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Fidelity National Home Warranty

Fidelity National Home Warranty
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    Fidelity National Home Warranty offers a base home warranty plan with optional add-ons. Plan costs range from $350 to $445 annually. The company places no age limit on the appliances and systems it covers. It protects homeowners in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.


    Fidelity National Home Warranty has affordably priced plans and helpful information on its website, but it isn't available in many locations, and some consumer reviews mention poor customer service.


    • Low costs
    • Online resources
    • No age limits on covered items


    • Reports of poor customer service
    • Not available in most states

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      What is Fidelity National Home Warranty?

      Fidelity National Home Warranty offers home warranties to residents in 15 states. Its base plan covers an array of home appliances and systems. Most homeowners should consider choosing additional coverage with Fidelity National Home Warranty's add-on options since the base plan doesn't cover some common household appliances and systems.

      Fidelity National Home Warranty plans

      Fidelity National Home Warranty offers a standard plan and lets customers choose any add-ons they want. However, its standard plan doesn't provide coverage for systems and appliances that are included in many of its competitors' home warranty plans.

      • Standard plan: Covers up to 23 household systems and appliances
      • Optional add-ons: Includes air conditioning system, refrigerators and pool equipment

      Fidelity Home Warranty coverage

      Fidelity National Home Warranty only offers one standard plan, but customers are able to purchase additional coverage for specific appliances and systems.

      Standard plan
      Fidelity National Home Warranty only offers coverage in 15 states, so prospective customers should make sure the company operates in their area. Fidelity National Home Warranty’s standard plan covers the following appliances and systems:
      • Oven
      • Smoke detectors
      • Attic and exhaust fans
      • Range
      • Recirculating hot water pump
      • Garage door opener
      • Plumbing stoppages
      • Telephone system
      • Trash compactor
      • Dishwasher
      • Heating and ductwork
      • Water heater
      • Plumbing system
      • Bathroom whirlpool motor pump
      • Sump pump (if permanently installed)
      • Instant hot water dispenser
      • Cooktops
      • Electrical system
      • Ceiling fans
      • Doorbells
      • Toilets
      • Built-in microwave
      • Central vacuum system
      Optional coverage
      Fidelity National Home Warranty also offers optional coverage for the following appliances and systems:
      • Pool and spa equipment
      • Washer and dryer
      • Air conditioning
      • Kitchen refrigerator
      • Limited septic leak
      • Roof leak repair
      Noncovered items
      Fidelity National Home Warranty doesn’t cover the following:
      • Abused systems or appliances
      • Systems and appliances that aren’t regularly maintained
      • Equipment designed for commercial use
      • Secondary appliances or systems that fail because of a covered appliance or system
      • Damage from natural disasters

      Fidelity Home Warranty pricing

      The minimum annual price for a home warranty from Fidelity National Home Warranty is $350, but we've seen costs up to $445. These prices are low, but some items considered add-ons by the company, like air conditioning and refrigerators — included standard by most other companies — add to cost. The average service fee with Fidelity National Home Warranty is $75.

      We don't love the quote process from Fidelity National Home Warranty. When we clicked the link to get a quote on its website, we received a message telling us to call the company instead. Most home warranty company websites have online functionality allowing customers to obtain a quote and buy the home warranty.

      Fidelity National Home Warranty FAQ

      Will Fidelity National Home Warranty cover older homes?
      Yes. Fidelity National Home Warranty doesn’t exclude coverage based on the age of your home as long as systems and appliances are working properly at the start of coverage.
      Does Fidelity National Home Warranty cover mold?
      No, Fidelity National Home Warranty does not pay for mold removal.
      How long does my coverage last from Fidelity National Home Warranty?
      Fidelity National Home Warranty's plans last one year.
      Does my plan with Fidelity National Home Warranty auto-renew?
      No. To renew a plan, customers must log on to their account online or call Fidelity National Home Warranty directly.

      Is Fidelity National Home Warranty worth it?

      For most homeowners, Fidelity National Home Warranty probably isn't worth it. The company's low prices might appeal to those on a budget, but the lower prices also come with less coverage than Fidelity National Home Warranty's competitors. The company has a clunky online experience and negative consumer reviews of its firm cancellation policy and customer service. For these reasons, we don't feel comfortable recommending Fidelity National Home Warranty for most homeowners. If you are still interested in a home warranty, continue researching home warranty companies and look for one with a more reliable track record.

      Fidelity National Home Warranty Reviews

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 15, 2020

      I have had the home warranty coverage for about 6 years on a rental home of mine, and had used it a couple of times pretty successfully. I don't know what happened to this company, but they have really gone downhill. I had a repair to a hot water heater that I had to pay for up front because it was under warranty, and I followed Fidelity's instructions to a T as to how I could be reimbursed for this invoice. I got no response what so ever, even after attempting to contact them numerous times. Finally I was so frustrated, I wrote to cancel my policy. I was given misinformation, and had to followup about the cancellation 2 or 3 times before I finally got a response. Supposedly the check is in the mail... We'll see. Avoid doing business with Fidelity National Home Warranty at all cost. You will regret it!

      3 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 14, 2020

      Horrifically dishonest company. Would give them a zero star if I could. I had a contract with them for two years. They repeatedly sent out repair companies who were grossly incompetent and put out the minimum of effort with very poor workmanship. My nightmare began having an A/C-furnace go out last June. We live in the desert near Palm Springs. We were just leaving the area for 3 months and could not return. They would not allow our usual HVAC repair company, Hides AC, to do the work. Instead, they sent out a single man and wife company - Dove Air. He came out and said he needed to replace my top of the line American Standard unit with a cheaper Payne unit. I paid $75 service and an additional $995 for “items not covered with AC replacements.”

      Since we were literally going out the door, I reluctantly agreed - big mistake. Dove ordered and "installed" the new unit. About two weeks later we were emailed saying the work was all done. We had no reason to doubt them. About a week later we got a call from our neighbor who was periodically checking on the house telling us it was 95° in the house with no AC. I called Dove and was completely blown off. They said their work and responsibility were all done. They would not help at all and said I had to contact Payne directly for “a warranty” problem. So, I called Payne, they said Hydes was a certified warranty company, and I should call them.

      Hydes came out for a “warranty” evaluation and found that the low voltage system had been completely short circuited at the time of installation and felt that the unit had never worked at all and the low-voltage system had been damaged during installation – not really a “warranty” failure but installation incompetency. Payne’s warranty covers parts but not labor charges for repair. Hydes ordered the low voltage cooling system parts from Payne (who initially likewise said this wasn’t really a “warranty” failure) and installed them. This is now almost 6 weeks in the middle of 110°+ weather. Our neighbor confirmed AC now working.

      The labor cost from Hydes' “warranty” was ~$2000. I called Fidelity and asked for a 2K reimbursement. They denied any responsibility by saying that Dove should have told me to call them for “warranty” repair and not Payne. After multiple calls and slowly working my way up the managerial responsibility chain, they agree to pay me ~$1500 but said I had to get the remaining myself from Dove. They wouldn’t talk to Dove. However, Dove did agree to pay me ~$500! So now almost 4 months after the unit went out, we had a working Payne AC.

      In October it finally started getting cold enough we turned on the furnace. Surprise – it didn’t work. I called Hydes again – I wasn’t about to call Fidelity or Dove. They came out and found that the low voltage part of the furnace system was also burned out. No one had tested the furnace portion earlier. They replaced again with “warranty” parts and with another $500 labor. Needless to say Fidelity again denied all responsibility and after another barrage of hostile calls insisted I get the money again from Dove.

      So the total time from calling Fidelity with a dead AC/Furnace to complete operational replacement was six months. By now, I had completely had it with Fidelity. I cancelled my 1 yr subscription in February – wanted to be sure it worked for a time… Their policy is $1.50 refund a day on remaining days less a $50.00 administrative fee. OK… This meant that they owed me $237 for the remainder of the year. BUT then they said that since they had given me a check for the $1500 I had paid for the labor cost of the AC “warranty,” that they didn’t owe me anything because that counted as “service costs” and negated them owing me the $237. Again multiple phone calls could not make them understand that the $1500 was not anything they had paid to one of their contractors but rather direct reimbursement to me for extra costs I had paid out of pocket for the original incompetent installation.

      I’m 75 yrs old and have owned and maintained houses for almost 50 years. I’ve experienced many types of warranties and contracts over that time. This is the first time I’ve ever had such a horrific experience with any company of this type. They absolutely are incapable of understanding how complicated all this became and always said I was the one at fault. Given that they are going to limit repairs to the newest, cheapest, and inexperienced company up front, they constantly refer back to this or that part of their “warranty contract” that relieves them of any additional cost or responsibility. They have no sympathy nor any ethical responsibility to correct the buyer’s problem. They can be very rude and condescending. I vehemently recommend all homeowners to avoid this irresponsible and horrible company completely!

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      2 people found this review helpful

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 11, 2020

        I just recently got a plan by a friend's recommendation. My washer broke down. The technician came and gone twice and the machine still not working. The company they set me up with was so rude and doesn't care that they delay me and I don't have a washer for 2 weeks because they keep rescheduling my appt. I called Fidelity and asked for them to set me up with another company, they told me a supervisor will call me back. This guy by the name Alan called back and asked me to let him know what happened. After telling him everything. He did not even bother with how much frustration I had to deal with. He just told me that my option is to get a second opinion and they will review. I asked what does that mean, he vaguely told me they don't do hypotheticals and will go through the review and will let me know. I ask what does letting me know mean. He said he can't tell me that until the review is done.

        I asked so if the second company could fix the machine then can I get my refund and all he said that he doesn't know until the review is finalized. I said what would be the factor to be determined for me to get my refund or reimbursement and he said, "Like I told you. We can't determine that until the review is finalized." His attitude was so rude and unhelpful. I decided to tell him if that's the case then I will just have the company that started the work to finish it since I already paid the service fee. He then told me that he doesn't recommend it and advised against it. I just told him I don't care for his advice and he wasn't very helpful. I would never go with these unethical crooks again. Stay away from them if you don't want to be treated like dirt and get no services but only frustration and ripped off.

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        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 9, 2020

        Well this is my history, I had a problem with my furnace that is not working properly, I call to this company to make an appointment with the technician and wait for two days. That wasn’t bad but technician did just a reset in the unit (just unplug the power cord) and the unit turn on normally but the problem was that furnace doesn’t go more than 70 degrees in cold weather and his report was the furnace wasn’t getting enough air to heat, and he left paying him the $75 fees and now furnace is not working at all and call the company again and company just said is not covered by warranty, after that I pay another technician but not from this company and now furnace is working perfect, was a bad sensor in the unit so I pay $250 to get fixed. I dont recommend this company is a joke, you pay home warranty just for nothing.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 5, 2020

        Called for service under contract for service -explained under slab leak, sent plumber 2 days later (1 & 2 star plumber) came 2 days later with flashlight. Agreed to problem I described. Left to get approval to use camera to locate the leak. 2 days late Roget call to schedule appt to scope and make bid (now 1 wk our with flooded floor. Hired competent plumber with experience came out scoped the pipes. Found the problem, left with bid and starting repair in AM. Called warranty company. Told them it was cheaper to refund my $75 fee than pay to have the plumber come out with his scope next week. Said no. Should have gone with all the reviews rating this company and their referral Plumbers (ASAP Plumbing) and never have spent the money on the warranty in the first place.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
        Original review: March 3, 2020

        Have had this warranty for 8 years. The customer service has gotten continually worse. The vendors this company uses are horrible. A simple fix to my appliance five visits. Resulted in a leak for which they are now saying is a new ticket even though the leak is a result of a part just installed. I called within 10 mins and no call back from vendor. They close the ticket. Home warranty no help in getting issue resolved. Wants a new fee. Just ridiculous. Promised a return call. None received. Vendor won’t resolve either. They install a part. It leaks and it’s my responsibility to pay again. No other choices of vendors either. This is completely horrible and unacceptable. Looking for a new warranty company. Do not waste your time with this warranty company. Your time is worth much more and the frustration of dealing with vendors that can’t fix the appliance is beyond belief. Do not. Do not. Use this company.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 27, 2020

        We were told Fidelity was one of the best home warranty service providers when we purchased our home. They seem to be one of the worst. We've had to call them multiple times for issues in the home, however, the one that really got me was fixing our outside spa which is currently leaking. The second technician finally came out, took pictures and mentioned the spa jets and valves were causing a leak. I talk to Fidelity and they read me a long list of items not covered within the warranty contract, including leaking valves. What's the point of having coverage if you can't cover something so basic within a spa. Lousy service, wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 26, 2020

        We were provided the warranty as part of our new home purchase. We started having issues with our electric oven not turning on when it was set to be on and then coming on when it was set to be off. The latter was more worrying as having it come on when we're sleeping or gone is dangerous. We called the warranty company who dispatched a repairman. The repairman came out, turned the oven on and off, then told us it was fine. Thank goodness my husband thought to video the oven and him trying to turn it off when it came on. The repairman came out two times more and waited until his 3rd visit to call the manufacturer. He was told that after time the main circuit board can need to be replaced. He left telling us he would order a new circuit board. Two weeks go by with us calling him to follow up. We reach out to Fidelity who tells us we need to follow up with him. We finally get ahold of him and he tells us we need a replacement.

        We call Fidelity who gives us the run around and after spending 45 minutes on the phone with them, they say they are going to order a replacement and send it to us within a few days. Later that afternoon, we get notification that they are sending another repairman for 2nd opinion. It's now been 4 weeks and what is abundantly apparent is that they will do anything they can not to honor the warranty. Total scam! I'm unsure why realtors even suggest them.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 6, 2020

        If I could give it a lower rating I would. Sent very rude repair person, reeked of smoke and treated us like imbeciles. Would repair but not replace rusted out hot water dispenser. We opted to cash out - took three days to get a quote - $487. We said okay. Then they called back and said it changed to a lower amount. Got hung up on when trying to ask why... Save your $ and bypass this company!

        5 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 4, 2020

        I find it very telling that almost all of these reviews are 1-star, and I will be adding to that list. Make sure you read the fine print, because they will send a tech out based on your call, only for the tech to tell you within the first 5-minutes of being at your home that the item you specifically requested is not covered in your policy. Still trying to figure out what they do actually cover. Used it only twice in my year of having a policy, and it helped very little. Suffice to say, I will not be renewing.

        6 people found this review helpful

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