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I called Old Republic for a plumber to come out to check on a guest bathroom shower/bath combo valve issue. They say valves are covered, but then gave me a song and dance about why my valves weren't covered. They are a lying company who does not back what is clearly written on the warranty we purchased. Once they get your money, case over. If you want to get screwed feel free to purchase a home warranty from these crooks!

We are 1st time buyer for a new home and we just moved right there and then. That night we found out that there's a leak that cause molds from the master bathroom through the kitchen ceiling. We right away called "Old Republic Home Warranty" and inquire about our plan which they will cover to fix the leak and they told us "Nothing to worry. It's all cover by our policy." They called the plumbing company to make appointment to fix the problem and they did fix the leak. Now 2 weeks later we called them and asked to repair the wall and the ceiling that they took and they told us at first they will cover the repair except for paint.

I spoke to the agent "Amber". My husband called them too and we found out that they will not cover all the repairs for the wall and ceiling. This is not fair. They took the wall and ceiling just to fixed the leak and now they're telling us they will not covering the repair to put it back. Now we tried to called our homeowners insurance and we will end up pay for the deductible of $2,500 for them to fix it. "Old Republic Home Warranty" is the worse home warranty ever. I will definitely not renew our plan for next year. I will report them to the government insurance commission for this. Guys if you're looking for home warranty please don't get this company "old republic home warranty". Hope this review will help you choose the right home warranty for your home.

We've found this to be a total rip-off. It's more of a repairs buying club than a real insurance company. We got this plan as part of the purchase of our vacation home. The seller provided it as a selling point. The pressure assist water pump went out Labor Day weekend making it difficult to use water so we called a reputable area plumber who was recommended independently by two other people we know in the area. We knew we had the policy, which we didn't have with us at the time, but assumed them to be a reputable "real" insurance company. We thought we'd just need to put in a claim. In fact, they refuse to even consider paying for it because they "had someone answering the phone on Labor Day."

You apparently have to call them ahead of time to beg them to fix your problem on their time schedule, using THEIR service people, the way they see fit, using whatever parts they see fit to use, etc. To them, it's not an emergency unless there is no water - not a single drop - coming into the home. We had 14 family members at the house over the July 4th holiday. Had it happened then, the process would have been to wait for this joke of an "insurance" company to get around to fixing it in their own sweet time or paying for everything ourselves. Needing a house to be fully functional at all times is not a concern to them. You'd also have to pay a fee - they call it a "Trade (Service) Call Fee" yourself. They conveniently leave the amount of that fee undefined.

My impression is that they will make getting service so difficult you give up and just pay for it yourself under any circumstances - and if that doesn't work they probably have agreements that allow them to pay servicemen only a portion of what they normally charge, then get a large fee from you to cover most of that. They just don't feel like an above board reputable "insurance" company. They seem to have clauses and excuses to get out of everything. "At our sole discretion..." "We have the sole right..." "We reserve the right..." None of those sentences end in anything that favors the consumer anywhere in their agreement. If you're going to buy a home and someone tries to sell it to you based on having an Old Republic Home Protection plan on the house, tell them it doesn't even have value as toilet paper.

I am a realtor and I rely upon home warranties to assure my clients that their home purchase will be covered and repairs will be made when things don't work within the first year of ownership. I ordered this home warranty policy for a client and discovered that the built in microwave was malfunctioning 3 days after move in. This appliance was working at the home inspection and was working to heat things in the first few days of occupancy, but when the F2 signal went on, the clients called for service.

When the repair was called in, the claims rep asked if it was working when the owners moved in and the owners said yes. The claim was referred to a service company (E&J Appliance repair) and the situation/problem code on the microwave was reported to the service company. They originally schedule to come out on Sept. 6, but realized they did not have the part, so they cancelled the service visit and got authorization to order the part. They finally got the part in 20 days later and were scheduled to install it. The repair company brought the part with them, but the technician had to report to the claims representative because the claim had been flagged because it was so close to the close date. The technician told the claims rep that the part had been failing for some time and the claims rep called it a pre-existing condition and refused to pay for the repair.

This is how Old Republic Home Protection gets out of doing repairs. An appliance breaks within the time frame of the policy, and they call it a pre-existing condition and refuse to honor the policy. And then to add insult to injury, they charge a $65 repair co-pay for a repair that is never done. This was an Ultimate Buyer's Plan with Star coverage added. The policy cost $475 and we cancelled the policy after the denial. For three weeks of coverage, they are only refunding $318. Thanks for nothing ORHP. Be assured I will never recommend this company to another of my clients. This is your job, to make sure new home purchasers are insured and covered from mechanical and system failures in a new home. You failed miserably at doing your job.

We got Old Republic when we bought our house so we renewed this year. In July when it was over 100 outside it took 11 days to get our unit repaired. Forward to this weekend: same unit not working again. Also when we went downstairs to check on it we found the hot water heater was leaking - this was Saturday. As of today Tuesday no has been out to fix either one. ORHW told us last night that we were not a priority since we have a unit downstairs. Hello kitchen, laundry etc is all upstairs. They need to come cook for me upstairs. I recommend a home warranty but I would not use this company again. As soon as our contract is up we will find another company.

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The one year warranty came with the purchase of our home. At first we were satisfied with the service. We even got a brand new microwave when ours could not be fixed. Then, when our washing machine needed to be fixed it was not covered. What? I was told it was an add on to our contract and since we did not add it on it was not covered! $500 later for a new washer. At that time I was told I did NOT have an appliance package (fridge, etc). And of course NO pool coverage. WOW glad I got that one year free!

Then in the middle of summer (Las Vegas) our ac stopped working when it was 118 degrees! 12, yes 12 service visits later within a 6 month period, the ac still is not working properly. The techs kept band aiding the problems and have even lost cover screws to the unit. My husband went up on the roof to clean the coils (as instructed) and found cigarette butts all over my roof!!!

I called OR and made complaint after complaint about the so called repairs, the no call, no shows from the contractors, 4 different ac companies, the cigarette butts, lost screws, the time I had to take off work, and subsequently the basic disregard of all these things and more and guess what do they do? They cancel my renewal contract!! Haha. Really. Goes to show you, in my opinion there is some type of scam going either with the ac contractors or with the home warranty company. Either way stay away from OR. They say they will fix it or replace it. That's not what happened with me.

We had a drain backup in our garage for the washing machine. I called Old Republic on a Saturday and it was really quick and easy to set up a service call. They sent a confirmation email immediately after. I was a little concerned about the plumber they assigned to the job because they didn't have good reviews on Google. However, they called me later that night (Saturday) to schedule a time to come out. I wasn't expecting to hear from them until Monday. They got me in first thing Monday morning, were on time and did a good job.

We bought our home and got ORHP. We had an inspection and all was in working order. Got to our house and the toilet was leaking. They refused to fix since it was the day we closed. Don't answer any questions they ask you. Just keep saying it doesn't work properly. They are trying to find a way to not cover it.

I ended up with a 1-year home warranty through ORHP as part of the purchase of my home. In the past, any warranty claim I've ever had to file - whether for home or automobile - has been a fairly smooth process with a direct fix or replacement to bring my protected property back to its state before the claim. I have had to open a few claims since buying the home - mostly for appliances (they came with the house and the house is 11 years old) and also one for A/C repair. For the most part, ORHP was great when setting up the claim and getting a repair contractor out to do the work. I had to pay a few trade call fees at $100/each but when the repair would run nearly $500 or more, the trade call fee is great value.

However, my last claim has not gone well at all. Partially because of the company hired by ORHP to do the work and partially because of ORHP's cheap way of getting around appliance replacements. I have a stainless steel Whirlpool Gold Oven/Microwave combo wall unit that has been problematic (several trade calls to have repairs done). On the last repair, it was deemed necessary to just replace the whole unit. ORHP verified the replacement decision and gave me the option to either:

1. Take cash in lieu of repair - this sounded great until I noticed that they would be sending me a check for several hundred dollars less than what it would cost to replace the appliance. They would also no longer cover the work to install/replace/haul away if I took this option. 2. Get a replacement installed - sounds great until I read that they refuse to directly replace stainless steel units... they will only give me the choice of a black or white appliance (my kitchen is all stainless appliances, therefore this option is terrible).

Now they have me between a rock and a hard place. After speaking to them to try and just negotiate the actual replacement value (I told them I would cover the cost of labor/install/etc), they will not budge and frankly were a bit rude about the whole ordeal. I'm talking about a difference of maybe $300-$400; a significant chunk of change. They state that they get their values from their supplier network and that dollar values for replacements are not always on par with retail value (no kidding!). What a joke. I would look elsewhere for a home warranty - do not give these people your time, money, or effort.

I chose Old Republic Home Protection at the recommendation of my real estate agent when purchasing my (older) home. I have had several service calls during the past year. Positive one: Water heater - broke and leaked all over garage. Discovered Friday afternoon - was replaced by Saturday afternoon. Service provider was very friendly and professional. Even took care of a leaky faucet under the same service call. Small plumbing line modification was necessary and not included ($40.00).

Rest: Garbage Disposal - started smoking - motor burning hot to touch. Called in service - they showed no concern about potential fire hazard. Insisted on getting number to call service provider directly (on several other prior calls it generally took a day or two to hear from any service provider - if they called at all.). Explained the situation to service provider - dispatcher promised to explain situation to service manager to see if it was a true fire hazard and said they would call back. No callback as promised but appointment was scheduled for next day. Obviously my house did not burn down (I unplugged disposal and poured/ran bunch of water down it - smoke decreased and eventually it cooled down.). They replaced disposal and the service technician was nice.

Rest of my service calls were fairly useless (garage door opener and pool). Especially pool issues - never got promised callback from provider. Had to call OR back multiple times. Called service provider directly - would only schedule for the following day late in the afternoon if any time available (non urgent issue - due to work schedule I needed appointment to be scheduled several days in advance) - Requested new service provider - also difficult to schedule. When finally came out -main problem not covered (did fix minor issue). Promised a quote to fix main problem - never heard from them again.

Old Republic's service (when calling in) left a bad taste in my mouth. Also, a lot of their service providers are difficult to deal with and not very friendly. Decided to renew with another company - American Home Shield. I used them with my prior house years ago and was happy with their service. Same coverage (but with higher coverage limits) was also about $100.00 cheaper for the year. Service fee is $10/call more with the new company.

I had so many bad experiences with this company with my clients and with myself. I just got insured and the AC starting to not pass air to one of the rooms. Contacted the home protection, I paid my fees. The company was not satisfied the report. They order another opinion, same result. They still were happy about the diagnose, they had to pay. They requested a fourth and a fifth opinion so finally the last opinion said that it was the "design of the house" therefore they finally found a reason to deny coverage. The house is a normal 3 bed 3 bath home in the city of Montebello. There is nothing wrong with the design of the house. Yet Old Republic made me waste over two months to satisfy themselves and deny the coverage. I do not nor will ever recommend this company. They cover themselves only, NOT CONSUMERS!!! Previously, on my old house, they denied a leaking under the sink!!!

My box overheated last summer and I paid for their service to come out then the next day they decline the repair due to pre-existing condition. This company is a rip off! Buyer beware. Skip this company. My realtor refuses to refer them anymore!

Old Republic sent Absolute Heating and Cooling to re-work my inside unit and they refused to come out and complete the work which was to rehook the unit to the duct and Old Republic did nothing about it. I first called them on 8/14 and today is 8/27 and my duct has not been repaired yet. Air is going out of the duct into thin air. I have been cooling the outside and my electric bill has increased. I would not recommend Old Republic to anyone. Old Republic called another provider which as of today which has been 4 days has not gotten back with Old Republic to set up an appointment with me and tell Old Republic their fee to do my hook my duct to the inside A/C unit. I don't think customer service went over and beyond.

I've used Old Republic for three years. Each year we call about the HVAC unit. Each year some rumdum adds Freon. Called on Wednesday, never got a return call with contractor called Affordable 205-585-8099. Called Republic again Friday and asked for weekend service since it 100 degrees in Alabama and this is a second story unit and our second request. Republic doesn't know the hours of the contractors, won't provide OT, nor called the original contractor to find out when they are coming.

Got second contractor number, Cahaba HVAC 205-365-4687 who answered his phone and said he would call Saturday morning to let me know if he could get someone to our house. Yep still waiting to hear from that rumdum. I will probably never hear from another contractor nor will I ever receive an refund from Republic, but they will never see another penny from me and I will make sure that everyone I know is aware that Old Republic is the worst company, with the worst customer service and evidently contractors who can't get work any other way.

After setting up a tech visit using Old Republic, the tech was very helpful and wrote my diagnostic up for me to sign and he passed it along to Old Republic. Within 30 minutes they called and DENIED my claim. They stated that since there was something lodged in washer drain pipe (inside the unit) it was not covered under 'normal use'. How the heck am I suppose to know that there is something in there from the previous owner? That is why I call the experts and have my 'home warranty' cover the repair. Old Republic is clearly looking to gouge your money upon purchase of a home, only to deny the majority of their claims. This is evident by the long list of complaints. I would strongly advise not to use this company for your home warranty. Look elsewhere!

I am filing a complaint in hopes it will prevent someone else from having to go through with what I have been. I was told by an HVAC person to call in an emergency because my breaker to HVAC kept tripping and it could catch my house on fire. I have been fighting with them since. They kept sending "Fly by night" people out who did nothing but wrote on the ticket that they did. I watched them and they lied. After over 3 wks it was discovered by Early Services that the HVAC was leaking water. Since then ORHP have lied and lied to me. Every person that called changed everything that was going to happen. I am 80, live alone, have no air in over 100 degree rooms and nothing but little fans to try breathe. I have chronic back pain, wear a back brace and I can't get the HVAC in. They have told me for over 2 wks it was being shipped on a Monday and installed on Wed. Company called me last week and they have no HVAC to install. Another lie from ORHP.

I am worried sick. I will have a stroke in the severe heat in my home. I received a call again today but could not understand what she was saying and she said she would call me back BUT DIDN'T, as usual. I have filed complaints with Consumer Affairs and various other place but ORHP ignores them because their lies are working. I am now trying to get assistant for our new elder abuse law in AL and will soon have what I need to go after ORHP. I have numerous people who deal with ORHP who are also getting information and hopefully they will get rid of using their company when homes are sold. They shouldn't be allowed to even have a company. How sorry can they get when they don't care if heat kills a person as long as they can get the equipment needed cheaper. WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN WHAT A SORRY COMPANY THEY ARE AND STILL GET AWAY WITH WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO PEOPLE.

When I have problem with my AC unit I called this company and they said $65 for someone to come to my house. And it's no problem to me. But they got to my house they said they cannot fix my AC because my dog chew the wire. But they can fix it if I pay $150... So I was so angry. But I paid them $150 and after they left my AC doesn't turn off. And I called them back. They said something wrong with my Thermostat!! So I just let you guys know do not trust this company!!! And I sent email and call them to cancel my service. They said still pending till I pay $65 for call service. So where is the $150???

I recently had an air conditioner problem with my home. I contacted Old Republic with the issue and they gave me a service provider that never even bothered to contact me. I again contacted Old Republic who once again gave me another service provider's name and number. Once again as of a week later, I still have not heard from that provider. I called Old Republic a third time and all I got was "We're very sorry". All I can say is "They sure are!" Don't waste your money!

I had a bad experience with Old Republic and American Modern. My AC unit stopped working. I had just moved in this house about a year ago. I called them and they sent a technician out from Wayne Bryant. He was not nice and I feel he did not do a very good job at analyzing the unit. He did not go into the attic at all. He wrote two things on a piece of paper about the fan motor and condenser with no price attached and told me I had to wait till the company opened up. I waited the whole entire day and no call at all. I called Old Republic the next morning and they stated that they could not help me because the technician from Wayne Bryant stated that the unit just needed to be cleaned.

Staff member at Old Republic said if I were to clean the motor, the AC would automatically start to work. I asked her is she was familiar with AC's and she said she was. I said to her, if a motor on a car goes out and I cleaned it off, the car would not automatically start. She said yes it would start to work and they were not going to help me. My house is 94 degrees everyday when I come home. I have asthma and a thyroid condition. So I called by again and asked to speak to a supervisor, she stated that the technician from Wayne Bryant said some dogs had urinated on the unit and they are not held liable for that. She said the coil had been chewed up by dogs. I do not have dogs and no visiting dogs. She stated that the coil needed to be replaced and they are liable for that either because I did not have the maintenance done to the unit and the dogs had vandalized the unit.

I called my insurance company (American Modern) and told them that dogs had vandalized my AC unit according to what Old Republic was stating. American Modern refused to pay as well stating that the AC unit was not working because of normal wear and tear of the unit. I am so upset that I have to go home everyday to 94 degrees in my house and I am paying 2 (two) agencies; Old Republic and American Modern and both of them are refusing to help. I called the supervisor back and stated what American Modern said and Lola from Old Republic offered me $179. This is not near enough money to get AC unit fixed. I will be 57 years old and I just don't think this is fair to me to have to live like this!

My wife and I were convinced this was a good company as we read many good reviews when we bought our home last year. We had no problem writing them a check for their services and they had no problem cashing it. Almost a year later, our water heater is leaking all over the basement. We follow the plan, have a plumber look at it and says it toast, needs replaced. Now comes the runaround from their authorization department. We have an 80-gallon tank, but they think we need a 50. We get a second opinion from 3 other plumbers who recommend an 80 gallon due to our jacuzzi tub.

Old Republic doesn't have comparable pricing for an 80 gallon so they decide to just give us a cash-out offer for the 50, $1100. Problem is, an 80 gallon starts at $2000, before installation. Hours now on the phone, back and forth with supervisors. My wife and I are young professionals. We don't have time to deal with this. I guess we will just protect ourselves next time. Maybe the company should rename itself "Old Republic 1/2 coverage Home Protection." I recommend ANY other company for your protection needs. This is a company of crooks.

Well from what I have personally experienced ORHP is not all that bad. I'm sure they have stiffed a bunch of people. But personally they saved me from have to buy ac fan (500) and probably a condenser coil (500). Take this good review with a grain of salt. Experiences may vary??? I called in the warranty and they sent out someone the same day. Replaced the $500 ac fan the same day. Filled my freon up same day. And put a claim in for the coil. Cost me 100 for the deductible and 35 for the freon.

I had 2 other ac companies come by before the warranty contractor made it. And both wanted to replace whole outside ac unit and coil. Which is what I need to do. But they were unwilling to patch me up to keep us cool until we made the financial situation straighten out. I was quoted 4500 bucks from 1st ac company and 3600 by the second company. The home warranty contractor said himself ORHP is slow and usually unwilling to pay. But he had a certain dollar amount ($500) that he could just use without getting any approval from ORHP. So don't take every review as they will screw you over. In my case I'm elated that I got my money out of them and I'm cool right now. I think all home warranty companies are patch u up companies. Hopefully they will cover the coil and if they do I'll renew my Contract with ORHP. Don't get disheartened, try them. What do you have to lose 100 bucks? Can't do anything with that anyway.

20 year old A/C unit. A/C compressor went out. Sent out company number 1. Issue was plain enough to see. Replaced compressor, no options were offered to replace the whole system. I know the inside isn't covered, but it should have been an option available due to the price involved on a system so old. The replacement took 2 weeks - which is a long time when it's the summer in central Texas.

Week later they were called back as the unit did not seem to be cooling well. Sent the same company out - said he'd talk to the home warranty people and left. No indication of what was going on. Called Old Republic who contacted the company and said he didn't check everything and sent him back out. Again he said nothing was wrong. Again didn't check anything and barely poked his head into the attic to check the inside unit. Had to spend 2 hours on the phone and ask to speak with a supervisor to get a second opinion. Was told the speaking to the supervisor wouldn't change anything. Supervisor called the next day, and rather unhappily granted a second opinion.

Company 2: Came out, said the coils were dirty, cleaned them and said it was low on R-22. Said it was likely due to the coils being dirty. Unit was short-cycling and they weren't sure why. Replaced a contractor as well and left with the unit running (also said he was afraid to turn it off as it may not come back on - but that as long as it was running he couldn't do anything with the warranty company). 3 days later the unit stopped cooling. Company 2 is sent back out. Spend 2 hours checking things and couldn't figure anything out. Thought maybe it was a control board on the furnace and left saying they'd get it ordered and replaced in a few days.

Several days later I haven't heard anything and suddenly we get an email that a 3rd company is being send out. Called Old Republic who says that company 2 said that the person who installed the compressor did something weird and that it should go back to them. Old Republic isn't sure why a 3rd company was sent instead and said "Just let them look at it."

3rd company: Says it's low on R-22 and that's why the compressor is turning off. After explaining that a week before it was filled he says there must be a leak somewhere and recommended replacing the whole unit. He filled it up and left. Old Republic didn't like that answer and wanted their own second opinion and sent out company 4.

Company 4: Found several issues, but left saying the compressor wasn't running (it clearly was). Old Republic called and offered me a cash out on the labor for the compressor replacement saying the 4th company said it was installed incorrectly. Either that or I'd have to go back to the first company on my own.

Decided to have my own company look at it, expecting to get the cash out. A week later it's fixed and I call and try to get the cash out (which two separate people called and offered me). Now they are saying it's not an option. Coincidence that an hour after I mention that it was repaired by a company at my expense that they revoke that option? I don't think so. They refuse to honor what two separate representatives of theirs offered.

Now I'm out the money it took to fix it, which they also refuse to reimburse, even though I went with another company under the understanding that they were going to provide money from the crappy install their technicians did. It's 100 degrees out and I have a pregnant wife and I've had to spend 2 months for them to fix the issue and they still didn't do it. And now they won't even provide the reimbursement that was offered by two separate reps at their company. I can see why they have a crap rating and are under class action lawsuits.

Like so many others have stated, this home warranty was offered with the purchase of our home. We had two problems within the year of coverage. Both were handled satisfactorily. We had a pleasant experience with customer service, claims personnel, and repair technicians that were sent to our home. We will consider this company again if we choose to keep a home warranty. Following is information on our service calls if you are interested in the details.

First: Our dishwasher got stuck on the heated dry/plate warmer cycle. Since we run the dishwasher at night while we are sleeping the heated dry stayed on for hours and melted several toddler plates, cups, spoons, etc. We had a big mess with dripping plastic inside of the dishwasher. We called the warranty company and started a claim. They called us back within an hour to inform us that a service call had been scheduled for 2 days from that date. (Yes, I would have loved to have someone out that day, but I understand that a dishwasher is not an emergency!)

The repairman arrived on schedule, inspected the dishwasher, made a few calls and told us that the part needed would have to be ordered. The expected turnaround time was about a week. In the mean time we cleaned the dishwasher as much as possible and continued to use it with the air dry feature instead of heated dry. The next week the warranty company called and told us that the part for our dishwasher was no longer available so they would replace our dishwasher. They asked us to take pictures of the model information, features panel, etc. and send them in so they could replace it with something comparable.

Approximately a week later they sent us the proposal for replacement. They wanted to replace our stainless steel dishwasher with a model that was only available in black and white. We told them that was not acceptable so they offered us a check for enough to purchase a comparable model and pay for the install. Overall, this took about 2 months from claim to receipt of funds. Not ideal, but we still had a functioning dishwasher during this time.

Second: We had a problem with the downstairs air unit not cooling properly. It was cooling, but it just had to run constantly and would always be about 2 degrees warmer that the thermostat setting. We called ORHP and put in a claim. They had someone out within 48 hours. A part had to be ordered, but everything was fixed and running properly within a week.

This company is made up of a bunch of CROOKS, their intent is to take the money and provide no services. They have a half a dozen class action lawsuits against them. With 1051 BBB complaints one would think that you people will start asking questions about the integrity of this company that you sell products for. Here is my story: we purchased a home warranty from ORHP when we purchased our home in Oct. 2015. On Sunday July 10th our toilets started to back up and would not flush, our shower drains were backing up as well.

We called ORHP for service, they sent a referral for a plumbing company. We called the company and they said they could not help us on Sunday and that we had to wait until Monday. We told them that it was not acceptable, we called ORHP back, the customer service person told us if we could find someone that can do it on Sunday they would reimburse us, provided that the plumber calls them first. We found a plumber, he came and assessed the situation and called ORHP and gave them the estimate on $289.50 to clear the clogged main sewer line. He performed the work and said the line needs to be Hydro Jetted as it has buildup grease in it.

On Monday we got an email from ORHP indicating that they will not honor their given on Sunday and that they will only pay $225, $65 for the initial service. After many phone calls and arguments we received a call from a so-called supervise (Nahom), he claimed the service representative that gave the authorization made and error and that they will only pay $255, $65. However as consolation he will send a plumber to Hydro Jet the main sewer line at no charge to us.

I accepted and today (Wednesday) an ill-qualified plumber from Economy Plumbing in Phoenix called saying that he has to first diagnose the problem and report back. I agreed, he did not even have the proper tools nor the length of the snake needed to diagnose the line. He found that the water is still building up and the flow is not clear, he said he will report that. Few minute later ORHP called saying that the plumber told them he cleared the line and all is well. I told the representative exactly what the plumber had said, went out to get the plumber, he had ran away. The representative told me if there is a problem in the sewer line, they will not cover that and that there is nothing they can do for us from now on.

I have a very different experience with ORHP than most of these reviews. I got the initial warranty a little more than a year ago when I bought my house. I didn't even think about it until this spring, I had 3 issues they were great at resolving. #1 - my AC unit's water line broke and started spraying water everywhere and flooding my roof. #2 - my hot water heater stopped working. #3 - my dishwasher stopped powering on. They were out next day to fix the waterline, paid my $65 service charge, they replaced the line and boom, it's fixed. The water heater was not repairable so they replaced it, took about 3 days from the call 'til the new one was installed, paid the $65 service charge and boom water is hot again and a brand new water heater was installed. The plan did not cover haul-off of the dead water heater but I talked to the repair guy and he called someone who came and picked it up the next day for no charge.

The dishwasher (LG brand) has been more of an adventure, repair tech said the control board is fried and needed to order parts, the parts need to be made in Japan or something so it'll take 3-4 weeks, ugh! But I understand, we wait 3.5 weeks and parts are installed. Well it powers on now but does not run/wash or do anything other than power on. Tech says it's a bad wire somewhere in there, can't be fixed. I'm not thrilled but at least I'm getting a new one. His point was valid, since there was no power to the unit he couldn't have known it wouldn't run until they fixed the power failure issue.

2 weeks later and 3 or 4 calls to OR they offered me a replacement. (They did seem to drag their heels a bit on the replacement authorization). They kept saying, "The new one will match the same features your other one has but we don't guarantee you'll be offered a matching stainless steel one or the same brand." I was prepared for them to offer me a cheap ugly almond-colored hunk of junk or something. I was honestly shocked when they offered me a high-end unit that sells for about $1600 in the matching stainless color. I know my LG was nice but I'm pretty sure this is actually nicer.

Now I wait 10-14 days for it to show up and get installed which puts me at 3 months since it broke, not ideal but at least they did a good job on offering me a good quality replacement. I've already renewed for a second year even though I hope stuff stops breaking. The warranty has been a great deal for me so far and I would have paid more out of pocket for these repairs than what the annual fee + service call costs are. They are always nice when I call and so far so good on the repair people they have chosen for me.

Do not pay attention to the Better Business Bureau reviews because they must be written by people that work for Old Republic. I filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and it's not posted on their website which shows that the BBB, as written by news organizations, is paid for by businesses and works to support those businesses even when they're treating customers badly. We paid $2,000 for an ORHP plan but when our air conditioner broke they never repaired it and then cancelled our policy. Old Republic Home Protection will not protect your home and abide by their contract. Buyer beware, they engage in deceptive trade practices. Do not purchase a plan from ORHP!

On 6/8/2016, mid-eastern appliance services came to my house at ** to repair a dishwasher that was not draining (see service order attachment). $ 75 deductible was paid to the company. The diagnosis was bad motor. The company came back after about three weeks and replaced the motor, but the problem persisted. They stated that they would call ORHP as they were unable to diagnose the problem. Another company with phone number 703-507-7788 was asked to come and a new work order ** was created. The technician of this company went to the wrong address **. He was given the correct address on the phone but refused to come.

On contacting ORHP again, I was told that the work order has been assigned to A R Appliance Repair phone 240 449 9299, but when this company was contacted, the owner stated that no work order was received by them. On 7/12/2016, a call lasting 20 min 54 sec was made to ORHP (800-972-5985) at 8:08 pm and another call was made to the same number on 7/11/2016 at 6:18 pm and the call lasted 25 min 44 sec. The company keeps stating that the work order is for ** but is reminded every time that Mid Eastern technician came to ** address and carried out some repairs unsuccessfully.

So it appears that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. 1 month 4 days have passed since the first diagnosis and ORHP boasts of excellent customer service on its website. On being asked about the name of the CEO and address, my request was denied and I was informed that a supervisor would call me tomorrow. Let us see if he really calls.

Be aware of this company. They will take your premium and then provide less than ideal service! Cannot get anyone to fix my air during the hottest summer in years. I pay them to find contractors but I am now being told to handle it myself after waiting on them for 3 days with no air! Supervisor talked over me, wouldn't listen to me and when I tried to cancel my warranty I was told no. In the process of working to cancel it now! There are a lot of warranty companies out there. Steer clear of this one!!! 447 complaints on this site should tell you something!

We've had the warranty for two years and finally needed to use the warranty for an AC unit that no longer works. The AC tech told us the coil needed replacing. We were then told by ORHW that the only way to replace the AC coil is to replace the FURNACE? (Since the original coil part could not be found, a bigger coil replacement part is needed and therefore is why we need a new furnace.) The furnace works fine but now needs to be replaced to get my AC working. The worst part is that ORHW says they are not paying for the furnace because there is nothing wrong with it. Amazing. I don't want a new furnace. I just want them to fix my AC so now they tell me it will cost me $2,500 for a new furnace which works fine but it is the only way to get the AC working. This does not make sense. I explained this to their supervisor and he simply could not care less. Told me it's the way the contract works. I will never do business with these people again.

Run away from Old Republic Home Protection Company. This is the worst home coverage I've ever encountered. I just purchased my new home and this warranty was part of the deal, but once it's expired in November of this year, I will find another home coverage. Just the headache alone of having to deal with several representatives is a disappointment ~ all they say is "I'm Sorry For Your Experience", but having to say you're sorry does not solve the problem.

My microwave was sparking and when I called Old Republic and provide my contract information to a gentleman named Nahom, he IMMEDIATELY said that my appliance wasn't covered. What, it's not covered, and if not, then what is covered? I hung up on him because I was so frustrated with his response without even looking at my policy. I placed the call on May 11, 2016 for service and it wasn't until weeks later that they contacted Protech Appliance Service to come out and see what's wrong with the microwave.

The problem was with the interior lining inside the microwave and would you believe Old Republic indicated to me that the interior lining wasn't covered in the contract. Well, what contract are they looking at because my contract indicates that "oven/microwave/range/cooktop: racks, handles, knobs, interior lining" is covered under the Ultimate Protection - in which I have. After weeks of going back and forth with Old Republic and Protech on the interior lining, Old Republic finally decided to replace the microwave.

Now, the problem is the Haul Away of the old microwave. The technician came and took down the microwave - and by the way, he indicated that it was fixable??? Now, I have this huge microwave that I have to haul it away because Old Republic indicated that I have to pay for the hauling and then get reimbursed by them ~ and my contract says they are supposed to get it hauled away. What do I do? I called Nahom about five (5) times and left voicemail message, and he has not returned my call. He must be very busy with other problems to return my call. Overall, it took close to two (2) months to get another microwave after calling them numerous times with the status of my work order. I am so disappointed with Old Republic that hopefully, between now and November, nothing goes wrong with any of my covered home warranties. Shame on you!

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Old Republic Home Protection has been in business for more than 40 years. Founded in 1974 as Dependable Home Warranty, which provided services only in California, the company joined Old Republic International in 1982 and has been expanding the number of states it serves annually.

  • Enhanced coverage: Unlike most home warranty companies, Old Republic covers repairs or replacements even if the problem is due to lack of maintenance, rust or an unknown pre-existing condition.
  • Customer satisfaction: Old Republic conducts weekly random surveys of their customers to provide an additional check on their service providers.
  • High coverage limits: Old Republic covers the repair or replacement of most items up to $1000 to $1500 per year; kitchen refrigerators are covered up to $2500.
  • Delayed coverage: While the warranty program goes into effect immediately if it’s purchased during a real estate transaction, the coverage is delayed for 30 days after payment if a homeowner purchases it.
  • Cancellation fee: While there’s no penalty for cancelling within the first 20 days, after that, customers will pay a 10% penalty in some states.
  • Best for Home sellers, first-time homebuyers and real estate agents.

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