How much does it cost to replace a well pump?

Knowing the cost before getting an estimate can equal big savings

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If your home’s main water source comes from a well, the well pump going out is probably a scary thought. Replacing it can be a big investment, but there are some ways to lower the costs.

Key insights

  • The average cost to replace a well pump is $1,853.
  • The cost of well pump replacement greatly depends on the type of well pump.
  • Replacement parts can cost anywhere from $120 to $3,800.

Well pump replacement costs

The cost of well pump replacement depends on several factors. The type of pump, installation costs and the depth of your well pump all contribute to the equation. Overall, costs range from around $975 to $2,769.

Well pump repair costs by type

There are many types of wells and home conditions, so there are several kinds of well pumps available. Depending on your situation, you might need a pump designed for shallow or deep wells. There are also specialty well pumps meant for specific power needs, like solar or wind power.

Shallow pumps and hand pumps can start as low as $150 and go up to around $225. But if you need something more powerful, like a deep well jet pump, know that these may be a bit pricier, often between $440 and $1,200.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect when it comes to cost, depending on the type of well pump:

Additional well pump costs

Generally, shallow wells need smaller pumps, leading to smaller costs. Shallower wells also mean less digging — and less time moving around a heavy well pump — so the labor costs are lower, too. You can expect to pay $45 to $150 per hour for the labor of installing a new well pump.

Other costs you may run across are new pipework, pipe installation and any electrical needs for your new pump.

Well pump part costs

You could save money by replacing just the part that’s causing the trouble rather than replacing the whole well pump. Below are various parts and replacement cost estimates.

Can you DIY a well pump replacement?

You could potentially replace your well pump yourself, but it’s out of most people’s technical wheelhouse. Replacement involves both plumbing and electrical skills. Plus, the heavier well pumps are hard to get to and even harder to move without machinery. All of this could add up to dangerous conditions for you and potential damage to your electrical and plumbing systems.

When should a well pump be replaced?

Old age, high levels of minerals in your water, using your well pump when the well is dry and even lightning strikes can damage your well pump. If you’re worried your well pump is going out, there are several signs to look for:

  • Loud noises coming from your well pump
  • High, unexplainable electricity bill
  • Brown or murky tap water
  • Water that tastes unusually bad
  • Loss of water pressure or fluctuations in water pressure
  • Water spitting out of the faucet instead of flowing
  • Water that smells like eggs
  • The well pump cycles on and off constantly
  • Tripped breakers

Does your home warranty cover well pump replacement?

Home warranties can cover the replacement or repair of a wide range of home appliances and systems, often including well pumps. This means you’ll just need to pay a deductible to get your well pump fixed or replaced instead of paying for the whole thing out of pocket.

You’ll need to read over your contract carefully, though. The home warranty plan may have caps on how much of the repair or replacement is covered. The plan may not cover additional costs like repairs to your plumbing or electrical systems, so be sure to check for exclusions.

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How long does a well pump last?

With proper maintenance, well pumps can last 15 years or more, but the life span can vary depending on the type.

Do I need to have my well pump serviced regularly?

Yes, your well pump needs to be serviced by a professional once a year.

Do well pumps have a warranty?

Your well pump may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. You can also get a home warranty package that covers well pump repairs and replacements.

Bottom line

Replacing a well pump can cause a big dent in your budget. You may consider replacing only some parts to avoid a huge bill. Getting a home warranty plan that covers well pumps can also save you a lot of money.

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