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Online companies have made legal services more widely available and more affordable. Use our guide to research the best legal service company for you. We explain what to look for if you want to get answers to basic legal questions, hold an online legal consultation, find the right lawyer and execute legal documents.

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by Michael Nranian Invention and Patent Services Expert

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JustAnswer connects you to the right type of specialist fast so that you can get the answers you need. Save time and money and talk 1-on-1 with and expert until you are satisfied.

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Rocket Lawyer
Read 710 Reviews

Rocket Lawyer is an online platform for creating legal documents and getting legal advice. Customers can purchase services a la carte or by purchasing a monthly or yearly membership. They have tools for individuals and businesses.

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Provides economical legal services to consumers through flat-fee pricing. Access to a nationwide network of independent attorneys and tax professionals. Satisfaction guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

LegalShield Read 1,396 Reviews

Offers affordable legal help and prepaid legal plans to individuals, families and businesses on a monthly fee structure. Represents clients in court. 24/7 emergency services. Serves U.S. and Canada. Mobile app available.

Law Offices of Patenaude & Felix Read 23 Reviews

Paternaude & Felix was founded in 1991. The firm offer creditors litigation services to collect debts. They have offices in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Read 117 Reviews services and online programs helps individuals quickly and accurately complete all the paperwork needed for their U.S. immigration application. They offer telephone and email support 24/7.

First American Title Insurance Read 52 Reviews

First American Title Insurance, a subsidiary of First American Financial Corporation, has roots going back to the 19th century. Their insurance policies protect owners from forgery, fraud and liens against their insured property.

BizFilings Read Author Review

BizFiling is an online business incorporation service. The site sells a variety of services to help people start, manage and grow their businesses, and they help with filing all legal paperwork. The company was founded in 1996. Read Author Review was founded as Corporation Service Company in Delaware in 1899. The company now operates in all 50 states and Washington DC. They help individuals establish and maintain several types of corporations. Read Author Review is a free service provided by Martindale-Hubbell that helps potential clients find a lawyer to help them with their specific case. The site has a directory of more than 1 million law firms in 160 countries.

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    Author reviews for legal service companies


    LegalShield provides legal services to subscribers. The company operates similar to an insurance company; members pay a monthly fee and then have access to legal services from a select group of providers. The company was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Ada, Okla.

    Read 1396 Reviews
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    Rocket Lawyer

    Online platform Rocket Lawyer helps consumers create legal documents and/or find an attorney. Consumers can sign up for a monthly membership or purchase some services on an a la carte basis. The company was founded in 2008, is headquartered in California and has technical and financial backing from tech giants like Google.

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    LegalZoom was established in 2001 as way to use the Internet to give more people access to legal help. The company lets customers create legal documents or have short consultations with lawyers. They offer services for both individuals and businesses.

    • A la carte services: LegalZoom’s services are generally sold on an a la carte basis, so consumers only pay for the service or document they need. Each document has an accompanying fee, and there is a membership program to give subscribers access to short legal consultations.
    • Satisfaction guarantee: If a customer is unsatisfied with the service they receive, LegalZoom promises to correct the problem, refund the customer’s money or provide them with a credit for another LegalZoom service.
    • Consumer education: LegalZoom’s website has an extensive section devoted to educating consumers about legal matters. Articles help readers understand the difference between similar legal documents, like a living will and a medical power of attorney, as well as information about immigration, divorce and more.
    • Services: LegalZoom has a wide variety of documents and services, so most consumers will find the product they need from this service. They have legal documents for both business owners and individuals.
    • Social media: The company is active on social media. Consumers can follow them to see updates to services, legal news and legal tips.
    Read 1107 Reviews

    LegalMatch is a website that lets individuals submit the details of their case to all qualified LegalMatch attorneys. When an attorney indicates they’re interested in the case, LegalMatch sends the attorney’s information and other users’ reviews to the client. launched in 2000, and since then 3 million cases have been posted on the site. It helps individuals and business owners in all 50 states find legal representation.

    • Time: Because LegalMatch sends attorneys’ information to potential clients, they can take as much time as they need to decide between their options. They will know the lawyer’s fees, and the clients will only be given information for attorneys who are willing to take their case.
    • Legal forums: LegalMatch hosts legal forums where consumers can post their legal questions and concerns. Other users, including some attorneys, respond to offer advice and support.
    • Consumer education: LegalMatch’s website has a blog and a law library section where readers can learn about legal topics and definitions as well as read news related to legal cases.
    • Pre-screened lawyers: LegalMatch screens all the attorneys they match with potential clients. They confirm that all lawyers are licensed, in good standing with their state’s bar association and have professional references.
    • Prompt responses: In addition to screening lawyers who wish to participate in their service, LegalMatch monitors providers’ activity level and response time. Only members who remain active and respond to potential clients quickly are allowed to remain as LegalMatch providers. is the flagship website of Martindale-Hubbell, a legal information and marketing firm. Martindale-Hubbell was established in 1868 and published a legal desk reference. Today, the company connects attorneys with clients in 160 countries. helps consumers find answers to basic legal questions, understand legal issues and find the best attorney for their situation.

    • Ask a lawyer: Consumers with simple questions can use the website’s forum to get an answer from an attorney in their state. They can also browse other consumers’ questions and the answers they received.
    • Ratings: All law firms listed on’s directory have a peer-rating that indicates the degree to which an attorney or legal firm is respected by other legal professionals. Many lawyers/legal firms also have a client satisfaction rating, and potential clients can read other clients’ reviews.
    • Consumer education: Those who want to learn more about a legal issue they’re facing can use the free resources on Their informational articles cover an extensive range of topics, and each article also shows law firms in the consumers’ area who handle the legal issue that the article discusses.
    • Search features: lets users search for an attorney by selecting their legal issue, and then the site helps consumers narrow the results to find the best attorney for their situation.
    • Profiles: Potential clients can learn about a lawyer/law firm by clicking on the firm’s name in the directory. The profile provides information about the firm, including whether they offer free consultations.

    BizFilings helps small business owners form corporations, limited-liability corporations (LLCs), nonprofits, limited partnerships (LPs) and more. They also help small business owners file other paperwork to manage and grow their businesses. The company was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Madison, Wis.

    • Clear pricing: When interested customers are ready to start their business, they can select the BizFiling package that is best for them. The website has side-by-side comparisons of different plans that clearly state the price and services included. All taxes and fees are included in these prices.
    • Online chat: BizFiling’s website includes an instant chat feature for interested customers to get help without picking up the phone or waiting for an email response.
    • Consumer education: Business owners and entrepreneurs who aren’t sure what kind of corporation or partnership they should form can read about all their options on BizFiling’s website. The company’s Incorporation Specialists can also help them select and understand their best option.
    • Special offers: BizFiling regularly has special offers and discounts. All offers are listed on their website.
    • Social media: BizFilings is active on social media, so business owners can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see news stories that will be of special interest to them. has roots going back to the beginning of the 20th century when two attorneys decided to focus solely on helping business owners form corporations. They now help entrepreneurs form multiple kinds of business entities and keep their businesses legally compliant. The company’s services are available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

    • Corporate Veil Guarantee®: gives its customers a $50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee®. If an owner is found personally liable, the company will reimburse up to $50,000 in legal defense fees.
    • Compliance: Business owners can purchase a wide variety of services from to make sure their businesses meet all legal requirements. Those who use the company’s Registered Agent Service receive a free Compliance Watch package, which is an online package for keeping track of compliance dates and documents.
    • Consumer education: The Learning Center section of incorporated,com’s website has a library of informational articles to help entrepreneurs and business owners learn about establishing their business, protect themselves legally, writing bylaws and more.
    • Coaching:’s Business Coaching service assists business owners with remaining compliant by helping them properly document their business actions.
    • Webinars: All consumers can visit the company’s website to watch their free webinars on growing a business. Webinar topics include using social media, choosing a domain name, financial planning and more.

    MyCorporation provides online document filing services for entrepreneurs to form businesses and business owners to maintain them. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in California.

    • Free consultation: Interested consumers can receive a free telephone consultation from a MyCorporation representative. The representative can help entrepreneurs identify their goals and determine necessary steps to achieve those goals.
    • Trandmark and copyright: MyCorporation had trademark and copyright services to help individuals file the necessary paperwork to protect their business name and intellectual property.
    • Consumer education: MyCorporation has a section of their website devoted to helping business owners understand the paperwork and filing requirements associated with owning a business. The company also publishes a blog.
    • Social media: Business owners and entrepreneurs can follow MyCorporation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about the company and receive tips on maintaining their business.
    • Business name search: Those starting a business can visit MyCorporation’s website to search for the business name that they are considering. Consumers can search for free and then pay to have MyCorporation reserve the name they want if it is available.

    Compare Reviews for Top Legal Services

    LegalMatch Read Author Review

    LegalMatch is a free service that matches potential clients to attorneys. People submit the details of their case and receive responses from qualified lawyers willing to take those cases. The service is available in all 50 states.

    MyCorporation Read Author Review

    MyCorporation has been in business for more than 20 years and worked with more than 1 million businesses. They help entrepreneurs and business owners create and file the necessary paperwork to become incorporated.

    by Michael Nranian Invention and Patent Services Expert

    Michael Nranian, a licensed patent attorney, has over 30 years of experience in product development, intellectual property, patent litigation, legal and technical compliance, and product liability litigation.