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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty provides homeowners financial protection, knowing the unexpected may be expensive. With a home warranty, when a system (heater, air conditioner, hot water heater) or appliance (refrigerator, stove, microwave) break due to normal wear and tear, homeowners are offered budget protection to complete the eligible repair. Seven out of every ten homes will experience a system or appliance failure yearly.

As an accredited home warranty company by the Better Business Bureau, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has protected more than 5.8 million homes over 38 years.

"LONG LIVE HAPPY HOMES®" says it all.

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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has plans to cover appliances and systems for all homes and structural coverage for new homes. While coverage isn’t as extensive as other providers, 2-10’s plans are slightly more affordable than the competition.


  • Structural warranties for new homes
  • Flexibility in selecting service providers
  • Provides essential coverage
  • Roof leak coverage available


  • Service call fees can be high
  • Some state restrictions

Top 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

The repair person was here in no time and took care of it. He came in, detected the problem, knew what the solution was, ordered the part that was needed and fixed it. 2-10 was also proactive and thought ahead for me. They were gonna be calling me back if I had any other problems.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

The air conditioning no longer blew hot air and the experience when I submitted the claim to 2-10 was fantastic. It was called in on a Friday and they said that I might not hear from the contractor until Monday but we heard from them on a Saturday. They were out within 24 hours.

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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty plans

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty gives homeowners around the country peace of mind and financial protection, helping minimize the burden of costly repairs. A 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty service agreement gives homeowners nationwide access to a network of more than 6,000 authorized, independent service contractors. They can also access an online Homeowner Portal to manage their account, request service and renew their service agreement.

  • Systems and Appliances: With a Systems and Appliances plan, homeowners get the cost of a repair or replacement covered, including parts and labor, for one low service call fee.
  • Structural Warranty: With a Structural Warranty, homeowners can protect their new construction home for up to 10 years from structural damage.

2-10 services plans are not available in Alabama, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Oklahoma or Wyoming.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty cost

The average monthly cost for 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is $30–$40 for systems and appliances coverage. Your total cost will vary by plan and your selected service call fee, which range from $75–$100. Their monthly rate comes at a lower cost than the industry average, while their service call fee runs slightly high. If you select any add-on coverage, this will also increase your monthly payment.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty coverage

The company’s Systems and Appliances service agreement covers the repair or replacement of major home systems and appliances, including parts and labor.

  • AC/freon split system
  • Furnace
  • Plumbing
  • Water heater
  • Electrical panel/wiring
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Built-in microwave
  • Disposal
  • Trash compactor
  • Washer/dryer

Optional coverage: Available for home buyers, 2-10 offers optional coverage at an add-on rate for the following items: pre-season HVAC tune-up, extended pipe leak, roof leak, septic system, pool/spa equipment, water softener, well pump.

2-10 home warranty supreme protection: This add-on is available to real estate agents to add-on to a home buyers warranty. It adds protection for 40 additional items including appliances and plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2019

We've been very pleased with 2-10 warranty. We've had them help us with the air conditioner, the heater and the refrigerator, and the process is very fast and professional. There have been a few issues with the contractors though. They're all independent contractors so some of them have a tough day or have issues. But at the end of the day, they finally get the job done.

It took forever to deal with Ambient Heating and Air and we made a few complaints to 2-10 right in the middle of a claim. It was summertime and our upstairs AC unit stopped working. It took Ambient a week just to come out and check it. Then they said that they would submit the claim and it took a lot of time for them to submit it. From the time we reported the problem to the time they got the equipment installed, it had probably been a month. Luckily, the house has two air conditioners so downstairs was cooling and upstairs was not. We had our kids sleep in the living room for the dog days of summer. But it was a long time that everybody was camping out downstairs.

When we'd call up, they would blame it on 2-10 saying 2-10 hadn't ordered the part yet or the part that had come in was the wrong part. But I really doubt that. I think they were a small shop and they were very overwhelmed by getting way too much business during the summer. They were just looking for ways to not lose the business. We even asked some other questions. We asked if they could find out what it would take to cool this house efficiently and they said they didn't have time to do that. They said they had too much going on and that they could do it some other time but right them, what they could was just order the equipment and then work us in once it came in. So I think Ambient Heating and Air just didn't have enough staff.

When the technician came to do a follow-up, he came with an attitude too, probably because it was on his own time. The way he had installed the piping was way too high. It was a tripping hazard. I called him to work on that and while he was out, I asked him if he could check the cooling capacity because it seemed like it wasn't cooling very well yet. So he checked it and he agreed that the AC was not cooling the house as best that it should and that he'd have to do some additional. I thought he was gonna do the additional stuff but when I complained about him not running lines low enough, he talked with an attitude. He went back up to the attic and said he had to go get his tools. He pulled his stuff together then when I asked if he was gonna measure to find out what it would take to get the upstairs cooling properly, he said maybe some other time then he just left.

Then the next morning, the upstairs unit would not come on. So we called 2-10 and mentioned how the guy was just out here and doing some things. He had been up in the attic and then the AC wasn't running that night but it had cooled off at night and we didn't notice that the unit was not running until the following day. 2-10 scheduled another follow-up but Ambient denied to come out. We got notified that another contractor was gonna come up and we asked why. 2-10 said Ambient had turned down the dispatch.

So another guy came out and of course we paid him the $75 even though we didn't feel right about it because it was a follow-up. In fact, when the new company came out, they saw that the last guy had not reset a switch or a fuse. It was a real quick fix. This technician clicked something and we were up and running. I complained to 2-10, saying I didn't feel right paying $75 on a follow-up when it was a problem that the previous technician had and then he came up with an attitude and declined to come back out. But 2-10 was real good about it. They said they were sorry that they had charged us $75 on the follow-up and that they would credit it back, which they did.

Since I had that $75 credit, that covered the claim when we had heater problems about a month later. 2-10 sent out the latest guy we had and when he came out, he was able to adjust something, fix something and get the heater up and running. We were good to go. So I don't have anything negative to say about 2-10. The only downside was that particular contractor. But 2-10 is professional and very fast. It is a very good company. Sometimes, it's the subs that they need to maybe do a little bit more follow-up on. If it's me and a whole bunch of other people complaining about Ambient Heating and Air, then maybe eventually, they could be taken off the list.

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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty response

Hello James, it is exciting to read that you have had an excellent experience with our services. Thank you for your support. We at 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty value your feedback and your continued business!

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 4, 2019

    I filed multiple claims with 2-10 this year where most of them went very well but one was incredibly problematic. I called to have my annual AC check-up and they sent a company out to do it. The company determined that I needed a new air conditioning unit. I probably wouldn't make it through the summer with the system that I have which was quite old and I was aware of that. The company proceeded with getting a new unit and installing it. When they were doing that, they installed the outdoor condensing unit. I questioned the technician, "Don't you have to match the outdoor unit with the indoor unit?" In this case, the systems aren't communicating but there is still a need for those to match up especially with the age difference of the units. He said it was fine.

    I kept using the air conditioning unit until it went out in August. At that time, I called for a claim and 2-10 sent a different AC company out. The tech took a look at it and asked when I got the new unit to which I answered, "in March". He asked why they didn't install the air handling unit. It was the same question I asked the previous company and they told me I didn't need it. The tech said he was not gonna touch the unit. He explained that it was using two different types of gas because Freon which was used for the older system has been outlawed. Then the new system has a newer gas that operates in a totally different manner. The piping requirement and the expansion valves are different. 2-10 went back to the original AC company, which I understand why. They didn't complete installation and they didn't call for an inspection for the unit.

    In the meantime, I was trying to get the air handling unit replaced which took three different attempts to order one that would fit in the attic space where it was located. The condensate line in the attic had a leak and I wasn't aware of it. I called a plumber because I thought it was coming from a hot water heater or piping in the wall and they were the ones who discovered it. It went on for numerous days until so much water run down the walls and came up through the floors. It ruined hardwood floors to the point that the insurance company advised that I had to replace all of them because it was continuous flooring.

    I also have a double wall hole cut out of one side of my wall from mold damage. Even though there is no way that I can prove that the AC company was at fault, them neglecting to do a proper and legal installation in the beginning has to be the problem. But I appreciate the fact that 2-10 acknowledged that it was an improper installation and no one ever was allowed to be completed that way.

    I had another problem with the AC tech who tried to tell me that they were licensed to change out a breaker in my electrical panel. I happen to be on an electrical contracting company so I know what the laws are regarding that. I told them they will not change it unless they showed me their electrician's license. They said, "Oh, we do it all the time. And they signed off on our inspection." I answered, "Well, they signed off on your inspection 'cause you're not telling them that you're the one that put the breaker in. That's illegal." I had some conversation with 2-10 and told them that I didn't want this. The contractor even badmouths 2-10.

    But I'm very happy with some contractors. I had some other plumbing issues and 2-10 sent the same plumbing company who discovered the condensate leak. I was very pleased with them. They were very professional, courteous and very considerate. They took the time to discuss things with me. Then over a year ago, 2-10 sent an appliance guy out and he didn't wanna go through the effort of trying to find out what the real issue was. He said he couldn't do anything about it. 2-10 sent another appliance guy and he fixed it. It was much better than it was before.

    I also made a suggestion to 2-10. The biggest aggravation would be that every time one calls in, especially if it's calling repeatedly for the same issue, they don't assign it to one agent. I lost track of all the people I spoke with and I had to start all over again with whoever's the next in line to answer the phone. Even though they have notes in the system, the notes don't always convey exactly what's been going on. If there's an overlap of shifts or two people instead of potluck every time one calls them, it would make it easier for both parties and the clients that they're helping out.

    There were also some conversations that I had with some of the 2-10 reps that were very aggravating because they didn't believe what I was saying. I tried to tell the purchasing department about the legal issues of the air conditioning tech and stopped doing eligible work. When I spoke with the claims people, they agreed I was right. They have to make sure that their people know the rules, regulations, and codes.

    But when my warranty is up this spring, I would still consider renewing 2-10. I have an older home. I anticipated that there will be potentially some appliance problems but I didn't anticipate everything that I've had to use them for this year. I asked around and 2-10 seems to have a pretty good reputation so that's important. Although I can't say that I'm 100% satisfied with my experience with them, for the most part, I have been.

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    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty response

    Hello Kimberly, thank you for making us aware of your service experience with your home warranty. We are disappointed to learn about your claim experience, however, we appreciate your feedback and we hope to use your comments to help us improve our services. Please feel free to send us a message if you need any additional support. Thank you for your feedback and your continued support.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 23, 2019

    We bought the house and 2-10 was included with our purchase. Then after, we had to decide if we’re gonna stay with them or leave them. But we had a problem with our pool during the first year because the property manager didn’t take care of it properly. When we had to call to make an appointment for the pool, they told us that 2-10 was one of the better insurances that they dealt with when it came to pool management. It was hard to find one that was really good with that so we initially decided to stay with them. I filed claims for a couple of other things. We had a faucet dripping. We also had an irrigation system in the front and we wanted to shut that off because it was leaking. Everything was really good. It was this $60 fee and we never had any problems. It was just this time that I had a lot of hassle but it wasn’t through the insurance. It was more through the contractor.

    I was doing the laundry and there was smoke coming from inside of the drum of our washer. I googled it and found out that it was quite a common occurrence around the 10-year mark of the appliance. I made the claim in June and I'm going on a month and a half without my washer. As far as the contractor making the appointment, I’m the one that had to go out of my way to call them, track them down, and figure out everything. I told 2-10 that the contractor hadn’t called me and they said that they'd call the contractor and that all we could do was wait. For me, that wasn’t enough action so I had to do more of that.

    They were conflicting too like some of the people that I got. It was like they didn’t know what they were talking about. The contractor said they needed more parts and then the insurance said that they'll just gonna do a replacement. And so when I called 2-10, they said that they’re gonna do the parts. I asked what’s going on with that and they didn’t give me an answer. They said that that department was closed at that time. I called the next day and talked to someone else. The lady said that they're doing the parts and that it would take three to five business days which I thought was ridiculous ‘cause how would she know how long it’s gonna take to locate parts and why she has a timeline for that. What they told me last time was it was for the shipping. She then said that it's three to five days to locate the parts and then three to five days to get it shipped.

    I got a message on my phone from 2-10 the next day saying that they were gonna do a replacement so I called them and said that one person told me they’re gonna do the parts and then another person said that they’re gonna do the replacement. This person now said that it hasn’t been decided and that it’s still on review. So then, the third option. I called again the next day and they said that they're reviewing and to just keep looking out on the email. I checked my email around 3 AM and they decided to do a replacement. I could either do that or the cashback but I was satisfied with the replacement option they gave me. I tried to call them to do the replacement and that department wasn’t open at that time.

    The most frustrating thing is that when calling 2-10's number, the first thing they say is that most of the things can be done on their website. But I really couldn’t do any online. I couldn’t check the status online. I couldn’t confirm what option I wanted. I couldn’t find the tracking number like there was no tracking number to the parts online. I got the tracking number from a representative after I asked them for it. All should have been available on the page like, “The parts were sent. This is the number. This is the tracking number.” if you wanna see where it’s at. The parts got sent to the contractor but the contractor has two addresses, one for shipments and one for actually working on the equipment. The parts got sent to the warehouse instead of the place where they intake all the equipment.

    I could have ordered my washer sooner. If there was a button that I had to press knowing what I was selecting, it would have been a lot quicker. When I called, the lady was really confused. She asked if I wanted the replacement check and I told her that I wanted the washer that 2-10 was offering me. Then she put me on hold and it ended up hanging up on me. I called back and they said that the department is already closed so then I had to wait another day. My schedule is six to six so when I had to call, it was like 5:45. I got disconnected and then when I called back to talk to them, their department closes at six. I called the next day and got someone who’s really good. He understood the fact that I wanted the replacement. I placed that order on Wednesday and it would be five to seven days. So now I’m just waiting for them to deliver the washer and that’s it.

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    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty response

    Thank you for the excellent rating! We are excited to read that you have had such a positive experience with our contractors and staff. We appreciate your support!

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 13, 2019

    We bought the house and it came with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. When we bought the house, the person who did the home inspection said that the garbage disposal had a crack in it and that it would probably leak if it was full. I submitted a claim for the garbage disposal and it went fine. I called up and talked to a guy. He said it sounded like it was not working right. I was as certain as one can be without going in there and taking it out that it wasn’t working right. He said they would make an appointment and would get the person to contact me. The company called me very promptly the next day and said they will be out the next day. Everything was fine. The guy showed up and looked at the thing. He said there was no crack in it and it was not gonna leak and that home inspectors sometimes try to find every possible flaw.

    Then, he said the garbage disposal was fine and that the problem was the drain pipe, which didn’t have enough pitch to it so that everything didn’t go the way it was supposed to go, and it could clog up. He also said there was nothing he could do about that since that was the way they were all built in this community. He even went out to the truck and brought a piece of plastic pipe and showed us what it looked like. Fundamentally, the only problem I had with the whole affair was that we paid 70 bucks for the guy to tell us that and do nothing. It was not a good experience.

    He said maybe if he would call 2-10 up and tell them he didn’t do any work, he could maybe get me not to pay the thing. Then, I never heard from him again. I know that didn’t happen and I'm sure if he charged 2-10 something, then we are gonna have to pay that. On the whole, everything from 2-10's end was fine, but from the plumber’s end, it wasn’t. The thing turns on and we hear a sound, but when we tried it out and put some stuff in there, it backed up and it didn't seem like it wanted to go down the drain easily. We were afraid to use it. If it was potentially cracked and could leak, we wondered why not get somebody out here to do something about it. We figured he was gonna replace it, but he said it was a really nice unit and there was nothing he could do about the pipe.

    There are two sinks. The garbage disposal is on one side and the other side is the plain drain, but the two things are straight across. When you use the garbage disposal, whatever you're disposing of has to go across the other drain, but it doesn’t go down. It goes up to get out of there, so I don’t see how anything could ever get out of there unless you were running a fire hose to it. He didn’t wanna try to change the drain when he found that the garbage disposal was okay, so his final statement was there was no solution to the problem.

    At that point, my wife said what was the point of even having garbage disposal if I could not use it. We are very gingerly putting tiny things because the guy said we can put this and that. We got the list that is so long. He said no eggshells, no onions. What was the purpose of the advice if you couldn't do anything? I don’t know how much of that is true or not because I don’t know how every other home in this place is. The people who owned the house before have somehow lost or misplaced or didn’t have the black rubber, circular plunge that you use. The plumber brought one of those from the truck, so we could plunge the thing. Otherwise, if you plunge it, it is just gonna go back and forth between the two sinks. You have to close the other sink. He got that for us and we paid $70 for a stopper. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with the 2-10 part. The guy was very prompt.

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    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty response

    Hi Ted, we are happy to learn that you are satisfied with our organization. However, we appreciate your feedback on our contractor's performance. If you ever have an issue again with a contractor, please feel free send us a private message with your full property address or work order number, and a brief description of your experience, to our Facebook page Thank you for your feedback and your continued support.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 11, 2019

    About two weeks ago, an issue when my garbage disposal came up. When I got the call to make an appointment, I asked the lady at the plumbing company to call me 30 minutes prior to coming over. But I got sick and she actually sent her plumber to my home when I was sick. They were literally in my driveway and I was at the doctor’s office getting something. But it was fine. The lady was apologetic and when I asked if they could come out the next week, she said, “Of course.” But then I got called out of town on business and they showed up at the house again without calling.

    The lady called me a couple of days later and let me have it. She told me that she had saved my voicemail where I switched the point of time. I told her that yes, that was when I told them I was gonna be out of town and to call my roommate. My roommate was supposed to show up but he was like, “I'm not gonna sit around the house if a company is not gonna call me and tell me when they're gonna be on their way.” And no one called him. But the lady had the audacity to call me and tell me that if they came back to my house, I would have to pay the other fee. She made it sound like we deliberately stood them up and she was quick to point out that I wasn’t there and that I owed her a $75 extra fee. I told her that I didn’t mind paying one fee. It was my kind of fault that my roommate wasn’t there. But I told her that the first time was their fault and I was not paying them two fees.

    I even had to relate with her. I told her that my dad is a contractor and she said, “Well, with your dad being a contractor, you should know to be in the house if someone comes.” But I told her that my dad always calls his client before coming over. Besides, I specifically asked them to call me. I told her I had no control with me getting sick then she said, “Well, when you're feeling better and your roommate or whoever is there, then you can call us back.” But I thought I didn’t have to deal with her to begin with. I’m not that stupid. I’ve always had a warranty on my house and I was dealing with the warranty company. I called 2-10 and the representative said that the contractor was not gonna charge them and to let them know if the contractor overcharged us. I told the rep that I almost didn’t wanna deal with the contractor but I would call and reschedule. I did call but the contractor never called me back.

    Gwendolyn from 2-10 called me a week ago and asked if the garbage disposal had gotten fixed. I said that it was still broken. She told me that the lady from the plumbing company had called and complained that I stood them up twice. I guess the lady didn’t know that I had called 2-10 in the interim. I told Gwendolyn it was an absolute lie but that I would use the contractor again because the garbage disposal needed to be fixed. She was a kind young lady and she told me to call them back if I would need another plumber.

    But a couple of days later, my dad came by and he reached down in the garbage disposal. I didn’t think he was supposed to do that but he did it. He said that someone had dropped some bolts from the countertop. It fell in the garbage disposal and that was what the grinding noise was. I thought the garbage disposal was bad. But the garbage disposal has been fixed and I never re-called the lady from the plumbing company to reschedule. Based on her attitude, I wouldn’t have used her anyway. But that’s literally the only thing that has happened. Otherwise, I’ve had a good experience with 2-10 and I have been very happy with them.

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    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty response

    Thank you so much for your review, Arthur. We are disheartened to read about the way this service provider handled your claim. We apologize for any stress they may have caused you, and we appreciate your communication with our staff throughout this process. Our escalations team has received your feedback and will investigate this contractor further. If you need any additional support, please send us a direct message on either our Facebook or Yelp pages, and we will be happy to assist.

    2 people found this review helpful
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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 17, 2020

    We submitted a claim to 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty for the refrigerator that fried. It didn't work at all. We normally get an email saying to expect the contractors within 24 hours. But we put the claim in on a Saturday, so we had to wait for the contractor to come out until Monday. The contractors that came out were all very nice. They looked at the refrigerator and made a determination that it was beyond repair. We received a payment from 2-10, and we're just waiting on the refrigerator to come in. We had our closing on December 2nd and as our first claim, we were very happy with the experience.

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty response

    Hi Pamela, it is exciting to read that you have had an excellent experience with our services. Thank you for your support. We at 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty value your rating and your continued business!

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 15, 2020

    2-10 was recommended to me by my Realtor. As far as 2-10’s concerned, everything was good on their side. The first contractor, on the other hand, was a little shady. We set up an appointment, and then the guy completely forgot about it after he had me text him to remind him. The second guy was nice and knowledgeable. He was from Sears. He showed up, knew what he was doing, and got the parts ordered. He was on the phone for a while holding for 2-10 to give their approval. I was really surprised because 2-10 was paying for the parts, which was like $11 less than a new refrigerator.

    Due to the availability of Sears being back out here, because they were looking at a month to get back out here and install the parts, being that long without a refrigerator, especially at the holiday times, I called back to 2-10 and asked them, “Look, can we just cut a check for this and I go get a new refrigerator because I can’t wait this long?” And after talking to several different people, they were finally like, “Yeah, no problem. We can do that.” When I was trying to see about getting a check, I got a lot of, “Well, that’s not my department. Let me get you to the department that does that.” I went through four different people before I got to somebody who would handle that. To this day, I am still waiting for Lowe’s to deliver the third refrigerator, hopefully, undamaged. But they’re letting us use the last one until we get the newest one. They’re probably about a month out. So, it’s been a nightmare, but it's not on 2-10’s side. They’ve been handling it quite well.

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    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty response

    Hi there Adam, thank you for your excellent rating! We will do our best to use the information you gave us to ultimately, improve our services. We value your feedback and your continued business!

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 15, 2020

    When I first bought the house, they had said that the water heater was really rusty and old and needed looking at soon. I then forgot about it. I'm on an upper unit and my water heater is above my head, up in the attic, which is an odd place for it. When I went to a homeowner's meeting a couple of months ago, several other homeowners were talking about their bad experiences with their water heater leaking all over their unit and thousands of dollars in damage. I thought I better get mine looked at.

    I called a plumber who looked at it. He said that it was leaking, the insulation all around it was soggy wet, and there was water in the pan. Originally, I forgot I had the warranty and I was looking at how to come up with 900 bucks. I talked to my son who said that I've got a home warranty. I said, “Yeah,” and he asked if the warranty covered the water heater. I called 2-10 and they got right on it. Within two weeks I had a new water heater. I was really surprised at how quick it was.

    When I called in, I talked to somebody really nice on the phone. Within a couple of minutes of hanging up, I had an email with all the details of the claim and it had all the steps that were gonna happen next. Since I already had somebody come out, they didn’t need to send somebody out. I let my plumber know who to contact and the claim number. He then called them and sent them the information about the water heater. They then sent me an email and said they’ll pay for the whole thing. Then we scheduled to put it in. Two days after I had it put in, I got the check in the mail. I was really pleased.

    When I called AHS for my stove and microwave, they were really fast. While we were on the phone, boom, I got the emails with the work order numbers. And then, within 10 minutes of getting those emails, I had the contractor contacting me. They said that they got my work order from 2-10 and asked when they could schedule to come out.

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    Original review: Jan. 14, 2020

    I have had the 2-10 policy for less than six months and this is my first experience with a home warranty so I was very leery. The dryer went out so I called, and they handled the claim much better than I expected. They had somebody out the next day, and the serviceman was really nice. He ordered a part and then came back within four days, but the part still didn't do it. He let us know that it was the motor and so 2-10 called me and said it would take maybe two or three days as they would investigate to see if they could get a motor.

    Truly, within 3 days, I got an email from them first thing in the morning saying that a part couldn't be found, and did I wanna check to buy a new dryer or did I want to go through one of their companies. It was done very well and I was shocked. I didn't know what to expect as I've never done this before. So, everything was great. Having the home warranty is a wonderful idea and I already got my niece to do it. I wouldn't have recommended them without having knowledge of how they really worked, and they were awesome.

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    Original review: Jan. 13, 2020

    Submitting claims is very, very easy. I do it over the phone and the reps are not rude. Also, the contractors are very professional. The water heater was leaking and we were told that it was beyond repair, and they replaced it. It all went very smoothly, so we were very satisfied.

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty response

    Hello Angela, it is exciting to read that you have had an excellent experience with our services. Thank you for your support. We at 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty value your feedback and your continued business!

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    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty coverage exclusions

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty covers the failure of systems and appliances due to normal wear and tear. Pre-existing conditions will only be considered for coverage if they were unknown and could not have been detected by visual inspection or simple mechanical test. 2-10’s service agreement does not cover damage due to misuse or abuse or natural disasters. They also won’t handle hazardous materials, like asbestos.

    As is typical with most home warranties, 2-10 does not cover cosmetic defects. In the event a replacement item is provided, there are no guarantees they’ll match the existing brand and color of your current item.

    Code violations and haul away services are only covered with the Supreme Protection add-on and HVAC Plus plan add-on. Commercial appliances are not covered under the warranty.

    There may also be item-specific exclusions. These will be listed in your contract, so be sure to look for these and understand your coverage. Often, parts and components deemed non-essential to the core function of the item may be excluded. For example, while most of your kitchen appliances may be covered, parts like glass, shelves and accessories may not be covered.

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty coverage limits

    2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty lists the maximum aggregate liability for all claims in a contract term at $25,000. This is one of the higher limits we’ve seen. There is also an item specific limit on certain appliances and systems. This is the maximum 2-10 will pay for the repair or replacement of the item within one contract term.

    Item2-10’s coverage limit
    Built-in or sealed refrigeration units$2,500
    Faucet repair and/or replacement$150/faucet
    Toilet replacement, in the event of sediment/ calcium build-up$300/toilet
    Limited roof leak$1,000/term
    Septic system$500/term
    Swimming pool$1,000/term
    Well pump$500/term
    Steam, hot water heat, hydronic systems, geothermal and water source systems, air conditioners, high-velocity systems$1,500/term
    Concealed or concrete encased items pertaining to ductwork, water, gas, drain, piping, leaks, breaks and wiring$500/term
    *Limits subject to change. Check your service agreement for up-to-date numbers

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty FAQ

    Is a home inspection required by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty?

    No, a home inspection is not required to get coverage from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.

    Can I choose my own service provider?

    Maybe. In the event that a 2-10 authorized contractor is unavailable, you may be able to select your own technician. The technician will diagnose the problem and then call 2-10 for prior authorization before beginning the work.

    Is there a cancellation fee for 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty?

    Yes. A $25 processing fee will be applied to your cancellation. Cancellation within 30 days entitles you to a full-refund less this fee, while cancellation after 30 days will receive a pro-rated refund. Cancellation must be submitted in writing via email.

    How do I request a service from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty?

    Claims can be submitted online through the 2-10 homeowner portal or by calling their toll-free number. Both methods are available 24/7, and you can log in to the homeowners portal to check the status of your request at any time. To request service from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty:

    1. Submit a claim to 2-10.
    2. 2-10 will assign and dispatch a service contractor.
    3. Dispatched contractor will diagnose and repair the item if it’s covered under your warranty.
    4. You will pay the service call fee.

    Emergency service: In emergency situations, 2-10 will make every effort to expedite a technician to your home within 24 hours.

    Is 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty worth it?

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty gives homeowners around-the-clock peace of mind should something in their home break. In business for nearly four decades, the company has accrued valuable experience taking care of homeowners around the country. Homeowners should be prepared to pay a service call fee for each separate service request. Overall, we found the pricing fair and the coverage adequate, if a little less comprehensive than other plans available. If you’re looking for straightforward coverage of your major systems and appliances, 2-10 should fit the bill.

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Company Information

    Social media:
    Company Name:
    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
    Company Type:
    13900 E. Harvard Avenue
    Postal Code:
    United States

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