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I purchased a Netgear 72 which is a router/modem combination in July 2016. I have been on the phone with Netgear for over 3 hours trying to get this piece of junk working properly. They tried to tell me it was out of warranty and they want to charge me $140 for one year's warranty. This is 2 months after I made the purchase. What kind of piece of trash equipment can't last 2 months when you pay almost $200 for it? They say they can't do anything from their end to help me. Sorry. However, when I threaten to contact the Attorney General, file a class action lawsuit (I'm sure that wouldn't be hard to find enough consumers for) and contact the Aging & Disabilities to file complains (since I am older) all of a sudden my equipment starts working. It had been off all day and the minute the customer service representative went to talk to her "supervisor" it works!

I think they have a way to send signals to your equipment when it goes out of "warranty" (meaning 60 days I suppose) and you have to contact them and pay more money. I bought it to save $$$ not renting equipment from my cable company only to be taken advantage of by Netgear. Not only would I NEVER recommend this company I believe they are violating all kinds of laws with their unfair business practice. Stay away from them and save yourself time, energy and $$$. Netgear cons consumers!!!

Bought a Netgear router, worked fine for about a year, then had issues. Confirmed through my internet provider that modem was fine; issue was with router and they have me Netgear's tech support phone number. I had to give credit card information right up front, with the only option (aside from a 2 year tech support contract) being to purchase a 1 year contract of tech support for $139.00 in order for them to help me. They got the router working.

Fast-forward over 2 years later (so even if I had bought the 2 year contract, I still wouldn't have been covered) and same router issue occurs. Again, I confirmed with internet provider it was the router, called Netgear who again wouldn't help until I paid $139.00 for another 1 year's worth of tech support. At the end of the call, the tech proceeded to try to get me to go for the 2 year contract, not taking no for an answer until the 3rd time I said no. Having only the option to purchase 1-2 years of tech support sucks, especially when the problems conveniently occur when the tech support has expired. Makes me wonder whether or not they interfere with the routers on purpose.

I had a problem connecting the Netgear Nighthawk. I rang for support and I was told my computer had to be scanned for viruses and it would be $80. I explained I was from the UK and they tried to charge me 80 instead of 60 and then pressured me over and over to buy their 1 year plan to protect my computer and other devices for only 160. It turned out they sorted out the issue through my Android phone which took 15 minutes! Paid 200 for this router as my house has 3 floors. Feel totally robbed.

Just like many people they said I needed $100.00 plan for all my equipment. I fell for it. The computer they fixed never worked right again, then in six months everything stopped working. I called and everybody knows the drill - put on hold, told to call back later, need to talk to somebody else then disconnected. Took bad computer offline, bought new Belkin equipment, everything has been working wonderful for 30 days. They just called about fixing equipment. Stay away from these hustlers and Netgear.

We bought a NETGEAR router model R6220 less than a month ago, which came recommended by the internet technician who came to service us. We began having spotty internet and wifi service about two weeks into it. I called the internet service provider, and after troubleshooting everything, he told me my modem was fine, it was the router that was the problem. He had me call NETGEAR'S customer service. He told me since the router had been purchased within 90 days, I was fully covered for service calls.

I called NETGEAR. They remotely took over my computer and ran some "tests". I was told my network was open and my ip address was being used by foreign entities. He said he could fix the problem for $150 that covered 5 years of free service or $199 that covered a lifetime of free service. I told him "the product is new and I was told through my internet provider I was fully covered". He replied in his thick Indian accent, "you are not being charged for the service, you are being charged for the tools I have to use to clean up your computer". I told him I wasn't comfortable with paying for this and I wanted to ask my husband first. He said he would wait on hold until I asked him. I told him he was at work and would ask him when he got home. He got very short and told me, the price would go up because my computer would have more infections. At this point, my internet/wifi was just intermittent.

As soon as I got off the phone, I called McAfee and they ran tests to see if there was anything wrong, and it came back clean. I did pass on to them that I was told by NETGEAR "foreign entities were using my ip address". At this point I didn't know what to believe. I am the most non technical person I know. The next day, I had no internet service at all! NONE! I called my internet service provider again, was told the same thing - it was my router and to call NETGEAR. I called them back - and was told that there would be a charge of $150 dollars. The more questions I asked how this was even possible, she became increasingly angry. I was told I didn't understand how computers work. I was told again that I would have to pay more if I called back at a later time.

Both of those instances, the person wanted me to call them directly for the "fix actions" if I chose to do it, which leads me to believe they get paid by commission. I was told I was operating on a dirty network, that no router would be able to operate in this environment. She said, if I bought another laptop - it would get infected. If I bought another router - it would not work UNTIL I PAY $150. Before I hung up, she said "good luck on getting anything to work yourself". She was really rude, pushy, and condescending! I will never do business with NETGEAR. I will tell everyone I know about my personal experience with them. I honestly feel like they are running a scam. I am now renting a different router from my service provider. They have customer service in the U.S. I wrote down the first person's contact information - it was 1(844) 365-0365 ext. **. He said his name was Jacob **.

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No product support - Warranty period is laughable. Happy until I needed support. They said you can throw it away and buy a new one or get a new warranty plan for $89, $139, or $229. I asked the phone rep if people tell her all day that they are just going to throw it away and buy a different brand, she said yes. Enough said, steer clear.

My internet service from Charter (in SLO) failed. I called Charter and they told me to get a new modem. I plugged it in and still no service. Charter suggested that I call Netgear (my router) service. The Netgear guy informed me that my router was working but I had interference on my private network and to fix it I had to buy new software for the router - I could get a 1 year guarantee for $139 or 3 years for $269. I suggested that I could just get a Charter router for $5/month and the NG guy told me that I could do it but it would not fix the interference and that Charter could not fix that. I decided it was bullpucky. I called Charter back and they reinitialized it and everything is working fine. SHAME ON YOU NETGEAR. I should also note that Charter service was excellent.

I contacted Netgear Technical Support. Issue was with my network and established IP addresses; for a fee of $150, a NETGEAR technician would fix it. Repeatedly declined, said I was not comfortable. Then he proceeds to 'fiddle' with programs on my page. Will return the product and, frankly, want NOTHING to do with NETGEAR. Stay away!!

I purchased a router today. Set up was a joke. I finally was able to connect the internet, but could not activate WiFi. I tried the online help, joke. It took forever to find a tech support phone number. When a foreign person, barely speaking English answered he put me on hold for 10 min. before I hung up. Very very dissatisfied with service so I took the product back. The product may be great but I never got to use it for the purpose I intended.

Like others here, I feel ripped off by Netgear. I misplaced my router passphrase and needed it for an iPhone reset. I called Netgear and immediately faced numerous hurdles to getting help. First I had to create a new account, as I'd never used my technical support since buying the router in 2011 (yes, in fairness, the product haswell). Then I had to create a case number for priority in taking my call. Once I'd done that, I called back, and after a few minutes was connected to a woman in New Delhi. She told me to receive technical support, I must buy one of three plans, costing $90, $140 and one more expensive price (two years worth) that I now can't recall. This was because Netgear only offers 90 days of free technical support after your purchase date.

I took the $90, six-month plan. After some confusion, she got me to a web page where I could see my passphrase (yes, she helped me get the information I needed). But then she asked me to write down a reference number and mentioned something about upgrades. The conversation was confusing, and I hung up with the impression that the reference number was for the technical support plan. Then I got my American Express notification a few minutes later... turned out she charged me another $40 for a second service that I did not request. I think I bought the ability to get a new router for that price.

When I called Netgear this morning to ask that the charge be reversed, there was no selection in the voice menu for billing or a customer representative. I kept getting disconnected. Likewise, there is no link for billing questions or complaints on Netgear's website. This is a scam, plain and simple. I'm happy with my router, but when it's time to replace it, I will not buy their products.

My internet was hacked and in turn shut down our router. We called tech support (my 18 yr old much more tech savvy son did) and after looking at some things was told in order to fix this from happening again we needed the super security package. 12 months of super security. Well in less than 24 days we were DOS hacked. We could watch the guy on our history trying to mess with the computer by the minute. Finally once again it shut us down. Then fried our router. We purchased a new router. I phoned Netgear to ask nicely (for the first 45 min) to get a refund. After talking to 3 different people, was told I only had 10 days to ask for a refund (which was never told to me when purchasing).

This is a 139.99 dollar security package that fried my router. What's the question here. It's a 12 month program that didn't work one full month before I was hacked again. Still wondering where the problem with the refund is. YOUR PRODUCT FAILED. Plus they have NO way to contact anyone other than Tech Support. That's just stupid. You have to go to India and back before you get the super supervisor who told me it would be reviewed. They have my case numbers and can see what happened on their end I know. Just some real customer service would be great. Not sitting for over an hour all said and done for nothing. Mostly waiting to be transferred to other people. It was just a waste of time. Don't bother with Netgear or their goofy packages.

As others have described, the Netgear warranty is useless beyond the initial 90 days. Although they advertise a 1 year warranty if your product breaks (as my Netgear AC7000 extender did six months after purchase) they will not replace or repair the product without first going through "technical support." To receive any help from "technical support" after the initial 90 days following purchase you must buy a support package for anywhere from $50 to $90 dollars. This is for a piece of equipment that cost $127 new!

When you buy the equipment they advertise a 1 year warranty AND 90 days of tech support. I, unfortunately, did not go on this site or the Netgear community site (where the problem I had with the extender and the frustration in trying to get it resolved was well documented) before purchase. Suffice it to say I will never buy Netgear products again. I am also curious as to whether this business practice constitutes false advertising and whether there is any possibility of a class action suit.

I called to get help in connecting my router and I got a return call from Peter. In the beginning he was fine helping and then he started saying that my MacBook needs to be cleaned up and he can get me someone to do it. I told him that I am not paying but he kept saying that I need to do it. I told him I have a employee that works on computer so I can have him do it, he was getting upset and told me to calm down but I wasn't even loud. My daughter was recording everything since I have him on speaker phone and she's not happy what Peter was saying. I finally told him I don't need any service as I only need to get my wifi connected. What a scammer!

My experience with Netgear mirrored those in previous reviews and I, too, will never buy another product from the company. No need to go into specifics because the story is the same: lousy product, pathetic service (I spent 5 hours on the phone with their allegedly brilliant team of "Gearheads" and still couldn't get the unit to work properly) and an obvious effort to make contact with their "consumer advocates" nearly impossible. Adding insult to injury, when I angrily called to let them know I was returning the product, I also demanded a refund of the 6-month extended warranty, which I felt almost blackmailed into signing up for because they wouldn't provide the service unless I did.

They tried to convince me that even without the product, their support team could help with problems I might have with other computers in my home. Really?? As if they would be my first call. When I was told I would get the refund, I thought I was done. Hardly. I received an email yesterday denying my claim for a refund. Be warned: if you have a problem with this company, you're pretty much out of luck trying to achieve any level of satisfaction. Took me quite a while to even find a phone number to call this "customer care advocate," and the call went to voicemail. No surprise that I don't expect to hear from her.

I will not buy from Netgear again. My Wi-Fi extended lasted just a little over 3 months which was out of warranty by a few weeks. Unit stopped functioning. Did factory reset as directed and then had to call customer service. I am suggesting you NOT buy Netgear only because if you must call customer service you cannot understand any of their English. I believe they may be located in India. I kept getting cut off and called back 4 times. One person after another had such heavy accents, that it was not understandable. No one resolved the issue and wanted me to pay double for customer support than I paid for the unit itself. JUST A WARNING... DO NOT BUY NETGEAR PRODUCTS as you will have no telephone if needed. I guess Apple-type companies with customer service in USA are far and few between!

Request online RMA for defective WNR2000v5, the NETGEAR N300 WiFi router and subsequently was prompted to make a phone call to obtain RMA. Made two separate request - two cases 27020502 and 27020958. This phone call lands with Technical Support. Technical support will not provide RMA. Instead they try to sell their services. They want to charge to access your computer and WiFi device to fix a known issue. Indicating that you have to buy the service first.

Well if it is a known issue then they need to upgrade firmware, issue patch, or at minimum instruction to customer of how to fix the known issue. Instead they are scamming for another $90.00 or one time service of $50.00. I insisted device was defective and need to be repaired or replaced per warranty. Also, indicated I would rather buy another device than pay ridiculous amount for their service to fix a know issue. If they can fix it, then they should per warranty.

I do not need phone support. I thoroughly researched issue, troubleshoot, reset, reload firmware, and reconfigure router and it does not work. I know the router is defective, but NETGEAR Technical Support will not provide RMA. Interestingly the support tech indicated this situation occurs on all WiFi routers eventually and that it was not a defect. I let him know I have never had this sort of problem with any router I have owned.

So I obtained another WiFi router to test and the alternate router - WiFi works correctly. I filed complaint with BBB. I advise not to ever purchase a NETGEAR WiFi router because they do not honor warranty and technical support will not fix known issues unless they can scam you out of some money. Lastly, NETGEAR Technical Support consists of non-native US English language speakers - they are most likely of Indian descent. Very hard to understand and communicate with. Waste of time asking for everything to be repeated multiple times and draws out the process which could be a five minute phone call to an hour.

I purchased the Netgear N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router on 9/12/2015 and as of 6/11/2016 I had been having problems for the past 3 months. And I was told today by customer support (via India) that I needed to activate my 1-yr customer service for $179 before they could help me and all I was asking for was a replacement router. I had logged on to the router previously and downloaded the updated firmware 3 months ago and the problem never resolved itself. I expressed my frustration to the customer service person and when I said I was not purchasing the additional $179 service agreement for my $80 product I was told there was nothing more she could do. I guess product warranties with Netgear really does NOT exist unless you want to pay for it.

Yesterday June 7th I purchased a Netgear wifi extender. I tried setting it up last night. The website the directions say to go to set it up did not work properly and would not let me set it up. Today I called Netgear customer support to get their help in setting it up. After 5 minutes of talking to a lady with very bad english she hung up on me. So I called back, eventually got another lady who couldn't speak english either and she also hung up on me. I'm returning their product to walmart and buying the linksys wifi extender and I will never ever buy another product with the Netgear name on it. I deal with several internet companies for different products and never had such bad customer service. I hope they go bankrupt one day.

Started with a simple problem with the router, which was never corrected, and ended up with a totally wiped computer. They are incompetent and managed to freeze my laptop and lose my entire data files. I have to have Dell restore my operating system. I immediately went out and purchased a Linksys router. Stay away from these losers!!!

NETGEAR WNDR4500v3 - I bought the netgear n900 wireless dual band gigabit router which had issues. I got a replaced router from netgear but never worked fine. The customer support were charging for the initial support which was pricey than the router price. Worst customer service ever. NEVER GOING TO GET A NETGEAR PRODUCT AGAIN!!!

Received an email saying "thank you" for my purchase of a router and registering. Contacted their CS toll free number and told them I never purchased nor registered. Spoke to 2 people who couldn't understand my English language but continued to tell me to produce a receipt and they could help me!!!??? What??? I got NOWHERE with these idiots! They couldn't and wouldn't give me any info where it was purchased or anything related. I'M VERY FRUSTRATED! Having to pursue outside help in getting NETGEAR'S sorry ass moving. God forbid anyone out there having to deal with this horrible company! Maybe this public review will make heads turn with resulting in a zero purchase!! A very very unhappy, unsatisfied and frustrated lady.

Bought their WN300 Router only a few months ago. Called because the router is dropping service all the time. Now already changed out modem. Told them I have a online business. Tried to charge me $90.00 to assist. What a awful way to create customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. This company could care less about its customers. They only want more money. I know now because of this experience never to buy NETGEAR EVER AGAIN and I hope this review saves others out there from dealing with a company like this.

They have worse technical and chat support. I just talked to LEE about helping about setting up my extender. And he ended up selling some security item. And I said I don’t need anything. I just wanna set up my extender and he hang up on me. WT... Pissed me off. And I was chatting with Ammy ** and I was try to explaining what was happening and she told me, “We charge 50 Dollars for this service.” I was shocked and I said, “I’m not paying anything,” and she said, “I think you are very poor.” WTF!?? Never ever buy again Netgear and I’m gonna return this crappy item. And I don’t need to deal uneducation people…

A modem should work within the first 20 minutes of setup. It is pretty simple, yes? But nope. Not with NetGear. Called their customer service and could not understand half of what the rep was saying. A complete cluster. Plus he lectured me on the limitations of their service agreement, which I already understood. Customers do not need a lecture, especially when they are spending about $300 on a modem and a router. Terrible, helpless, customer service. And the CEO is directly to blame. I will never buy NetGear again, simply based on customer service.

Bought WNDR3400 in Nov. 2013. Registered the product on 4 Nov 2013. Sent copy of sales receipt when registered. Got confirmation of registration with note that product had "lifetime" warranty. Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy although I still have original box with barcode. The on/off button malfunctioned and I could not turn the unit on. Called support. Got someone in India who spoke little or no English. Told me I must send proof of purchase. They had no idea what a barcode was. Bottom line: Netgear support sucks. I finally gave up. I have had similar problems with them on a Netgear extender. Don't buy their products.

We purchased a NETGEAR R6200 V2 gigabit router and when it needed configuration assistance, the technical support said we needed to pay for at least a 1 year technical support contract for $139.00 for them to help. This is a total rip-off. DO NOT BUY NETGEAR! All technical support ends within 90 days of purchase. I can buy a replacement router for what they want annually. Additionally, all their technical support is from India and they want you to provide your credit card over the phone. :) NO WAY!

I recently purchased a Netgear 74 2.5/5 gig router to replace my dead router. I was able to connect to the internet but was not able to connect with other computers on the LAN, which I had previously been able to do (no settings on any of the computers had been changed, no firewalls). When I called customer service and explained the problem I was told that since I could connect to the internet the problem was not with the router and there was nothing they could do. When I asked to speak to the next level of customer service I was told they were not taking calls regarding my type of problem. When I asked to speak with the supervisor I was told he was on another call and that I could call back.

I would NOT recommend this router to anyone. I purchased it based on the review of the product. Had I known the complete lack of customer service I would never have purchased this router. I plan on having a friend come over and try and fix the connectivity issue, which was clearly beyond the Netgear's "customer service" department. I will never purchase another Netgear product again no matter how well it is rated...

Do not update your firmware. This is a scam run by Netgear. They send this email to people whose warranties on their product is expired so when you download and install update it causes you to lose internet connection, so when you call them to resolve this they tell you your warranty is outdated and refuse to give you the fix until you purchase an updated warranty for your router. It's a total fraud/scam and they need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Post auto update of Netgear router the speed of data transfer, the wifi, and connectivity of the router has been affected. Upon contacting Netgear customer support I found that just before the update my warranty had run out and they immediately told me they can help with the speed, connectivity and wifi if I pay money. This was not told to me when I initially purchased my router that if I did not maintain payments to the customer service provider my router would be affected to the point it is affecting my business. Regards, Unhappy consumer.

We bought a Netgear router/modem combo to use with our Time Warner internet because it had the best reviews. It always had spotty outages but in the past week, we stopped having internet for any period longer than 5 minutes before the network dropped off. We had Time Warner out here 3 times trying to figure out the problem and it was determined that the Netgear router was the problem. We spent several hours on the phone with Netgear tech supports but none of them were knowledgeable of the product at all, and none of them spoke English well enough to be understood. They continuously asked the same questions over and over and would never listen to us when we tried to tell them that we had already tried anything. When we explained what we thought the problem was, they had no idea what we're talking about and continued to instruct us to do the same things that we had already told them didn't work.

The last straw was when my husband was on hold for 20 minutes and then had the Netgear rep hang up on him. We disconnected the router and threw it away because the Netgear tech support were entirely worthless, we could never speak to anyone that could speak English correctly, and we were never connected to any managers, supervisors, or individuals with any authority or knowledge of the product. In the end, it was better to throw the router away than continue to deal with Netgear.

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