Owning a home is a rewarding endeavor, but it’s also a huge investment. Many insurance companies offer home insurance policies to help homeowners protect the large purchases they’ve made. Homeowners insurance policies often contain two coverages – one that protects property in case it is ever damaged, lost or ruined, and the other that offers liability coverage for damage or injuries caused to others by the homeowner or their family whether on the homeowner’s property or not. Homeowners insurance policies have been around since the middle of the 20th century, and they continue to be an integral part of the home-owning experience.

Top 10 Best Rated Homeowners Insurance Companies

With almost 100 years of experience in the insurance industry, Auto-Owners homeowners insurance has the financial resources necessary to handle disasters. This Fortune 500 company has a written premium of over $5 billion.
Progressive Homeowners is a branch of The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies that provides coverage to homeowners. They offer a wide variety of coverage options that are tailored to each individual's needs.
Erie Insurance is a Fortune 500 company that takes pride in providing excellent 24/7 customer service. They employ local agents in order to develop meaningful relationships with all of their customers.
Founded in 1923, Safeco provides a variety of packages, including personalized homeowner insurance options tailored to the individual's needs. They offer 24/7 assistance with claims and affordable monthly installment plans.
Farm Bureau Financial Services offers a variety of insurance coverage for homeowners. It offers quick and easy online account access in addition to other contact methods for viewing claims and accounts.
MetLife Homeowners offers a variety of home insurance policies for personal home owners, renters and landlords. This includes collision coverage for mobile and manufactured homes that are being moved from one home site to another.
Foremost Insurance offers comprehensive and customized home insurance policies for high-risk homes and people who have been declined by other agencies. It also serves those dealing with cancellation of homeowner's insurance.
State Farm is a large insurance company headquartered in Bloomington, IL. The company offers a wide range of insurance services, including homeowners insurance, to customers across the United States and Canada.
Allstate is one of America's largest insurance corporations, and they offer homeowners insurance in addition to auto, rental, motorcycle, life, business, and condo insurance. The company is headquartered in Northbrook, IL.
USAA is a trusted insurance company that offers benefits to customers who are members of the military as well as their extended families. The company was founded in 1922, and it is based out of San Antonio, TX.

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What features matter most?

Policies & coverage

Homeowners insurance policies can be lengthy and complicated, but it’s important to understand what’s covered.

  • Structure: If you ever experience the total loss of your home due to a disaster listed in your policy, you’ll want to be sure your insurance provider would pay enough to rebuild the exact same house in the exact same location.
  • Personal belongings: Furniture, clothes, electronics, collectibles and other personal items are covered if they are stolen or destroyed by an insured disaster. Most companies will provide personal belongings coverage for 50%-70% of the amount of insurance you have on the structure of your home. Each policy varies in dollar limits or off-premise coverage – so review yours closely.
  • Liability: Liability covers homeowners (and even their pets) against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage caused to other people or other people’s property outside your home. Liability limits generally start at about $100,000, but many homeowners opt for additional coverage or increase their liability policy to cover a much broader range of incidents.
  • Temporary living expenses: Most homeowners insurance policies will pay for expenses that come up with your home is uninhabitable due to damage from a natural disaster or other event. There’s a limit, though, to how much you can spend.
  • Spoiled food: You can claim the loss of your food in addition to other damages incurred by a covered disaster, such as a major storm or tornado. If your only loss was food, though, your total loss is probably less than your deductible, meaning it won’t make sense to file a claim.
  • Stampeding wild animals: Yes, you read that right. And the next time a herd of wild buffalo comes stampeding through your fence and into your living room, you’ll be glad that your insurance has coverage. Note that insurance companies make a distinction between wild and domestic animals, so you’re out of luck if your neighbor unleashes her litter of adorable but aggressive kittens in your living room. You might also be out of luck if you live near livestock, which tend to be considered domestic, not wild. If you have concerns, double check with your insurance company ahead of time.
  • Cemetery vandalism: Grave markers generally fall under the category of “valuables” in your homeowners insurance policy, so you’re covered in the event that your loved one’s graveyard marking is vandalized.

Policies & coverage: what is not covered

There are many things that aren’t covered by minimum homeowners insurance policies, but they can often be added for an additional cost.

  • Emergency living expenses: Some homeowners may require additional coverage for living expenses if they are unable to live in their home due to a covered disaster.
  • Flood insurance: Homeowners policies don’t cover flood damage, but depending on where your home is located, you may want to consider flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program through a private insurer. If your home is in a flood plain, your mortgage lender will likely require this additional coverage.
  • Trampolines: Homeowners policies stay away from trampolines since they are such a high risk. Your premium will likely raise if you have a trampoline, and certain policies won’t cover injuries that result from them at all. Make sure you speak with your insurance agent before you let your kids (or yourself) loose on your backyard trampoline.
  • Pool deaths: Pools are another hazard for homeowners, and most home insurance liability policies aren’t enough to cover deaths or accidents caused by or in a pool. If you are getting a pool, you should consider raising your liability to $300,000 to $500,000 to make sure you are covered in the event of a tragedy.
  • Cash: Stashing cash under your mattress or in your coffee can isn’t just a bad idea from an investment standpoint. It can also leave you high and dry in the event of a burglary or other disaster. Generally, $200 is all that home insurance policies will cover, so you’re out of luck if you have $5,000 in cash sitting around the house that gets stolen or lost in a fire. Get your cash into a bank account now so you don’t wind up paying for it later.

Industry ratings

Homeowners insurance companies are rated by major insurance industry services including A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s. Highly rated insurance companies will have a minimum rating of A- and  tend to have customers who are happy with their service and coverage. The lower an insurance company’s rating, the less financially secure it is, the greater risk there is that it could be unable to pay on customers’ claims, and the less likely it will be well-liked by customers.

  • Customer service & satisfaction ratings: Insurance companies are rated by such firms as J.D. Powers & Associates in the area of customer satisfaction, which is a reflection of how well customers’ needs are met.
  • Price & policy value ratings: A valuable homeowner’s policy will provide the coverage you need at an affordable premium.
  • Financial strength ratings: These ratings measure a company’s ability to pay claims to policyholders – which indicates whether or not the company will be around when disaster strikes.
  • Claims service ratings: Insurance providers are also rated on how effectively they handle claims filing, processing, adjustments and payments.


Homeowners insurance costs can vary widely depending on the company you purchase insurance from and what types of and how much coverage you buy. Homeowners can benefit from comparing premiums and coverage costs from multiple companies before choosing a provider.

  • Deductibles: A deductible is the portion of a covered loss you must pay before your insurance company will pay. When an insurance policy has a high deductible, the insurer will generally charge less for annual premiums.
  • Premiums: Yearly homeowners insurance premiums vary widely and depend on multiple factors including, of course, how much coverage you need depending on the value of your home and the personal possessions inside of it.
  • Discounts: Many insurance companies offer specific discounts on deductibles and premiums for things such as bundling insurance, being a loyal customer, installing safety and security devices in your home, or not filing a claim for a certain period of time.

Claims services

Homeowners insurance policies are usually only needed in urgent situations, so speed is always a factor when dealing with the insurance company. Homeowners insurance companies vary greatly in terms of how quickly they can get insurance claims processed and paid.

  • Claims processing: A bureaucratic company can take a while to process insurance claims, which can be inconvenient when a homeowner needs money for a repair or help in an emergency situation. Other companies may be known for fighting policyholders over claims amounts.
  • Claims adjuster: During the claims process, the insurer’s adjuster will assess the damage caused by incident and provide a preliminary estimate of the total cost for clean up, repairs and restoration. Most homeowners insurance adjusters work directly for private insurance companies, while you can also hire an adjuster who works independently to conduct “non-sanctioned” appraisals. These public adjusters are often used by homeowners who are dissatisfied with the insurance company’s claims adjuster.

Customer service

Customer service is essential for policyholders who have questions about their coverage or require assistance during a time of emergency. Some homeowners insurance companies communicate directly with customers and do not deal with independent agents. Other companies use middlemen, who can be independent insurance agents or “captive” insurance agents (who only work for one insurance company).

  • Central customer service: Some insurance companies offer one central contact location for customer service, where all problems are heard and handled.
  • Localized customer service: Some homeowners insurance providers use individual local agents to communicate with and handle the needs of policyowners.
  • Digital customer service: Some companies use various online methods to communicate with customers, making the access to service convenient no matter where the customer is located.

What are different types of homeowners insurance coverage?

Actual cash value

This type of homeowners insurance covers the loss or damage of property (including personal items) after deducting depreciation – meaning how much the items are currently worth, not how much was originally paid.

Replacement cost

With replacement cost coverage, items lost or damaged are replaced without considering depreciation so that repairs and replacements can be made to return property whole.

Guaranteed replacement cost

Also known as extended replacement cost, this type of coverage will pay all costs needed to repair or replace lost property – even if it exceeds the policy limit, due to inflation in the value of a home or belongings. Some companies offer this type of coverage but typically cap it at 20-25% higher than the policy’s limit.

Who's it for?

Traditional homeowners

A traditional homeowner is someone who owns a house and wants to protect their assets or is required by a mortgage lender to obtain homeowners insurance before being approved for a loan.

Condo owners

Condo owners live in units they own within in a larger building and usually purchase insurance that is meant for their unit and property only – with a small amount of coverage for the structure around their condo.

Farm owners

A person who owns a farm or a house on a farm needs a specific type of insurance to cover the property and dwellings, as well as detached garages, other structures and/or outdoor equipment used to maintain the grounds.

Mobile homeowners

Mobile homeowners own a home that is manufactured or prefabricated and can be moved from place to place. This type of insurance may also cover detached structures such as a shed or garage and may include coverage for personal belongings and injuries that occur on your property.

Company reviews

  • Allstate Homeowners Insurance

    Allstate is one of America’s largest and most popular insurance companies. The company provides many types of insurance, including auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance and more.

    • Accessible: Allstate offers insurance across America, making it a convenient choice for a homeowners insurance policy no matter where a person lives.
    • Reward programs: This company offers helpful programs for people who pay for protection but don’t need to use it, such as the claims-free rewards program,. Even if discount programs aren’t advertised, consumers should call or email their insurance representatives to ask about discounts, since many companies award them without publicizing them.
    • Convenience: Allstate has an excellent Web presence and convenient online tools. Potential customers can request custom quotes via tools on the company’s website.
    • Customer service: Allstate is a huge company, but it operates with thousands of local agents around the country.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners, mobile home owners
  • State Farm Homeowners Insurance

    State Farm is one of America’s largest and most popular homeowners insurance companies. Headquartered in Bloomington, IN, the company has been providing Americans different types of insurance since 1922.

    • Financially strong: State Farm is a large, reputable company, and it is a financially safe choice when choosing a homeowners insurance company.
    • Good reputation: State Farm is one of the largest and most used homeowners insurance companies in the world, attesting to its reputation as an excellent provider.
    • Additional programs: The company offers additional programs beyond basic homeowners insurance. These include a Florida and Louisiana Hurricane Mitigation program and discount programs for people who are claims free, using multiple State Farm policies, and who made steps to increase home safety like installing fire sprinklers.
    • Customer service : Many customers complain that customer service is impersonal.
    • Coverage: State Farm’s homeowners insurance policies have limits, and they do not cover business pursuits at a home. Business owners working at home should be sure to get a commercial real estate policy to cover the space they use in their home and their work belongings.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners, mobile home owners
  • Homesite Insurance

    Homesite is a company that is solely focused on providing people insurance for their residences. Homesite is one of the newer homeowners insurance companies around, founded in 1997, and the company operates out of its headquarters in Boston, MA.

    • Variety of discounts: Homesite offers a bounty of discounts for their products, making them an affordable choice. These discounts include a moving-in discount, a bundle discount for auto and home insurance, a safety precautions discount and a new home discount.
    • Highly specialized: Homesite only sells insurance for residences. Thus, they are experts on renter’s insurance, condo insurance, traditional homeowners insurance, and more.
    • Excellent customer service: Customer service representatives at Homesite are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • History : Homesite Insurance is a younger than many of the bigger insurance companies and has yet to prove its reputation or legacy.
    • Options : While Homesite offers homeowners insurance for typical dwellings, it does not offer policies for more unique homes such as farms or mobile homes.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners
  • Farmers Homeowners Insurance

    Farmers is a large, national insurance provider. The company was founded in 1928 and has grown to provide insurance policies for automobile owners, homeowners and motorcycle owners.

    • Long-standing company: Farmers was started in 1928, meaning the company has a long legacy of offering excellent home insurance policies.
    • Great customer service: Farmers has developed a reputation for providing excellent, individualized customer service. They are ready to process a claim quickly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Discounts: Farmers’ website offers customers advice about how they can get a discount on their premiums. These strategies include purchasing multiple policies from the company, asking customer service representatives about specific discounts online or via phone, agreeing to raise deductibles in exchange for lower premiums, and taking precautions to make homes safer.
    • Service : Rates and service vary, depending on where service and coverage is being provided in the large area that Farmers serves.
    • Rates : Farmers is known for increasing their rates from year to year, making their prices expensive compared to most of the market.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners, mobile home
  • Nationwide - Homeowners

    Nationwide was first founded in 1925 in Columbus, Ohio. Originally, it had 1,000 policyholders. Today, it’s one of the country’s largest insurance companies, and it offers several types of insurance, including homeowners insurance and auto insurance.

    • Great discounts: Nationwide offers excellent discounts for homeowners, including up to 20 percent discount for insurance if customers bundle their homeowners and car insurance.
    • Belongings replacement service: Nationwide offers the Brand New Belongings service, which replaces belongings that are lost or damaged when a home undergoes an accident or damage. For example, this program will replace items that are burned in fires, broken by falling trees or damaged by severe weather like tornadoes.
    • Processing speed: Nationwide is known for processing customer claims fast, which means that customers who submit a homeowners insurance claim can expect their claim to be evaluated and their money given to the them quicker than most insurance companies.
    • Company: Nationwide is a large company, so customers may feel that they do not get much individualized or personal customer service attention. Most consumers must deal with a central customer service center, which is likely not in the location a customer is calling from, although Nationwide has a network of agents around the country.
    • Qualifications : Nationwide has stringent qualification standards that have to be met to approve people for policies, and people with financial troubles or weak credit may not qualify for Nationwide homeowners insurance.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners
  • Liberty Mutual - Homeowners

    Liberty Mutual was founded in Massachusetts in 1912. The company, now headquartered in Boston, offers many types of insurance, including auto, life and homeowners.

    • Range of options: Liberty Mutual offers a good range of options for homeowners insurance policies, including umbrella policies, condo policies, mobile home policies and even policies specifically geared towards landlords.
    • Good web presence: Liberty Mutual has a well-developed online presence, and they offer many convenient services on their website, including bill pay and policy management.
    • Strong legacy: The company is one of the country’s oldest and most trusted major insurance companies.
    • Customer service: A large company means the staff is not always consistent from person to person.
    • Quotes : Customers have reported that the company’s online quote system often generates quotes that the company is not able to offer in reality.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners, mobile home owners
  • The Hartford - Homeowners

    The Hartford is a Fortune 500 insurance and investments company originally founded in 1810. The company provides several types of insurance, including auto insurance and homeowners insurance.

    • Tons of options: The Hartford clearly outlines their options for home insurance coverage. These coverage options include things such as the dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, liability and medical payments.
    • Affordability: This insurance company offers ways to make a homeowners insurance policy more affordable. These include auto and home insurance bundles, retiree credits, fire/burglary system credits and policy renewal credits.
    • Legacy: The Hartford is one of the United States’ oldest insurance companies, originally founded in 1810.
    • Customer service: As a big, multidepartmental company, the fear would be that The Hartford’s customer service process would be slow and bureaucratic.
    • Insurance : The Hartford does offer homeowners insurance policies, but it is focused on other coverages as well, such as auto insurance and commercial insurance.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners
  • AAA Homeowners Insurance

    AAA is a large, nationwide insurance company that offers various types of insurance. While AAA is best known for its auto insurance policies, it also offers homeowners insurance policies to interested parties.

    • Company accessibility: AAA is nationwide and a convenient option for people who live across America. Thus, no matter where a person lives, he or she will have access to a AAA office and representatives who can serve him or her quickly.
    • Advanced technology for consumers: This homeowners insurance company has an extremely extensive online presence, making it easy to interact and do business with the company no matter where the homeowner is located. With AAA, customers can get quotes, communicate with customer service representatives, ask questions and more.
    • One-stop shop: AAA can be a convenient place for homeowners to get all of their insurance policies, including auto insurance and pet insurance.
    • Insurance: AAA is a known for being a car insurer, and their reputation as a homeowners insurance company is much newer.
    • Customer service: AAA homeowners insurance is a large, corporate company with many employees, increasing the risk of inconsistent customer service.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners
  • USAA Homeowners Insurance

    USAA was founded in 1922 and serves members of the military and their families. The company offers insurance policies, banking, investment options and other financial services.

    • Good pricing: USAA is known to have some of the most competitively priced policies available.
    • Additional services: With its home insurance policies, USAA offers identity theft coverage should any homeowners personal belongings be used to steal their identity.
    • Variety: USAA offers many types of homeowner insurance, and they are a one-stop insurance option, meaning policyholders can also purchase other types of insurance through the company.
    • Service: USAA only provides its services to members of the military and their families, so it’s not a viable option for every American. Americans who haven’t been affiliated with the military do not have access to the company’s services.
    • Consumer service : USAA Homeowners Insurance has complaints filed against it, indicating that policyholders are not always happy with the service they have received.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners, mobile home owners
  • American Family Insurance - Homeowners

    American Family Insurance has operated for over 80 years, and it offers a wide range of insurance policies. The company offers homeowners insurance in more than 19 states across America.

    • Long history of service: The company has been around for over 80 years, and they have decades of experience offering homeowners insurance policies.
    • Awards: American Family Insurance has been the recipient of several awards over the years, including an Overall Outstanding Participation Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners, a Top 50 Employer from the Readers’ Choice Awards in disABLED Magazine and a Gold Level Award from the Wellness Council of America.
    • Customer service: American Family Insurance offers a wide range of customer service options, including phone or online.
    • Location: American Family Insurance is not offered in all 50 states, so it’s not a convenient or feasible option for everyone.
    • Processing time: Be sure to check American Family Insurance’s reputation for claims processing time. If so, it could be inconvenient for policyholders who need money in emergency situations and do not want to wait a long time for their insurance claim to be handled.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners, mobile home owners
  • Progressive Homeowners Insurance

    Progressive Homeowners Insurance is a division of the Progressive Corporation, a large company known for offering a wide range of insurance products including rental, condo, mobile home and traditional home coverage.

    • Select what you pay: Customers of Progressive can select what they pay out-of-pocket if they have a claim, and then their insurance policy will take care of the rest.
    • Legal fees covered: If a homeowner is sued because of something that happens to their home, Progressive will cover the insurance bill through its liability coverage.
    • Flood insurance available: The company offers insurance to homeowners in flood areas, which can be rare for homeowners insurance companies.
    • Free online quote: Customers can receive a free quote for what their insurance might cost them online, which is simple and convenient.
    • Multiple insurance policies offered: Progressive offers multiple types of insurance, so homeowners can purchase all of their insurance in one place. Many customers also receive a discount on things like homeowners insurance if they purchase multiple policies from the company.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners and mobile home owners
  • Auto-Owners homeowners insurance

    Auto-Owners homeowners insurance helps protect property owners from unexpected repair and replacement expenses. With customized policy options that cover everything from major utility systems to contents, this insurance company offers total coverage options.

    • Local agents: When there is a problem and policyholders need to make a claim, they can work with their local office in 26 states. This allows policyholders to deal with someone they know and trust while putting together their claims.
    • Renters included: In addition to their homeowners insurance, Auto-Owners also offers coverage for renters. These policies specifically cover personal property, so if a pipe bursts, there's no arguing with a landlord, just a simple claims process.
    • Mobile friendly website: An emergency at home could mean no Internet access for days or weeks, making putting in a claim from a home computer a hassle. With a website that offers a mobile browsing experience, policyholders can get in touch on the go.
    • Personal liability umbrella: Businesses often have umbrella policies to help keep premiums down on multiple locations. With a personal liability umbrella, consumers can gain the same savings for their homes and cars.
    • Deep discounts: Enjoy discounted rates on homeowners insurance for a variety of situations including renovations, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, paid in full, seasonal use and more.
    • Best for New homeowners, multiple policyholders, renters and vacationers.
  • Erie Homeowners

    Erie Insurance has been in business for close to a century. Serving Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland and the District of Columbia, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. The company provides homeowners and renters with coverage for several types of dwellings including houses, apartments, condominiums and manufactured homes.

    • Personalized local service: Local agents compile a policy that fits each homeowner's or renter's needs. Claims can easily be made by contacting the same local agent that knows the area and culture.
    • Expanded policies: They offer policies that can be expanded to include personal property against damage and theft. High value items such as computers, jewelry and electronics can be added to policies as well as everyday items.
    • Competitive pricing and discounts: Competitive pricing options ensure that all customers get the coverage they need and want. Multiple discounts are available to new and existing customers, including multi-policy discounts and credits for safety systems such as burglar alarms and sprinkler systems.
    • Plus policy: With their Plus policy, they waive deductibles when losses total more than $50,000, and offer higher limits for debris removal and other disaster-related expenses.
    • Peace of mind: In the event property loss makes temporary relocation necessary, living expenses related to relocation are covered.
    • Best for New homeowners and those who are residents of an Eastern or Central state.
  • Farm Bureau Homeowners

    Founded in 1939, Farm Bureau Financial Services has been providing homeowners insurance for nearly eight decades, and it offers plans for single-family dwellings, townhomes, duplexes, fourplexes, mobile homes and condominiums. Farm Bureau Financial Services serves residents in the Western and Midwestern United States, including Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota and Utah.

    • Customized plans: Plans can be customized to suit the homeowner's needs for personal belongings and high-value items such as jewelry, art collections and electronics that would not otherwise be covered under the policy.
    • Additional structural coverage: Coverage is available for other buildings or structures on the property. These may include: storage sheds, unattached garages or carports, animal habitats and pet houses and potting sheds.
    • Equipment breakdown coverage: Covered homeowners can have their home systems replaced in the event of irreparable breakdown. Such equipment includes air conditioners, hot water heaters, furnaces and electronic systems. Computers may also be covered.
    • Replacement cost coverage: This coverage pays 100-125 percent of costs before depreciation consideration. The extra 25 percent helps cover the added expenses incurred by labor or material costs.
    • Online access: Claims can be reported online, through the 24-hour claim center telephone number or directly to the homeowner's insurance agent.
    • Best for Homeowners in the West and Midwest states and those who require flexible coverage.
  • Foremost Homeowners

    Specializing in home insurance for people whose properties may not prove eligible for coverage with other companies, Foremost Insurance is licensed in all fifty states. Foremost partners with local agents so that homeowners can always receive face-to-face answers for all their policy questions.

    • Primary homes and more: Foremost Insurance covers primary residences, as well as seasonal homes and secondary dwellings.
    • Flexible options: The company offers seven different options for flexible coverage, including comprehensive property coverage for physical losses not otherwise included in the policy and named peril and liability coverage for injury or accidents occurring to others in the home.
    • No depreciation deductions: Homeowners can elect coverage that provides for actual replacement without deductions for depreciation. This option can also include personal property and other structures on the property.
    • Extended replacement cost option: Extended replacement cost options increase money received after a loss by an additional 25%. Living expenses, replacement-cost coverage for personal property and additional coverage for high-dollar possessions are also available.
    • Higher deductibles, lower premiums: Foremost Insurance offers policies with higher deductibles and liability limits that lower premium costs. Convenient payment plans include electronic funds transfer and online payments, as well as mailing options.
    • Best for Individuals with older homes, traditional homeowners and properties that have some cosmetic damage.
  • Metlife Homeowners

    MetLife Homeowners offers insurance protection for a variety of home types, regardless of whether they're owned or rented. This includes houses, condos, apartments, mobile homes and manufactured homes. The insurance covers home contents, as well as property damage from causes such as theft, fire and smoke, and liability protection for lawsuits resulting from injuries sustained by visitors.

    • Coverage for landlords: The company offers two types of policies geared toward protecting a landlord's property in case of damage by tenants and paying legal and court fees if a landlord is sued.
    • Water backup coverage: MetLife provides an optional insurance policy to safeguard against water damage caused by backups and runoffs from sewers, drains and sump pumps.
    • Arrangements with contractors: They have a deal with the national Crawford Contractor Connection network to make repairs after a claim. A MetLife agent will ensure there's a contractor in your area and schedule your property inspection.
    • Replacement cost coverage: The company will pay the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of covered property damage and then, if the insured has Replacement Cost (RC) coverage, they will reimburse the homeowner for any monetary difference between the ACV and the RC.
    • Available discounts: MetLife offers discounts on policies if you have home-protection devices such as deadbolt locks, burglar alarms, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.
    • Best for All homeowners, renters, landlords and owners of mobile and manufactured homes.
  • Progressive Homeowners

    Progressive Homeowners is a company that provides insurance coverage for homeowners in the event of damage or theft. They tailor their coverage to the needs of the individual homeowner, and offer a variety of additional coverage options. They cover homes, condos and mobile homes, as well as offering coverage to renters.

    • Tailored coverage: Progressive Homeowners offers coverage that comes standard with every policy as well as additional options that can be purchased so that the policy is tailored to the individual customer.
    • Loss of use: They offer standard "loss of use" coverage so that if a policyholder can no longer live in his or her home due to damage, the homeowner's hotel and meal expenses will be covered while the home is being repaired.
    • Inflation guard endorsement: One of their excellent coverage options is an inflation guard, which automatically adjusts the coverage on your policy by taking inflation into account.
    • Liability: Their coverage ensures that the homeowner is covered in the event of a legal suit regarding the property.
    • Easy online access: You can get quotes online, and also access your account online for convenience.
    • Best for Traditional homeowners, renters and mobile home owners.
  • Safeco Homeowners

    Safeco is an insurance company that offers an array of insurance packages, including homeowners insurance. They help make obtaining homeowners insurance more affordable by offering discounts and monthly installment plans. Safeco is backed by Liberty Mutual Insurance, which is one of the top 100 largest U.S organizations.

    • Tailored insurance: They provide customized home insurance packages, so every client gets coverage that is specific to his or her needs.
    • Quick quotes: Safeco offers a homeowners' insurance quote in around five minutes and, in just a few minutes more, offer personalized coverage quotes.
    • 24/7 claims assistance: There are service representatives available day and night, 365 days a year, to address all client questions and concerns.
    • Flexible payments: They offer flexible payment options, so clients can either pay in full or spread the cost by paying monthly installments.
    • Savings and discounts: Clients have the opportunity to save on their homeowners insurance bill by offering discounts wherever they can.
    • Best for Homeowners who want monthly installments and traditional homeowners.

11 – 31 Best Rated Homeowners Insurance Companies

Nationwide Insurance is a company that was founded way back in 1926. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, this trusted company offers customers comprehensive homeowners insurance policies backed by years of experience in the industry.
Founded in 1810, The Hartford is one of the oldest and most trusted insurance companies in the United States. Based in Hartford, CT, the company offers homeowners insurance policies in addition to vehicle insurance.
Farmers Insurance was originally founded in 1928 in Los Angeles. The company offers a wide range of insurance options, including home, auto, business, motorcycle, umbrella, and renters insurance for interested buyers.
Citizens Property Insurance is an insurance company that was created by the Florida legislature in 2002. Its purpose is to insure Florida homeowners who are entitled property insurance but are unable to find it.
Alfa Homeowners Insurance offers homeowners insurance policies to customers who wish to protect their property in case of potential physical damage. The company was founded back in 1946 by the Alabama Farmers Federation.

American Family Insurance offers its customers a wide array of insurance options including homeowners, casualty, health, travel, renters, business and auto insurance. The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.
Travelers Homeowners Insurance offers customers homeowners insurance protection to take care of their homes as well as all of the belongings inside of it. The company was founded in 1853 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
The Hartford and AARP have teamed up to offer customers homeowners insurance for members of AARP. These companies offer protection for a wide array of situations including owned homes, rentals, and condos, as well.
Liberty Mutual is a large insurance company based out of Boston, MA. This trusted company has been providing customers with a selection of insurance policies such as home, auto, and life insurance since it was founded in 1912.
Country Financial Homeowners Insurance, founded in 1925, is headquartered in Bloomington, IL. Originally founded as an insurance company that focused on fire and lighting damage, the company now offers insurance to homeowners.
Pacific Specialty Insurance is an insurance company that has been in business for about 30 years. The company offers homeowners insurance and other options to customers living in every state within the United States.
Well-known as an auto-insurer and emergency roadside assistance provider, AAA also provides customers with home insurance policies. The company offers condo and renters insurance, as well.
Homesite Insurance is a company based out of Boston, MA that offers homeowners insurance policies to its customers. The company offers a wide range of insurance options, from flood insurance to renters insurance.
Zurich North America is a global insurance company that provides property insurance to individuals, small businesses, and large companies as well. Based out of Zurich, this company was founded all the way back in 1872.
AIG is a large insurance company that offers insurance policies to individuals and businesses. In addition to offering homeowners insurance, the company also sells policies for life, retirement, investment, and more.
The California FAIR Plan is a group that includes all California insurers who are allowed to insure property. The organization offers insurance to those in the state who can't otherwise find insurance for their property.
Royal Palm Insurance Advisors is a trusted insurance company that specializes specifically in property and casualty insurance for customers. The company was founded in 2009 and is based out of Palm Beach County, Florida.
Travelers is a large insurance company that is based in St. Paul, MN. This company offers property owners the option of flood insurance, and protects the property in the case of unexpected flooding or damage caused by it.
Prudential is a large insurance company based in Newark, NJ. The company, that was founded in 1875, offers its customers a range of insurance options, including auto, life, home insurance as well as financial planning help.
Progressive Homeowners Insurance is a part of Progressive Corporation, a large insurance company that was founded in Mayfield Village, Ohio in 1937. The company offers home insurance policies to a range of homeowners and renters.
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