. Thought maybe I made a mistake. So I reentered all the information again. SAME MESSAGE. You cannot call or email this company to complain. Now all my info is with this company and I have no subscription.

The company does not allow you to cancel your membership on the website if you signed up for a trial membership. I only used the service, because I was late in sending a birthday card to a family member. So I didn't need the service permanently. It was a one-time need. So I was very disappointed to see that, because the site does not allow you to cancel, the company continued charging me for the service. I called to complain, and the customer service agent said that my membership would expire at the end of the month. So they had charged me for another month. I complained, and he promised that I could use the service to schedule e-cards to be delivered for up to a full year, as long as I send them before the expiration date of my membership. I tried sending a card. The site did not allow me to send a single e-card. It reported that my membership had been cancelled. The employee lied to me.

I signed up for the free 7-day trial and sent one card and then cancelled my account on their website, or so I thought. They keep charging my credit card $3.99 and even twice on the same statement. When I saw that I was charged $3.99 on July 17th, I went back into my account and cancelled again on August 15th and then they charged me again on August 15th.

I cancelled again on the website and it says I stopped my subscription, but this time I called their 800 number and after waiting a very long time I spoke with a person saying they could not refund my $3.99 because I cancelled at 11:00 am and the charge went through at 12:01 am and they can't process a refund and that I should have read my contract. They are owned by American Greeting cards and from now on I will not ever use either of these companies' products, they are scam artists in my book. Their website says "your subscription is cancelled", but they keep charging you. I have called my credit card company to block all future charges from Blue Mountain.

I just signed up today, August 2, 2015, for a one-month trial for $3.99. My seven-day trial begins now, and I am already having a great deal of difficulty with this site. First, I could not understand how to print out the card so that the inside of the card would be printed on the correct side. I printed these over and over and over, and I then tried to locate a phone or address of Blue Mountain Cards to seek help. There is no phone number available on a Sunday, evidently, and after reading all the reviews on Blue Mountain, I am very discouraged. Luckily I used my checking account rather than my debit card, and tomorrow I can stop payment at my bank. I agree that this company is only after our money, not customer satisfaction.

I tried to order a card from them and it was not an easy process. Once I was finished, I waited for the card to be sent but it never was sent. However, they charged my account three times!! When I emailed them about it, they only ever had excuses and were very condescending in their explanation. NEVER do business with them!! They withdrew from my account without permission after I sent a written request asking them not to ever withdraw from my account again. I incurred 140.00 in fees because I didn't have sufficient funds in my account at the time of the withdrawal. They didn't have permission!! Can you please look in to this? My phone number is **. Thanks.

I decided to give the 7-day free membership a try. Today is the last day of that trial. I've been calling for 3 days to cancel my trial membership and at this time have tried 32 times to do so. The automated system will not make the cancellation and states I need to speak to a customer service representative. Then immediately gives a message that they are having technical difficulties and then tells me to call back later. This whole thing is a RIP OFF!! They will not let me cancel and now the only way I can retain my money is to dispute it with my credit card company and if that doesn't work I'll have to close that credit card account by calling the card lost so future charges can't be made. STAY AWAY from Blue Mountain!!!

I signed up for Blue Mountain Cards monthly using an old AOL account email. I never received spam mail on this account. After signing up with Blue Mountain, that inbox is now full of spam. So not only do I agree with other reviews of Blue Mountain, add this as another crummy money-making scheme of theirs - they sell your email address.

I tried registering online at least 3 times, to no avail. I would rather purchase the Blue Mountain Cards directly than to deal with the online membership. It is a nightmare.

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