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July, 2023

You have less than a month to get in on Facebook’s $725 million settlement

If you got illegal robocalls from DirecTV you could receive hundreds of dollars

June, 2023

Here’s how to claim your share of Google’s $23 million settlement

May, 2023

FTC probes infant formula makers suspected of anti-competitive activity

Was your Hyundai or Kia stolen? You probably have money coming to you.

Are you a Bank of America customer? You may have money coming to you

If you’re a SmileDirectClub, AT&T, or Discover Credit Card customer there may be ready cash waiting for you

April, 2023

Many IKEA customers could benefit from a class-action settlement

Here’s how to claim your share of Facebook’s $725 million privacy suit settlement

JUUL agrees to a $462 million settlement with six states

Who will share in Johnson & Johnson’s proposed $8.9 billion talc settlement?

March, 2023

Ohio attorney general calls pharmacy benefit managers ‘gangsters’

FTC finalizes settlement sending $425 million to Fortnite players

If you play video games or bought XTEND power drinks, you may have some money coming

Investors who lost money in the Stanford Ponzi scheme are getting some money back

February, 2023

Hyundai and Kia face class-action lawsuit over car thefts

January, 2023

Some negative effects of fiberglass in mattresses continue to be reported

A new lawsuit claims one of the biggest liquor brands in the U.S. is misleading the public

Attention, AT&T customers: Did you have an 'unlimited data' plan? You might be due some money.

Invisalign charges SmileDirectClub made false claims about care from real dentists in its ads

Apple is among the latest businesses to settle class-action lawsuits

Legal action against Southwest Airlines has already started

December, 2022

Here’s how to claim your share of the multimillion-dollar Fortnite settlement

Wells Fargo fined $3.7 billion, with $2 billion going to customers

These five companies are paying $16.8 million to settle class-action lawsuits

Hertz agrees to pay $168 million to settle charges it falsely accused customers of car theft

Are you eligible for compensation under these five class-action settlements?

Consumers will share in Experian’s $22.5 million class action settlement

November, 2022

There’s a pile of money waiting for consumers as part of class action settlements regarding baby formula and margaritas

Some Vonage customers may get a cut of a $100 million fine

Geico, Humana, J&J, and PBM Nutrionals agree to class action settlements

October, 2022

Consumers can get free hamburgers to as much as $3,500 in settlements from GE, Toyota and others

Are you a T-Mobile, Subaru, AT&T, Chrysler, DirecTV, GEICO, Avis customer? They may have some money for you.

Subaru agrees to class-action settlement over battery defect

September, 2022

How to find out if you will get anything from T-Mobile’s $350 million data breach settlement

Court shuts down alleged sham mortgage relief operation

Some beer drinkers at Red Robin are getting refunds

August, 2022

Chipotle to pay $20 million to resolve worker violations claims

Equifax hit with lawsuit over credit score errors

July, 2022

CFPB fines Hyundai $19 million for widespread mistakes in credit reporting

T-Mobile agrees to $350 million data breach settlement

FTC may set new rules for internet influencers

Consumer sues candy maker over a chemical used in Skittles

FDA claims honey products are actually erectile dysfunction drugs

Weber settles with FTC in latest right to repair lawsuit

June, 2022

FTC takes action against Harley-Davidson and Westinghouse over 'right to repair' failures

Terminated Tesla employees file lawsuit against the U.S. automaker

May, 2022

Ford to pay $19.2 million settlement over fuel economy claims

Twitter pays $150 million fine for failing to protect consumer data

District of Columbia sues Mark Zuckerberg over privacy issues related to Cambridge Analytica

TurboTax parent company to pay $141 million to customers in settlement

April, 2022

Texas sues Vroom in response to consumer complaints

March, 2022

D.C. Attorney General sues Grubhub over hidden fees and other issues

FTC charges HomeAdvisor of misrepresenting leads to businesses

Former customers sue Hertz over claims of false arrests

EpiPen maker settles class-action suit for $264 million

February, 2022

Texas sues Meta over facial recognition violations

January, 2022

Navient to pay $1.7 billion to settle allegations of expensive and predatory loans

December, 2021

JPMorgan fined $200 million for avoiding SEC scrutiny

Judge throws out Perdue Pharma opioid settlement

SEC still investigating Tesla solar panels two years after whistleblower report

Senators demand changes to consumer laws to prevent counterfeit and harmful products

November, 2021

States launch investigation into Instagram’s effect on teens

FTC redoubles efforts to crack down on corporate crime

Ohio accuses Meta of securities fraud and deceiving the public

Subway faces new lawsuit claiming its tuna isn’t really tuna

Uber faces lawsuit for charging ‘wait time fees’ to passengers with disabilities

October, 2021

Chick-fil-A customers sue the chain over claims of deceitful delivery costs

State officials ask regulators to stop Postal Service slowdown

August, 2021

Peloton in hot water with government regulators over mishandling of Tread+ recall

FTC refiles its antitrust suit against Facebook

Crypto traders seek damages after suffering losses tied to Binance service outage

Apple ordered to pay $300 million in latest patent dispute ruling

Mexico sues U.S. gun companies over claims of fueling violence

Zoom agrees to $85 million settlement over user privacy violations

July, 2021

GM sues Ford over the name of its driver-assist package

DOJ investigates possible bank fraud by Tether executives

FTC says it will enforce ‘right to repair’

Opioid manufacturers and distributors strike multi-billion dollar deal to end lawsuits

Federal appeals court says CDC can continue imposing safety protocols on cruise ships

Delta pilot sues airline for allegedly stealing his app idea

CPSC sues Amazon over ‘defective and dangerous’ products on its website

Norwegian Cruise Lines files lawsuit against Florida over its vaccine passport ban

FTC cracks down on companies for helping student debt relief scammers

Fifteen states sign Purdue Pharma’s $4.5 billion opioid bankruptcy deal

German automakers fined $1 billion for colluding to curb emissions technology

Google faces new antitrust lawsuit filed by 37 states

June, 2021

Robinhood hit with record-breaking fine from Wall Street regulator

Judge dismisses antitrust suits against Facebook

Johnson & Johnson agrees to $230 million opioid settlement

U.K. to investigate Amazon and Google over failure to remove fake product reviews

Tesla customer sues company for imposing ‘Supercharger fees’

Lab test of Subway’s tuna sandwiches fails to find tuna DNA

State attorneys general oppose USPS plan to slow mail delivery

European Union goes after Google for abusing its ad tech power

FTC takes action against operators of a ‘Blessing Loom’ scam

New Florida law requires gas stations to crack down on ‘skimmers’

Health insurer Centene pays $143 million to settle PBM disputes

FTC fines promoter of bogus COVID-19 ‘treatment’ plan

Biden signs order revoking Trump’s ban on TikTok and other Chinese-owned apps

FBI, Australian authorities infiltrate messaging app used by criminals in giant sting operation

FTC to provide $172 million in refunds to victims of Progressive Leasing’s marketing practices

Two Elon Musk tweets have violated SEC settlement agreement

Supreme Court rejects Johnson & Johnson’s appeal of talc powder verdict

May, 2021

FTC sues Frontier Communications over failure to deliver promised internet speeds

FTC sends $59 million in refunds to victims of opioid treatment scheme

Snap ordered to face lawsuit claiming negligence in the deaths of three teenagers

April, 2021

Congressional leaders look to reverse SCOTUS decision limiting the FTC

Supreme Court takes away FTC’s ability to provide restitution to defrauded consumers

Baby food company hit with lawsuit over heavy metals found in its products

EU reportedly considers legal action over AstraZeneca vaccine delivery issues

FTC cracks down on company claiming its supplements treat COVID-19

Olive Garden parent company hit with lawsuit over wages

Florida governor sues CDC over no sail order

Google seals Supreme Court victory over Oracle in landmark software case

FTC settles with fish oil supplement company over false health claims

Supreme Court sides with Facebook over unwanted text notification lawsuit

Judge rules against Southwest in ticket refund lawsuit

March, 2021

FTC sending out $6.5 million refunds to Fashion Nova customers

FDA warns two companies about selling unapproved CBD-containing products

Arkansas AG sues Walgreens for its role in fueling the opioid crisis

Purdue Pharma proposes larger settlement to exit bankruptcy

Google faces lawsuit over tracking complaints in Chrome ‘Incognito’ mode

Facebook files motions to have government antitrust complaints dismissed

Twitter sues Texas attorney general, claiming retaliation for banning Trump

Texas electricity cooperative files for bankruptcy due to $1.8 billion bill

February, 2021

TikTok agrees to pay $92 million to settle massive class-action lawsuit

Texas woman sues electric company after her bill was nearly $10,000 following winter storm

Congress holds hearing into last month’s GameStop volatility

GameStop stock surge reportedly under investigation for possible manipulation

CFPB investigates Venmo over its debt collections practices

McKinsey & Company to pay $573 settlement over its role in the opioid epidemic

Bayer proposes $2 billion fund to pay for future Roundup claims

January, 2021

Subway refutes lawsuit that claims its tuna salad has no actual tuna

Tesla accuses former employee of stealing company secrets

Toyota reaches $180 million settlement over Clean Air Act violations

Gig drivers in California file lawsuit to repeal Prop 22 ballot measure

Visa drops its plans to acquire fintech company Plaid

December, 2020

Ten states file antitrust suit against Google

General Electric agrees to pay $200 million to settle SEC charges of misleading investors

Chick-fil-A files lawsuit against chicken suppliers for alleged price-fixing

DOJ sues Facebook for discriminating against U.S. workers

Google accused of violating labor laws by monitoring workers

November, 2020

Home Depot settles 2014 data breach for $17.5 million

T-Mobile agrees to pay $200 million to settle Sprint’s Lifeline abuse allegations

Bayer misses deadline to settle Roundup lawsuits

October, 2020

Turning the tables, Walmart sues the government over opioid policies

Some state attorneys general say Purdue’s opioid settlement is too lenient

Purdue Pharma to plead guilty to three felony charges under settlement with Justice Department

Justice Department sues Google over antitrust concerns

Pilgrim’s Pride reportedly will plead guilty to chicken price-fixing charges

Apple sues recycling partner for reselling more than 100,000 devices it was hired to dismantle

September, 2020

FTC issues refunds to consumers who purchased ‘miracle’ pain supplement

FTC settles with marketing company over deceptive negative option practices

Antitrust suit against Google appears increasingly likely

New York files fraud complaint against Johnson & Johnson’s opioid marketing

Blue Bell Creameries pays record fine over listeria contamination in products

FTC antitrust suit against Facebook could come before end of year

Pentagon claims that Microsoft is still worthy of $10 billion JEDI cloud contract

August, 2020

Federal judge stops Education Department from channeling pandemic aid from public schools to private schools

Feds indict another generic drug company on price-fixing charges

TikTok files lawsuit against U.S. government over potential ban

TD Bank to pay $122 million to settle charges related to overdraft fees

Michigan is reportedly preparing a settlement in the Flint water crisis case

States seeking more than $26 billion to settle opioid addiction charges

New York state files lawsuit against major egg producer for price gouging during COVID-19

Twitter hack ringleader owns more than $3 million in cryptocurrency

July, 2020

FTC accuses MyLife of deceptive sales tactics

Vegan suit against Burger King’s Impossible Whopper dismissed

Four timeshare exit companies face Missouri lawsuit

April, 2020

Judge gives final approval to Facebook’s record privacy settlement

Boeing hit with a $336 million lawsuit over failure to complete 737 MAX order

Delta Air Lines faces class-action suit over refusal to honor monetary refunds

March, 2020

Toyota Prius and Camry braking systems at the center of new lawsuit

February, 2020

FTC to send refunds to Office Depot customers who were tricked into buying repair products

New York drops its merger lawsuit against T-Mobile and Sprint

SEC goes after Tesla again, this time on finances

Jury orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $750 million in damages in talc cancer case

FTC cracks down on comparison shopping site over fake reviews and deceptive rankings

FTC settles with marketer of ‘cure-all’ anti-aging drug

January, 2020

Facebook pays $550 million to settle its facial recognition lawsuit

FTC and state of New York sue Martin Shkreli for alleged drug price-fixing

The FTC paid $232 million to defrauded consumers in 2019

Center for Food Safety sues USDA over new pork inspection rules

Cruise line faces fine from FTC over illegal robocall operation

HSBC Bank pays $2.4 million to settle class action over spam calls

Which consumer issues are on the legal docket for 2020?

December, 2019

University of Phoenix to pay $191 million to settle charges that it deceived students

TikTok accused of transferring private user data to servers in China

November, 2019

New Jersey labor department says Uber must pay nearly $650 million in taxes

Shopify complaints mount from online retailers and consumers

October, 2019

Facebook agrees to pay $645,000 fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal

FTC goes after ‘stalking app’ developers

Lifelock customers to receive $31 million in refunds following FTC settlement

September, 2019

Google under investigation for possible antitrust conduct

August, 2019

For-profit college settles FTC charges for $30 million

Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar fined $1.2 million for selling obsolete and expired products

July, 2019

Google set to be fined over YouTube’s violation of children’s privacy law

FTC and Gerber settle deceptive advertising suit

June, 2019

Investment broker pleads guilty to swindling elderly New Jersey couple

FTC secures injunction against credit repair company

May, 2019

Consumers who paid to lower their credit card interest rate are getting refunds

States sue generic drug makers, claiming a conspiracy to fix prices

Dating apps removed from Apple Store and Google Play over use by children

March, 2019

Government agencies come together to tackle online drug trafficking

Second jury finds glyphosate in Roundup caused cancer

Johnson & Johnson shares drop after jury delivers $29 million verdict over baby powder and lung cancer

February, 2019

MIT professors claim Ford stole technology for its F-Series truck line

January, 2019

Facebook accused of tricking kids into spending thousands on free-to-play games

December, 2018

Pulte Homes settles construction complaint with Florida attorney general

I’m sorry you feel that way: What corporations refused to apologize for in 2018

November, 2018

Class action lawsuit claims Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase sold personal consumer info

FDA charges dietary supplements containing tianeptine are illegal drugs

October, 2018

Yahoo to pay $50 million to victims of 2013 data breach

Bird, Lime, and other dockless scooters are unsafe, lawsuit claims

August, 2018

Target debit cardholders are seeing ‘red’

July, 2018

Johnson & Johnson threatens legal action after researchers criticize company’s hip implant research

Mississippi sues Navient, claiming student loan abuses

May, 2018

Supreme Court decision could pave the way for legal sports betting

April, 2018

Federal judge finalizes $25 million Trump University settlement

November, 2017

State governments take on drug companies to curb rising prices

October, 2017

Nestle's Poland Spring seeks dismissal of class action lawsuit

September, 2017

What to know about the class action suits against Equifax

Yahoo data breach class action allowed to move forward

August, 2017

Aetna faces legal action after revealing customers' HIV information

California jury awards $417 million in talcum powder cancer case

Lawsuit claims Poland Spring water doesn't come from springs

Spokeo loses latest round in long-running privacy court battle

Nissan reaches class action settlement in Takata airbag case

House panel recommends contempt citation against consumer watchdog

State officials join fight to preserve consumers' right to sue

July, 2017

Coke banishes Coke Zero, introduces Coke Zero Sugar

House votes to block CFPB's anti-arbitration rule

Judge removes some plaintiffs in Missouri Essure case

Consumer bureau issues rule restoring right to file class actions

Remington rifle settlement doesn't do the job, states argue

Judge grants final approval of $7.5 million settlement between Uber and former drivers

NY AG settles with scouting company over deceptive practices

Honest Co. settles 'all-natural' suits

June, 2017

Former Starkist executive pleads guilty to price-fixing

Consumers misidentified as terrorists win $60 million verdict

Whole Foods class action over food weights finds second life

May, 2017

Bumble Bee pleads guilty, others may be drawn into price-fixing scandal

Dollar General motor oil dangerous to modern cars, suit alleges

April, 2017

EpiPen class action a test case for controlling drug prices: lawyer

Comcast class action dismissed but not dead yet

Netgear cable modem subject of class action suit

Class action filed against Tesla over vehicle safety features

Class action suit claims BlackRock mismanaged employees' retirement funds

Class action charges EpiPen maker colluded to raise prices 574%

March, 2017

Trump University class-action complicated by claimant objection

Ex-Trump University students getting big class action payouts

Class action claims Windows 10 upgrade damaged computers

Harbor Freight settles class action over misleading sales tactics

Maine dairy company may pay millions due to an omitted Oxford comma

Standard Innovation settles class action over alleged vibrator data collection

Audible class action accuses company of using bait and switch tactics and false advertising

NCAA class action settlement moves closer to approval

Class action claims U.S. military denies full disability benefits

February, 2017

Class action says Sprint didn't come through with promised deal

Suit over Odwalla ingredients moves forward

January, 2017

Lawsuit finds fault with Samsung washing machine recall

November, 2016

MyPillow puts health claims to rest in settling California lawsuit

October, 2016

Class action alleges Costco charged illegal sales tax on toilet paper

September, 2016

Wells Fargo sued over account fraud scandal

July, 2016

UPS employee sues company over 'reporting pay'

April, 2016

Class action targets RV refrigerator fires

February, 2016

Blue Buffalo class action settlement instructions

Blue Buffalo to pay $32 million to settle lawsuits by pet owners

January, 2016

Honda faces class action over soy-based electrical wiring

Volkswagen bail-out bill moving through Congress

November, 2015

Lowe's to pay $1.1 million to consumers for overcharging on flooring installation services

August, 2015

Judge rejects HOA's attempt to impose fines and jail time over backyard swingset

March, 2015

Target offers $10 million settlement over 2013 data breach

November, 2014

Facebook rewrites and sort-of updates its privacy policies, again

September, 2014

eBay hacked again? BBC reports hijacked seller accounts

August, 2014

Johnson & Johnson seeks to dismiss class-action talcum powder suit

Gap and Banana Republic sued over outlet-store offerings

Red Bull to pay $13 million in false-advertising case

July, 2014

California law protects drought-stricken homeowners from HOAs

June, 2014

Hydroxycut settlement to reimburse consumers

February, 2014

Supreme Court lets moldy washer cases keep on churning

December, 2013

Lawsuit accuses websites of defamation, racketeering

August, 2013

Lawsuit challenges Crisco's "all natural" claims

December, 2012

Lawsuit alleges Better Business Bureau is a "Mafia-like racket"

February, 2012

Class-Action Suit Targets Moldy GE Washing Machines

Baby-Death Suit Against Nojo Baby Sling Moves Forward

December, 2011

'Clean Up Government Act' Passes Its First Big Test

July, 2011

Google-NSA Secrets Can Stay That Way, Judge Rules

June, 2011

Class Action Suit: Polaroid LCD TVs a Fire Hazard

February, 2011

Parents Sue Disney for Scalding-Hot Nacho Cheese

DirectBuy Settles Class Action Lawsuit, Denies Allegations

November, 2010

Lawsuit: Overstock.com Misrepresents Prices

Amway Subsidiary Settles Lawsuit

May, 2010

Suit Claims BMW Airbags Defective

Groundbreaking Reversal in Movie Theater Disability Case

April, 2010

Johnson & Johnson Pushed Drugs on Seniors, Suit Alleges

Scores of Lawnmower Makers Settle Horsepower Suit

March, 2010

Court Dismisses Latest Listerine Suit

February, 2010

Bill Me Later Charges Illegal Interest Rates, Class Action Says

Lawsuit Takes Aim at Dr. Phil's 'Resident Money Expert'

January, 2010

Skype Settles Credit Expiration Class Action

FTC Wins $675,000 Settlement With Debt Collectors

December, 2009

Class Action: MetroPCS's Unlimited International Calling Is Anything But

Owens Corning Faces Shingle Class Action

November, 2009

Class Action Accuses PG&E of Overcharges

September, 2009

Dannon Settles Activia Suit

'Millionaire University' Sued For Allegedly Scamming Students

May, 2009

Class Action Alleges that GE Microwaves Have Control Panel Defect

California Certifies Class Action Against Pella

April, 2009

Costco Settles "Hot Gasoline" Suit

March, 2009

Chinese Lawsuit Claims Toxins in American Soap, Shampoo

Radio Shack, AT&T Face Class Action Suit

July, 2008

Trilegiant Settles Class Action for $25 Million

Obama Calls For Bankruptcy Law Reform

May, 2008

Comcast, Cox Caught Blocking BitTorrent

April, 2008

Cable, Telco Interests Sit Out Net Neutrality Hearing

March, 2008

Net Neutrality Supporters Testify

January, 2008

People to People Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

November, 2007

Comcast Sued Over Internet Blocking

House Committee Passes Mortgage Reform Bill

October, 2007

Comcast Blocks Subscribers From Some Services

September, 2007

Verizon's Abortion Block Raises Net Neutrality Concerns

May, 2007

Senate Press Gallery Ejects Consumer Journalist

April, 2007

Congress May Outlaw Spyware

February, 2007

Merck Braces for Flood of Fosamax Lawsuits

August, 2006

Plaintiff Power Not Dead Yet: Consumer Class Actions Roll On Despite Congressional Assault

May, 2006

Texas Court Invalidates KB Home's Forced Arbitration

April, 2006

States Oppose IRS Plan to Loosen Privacy Rules on Taxpayers' Returns

February, 2006

McDonald's Fesses Up to Milk, Wheat Content of Fries

January, 2006

Identity Theft More Prevalent Offline, Report Finds

November, 2005

Negative Option: When No Means Yes

August, 2005

Aspiring Writers Trash PublishAmerica

September, 2004

Fast Cash Loans Charged with Illegal Practices

Kevin Trudeau Banned from Infomercials

January, 2004

CMS Settles Federal Charges for $23 Million

September, 2001

Consumer complaints about price-gouging post-Sept. 11