Top 10 Most Reviewed Auto Insurance Companies

State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm Auto Insurance

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State Farm is the biggest auto insurer in the U.S. and is a top 50 Fortune 500 company. It was founded in 1922 by a farmer, and for nearly a century has tried to bring a sense of neighborliness into the insurance business.
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When people think of GEICO, they think of their mascot. However, it's also an insurance company that offers comprehensive insurance at relatively low prices. GEICO offers a variety of insurance in addition to auto insurance.
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Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance

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Progressive has been providing consumers with auto insurance since 1937 and is known for its insurance rate comparison tool. This company offers several types of auto insurance, and focuses only on this type of insurance.
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Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate Auto Insurance

AllState became a publicly held insurance company in 1993, though it's been around since the 1930s. It is dedicated to hiring women and minorities in addition to providing appropriate insurance for people from all walks of life.
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USAA Auto Insurance

USAA Auto Insurance

USAA offers insurance to veterans and current military personnel. It has been in business since 1922 and strives to give military personnel and families coverage to meet their special needs, including auto insurance coverage.
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Esurance is an online auto insurance company that is backed by AllState. It provides consumers with tools for claim resolution as well as the ability to sign up for, renew or change insurance policies through the Internet.
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Nationwide Insurance - Auto

Nationwide Insurance - Auto

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Nationwide first came onto the insurance scene in 1925. Its early funding came from nine farm bureaus, and it continues to receive agricultural support today. It has grown from a local to national company in the last 100 years.
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AAA Auto Insurance

AAA Auto Insurance

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The Automobile Club Association, or AAA, is one of the best-known insurance providers in the U.S. It offers a roadside assistance program as well as a variety of insurance plans and policies for drivers and vehicle owners.
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Liberty Mutual - Auto

Liberty Mutual - Auto

Liberty Mutual is one of the oldest insurers in the U.S. Today, it is the third largest publicly held U.S. insurance company. They offer a variety of comprehensive insurance packages, including auto and homeowners insurance.
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AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance

AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance

The Hartford has offered insurance for over 200 years and was one of the first companies to offer auto insurance. They offer special insurance packages to assist seniors who can still drive and remain as independent as possible.
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What features matter most?







What’s covered?

The amount of coverage required by law varies from state to state. If you are a cautious person, you might opt for a more expensive policy with better coverage. If you have a lot of assets, experts recommend that you get enough liability coverage to protect them; otherwise, the other party involved in an accident could sue and attempt to collect on those assets.

  • Read the policy: Carefully examine your auto insurance policy to understand exactly what is covered, and work with your agent and insurance company to make the right adjustments to suit your unique situation.
  • Limits: Pay attention to the limits and deductibles set by the insurance policy. In some cases, there will be a maximum payout, which may not be as high as you’re looking for. Or in others, the deductible could be higher than you’re willing to pay out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Are there exclusions?

Sometimes insurance policies will have exclusions, and you’ll end up paying out of pocket for an accident or repair that you thought would be covered.

  • Other drivers don’t have insurance: If you get into a collision with an uninsured driver, you’ll have to pay for repairs out of your own pocket and sue for damages unless you have the proper auto insurance policy.
  • Car theft: Basic insurance policies don’t always cover car theft.
  • Damage from natural accidents: Some insurers don’t cover collisions with animals, tornados, earthquakes, damage from falling objects, etc., unless you specifically pay for these coverages.

Mechanics and replacement parts

Be wary during a claim. Some insurers will push you to use shops in a direct-repair program or use cheaper replacement parts rather than the original equipment manufacturer.

  • Can you choose a service provider?: Choosing your own mechanic is the best-case scenario, but they aren’t always covered by insurance policies. Check the fine print of the policy to see if the insurer has control over which service providers and parts are used for repairs.
  • Are service providers reputable?: If the insurer has the authority to pick your mechanic, investigate them. Look for service reviews online from past claims and from former policyholders.
  • What if the replacement part breaks?: Find out how the insurer handles faulty repairs and how quickly they will take care of it.


The cost of auto insurance is a big factor in most people’s decision about which policy to choose.

  • Premium: The premium is the monthly , semi-annual or yearly price that you pay for your insurance plan.
  • Deductible: Deductibles are the amount of money you are required to pay for a claim before your insurance company starts to pay out. The lower your deductible, the higher your premium tends to be.
  • Coverage factors: Depending on much coverage you opt for (i.e., the limits), the cost of your insurance will vary. Your past driving record, credit rating, distance you drive and even drivers’ education will all affect how much your policy costs.

Optional coverage

In addition to basic auto insurance, there are optional coverages available for drivers with different needs.

  • Collision coverage: Collision coverage pays for the expenses to repair your car after you’ve been in an accident, whether you’re at fault or not. If you drive an older car that isn’t worth much money, it may not be worth it to pay for collision insurance.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This covers things that could happen to your car not related to an accident that might not be covered by standard insurance, such as weather damage, running into an animal or other factors. It’s a good idea to opt for comprehensive coverage if you can afford it, but it can get costly and might not be worth it if you drive an old or inexpensive car.
  • Uninsured motorist protection: This protects drivers in the event that they get into an accident with a person who isn’t insured but is to blame for the accident or in a hit-and-run. It will cover damages to the car and injury in the event that another driver is unable to pay out.

Insurance company ratings

An insurance company’s reputation is important. Good companies should have a quick response time, be adept at handling claims and have excellent customer service.

  • Reviews and complaints: Check the reviews and ratings on an insurance company before purchasing a policy. Be aware of any complaints that have been filed.
  • Handling claims: How long does it take for the company to handle a claim? Do you have to pay out of pocket first or do they cover the expenses immediately?

What are different types of auto insurance policies?

Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers you if you’re in an accident deemed to be your fault. It will cover repairs to damaged property, as well as medical bills resulting from injury to the other driver and his or her passengers. Most states require at least a minimum amount of liability insurance, but it’s a good idea to purchase extra protection if you can afford it.

Collision coverage

If you are involved in an accident, collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your car whether or not you’re at fault. If your car is damaged beyond repair, good collision coverage will pay for the value of your car.

Comprehensive coverage

If something happens to your car that isn’t related to a vehicular accident, such as weather damage, hitting an animal or theft, comprehensive coverage will pay for the damage to the car.

Personal injury protection

Personal injury protection is imperative for all drivers. Medical bills following an accident can be devastating, and good personal injury coverage will cover medical expenses for you and your passengers, as well as missed work expenses.

Uninsured motorist protection

About one in six drivers is uninsured, even though it is illegal to be in most states. Uninsured motorist protection offers payment when you are in a collision with another driver who is at fault and does not have insurance or after a hit-and-run. It is usually relatively inexpensive to add uninsured motorist protection to a car insurance policy.

Who's it for?

Drivers who own a car

Auto Insurance is required by law for drivers in most states. Drivers who own a car and drive it often should definitely have auto insurance to cover the risk of damages to their car and personal injury and the liability of harm to other people and property. Otherwise, repairs and medical costs, particularly when you’re liable for an accident, can be very expensive.

Drivers who occasionally drive cars not their own

If you don’t own a car but occasionally drive rental cars or cars that belong to other people, you should still have auto insurance. The car owner’s insurance typically doesn’t cover other drivers unless that is stipulated in the policy.

Car owners who have other people drive their car

If you own a car that other people drive, such as a hired car, you should have auto insurance that covers the additional driver as he or she may not have insurance.

Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

Company reviews

AAA is officially a federation of motor clubs that offers auto insurance to drivers across America. The company now has more than 54 million members, and it operates out of its corporate headquarters in both Heathrow, FL, and Washington, D.C.

  • Specialized insurance: AAA Auto Insurance offers policies to drivers of very specific types of vehicles, like classic cars.
  • Educational opportunities: The company offers drivers online courses in defensive driving, which gives customers a 10% discount on their plan.
  • Personal injury protection: Insurance plans cover driver and their families even if they are injured while in another person's vehicle.
  • Accident Assist: People who cover their vehicles with AAA accident can take advantage of the company's Accident Assist program, which provides roadside assistance, towing services and rental vehicles for drivers in the case of an accident.
  • Garage parking discount: AAA offers many unique discounts to members, including ones who choose to park their car in a protected garage rather than outside in the elements.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers looking for reliable insurance, drivers who just purchased a car and drivers with family members.
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AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance is a program offered by The Hartford especially for AARP members. The program has been around for more than 30 years. The insurer is headquartered in Hartford, CT.

  • Collectible car insurance: AARP/Hartford offers specialized insurance for collectible car owners, so their valuable collectors' items are covered in case of damage.
  • Umbrella insurance options: Customers can also receive umbrella coverage through the company, so their liability is covered even if a judgment is higher than their primary auto insurance coverage limits.
  • Online calculator: The company offers customers an easy-to-use online calculator that allows them to determine the right amount of coverage before purchasing a policy.
  • Many discounts: AARP/Hartford offers auto insurance discounts for many things, including vehicle fuel choice, air bags and more.
  • Lifetime renewability: AARP/Hartford allows customers to renew their auto insurance policies for their entire lifetime, as long as they are able to drive and meet a few basic requirements.
  • Best for Drivers over the age of 50 and drivers who belong to AARP.
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Allstate Auto Insurance provides quality protection across the United States. It allows customers to adjust limits and deductibles to find the right insurance policy without paying extra.

  • Complete coverage: Allstate offers customizable coverage options that can be tweaked and adjusted in order to include specifics, such as personal injury, broken glass, towing, etc.
  • Teen driving discounts: They offer discounts on teen drivers while many providers increase premiums for teen drivers, even those with clean driving records.
  • Coverage for other vehicles: In addition to car insurance, Allstate offers insurance for boats, motorcycles and other vehicles.
  • Local agents: Allstate has agents and brick-and-mortar offices in every state, which means you can meet with a representative face-to-face no matter where you are in the country.
  • Drivewise app: They have an app that customers can download to track your driving habits and reward you for being safe behind the wheel.
  • Best for Drivers with clean records and teen drivers.
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Amica Auto Insurance was founded in 1907 and is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the United States. They scored an A++ rating from A.M. Best Company.

  • Wide coverage range: Amica offers a complete range of coverage options, from vehicle, passenger, liability and comprehensive packages.
  • Nationwide: Amica has 44 offices across the country, making them easy to contact and get support from.
  • Discounts: They offer a number of great discounts, including those for people with multiple cars, as well as loyalty discounts for customers who stay with them over time.
  • No new car loss depreciation deduction: They offer no deduction for depreciation when a new vehicle is declared a total loss within the first year of owning it.
  • Roadside assistance: Amica also offers towing and labor coverage on the roadside to help drivers deal with unexpected breakdowns. They will also reimburse you for calling a towing company.
  • Best for Drivers with new cars and drivers with cars in poor condition.
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Esurance is an auto insurance company owned by its larger parent company, Allstate. The company is among the first established online insurance companies and offers 17 physical office locations around the country.

  • Excellent customer service: Esurance has more than 3,000 customer service representatives working for the company across the country. Customer service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Fast settlement time: The company works fast at handling auto damage claims and can settle most within 10 days.
  • Esurance mobile: Customers who use Esurance auto insurance have access to the Esurance Mobile App, which allows them to access their insurance account information when they're on the go.
  • Discounts offered: Esurance offers customers numerous discounts, like multipolicy discounts, safe driving discounts and discounts for switching from another insurance provider to Esurance.
  • Many vehicles covered: The provider offers coverage for a wide range of vehicles, so drivers who drive motorcycles, boats or bikes can also find coverage.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers looking for insurance discounts and people who just purchased a car.
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Farm Bureau Auto Insurance offers insurance to a wide range of vehicles at competitive prices. The company was founded in Des Moines, IA, in 1939 and has over 1,600 employees.

  • Great discounts: Farm Bureau offers discounts and benefits for drivers with multiple cars, good students, drivers that are claim-free and more.
  • Coverage for a variety of vehicles: In addition to cars, they also offer coverage for vans, RVs and motorcycles.
  • Young driver safety program: They offer a young driver safety program that helps to prepare young drivers for the road while offering a premium insurance discount.
  • Roadside assistance: Farm Bureau offers emergency roadside assistance in the event of an unexpected accident or breakdown.
  • Members app: Being a member gives you access to many discounts and perks, and you can manage these through their easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Best for Drivers with multiple cars and drivers with cars in poor condition.
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Farmers Auto Insurance is one of the oldest operating auto insurance company in America. The company is based in Los Angeles, CA, but it offers insurance across the U.S.

  • Free fast quote: Farmers offers customers the ability to enter their information and get a free quote online, so they can know how much they would expect to pay for coverage.
  • 24-hour customer service: The company provides 24-hour customer service, so customers can receive help any time of day that they need it.
  • Additional coverage options: Farmers offers policyholders unique additions to their policies, like Incident Forgiveness, which allows you to have small infractions and incidents that don't raise your premium unless a claim is filed.
  • Convenience options: Customers have access to convenient automated and online functions from the company, like automated bill pay, paperless billing and a mobile app.
  • Homeowner discounts: Farmers offers homeowners discounts on their auto insurance policies.
  • Best for New drivers, parents who drive children, drivers who just purchased a new car and homeowners who drive.
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Founded in 1926, GEICO is one of America's oldest and largest full-service insurance companies. Today, the company operates their business out of the corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C, and they have insured more than 22 million vehicles to date.

  • Fast quotes: GEICO can give drivers seeking auto insurance a quote for their insurance policy in less than 15 minutes.
  • Quote storage: Once customers receive their quote, GEICO stores the information for 90 days, so customers don't have to start over if they take a while to decide how to act.
  • 24-Hour customer service: The company has representatives available to help customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Discounts offered: GEICO offers customers discounts on auto insurance, including discounts for customer loyalty, driver's education, vehicle equipment additions and more.
  • Customer service satisfaction: The company is known for providing customers with excellent customer service, and they received the 2014 J.D. Power award for Highest Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers.
  • Best for New drivers, people who just purchased a car and parents who drive children in their cars.
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Liberty Mutual - Auto has been insuring American drivers for more than 50 years. Their excellent financial rating demonstrates their ability to meet policy obligations in the event of an accident.

  • Quick quotes: Start a quote in seconds and walk away with coverage in just a few minutes. The entire process is available online.
  • Online policy management: Change, renew, upgrade or cancel a policy through the intuitive online user dashboard.
  • Low down payments: Many insurance companies ask for a large portion of the total insurance premium up front, but Liberty Mutual - Auto offers low down payment options to as many drivers as possible.
  • Saved quotes: For those who don't have time to finish collecting a quote, there is a quick save function that allows them to recover their data at a later time.
  • Convenient claims reporting: With both online and telephone claims reporting options, policyholders can use the method that is most convenient for them.
  • Best for New drivers, rate shoppers and multicar households.
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Mercury Insurance is a company that has been providing customers with auto insurance policies since 1962. Mercury also offers renters insurance, mechanical equipment insurance and more.

  • Savable quotes: Mercury Insurance offers customers the ability to save online quotes, so they can take time to think or shop around and still receive the same rate they were first quoted.
  • Trustworthy: Forbes Magazine has rated Mercury one of the most trustable auto insurance companies in the country.
  • Discount options: The company offers drivers a wide range of discount options, including multicar discounts, discounts for anti-theft devices and discounts for students that get good grades.
  • Repair guarantee: If customers choose a Mercury-authorized repair shop, Mercury will guarantee the repair for as long as an owner possesses the vehicle.
  • Mobile app: The company offers policyholders access to a mobile app through which they can view info about their account and pay bills.
  • Best for Student drivers, new drivers and drivers who recently purchased a car.
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Founded in 1926, Nationwide Insurance is one of America's most popular car insurance companies. The company offers a full range of insurance options -- from farm insurance to motorcycle insurance.

  • Written guarantee: Nationwide operates with a written guarantee for all repairs, so car owners after an accident know how much they will be paying and for what.
  • AutoWatch: The company has a program called AutoWatch, where customers can log in and see the progress of damaged car repairs and actually watch it being worked on while it is in the shop.
  • Vanishing deductible: Nationwide also offers a Vanishing Deductible program, which reduces the amount of the deductible over time if a driver keeps a good driving record.
  • Free quotes: The company offers car owners free, no-obligation quotes, so they can wait to make a commitment when deciding whether to use the company's services.
  • Multipolicy discount: If customers have multiple policies with Nationwide, they will receive a discount on their auto insurance policy.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car and drivers who also own homes.
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Permanent General Auto Insurance is a licensed insurance agency that offers insurance in many states. They have been in business for over 50 years and have been recognized by A.M. Best for their financial stability.

  • Accepts drivers regardless of history: The General offers insurance for most drivers, even if they don't have a perfect driving record or have let their insurance lapse.
  • Electronic payments: They make it easy to pay monthly bills online via their electronic platform.
  • Low down payments: They keep their down payments low and affordable so that drivers can sign up for insurance, even if they don't have a lot of money upfront.
  • Continuing to expand: The General is continuing to expand their coverage and has taken on new states such as West Virginia and Nebraska.
  • Great customer service: The General has excellent customer service that makes it easy for drivers to contact a representative and settle claims.
  • Best for Drivers with a poor driving history and drivers who want a low down payment.
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Progressive Insurance is one of the country's largest auto insurance companies and has been offering auto insurance since 1937. The company is headquartered just outside of Cleveland, OH.

  • Name your price: Progressive has a unique program for auto insurance that allows people to enter their budget and find a plan that matches closest with what they can afford.
  • Snapshot program: The company offers a device called Snapshot, which plugs into a car and reports stats about a driver's driving habits. This can help ensure that a driver is paying the right amount for their insurance.
  • Progressive app: Progressive has an app that allows its customers to access their information from their mobile devices, in case they need it while they are away from a PC.
  • Loyalty rewards: Progressive's Loyalty Rewards Program gives customers points for loyalty, and it offers benefits like Accident Forgiveness.
  • 24-hour customer service: Representatives of Progressive are available 24 hours a day to help customers.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car, and drivers who don't do much driving but own a car.
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Grundy has been serving customers in the auto insurance industry since 1947. The company specializes in insuring collectible automobiles but offers coverage for regular-use automobiles as well. They are most famous for inventing Agreed Value Insurance, which is now used by many collectible car insurance companies.

  • Agreed Value Insurance: Grundy invented and offers Agreed Value Insurance. With Agreed Value, the value of the vehicle is pre-determined. If the car is damaged and is in total loss, that pre-determined amount will be given. There are no deductions for depreciation like standard insurance.
  • Travel: Along with the Agreed Value Insurance, Grundy also gives unlimited mileage for driving, no deductible in most states, and trip interruption with towing and labor.
  • Repairs: Grundy offers coverage during repairs and allows the customer to choose the repair shop they prefer. They also provide parts coverage and full comprehensive and collision.
  • Personal property: Not only does Grundy insure cars but they have a personal property policy that will replace damaged or stolen items, with one of like quality, without having to pay a deductible.
  • Pets: Grundy also wants to protect pets. If a family dog or cat is injured during an accident in the insured car, a reimbursement can be provided for the related expenses.
  • Best for Collectible and antique car owners.
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State Farm is one of America's largest and most popular full-service insurance companies. The company was founded in 1922 by retired farmer George Jacob Mecherle, and it has since grown to become the No. 41 ranked company on the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies.

  • Teenage driver discounts: State Farm offers a unique program called the Steer Clear Safe Driving program, which affords families with teenage drivers insurance discounts if they complete State Farm's course on safe driving.
  • Emergency roadside service: The company offers policyholders emergency roadside assistance should drivers run out of gas or oil, have a flat tire or lock their keys in their car (in addition to a myriad of other auto emergencies.)
  • Rental reimbursement program: Drivers who get in a collision and have to rent a car while theirs is being repaired are reimbursed for the cost of the rental car by State Farm.
  • Educational resources: The company offers customers and potential customers tons of helpful educational resources via their website, including helpful tips for purchasing the right car and equipment for the lowest insurance prices possible.
  • Specialized insurance offerings: State Farm offers a selection of specialized auto insurance, including not only classic car insurance, but also antique car insurance, for cars that are older than classic cars.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car, and drivers who have teenage children who are learning to drive.
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J.C. Taylor is an antique and specialty automobile insurance company founded in the mid-1950s. J.C. Taylor is one of the largest providers for this type of insurance and is known nationally for their support for the hobby in local and national clubs.

  • Travel coverage: J.C. Taylor will cover your antique car wherever you take it. Cars are insured anywhere in the United States and Canada, and arrangements can be made to protect your car overseas.
  • Attendance clause: Some insurance companies have a policy called an attendance clause that requires you to stay with your car when you take it out. J.C. Taylor makes a point to customers that this is not in their policy.
  • Quote: J.C. Taylor offers a free online quote for both antique and specialty automobiles.
  • Mileage limitation: There is no mileage limitation in the J.C. Taylor insurance policy, though they do have a limit of 2,500 miles per antique vehicle per year for underwriting and 3,500 for modified vehicles.
  • Claims: When a claim arises, J.C. Taylor wants to make sure your customer service and outcome is efficient and proper. They will work to make sure that the claim is settled fairly.
  • Best for Antique and modified car owners.
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Founded by former U.S. Army officers, USAA Auto Insurance is dedicated to providing affordable insurance and financial services to active duty, retired, and honorably discharged military personnel and their eligible family members.

  • Accident forgiveness: USAA Auto Insurance policyholders can add accident forgiveness, so if they are in an accident, their premiums won't change.
  • On-base parking discounts: Garaging vehicles on-base ensures vehicle safety, and, with USAA Auto Insurance, customers can get policy discounts for parking at work.
  • Top customer service: USAA Auto Insurance received the highest possible rating for their customer advocacy, according to a survey hosted by Forrester Research Inc.
  • All-in-one service: Members can use the USAA Auto Circle to locate, obtain financing and insure their new car. This process can help them save at every step of the way.
  • No charge flexible payments: Many insurance companies charge policyholders a fee for monthly payment structures, but USAA Auto Insurance offers flexible payments at no charge.
  • Best for Active duty military, retired military and new drivers.
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Founded in 1882, Chubb started as a marine underwriting business. From there, they have expanded greatly, insuring everything from homes to collectable cars. Now, the company has customers from 28 different countries around the globe.

  • Policies: Chubb offers policies for many different collectible vehicles. These vehicles are classic motorcycles, classic cars, vintage trucks, vintage military vehicles, antique tractors and antique cars.
  • Agreed Value: Chubb has four different coverage types for your collectible car. The first is Agreed Value. This coverage allows you to know the value of your car at the time you purchase the policy. The benefit comes if your car suffers a covered total loss, after which there is no discussion on the value of your car.
  • Comprehensive and collision: The second type of coverage is comprehensive and collision, which will cover damages that occur to your car in the event of a collision, fire, theft and other damages. There is also no deductible.
  • Liability and Uninsured Motorist: If you are driving your collectible car and you are hurt by the driver of an uninsured car, you are covered if you have this type of policy. There is also liability limits up to 50 million dollars with this policy.
  • Parts and Equipment: With this policy type, Chubb will work with your restoration shop to ensure that your vehicle is restored properly after a part breaks or is damaged.
  • Best for Owners of classic motorcycles and cars, vintage trucks and military vehicles, and antique cars and tractors.
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Hagerty is a classic vehicle insurance company that was founded in 1984 and headquartered in Traverse City, MI. The company started as a small family owned business that insured boats; now they protect over 10,000 boats, 700,000 vehicles and 25,000 motorcycles.

  • What can be insured: Hagerty insures a wide variety of classic vehicles, including trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles and motorsports insurance.
  • Guaranteed Value coverage: This type of coverage is specific to Hagerty; they created it. With Guaranteed Value, there is no depreciation and no hassle in the event of covered total loss to your car. You will receive the total value of your insured collectable car.
  • Hagerty Plus: This feature is a roadside service and benefits program that offers a comprehensive 24/7 roadside assistance program to help wherever your car may be. This includes a guaranteed flatbed towing with soft straps.
  • Flexible usage: Hagerty allows you to use your vehicle for events and occasional pleasure use with no fixed mileage restrictions. They do emphasize that pleasure use is not daily use.
  • Expert claims handling: The company offers stock original replacement parts in the event of a claim. They also have a parts specialist on staff to hunt down rare and hard to find parts to make sure you car is restored to its former glory.
  • Best for Owners of classic cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and motorsports vehicles.
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Allied Insurance, founded in 1929, has expanded over the years to include home, car and unique insurance offerings, this includes recreational vehicles. A subdivision of the Nationwide Insurance company, Allied Insurance has a wide variety of insurance services that consumers can take advantage of for their personal or business use.

  • Easy payment discounts: Receive a one-time $30 discount for signing up for auto-payments
  • 12-month rate lock: For the first 12-months with auto and home insurance plans, the rate is locked in for the full year. Other insurance companies normally only offer a 6-month rate lock.
  • Customized Features: Sign up for Allied Rewards and Allied Extra to customize your policies. These features are available online and can help you set up automatic payments and bill reminders.
  • Easy-to-use website: Their website includes automatic payment reminders, direct debit and other great features to help make payments and add services to an existing insurance plan.
  • Bundled insurance discounts: Allied Insurance offers a lower premium if you have multiple policies and you can receive an additional discount when you add life insurance.
  • Best for Student drivers, new drivers and drivers who recently purchased a car.
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Auto Owners Insurance is a regional insurance company that offers life, home, auto and business insurance to individual customers and corporations. They focus on providing local, in-person availability that creates a personal relationship with their customers.

  • Independent Agency: Auto Owners is an independent agency that customizes quotes from a large network of providers to find the best choice for the individual customer.
  • Reputation: Auto Owners is a multi-award-winning company that consistently receives the highest rankings for growth, stability and service.
  • Stability: The company has spent 12 years on the Fortune 500 list. They remain one of the top national insurers in their respective divisions year after year.
  • Customer Service: Customer service has been decentralized in a unique approach that focuses on creating more outlets where clients can interact with local representatives in person.
  • Community Focused: With nearby offices, the company allows customers to keep their business local while being close enough to an office to visit in person for any related needs or questions.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car and drivers who also own homes.
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Founded in 1925, Erie Auto Insurance has more than 90 years of experience customizing policies for the modern driver. They currently serve more than 4 million customers with policies in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

  • Plus home and life: Erie Auto Insurance offers policies that include "plus home and life" insurance. This allows them to offer package deals and lower prices.
  • Individual and business: Customers can receive an auto insurance policy for the family or the business with Erie Auto Insurance. This company has policies specifically designed for either.
  • Insurance discounts: When working up a quote with an agent, be sure to ask about the dozen plus different discounts available, ranging from safe driver to reduced usage.
  • 12-month quote: The quote that Erie Auto Insurance provides is for a full year, not the six months often offered by other companies. The price on the year is often substantially lower than the competition once it is divided into monthly payments.
  • Complete coverage options: Erie Auto Insurance policies range from comprehensive to collision and have interesting add-ons available like property and medical coverage.
  • Best for Drivers looking for a discount, drivers who also own homes and new drivers.
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Grange Auto Insurance is an independent company offering personalized, localized service through a network of qualified agents with generations of experience at their disposal. They compare coverage from a variety of resources to find the perfect match for new clients.

  • 80 years of service: Grange has been in business for more than 80 years, during which they've received high marks in strength and stability.
  • Exclusively independent: Grange is an exclusively independent provider. This means agents are local and accessible through convenient visits to nearby office locations.
  • Expertise: Grange agents are specialists in insurance and its many requirements. They will examine each case individually to find the best combination of coverage and cost.
  • Personalized service: Grange Auto Insurance is more than a toll-free number on the back of a card. They have dedicated staff who you know by name and strive to provide a positive experience.
  • Online access: Complete insurance-related tasks without extra hassles. Grange offers online access for simple tasks such as ordering ID cards, checking weather alerts and billing.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers with a lot of questions and drivers who just purchased a car.
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New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group provides coverage for business and personal purposes. The company customizes policies for homeowners, drivers and commercial business owners to ensure they receive superior service and reliable coverage in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  • Claims services: NJM Insurance has an online portal that makes it easy to file a claim or to receive support with a policy.
  • Quick quotes: The company lets consumers comparison-shop to find the best rate on their policy.
  • Complete coverage: Consumers can turn to the company to find coverage for personal vehicles, business fleets and motorcycles.
  • Roadside assistance: NJM Insurance offers a toll-free hotline that puts drivers into contact with essential assistance personnel when problems arise.
  • Controlling costs: The company provides business owners with advice and tips about reducing accidents in the workplace to lower insurance expenses.
  • Best for Drivers who want complete coverage and drivers who want to do business with a local company.
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Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance is an insurance provider that serves drivers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Policyholders can report claims 24 hours a day, and Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance's customer service line is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

  • Licensed agents: The company's agents are licensed to work in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire to meet the concerns of local drivers.
  • Savings pass: Policyholders in Massachusetts can receive discounts at several auto-related businesses, including those that provide oil changes, car rentals and repairs.
  • Door-to-door valet claims: Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance will pick up damaged cars for homes, offices and other locations to have them repaired, even when policyholders do not have time to visit their mechanics.
  • Mobile adjuster services: Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance has a Crashbusters van that can visit accident sites to quickly assess damages and issue checks for vehicle repairs.
  • Online claims status: The company's website makes it easy for policyholders to check their claim statuses and details.
  • Best for Drivers who prefer local companies, drivers who want discounts and drivers who want extra services on car insurance policies.
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SAFECO Auto Insurance is a Liberty Mutual Company that provides a broad range of insurance products for vehicle and property owners. While the company has a national presence, it also employs local agents who provide services in specific states.

  • Online quotes: SAFECO Auto Insurance's online quote center lets potential policyholders compare products and prices so they can choose options that match their budgets.
  • Roadside assistance: Drivers with SAFECO Auto Insurance can get roadside assistance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure they are not stranded in unsafe circumstances.
  • Rental cars: The company helps policyholders explore rental car options so they can still drive even when their vehicles are in repair at a mechanic shop.
  • Claims center: SAFECO Auto Insurance's claims center is available 24 hours a day to take reports and provide information about pending claims.
  • Credit-based insurance scores: SAFECO Auto Insurance uses each client's credit-based insurance score to measure how likely it is that the person will file an auto insurance claim.
  • Best for Drivers who want insurance policies that match their budgets and drivers who want to save money.
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Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance is an insurance provider that serves drivers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Policyholders can report claims 24 hours a day, and Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance's customer service line is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

  • Online claim filing: Call or go to their website to file a claim for any accident or covered repair. The form is fast and intuitive with no login needed.
  • Farm insurance: Shelter covers a lot more than just cars. They also offer insurance products designed for commercial farms and home insurance.
  • Personal possessions: When policyholders opt for Personal Articles insurance, it doesn't matter if an expensive necklace was stolen from the car or the safe, it is covered either way.
  • Insurance off the road: ATVs get a lot of hard use, but they may not always be insured. Shelter Auto Insurance also offers coverage for snowmobiles, golf carts, dirt bikes, dune buggies and more.
  • Vacation vehicles: Cover an RV or a boat using a policy customized for the type of vehicle. RVs are usually significantly more expensive than cars, and boats need protection against environmental damage.
  • Best for Drivers who need custom insurance needs, small businesses owners and car owners.
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Safest Drivers

The open road can be a risky place. ConsumerAffairs created an interactive map that breaks down vehicle fatalities per capita to find the safest cities for drivers in the United States. For each city we also included the percentage of vehicle related fatalities caused by driving under the influence, distracted driving, and speeding. Which of these three causes the most fatalities on your roads?

The interactive map is only available on Desktop and Tablet devices.


Get Started

Select a state, then a city from the above choices.

Zoom between the national and state map to select and display city statistics.

Each city is ranked on the national and state level.


Distracted Driving

Number of cases reported as distracted driving per 100k population of area.

Distracted Driving

Driving Under the Influence

Number of cases reported as DUI per 100k population of area.



Number of cases reported as speeding per 100k population of area.


Total Deaths

Number of all traffic cases reported per 100k population of area.

Total Deaths
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Gray regions on the map and "--" in the table indicate missing or insufficient data.

Data is sourced from the 2014 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

11 – 51 Most Reviewed Auto Insurance Companies

Farmers Auto Insurance

Farmers Auto Insurance

Visit site
In 1959, Farmers Insurance received thanks for quickly replacing a customer's stolen car battery. Today, it serves over 10 million households throughout the U.S., offering coverage against accidents as well as repair services.
Read 279 Farmers Auto Insurance Reviews
American Family Insurance - Auto

American Family Insurance - Auto

Visit site
American Family Insurance offers other types of insurance to cover people's needs in all areas of their lives. It has been offering auto insurance protection for over 80 years and serves customers in all 50 states.
Read 231 American Family Insurance - Auto Reviews
Farm Bureau Auto Insurance

Farm Bureau Auto Insurance

The Farm Bureau is a national organization dedicated to political and other advocacy for farmers. Its insurance policies take the agricultural sector's needs into account, covering vehicles used on the farm and automobiles.
Read 211 Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Reviews
Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance has been offering a variety of insurances to drivers and homeowners since 1962. They offer users the chance to sit down one-on-one with an agent so that they can get the best insurance for their needs.
Read 205 Mercury Insurance Reviews
The General Auto Insurance

The General Auto Insurance

Visit site
The General specializes in providing insurance coverage for high risk drivers, including those who need an SR-22 following a DUI. It is a subsidiary of PCG Holdings, which has been underwriting insurance for 50 years.
Read 202 The General Auto Insurance Reviews
Hartford - Auto

Hartford - Auto

The Hartford has offered insurance for over 200 years and was one of the first companies to offer auto insurance. They offer special insurance packages to assist seniors who can still drive in remaining as independent as possible.
Read 184 Hartford - Auto Reviews
21st Century Insurance

21st Century Insurance

Visit site
21st Century has been providing drivers with coverage since 1958. It is a member of the Farmers Insurance Group, which currently provides over 20,000,000 policies to individuals in all 50 states.
Read 182 21st Century Insurance Reviews
MetLife Auto

MetLife Auto

MetLife is best known as the insurance company that uses "Peanuts" characters in its marketing campaigns. It offers auto, home and health insurance; automobile owners can choose from a variety of plans to meet their needs.
Read 147 MetLife Auto Reviews
Fred Loya

Fred Loya

Fred Loya considers itself a leader in low-cost insurance. It offers insurance across the Southwestern and Southeastern United States, with over 525 office locations that consumers can contact or visit.
Read 135 Fred Loya Reviews
Alfa Auto Insurance

Alfa Auto Insurance

The Assisted Living Federation of America advocates for better living conditions for senior citizens that preserve as much independence as possible. It offers auto insurance to members as a benefit for supporting its mission.
Read 115 Alfa Auto Insurance Reviews

American Access Casualty

American Access Casualty's mission is to provide affordable insurance to members of the Hispanic community. It accepts Mexican and international driver's licenses as well as United States licenses for insurance purposes.
Read 106 American Access Casualty Reviews
Travelers Auto Insurance

Travelers Auto Insurance

Travelers Insurance has been in business for over 150 years. In 2009, it founded a political advocacy group to get the fairest coverage laws for American drivers in addition to its auto insurance options for various drivers.
Read 99 Travelers Auto Insurance Reviews
AIG Auto Insurance

AIG Auto Insurance

American Insurance Group is one of the biggest insurers in the U.S. It offers insurance worldwide to consumers in over 130 countries and offers homeowners, renters and commercial business insurance in addition to auto insurance.
Read 95 AIG Auto Insurance Reviews
Bristol West Insurance

Bristol West Insurance

Bristol West originally provided insurance to Florida drivers back in the 1970s. Today, it is a national auto insurance company that offers online services, including mobile payment, and uses technology to enhance service.
Read 86 Bristol West Insurance Reviews
Freeway Auto Insurance

Freeway Auto Insurance

Freeway Insurance belongs to Confie Seguros, the largest private insurance company in the U.S. It offers affordable auto insurance plans, including high-risk insurance, to help every consumer be able to afford auto insurance.
Read 84 Freeway Auto Insurance Reviews
Amica Auto Insurance

Amica Auto Insurance

Amica specializes in providing insurance for people with good driving records. It offers a variety of discounts based on driving record and works directly with customers rather than having them to go through an agent or broker.
Read 83 Amica Auto Insurance Reviews
AARP Motoring

AARP Motoring

AARP motor club works as a supplement to your auto insurance. They provide towing, emergency roadside service, lockout service and more. Choose the service that meets your needs from their range of plan options.
Read 80 AARP Motoring Reviews
Erie Auto Insurance

Erie Auto Insurance

Erie Auto Insurance offers more than just auto accident protection; they also have home and life policies along with some great package deals. Customers can receive a quote quickly and easily on their website.
Read 74 Erie Auto Insurance Reviews

Mendota Auto Insurance

Mendota offers specialty auto insurance throughout the United States. Both brokers and consumers sign up with this service online so that they can find each other. Mendota helps match consumers with agents that meet their needs.
Read 71 Mendota Auto Insurance Reviews
Automobile Club of Southern California

Automobile Club of Southern California

The Automobile Club of Southern California is the California branch AAA. It offers specific insurance benefits to consumers living in California, allowing these customers to get coverage for needs unique to the area.
Read 70 Automobile Club of Southern California Reviews

Safe Auto Insurance

Safe Auto offers affordable insurance options to high-risk drivers, including those who have to carry SR22 or other court-mandated insurance in order to retain their licenses. It serves all 50 states from its Ohio headquarters.
Read 70 Safe Auto Insurance Reviews
Kemper - Auto

Kemper - Auto

Kemper Corporation offers consumers a variety of insurance products nationwide. They offer discounts on auto insurance along with unique features, including pet protection, enhanced car seat replacement and dependent protection.
Read 69 Kemper - Auto Reviews

NetQuote is an online insurance shopping service that offers rate comparisons and the ability to sign up for auto insurance. It has been offering rate comparison services and access to top insurance companies since the 1980s.
Read 45 Reviews
Dairyland Insurance

Dairyland Insurance

Based in Wisconsin, Dairlyand Insurance sells auto and motorcycle insurance nationwide. They offer immediate coverage for all types of drivers, including SR-22 insurance, non-owner insurance and insurance for teen drivers.
Read 44 Dairyland Insurance Reviews

Wawanesa Auto Insurance

Founded in 1896 in Wawanesa, Manitoba, Canada, Wawanesa insurance is one of Canada’s largest insurers. Consumers can buy their insurance products through an independent insurance broker or, in Quebec, a company agent.
Read 40 Wawanesa Auto Insurance Reviews
SAFECO Auto Insurance

SAFECO Auto Insurance

SAFECO Auto Insurance, in business since 1923, offers car insurance policies that meet the needs of people with diverse incomes and coverage needs. The company offers support services through its website and toll-free number.
Read 36 SAFECO Auto Insurance Reviews
Cost-U-Less Insurance

Cost-U-Less Insurance

Cost-U-Less offers inexpensive insurance options for drivers across California. It offers over 100 types of insurance to California drivers from 80 different locations as well as 24- hour availability of online quotes.
Read 35 Cost-U-Less Insurance Reviews

Hanover Auto Insurance

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc., is a holding company for multiple insurance companies. Their auto insurance can be customized, and consumers can buy their auto insurance through an independent insurance agent.
Read 30 Hanover Auto Insurance Reviews

American Freedom Insurance

Founded in 1998, American Freedom Insurance specializes in providing auto insurance for customers who live in Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania. They have auto insurance options for all types of drivers.
Read 21 American Freedom Insurance Reviews
Auto Owners Insurance

Auto Owners Insurance

Auto Owners Insurance is an independent mutual insurance company that focuses on providing in-person support through a vast network of localized offices. They have a long track history of market stability.
Read 20 Auto Owners Insurance Reviews
Allied Auto Insurance

Allied Auto Insurance

Allied Insurance is best for anyone that is looking for several types of insurance including auto, home, and life insurance. Consumers can receive increased discounts by purchasing various types of insurance policies.
Read 14 Allied Auto Insurance Reviews
Fiesta Auto Insurance

Fiesta Auto Insurance

Founded in 1999, Fiesta Auto Insurance Center has locations around the country and work with over 40 top insurance carriers. They have Spanish fluency for consumers who speak Spanish, and consumers can request a free quote online.
Read 13 Fiesta Auto Insurance Reviews
NJM Auto Insurance

NJM Auto Insurance

Since 1913, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company has been protecting clients from financial liabilities. The company carefully underwrites each policy to safeguard consumers while working to control costs.
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Shelter Auto Insurance

Shelter Auto Insurance

As one of the largest regional auto insurance providers in the U.S., Shelter Auto Insurance offers a range of both commercial and consumer policies. They cover all types of vehicles, from golf carts to cars.
Read 12 Shelter Auto Insurance Reviews
Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance

Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance

Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance started in 1982 by a former Massachusetts insurance commissioner. It and its parent company, Plymouth Rock Group, manage over $1 billion in premiums.
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Grange Auto Insurance

Grange Auto Insurance

Grange Auto Insurance focuses on customized coverage options through personal interaction with the client. They leverage their 80 years of expertise toward finding the perfect match for each new customer.
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Arbella Insurance

Arbella Insurance

Arbella is a private insurance company serving residents in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Their agents help clients find discounts and customize coverage plans based on each client’s individual situation and need.
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Chubb started as a small marine underwriting business in 1882. Since their beginning they have expanded and now they ensure everything from homes to collectable cars. They are a global company that is found in 28 countries.
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Grundy has been in the auto insurance industry since its inception in 1947. The company is widely known for specializing in collectible car insurance and invented the Agreed Value Insurance policy.
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J.C. Taylor

J.C. Taylor

J.C. Taylor, founded in the mid- 1950’s, has become one of the biggest insurance companies for antique and specialty automobiles. They are known nationally because of their support for local and national antique automobile clubs.
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Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Michigan, Hagerty started as a small family owned insurance company for boats. They now offer a wide variety of classic cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles and motorsports insurance.
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