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For all that read this - don't waste your money with this company. HSA will deny everything so the warranty is absolutely worthless. I have been paying into this company for a number of years and when I really needed them, typical insurance company - deflect and blame something else. This was a $7000 mistake. That is what it cost me out of my own pocket to correct the issue with my unit.

Here is my story. During the hottest days of summer of 2016, my Air Conditioner expired. After calling my contract company technician to the house for a review, he advised that the compressor had failed. He also advised that there was a dead snake in the unit as well, and had been there for quite some time and is not the cause of the unit failure. They gave me a quote for repair and charged me a $50 service fee per our agreement. I told them that I had a home warranty and was going to use them for this failure. His face grew grim and said good luck with that. Most reputable Heating and Air companies don't deal with these warranty companies any longer. The ones that do are in the pockets of the insurance company.

As predicted, the HSA insurance company sent out a tech who after a $100 fee stated the failure was due to a snake. (Keep in mind that snake had been there for a long long time per our other technician). As which I received a call from HSA stating this was not a covered and quickly hung up the phone. I have called them back and canceled the policy as now I have a $7000 Home Depot bill to pay. I calculate that I have spent over $4000 with HSA which is just throwing money away in my opinion. Good luck to anyone who is fortunate enough to read this post. I am copying this to other blogs and will continue a campaign to make sure everyone will know my story and they can make their own decision on whether to do business with a company that offers no value.

I called HSA for a service call on my hot water heater. They sent out a plumbing company, which called in to them to tell them it's bad and I need a new one. The new one was installed a week later, as HSA doesn't move quickly. The new one has never been right and produces lukewarm water. The plumbing tech came back out, called HSA to tell them that after calling the MFR because the thermostat went bad, the MFR determined that HSA had ordered the wrong tank. The plumber requested one for 220, and HSA's purchasing people sent one for 110 power. 220 going through it burned out the thermostat. When the plumbing tech called HSA to let them know what they did, and that another one is needed, HSA said they would order one in, but would not let my plumber expedite this by picking one up on his own, as they would not reimburse him for it.

They told him that it's not an emergency, to have a hot water replacement today. They also said, they would not cover the $100.00 removal fee of the existing heater, that I the home owner would have to pay that. Seriously people? HSA you send the wrong tank to my house, and you are going to make me pay to have it removed? And now I also have to wait several more days without hot water in my house so you can take your time in ordering me another one? I will never purchase a home warranty from this company again. They take your money, and don't want to pay for anything they don't have to, and don't care that they inconvenience the home owner, as "it's not an emergency" living without hot water.

We bought our home almost 10 yrs ago in a area we knew very little about. The previous owner added HSA home warranty. We've continue to keep HSA. They have the contractors who are very dependable and on time. HSA has saved us so much time an aggravation, of trying to find a reliable and dependable contractors. Their contractors are very nice and they explain everything that they are doing. A&E has had the parts on their trucks. So there is no waiting time for parts to be ordered. I'm so glad the previous owner put HSA on our house before we bought it and have recommended HSA to other people.

HSA auto-renewed our account - WITHOUT notifying us. Per their policy, the initial payment is an "agreement" to renew. However, they somehow "comped" the first couple of payments, so nothing hit our bank account until months after - so we were out of the timeframe to cancel. When we called after the charge hit the bank, they gave us the runaround for WEEKS - including changing our subscription to a HIGHER PREMIUM - again without our permission. When I asked for a manager, the rep hung up on me. At best this company is shady. Would absolutely not recommend anyone use this company.

Terrible service and technicians. My AC broke in June, and I called in. I spent forever on hold, but they did send in a work order. It took them a week to come out and fix my air! Then, it breaks a month later, bc he insisted it only needed freon. Conveniently, when I called in, my home warranty had just expired a few days before. They were very rude and refused to help me. When I asked to be transferred to the complaint department, they gave me a PO box in Iowa... Really.

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At our realtor's suggestion, we purchased a home warranty with HSA. To be fair, we were able to use it successfully once, when our water heater failed. However, they never answer the phone, keep us on hold for ages - 30 minutes on hold is nothing for them, and when they do answer the phone, they are ineffectual. The most recent frustration is actually my trying to cancel our service. We have contracts on two properties and the price on one increased by more than 50% without any notice. When I realized that, I called twice to cancel, but couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. I then left two emails on the "contact us" page, that promises a response within 24 hours. Never heard from anyone.

I finally spoke with someone about a month ago, told them to cancel the contract. They said they had and that someone from "Retention" would be in touch with me within a day. I knew that would never happen, and it didn't. Today, I received a threatening email about past due payments and when I called, I was told that the cancellation was "pending" with Retention. I asked to speak with Retention and am now on hold - again. They are thieves.

Called HSA to have my A/C serviced. I live in Fl where it's over 100 heat index daily in the summer. Baylis & Baylis is sent to diagnose/repair on Friday, 7/29. They said they found a weak capacitor in the blower motor, replaced it and all would be fine. Hours go by, and it's getting hotter, not cooler in the house. Called them back and they refused to return. Said it would take 24 hours for the house to get cool even though I told them the air coming into the house from the A/C unit was 75 degrees. It is supposed to be below 60! They do not work over the weekend, calls to HSA (over 1 hr wait to speak to anyone) was futile.

Today, Baylis & Baylis show up again, tell me that the unit seems to be working, even though the air is still coming out at 75 degrees. They then tell me it's not working because it's hot outside (I have a TRANE - contacted them, too!!) They don't know what to do to fix it, but they report to HSA that it is functioning. Call HSA again (another hour wait time), contested their "findings" and told they can't dispatch the (1) other A/C repair company they have in Manatee County, FL until Baylis and Baylis sends in their report which would PROBABLY be this evening. Only then can HSA dispatch the 2nd company, and I PROBABLY would hear from them on Wednesday. The unit is running constantly in a desperate attempt to try and keep the house somewhat bearable, a standalone A/C unit needed to be purchased to try and assist.

I have taken off work, My husband has taken off work, I'm sure my electric bill is thru the roof & I have a house at 82 degrees if I'm lucky. Without the stand alone, it would definitely be over 90. To surmise ~ A/C repair guy - "Your A/C isn't working because it's hot outside, and I don't know what to do to fix it." He can't tell me why it worked flawlessly thru 10 prior summers, but did suggest that it was never this hot before - Seriously??? HSA - "We can't do anything for you..." Followed by "No one works on weekends," "We need to get a report before we can do anything," "Maybe Wednesday." - This is what I get in return for 10 years of faithful payments!!

I've had an HSA contract for the 10 years, and this year has been the worst experienced trying to get assistance. It takes a representative no less than 45 minutes to come to the phone, then they have an attitude. I have taken off work to wait on contractors three times, and they never showed up. All HSA can tell me is, they can call the company to come out again. I need you to call and find out why your customers are being treated in this manner! This is poor service to customers like me who pay hundreds of dollars every year!! When we don't need service, we do not get refunds on any of the money we pay out each year, and I think the representatives and the company in general need to be proactive in ensuring that the contractors they use are reputable, and that HSA representatives are trained to service the public. I am canceling my service immediately!!

Our A/C is not working. It's been two weeks since we contacted HSA. They sent a local repairman (Highland Breeze HVAC) who told us HSA needed to approve the repair. The warranty didn't cover all the repairs necessary. We had to spend an additional $400 for the repairs that were not covered. Now we are four hundred bucks poorer and we still don't have a functioning A/C pending the HSA approval of the repair that IS supposed to be covered. It's July in North Carolina. Ugh! The local repairman is not answering any calls or E-mails at this point. Perhaps this review should be about Island Breeze HVAC... but they were dispatched by HSA who are ultimately responsible.

This insurance was purchased at the time of we bought the house. After about 1 week, the refrigerator/freezer failed, and we lost several hundred dollars in seafood, beef, etc. They have refused to replace the item despite that it has been nearly 40 days since the failure and initial service call. They refuse to pay for replacement, suggesting that they don't care if we live without the refrigerator freezer for a prolonged period of time. I waited > 20" before a rather rude and unresponsive 'representative' answered. She refused to connect me with customer relations, or her supervisor. This is essentially theft.

Have been trying for a month to get appliances fixed. No such luck. As other reviews have stated, forever on hold, disconnects, no supervisor to help, never get return calls. We all need to come together and file a class action against this company. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

I've been without air conditioning for over two weeks and just when I think all the issues are resolve both the air-conditioning company and HSA come back with other twists in the program. After two weeks I am nowhere closer to getting my air-conditioning fixed than I was when I got started. They are now claiming that to replace it, it will cost an additional $275. for parts that are not part of the system. But nothing has been done. If you are considering this warranty service, run away quickly, it's absolutely the worst.

On hold for 30+ minutes every time. Automated system cannot find contract. Boasts of availability to log requests on-line, but it can't ever find my account. Takes 5-7 days to even get an appointment, then they don't bother showing up. Very frustrating! My refrigerator has been broken for 3 weeks, but they aren't in a rush to get it fixed. BEWARE!!!

I emailed HSA 3 times no response. Called 3 times. First two times I was on hold for almost an hour and had to get off phone. Next time I get a hold of them, tell them my problem and they say they will "call you tonight or tomorrow to set up appointment." NO calls from HSA or plumber. Next day call back, on hold. I go wash my car still on hold. Finally an answer. I ask for a supervisor. Nope will not connect me. After this and last year of 3 months without a hot water tank I'm done. This place is a rip off. Take warning.

On hold for hours and calls drop. Automated system cannot find contract. Online could not find contract. Now unable to login online. Did get through to a social media rep on Facebook who has since blocked my ability to contact them there either. There is literally no way to contact them to get your warranty fulfilled.

I have had them for 8 years but enough is enough. AMERICAN Home Shield recently purchased them and their wait times just to get through depends are from one hour 20 minutes to over 2 hours. I have been on right now for 1 hour 37 minutes. Have a pipe leaking had to shut water off. Very, very bad contractors as they pay them the rock bottom. Most stuff not covered. I guess the stress level is what is so bad. Really do not know how they stay in business. No one to go to in an emergency.

All you do is wait. And wait. And wait. Occasionally you call to get status but only end up angry that they don't care one bit that your fridge doesn't work, you can't dryer your clothes or your ac is busted. First it took over 3 weeks to get the dryer looked at then replaced. Now the air conditioning is not working and I am told to just wait for the technician to call back. It is 90 degrees but the emergency call temp threshold is 104. 104! The cops break car windows for temps lower than that.

I'm sure by the time the tech calls in 24 hours, he will give me an appointment a week from Thursday between 12-4. Then he won't call when he's on his way like he promised and it will then take HSA two weeks to decide how they are going to deal with the repair, calling me 3 times at work for model numbers even though the tech put that all in his report. Meanwhile, it will be the end of July and finally 104 degrees and I'll be able to have an emergency repair. If you have all the time in the world to wait for your items to be repaired and don't need to use them during that time, or you like sweating (and probably freezing in the winter), then HSA is for you. My contract is up in August. I will take my business elsewhere.

Apparently, HSA doesn't care about good reputation. I'm a realtor and have provided many customers to this warranty company. When I bought my house, I thought it would be a good idea to have one too. That was until I had an issue. They hire the BOTTOM of Barrel people to come to your house who only care about that deductible. The "company" they assigned to fix my HVAC came out but never turned in the service work order requests and was extremely rude (Megan @ Extreme Heating and Air - Fayetteville, Ga) and said they were not going to perform the work because I was upset that this "company" couldn't get the paperwork, technician, or secretary to turn it in after waiting a week of baking in sweltering 90 degree weather.

In the meantime, HSA sends me an email stating the service request was completed, even though they never heard anything from the HVAC vendor. Waiting on hold for 30+ minutes with HSA just to talk to someone is COMPLETELY unreasonable. I had to call in at least 3 times because the wait was so long. Finally, when I did talk to them, they tried to blame it on the HVAC company, and as incompetent as they are, it wasn't their fault HSA closed it out. This issue is still ongoing, and I doubt it will be resolved soon. What a nightmare this has been. Even as a realtor who gives them a ton of business, it means nothing to them.

Numerous calls for equipment failures. Tech unable to make any decision to satisfy customer. Tech only available til 4 pm. I wish I had never signed up. I am trapped and charged for a poor system and service.

Beginning of January, 2016 I called to report a leak coming off the ceiling of the back porch apparently from the addition. You sent a plumber out on Friday, 1/15, who looked at it and did nothing. I paid the $75 deductible to him and he left. I was then on the phone on hold with them for over two hours when you told me that the plumber told you he didn't know if there was any plumbing in the addition and so finally after much back and forth you sent a heating/cooling company because the leak only occurs when the boiler is running. The heating service came on Tuesday 1/19 in the morning and said that they had to have the ceiling opened so they can see what is causing the leak and that HSA should be getting in touch with us to get someone out to open the ceiling.

When HSA didn't call by that evening, I called and spoke to someone who said they had to get in touch with the heating company before they can get the ceiling open. He couldn't reach them that evening but said he would call back. Two days pass without hearing from you, so I called, 1/21 and (after being disconnected, on hold and transferred and on hold again for 30+ minutes) I spoke with Brandon who said they still hadn't heard from the heating company. So I asked if they had followed up, which he didn't seem to know, so I waited on hold while he did follow up. He returned to say he got their answering service and he would call first thing in the morning and then call me back. They did not call me back and I was on hold again for hours.

They finally connected me to yet heating/cooling vendor who came out took a look at a number of things and said they needed someone to open the ceiling. I called HSA, who said they weren't sure if they covered that and I should get someone on my own, which I did and called the heating company back after that was opened and they were then able to finally fix the leak - this was a 2+ month long process to stop this leak which did damage to the wood around it.

So I called HSA back to say they fixed the leak but what about the damage it caused since they took FOREVER to get someone to come out and fix it. They said they didn't cover damage, but would cover bringing the ceiling back to a rough finish but they had to talk to the vendor first. A week goes by and I didn't hear from them and honestly at this point, because it was no longer leaking and my blood pressure would rise every time I had to contact them, I let it go for a while, until I got a letter from them trying to charge me another $75 fee for the same issue. I called them again, explained the entire situation for the 30th time, because they seem to have no records of anything I've said to them before - everyone I spoke to was different, all were confused and all told me widely different things.

I said I had called a few weeks ago and hadn't heard anything about bringing the ceiling back to a rough finish, and she then set me up with a contractor who came out to take a look. He was waiting on their approval for over a week and finally HSA called me today and said as follows: first they said they won't cover it because their vendor didn't create the access. I stated that they had told me to get someone else to break into it so we did because we couldn't let the leak go on forever. Also why didn't they tell me that before sending a contractor, I told them many times that they made me have someone else open up the ceiling. Then the guy says he "has to do some digging" and would call me back.

Now he called me to say they won't cover it because it is stucco. I said it's actually dry wall that looks like stucco, he said the vendor said it was stucco. Again, completely changing the reason why they wouldn't cover it. And the sad thing is, they win. I give up. I can't take this stress any more and I'm going to just pay to fix the hole and damage myself. Please when buying/selling a house, request a different Home Warranty. I've never experienced such poor customer service and such a stressful, frustrating experience with a company in my life.

My central AC was not working so I called HSA to have them send someone out to repair whatever may have been the issue. I called HSA and was answered by an automated system that could not understand me. I was finally transferred to an operator for further assistance. Actually, I was placed on hold until an operator could assist me. After 15 minutes of listening to that awful hold music, interrupted only by a robotic female insisting that my, "call is important to us", I finally hung up, and went online and requested service through their website.

Shortly afterwards, I received an email informing me that my service request had been forwarded to a contractor and they would be in contact. Hurray, finally I was making progress! Then, I received a second email stating that my service was completed. WTF? I call HSA a second time. This time I held out for 30 minutes until I could no longer tolerate the music and the lies, "Your call is important to us". I called the contractor directly (ATR General Services Corp.) and set up an appointment for them to come out and service my AC unit. Because it was Memorial Day weekend, a technician was not able to come out until 5 days later.

After my experience with HSA, I expected to go a full 15 rounds with the contractor. However, the tech showed up 30 minutes early, worked quickly, and fixed the issues immediately - blown transformer and a broken thermostat. The tech also checked the coolant levels and replaced the filter. I have not read any positive reviews of ATR, but they have at least one competent tech. I am currently looking for a new home warranty company.

I had HSA only because it was included in our house purchase. The first time we had to use them was when we had a leak in the roof. Just as other reviewers stated, from the dropped calls and the rude personnel, to the long wait times on hold to the uncaring employees, my experience was a nightmare. I had to ask one employee of HSA if he was sleeping or on drugs as he would doze off in the middle of our conversation. I was transferred so many times, always ending with "Someone will call you back" but never did.

HSA sent out a roofing co. that had to come out twice because it wasn't repaired the first time correctly and they stayed only 10 minutes at the most, and after paying the $75.00 deductible, the roof still leaked! I had to hire my own local carpenter to fix the roof. It took a long time for HSA to respond but they didn't care and did nothing to acknowledge anyway. They did not refund my deductible.

A month later our refrigerator died. They did send out a competent repairman this time and after spending lots of time on it, he said it was dead and needed to be replaced as no parts existed anymore on that old fridge. HSA made a refrigerator and freezer of food going bad into a worse situation. I was given the runaround about if it could be replaced or not and they didn't trust the repairman and HSA had to see if they could find parts for the old one. Between looking for parts and ok'ing new fridge, that took them approx 3 weeks. Rude as they usually were all the way through to mngt.

The next irritating wait was the rude dept. they sent me to next. This dept. had to find a replacement of equal value. That was another 2 weeks. Add 2-3 more weeks to the event for ordering and delivery and finally we were delivered a new fridge only because I had to take on a part time job of keeping on HSA to get this moving along. The terrible experience with HSA makes one almost wish you'd rather have to pay for a new item out of your own pocket rather than deal with them. HSA never called back when they said they would. Even for a follow up call. Nothing. I will keep attempting to be refunded for the poor work the 1st repair co. did. I emailed and sent a letter of complaint and HSA has never responded. Others here are right. Stay away from HSA. If you are buying home, demand that the warranty co. IS NOT HSA.

The home I purchased came with a HSA Home Warranty policy. Three times I have tried to file a claim, and three time after collecting their service fee they came up with reasons that would make it a non-payable claim. The first was a bad valve cartridge in a shower. Was told that it was a water problem, and would cost $900.00 to fix. After claim was denied, call a plumber who fixed it for $110.00.

The second was a leak above a outside door. Claim denied stating that it was a structural problem. Hired a handyman who fixed the problem, with some flashing and caulking - $50.00. The third was my central air condition unit. Had two outside heating and air conditioning firms tell me that the coil was badly corroded. HSA serviceman looked at it briefly (not more than a couple of minutes) and said it was hail damage, so claim was denied. As far as I am concerned, the HSA Home Warranty isn't worth the paper it's printed on. All efforts to talk with their adjusters were useless, and always the claim were denied, based on their serviceman's bad appraisals. By far this is the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

I initiated a claim for a heat-pump in the apartment over our garage in January, 2016. HSA gave me an authorization number for the claim, but said they didn't have a repair company in my North Georgia area, and told me to contact someone myself and they would reimburse me for the repair. I contacted GE because they were the manufacturer of the unit. They said they only came to my area every other Tuesday. They had to reschedule, and finally diagnosed the problem as a bad circuit board. He charged me $145.00 for his service fee, and said they didn't accept claims from HSA, so I'd have to pay and be reimbursed.

A couple of weeks later the GE tech replaced the circuit board and told me the compressor was shot and recommended the unit be replaced. They, however only repaired the units, not replace them. So I recontacted HSA. They told me that Latino HVAC was one of their providers in my area and authorized them to come out. Latino was prompt in coming out, spent a lot of time and told me the unit needed to be replaced. They charged HSA's standard $50.00 deductible, which I paid. When I was able to reach them I was told that the unit needed to be replaced but they were not authorized to replace it. This brings us to March 22, 2016.

HSA then made an appointment with Service Max, who they said was authorized to replace my unit. I finally got in touch with them, only to be told they no longer serviced my area. I tried to get Latino back in the picture. A couple of days later, I got a call from HSA denying my claim. They said because the unit was above the garage, it was a multi-person dwelling. I asked to speak to a manager. I said I told them it was over the garage in January. They said I had to have purchased the additional "rider" for additional coverage, and it was too late. Claim denied. This puts into March, 2016.

I had almost forgotten about the deductibles, but was told I would be reimbursed. That I should not have been charged for the 2nd deductible. So I sent them in a couple of weeks ago. Surprise, I never heard from them. So I called them today for a status. They said they were not going to reimburse me because it was not a covered claim. I asked to be transferred to a manager. He was cold and adamant that HSA would not reimburse my deductibles. I asked to speak to his supervisor, and he hung up on me. Additionally, whenever I tried contacting HSA, I was on hold 20-45 minutes. There were dropped calls, and dropped transfers and no respect for my time at all. The supervisors were rude, and nonempathetic. Now, not only do I have to buy a new heat-pump, I can't even get my deductibles back. RUN, DO NOT WALK AWAY from HSA!!!

From the first moment on the phone with them while buying the house to trying to cancel the policy, I did not speak with a single competent person. As far as I can tell, this is a company that provides zero value. I called to tell them that I was not going to go ahead with the policy to cancel it. A month later I get a snarky letter from them saying that "My lack of communication concerns us." Shockingly bad company. Avoid like the plague.

We have HSA as it is the Home Warranty that was provided when we bought the house last year. They have sent someone out to add Freon to the AC unit now 3 times in the last year. The most recent time was on 4/27/16. This time was different as he charged me $40/pound of Freon - a charge that used to be covered. He said it was due to the merger with AHS and showed me in his notes where it was owed. I had to call twice to complain about this new charge with the second time to report that the unit was still not working properly 2 days later. They said HSA customer should not pay for Freon as it should still be covered. They had me request a refund which I still have not seen. They seem to be adding that charge and refunding it if you call to complain. Very Shady and unethical in my book.

They then were supposed to order a new coil following the recall visit, but are now (one week later) wanting to get a measurement to determine if it's cheaper to replace the unit. Meanwhile we have a 7 month old and 3.5 year old and are looking at very warm temps this week with no AC. And we currently have no time frame for resolution.

I "inherited" HSA from the former owner of my home. Like a fool, I did not research Home Warranty companies, assuming that since he'd been paying them, they must be OK. My first problem with them was when my thermostat for the central air went. $100 deductible was fine and it was fixed. Shortly before I bought the home, the furnace had supposedly been replaced with a high-efficiency furnace with all the bells and whistles. When it stopped working a year and a half after I moved in, I called the warranty company who sent two service techs who did not appear to know what they were doing. It took them a long time to diagnose the problem, and even longer to get the part to fix it. In the meantime, they tell me that the furnace that was installed was one of the least expensive and hardest to fix on the market.

But I'm writing this because my refrigerator's freezer compartment, which stopped working in October of 2015 is still not fixed at this writing in April of 2016. First they sent a Sears repairman in who didn't have a clue. Got water all over my floor while he was trying to defrost the unit. Eventually, he said it was fixed, and since it stayed cold all that day and evening, I bought food. Wrong move. It stopped working the next day so another $300+ of food was ruined. I called HSA, told them about it. They told me that they had no one else in the area who would work with them (that should have caused alarm bells). I told them at that time, I wanted my money back from Sears since they did nothing to fix the problem. HSA instead calls another company, who makes an appointment then shows up two days early while I'm at work.

The next appointment, I'm home, no one shows. The next appointment, again no one shows or calls. I call HSA to tell them that. Nothing. I get put on hold while they search for someone to repair the fridge. They give me the names of Sears and the guy who had just been a no-show. I can't afford to pay for a new fridge myself, but that's what is needed. I asked HSA to replace it. They've refused. Today, I wrote them a letter and told them that I wanted my money back from them and Sears for non-performance. I wouldn't be so angry, except that they make it impossible to deal with them on the phone, but there is really no other way to communicate with them. I'm frustrated and have stopped using them for a home warranty. Please do research before deciding on these people. I don't believe they care whether they provide a service or not.

If this is long I'm sorry! Frustrated husband with a pregnant wife. I Have kept HSA home warranty for all three years in our first home strictly for the 50+ year old air conditioner unit. This week, after 4 years it finally went out. I called HSA and after 45 minutes on hold as usual I finally spoke with someone to send out a company (which they hire for you of course). The guy came out for about 20 minutes, grabbed my $75 deductible and said it needs to be replaced. Great news, I thought since I had the warranty with HSA.

The HVAC guy told me I would receive a call from them probably next week since it is Friday. Within 15 minutes I receive a voicemail telling me they are denying my claim. I called to speak with someone and was on hold for 1 hour then transferred and again on hold for 35 minutes. I asked to speak with a manager and she tells me there isn't one and they would have to fill out a form for a return call. I called back again (2 hour total hold between transfers) and demanded a manager who tell me it was denied because it was not normal wear and tear and had a leak.

I explained every year since I have owed this house HSA has had to send someone to add freon and fix the leak and that's how it was when we bought the home. She said it didn't matter and they have to go by what the tech says. I asked if I could hire someone to get a second opinion and she said NO. That their company would have to send someone. I told her it sounded like a scam to get deductibles and monthly dues and she told me: "this conversation is over." This company is a joke and scam. I have filed with the Better Business Bureau in Wisconsin. Wondering if I should take them to court? Hmmmm.

I have been waiting since January for my dishwasher repair. I call every other day and they give me the round about and tell me they will check on it and call me back. It has been four months. When I call and ask for a supervisor they say that there is no supervisor there and they will leave a message, still no return call. What a waste of money. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.

I have a request pending for an appliance for the past two months. Just like several others I have been on numerous calls with their support staff and each time they promise to call back but never do. In addition to this they have one more excuse - that they have merged with another company AHS which is causing delays in service. THIS IS TRULY A COMPANY TO STAY AWAY FROM.

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